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Updated 20th Sep 2020Last updated 20th Sep 2020 by Maxim7750
Infrared thermometer
Has anyone purchased an infrared thermometer that they have found to be relaible and was a reasonable price?

ok thanks


In which case no not reliable. As it happens there has just been a discussion about these on one of the drs forums - conclusion being that they are a waste of money. The body surface temperature varies hugely with environmental conditions. Being outside either in the cold or the sun will skew the results. What you need to measure is the body core temperature. If you want to avoid the traditional sort then look at the ear thermometers.


It's for people


For people or materials like water or metal? There is a difference and one posted here a few weeks ago that was used for people. Search for it

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https://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/infrared-thermometer-366387 A def in the current climate Infrared Thermometer. Accurate, clean and instant infrared thermometer. The perfe… Read more

etc (et cetera)


Good availability in all the Sunderland stores.


Available towards Slough, west London



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We need a thermometer!!! Can't find any stock on any thermometers on any website..Argos,Boots,Superdrug,Amazon...loadson ebay for 3x - 6x the normal price... Any ideas of less kn… Read more

need to check the accuracy, a lot of them are within 2 degrees which won't help, medical ones are usually nearer 0.2


Go into a non chain pharmacy and hopefully they should assist.


2 available for delivery on the 2nd of April and can backorder now:- https://cpc.farnell.com/unbranded/11-420-3/thermometer-in-ear/dp/IN04118?st=termometer


Would those laser thermometer from tools section work on human?


i saw a video yesterday on symptoms of covid 19 and it says that when you get a temperature you will know it as it is not like the flu or cold as you sweat like anything, even from your brow and your chest and back will feel extremely hot to the touch. you will also get a constant dry cough, one that is not occaional but really constant and there won't be any phlegm. you will know if your little ones have a temperature. feel their forehead with the back of your hand and if they have a temperature it will be very hot. the thermometer is only ever needed if you need to know the exact temperature.

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Thermometer - which one??
Hi I’m looking to buy a thermometer for the kids - preferably in ear one but there are soooo many!!! Any recommendations please???!!

Tried them cheap in ear ones and found them to be too inconsistent Bought this one last week and it seems really consistent, you get what you pay for


That's like the one I have but I don't think you need to spend that much. Was a long long time a go though. Yep as I thought. Mine not made but amazon says Braun IRT6020 as a replacement. I spent 29£ 10 years ago.


My sister is a GP and she recommends this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Braun-ThermoScan-Ear-Thermometer-Precision/dp/B07KVNC3SW/


I believe that 'the only thing you should put in your ear is your own elbow'.


Oh yeah. Make sure you haven't been drinking. (don't mean water)

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Thermometer - Suggestions needed please
Hi all, my little one got cold and fever and the gp asked us to get a ear thermometer. I am looking into it to buy one and found the below https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00NVMIO0… Read more

Thanks everyone. I have finally bought the one I shared the link and got great feedback from you all. Again, it's a great pleasure to be around with so many helpful people and their expert and genuine opinions. Excellent place it is, HUKD.


Thanks Jas10


Thanks, I will surely do.


Thanks for that. Surely it seems the right product.


It's good to know that it works as good as GPs. Thank you

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Thank You


x <3