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Slightly Heroes (PC VR Game) on Sale at 71p on Steam EDIT: 71p for HTC Vive or Windows MR, FREE for Oculus Rift, Go & Gear VR (see descrip)
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Edit: credit and thanks to @Night_Knight who found the free version for Oculus Rift, Oculus Go & Samsung Gear VR):… Read more

Thanks again, updated :)


@Maevoric btw this game is also FREE on Gear VR and maybe GO


Great game ,super price .just buy it. (y)


Thanks mate, appreciated (y) (y) (y)


Just pushed it over the heat level :) Thank you ;)

HTC Vive VR - £424.99 Brand New with 12 month warranty - Currys via eBay using 15% off code.
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
HTC Vive VR - £424.99 Brand New with 12 month warranty - Currys via eBay using 15% off code.
£424.99£499.9915%eBay Deals
Brand new vive with touch controllers. First gen of course. No click and collect option, but Royal Mail 48hr comes free of charge. Down from £500 to £425 using 15% off code POWPOW… Read more

Tried to get Currys to price match this deal over the phone, so that I could use up some Currys gift cards. Was told the eBay store (Currys-Ebay) has nothing to do with Currys, so no price match. Sucks, but is what it is.




This was £350 on boxing day i think


Oof. Chilly in here. What's putting people off the lowest price this has ever been?

HTC Vive VR Virtual Reality Headset Bundle with 2 Wireless Gaming Controllers £449.99 @ Scan
Found 22nd Dec 2018Found 22nd Dec 2018
HTC Vive VR Virtual Reality Headset Bundle with 2 Wireless Gaming Controllers £449.99 @ Scan
£449.99Scan Deals
It's my first deal so go easy on me! I've been looking for a deal and haven't seen one in a while. This will save you £50. Journey to the deepest corners of the galaxy on a starsh… Read more
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Oculus Rift = HTC Vive for room-scale. Really? You were saying it was better earlier in the thread. Make up your mind. Having owned a Vive since they launched (and a Rift before I sold it), I'm not sure where you're getting jitter from? Not once had an issue with that. Or reflections. Although, I removed all the pictures from the walls in the VR room to stop them getting smashed by flailing controllers! But there is a window, and it's in direct line with one of the lighthouses, and never caused any problems. Plus, you seem to be in a minority of one. A quick google for "rift vs vive roomscale" did not turn up a single result where the conclusion was that the Rift was superior. 98% of them said Vive (albeit by varying degrees with most being slightly). And that's on the Oculus subreddit where they normally trash anything Vive related. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Oculus roomscale is *bad*. It's just not *quite* as good as the Vive. And for me, having been messing with VR since DK1, it REALLY came alive when I finally got to try roomscale. VR is good. VR you can fully walk around in is awesome! But, once all the extra bits appear to go with the Vive Pro, it will stop being a contest again for a while until/unless Oculus do something to catch up. The v2 lighthouses will put it a LONG way ahead ... Add in the cable-free adaptor, and I suspect that will be the first time I've actively contemplated updating from the original. I'll just need a bigger house to use it in. LOL. The Pro headset on it's own wasn't really enough of a jump to justify it for me. I know Oculus have the Go, but that won't stand the test of time, as it will be limited by it's own hardware. With the Vive Pro, as things advance, you just do as you do now and upgrade the parts of the PC that need it. The Go is a nice idea, but when it's out of date in a couple of years, you'd need an entirely new one. Just like a console. But, having owned both, and with 20 years of hardware and software performance testing under my belt, I'm quite happy with my own assessment of them. Have a nice day. (PS - The other thing I've wondered about the Touch controllers for the Rift, what are the like strength wise? I know my wands for the Vive have had some full blooded smashes into brick wall - usually tennis shots - and the wall is covered in marks, but the controllers are both, amazingly, still fine! The Touch controllers don't look like they'd take that kind of punishment to me?)


No, Oculus Rift = HTC Vive for roomscale. Saying otherwise is just wrong... Tracking is not better on the Vive. It's comparable. Rift has no jitter and Vive does have jitter. Less issues with reflections on Rift. Touch controllers are superior. Vive lighthouses are much easier to setup and more convenient. Vive works with bigger areas. There are good and bad points to both. Your opinion may be that Vive is better suited your needs, but that's ignoring what Rift does better. Oculus Rift = HTC Vive for room-scale. No point taking sides when the truth speaks for itself. Simple as that.


And you're right. You'll get roomscale. You can also get roomscale on the PSVR. But neither are as good as the Vive. And it'll pull even further in front of the field when the v2 lighthouses become available. Oculus themselves even only recommend 8ft x 8ft with a 3 sensor setup. The Vive will go up to 12ft x 12ft comfortably. And has been tested well beyond that. Plus, the accuracy of the lighthouses is better than the Oculus cameras. Simple as that. Not to mention the cabling and number of ports used by Oculus is insane. The Vive is a WAY neater and cleaner setup. If you're gonna grade roomscale it's: PSVR - OK Oculus - Very Good (with 3 cameras - drops to "Good" with 2) Vive - Excellent But you need the space for it. VR is a niche market. Roomscale is a niche within the niche. But if open area VR is what you're gunning for ......


Anyone reading this, this isn't true. Rift 3 sensor = Vive for roomscale. Vive is easier to setup. Rift + cost of third sensor is cheaper for the same result.


Yeah I agree, I don't even use Facebook but I need the rift still for the ASW as some games are so demanding even my 2080ti can't run smooth on a Vive Pro or odyssey+, then I'll use the rift instead those times

DOOM VFR PC Steam Key £7.50 with code @ Voidu
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
DOOM VFR PC Steam Key £7.50 with code @ Voidu
This game requires a virtual reality headset HTC Vive. About the game  Available for PlayStation VR and VIVE platforms, this DOOM adventure will bathe you in the virtual carnage.… Read more

Can you play this seated with keyboard and mouse? Because I have a dk2




He's talking about before the weather went cold (y)


It's over 100 degrees. Not what I call cold


Fantastic in VR! Before it went cold I had my vive setup in the garden with laptop strapped to my back. Its indescribable how amazing it is. Works fine with a mobile 1060 btw

HTC Vive Pro VR Virtual Reality Headset 2018/v2 Full Kit £1098.98 @ Scan
Found 25th Nov 2018Found 25th Nov 2018
HTC Vive Pro VR Virtual Reality Headset 2018/v2 Full Kit £1098.98 @ Scan
£1,098.98£1,298.9915%Scan Deals
HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality Headset, Complete Kit, including 2x Controllers (2018) & 2x Base Stations (v2.0)
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I got mine sealed for 900, got absolutely no warranty on it though but its the full pro kit


That game is compatible with Windows mixed reality headsets like the Samsung Odyssey Plus but for some reason it is not listed as being so in steam. Same thing for other games. They are compatible but not listed as being so on Steam. You can see the person in the video playing the game on WMR headset.


Hmm I have checked most games and they only are only supported with the htc vive and oculus rift and only some are by windows reality I have put two pictures of one of the biggest vr games and that does not support the Samsung


Of course it has the sensors. They are built into the headset instead of being separate like they are on the Vive pro. Not sure you are correct about steam compatibility either. Most steam games not compatible? I highly doubt that but I'm not sure as I don't have the headset and sounds like neither do you.


The Samsung odyssey plus isn’t compatible on most steam/pc games also I doesn’t have the sensors like the htc so That probably means it can’t detect if you are moving forward or backwards

Arizona sunshine - discount with Free viveport credit
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
Arizona sunshine - discount with Free viveport credit
£5.94£13.9457%Viveport Deals
Free viveport credit if you are a current subscriber of viveport subscription. Perfect to spend in the black Friday sale that they have going at the moment. Arizona sunshine wor… Read more

I've voted hot - but be warned - so far I've failed to download any apps using Viveport. I'll be re-installing/debugging at at the weekend. While it looks better laid out than Steam it doesn't seem as good for getting at your apps! Finally got Viveport to work. Tried disabling Windows Firewall - didn't help. Still only getting 0.2 MB/s! Turned off antivirus - Avast - until my next reboot. Managed to download several games.


Thanks...holding out for a deal fingers xd


Yes, if you don't get distracted by the Fresnel lens, it then personally I think it wins over the Oculus everywhere. Tracking wires, I found the Rift got my face way too hot and being a glasses wearer it was awkward to get on and off.


a very warm welcome newbie.cracking first post,have some heat :)


On viveport

Furious Seas £6.04 and free month subscription + £8 credit with Viveport Trial (free)
Found 18th Nov 2018Found 18th Nov 2018
Furious Seas £6.04 and free month subscription + £8 credit with Viveport Trial (free)
£6.04£15.4961%Viveport Deals
If you are subbed to Viveport for the last deals you will get an £8 credit on 20th November. You can also buy Furious Seas for £6.04 (£15.49 on steam 8/10) and get a extra month s… Read more
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Games you may want to rent.. Ultrawings The_Gallery_-_Episode_1:_Call_Of_The_Starseed/ The_Gallery_-_Episode_2:_Heart_of_the_Emberstone/ Richie's_Plank_Experience/ Knockout_League Blasters_of_the_Universe TOGETHER_VR_Deluxe_Edition Fantastic_Contraption Final Soccer Pixel_Ripped_1989 TITAN_SLAYER Nevrosa:_Escape Windlands Transpose Cloudlands:_VR_Minigolf Virtual_Virtual_Reality Counter_Fight


no nothing about this @SavageDonkey however reads beautifully so hot. :)

CROTEAM VR Bundle - £30.20 @ Steam
Found 30th Oct 2018Found 30th Oct 2018
CROTEAM VR Bundle - £30.20 @ Steam
Games included in this bundle: Serious Sam VR: The First Encounter - £7.49 (price if bought individually) Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter - £7.49 Serious Sam 3 VR: … Read more
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Found last hope a bit too frantic. I did enjoy serious sam 3 vr tho, especially when the bombers ran towards you arrggghhhhhhh


It's a lot of well made content for not a lot of money. Last Hope and Talos Principle are well worth £15 each so everything else is basically free content. Huge respect to Croteam for putting the work in to porting those to VR.


Serious Sam VR is incredible


I don't even own a VR headset for PC yet, but I'm very tempted by this.

FREE (to keep) copy of Nevrosa: Escape @ Viveport
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
FREE (to keep) copy of Nevrosa: Escape @ Viveport
Knock knock… we’ve got a Halloween treat for you! Get your FREE GAME now Limited number of copies. Available for new and existing customers TREAT TIME This Halloween we’re g… Read more

If you have VR it's well worth getting on the mailing list by subbing. Over the years I have had three different HTC Vives and probably paid for 2 months of subscriptions with them. Most VR games are short so you can really see if a game is worth kepping using the 5 game rental. They have given me :- 1) 8 months of free subscriptions though emailed codes 2) £8($10) for buying a few games (hopefully similar for being a subscriber on 20th November) 3) Free games Nevrosa, Everest, Shooty Fruity, Overview, Guns'n'Stories, Final Soccer VR, Arcade Saga, Front Defense, Super Puzzle Galaxy. (Plus that £8 bought me Together VR and a bit of Accounting+) The Vive Video player is the best 360 player imo, I have redeemed a few games with them and they also just show up in steam or Viveport shows all your steam vr games.


Yes I do about steam. Have you noticed, I had written '' so far'' and. "if I am not wrong" precisely. So, Would you kindly consider and explain what you know about this deal then, "Please". :)


'Just like Steam'? Do you even know how Steam works?!


*I tells ya


If you have never used Viveport then it's free as you can take out a 14 day free trial and then keep the free game at the end. If you pay £8.99 (not £9.99) for the month, it's like renting 5 games for the month (Games like Call to Starseed 1 and 2 which will be very short). You will then get $10 on Nov 20th for being subscribed. So it can be a free game if you take the free trial... FREE I tell you FREE!! ;)

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Viveport "Don't be afraid of the dark" VR Halloween Game Sale e.g. Brookhaven Experiment £3.75
Found 21st Oct 2018Found 21st Oct 2018
Viveport "Don't be afraid of the dark" VR Halloween Game Sale e.g. Brookhaven Experiment £3.75
Some decent (and some not so decent) discounts from Viveport for your lovely VR headset that may be gathering dust? Seasonal halloween fun! Brookhaven Experiment £3.75 (£14.99 on… Read more

Brookhaven's been beaten by Steam Sale now at £2.99.


I was just about to subscribe to get the free game and they sent me 3 months worth of free subscription codes :)


Brookhaven is a steal.


Hopefully Steam Halloween sale will start on the 26th Oct. Likely to be a hot deal!


I'm going to re-sub and get the free game (Nevrosa Escape) on the 25th then $10 credit for being subbed on the 20th November

VR Bundle XXXII 9 Games Steam Keys from IndieGala £3.11 plus 56% Discount on SuperHot VR
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
VR Bundle XXXII 9 Games Steam Keys from IndieGala £3.11 plus 56% Discount on SuperHot VR
Crashed Lander Conjuror's Eye Drunkn Bar Fight on Halloween SUPERHOT VR 56% OFF Coupon Code inVokeR The Tavern of Magic NightKnight Science:The world is in your han… Read more
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Hi does anyone have a spare superhot vr code they don't need my son wants this for xma thank you Lisa


It's not Drunken Bar Fight, it's Drunken Bar Fight On Halloween - a one level spinoff game.


Worth it for Drunkn Bar Fight


Thought I'd saw it for £13 somewhere. Might of been on a deal


It seems to be £18.99 on Steam and Indiegala. The discount should make it around £8-9 from my quick head math (which will be flawed..)

Accounting+ New to Viveport HTC Vive VR £7.69 Rift Also
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Accounting+ New to Viveport HTC Vive VR £7.69 Rift Also
£7.69£10.1925%Viveport Deals
I purchased this on PSVR after loving the original free Accounting on Steam. Never got round to playing it but it has to be brilliant and better with room scale. I used my £2.85 … Read more
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Keep wanting this to go on sale for psvr...can't believe you shelled out and never played it.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided PC £ 2.37 / Digital deluxe edition £5.97 / Superhot VR for Oculus rift & HTC Vive £10.87 @ Greenman Gaming
Found 11th Oct 2018Found 11th Oct 2018
Deus Ex Mankind Divided PC £ 2.37 / Digital deluxe edition £5.97 / Superhot VR for Oculus rift & HTC Vive £10.87 @ Greenman Gaming
Prices should drop on these 2 around 4pm and will last a week. Next best price for Deus Ex Mankind divided is £2.99 at Humble Bundle so great for £2.37. Deus Ex Mankind divided… Read more

Still awfully broken the last time I tried to buy it on Steam, cost £2.97 and I managed to get a refund. Constant crashes, that have work-arounds, but I wasn't willing to take the risk on it. (Deus Ex)


Mankind Divided was a bad game, it ends abruptly after 10 hours and requires a sequel. Stealth was way to easy. Each of the 3 DLC last 4 hours and they restart your characters progress with no choices carry over to the main game. This is suppose to be an immersive RPG! Eidos blew so much time and money on the pay2win breach mode that is now a free standlone and they expected the players to pay for that. It's a shame, the game could've been great but it isn't and 5 years wasted and requires another 5 years to finish!. Cypberpunk2077 shows us what it could've been like.


excellent game!


excellent price!

Universal VR Headset Stand and Organiser --- PS4/Oculus Rift & HTC Vive  £1.80 (( ASDA Multiple stores ))
LocalLocalFound 17th Aug 2018Found 17th Aug 2018
Universal VR Headset Stand and Organiser --- PS4/Oculus Rift & HTC Vive £1.80 (( ASDA Multiple stores ))
Suitable for most standard sized VR headsets including PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive Stylish design to complement your VR headset and accessories Cable management syst… Read more
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Yea that's the one. Only good if you want to balance your oculus on it. It doesn't sit well like the psvr does.

DontNeedItButGiveMe10 Amazon link.


If it's the same one off amazon I found it no good for the oculus. OK for a couple of quid though.


I have this actual stand, it's a great stand for the Vive.


We have been inventive with cables and headset, we used a door hanger with several hooks and put it on the side of the high sleeper near the desk. Works a treat (y) if you don’t have any desk room.

HTC Vive £499 w/ FREE Deluxe Audio Strap (RRP: £99.95) - £510.10 delivered @ OverclockersUK
Found 3rd May 2018Found 3rd May 2018
HTC Vive £499 w/ FREE Deluxe Audio Strap (RRP: £99.95) - £510.10 delivered @ OverclockersUK
£499£59917%Overclockers Deals
OverclockersUK have a deal on today that automatically adds a free Deluxe Audio Strap worth £99.95 to your order when you purchase the HTC Vive VR Headset Bundle. Not sure how lon… Read more
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Halo is one of the best games I've ever played though


Yet to try a Vive but I love the Rift. Current VR tech certainly divides opinion :) I find the existing hardware incredibly inspirational and couldn't be more excited about future development and content. Totally appreciate that the resolution and FOV isn't quite there yet for some people, that's fair enough.


Haven't tried the vive or the rift, but I have a ps4 pro and psvr and will say the same sde is negligible must be due to the rgb sub pixels. The games look great resident evil 7 is a good example as is playroom vr and arkham vr. Other games ive played are more comparable to ps3 (graphically)but still great immersive experiences. Any how heat for the deal as is the best price atm :D :D


Im voting hot because this deal IS hot. Not because a mate of a girlfriends brother read somewhere that VR was overpriced/low resolution/whatever. Sounds like most of you have never experienced VR at all. If you have ever played games like Skyrim VR, Arizona Sunshine, LA Noire VR and many others you would know just how immersive VR is. Great deal. Well done OP.


I agree with others, when I tried VR (on a mate's custom built £1500 pc) I thought I was playing a Nintendo Wii game. Completely underwhelmed, and I had the impression that my mate was gutted that he'd spent so much to get such a poor experience ( but he didn't want to let on!).

Skyrim VR [PC/Steam] - £28.89 @ Razer Game Store
Found 23rd Apr 2018Found 23rd Apr 2018
Skyrim VR [PC/Steam] - £28.89 @ Razer Game Store
Should it have been released as DLC? Perhaps, but for now this is the lowest price around for Skyrim VR on PC. Activates on Steam and currently rated as very positive. Apply cod… Read more

They work but not great, the default setting are just terrible, trying to aim the bow makes it feel and act like a kango hammer is straped to it. lol


Played through skyrim twice before I bought the VR version for 40 quid and it was worth every penny. You'll spend most of your time modding but it's in a different league. 🔥


One can indeed, the Touch controllers work in-game with no workarounds required. (it even works on the DK2 though you're limited to a control pad and head aiming).


Can one play on oculus rift? Best way to?


Not played skyrim (although I have the game on steam from somewhere, not got round to installing it). How does it compare to say, witcher 3? Fancy another VR game to get in to after star trek and doom, was going to be this or fall out 4, which I haven't played either

Buy 3 crap VR titles for £6.69  ...get £8 credit and 1 month Viveport Subscription back
Found 21st Apr 2018Found 21st Apr 2018
Buy 3 crap VR titles for £6.69 ...get £8 credit and 1 month Viveport Subscription back
£4.10£6.6939%Viveport Deals
Buy the following games from Viveport Island Glider VR (£2.80) Stunt Kite Masters VR (£2) Galactic Gallery (£1.89) You can choose other titles from the link but this is the cheap… Read more
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I thought stunt kite wasn't too bad as a kite flying SIM on the beach. Therapeutic


Can be done even cheaper.. good spot! £1.39 Haute and Haunted £1.51 Berlin Wall Experience £1.20 Super Puzzle Galaxy Lite If you got Super Puzzle Light for free a couple of weeks ago, then go for the Unibomber Experience!!!! for £1.51


Only clicked through to comment on the title lol xD


Savage title OP, love it! XD


Buying the cheapest, crappiest games seems kinda pointless though? Sure you get an extra quids worth of credit but you'll obviously get more value by spending a couple of extra quid and getting good games you'll play (like racket fury) rather than three games you won't.

HTC Vive Pro Headset £799.99 @ Very with potential 10% off new credit orders
Found 11th Apr 2018Found 11th Apr 2018
HTC Vive Pro Headset £799.99 @ Very with potential 10% off new credit orders
£799.99Very Deals
Sold out elsewhere UP TO 20% OFF WITH YOUR FIRST CREDIT ORDER 10% off electrical/gaming: Enter LXJPT at the checkout by 25th May 2018.
HTC Vive Pro VR Headset £799 @ John Lewis with 2 year gaurantee
Found 9th Apr 2018Found 9th Apr 2018
HTC Vive Pro VR Headset £799 @ John Lewis with 2 year gaurantee
Sold out elsewhere 2 year warranty Now let's see how cold this gets!

this is really only relevant for people with a vive already. It's so expensive that I can only see it being desirable to people with so much disposable income that spending £1000 on something that will have little value in a year is no big deal. I would love this and the pimax but my rift already lets me experience all VR titles about as good as my 1060 can handle. My VR headset upgrade will have to have a significant resolution upgrade and be wireless (and hopefully no sensors as well) this will not be affordable for a few years yet but when it is hopefully a 1160 or 1260 will be able to handle 8k+ VR resolutions without a problem.


"Where did you pic up your controllers etc from OP?" From my old Vive. "Now let's see how cold this gets!" I said this because I expected it, not because I think this is cold myself. I'm probably alone with this view, but I think high-end VR kit like this is the bargain of the century. We are incredibly fortunate (1 in billions or trillions) to be living in a time where technology like this is available. For Google Earth VR alone, not to mention space travel and all the other possibilities. The way I justify the spend is by simply comparing to a holiday. I'd rather have an optimal VR setup at home versus a family trip to Orlando for a couple of weeks. Personally I see more value in this, the most sophisticated VR in the market today, but each to their own. "it is dead on arrival, pimax 8k is the only real vr experience worth trying, this is nothing but a gimmick" I see Vive Pro as better overall. Yes, Pimax has more pixels and field of view, but I'm with Vive because: + Well known and recognised brand (HTC) and retailer (John Lewis) behind it. + Well respected partners support (Valve/Steam, Apple, Intel...) + Full retail product and not a prototype or even first gen product anymore + Apps/games optimised for it + Superior in other ways: comfort, size, weight, audio, cameras, phone integration, chaperone etc + Premium accessories including sophisticated Intel-based wireless option round the corner + Lots more points but this is enough Mine is due to arrive tomorrow, can post review if people are interested. Disclaimer: I got 5% discount and as a developer can claim VAT back so I'm paying closer to £666, plus after selling old Vive headset and Audio accessory should be paying even less... Still I think it's worth far more than £799 but let's find out tomorrow.


Because the manufacturer's still don't get that the majority of people who want to entertain that whole VR thing can't warrant £700+ on a headset which to get the best out of it requires another £700+ GTX1080TI GPU to properly run it at a level that allows you to experience the full benefits and cost of the damn thing. No point in getting a top of the range VR headset then running it on a RX480 or GTX1060 or something like that. Oculus got it right when they dropped the price of the Rift down to a more reasonable £399 with controllers and even lower price point with the new Rift GO which I think will be £200 which will suffice allot of users even if it ain't as technologically on par with the proper rift. I personally know 7 people who've got a RIFT and only one whos got a VIVE and I can confirm that they were all on them for around the first 3-5 weeks of owning them and all these months later none of them really use them because either the games are too short, theirs not enough triple A titles or they cant be assed with all the cables and setup Vs just jumping on your usual games, but ask any of them if they want to sell them as they never use them and they will all say NO as per usual.. (lol)


When you compare this headset with the Samsung Oddyssey (Same res and OLED display) which is currently available at $399 on (and doesn't need all the extras that the HTC does) then I think you probably have your answer.


Nothing comes close to the Touch controllers for the Rift. I say, try out a demo and compare. I did and although the rift can be a little difficult to set up, once you get a good 4x4m play area, it's by far the best experience (imo) £800 is also an insane price for just the headset.

Heads up for 4 Free HTC Vive Games for Vive Day from 4th - 8th April
Found 3rd Apr 2018Found 3rd Apr 2018
Heads up for 4 Free HTC Vive Games for Vive Day from 4th - 8th April
Looks like Front Defence, Front Defence Online, Arcade Saga and Super Puzzle Galaxy Also if you are a Viveport Subscriber get Everest for Free Not sure when this will be live as … Read more
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You don't need a Vive. You can just redeem the free games. Also you can take out a trial subscription, cancel subscription and redeem Everest too if you are thinking about getting VR but not just yet.


Are you for real? Until the other week the Vive was over twice the price of the Rift.


Lucky Vive users .. u get a lot ta love .. I'm jealous but I salute HTC for going toe 2 toe with Oculous !!!


It's going to be the 4th The image was obviously published early and then taken down


Do you need your device registered? Can you redeem this offer if you don't own a Vive yet?

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