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Updated 23rd Sep 2021Last updated 23rd Sep 2021 by Alexandralocks
waterproof jacket or something for the coming winter/everyday rain
Looking for a decent jacket that doesnt soak in water for the heavy rainy days to come. Doesn't need to be insulated or some super thick jacket. Under £50 would also be ideal, so incase I …
Avatar Husla
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Updated 10th Jan 2021Last updated 10th Jan 2021 by mutley1
Woman’s waterproof jacket
Anyone know of any decent deals on a woman’s waterproof jacket? Or can anyone recommend a jacket for upto £70. Mainly for use in the Lake District. I know I won’t get a top brand but someth…
Avatar tigracrew
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Updated 10th Aug 2019Last updated 10th Aug 2019 by MadeDixonsCry
Waterproof jacket, not waterproof anymore !!
I have a lightweight north face waterproof jacket which is about 5 years old. wore it today and if just soaked straight through. any methods worth trying to get its protection again or shou…
Avatar Redinho
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Updated 13th Feb 2019Last updated 13th Feb 2019 by Sprograt
Decent Waterproof Jacket
I'm looking for some recommendations for a decent waterproof jacket that wont leak on my way to work. I got caught in a down pour last week and my jacket didn't live up to its expectations s…
Avatar toddyj9987
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Updated 26th Apr 2018Last updated 26th Apr 2018 by psychobitchfromhell
Waterproof jacket repair patch
I have a jacket that I got for cycling not expensive i opened the package fast and i accidently ripped it slightly so I ordered nylon waterproof patch that just stick on anyone have experie…
Avatar Snowbunny_
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Updated 15th Mar 2018Last updated 15th Mar 2018 by mutley1
What glue to best used to fix a waterproof jacket wrist adjuster strap which has come apart?
The wrist adjustment straps have come apart on my winter waterproof jacket. The strap adjuster flap consists of two parts. A velcro material, where the velcro hook side is still attached to…
Avatar this1isfine