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Dell Alienware 25" Gaming Monitor 240Hz £303 @ Dell
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Pretty good gaming monitor down from £429.60 to £329.96 with a further 8% off with the DAILYMAIL8 discount code. Super high refresh rate if you're not bothered about 4K. Cheapes… Read more

Great deal. Ordered on 26th, delivered yesterday (28th). Monitor makes everything from games to even scrolling in browser buttery smooth. Stand is extremely sturdy and goes nice and high although the lighting in the stand is rather pointless and alienware/dell software is more of a hassle than it is worth. Colours are great and vibrant and calibration with a Spyder shows almost no difference to my eyes so great factory calibration to boot.


Ordered! (y)


I order this monitor the day it was released and it came 2 days later, I'd say you were unlucky.


Alienware products are way overpriced for the quality they provide


It appears the difference is the colour: AW2521HFL - Lunar Light (White) AW2521HF - Dark Side of the Moon (Black)

Get 8% off all Dell Laptops & Desktops – all S-Series and Alienware Monitors
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
DAILYMAIL5 Is also another code you can use for 5% as for some reason despite saying "all" it only works on the majority.
Read More

Never mind the code still works, carry on! (:I


100£ Amex offer applies to this? If you read terms and condition, it mentions the specific link which is Dell computers for work.


FYI the expiration date for this code is tomorrow 29/05/2020 not 31/05/2020 as stated by OP


True, best to pay full price if you are looking to buy a Dell laptop! How dare you post this OP (cheeky)


DAILYMAIL5 (It's in the deal description too)

Dell Alienware AW5520QF 55" OLED Gaming Monitor (4k UHD, 120Hz, 0.5ms) £2379.40 @ Dell
Refreshed 20th MayRefreshed 20th May
Update 1
Price drop from £2575.36 to £2379.40 - 20/05/20
Device Type OLED monitor - 55" Energy Class Class A+ Energy Consumption per Year 123 kWh Power Consumption (On mode) 84 W Features USB 3.0 hub Aspect Ratio 16:9 Native … Read more

Well there are a few good videos covering the process, it is worth something as it is fairly manpower intensive, Nvidia had quite a few people out to discuss how BFGs are certified which this would have gone through as a process. Keep in mind these are usually the same panels so they get all the QC and QA the panels that other manufacturers use, but the cost difference is that they are paying the manufacturer for their top bin, and then doing extra work on top. LG will add something as well, but not to the same degree. They also have a much lower volume as well as you note so again always going to cost more. Frankly a lot of the cost is just those incremental up marks in base cost and then a suitable premium which will probably be less than you imagine. Dell will be paying a markup on the panels themselves both for the top bin and for the low volume, then they will have higher ancillary costs again because of volume, you then are easily doing a BFG certification that will be at least 20% of the value as it is incredibly manpower dependent. It really isn't hard to see how you could hit the higher price, whether the value add is worth that additional cost and thus the inflation of the value of a fixed profit figure is a personal one. Connected to a console these would be meaningless, you would only rationally need one of these for a PC costing at least the same value and likely double it. For console gaming spending the money on a better TV makes a lot more sense as they will tend to be more complimentary anyway. If you are spending that kind of money on a PC and monitor this price is minor.


I get what you're saying but at the same time, i disagree respectfully and believe time and again in reviews we end up seeing how these aren't as great as they're made out to be for the price and 99% of the time i'd pick a C9 straight up. In fact, a 65" C9 or CX & a PS5 probably for the money this costs. I just don't believe whatever they claim to have done is other than a brand premium. LG work on volume and can price accordingly imo.


Why would you want a 55 inch monitor that can burn in as well?


To be fair the difference here is the very rigorous QC and binning on the panels. The C9 is great, and LG to obviously QC and test panels, but the panels used on all the BFG displays like this one are the top binned straight from the manufacturer and then they get a whole range of further tests to further down select them. So what you get with this is better, and all that work is genuinely expensive, hence the price. Whether it is worth it or not is another questions, a C9 will be 95% as good as this once the new graphics cards come out that actually support it. If LG had added a DP to their TVs then it would have been no competition at all.


Amen! I paid £1600 for my 65" C9 and would take it any day over this lol

Dell Alienware AW3420DW Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor £949.05 at Currys ebay
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Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
I know this is still a very expensive monitor but 5% off is still a good deal if anyone has been looking for it! Brand New and discount applied at Checkout automatically from Curry… Read more
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Series X has circa 20% more raw GPU and CPU power than the PS5. Its going to be closest to PC for next gen performance. Like the PS4 Pro commonly cant match the frame rates / resolution of the Xbox One X now.


For people complaining about the price, there is a fundamental truth, if you want the best experience you should never use a display be it on a console or a PC that cost less than price of the hardware driving it. So for PC users if you go out and get an expensive graphics card, if you hook it up to a 200 quid cheapo monitor you won't get everything you paid for out of the card. This is expensive, but for an ultrawide at that resolution and frequency it isn't that bad. Ultrawides are still more expensive to get high refresh rate or HDR and there still isn't a perfected version yet i.e. a QHD HDR 120Hz for a reasonable price.


I've just discovered that this has a touch sensor which toggles the downlights. Gamechanger. Worth Every Penny.


It's always about the hype. Companies are failing to deliver receyly. I tend to wait for the second release of new consoles. The 360 taught me that


Well it might end up being a Ps5 instead buuuuuut all the hype is behind the Series X at the moment. It will come down to pricing aswell. If the Ps5 is £100 cheaper at launch, I will most likely get that instead.

Freesync ALIENWARE AW2518HF Full HD 25" LED Gaming Monitor - Black - £193.64 With Code @ Currys - DAMAGED BOX
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Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
£329 on amazon (obviously with a none damaged box) Key Features THIS ITEM HAS A DAMAGED BOX! Smooth gaming and fluid visuals The Alienware AW2518HF Full HD 25" LCD Monitor is … Read more



God damn


That was instant!


Its gone

[Steam] Gato Roboto Free @ Alienware
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Join Alienware Arena today and pounce inside of your cozy armored mech and set off on a dangerous trek through an alien underworld! Be warned, Gato Roboto is full of irritable cre… Read more
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While they have probably run out of keys, my issue was I had an account already so when I clicked the Promo link it took me to my old account. I then logged out and proceeded to make a new account from there which was wrong as it was the standard create account page. I should have logged out first then gone back to the proper Promo page to create the account... Just in case.


I created another new account using the link from the original tweet by Devolver Digital and it's still not working. Maybe they will add the reward to accounts later, but my guess is that they ran out of keys...


I got mine when I posted so maybe they have now run out of keys. I will expire this but there will be chance to get the game later in the week for existing accounts if this one has run out of keys.


Me neither.


Created a new account using this link and didn't get a key unfortunately.

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Redout Enhanced Edition (Steam PC Game Key) Free To Level 2 Members @ Alienware Arena
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Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
This feels like a good one for a wonderful game. How To Get Your Giveaway Create or log in to your Alienware Arena account. Click the "GET KEY" button. Open your Steam c… Read more
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All out! There are no more keys left in this giveaway!


No more keys ;(


All out of keys just as I get to level 2 (annoyed)


Once you are registered click on the aliens avatar top right and then you can see a daily quest. Today it's 'Lights Camera Action!', so click here: and post a YT video. That'll give you 5 points.


Would love to get this game to play on the ambilight tv. Is it hard to level up the forum account as I don't have one?

Dell Alienware AW2720HF 27 Inch Gaming Monitor, 1ms Response Time, Full HD at 240 Hz @ Dell - £367.89 (With discount Code)
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
I know this won't appeal to many as the resolution won't be good enough but this is a good price for this gaming monitor. To get this price you will need to use the code DAILYMAIL… Read more

It is but I personally for those games would be wanting 1440p. This is a wicked monitor but the downside is the resolution.


Would this be good for warcraft? And also Witcher3? It's all I play! I love the alienware style!


People can throw a hissy fit all they want when I say this and at the same time do one, taking advantage of this system is just scummy and posts like these deserve to be reported. Discount codes and the like should be left aside for those who actually put in the work at the NHS.


Oh shut up you self righteous idiot. Learn basic economics, there's nothing immoral here. Jog on Corbyn SJW.


The NHS code is for NHS workers, not chancer parasites like yourself. How much NI or tax you pay is irrelevant, nobody cares, it justifies nothing.

Crown Trick (RPG Adventure - PC) Closed Beta STEAM Keys - FREE @ Alienware (if you are quick!, limited number of keys)
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Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Enter a labyrinth that moves as you move, where mastering the elements is key to defeating enemies and uncovering the mysteries of this underground world. With a new experience awa… Read more

I got your overall message from the get go, I am not confused by what you are saying I am confused why you are posting it on this deal/thread, it just does not make sense why you are posting this here. On a free Beta. I'd get it, if this was posted on a relevent topic but fact is, whatever you feel about all of this does not apply in this particular circumstance and if I had to pay money for this it would be a completely different story and I would not be doing that. Fact is, this is free. I got to try it. Doesn't matter if others have done it different and times also change. We have to change with them. Still I will never pay for a beta unless it's something I am REALLY interested in and I mean REALLY and even then it's hard for me to. I expect betas to be FREE. Always and that's just because I have grew up with that been the norm.


I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you genuinely didn't understand my comments, and I'll try to explain once more. My comments aren't in relation to THIS deal. I know that it's free. I know that you didn't pay anything for your beta key. I hope you enjoy it, and that the game is great. OK? Now, my point was that this deal has only been posted because, typically these days, people expect to pay to have access to beta software. People are apparently happy to pay an "early access" fee to play the game before it is finished and released for sale. However, 25 years ago, that was the norm. Beta testers were ALWAYS given access for free, or were even paid for the time they spent testing games and other software. Software houses, quite rightly, recognised that software testing was an important function and valued their beta testers as a valuable resource. After beta testing was complete the company would often reward beta testers with free copies of their software in order to thank them for their services. From around 20 years ago the industry managed to redefine the beta testing process in such a way as to convince the public to, instead, pay the company to "work" as beta testers. The fact that they enjoy that work is irrelevant. I'm a software developer, and I'm old enough to remember how the industry used to operate, and so my point was simply to express amazement that the industry had managed to perform a 180 by turning an operating expense (paying or rewarding beta testers) into a revenue stream (by selling Early Access licences). Again, the fact that you paid nothing for this particular beta licence is great, but you're only happy with that because you've got used to people having to pay for beta (early access) licences for other games. Does that make sense to you?


I'm sorry but again WHAT are you talking about. I haven't paid anything and I get to try a game I might be potentially interested in and I would of never paid to try it...So here I got to try for free.


Okkkkaaayyy. This has been posted, as a deal, because it's free access to a beta copy of software, yes? Now, up until about 20 years ago, companies used to beta test their software by releasing it to experts, enthusiasts, and other people knowledgeable about their products, before selling it commercially. They'd even pay people to beta test their software in order to ensure that when they released the software to the paying public, the product was as bug-free as they could make it. My comment was to illustrate that I still find it incredible that the industry has, somehow, managed to convince people that not only was it OK for companies to release untested, buggy, software, but that the public should actually pay them for the privilege of being beta testers, by re-branding it as "early access" software. It's an incredible feat of marketing and the fact that you don't see anything wrong with it just proves my point.


Paying? What are you talking about lol :S

Dell Alienware AW2521HF 24.5″ Gaming Monitor with 240Hz IPS Panel £303.56 @ Dell Shop
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
A brand new recently released Alienware IPS gaming monitor for £303.56 including delivery. To get this price you need to use code DAILYMAIL8.

This deal is great. IPS is really catching up to TN in terms of input delay whilst looking fantastic and the increased contrast can help in some games. I also got it for £280 by using the student 15% discount (you can get a voucher by using a student email on the Dell website).


Depends on what you are playing. I would assume this is aimed at esports players as Overwatch etc easily hit these frames. Or Doom as that has amazing optimisation!


Wonder what panels are best for reducing eye strain? IPS doesn’t use pwm I don’t think so maybe that one


RIP, I should've just bought it and didn't save it for later.


This was true years ago. Have always used TN displays since the first ever TN @ 120Hz (around 2013 I think). Now using an Alienware 34" IPS 120hz and never seen any kind of motion blur or ghosting.

Alienware AW3418DW 34 Inch Curved IPS G-SYNC Wide-screen Monitor - £799 @ Amazon
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Posted 3rd MarPosted 3rd Mar
Alienware AW3418DW 34 Inch Curved IPS G-SYNC Wide-screen Monitor - £799 @ Amazon
Amazing IPS quality Dell Alienware monitor, normally around the £1000 mark, comes with G-sync. Makes gaming very immersive, the curve is only slight and suits the monitor very wel… Read more
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I agree with everything you say but an AMD 5700XT isn't Gsync compatible (afaik!) and If I'm to drop the best part of a grand on a new monitor I'd like all of the bells and whistles, please! :{ That and the Valve Index has caught my eye (devil)


I didn't think much of my screen (Benq 24 inch tn) before, also never thought about how good /bad it was, but I would say getting a great screen is probably the best upgrade you can give your setup. At the end of the day in my opinion, it's made a bigger difference than anything else!


Saw one of these 'in the flesh', so to speak whilst I was exploring a computer bazaar in Hong Kong back in 2018. Diablo III has never looked so epic! Good price. I had my heart set on one but I've since picked up a 5700XT so I'll give it a miss... sadly :(


It was a 34" Samsung one... Only 75Hz but got it to 90Hz. I mean it's impressive but there's a few cons. When games support 21:9 not all have adapted their menus and things like that, they can look odd, some games just flat out refuse it, like 2d scrollers. YouTube support means cropped videos. Browsing is very odd when fullscreen, I found myself just running a browser left or right of the screen to avoid have humongous empty space either side of the content. I know it sounds like I'm picking on 21:9 but I'm not as it does look impressive. Would I go with 21:9 again in the future? You bet.


What ultrawide did you have though? I also had an 27' Acer predator IPS 1440p 16:9 165hz and it honestly felt boring playing games on it afterwards!

New Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3420DW £934.99 @ Dell Shop
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Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
New Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor - AW3420DW £934.99 @ Dell Shop
Latest model - Upgrade from AW3418DW deal posted earlier - Huge discount with the 15% off code bringing it down from £1099.99 to £934.99 (£165 OFF!) 34 inch gaming monitor with … Read more

No it isn't...


way too expensive, in USA around 800$


Alienware branding (lol) .


I stand corrected. The T&Cs on the dell website state the following: "Any Dell product sold through Participating Retailers for £999.00 or above, including: Alienware PC, Inspiron, and XPS"


Can someone explain why this monitor is so expensive?

Dell Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW £609.66 @ Dell Shop
279° Expired
Posted 17th FebPosted 17th Feb
Dell Alienware 34 Curved Gaming Monitor AW3418DW £609.66 @ Dell Shop
15% off code brings this as cheap as I've seen it. Ultrawide 1440p DELL Monitor

I'm pretty sure they won't. But I'd like to know what has happened here. The service tag allocated to this batch (printed on the invoice and rear of monitor) links back to the 18 model. Has there been an issue where they slowed down production of the 18's and moved already created service tags for the production of the next batch of 20 monitors? Either way several people have been lucky with these :)


Can confirm got the new model too. Glad to see I'm not the only one, thought it was a fluke. Thank you Dell :)


It depends on your conditions, It's hard to say from your photo as the light and camera effect how it looks. All IPS panels do have IPS glow but your photo looks worse than most.


I got this monitor set up but there is a lot of bleed in corners. Is this normal?


It'd be a bit of a slap in the face if they replaced it with the older model. Anyway, thanks for posting, nigelgos, much appreciated.

Dell Alienware 34 Curved Monitor - AW3418DW £659.87 @ Dell
242° Expired
Posted 14th FebPosted 14th Feb
Dell Alienware 34 Curved Monitor - AW3418DW £659.87 @ Dell
I know it's quite old now and there are newer, better models, but this seems like a decent price. I promised I was going to rein in the spending this month, but I'm really tempted… Read more

Decided to order one. I bought the Asus PG348Q about a year ago but had to send it back because of back light bleed. I then felt guilty about spending so much and asked for a refund. hopefully I’ll get a decent panel.


Probably ² years as always


It's is now freesync works with Nvidia.


I’d be more concerned about the warranty than what brand it is.


You think g-sync is a buzz word? g-sync and freesync are two of the best developments in monitor tech over the years and produce clear benefits.

Alienware 24.5 Inch TN Gaming Monitor 1 ms Response Time, 1080p at 240 Hz, Free-Sync/Gsync Compatible - £269 @ Amazon
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Alienware 24.5 Inch TN Gaming Monitor 1 ms Response Time, 1080p at 240 Hz, Free-Sync/Gsync Compatible - £269 @ Amazon
£269£299.9910%Amazon Deals
Dell Premium Panel Exchange will send out a replacement panel within one business day during your 3-year warranty period even if only one bright pixel is found Stay in a gaming sta… Read more

I suppose Overkill is the wrong word, it's just not the best option. For a PS4 Pro and PS5, you'd want 4K minimum. The 1080p quality on this monitor is not by any means nice to look at. I had a 4K LG 27" UD68P with an IPS panel and it was stunning on my Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, but it was no good for my PC so my consoles are on my LG OLED B8. If I get my way in the house and get my office room back, I would like to get the Acer Nitro 4K 120hz screen for both PC and console use. But defo stay away from this for your consoles, it looked dreadful in my opinion.


Well I suppose it will probably be good for the PS5 in the future if it supports 120fps going forward but yes I agree it's overkill for any console.


Its way overkill for a PS4 Pro. PS4 Pro is capped at 60hz No freesync and is capable of 4K. Better off with an IPS 4K 60hz panel. Cheaper than this too.


I use this as a second monitor, it's honestly fantastic considering it's a TN panel. Viewing angles are much better than a 1080p/144hz Asus panel I had previously. The stand is a bit naff though, definitely use it on a monitor arm.


Why buy 240Hz. When you can have 360Hz?

Dell Alienware 34 Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor AW3418DW 3440x1440 REDUCED to £799.99 was £1099.99 @ Amazon/Very
-123° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Dell Alienware 34 Curved Ultrawide Gaming Monitor AW3418DW 3440x1440 REDUCED to £799.99 was £1099.99 @ Amazon/Very
£799.99Very Deals
Product description: The Alienware AW3418DW 34 Inch Curved Gaming Monitor Makes All Your Gaming More Immersive. Thanks to a 1900R Curved panel with 3 sided bezel IPS you can wrap m… Read more
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For Ultrawide likely higher FPS, possibly HDR but when these new monitors release they will be expensive. 4K monitors are seen by many in PC gaming as a waste as the demand it puts on the GPU is just not worth it and the fact it greatly reduces framerate at that resolution. The new Ultrawides won't be groundbreaking, if you want higher fps and HDR may be worth waiting but bear in mind not many GPU's will actually make use of a higher framerate at 3440x1440.


Ultrawide monitors hold price pretty well, fantastic monitors. Close to 4K but without the full demands on your GPU at that full resolution, gaming on 3440x1440 is an experience not to be missed as I am sure you will agree from your experience with the Ultrawide so far.


Price has been changed by the looks of it. Best price available now on this Ultrawide monitor is Amazon and Very both at 799.99 was 1099.99 Very you can get a further 10% off for new customer credit account using code PAQAX at checkout 10% off Gmaing 20% off all other departments.


I have this, bought it in July with offers, came to about £600 after offers / codes, not seen it cheaper then this since. Brilliant monitor, only thing lacking is HDR but even then I have been more then happy with the purchase, ultrawide is well worth it!

Alienware Ultrawide AW3420DW 34" Curved IPS Monitor + FREE Delivery £984.80 @ Dell
-107° Expired
Posted 21st Dec 2019Posted 21st Dec 2019
Alienware Ultrawide AW3420DW 34" Curved IPS Monitor + FREE Delivery £984.80 @ Dell
£984.80£1,084.809%Dell Shop Deals
Great price currently on this gem of a monitor which beats the previous deal price (… Read more

Just in the last few months I've found outside of the returns period Amazon make you go through their painfully bad tech support people before letting you return faulty items now. The old days of just send it back if it brakes down might have gone.


What do you mean by Amazon's "tech support"? Don't they let you send it back for a better screen?


3440x1440 is not 640x320?


In my opinion and many of those who've posted their review after purchasing one have claimed it is not worth the upgrade. I also don't hate on the deal. It's Christmas, cheer up and let other's have opinions. Don't stay a virgin all your life, bro'.


Excellent monitor, if only I had a spare grand. Hot from me.

ALIENWARE AW2518HF Full HD 25" LED Gaming Monitor £269 @ Currys
161° Expired
Posted 8th Dec 2019Posted 8th Dec 2019
ALIENWARE AW2518HF Full HD 25" LED Gaming Monitor £269 @ Currys
3 year warranty and cheaper than anywhere else. The Alienware AW2518HF Full HD 25" LCD Monitor is built for gaming. A lightning-fast 240 Hz native refresh rate and 1 ms response t… Read more

Just picked up mine today and really pleased with it. Cracking panel and the bezel-less design is super attractive. Settings are easy to manipulate and I've got mine mounted on an arm. Keep in mind the footprint of this is quite big if you're using the built in stand.


Think I will pull the trigger then, thats his present sorted :D Thanks mate


G sync works with freesync on quite a few monitors now, it most likely will anyway


Hey guys, my brother has a Nvidia graphics card so would he need a G-Sync variant of the monitor?


Not really.

Dell Alienware 34 Curved Monitor : AW3418DW - £781.96 @ Dell Shop
131° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Dell Alienware 34 Curved Monitor : AW3418DW - £781.96 @ Dell Shop
£781.96£1,170.6033%Dell Shop Deals
34-inch gaming monitor featuring a curved 1900R IPS display with NVIDIA® G-Sync™, wide viewing angles and incredible resolution. Lose yourself in every game.

The 20DW does use a different panel but regardless, the LG one is still superior and at this price point you can definitely spend a little more for it, it isn't exactly a small amount. I genuinely think it should be priced closer to £650 given how monitors from the competition have moved on. Alienware tax I suppsoe. :)


I bought the 3418DW in May, and it started to flicker last month. So Dell have replaced it with a AW3420DW, which is perfect. I also have them side by side on my desk at the moment, and I can confirm that despite what I see people say, the new model looks miles better, much richer colours and clearly much brighter. Not that the 18DW is bad in any way. Just my two cents in case it’s useful :) Dell’s customer service is second to none in this industry and it’s the only reason I only buy Dell monitors!


Go for the LG. This is just too expensive for what it offers in the current market.


I believe it’s the LG 34GK950F


Can you mention the model and the reference comparing if u have one

Alienware AW3418DW 34 Inch Curved IPS Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Gaming Monitor at Amazon for £849.99
151° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Alienware AW3418DW 34 Inch Curved IPS Anti-Glare LED-Backlit Gaming Monitor at Amazon for £849.99
£849.99£1,013.9916%Amazon Deals
Alienware’s 34 Inch curved gaming monitor packs premium gaming features into an immersive 1900R curved display for ultimate performance. Featuring iconic Alienware design with cust… Read more
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£559 seems far more reasonable That's more around my budget, thing is if im going to upgrade from current monitor I need a reason such as 1440p and a higher refresh rate so no point getting the same budget Btw I have a AMD card so is there any cheaper none G sync monitors since I know Nvidia has there Gsync tax


I don't think it is, the LG nano IPS monitor I linked to is vastly superior with a true 144hz refresh rate because of its lower repsonse time as well as an all around better IPS panel in terms of visual quality. The alienware uses an older LG panel. That said if you don't need to stretch that far in your budget, I would also recommend this AOC model. Better than the equivalent Samsung and Acer monitors and definitely the overpriced Strix models. I don't think an extra 24hz is worth paying £300. I've just ordered one for the OH (y)


Is it worth £899, im looking for a new monitor to replace my £229 LG29UM68-P I've had it for years, it's 75hz Ultawide 1080p but I'm looking for a better quality Edit it's not I've seen Americans in the comments say they got it for $800 on sale which is like £600


Probably the Nvidia tax


It is gsync compatible as it has only recently been released :)

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