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HTC VIVE Cosmos VR Headset with in built tracking and flip up design £599 @ Amazon Prime
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Posted 13th Oct 2020Posted 13th Oct 2020
HTC VIVE Cosmos VR Headset with in built tracking and flip up design £599 @ Amazon Prime£599 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Refined inside-out tracking - Expand your range of motion with six camera sensors. Accurate inside-out tracking via wide field of view (FOV) and six degree-of-freedom (6DoF) suppor… Read more

Yes, the Rift S was far more comfortable than the quest (and will be better than the Quest 2.... even with the elite band I guess). I didn’t find much difference between the Rift S and the Quest Link in performance though. The screen door was better handled on the rift. Quest 2 sounds like it has largely resolved screen door though.


Cool. Got VD just before I sold my quest so I only had a quick go at wireless. My 5Ghz wasn’t perfect (but it is located away from my actual router via a home plug), but I didn’t get a chance to look at improving it. Quest 2 arriving today !! Will try it out again.


Argh excellent news. Enjoy.


Yeah the rift was definitely better at being a rift. We'll see later on how good this quest 2 is... Hopefully today if yodel let me collect it


True. Though..speaking from experience not trying to be a ck, I have the quest and rift s. The quest just isn’t as comfortable and doesn’t perform as well as the rift s. Hopefully the quest 2 will Be improved. (y) 🏻

HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset (Headset Only) £249.99 (+£4.99 Delivery) @ Game
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Posted 2nd Oct 2020Posted 2nd Oct 2020
HTC VIVE Pro VR Headset (Headset Only) £249.99 (+£4.99 Delivery) @ Game£254.98GAME Deals
Don`t know much about VR Headsets but this seems a decent price. VIVE Pro is the most capable, and fully featured Virtual Reality system VIVE has ever made. Designed to meet the n… Read more

I have a vive with index controllers so this would be quite tempting, a quest seems good value if you don't have anything but certainly less interesting for me with the loss of finger tracking, worse controller tracking in general, bad audio and higher latency, along with facebook nonsense to deal with, so I'd be quite happy to get the pro for cheap


Vive Pro is much better, but the complete kit is also much more expensive.


Definitely order yourself an oculus quest 2 instead of this.


Gutted missed out there, that would have been a good upgrade from my original Vive


Warning... This requires external sensors which are not included for this price. "PLEASE NOTE: This version of the VIVE Pro is a headset only package and is intended as an upgrade for existing VIVE owners." Still a good deal but not an inside out tracked device so there could be more expense on top.

Adr1ft for PC/HTC Vive/Oculus Rift - £0.79 at Greenman Gaming
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Posted 9th Mar 2020Posted 9th Mar 2020
Adr1ft for PC/HTC Vive/Oculus Rift - £0.79 at Greenman Gaming£0.79Greenman Gaming Deals
ADR1FT is an immersive First Person Experience (FPX) that tells the story of an astronaut in peril. Floating silently amongst the wreckage of a destroyed space station with no memo… Read more

Definitely give Elite another go, I never even thought about trying it at sale price until I got VR and then it is pretty awesome seeing the size of the ships! Other than that depends on your game preference, Arizona Sunshine for zombie shooting or the new Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, Onward or Pavlov for VR FPS, Echo VR (with Revive if you don't have Oculus) for Zero G fun and some random free "experiences" to kill some time.


Going to give it a try. Is there any other must have vr games people would recommend. Got Moss, superhot, pirate training, gorn, rest of that humble bundle, no man sky, need to try elite dangerous again, bridge crew.


After over 2 years of having VR I am just getting over VR sickness, might try this to see how far I have come :D


This made me feel so sick


I finished it. Didn't love it though. Was hoping for space-Firewatch but it was only ok

HTC VIVE PRO Headset (Headset only - Does not include controllers) - £393.99 @ Game
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Posted 21st Feb 2020Posted 21st Feb 2020
HTC VIVE PRO Headset (Headset only - Does not include controllers) - £393.99 @ Game£393.99£60034% offGAME Deals
If you are planning to get Valve Index, it may be worth waiting a few weeks, but stock will be very limited. I wasn't keen on missing out on the next valve index sale, so if like m… Read more

Perfect thanks, I don't know how I missed it.


You can get a game elite subscription for £3. You'll get 4% reward points = £17 from the £436 headset. So that's £14 off the adapter, if you want to go through the trouble. Don't forget to cancel the subscription.


You can buy the adaptor kit from here: Seems to be a good price


Thanks for the feedback and I think I'll go for it, I agree about mucking with the lenses which is not something I'm keen to do. Any recommendations where to get the kit for the wireless adapter to fit it to the Vive Pro?


Thanks! I would've hated tinkering with an expensive headset.

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HTC Vive Pro VR Starter Kit, VR Headset, x2 Base Stations, x2 Controllers and Accessories £819.95 @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 25th Dec 2019Posted 25th Dec 2019
HTC Vive Pro VR Starter Kit, VR Headset, x2 Base Stations, x2 Controllers and Accessories £819.95 @ John Lewis & Partners£819.95£1,119.9527% offJohn Lewis Deals
Not sure if this has been posted already and yes it's expensive but this is the cheapest I've seen it so far and seems a fantastic deal for what it is

The Quest is a standalone mobile VR HMD. It doesn't require any wires during play Quest native games. You can also stream PCVR games to it via various different apps. Again totally wires free. For those who wish to use Link it's an option. I do use Link for some games where movement isn't key but generally prefer not to.


That looks like it uses a cable though? Just checking when you said you disliked VR systems with a cable.


What's the HD pass through?


Completely irrelevant product as a bundle. Rift S a far better product and experience at less than half the price and if not wanting to go the Oculus root, Index is considerably superior to the Valve Pro in almost every way.


Eh, what now? Exsqueeze me? Baking powder? What?

HTC Vive Cosmos from eBuyer
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
HTC Vive Cosmos from eBuyer£599.90£699.9814% offEbuyer Deals
£100 discount now live across multiple sites Inside-out tracking with 6 high FOV cameras Quick and easy setup with 100° flip-up design Crystal-clear 2880 x 1700 combined resoluti… Read more

This has bad reviews. If you've got £600 to spend on a VR headset, get a Quest and keep the change or save some more and get an Index


Seriously who would buy this? The Quest is so much better than this junk.


Better than a Rift S, not as good as an Index so I’d say the price is right


Not much good review on youtube, most say it’s (poo) .