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Lenovo 75cm Short HDMI Cable High Speed HDMI 2.0 £1.49 @ 4kdeals / ebay
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Posted 19 h, 41 m agoPosted 19 h, 41 m ago
These are short cables, but come in handy! They are v 2.0 so pretty decent for the price and a good brand. Worth having a couple spare. I ended up buying 5, they are good quality … Read more

Has anyone seen a reasonable deal for HDMI 2.1?


Bought, thanks. Have some heat.


For anyone looking for more than one.. great deal i have just posted with 3 cables for £2.99 or 10 for £6.99


Wouldn't worry about future proofing for 8k with a £1.50 75cm HDMI cable


Wasn't a joke might as well start future proofing

Premium UltraHD HDMI Cable v2.0 High Speed 4K 2160p 3D Lead PS4 XBOX SKY 2metres - 99p delivered at kashwholesaleltd.1 ebay
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Found out an existing HDMI cable in my setup didn't support CEC, therefore decided to replace it. Can't believe you can get one delivered for less than a pound from the UK. Not eve… Read more

£73 off at the moment - why aren’t you posting this deal!?


£1.18 for 4 or more now.


Would these be any good for Apple TV 4k + High Quality HDMI cable that they themselves recomment?


That's not even 48Gbps rated. Jokers.


the only HDMI cable anyone should buy Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 HDMI to HDMI Cable

Full HD 3 Port HDMI Switch includes Remote control - £9.99 @ Sold by CSL-Computer and Fulfilled by Amazon. (+£4.49 Non-prime)
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
CSL -Full HD 3 Port HDMI Switch includes Remote control - with booster - HQ 3 Port Switch - 3 x IN 1 x OUT - Dolby True HD 3D Ready - intelligent Switch - automatic and manual swit… Read more
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I tried using the remote but after a few minutes it switches back again, I think there is ones out there that won't switch,I'll just have to do some homework on it!!


Yes - it will most probably switch to the Chromecast, the reason being that the Chromecast remains active, even when you are not using it, so the switcher 'see's it as being live and switches to it. I would guess that you could use the remote control to switch to what you want.


I had a different switcher before and when my Chromecast was plugged in it kept switchin from whatever else I was using back to the Chromecast,does anyone know if it will happen on this as well??


it says FULL HD and gives the resolutions what happens if a 4k input is going through them ? do they work or do the refuse to show it on screen ?


I've used various 3 to 1 or 5 to 1 from ebay over the years. Cost about £5-8. Don't really need to use the remote as things change over automatically. I suppose that's only needed if you have 2 devices on at the same time.

9000BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Control and Timer £203 @ CPC Farnell
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Posted 25th JunPosted 25th Jun
This is not an offer - its the regular price but I can't find any cheaper and in stock. Screwfix have listed an even cheaper one on clearance for £175 though seem to be out of sto… Read more



Ordered mine on 27th. Got an email this morning that product is no longer stocked and my order is cancelled. Website now also state the same.


I've got a B&Q one that's just yesterday started to play up. The 'waterwheel' inside at the rear has started to impact with part of its own internal case so when the conditioner kicks in it makes a loud grinding/banging noise. Taken it apart a bit and tried to use washers to try to reseat the motor attached to the wheel but when it heats up it starts impacting the case again. Thing is ruining my life rn.


How very honest of you i shall give you some heat....or maybe not... I think you have actually changed my mind and convinced me to get one now! My boyfriend calls it "time with Pam and her five friends!" ;) (y)


Got the Homee one for my air con. It does the job and no other viable alternative for regular frame opening windows I’m aware of. Seems to seal well. For what it is £20 seems a bit much, but it serves its purpose.

29" Tower Fan with Remote Control + 3 speed oscillation White / Black £21.54 @ CPC Farnell
Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
29 inch tower fan with remote control, in white or black for £21.54 including free delivery. Looks a good price including the remote as similar fans selling for £30+ elsewhere. Ple… Read more

In that case PayPal was a good shout. The ones I have are very quiet, no smell either, for £15 (non remote) they are ok, didn’t expect a lot from them. I have 2 air con units for when the real heat kicks in! Worth every penny.


The ones I had worked, just not very well and were far too noisy for their low output. The also stunk even when on for hours (sort of plasticy chemical smell)


If it’s faulty they are fine, bro-in law had a very noisy one, called them, was collected next day and refund has been made, can’t knock them to be fair.


I'm sure they are making it back somewhere else :) These fans cost me £7.55 to send back so glad you pointed it out, as CPC wouldn't have provided this service.


Happy to assist, I use PayPal reruns all the time. Sometimes I feel guilty as the item is £5 but return postage a lot more (as international).

Presonus Eris E5 active studio monitors 5.25" (set of 2) - £119 Delivered @ Bax
740° Expired
Posted 20th JunPosted 20th Jun
Update 1
Dispatch emails have been sent out - The link now goes to the SINGLE unit and not a pair at the same price - The deal is no longer able to be ordered.
Feels like a crazy price on a pair of these! Usually the're about this each. It states on their main store and on their Amazon listing that these total £119 all in. Can't complain … Read more

Now showing "Delivery within approx. 9 workdays", which would mean by end of next week. The suspense.


Nah, don't really care about none of that. Plus, what if you don't like how it sounds, or your unit is faulty? :p


Site now says Delivery within approx. 14 workdays. Looks good that new stock arrives soon


Yeah, the full amount came back onto my account eventually. Cheers!


Did they refund you the full amount and do they want the speaker back? They told me they should be receiving stock on week 28, so i'll update on anything if they email.

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PRO ELEC  PEL01201  -   12000 BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Control and Timer - £239.40 @ CPC Farnell
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Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Someone might find this helpful for the heat next week: A 12000 BTU air conditioner with cooling, fan and dehumidifying settings, with a 2 speed fan, that also incorporates timer … Read more

I spoke to CPC who said there was a problem with UPS. They could either offer a full refund or wait until UPS does an investigation to find out what happened. I've left it with them and should hear in a few days. I'm not feeling very confident of receiving it though 😞


Ditto: In Transit 26/06/2020 8:00 Watford, United Kingdom. I ordered mine on the 21st. It said out for delivery on the 26th, but then just went back to "in transit" the next day. I phoned UPS on Monday and they said the depot was exceptionally busy and they'd get it out by the end of the week. I called again yesterday and they told me there was a problem with the paperwork and CPC needed to authorise delivery. Spoke to CPC who were perplexed but said they were having no end of problems with UPS and would chase it up. Hoping it might turn up tomorrow. But realistically not really expecting it to! Does reassure me there might just be a problem with UPS Watford.


Looks interesting. Has anyone got one of these and can let me know what they are like?


Yes, Watford. It just says the following...In Transit. 25/06/2020 13:51 Watford, United Kingdom (mad). I ordered it on 20th.


I have the same issue with UPS and mine still hasn't arrived. UPS gave me some nonsense about being really busy and then some further nonsense about missing paperwork, I chased it yesterday with CPC and they are following up. Are you by any chance likely to be getting it via the Watford UPS depot?

KRK V4S4 Active Studio Monitor (single) - £169 Delivered @ Thomann
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
Not the lowest we've seen, it's up £3 on a few weeks ago, although definitely something that I feel should be shared, as the price vs anywhere else is excellent on the 4" model. Th… Read more

I used Bax to buy a Yamaha MG10XUF recently. They are based in Holland so delivery takes longer than stated. I did save £50 so not complaining.


Thomann are exemplary. If I can't patronise my local music tech store with a sale, I tend to check Thomann next. I really can't recommend KRK monitors. And as another poster has said, the woofer on this is a paltry size and once one goes below a 5" cone, it's rather more difficult to project a decent soundstage with any power or detail. And, eh yeah this is subjective but even so, I've never heard a KRK speaker that I've liked the sound of. Deal though, quite a decent chunk off. Would strongly recommend JBL, Adam, Focal, PMC instead (and there are tons more... really you should be going and demoing them).




I can recommend Thomann highly, have bought quite a few musical items off them over the years and never a problem.


Hey Ken, I like the KRKs and they are pretty much used by a lot of people but have you looked at the Adam Audio T7V, I’ve never listened but apparently decent

JBL T110 Universal In-Ear Headphones, Remote Control and Microphone, Black, "In Stock 20th June", £2.99 (+£4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 12th JunPosted 12th Jun
Yes they're JBL but RRP seems to be around £8, so set expectations accordingly. "In Stock June 20 " JBL official page: Shopping c… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Wasn't aware of the CPW link till earlier - maybe Amazon were price-matching (confused)


Got 2 pairs of the black ones delivered from CPW yesterday. Pretty decent and fine as a back up.


All gone for now :) The Carphone Warehouse link didn't come up on the Google Shopping comparison I did (though I searched for Black), but Google isn't foolproof :) Edit: Mind you, Carphone Warehouse comes up with White and Black. Odd, but I tried my best to find all the info I could!


But still £2.99 at the carphone warehouse and free delivery for all. no non-prime nonsense? :p!colour=white&dealType=sf


Added more info above, was away having dinner :D

Govee 2 x 5m LED Strip Lights - RGB Multicolour Light Strip Kit with remote & control box - £20.99 with code - Sold by Govee UK and FBA
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Posted 11th JunPosted 11th Jun
Govee 2 x 5m LED Strip Lights - RGB Multicolour Light Strip Kit with remote & control box for £20.99 delivered using code 6N8X7WBB. Maybe suitable if you are looking to bri… Read more

Really mixed reviews here. Does anyone have any recommendations for a dream colour strip light?


No i wouldnt myself, not something id mess with sorry


Any suggestions on how? There’s many different videos that appear to contradict. You have any experience?


Well its electrics so you defo can, just depends on your skills etc


Someone might have a better solution, but move the IR sensor for the LEDs away from the TV's sensor, or behind the TV. Then just use the remote close up to the sensor

API 312 50th Anniversary Edition £899 @ KMR audio
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
API's Classic 312 Microphone Preamp in a 500 Series moduleReproduction of the Original 312 PCB DesignMic Preamp with 65 dB of gainProprietary AP2516 Input Transformer20 dB pad swit… Read more

Does it pick up radiation? Can it ride a bike?


"Only 150 modules are being made and each module will have an individual serial number ranging between 1 to 150." Nice to know the manufacturers have some advanced mathematicians on their staff.


Don't be overzealous Marty


Does it go to 11?


Ahaaaa, I'll attach the flux capacitor

Betron W58 Noise Isolating in-ear Headphones with Microphone and Remote Control - £5.50 With Code @ Betron Store
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Betron noise isolating earphones with mic deliver great, rich, clear audio thanks to 7mm dynamic drivers. The mic lets you take/make calls, play/pause music and cycle through track… Read more

My earbuds never last long. Always one ear piece that never works after a few months. I'm careful a d look after them, but still get problems.


The name is a bit misleading. It's just a two man band. Business seller information Betron Ltd. 151 Stoke Newington Road LONDON London N16 8BP United Kingdom


A lot of the Samsung AKG headsets on ebay are fakes. I agree that it doesn't seem worth it though.


Be a bit careful with a bay I bought a different product everything checked out ok but sellers account had been hacked.product was still on e bay 24 hours later although they were aware of the problem.I did get my money back


surely the fakes are mostly higher end electronics - who'd make a fake of a pair that cost about a fiver anyway? Genuine Question!

CMJ RC Cars™ Audi R8 GT Officially Licensed Remote Control Car 1:24 Scale Black / Red £7.98 (+£4.49 non-prime)@ Amazon
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Black in stock Red in stock Officially Licensed 1:24 Scale Replica Models with Stunning Detail 1:24 Scale replica models, officially licensed. (Audi R8 GT approx 5.4 x 8.7 x 18.… Read more
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I got two of these and used them both at the same time with no issues.


Thank you


Struggling to post the correct url This: And This:


Do you have the link please


Also from Argos 2 for £15. The 2.4Ghz gives better range. Solid build and I highly recommend it. If you’ll order from Argos you may mix with the white range rover which is same specs.

TaoTronics TV Sound Bar Wired & Bluetooth - Touch / Remote Control - £31.99 Using Code Sold by: Sunvalleytek-UK
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Back on offer at a really reasonable price. The lowest we've seen this as it £1 less, so might be worth grabbing one if you missed it previously. You'll need to use code XZMZACBX … Read more

Thank you. Absolutely brilliant. Paid £24.00 after voucher and some Amazon gift card credit that was lingering in my account.


Reviews say it has an annoying autosleep feature, and long come back alive time. Anybody owns this? How is the autosleep works and what is the interval pls?


Heat +++ Very good price, well spotted OP thanks


Decent for a child's bedroom I suppose under a small TV. Couldn't imagine anyone sticking this in their living room.


Any real world experience in relation to sound quality?

LG 55SM8500PLA 55 Inch UHD 4k LED TV Black with Freeview + Free Vivanco HDMI Cable - £499 Delivered @ RGB Direct
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Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Thanks to @apur32 for his find the other day (now expired) this is slightly cheaper and an brilliant piece for this particular set. The Best LED TV from LG - NanoCell TV is LGs … Read more

Sorry buddy, £35 for postage is ridiculous


Oh well, thanks anyway (y)


You can't, didn't spot that, good shout, expired


How do you get free delivery? Is it dependent on your postcode? Says £34.95 postage for me (Leicester) ;(



Panasonic TX-55GZ950B (2019) OLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV + Vivanco PRO14 HDMI Cable High Speed - £999 delivered using code @ RGB Direct
894° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Panasonic’s GZ950 OLED TV is compatible with multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, for cinematic visuals as the original director intended, powered by the HCX PRO Intellige… Read more

Anyone gaming on this, what is it like?


Thanks for the postcode. It does not work unfortunately as JL will check that it was ordered to the same postcode as on the price match (which it would not be). And would still factor in a £75 charge to deliver to me in Scotland. Very annoying and likely a deal breaker for me sadly.


Thanks a lot just ordered. Both the emails for the order and voucher came through together. Happy days! (highfive) Also its not on RGB anymore if anyone needs to know, it says 'Discontinued Call us'.


When you order the TV you pay the full price. You should receive the voucher confirmation email at the same time as ordering by joining my John Lewis if not already a member. You then have to claim it between the 14 to 31st July. In the mean time once you've recieved the tv and are happy you then reply to the price match email you received to get refunded the difference between the price match and John Lewis price. Hope this helps


Let me know what they say as in a similar position. It does still says it's included in the full terms.

Sound Blaster X Katana £199.99 @ Creative
229° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
First Post, please be nice :) Amazing Piece of kit, good deal. Mine sounds amazing on my PC. I may not be an audiophile but for the price its a good deal. Fits underneath my two… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Bought - lads birthday prezzie sorted :)


I've owned this for over a year now. Really nice piece of kit. 5 star product!


I have the 2.1 PC Speaker version of this and it's amazing, lighting looks really good and the sound quality is great, pretty tempted by this!


Yeah youre right, you can simply turn them off completely. This is what it looks like with them off:


I think in most cases, with the press of a button, the RGB lights can go off. I'm not an expert, so maybe I am wrong. They do look cool though.

Refurbished Apple TV 4K 32GB Grade B for £109 delivered inc HDMI cable at BT Shop
1025° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Back in stock, currently showing 50+ available. Refurbished (probable customer returns) with six month warranty. Ensure you select the bundle deal further down the page to get the… Read more

not really. they would have bought the ATV with the intention of keeping it so registered the code when they set it all up. nothing nefarious in that at all. Then later decided it wasnt for them for whatever reason and exercised their right to return it. thats the downfall of buying a refurbished unit of anything. its technically second hand. so any codes or gifts with it could be used. just like buying a game or bluray that comes with digital codes.. Apple arent really obliged to give out new codes as it isnt a new item. ultimately thats why the item is discounted. to compensate for used codes or missing accessories. its worth a shot to blag customer services for a new code but people shouldnt be disappointed if theyre refused.


It's nice that some people have managed to get the subscription but it's a bit /r/choosingbeggars to be disappointed or annoyed that you can't get a perk that's intended to help sell brand new devices.


Yes that’s exactly what happened. However the manager has contacted me again a few hours later. She said they had looked into it and as BT shop is an authorised Apple reseller I am eligible for the 12 month trial and provided me with the code for this :) (y) 🏽 faith restored If anyone does have to contact them it is vital you mention it was purchased from an authorised Apple reseller as they don’t know what BT shop is due to their customer service teams being based in USA.


Maybe the person who bought your ATV registered it before returning it. Quite a sneaky way to get a free year ATV+. Criminal mastermind.


Thanks. Didn’t work. Was on chat to them for over hour and a half, getting passed around 5/6 agents. They said it can’t be claimed as previous owner has already claimed for this device. Got speaking to a manager who said at least you can have the 7 day trial and ended the chat. Bloody clowns.

GloBrite Colour-Changing LED Moon Lamp with Remote Control £10 + £1.99 Delivery at Groupon
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
This is the 10cm model with Remote Control and 16 colours. Also available is the Touch Control model for £10.98 but you can get that on Amazon for £9.99 delivered. Video is the To… Read more

A rarely seen offer........once in a.........


Thank you. Good to hear its working well. (y)


My little girl uses the touch one as a night light. Really nice lighting. Might get the coloured one for my son. Good find op.

CMJ RC Cars™ Audi R8 GT Officially Licensed Remote Control Car BLACK £7.98 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
225° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Back in stock. In stock at time of posting. Black only available. Officially Licensed 1:24 Scale Replica Models with Stunning Detail 1:24 Scale replica models, officially licensed… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

For anyone that wants to know, I got two of these from argos and ran them both at the same time without interference.


Still faster than my ass


There's one in Argos for a tenner, if you're willing to pay £2 extra.


I think OOS at this price - can't add it to my basket. Good find though, cheers.


Is saw it on the Porsche one, it said 60 mins. I'm assuming is that all you'd get on 5 aa batteries?

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