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IBRA Ultra Slim Wall Mount Bracket System £10.65 Dispatches from Amazon Sold by Ibraonline
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
IBRA Ultra Slim Wall Mount Bracket System. Fits most 13" to 70" Screens. Obviously no good if you have rear facing inputs but I've ordered this to go with the 55qn95a I just ordered.
Avatar chrisbluebird
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I posted this on comments of a Samsung TV thread a week or 2 ago, have had one since 2014 for my 55" TV with no issues, and recently installed one for my new 65" tv, working great, was just under a tenner a few weeks back, great value and easier than the large mounts and less bulky


You mean I could actually make my tv straight without having to put bits of plastic under one bracket to level it out?! (embarrassed)


I've got the 55qn95a ready to go up, I haven't opened it yet cos I was waiting for the wall mount. I've already got a mount there for the old TV but it's not slim, so was going to use 2 of the old concrete screws from that


I've got this exact mount holding up a 55inch Philips OLED TV with the Ambilight and it's effective. Just make sure the top 2 mounts which hold the TV to the wall are nice and secure. This mount is not installation friendly if the VESA holes are too close together on the back of your TV.


Although ive never paid more than this for any of mine or the ones ive fitted, this is still Hot because of the brilliance and simplicity of these kits. Ive currently got one holding my 75" on the wall and another 2 in my bedrooms with 47" These kits are fantastic and unless you need your tv at an angle, they are ideal

Large Tilt TV Wall Bracket for 32 to 80 Inches TVs up to VESA 600X400mm and 60KG £11.99 with voucher Dispatches from Amazon Sold by JICH EU
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Apply the £10 voucher Not as good as yesterday but still a good deal Mounting type Wall Mount Movement type Tilt, Fixed Brand Perlegear Material Alloy Steel TV size 80 Inches Colour Black…

I stand by what I said. There is no good way to fix a heavy object to plasterboard because plasterboard does not have the intrinsic strength to bear a load. All plasterboard fixings are just different versions of bad.


Disagree. You can buy "Grip Its" for plasterboard. The brown ones support 74kg per plug. I have 6 in! Its going nowhere. The blue ones take even more weight but the bolts are too thick for most brackets..


The fixings that most provide are way over the top for the strain put on them. Im sure the fixings included with this will be more than adequate for the load the tv will put on them. I usually use no10 screws and brown wall plugs, and before mounting the tv I hang from the bracket to make sure its well fixed. Ive mounted quite a few brackets with large tvs and never had a problem


I think you are just going to worry people with this comment, they may well be good quality fixings with this as they was with mine, a better comment would be " make sure you use good quality fixings appropriate for your wall."


Never hang a TV using plasterboard fixings of any type. You need to find the woodwork behind the wall using a stud detector and fit the bracket to that.

TP-Link TL-SG108S, 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch £14.99 @ Amazon
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Gigabit Switch Featured with 8 10/100/1000Mbps ports, TL-SG108S greatly expands your network capacity, enabling instant large files transferring. So, power users in the home, office, workg…
Avatar Frank30uk
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No point in debating anything with someone who can't form a sentence correctly, and who has an SS soldier as their avatar...


I haven't read the reviews. I've got a few of these in 5 and 8 port flavour. Iperf shows full 1gig throughput on these from my server to laptop. No need to get salty. I suggest you get a Cisco switch then seeing as you're such an expert and keyboard warrior.


Nope Cisco guy last 30 years not confusing anything try reading properly Did u even check the reviews on the switch 90-100 mega BITS per second


Seems you're confusing mbps and MBps. 100MBps is spot on for a 1000mbps switch I have 150mbps Internet and I max out on downloads at 15MBps.


Yes but its a gig switch i would have expected more than 100mbps Tried changing cables to cat 6 taking all 10/100 devices off the network and just about every other fiddle like jumbo frames tweaking the nic and using a motherboard pc with a decent pci throughput as its usually down to your hdu or pc specs that can cause slow transfer speeds over the pci bus to network layer but still cannot get more than 90-100mbps - somthing fishy going on check the first review on the page seems someone else has the same issue with this switch!

Large Tilt TV Wall Bracket for 32 to 80 Inches TVs up to VESA 600X400mm and 60KG £8.99 Dispatches from Amazon Sold by JICH EU
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Apply the £13 voucher Mounting type Wall Mount Movement type Tilt, Fixed Brand Perlegear Material Alloy Steel TV size80 Inches Colour Black Minimum compatible size32 Inches Compatible dev…

You can get the same bracket on eBay for the same price. I purchased last week


Agreed no code showing, should be expired ☹️


21.99 for me 😔


Looks like the voucher has been pulled. I redeemed it, but at checkout it's going through at full price. Tried on a second account; same again, voucher redeemed but not applying to basket. No code; it was a clickable voucher.


What’s the £13 code

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Perlegear TV Wall Bracket, Tilt TV Mount for Most 37-82 inch TVs / £18.69 @ Amazon
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Perlegear TV Wall Bracket, Tilt TV Mount for Most 37-82 inch LED, LCD, OLED, Flat and Curved TVs up to 60kg, Max VESA 600x400mm, Bubble Level, Cable Ties, PGLTK1-E About this item WIDE COM…
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Gripit. They work amazing. I got a 75inch Philips Ambilight on the wall using them. ;)


On my sons TV (I bought some special plugs/screws that go into plasterboard), but recon with this size TV It may be best to find the wood studs and go into those instead for extra support (especially if you plan to have it tilting forward as I recon it will put more strain on the screws).


What screws and plugs to use for a plasterboard wall any ideas ? Thanks


Bought this the other day and fitted yesterday. Good and solid. What I would say is when marking the holes for the wall I found the bracket a little uneven so I put the bracket against the wall. Marked the holes roughly and then used a laser level (spirit level will be okay) and then marked the holes perfectly. There’s a little wiggle room when you put the bracket on the wall in case you’re slightly out with your alignment.


It's basically the next level up from this one. both get very good reviews. Doesn't tend to stay at this price for very long.

Perlegear TV Wall Bracket for 26-55” TVs, Tilt, 52kg Capacity, Max VESA 400x400mm - £11.01 with code Sold by PerleGear UK FB Amazon
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
【SOLID & SECURE】This flat to universal TV wall bracket can hold TVs weighing up to 52kg without bending because it’s well constructed from quality steel materials and it has been stress …
Avatar Professor
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I mean wall studs i.e. vertical and horizontal framing behind your plasterboard.


Does this come with the studs?


As long as you fix it to the studs then it will be okay. You wouldn't want to fix direct to plasterboard though.


Can this be fixed to plaster board/partition wall? Will it be safe? I have a toddler so concerned about him.


Just fitted this bracket, very easy to fit to the wall, feels very secure and the tv sits close to the wall