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Pregnancy isolation & Covid query
my partner is at late stage pregnancy. I am a keyworker & will be back at work soon. my wife is in isolation for 3 months due to being in a vulnerable group. However if I'm goi… Read more

And this is the advice given to all keyworkers. If all keyworkers went into isolation for 12 weeks because of some else being vulnerable in the household we would never get rid of chaos or the virus that we face. A risk assessment should be done by your manager and if you are found to be higher risk then you should be given the option to work elsewhere within the company. A lot of companies/business/organisations are all trying to do their best for their staff and the nation, they are all in unfamiliar grounds. Both me and my husband are keyworkers plus we care for our 2 elderly relatives. We take as much precaution as possible to minimise the risk. Wash your hands is key along with washing clothes and body. The latest government advice is in your own home keep 3 steps away from each other and sleep in your own along with other points. As a keyworker I am finding it very annoying that so many people are still treating this as a holiday while us keyworkers work to help keep the nation running, to keep them fed, watered and cared for.


My partner is a keyworker too, I am classed as vulnerable for respiratory reasons, we are sleeping in separate rooms an trying to keep 2 metres between us, he gets undressed when he comes in and washes just hoping its enough


They have given me 14 days time off as I had to isolate due to the 2 year old having a high temperature. Once that is up they expect me back at work. Will be 4/5 weeks away from due date at that point


Your work have to allow you to isolate and pay you a minimum of SSP (if you qualify) Tell them you are isolating due to a family member having coronavirus symptoms. I would try to do this in an email if possible so you have a written response. If they tell you that you need to come in, forward the email to your local MP, Citizens Advice, ACAS and Piers Morgan ;)


The 2 year old had a high temp last week. Rang NHS directz told to isolate for 14 days. Have informed my trade union & they are looking into it.

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Hand held back massager during Pregnancy
Hi all. My wife is in her third trimester and has pain in her lower back and shoulders. She has been looking at hand held back massagers such as… Read more

Thanks for all of your suggestions


Can you not massage her with your hands? YouTube is your friend.


I feel for her, it can get so uncomfortable at that stage. Has she looked at Maternity belts? They can help give support with her bump which in turn can help with back pain and posture. She could also look into physio, some surgeries/hospitals offer drop ins so she can self refer. There are also people qualified in pregnancy massage but I don’t know too much about that. Edited to add: I agree also with the pp, she should speak to her midwife if she hasn’t already just in case she needs some extra checks.


Some kind of support may be more useful, especially as her shoulders are also involved in the pain? Or if the pain is that bad the midwife should be made aware


The pain probably isn't muscular so neither ate s navies or a vibrating pad is likely to work. The tens machine inherits the pain 'signal'. The vibrating pad 'exercises the muscle. The pain is likely to be pressure from the pelvis moving and the internal organs (bowl particularly) being pushed around. Contact the midwife for advice is the best bet.

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Abortion..Unplanned pregnancy
I am in a bit of a pickle and I need advice from all the mums and dads out there. I relieved myself 3 weeks ago. My +1 missed her period and then she got concerned. After waiting a… Read more

Just wanted to give an update. I paid for the tests with a private clinic. NHS paid for the abortion. We had an appointment at the end of July. The nurse told her that it would take 3 weeks to recover but in reality, it took my missus 6 weeks. It was a harrowing experience for us ( more for her ) and I am glad that it's over.


What an odd choice of words.


Wow! I'm 'utterly surprised' people are still so ignorant! I think you both need some sexual education to be honest. It wouldn't surprise me if you thought that girls can't fall pregnant if she's on top/standing up/on her period. News flash: IT ONLY TAKES THE ONCE!!!!!!!


Sorry just to add. If it was suggested by her, women usually ask questions like this to gauge your feelings. If you truly love her then OMG yes I want your baby! If you aren't sure it makes her unsure.


Excellent response. The OP might not have experienced grief, but until you truly experience mental issues you just can't understand. Whatever you choose it will be with you for life, and probably think about it most days.

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Baby Thread
congrats to dehumanization and gemmybobs on their pregnancies :) Dehumanization - (GIRL) - 23rd June 2014

Just come across this thread, not been on if you years since I announced my bay girl who is now 5! Any expectant parents out here? X




Can't believe Alex is 8 weeks already! He had his first set if jabs today :( he was gone it was more me lol. He is now up to 12lbs 2ozs so he is doing fab! Katie totally dotes on him, so cute! Hope everyone else is doing well! Kelly should be due any time now... Any signs?


He is such a cutie x

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thanks! :)


Thank you :)






x <3

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X <3