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Morphy Richards Soupmaker Stainless Steel Soup Maker - £42 @ Amazon
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
About this item Motorised blending blade in lid Easy-clean design Operating controls in lid. Functions: 4 1.6 L capacity Stainless steel body

Not much going it's favor Old model Overpriced to start with Capacity too small One item that will get used once or twice then get chucked to the back of a cupboard (take a look at ebay and see how many used ones there are on offer) Better off buying a cheap pressure cooker and hand blender as they will make more soup quicker and better.


I hope amazon are not trying to pull a fast one! There are some available as used under the same listing but from different buyers, so not unless that part of the description is there to cover all the buying options available and to avoid separate listing for the same product. I would imagine like ebay, amazon wouldp only advertise the sale as New if it was an unused item. So provided you buy the one that is new and sold and dispatched by amazon you should hopefully get a new product. I could be wrong though (cheeky)


how can it be sold as new but refurbished? described as may have signs of use cleaned and reboxed so it's used then (confused)


This seems odd when viewing item listed as New... Important information Legal Disclaimer : Refurbished 4u item.Item is in original packaging, but packaging has damage. Accessories may have cosmetic damage. Small (less than 1/4" x 1/4") cosmetic imperfection on the front of the item. Small (less than 1/4" x 1/4") cosmetic imperfection on the top of the item. Small scratches on the sides of the item (up to 1/2 in.). Small scratches on the back of the item (up to 1/2 in.)..May have signs of use but checked tested or rebuilt, cleaned and re may be tatty or a plain brown cardboard box may be used.No instructions come with this item.

20% off Morphy Richards Soup Makers With Code
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Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
This doesn’t seem to be mentioned in general on their site, but while browsing one item that was currently out of stock this code was listed at the bottom of the page. It seems to… Read more

Heard a lot of positive things about these from a few folk i know that have them! Going to wait for the ninja hot and cold blender to drop in price on a promo again! (Got a bit of a ninja addiction going at the mo) Heat added!


Bagged the 48822 for a birthday gift to a Romainian friend who loves her sour soup! Cheers OP. Also 16.5% cashback via TopCashBack ... tho whether it's honoured is another issue given voucher and discount already.


Why not just use a pot and save £100


but might even work out cheaper than buying canned soups as I can buy good reduced to clear vegetables or frozen etc and make for less cost?


I think speed and potentially healthier soups . Not used one yet

Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker HB150UK - £129.99 @ Ninja
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Ninja Foodi Blender & Soup Maker HB150UK - £129.99 @ Ninja
£129.99£149.9913% Free P&P FreeNinja Kitchen Deals
£20 off at the moment. Price everywhere is £149.99
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Ninja Ultra Prep 3-in-1 Food & Drink Blender [PS100UK], 700W, Black & Red Does this do the same £99 with good reviews?


Just ordered this! I was deciding for ages which blender to buy and it was either this or the instant pot ace but I went for this one as it has mostly amazing reviews and the customer service from ninja is brilliant.


Are these any good? User feedback would be appreciated


Nice :)


Haha @Tacavas, you sir, extremely generous. Thank you - got the red trophy finally! Only took ten years... (Tried to thank you yesterday but the thread was removed)

Morphy Richards 48822 1.6L Soup Maker for £39.99 (with code) delivered at Morphy Richards
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Morphy Richards 48822 1.6L Soup Maker for £39.99 (with code) delivered at Morphy Richards
The Morphy Richards 48822 Soup Maker is the quick and easy way to make homemade soup to your liking. Make to your own personal taste and consistency. The Soup Maker from … Read more

Thanks OP. Just what I was looking for (y)


Not to impune your taste in soup, but the only soup that I ever managed in that kind of time in one of these machines was tomato with shop bought powdered stock and it wasn't good. More importantly all the recipes need adjusted, there is no way to cook root vegetables properly in 21 minutes in one of these. A pressure cooker though can cook soup as if it had hours of cook time in 20 minutes. More importantly you can also make your own stock in them, I make stock all the time in the pressure cooker and they are massively better and healthier without all the salt.


I've got one of these a d they're spot on. It makes me soup in 21 mins, how much 'alot fast' do you need???


These are a waste of money vs. pressure cookers. Yes Ninjas and Instapots cost more, but you GET a lot more. These don't last long and even when they do work are really limited. Unless you like a lot of very basic soup these are pretty mince, whereas a proper pressure/slow cooker will make you proper soup time and time again a lot faster and tastier. The blend function is also rubbish, proper stick blenders do a far better job.


Mine lasted 13 months only used it about 12 times and Morphy Richard's said they would sell me another after I complained. It had burn Mark's on the base inside that could not be cleaned off. Many post about burning marks.

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Daewoo 1.6L Soup Maker Silver £22.40 @ Dunelm - Click & Collect Only
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Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Daewoo 1.6L Soup Maker Silver £22.40 @ Dunelm - Click & Collect Only
£22.40£3230%Dunelm Deals
Designed by Daewoo, this soup maker offers a generous 1.6 litre capacity and is perfect for batch cooking your own homemade soups for excellent time saving. Durable yet stylish, th… Read more
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Thanks for posting this. We looked at this last week and were on the fence about getting it. So, at this price, that just put us over the top!


Good deal !


Quidco have 2% on Dunelm


Looks like model: Daewoo SDA1714 and good price if you have a local Dunelm to collect for free.

Ninja Soup Maker and Blender [HB150UK] Glass Jug, 1000 W, Black £129.99 Amazon
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Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Ninja Soup Maker and Blender [HB150UK] Glass Jug, 1000 W, Black £129.99 Amazon
£129.99£149.9913%Amazon Deals
£149.99 at Argos, Currys, Very & John Lewis Create fresh, delicious homemade soup in minutes. Cook and blend directly in the jug. More than a soup maker, enjoy hot and cold … Read more
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The discount link is perfectly safe to use. It is one of Ninja's own websites. I have used it myself without any problems. I don't know much about Vitamix so I can't comment but with the Ninja soup maker you can make hot soup, sauces, smoothies, ice cream, jam, saute, chop... It heats to make the soup and sauces. Plus you can use it cold for smoothies etc. The Ninja Bullet and the Ninja Food processors don't heat. They are better for slicing and chopping etc. You can do smoothies with them as they are cold but you can't make hot soup like you can with the soup blender. It all depends on your needs. :)


How did you find the discount link? May I ask if the website is safe to use? I’m after a smoothie maker and was thinking to get Nutribullets. Then saw the comment in other post of NINJA regarding the ninja COMPLETE FOOD PROCESSOR & VACUUM BLENDER CT670UKV. Now is this soup maker more of like a vitamix. I don’t know which one shall I get now. Lol


Do ninjas even eat soup? Or does it make ninja soup? I am so confused


Def cold but good machine


Cold! You can get it for £99 here straight from Ninja and you can also pay in 2 instalments. (y)

Ninja Blender and Soup Maker - £99.99 @ Ninja
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Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
Ninja Blender and Soup Maker - £99.99 @ Ninja
£99.99£149.9933%Ninja Kitchen Deals
First post but in case someone is looking for a blender/soup maker here is an option. Ordered this the day before using Paypal and it arrived yesterday. The official site is £149… Read more

Eating a leek and carrot soup as i type this :P


Same company as Shark - they do the same, one price on their main website and these little promotional pages with discounted prices. Will all be legit. My mum has one of these and swears by it for soup and blending.

Daewoo 1.6L Soup maker - £32 @ Dunelm - Free Click & Collect
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Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
Daewoo 1.6L Soup maker - £32 @ Dunelm - Free Click & Collect
1.6 L Soup Maker

My apologies


Isn’t this the ‘regular’ price? As in, this is ALWAYS discounted to this price, at every place. Ever.


That's their regular price. No discount.


It’s not 16 L. Its 1.6 L. Please correct the post

Morphy Richards Soupmaker Stainless Steel Soup Maker £45 @ Amazon
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Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
Morphy Richards Soupmaker Stainless Steel Soup Maker £45 @ Amazon
£45£99.9955%Amazon Deals
Morphy richards soup maker. Large 1.6 L capacity, serving up to six people. Smooth and chunky soup settings. Makes soup in less than 25 minutes. Simple, one-step operation Eas… Read more
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you can check all the price charts at for amazon. It's a good deal so HOT from me...I bought one a while back & it's useful.


It’s from Camel Camel Camel the Amazon price tracker. You should look it up (y)


Oh well still a good price, liking your little graph


Same from me. I bought this two years ago at the same price and it’s still the price at other retailers.


Pretty much average price this. Sorry cold deal from me

Morphy Richards 501021 Compact Soup Maker - Stainless Steel For £34.99 @ Argos
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Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Morphy Richards 501021 Compact Soup Maker - Stainless Steel For £34.99 @ Argos
£34.99£49.9930%Argos Deals
Morphy Richards 501021 Compact Soup Maker - Stainless Steel @ Argos For £34.99.
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Soup. Made easy! What's not to like? Heat. Thanks OP Update: Arrived yesterday. Well made and makes roughly 3 full bowls of soup. Easy to clean and takes up very little space (bit smaller than a standard kettle). Impressed. Larger (1.6ltr) still on offer at Currys for £39.99 if you need a larger size - this one is 1ltr. Thanks again op


We usually get these sorts of posts on the Rice cooker threads, telling us how "easy" it is to make rice in a saucepan etc etc

bellboys Great deal. We have this one but with saute function (by no means obligatory). Works brilliantly. Can also be used as a blender/smoothie maker so basically 3 products in 1 and its not much bigger than our kettle. Our favourite soup is actually one of the easiest/cheapest to make - Carrot and Coriander. We can make 1.6l of this stuff for approx 80p including fuel costs. 1.6l is the equivalent of 4x Heinz soup cans (and unless you are doing something very wrong the quality/taste is in another league). These things can save you money pretty quickly if you love your soup. (y) To all the Luddites, yes of course you can replicate the actions of any 'gadget' by hand. I mean, you could wash all your clothes by hand, put them through a ringer and hang them all over your house. You could also cut your lawn with garden shears. You could boil your water for hot drinks in a saucepan. All depends on how much you value your time.


I'm suspecting it will be found in the fiction section. (y)


That reminds me, what happened to Jackanory?

Tower soup maker - £35 - Clearance @ AO
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Posted 30th Dec 2019Posted 30th Dec 2019
Tower soup maker - £35 - Clearance @ AO
Great soup maker, this one cooks (rather than some which just heat through). Bought to replace my aging one which has just given up after 7 years. Yes, you can do the same with a p… Read more
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It works similar to a blender as well and has a function to blend ingredients without heating them so should work however a blender may be a cheaper option?


will this be good making milk shake with almonds , cashews some strawberries and bananas etc. struggling to find something decent


Not sure what the issue was but it's working now, cheers for the help.


Check the magnet in the jug lid is lined up properly :) that could be the problem.


Have you put a jug full of boiling water/stock on it? That happens when it's "overheat" prevention kicks in. If not, check the base and unit are dry as it could be detecting water

Morphy Richards 501021 Compact Soup Maker - Stainless Steel £34.99 @ Argos
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Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
Morphy Richards 501021 Compact Soup Maker - Stainless Steel £34.99 @ Argos
The Morphy Richards compact soup maker offers 4 settings - smooth and chunkysoup, drinks and a blend function. 1L working capacity serves up to 3 bowls of soup for perfect portion … Read more

Not really although maybe it was an extremem comparison. My point is this sort of comment can be made about every 'gadget' on here and it's just annoying, it seems to suggest nobody looking to make soup has thought about the method they want to use. There are multiple advantages to using a soup maker instead of a soup pan but for balance I'll post this article where both sides of the divide give their reasons for using what they do. In my case, I guess it boils down (if you pardon the pun) to how you value your how often you are going to make soup. One example of the pan brigade It's yet another kitchen gadget you have to find space for. "All you need [to make soup] is a knife, a saucepan and a blender.....Done job!" Classic! Where's the blender go? (cheeky)


Comparing cutting your lawn with shears is utter nonsense.


Sorry. Couldn't find the post last night to add that tcb offer nothing but quidco offer 5% off at Argos for small kitchen items so slightly better/cheaper from a high street store although not as convenient as free delivery from Amazon!


Curry's are doing the 1.6l version for £39.99, and a 1.6l Drew & Cole for £34.99.


And I could cut my lawn with shears but I don't. You could literally say this about most time saving household items, it's a bit daft TBH. Heat added.

Drew and Cole 1.6l Soup Maker with free delivery £34.99 @ Currys
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019
Drew and Cole 1.6l Soup Maker with free delivery £34.99 @ Currys
Serve up soup for the family in minutes with the Drew & Cole Soup Maker. Add your chopped ingredients, select chunky or smooth texture, and the Soup Maker will do the rest. If… Read more

Hi, so I've been tempted by this but would like to know if anyone has got some hands on experience with this model. Note this isn't listed on the manufacturers website only their higher spec model which includes the saute function and is non-stick. I guess I'm interested in whether there is any risk of food sticking and burning mainly. In the meantime I've been trying out some of the recipes on their website using a traditional pan and stick blender method (well two pans as I cook in a non-stick and then transfer to a stainless one to blend as my stick blender is an entirely metal head and scratches the non-stick pan). I've been fairly impressed by the recipes so will be interested to hear anyone's opinion on this model.


Carrot and coriander is one of my favourites. I use the recipe from the New Covent Garden Soup book. It's the same soup that they sell in their cartons. I've not had courgette soup. Cauliflower, broccoli and carrot soup is nice and also roasted red pepper soup. Enjoy your soupmaker. (y)


Keeping it simple with carrot and coriander :) but I also love courgette soup so gonna give that a go after (y)


What soup will you make first? :)


Mines coming tomorrow! Can’t wait to give it a try (embarrassed)

Ninja Soup Maker and Blender [HB150UK] Glass Jug, 1000 W, Black £99 @ John Lewis
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Ninja Soup Maker and Blender [HB150UK] Glass Jug, 1000 W, Black £99 @ John Lewis
2 year guarantee with John Lewis purchases. Same price at AO, Amazon, Currys, Argos, Very and the Ninja store. Enjoy a delicious variety of food and drinks, including homemade … Read more

£80 is a good price. I bought one last week though from John Lewis though. Only used it once so far. Bought one for my mum too a couple of months ago and she LOVES it. I think it is the best soup maker in terms of features. I'm glad I got it. Enjoy yours. Happy souping. ;)


Great piece of kit


Yup, stuck in a 20% one and it worked. Wasn’t sent to me, not sure if it should have worked on a discounted item but it did and they took the discounted price from my card so worth a try if you have an account. If not, the new discount code should work? £99 is still a good price as we are loving the machine


(y) How did you get it for £80? Did you have a discount code?


Got it for £80 at Very, it’s a good one

Morphy Richards 501028 Soup Maker - Stainless Steel £39.99 Currys
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Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
Morphy Richards 501028 Soup Maker - Stainless Steel £39.99 Currys
Serve up soup for the whole family in less than half an hour with the Morphy Richards 501028 Soup Maker. Add your chopped ingredients and the Soup Maker will prepare a smooth soup… Read more
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Ambiano Nutri Soup Maker 1700w with 3 Years Guarantee only £39.99 delivered from Aldi
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Posted 8th Dec 2019Posted 8th Dec 2019
Ambiano Nutri Soup Maker 1700w with 3 Years Guarantee only £39.99 delivered from Aldi
£39.99Aldi Deals
Just looking at this which is a bit of a monster of a machine at 1700w and is more powerful then your nutri-bullet... but the 3 years guarantee makes this a very decent buy (y) … Read more

Would it be good for chopping nuts and meat?


To make smoothies?


Can of Heinz tomato soup & a tin opener is all I need

Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Soup Maker £55 @ Asda
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Posted 6th Dec 2019Posted 6th Dec 2019
Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Soup Maker £55 @ Asda
Morphy Richards 501014 Saute and Soup Soup Maker

OOS (skeptical)


We use this same machine. The tomato soup with fresh baked buns is the best I've tasted.


Bargain. Had this soup maker for a few weeks (got a used very good one from Amazon warehouse for 45 quid) and it's a cracker. The saute features very convenient as no need for extra pan/s. Still 75 quid new at Amazon. Heat added.

HADEN Silver Tone Soup Maker 1.2L £29.99 @ TK Maxx
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Posted 29th Nov 2019Posted 29th Nov 2019
HADEN Silver Tone Soup Maker 1.2L £29.99 @ TK Maxx
£29.99£43.9932%TK Maxx Deals
Been hunting for a soup maker under £30 and finally found one :) Free click & collect is still active This lovely silver tone soup maker comes with auto clean function, serra… Read more
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Interesting - Morphy Richards deny there is any issue with their soup makers but there are several reports on Amazon saying the same and other sites too. Need to go and get this from TK Maxx


That's exactly what mine did! Went to TK to collect this one today - made a winter veg soup and it did it's job - very pleased :)


Issue is that we’ve bought 2 of these and both broke after just over 15 months each - developed an electrical fault which keeps tripping the fuses on the circuit. Morphy Richards don’t want to know - they are 100% useless. The machine is great whilst it works.


Soup maker, aka blender.


Thank you! 😁

Salter 1.6L Electric Soup Maker Jug - Stainless Steel - £33.99 using code + free Click and Collect @ Robert Dyas
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Posted 26th Oct 2019Posted 26th Oct 2019
Salter 1.6L Electric Soup Maker Jug - Stainless Steel - £33.99 using code + free Click and Collect @ Robert Dyas
Salter soup maker 1.6L £10 off plus 15% off with code free click and collect

Great deal! The product looks super. Amazon have also matched this


Nice code.


Heat added :)


Looks like a good deal for the health conscious on here. Heat added op!

Drew & Cole 5 Litre Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 12-in-1 Multi Cooker, Rice Cooker, Soup Maker - £49.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 23rd Oct 2019Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Drew & Cole 5 Litre Pressure King Pro Electric Pressure Cooker 12-in-1 Multi Cooker, Rice Cooker, Soup Maker - £49.99 @ Amazon
£49.99£54.999%Amazon Deals
Good Reviews 4.2 out of 5.0 (y) Also availble in black colour FAMILY COOKING: big 5L capacity, great for families or batch cooking COOK FAST: cooks up to 90% faster than t… Read more

This explains why I hardly ever use mine and when I do I'm disappointed and have to up the time!


These pressure kings cook at a lower pressure that most other electric pressure cookers. A normal stovetop pressure cooker operates at 15psi, good electric pressure cookers around 11psi but these pressure king pro models operate at around just 7psi so if you are using an instant pot recipe then you will have to adjust the cooking times to suit the extended cooking times that the lower pressure takes.


COOK FAST: cooks up to 90% faster than traditional cookware, make meals in minutes rather than hours saving energy Hahaha - not when you take into account the time it takes to get up to pressure! (e.g. Rice - takes about 20 minutes to do, 12 minutes cooking time but easily takes about 8 minutes to actually get to pressure and start ) Anyone found any good recipes for these things?

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