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Free Quake Champions Steam Early Access Key @ Alienware Arena
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
It’s almost time to return to the Arena, so dust off your rocket jumping and Railgun skills. Claim your Quake Champions Steam early access key and head back to the Arena!
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well worth the £20 on steam, buying extra DLC sucks.


I played the beta of Quake Champions and I just couldn't get into it. It's so damn fast I could hardly control the character. And while it was in a pretty early state when I played it, so it may be different now, but the game just seemed to lack "personality".


'fairly easy', absolute nonsense


this was complete bullshit by the way OP. There is a daily level cap on getting to level 2, so you can't. All keys gone in that time. Couple that with terrible site responsiveness. Also, get this, at one point trying to get to level 2 i had all my ARP points removed. I received an e-mail from alienware saying a post of mine was flagged. The link to the post in question, was a trailer for a game i'd never heard of, posted by another user. What.


All keys gone Waste of time I didn't even earn any points even they I posted a few times, commented. Liked. Etc

ALIENWARE 15, i7-7700HQ + 1070GTX 8gb + 120Hz Tn G-Sync Display. £1275 Using PROMO CODE at Dell
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Massive discount from DELL with a choice of options starting at £1198. My link is for the 1070GTX Laptop. All prices are reduced even more if you use PROMO CODE: AW12 until April 1… Read more

Got the r3. Yeh when they first came out there were loads of issues with the placement of the heatsink. They sorted it with the 7700k processors but you have a few that still get the problem. Anything up to about 75 you could class as normal depending on how long you've been using it for. Eventhough the gpu and cpu can handle 100°c it shouldn't go that high. Then after market pastes will always be better than any stock paste that is used by any brand. With the 1 year standard warranty it'll be worth itnjust to get them to come out and check it up. If you do have temp issues then its a call & fix or refund scenario and if its the refund then maybe by that time with the new gen proccessors coming out, the other brands should drop in price too. Check the alienware subreddit, its quite usefull. Aw


did you get the r3 or the r4? Thats my biggest worry is how are they going to cool the processors. I use a cooling pad already for my XPS and hate it which is why i want to upgrade.... Apparently they can hit temps up to 90 before they repaste or come out which must be uncomfortable.


Its quite good so far. Haven't done much other than play fortnite and civilization. I got a cheap cooling pad to use. I need to monitor my temps in game with and without the pad but haven't done it so far. It does heat up if i play civ 6 for like 4/5 hours + on max settings and with fortnite on max settings for a couple of hours straight but not burning hot, hits around 65. I need to set up a temp monitor so i can view the temps in game to get a better reading. The left side seems to heat up more than the rest and I'm not sure if thats to do with the fan being on that side. I might give them a call 6 months in and see if they can check it up. Might as well use the 1 year warranty before it expires. Hopefully it doesn't have heating issues like some others have stated and i don't have to calk them up for any serious issues.


how is it? theve given me a delivery date of 8th may!


Got it delivered today. It was dispatched on the 8th

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Various REFURBISHED Alienware desktops & Laptops 20% discount - Alienware Aurora R7 £1919
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Some good deals on Alienware today, with Dell's 20% discount. I just got the following for £1919 (notice 2x1080ti + 32GB RAM). Discount code DOALLGAME20. I know my example is… Read more
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That was a great deal for dual 1080Ti. Well done.


Hello, I didnt notice any new desktops added at 14:45. I'll keep an eye out at 19:45 and post back if I see anything juicy.


Which codes did you stack and how??? I was told codes can't be stacked, that's what I was looking to do with various available.


What were the stacks?


Got the alienware one last week after stacking a couple of different discounts which equated to 25% off

Alienware 24.5 Inch Full HD, TN, 240Hz, 1ms, AMD FreeSync, Display Port, USB 3.0, Widescreen LED Gaming Monitor - £299.99 @ Very
Found 25th MarFound 25th Mar
Use code: LXJYM at checkout to get the discounts for new accounts only! Not a fan of Alienware but this is as good as it gets. Full HD, 240hz, 1ms and 25”!

For gaming? If you're highly competitive then TV's aren't great for the response times and other factors, I also use a TV as a monitor and I just play games casually now so it's not an issue for me to spend that extra amount, but when a decent size with decent specs with the right price come along I'll jump on it.


Cool, at full price that's more than I paid for my monitor, looks decent.


fair enough, I didn't have the money or GPU for 1440p 144hz. I ordered this monitor a few days ago when I spotted it on here for £199. Refresh rate is important to me because I like faster paced games like Rocket League, I hope 1440p 144hz drops down in the next couple years though, I do love graphical games like Far Cry (excited)


Distance to monitor makes it easier to see farther away targets/details is what I meant. You can sit really close to a 24" monitor with high fov, there's a reason no cs pros or anyone uses higher than that screen size


No but I'm using a The AOC AGON AG241QX 1440p 144hz monitor. I don't think I could drop to 1080p for more refresh rate.

Dell Alienware AW958 Elite Gaming Mouse, £34.97 from Currys
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Also on pre-order from Amazon. Immerse yourself deeper in the game with in-game lighting effects with AlienFX technology - designed with optimised RGB-LED enabled AlienFX lightin… Read more

Get a Logitech mouse, good sensors and plenty of flexibility with button customisation


I think the Alienware laptops are fugly also


That mouse is U G L Y !!! its mum even shuns it


I do not! (shock)



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Alienware AW2518H 240Hz 1080p GSYNC Monitor - £390.83 @ Dell (+ optional 6% Quidco Cashback)
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
25" gaming monitor with 240Hz refresh rate and 1-ms response time. Featuring NVIDIA® G-Sync™ technology and custom AlienFX™ lighting. In addition, NVIDIA’s ULMB (Ultra Low Motion … Read more

HOW MUCH FOR A MONITOR!!! (horror) Sorry I forgot... use my internal voice.


Your suspicions are not unfounded...


It doesn't bother me haha I was only jesting, voted hot also


I actually don't see the point in paying extra for gsync when we're talking 1080p - surely anyone buying a monitor to play at 144 or 240 fps will have a decent graphics card to make sure you're hitting the 144/240fps mark, freesync/gsync at this high frame rate doesn't matter, does it?


I have a suspicion you don't like this monitor

Alienware AW2518H 240Hz 1080p GSYNC Monitor - £376 (First Credit Order Only) @ Very
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Price is £470 down from £550 unless you apply code LXJUL on your first Credit order. This should bring it down further to £376, but i'm unable to verify having used it before on … Read more

The bigger the screen the more area you have to look to see someone shooting at you. I use a large screen for work and a 24" at 144Hz for playing games.


240hz at 4k. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah mate.... not likely.


What GPU can eve run new games on ultra at over 100fps on 4k? I own plenty 1080ti for miners and test hard test em on new hardware i buy and i could never get past 80fps on superclocked 1080ti at 4k. No point having uber fast Hz if you cant achieve stable fps


Thanks for the clarity on that, wonderful thing about DigDug and Missile Command is I do not have to worry about the refresh!! Reason I asked, is surely ((other than the rate)) the game play would more enjoyable on a higher pixel, bigger size screen for less/equal £ for gamers ((putting aside the awful ping rates etc)) playing stuff? Having seen an abundance of these gaming spec monitors ((obviously not running superchunkmegaping speeds)) it would be clearer to see what you are doing on 4k / 5k / 8k as opposed to squishing it all into a squashed 1440p or less one!! (popcorn) That is interesting matt, so even though gamers want the best of the best, they are using a resolution that a 4k uhd can better by over 3 times? Would it not just jump to 240Hz and above for 4k / 5k ones this year & next, save having to play and squint as the screen is only 24" big ? Thanks for the info by the way.


1080p is finished . Don't waste money on it . Buy 4k now

Alienware 15  Intel® Core™ i7 gaming laptop  - £1529.99 at Very / John Lewis
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Both sites have the above for £1529.99. Possibe 10% off at Very for new accounts maybe? Normal price £1800 for 15, £1879 for 17. Both have identical specs on Very I7-7700 16Gb Ram… Read more
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Deal expired, now back at £1800. Would have to order direct from Dell, and can then spec it as you like for extra ram and 4k etc.


How much would this cost with 32gb ram and 4k screen and hdmi output


MSI Gaming laptop builds are awful (and Acers). Had a high spec £2k MSI 980m Skylake that was advertised as having “ future upgradable graphics” that they reneged on 6 mths after releases this model cos’ they didn’t do there research to find they couldn’t upgrade to 10 series. Was a main factor I (and others) bought that model. Forgave them and bought another £2k MSI Kabylake 1070 laptop that constantly overheated after less than 3 mins of gaming. Returned and got refund. Now got awesome ASUS ROG laptop that runs cool without issues.


Might have to do some more research on the 3xs or a pc specialist model. That Lenovo is a good spec for the price, only want a 15" model though.


And your point is ?

Alienware Alpha R2 at Dell for £679
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
Lets break the un written rule "never post a tech deal unless you want to get slatted" :-), A I7 windows system from a good company................. Personally like the Alienware … Read more

Your experience sounds very much similar to mine....


I've had multiple Alienware machines. All the 18inch laptops (they don't make them now) and 1 17inch, upgrading is a pain in the bum, so you need to buy top spec. When upgrading graphics you can buy from them and they fall in under your existing warranty. It's way easier that way. I buy dell for 1 reason. Their warranty, I must have burned out at least 15 graphics cards 580-880s, each time dell replaced them. Knowing full well it was hyper aggressive overclocking to blame, I went through 3 I7 x90 extreme CPU,'s again aggressive overclocking, I had fans and heat syncs replaced, multiple motherboards. I have photos somewhere of the ic7 Tim actually dried up into like powder on a i7 2940 CPU, I used to call it overcooking not clocking. In the end with the M18x R1 they gave me a 60% refund, on a 2 yr old laptop and 20% off my next one, because they didn't have the sli-680s in stock after 3 weeks waiting. The replace an m18 (no ex) shipped with the wrong graphics card, dell refunded £200 and send me a free goodie bag (dell printer, carrycase, wireless mouse and keyboard, cap) while I waited for an either a new placement an engineer to fit the right cards. If you ever need a company which is prone to mistakes, and kinda hard work, but will bribe you, discount you, and as long as your warranty is adhered too will keep fixing it. Then Dell is worth it. That said, anything less than a 980 or 1060 and your asking for problems with Dell.


I know thanks, you can never entirely trust that sort of thing


This is anything other than outdated. I had it from day it was launched. Also had the previous R1. It is small and compact, much powerful than most of the Nuc' s that sell for more. Regarding the GTX 960, it is better than GTX 1050 TI. It runs GTA5 IN UHD normal settings at 30 fps.


Pretty easy to find a pre-activated version if you know what to Google.

All Dell XPS and Alienware laptops 0% 12 months finance and additional £120 off code @ Dell
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
Saving code (SAVE120) expires 21st Jan. 0% 12 months finance (PayPal) expires 31st Jan! Hope this helps a few people. PayPal credit FAQ's:… Read more

It did; seems the problem is that I have only got cards set up in the Paypal account rather than a bank, so I have now had to add an account to set up DD. We used to have the bank attached until we found that about £800 had disappeared as a Paypal payment and so stopped it.


Should have given you the option to pay over 6 or 12 months before completing the order. Then you need to setup a direct debit with your bank for the relevant amount each month.


Heads up to anyone who bought a laptop after seeing this deal. There is now a 12% code that works on pretty much everything over £799. I bought the £1200 Inspiron (with GTX 1060) on Friday, and it got delivered Saturday. This morning, the code reduced the same laptop to £1055. I'm just off the phone with Dell Customer Care and they have offered me a £120 refund. It's only a 10% refund, however I insisted on 12% as the current offer advertises, otherwise I would return it. She wouldn't budge from 10%, so I went ahead with the return. Called her bluff all the way through to the end, but then bottled it and just took the 10%. Good luck guys. Phone number is 0800 587 1456.


I have owned the 9550 for 2 years when it first came out. and i tell you something best laptop i had. i even spilt red wine on the keyboard. took it apart cleaned it all myself with alcohol and it still works great amazing. Oh and im an achitect so run big programs on it


PS - did the Paypal credit, but it hasn't asked me how I am going to pay, so this will have to be sorted.

get 12% off all Alienware with code ESLUK or £100 above £999 (code:SAVE100UK), or Save £50 on select PCs above £699 (code:SAVE50UK) @ Dell
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
12% off all Alienware with code ESLUK Save £50 on select PCs above £699 ( code:SAVE50UK ) £100 above £999 ( code:SAVE100UK ) I saved over £333 from my Alienware bill of £2611. … Read more
Read More

Go for the Outlet with discount, I got my alienware. 6 months ago and have still to see anything with similar specs for the price I payed.


They have some unique models, the Alienware 13 R3 for instance with OLED display. Sure it's heavy, but the other computers with an OLED display that leap to mind are tablet things with 4GB of RAM (double it, double it again, then we'll talk) or a Thinkpad which doesn't include a GPU but costs a grand more than the Alienware.


Alienware are great computers but I think they're over priced. Anything to get some money off is great. Wish I had your budget for a laptop.

Dell Alienware 25 GSync and freesync 240 Hz Monitors from Dell UK
Found 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
25" gaming monitor with 240 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time. The more expensive version, at £400, has NVIDIA® G-Sync™ and custom AlienFX™ lighting. The Freesync version fo… Read more

out of curiosity: was it only on sale for 6 hours? ._.


Expired as mow risen to £350 and £500 respectively


Such crap service, the deal was meant to last the day, but around 10:30pm they changed the price mid-payment/checkout. I really don't feel like buying crap from dell when the RRP is £200 more than everyone else. Also really bad at handling contact emails


The problem is the Acer/Asus/AOC and Viewsonic 1440p Gsync IPS monitors all use the same dodgy panel from AU Optronics, unless you get lucky you'll have to send X amount before you finally get one you're happy with.


I’m thinking of getting the 1440p Acer but I’ll get it through amazon in case =/ either that or wait for LGs new monitor since I’ve had no bad experiences with their ips monitors currently using the 29 inch ultrawide which I bought because I was originally gonna go with a vega 64 until their prices became insane for less than gtx 1080 performance so thought what the hell and got a 1080ti xD

Manufacturer refurbished - Alienware Aurora R6 i7-7700K GTX 1080 Dell's 1Yr  Next Business Day Warranty , 5 % cashback from Quidco. £ 1399 with cashback!  £1449 @ laptek / Ebay
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
Alienware Aurora R6 Desktop Liquid Cool PC Intel® Core™ i7-7700K (Quad Core) 1 TB SATA3 512E Hard Drive (7200RPM)256GB PCIe M.2 Solid State Drive16GB (2X8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 UDIMM N… Read more
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Great price, heat added (y)


Not so sure about the price drop, nvidia will most likely keep upping the price of new cards because £1k just rolls off the tongue.


Six core CPUs (i7-8700) are available since last month, so it's not worth spending £1450 on this now. Also, the GTX 2000 series (with GDDR6 memory) will be available early 2018 so the price of the 1080 and 1080ti will go down very soon. Edit: It's cheaper (£1399) to buy this computer on dell website and with a better cpu, because of their offer. (-£100 code + £100 cashback)


If you were buying an alienware, a real man would buy an area 51, just saying....


totally agree mate, the opinion not the ignore you lol!

Alienware 13 gaming laptop (i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, GeForce GTX1060 8GB graphics, 13.3" OLED 2560x1440 screen) £1,627.12 (£1,527.12 after cashback)
Found 16th Nov 2017Found 16th Nov 2017
This is a very well reviewed compact gaming laptop with a 13.3 inch QHD (2560x1440) OLED anti-glare display. Other specs: - i7-7700HQ processor - 16GB RAM - 256GB M.2 SSD - GeForce… Read more

I think there are codes released regularly that discount the price down to 1450 or thereabouts. I don't know how their warranty work but when I bought my laptop from Currys/ ebay I had my warranty extended to 15 months.


Yeah would be stepping up to 15". Suppose depends on how important portability is for people!


You can get one, just not in a 13" form factor.


It'a an amazing little machine, and the OLED panel ruins all others laptop screens for you, once you see it. It's worth picking one up from the outlet, though. They pop up regularly for about £1200.


Must be gold plated too, right?

Alienware Aurora R6 - i5-7400, AMD Rx570 4GB, Windows 10 (64Bit) -£655 at Dell Outlet
Found 9th Nov 2017Found 9th Nov 2017
Seems like a good deal, just got one with a student discount as well, another 15% off bringing it to £550!

Thing is though it's not similar to a PC at all. The only simularity it has to a mid-range system is it has a GPU. However, Unlike the mid-range computer the XBOX has a potato for a CPU. Which is what lets the XBOX and the PS4 Pro down. Am not having ago at you. But even the steam machines are better than an Xbox One X. Sure the Xbox can play some games at native 4K mostly at 30FPS or lower. But for me personally I would rather pay the extra £100 for this system (student discount). I can then play the best version of 3rd party games at 1080p/1440p 60FPS and allow my TV to up scale to 4K. Enjoy the many PC exclusives. Play 20+ years worth of PC games if I wish to. Play older console emulated games. Play Microsoft first party games like Forza, Crackdown, Sea of Thieves. No Xbox live to pay for ect the list goes on. I have a PC,PS4 Pro and a Switch. Am not a PC elitist who refuses to play anything under 60FPS. However, I have the likes of Destiny 2 on both the PS4 Pro and PC. They did a very good graphically for the PS4 version. But it does not have a patch on the PC version mostly due to the PC version being 60FPS and the PS4 Pro and XBOX being 30FPS.


Is student discount availible on all dell and dell outlet products?


I used to say that, because historically they were, but I have been told by users of newer desktops and towers, that they use standard parts in them now; no more odd sized PSU's that can only be replaced by an over-priced Dell spare, or motherboards where all the makers ID have been removed, so you dont have a clue who made it or what spec it is. This seems decent for the money, even with a scratched case - which wouldnt bother me as long as the innards were OK. I picked up a Fridge Freezer a few years ago; it had a 4cm scratch on the right side panel - £150 off the £400 RRP as it was returned and classed as seconds.


Im soon getting my master degree in assology.. does that count lmao.. *randomly google images nicki manaj*


Hi Pinch, can you provide the email address where to email the student card? I cannot find it anywhere. Cheers

Alienware 17 - R4 17.3 inch FHD i7-7700HQ gtx1060 6gb £989.29 + 20% vat £1,187,15 @ Dell
Found 8th Nov 2017Found 8th Nov 2017
Dell outlet, stats its Scratch and Dent but pretty good deal, at check out it comes to £1,187.15 with 20% vat. Only one in stock. If you call or chat online to purchase they give … Read more

This deal doesn't exist anymore on the Dell website.


Sorry folks, will edit the vat in now to.


This price is excluding vat. It comes to above 1100. For a second hand laptop ill just wait till black Friday. Okay find.



Link isnt working? Found it, its actually £1,187.15 including VAT. I am tempted but showing 1 in stock and I'll give it a miss :) Thanks though.

Dell Alienware 17R4 17inch  i7-7700 (3.8) 8GB DDR4, 1060 6GB gaming laptop [Cert Refurb]
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
- Use the code DO1272 for 12% of the total cost - Use Quidco to claim 1% cashback potentially bringing the cost to £1141 (not great but it all counts) Reviews here: https://www.… Read more
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This deal is over.


Use the chat to buy, its easier


I brought the 17 r4 with uhd display 120hz, gtx1070, 16gb ram, 512ssd for 1507 pounds


Got one tgis morning as well but cancelling. Black Friday in 3 weeks.


E-mailed them but then gave them a ring not long after to get a response. The person on the phone didn't acknowledge any sort of problem with their systems and said that if the order hadn't appeared on my account within the next few hours just presume it hadn't gone through as she couldn't find it on her system. Woke up to a response to the e-mail today saying they acknowledged that there was some 'ordering errors on their system' and that these should be cleared up within 24-48 hours. Should've learnt my lesson really. When I ordered from Dell about 8 year ago they pushed my system back about 3 different times when I was waiting for it to do uni work on, wasn't ideal. THIS IS NOT A DRILL! As soon as I started writing this I got an order acknowledgement e-mail so god knows whats going on?!

ALIENWARE 15 15.6" Gaming Laptop  i7-6700HQ, 1060 6GB £899.97 @ Curry's eBAY
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Type: Gaming laptop Operating system: Windows 10 (64-bit) Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ Processor- Quad-core- 2.6 GHz / 3.5 GHz with Turbo Boost- 6 MB cache Memory: (RAM) 16… Read more
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that's bad. sorry to hear that


Mine went back due to a dead pixel and screen bleed. 😔


A bit of an advise. If you install dell supportassist app then you can check for newest drivers and full spec and also for the Dell warranty expiry date. My was some time in Jan 2018. I contacted dell warranty people and managed to get my dell warranty extended to Jan 2019. Worth a try...


Delivered. IPS screen, 1.5GB/s SSD, good battery life... I'm happy


Mine also shipped, paid the extra £3 for DHL so should arrive tomorrow:)

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