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Post Office Life Insurance £100 instead of £50 One4All gift card
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Double the gift card amount given when you sign up to Post Office Life Insurance by using the code NY2 when you call up on 0330 123 3947. Should be a £50 gift card but get a £100 g… Read more

Am I missing something, or do the T&C state the following:3. You must retain the policy for at least the 180 day qualifying period, and make at least 6 monthly direct debit payments to be eligible for the 'thank you' promotion. The One4all gift card will be sent to eligible customers within 28 days after the end of the 180 day qualifying period, as long as the policy is still active and a minimum of 6 monthly payments have been paid. How is that not actually requiring not six, but seven payments? In my book, 180 + 28 = 208 days which even if it included only 31-day months, would be more than six, ie, 7. I see that with the double-up code that doesn't much matter, and does anyone suggest it makes no difference?


You can have more than one policy at once, with different providers if you like. You can cancel when you want and no come back. ** You can cancel your direct debit as soon as you receive your gift card/ other reward.... You can take out multiple policies and receive multiple rewards**** ... But always read the T&C and keep copies of everything! Enjoy the Life companies largesse😁


You need to call up and quote the code above to get the £100 gift card, don’t think it works online.


Life insurance is cheap until you add critical illness. We have a joint policy and its £65 a month. Makes me cry every time I see it on my statement. Shopped around last year and all quotes came in above that. Happy to hear any approaches to cull that cost!


Just tried to apply via Quidco but it says ‘The Promotional code entered is not valid’.

Free £50 M&S voucher with Life Insurance cover Over 50s @ Aviva - plus cashback with quidco
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Posted 3rd JanPosted 3rd Jan
Free £50 M&S voucher with Life Insurance cover Over 50s @ Aviva - plus cashback with quidco
What our Over 50s plan offers Choose the life cover you need based on what you want to pay each month. Your premiums are fixed and there's no medical to apply… Read more
Vitality Health or Life Insurance- discounts and freebies worth more than monthly fee e.g. Apple Watch, BA flights, Amazon Prime
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Refreshed 17th JanRefreshed 17th Jan
Short version, I spend £48 a month to get back about £200 in discounts per month. Could also be much more. Long version below but bear with me I don't think I have ever seen thi… Read more
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Hi I’m not a VitalityHealth member but I was wondering if anyone would be kind enough too let me use there 50% off discount for David Lloyd’s gym that isn’t using it


Exactly, you can't unfortunately. Still save on one though!


Ok thanks. I was just a bit confused about the family going to the cinema together. As a single policy I can only get 1 ticket at a time. So can't go with my wife using a free ticket each.


No, it states all over the app/website that the cinema is valid Mon-Sun and the Coffee Thurs-Thurs (in the Starbucks app it gives you an expiry time).


I signed up to Vitality life insurance a couple of weeks ago. I don't seem to use the benefits much at the moment. The free drink voucher seems to only be valid for 1 week and only on a specific day? The cinema ticket also seems to only be valid for a week. Is there any way to save them for later use? Thanks.

Free Aviva Parent Insurance cover of £15000 for every parent of child under 4
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Posted 15th Oct 2018Posted 15th Oct 2018
Free Aviva Parent Insurance cover of £15000 for every parent of child under 4
A year of free protection for parents Your child’s first years are among the most important – so being prepared for anything life throws your way is vital. That’s why we offer a ye… Read more
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I remember one of the life insurance quote I looked at said it will reduce payout if there are multiple policies from other companies paying for the same claim/event. So I guess it is down to small print in T&C. Better will check in my current policy too.


Both the payment and the payout amount are fixed for the duration of the policy. You can get decreasing cover (for example if you want it to cover the mortgage and the payout reduce as the mortgage balance reduces), which is cheaper. Mine is from Legal & General, because it was the cheapest for the cover I wanted at the time. As with any insurance though, different firms will be cheaper for different people under different circumstances. The younger you are when you get the cover, the cheaper it is- friends of mine of a similar age have looked recently and not been able to get near the price I am paying. You can run the comparison sites for this sort of cover Oh yeah- one more point; put the policy into trust. This is free, and it means that your payout is not considered part of your estate. This means (a) that there is no delay- the money goes straight to whoever is nominated without having to wind up your estate first, and (b) that it is outside inheritance tax rules. Takes an hour or so of getting your head round the sort of trust you need but it's well worth the investment of time. This is the sort of thing you set up properly once and forget for the next 20 years.


Thanks jules for your info, it' made me consider this life insurance thing more seriously! kudos


Worth checking with your employer if employed by a large company.. I got 10x death in service as part of my pension scheme. I added 125k life and cic for my wife and I and we pay £12 a month salary sacrifice. Covers ends if I leave though.


Yes true, most pay more than this for a mobile phone contract. Where did you get this cover? And is your monthly premium fixed or is it due to increasing after every year?

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Beagle Street Life Insurance £50+ TopCashback with 6 month payments
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Posted 11th Sep 2018Posted 11th Sep 2018
Beagle Street Life Insurance £50+ TopCashback with 6 month payments
Potential profit as well as 6 months life insurance when using TopCashback and BeagleStreet. If you tailor the numbers by fiddling with cover amount, duration etc. you can make … Read more
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Do you know how the decreasing aspect plays out @TheChinski? I had a look the other day but I'm still none the wiser. Based on your 40k over 5yrs, is it as straightforward as losing 20% of the sum insured with the passing of every year? :/


Mine was a single policy for 5 years of decreasing term and £40,000, which seemed to push the price right down. In terms of personal info, I’m a normal height/weight 20 y.o non smoker so that probably helped. It’s worth fiddling round with those first numbers tho cuz I could get >£20 if I changed them all the way


Please can give us a rough idea how you got such a low monthly payment ie what info, questions and answers did you give? Thanks


Yeah I did this over 6 months ago, quidco still saying tracked, hoping it changes to confirmed soon!


I used tcb and Beagle street for my life insurance last year and did the hubbies with quidco and Beagle street at the same time... both tracked fine.. ..quidco paid out on time...was 6 months later.... tcb did it as 6 months payments then 30 days to approve so took another month.... but both paid out with no issues.

14000 nectar points (worth £70) when you get life insurance from sainsbury's (legal&general) minimum payment £5/month
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Posted 3rd Jun 2018Posted 3rd Jun 2018
14000 nectar points (worth £70) when you get life insurance from sainsbury's (legal&general) minimum payment £5/month
14000 nectar points worth £70 when u get life insurance from sainsbury Minimum premium is £5/month and will need to pay 5 months of premium to get the points After you receive the … Read more

Got my points (y)


I received my points yesterday. Time to cancel policy


This appears to have expired in February. It's £75 now.


Moneysupermarket are offering £125 Argos/Next/M&S voucher for new life insurance policies. £90000 for 5 years was £3.64 with Virgin.


Was told by Sainsbury’s that even though i had had a money back reward with L&G i would still be eligible for the points. I have cancelled the direct L&G policy so we will seee what happens with the Sainsbury one

Up to £260 Gift Card after six months with new Life Insurance policies at Confused
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Posted 1st Jun 2018Posted 1st Jun 2018
Up to £260 Gift Card after six months with new Life Insurance policies at Confused
Hey guys, If you take out a life insurance policy via Confused you can get a gift card worth up to £260. How much you’ll get depends on how much your premiums costs. A monthly … Read more
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bossshed. ha ha anything for some gift vouchers


Just to advise, there is a central database known as the IFR (Insurance Fraud Register) that insurance companies use to share information. Failure to declare health conditions just to obtain a cheap quote may result in problems in the future. Not saying it applies to you, but the risk is there. Always best to be truthful when applying for an insurance policy.


Yep. Just posted


Just have a search on here. It’s where I got mine. Partner did the same. Got about £350 worth for £50 outlay. Through Scottish friendly and money supermarket Scottish friendly was an ISA. Pay first month then cancel. MS was life insurance. Pay 3 months and cancel. Also, if you smoke and drink, no need to tell them as you only want the cheapest quote as you will be cancelling after 3 months. So just tell them a few white lies to get your monthly premium low. Myself and my partner have already had our gift cards with no problems. On the lookout for some more!


Would love to know through where you can get that too.

Exclusive Up to £260 Amazon Voucher with Life Insurance Policies at Beagle Street - Terms and Conditions Apply @ Vouchercodes (
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Posted 15th May 2018Posted 15th May 2018
Exclusive Up to £260 Amazon Voucher with Life Insurance Policies at Beagle Street - Terms and Conditions Apply @ Vouchercodes (
Thanks to @reindeer333 for this. You can get an amazon voucher worth £260 for taking out an insurance policy with I got a quote and the cheapest I got was for… Read more

No never did it!


Pateo, if you are trying this out, did you manage to combine the Voucher Codes offer with Quidco? Also has your policy tracked in voucher codes and Quidco? Thanks!


If you do please post how it goes thanks!


No, i haven't yet.


Out of interst, have you tried this yourself?

One Year free life insurance if you have child under 4 @ Post Office
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Posted 27th Apr 2018Posted 27th Apr 2018
One Year free life insurance if you have child under 4 @ Post Office
Check the webpage for full details - free cover upto £45,000 for 12 months. Cant get cheaper but may give someone peace of mind. As with all insurance please read the terms and co… Read more

I've recently adopted a son, and applied to a few places as I have very little pension and no policies at moment. Was rejected from 4 companies due to a pending visit to a specialist for something that turned out to be minor. Have to wait 6 months to reapply. Sounds silly but I'm so happy I've now got £30,000 cover incase I croak it in. next year due to accident. Definitely nice having that peace of mind. Thanks so much OP and Sainsbury's bank person 😘


itll give more piece of mind incase of accidental death Sending link to my son as he has a 3 mth old


This is disgusting! It's only giving men more of a reason to commit suicide! You can tell that they clearly didn't think this policy threw.


Great stuff, thanks op


Just taken out post office and sainsburys cover for my other to make it look like an accident... (devil)

Over 50's - £90 Argos / M&S voucher when you take out a life insurance policy - monthly premium £4 per month - Gift Card fulfilled after 3 months premiums @  Sun Life
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Posted 23rd Apr 2018Posted 23rd Apr 2018
Over 50's - £90 Argos / M&S voucher when you take out a life insurance policy - monthly premium £4 per month - Gift Card fulfilled after 3 months premiums @ Sun Life
One for the over 50's hukker's if not done this before - for the under 50's, get your older family members signed up Sun Life are offering a £90 Argos / M&S voucher for takin… Read more
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Has anyone been asked to provide ID? I noticed it in their t&cs


No I didn't. I will give it another go if they have forgotten what I said when they phoned me up about it :)


Dead easy. Collect gift card. Cancel direct debit in your bank account online. Ignore letters from Sunlife inviting you to reopen Direct Debit.


Anyone like to comment on how easy it is to cancel?


thankyou for posting

Aviva Life Insurance Plan Cashback (min £5 p/m)
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Posted 20th Apr 2018Posted 20th Apr 2018
Aviva Life Insurance Plan Cashback (min £5 p/m)
Plan pays out if you die in the policy term; there is no cash in value. Cashback paid after your 6th monthly premium. More about Aviva’s Life Insurance Plan • Our Life Insuran… Read more

When you die (y)


Where is the cashback ?

Get a life insurance policy for under a fiver with beagle Street via topcashback and receive cashback for £50
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Posted 4th Mar 2018Posted 4th Mar 2018
Get a life insurance policy for under a fiver with beagle Street via topcashback and receive cashback for £50
Get a quote for life insurance on beagle Street via topcashback and receive £50 cashback for policies under £5. I got a quote at £2.87, and you have to pay the policy for four mont… Read more

You do, but you can't cancel until after 6 months if you use the will writing service This is from their T&C's Please be aware that Beagle Street reserves the right to recover the full cost of the Free Will if the Policy is cancelled within six months of taking up this offer.


You can choose who to pass your estate onto but as executors they handle the reading of the will and the legal side of things at death and charge an hourly fee which is taken out of your estate before the kids etc get anything.


Although this company has an overall good rating on TrustPilot, I note a feedback dated 2 days ago which reads: Verified order. "They reject cash back - don't be fooled Signed up to Beagle Street via Topcashback with promise of £300 cash back. Beagle Street took my money for 6 months and then rejected the claim saying it was ineligible despite paying £37 a month..."


Mine was fine. They certainly didn't make themselves executors of my estate. Why would they do that you get options who to pass your estate onto.


They’ve been good with me so far when I needed to ask questions about my policy. They didn’t access my medical records like some do mainly legal & general. As long as you’re honest about everything and as accurate as you can be. They let me have critical Illness cover for my child for an extra 22p a month too.

Years Life insurance £60 with £100 cash back @ aviva from quidco
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Posted 27th Feb 2018Posted 27th Feb 2018
Years Life insurance £60 with £100 cash back @ aviva from quidco
Get life insurance with aviva from £5 per month and get £100 cash back via quidco meaning you will be paid £40 if you take out 1 years cover at £5 per month giving you around £50k … Read more
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So is it best to take out a years cover get cash back then do the same next year? We’re both in our 50’s so might get a joint cover, nice to know there is a little extra cover


Cashback is not guranteed. What about if they do not pay you ??


That underwriting decision was probably made by AI, its the latest thing. Robot says No,,,


Well, I'm in my mid-30's, slightly overweight but otherwise OK, good dental health, don't smoke, don't do drugs, drink almost nothing, I'm not on 'meds, I'm in a low-risk job, haven't traveled to the 3rd world, ever, and last time I had a GP issue it was last year for an ingrown toenail (5 days off work, can't use manual car). Oh and I also have car insurance with Aviva. Anyway result: they still wanted to consult an underwriter and today: Based on information on your application we’re unable to offer cover at this time. We will be happy to reconsider a new application in 0 null time This online decision process has been carefully designed to give the same decision that one of our specialist underwriters would have given. We’re confident that referral to one of our underwriters wouldn’t result in a different decision. But on the plus side they were hinting at ~£90K cover for £5/mth, which seems quite good. Guess I just have to try someone else though.


I would check up on that if I were you as you could be doing a disservice to folk who have more than one policy and cancel because what you have said leaving a family considerably poorer. I am fully qualified and directly authorised although I would never tout for business on here, just trying to put the record straight.

£90 cashback from Beagle Street Life Insurance for policies £5.01 and above @TCB - life insurance on top!
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Posted 23rd Feb 2018Posted 23rd Feb 2018
£90 cashback from Beagle Street Life Insurance for policies £5.01 and above @TCB - life insurance on top!
Expires tomorrow. You need to make 4x monthly payments to get the £90. If you get a quote, you will see it is easy to toggle the monthly premium so that you just manage to get over… Read more
Avatardeleted1391139Get dealGet deal

That's also fine as long as it goes through!


Yes sorry think lesser cashback was still available under £5.01.


One tracked with £3.31 @£60. Took another policy out with the wife name at just over 5.13 AND that tracked at 100.


I'm afraid it has to be the minimum of £5.01 a month direct debit explained in the op's deal post at the top to get the £90 cashback.


Just took one out for 3.31 a month. Will do another for the Mrs now. Thanks guys

Quidco: Up to £510 quidco cashback for taking life insurance with Beagle Street.
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Posted 15th Feb 2018Posted 15th Feb 2018
Quidco: Up to £510 quidco cashback for taking life insurance with Beagle Street.
Only available for the next 12 hours so be quick. OK, it's Quidco so not guaranteed but may be worth a punt for the lowest cover- £5pm pays £90. You have to make 6 monthly payments… Read more

not difficult to get your premium to £5 & a few pennies, go thru TCB & invoke the highest cashback g'tee for £90...


8 montha x 30 = 240, 370 cb...big investment though....


Wasn't looking for heat. Nobody in their right mind would post a Quidco deal for that reason. But ... you are getting life cover for a very good price and, if Quidco pays out, you end up in pocket. Whichever way you cut it, that's a great deal.


cheers OP :) easy money


I will say that Beagle Street are a decent insurer though. No complaint regarding their service, just Quidco as usual.

Churchill Life Insurance £75 Amazon/Argos/M&S e gift card for 3+ months premiums of £6 per month (more options in OP including Nationwide - Sainsbury's Nectar - Direct Line)
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Posted 15th Jan 2018Posted 15th Jan 2018
Quite a few Life Insurance offers for new customers giving gift card incentives e.g. circa £70/£75 of vouchers for 3+ months of premiums. As a starter below there are 4 offers be… Read more
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If you’ve followed the terms and have no luck via the usual channels then email with details of your case. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


For those, like me, who signed up for Direct Line life insurance via Quidco advertised £75 cash back + £75 gift card, you most likely will not get the cash back and maybe even gift card (as I have not received mine yet and today is the 30th day after 3 months DD paid). My cash back tracked but then got declined, I raised the claim, still paying DD, provided them with all the details (policy number, etc) and this is what I've received from quidco today via email: "We are writing to you about your cashback claim, as we have now had a response from the retailer. Unfortunately they have declined your claim advising us that the purchase was either returned or cancelled. As stated in the terms and conditions on the Quidco website, cancelling or returning your order can result in your cashback being declined. As we will not be receiving the commission from the retailer, we are unable to pass this on to you as cashback. We do share your disappointment and we're sorry that we're unable to help further on this occasion." TBH I think they just gonna keep my cash back + whatever commission they get, as like I said, policy is still active, I pay DD and have not breached any T&C, so their claim of me cancelling is false, plus Quidco lately is all about offers, but no pay. Any advice? After this email is there any point on trying to prove them wrong? This is my first claim, so I don't know...


Just recieved my £70 worth of nectar points. This really has been an incredible earner. Thanks OP (y)


Seriously getting annoyed now i took the policy out as soon as i saw this post quite a while ago now ive ended up paying like 4 months premiums every time they told me the letter was in the post for the amazon voucher they have been lying so for 3 weeks saying it was dispatched a week ago and then told me it was posted 2 days ago ive been waiting the arrival of this letter so i can get my amazon voucher never came so just rung customer services they gave me the code in an email went to add it to my amazon account and apparently has been redeemed to another amazon account have no idea whats going to happen now as they said the codes are very secure and theres no way any one else would have been able to use it


Yeh that was. Just waiting on the Nectar points to drop, should be enough for a decent car hire in Malaga through Expedia :)

£15,000 free life insurance for 1 year - for each parent with a child under 4 @ Aviva
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Refreshed 20th Apr 2018Refreshed 20th Apr 2018
£15,000 free life insurance for 1 year - for each parent with a child under 4 @ Aviva
Good idea to get comprehensive life insurance if you've got young ones, but I've just noticed that Aviva offer free 12 months life insurance per parent of under 4's that pays out £… Read more
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Thankyou :)


Sit down with somebody. Don't apply online. Try your bank? We got our life insurance through Scottish widows via our bank. Good luck.


Can anyone advise on life insurance for those who have had epilepsy / brain tumor? I keep getting declined online


Of course they are, they're an expensive smelly inconvenicnce regardless of upbringing.


Oh obviously kids are born "horrible"...!? Investment topic so let's invest in Children with "our" time to encourage and support them to achieve fulfilment! :o

Get a £75 amazon / M&S / B&Q giftcard when you take out a direct line life insurance policy (£6 per month / 3months premiums required so £18 cost if you cancel ) max 2 per household.
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Posted 1st Dec 2017Posted 1st Dec 2017
Get a £75 amazon / M&S / B&Q giftcard when you take out a direct line life insurance policy (£6 per month / 3months premiums required so £18 cost if you cancel ) max 2 per household.
so £150 in amazon vouchers if you sign up for life cover for you and the partner. Pay 3 months subscriptions (£18 per gift card) and in theory you could cancel the policy £75 g… Read more

Still waiting on any communication from Direct Line in relation to the voucher offer.. Been nearly 2 months now! Anyone else? In contrast, L&G offered a choice 3 weeks after the policy went live ready to pay out in 3 months time.


It is correct, I literally sell this insurance as my day job. Some companies ask you to declare if you've been refused, others ask if you've ever had a policy cancelled by an insurer. No longer paying and leaving it up to the insurer to cancel is, by definition, having a policy cancelled by an insurer. If you just stop the direct debit leading to a cancellation, you'll no longer be allowed installments on any Direct Line policy (or any sister companies such as Churchill or Privilege for example) for 5 years. Do it twice and you'll be blacklisted. Other companies may also refuse you if they ask the same question or may offer increased premiums instead. And missed payments also affect your credit rating. Why would anyone do this just to avoid having to phone up to cancel it properly?


Yes but if you miss payment eventually the policy will be cancelled with no value


I don't that's correct. My understanding is you need to declare if you have been refused insurance. Once DD has been cancelled they will normally send you a few letters. If don't receive any letter last letter will just say your policy has lapsed has not value. That's end of it. They are not refusing the policy. We are not continuing with the policy by not paying the monthly premuim.


I wonder which other group will be turned down? its a long form that needs to be filled up.

Churchill Life Insurance for over-50's - Pay £6pm (3 months) and Get £75 Gift Card & £75 Cashback
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Posted 7th Nov 2017Posted 7th Nov 2017
Churchill Life Insurance for over-50's - Pay £6pm (3 months) and Get £75 Gift Card & £75 Cashback
For those who are over 50 you can set up a life insurance deal allow them to take £5/£6 via direct debit for 3 months, then you will receive your giftcard via email cashback takes … Read more
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The point is unless you've managed to create a totally fictitious person, it should take them very little time to find out and cancel the policy without paying anything and they share such information with others so...


There is a legal definition , but what about a philosophical view


Some people on here love to promote fraud.


Are you serious?


Just give a false dob ;)

Over 50s Only: £100 Amazon, Argos or M&S Gift card for the cost of 3 months life insurance, min £3.90 per month. Sun Life Over 50+ only. Card sent around 4 months into policy.
1302° Expired
Posted 6th Nov 2017Posted 6th Nov 2017
Inspired by Chanchi's excellent find with Legal and General, I spotted Sun Life are doing a £100 gift card for their over 50+ plan after the third payment. Allegedly can be had fro… Read more
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I have also applied November , today they said there's a problem with card supplier and it should be sent by 2 weeks. What is the problem, I don't have much confidence in them. They could send an email advising customers.


I'm not sure Sun Life is ok. I need the policy but don't so far like their attitude the guy I rang today called me darling and they haven't even sent the card yet , after one free payment and 3 made payments. They said they have a problem with the card supplier a lot of people are waiting. Doesn't give much confidence.


I have made 3 payments now and rag today as no gift card. They said they're having trouble with the cards supplier and I should get by a few weeks. I'm ringing next week. If no card sent I may cancel. I need the policy but didn't like their attitude


Hi slightly off topic but couldn't find any threads about it. Has anyone received their Royal London voucher for those who applied around the same time this deal was posted? Thanks


thanks, I applied in november, do you think I should call them now and ask where it is lol

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