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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 ultra 5G Refurbished Good Condition Smartphone - £593.99 Delivered @ Envirofone
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Loudspeaker YES 3.5mm Jack NO Bluetooth YES Radio YES GPS YES Wi-Fi YES NFC Yes Sensors Fingerprint (under display, ultrasonic), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, bar… Read more

I'm selling my Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra 5g 512GB for £700


Yeah, did that, used my spare three Sim card, still woyodnt register, I think the problem was the fact I had registered before with a different mi account, then tried again with another after a reset. Nvm now it's gone (lol)


This may not have been your problem (and it's too late now that you've sold it), BUT when adding the Mi Account you have to be using mobile data and not a wifi connection or it will error. Found this out via Reddit when I had problems adding one to my F2 Pro last year!


Oh yes. Diggety Feels so good in the hand.... Ladies, you know the procedures. Pluck em and file em 5 gangster The list goes on....


Pleased to see there are other UK fans of the Flossy Carter and White shoes double act.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 256GB Smartphone - Refurbished Good Condition Smartphone 2 Colours - £272.99 With Code @ Music Magpie On Ebay
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Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Features & details The Galaxy Note10 elevates mobile videography and photography to the next level featuring a combination of advanced imaging technology and software The Gal… Read more

Just got the email to say order rejected oh well saying pricing error


There's isn't a4a XL, officially the 4a 5G is large than the 4G 4a, 4sure!


Let me try also......update in afew!


Yeah, I can't either, they must've been updating their site and something has clearly gone wrong.


Me neither yet, noticed price gone back up so probably a matter of time. Might help if I could log into the account I created 😡

Double Discount 10% Auto Applied + 20% Off W/ Code - Inc. Refurb Samsung Note 9 Good - £176 Smartphone IPhone 11 £377 @ Music Magpie On Ebay
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
276 in this offer. Credit to @reindeer333 sorry mate forgot to put it in earlier (embarrassed) Including the note 9 Good Condition locked for £176 IPhone 8 £111 S… Read more

Then go live in the woods and do us all a favour.


Wasting money is what a fool does bubye


Lol, you sound like you also shower with your clothes on to save water. I don’t want a crappy android tablet and keyboard case, I don’t want to carry a rasp pi, and I’m happy with my M1 MacBook that will have far better battery life than your 11 year old laptop. Yes it’s possible to get the job done with old tech, but who da fuq wants to do that other than cheapskates. Much better tech, screens and simplicity in the new stuff.


That's what casting an android screen to a phone is with a keyboard and a mouse ......are you one of these thick people who pine away for a pc like experience ?!? My PC is like 11 years old with a 17 year old graphics card a geforce 6600gt it's capable of x235 ......what is your point ?!? I can get up my pc remotely in a tent from a phone or even take a rasp pi with me or shock horror you won't believe this but get a keyboard case and any android tablet sound like you are a Sammy fan boy with more money than sense lol


Im really not sure what your point is, that you can cast on other android devices? Even if they are old garbage that no-one wants anymore? Ok, great.....thanks for that??? I think. I don't use android anymore and shock, i can even cast on my iPhone and Macbook but that not the main benefit of Dex. Dex gives you close to a desktop operating system and I loved that flexibility back when I was on the Note 9. To carry around your normal phone, and be able to have a desktop computer when needed isnt something a many of these ancient phones you keep quoting can do or at least so easily as this does it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (16.95 cm 256 GB Memory, 8 GB RAM, Dual SIM Smartphone - £538 (UK Mainland) @ Amazon Germany
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st AprShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Good price, all colours available for this price. Features & details The Powerphone: The large smartphone with 6.7" Infinity-O display gives you plenty of room for effici… Read more

Yeah I thought that much mate, well I wondered anyway lol I get nervous with stuff like that but there's loads of videos on YouTube usually isn't there so I just wing it me and hope for the best lol Ta mate appreciated all the best to you too (y)


Only consideration is that your waterproofing is no longer valid, cuz they break the seal to swap it out, when they put it back together bthey can't guarantee its waterproofing any more You most definitely can do it yourself, but I was too much of a wuss to attempt! Watch a JerryRig teardown and see if you up to the job, if not get someone else (lol) (lol) (lol) All the best!!!


Cool mate not long at all then.. I was wondering how they do it as it seems sealed for the waterproof rating I was gonna attempt it myself if I needed to Sounds great mate and Samsung would charge a lot more, thanks for that mate I'll bare that in mind


I went to iSmash, they swapped it out in half an hour Cost me £60, worth it cuz the phones lasting at least a day now and for some reason seems to be performing better I know you can get Samsung to do it, just didn't wanna wait for posting etc


How did you change the battery mate I'm looking at getting a Note 10 plus 5g

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Double Discount On Smartphone - Includes IPhone 11 In Good Refurbished Unlocked - £351.89 / Samsung Note 9 £192 @ Music Magpie Ebay
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Credit @reindeer333 for the code. Get 10% off with code, plus 15% Automatically applies at checkout. Examples below: This includes the iPhone 11 in green In Good condition… Read more

The 15% discount seems to now only be 10%


is the XS still a good phone over the 11 ? Also whats with phones being sold with no face id are the broken phones then ? the ioutlet are doing the iPhone xs in excellent condition on ebay for £287.99 fingers crossed its a decent phone as i haven't tried the 10s my last was the 8. my mt 10 lite is becoming a pain constant high pitched tone when i use earphones and no settings fix it ,the support from xiaomi has been non existent fobbing me off, never retune support emails or phone calls, not providing me a returns authorization i give up with them i wont be buying that brand again.


I've just screenshotted this from their support page and sent it to them. How can this person not know their own policies? It's ridiculous


you should be guaranteed a refund with the 14 day no question asked returns


I messaged and they said I'm not guaranteed a refund. They said they will try to fix it. If not then a replacement will be issued. Only if there are no XS Max's in stock then they'll issue a refund

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256GB Mystic Bronze (5G) Unlocked Refurbished £583.99 @ Handtec
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 256GB Mystic Bronze (5G) Unlocked Refurbished

Thanks @sanjeevkumar Was a great price. Welcome to hotukdeals. (highfive)


Sorry, at the time it was -20 or 30 something like that, it seems the tables have turned as it should! (y)


Same reply to you. It got to 100 degrees and expired as there was 1 in stock, if there was a load in stock like my deal, and was live for a week, I guarantee this would have went past the temperature of my deal


It got to 100 degrees and expired as there was 1 in stock, if there was a load in stock like my deal, and was live for a week, I guarantee this would have went past the temperature of my deal


Great deal but not gone