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Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200ml - £12.89 at Amazon Prime / £17.38 Non Prime
Updated 1st JulLast updated 1st Jul by SmokeyNegroni
Good deal on Amazon!

Heat for post OP and thanks also for the Liz Earle option AND for not buying the S*N! lol :D


Thanks for posting (y)


It's my pleasure. Please let me know how you get on with it, if you try it. It'll be good to know if it's a success. (y)


Ordered, thanks (y)


Absolutely no need to apologise lovely :) I appreciate your recommendation. I have a ton of points on my Advantage card so I might try that as a freebie! Thank you :3

1/3 Off Selected Bio-Oil Products Online & Instore @ Superdrug
Updated 1st JunLast updated 1st Jun by Jase79
Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel is a revolutionary oil-based formula from the makers of the world’s best-selling scar and stretch mark oil, Bio-Oil Skincare Oil. Our breakthrough new Dry Sk… Read more

Wait a min!! Let me call the grammar police!!! I’ve caught one.


A long ≠ along


Well done for the observation! You sir will go along way in life!! (y)


Same price they have been on amazon for the last 2 months and 5p cheaper than Boots so not much of a hot deal

Amazon - Bio Oil® Specialist Skincare Oil 125ml £9.49 (Prime) / £13.98 (non Prime)
Updated 22nd MayLast updated 22nd May by optimus_prime2
Limited time Amazon offer £9.49 (£7.59 per 100ml) - 125ml. Small savings!
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optimus_prime2 one buyer wrote a review about the amazon bought bio oil. I have used bio oil for years now for many different purposes... However this bottle ordered does not have the same scent as other store bought Bio-Oil which makes me think it is not the actual product they are selling or diluting it of some sort. I compared it to one bought in store then from this specific seller and each person has clarified it is not the same and that something is off with it. what do you think guys? anyone recently bought from the seller


Greatly appreciated. Thanks @Add_to_Basket (highfive)


Sure. Here you go


Hi @Add_to_Basket, do you have a web link for the 200ml bottle?


If you get a counterfeit one then yes.

Bio Oil 200ml £5 Instore @ tesco
Updated 25th JanLast updated 25th Jan by KoDcLocalLocal
Bio Oil 200ml Reduced from £20 to £5, instore @ Alfreton branch.
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great price if u found one


Is it true this also helps with wrinkles?


Anyone else found??


My appendix exploded last December and I was left with 3 noticeable scars on my abdomen from all the operations. I used bio oil on 2 of the scars and deliberately avoided one of the scars to see what effect it would have. I can honestly say this stuff works and the 2 scars that had bio oil applied a few times a week are noticeably less visible than the scar without bio oil. Stock up and remember to keep applying (y)


My daughter uses it on a scar on her neck, it keeps the skin nice and supple, i don't know if it will reduce your stretchmarks but it does improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Free Bio Oil 60ml for new Topcashback customers (£8.99 at Superdrug)
Updated 11th Dec 2018Last updated 11th Dec 2018 by adamnsu
Free Bio Oil 60ml for new Topcashback customers (£8.99 at Superdrug)
There are so many fab benefits to this miracle Bio Oil and you can get it free! New customers to Topcashback can sign up and get this great deal from Superdrug and Topcashback will… Read more

Trying to oil in new customers to then decline them their genuine cashback


yes I know but could I buy something else instaead baby related.


You get the delivery refunded


will it work for free click and collect. I rather buy something else for £3 than pay delivery.


Heat so non-members can enjoy the new deal!

Muc-Off 50% off everything on site BLACKFRIDAY, free delivery £25 spend (bike cleaning products, lube and Sealant 1L £15
Updated 20th Nov 2018Last updated 20th Nov 2018 by stuartw
Muc-Off 50% off everything on site BLACKFRIDAY, free delivery £25 spend (bike cleaning products, lube and Sealant 1L £15
all mucoff gear half price until wednesday 9am, excludes already discounted packs

Getting his bike ready for winter, like Sean Connery in Thunderball :)


A medic perhaps?


It is what it is! (y)


Great word usage johnnyS “Coagulation” :{ (highfive)


Tubeless on bikes is brill, with the caveat it can be a faff to set up. The advantage being that faff in your garage is better than faff at the road/trailside changing a flat. I've not tried muc-offs sealant but most other brands are ok, it's pretty much liquid latex with some fibres into to help coagulation.

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Bio Oil 200ml £6.40 instore at Tesco (found Cleckheaton)
Updated 10th Nov 2018Last updated 10th Nov 2018 by ellie_shiresLocalLocal
Bio Oil 200ml £6.40 instore at Tesco (found Cleckheaton)
Reduced to clear in Tesco in Cleckheaton usually £20.00 not sure if it’s all stores.
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There was quite a few left at least 5+


How Many Did They Have Roughly? :-)


Welcome heat added(y)


a very warm welcome to hukd newbie.thanks very much for taking the time to share your deal.heat added :)

Bio Oil 125ml Superdrug £7.49
Updated 30th Sep 2018Last updated 30th Sep 2018 by DazLFC
Bio Oil 125ml Superdrug £7.49
Superdrug are selling bio oil 125ml for £7.49.

Does this work on wrinkles too?


I've found it fantastic for reducing/soothing scar tissue post op. Great deal for me, thanks.


It really doesn’t do anything


200ml is normal around £10 when on offer, makes it a cheaper buy


Its a small bottle not the 200ml

Bio Oil 200ml at Lloyds £7.99 with code - Free click and collect
Updated 14th Jul 2018Last updated 14th Jul 2018 by Foxeh
Bio Oil 200ml at Lloyds £7.99 with code - Free click and collect
£7.99£13.3340%Lloyds Pharmacy Deals
Bio Oil 200ml half price at Lloyd’s Pharmacy at £9.99, but add code SHOP20 and its down to £7.99. Free click and collect

Expired and code doesn’t work.


The £9.99 for 200ml deal works but the shop20 for £7.99 doesn't. My nurse has just recommended this to reduce the appearance of a newly healed hip surgery scar. She said she uses it herself for wrinkle reduction.


I thought it was a total con myself TBH untill I actually tried using it for a month instead of a one off . When I did I'm not sure about the scar reduction but it does keep my skin feeling really smooth. Re Palmers , I use that too and in combo with Biooil it's great . Also depends on skin type as well how well it reacts , I have dry skin so the bio oil helps as supposed to cream. Ordered and thanks OP :}


Always see people going mental over this Bio Oil.... What does it do? Does it make you swing one way or the other?


Worked for me- thanks

Bio oil 200ml at just £10.73 (Prime) / £15.22 (non Prime) at Amazon
Updated 2nd Jul 2018Last updated 2nd Jul 2018 by dealchaser888
Bio oil 200ml at just £10.73 (Prime) / £15.22 (non Prime) at Amazon
get 200 ml Bio Specialist Skincare oil at 10.73 GBP. Grab the offer. good luck (y)

thanks a lot, it is alarming. Worse as we never know if such is safe to use at all.


It was over a year ago and I honestly don't remember. Also, sometimes you don't even notice because its on the same product page. I bought it from Amazon a few times before that and it was ok. Then one time I noticed a bottle had a slightly different smell but ignored it - I though maybe they change the formula or something. Next bottle the smell again wasn't like Bio oil I had before and color was different too - I think it was baby oil repackaged as Bio oil. It looked legit, box and all, but wasn't the real thing.


hi, sorry to hear that I used to buy them with Lloyds Pharmacy, not sure if they are counterfeit or not. do you mean you bought with amazon UK (Itself ) still get counterfeit ones? thanks


Tread carefully with these on Amazon and Ebay as there are a lot of counterfeit ones out there (happened to me twice, once on Amazon once on eBay). Personally I'd get it from a reputable source like Boots or Superdrug who do 33% off at times (so for 13.33). Yes it's more but you know you're buying the real thing.



Bio-Oil 200ml £11.98 (Prime) / £15.97 (non Prime) at Amazon
Updated 8th May 2018Last updated 8th May 2018 by Shinoke
Bio-Oil 200ml £11.98 (Prime) / £15.97 (non Prime) at Amazon
£11.98£19.9540%Amazon Deals
Helps improve the appearance of new and old scars Helps prevent formation of stretch marks during pregnancy and help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks Helps improv… Read more
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Terrible product. Palmers skin therapy is much better - more natural - and cheaper I believe. This stuff is nasty (I've used both).


Snake oil


I personally don't trust Amazon with skincare products anymore. Check the one star reviews reporting potentially fake: If the product was real at this price then happy days, but sometime you need think if nowhere else is selling at such a large discounted price and some reviews reporting the packaging/product is different then to me it triggers some alarms. But to be fair there are alot of positive feedback too so potentially diluted/mixed product or maybe just some bad batches. I don't know, but if you don't mind the risk then fair enough.


this is often on offer for around £10 in Savers & Lloyds Chemists.


Because basically it is just vitamin E in a light oil suspension. Anything with a high Vit E formula will so the same job; I use a High Vit E petroleum jelly on my baby daughters skin - sadly no longer seems to be available; but it was 10 times as much usable product as this, for a 10th of the cost. Still, she is 5 now, and I still have a quarter of the tub left, so it should last another couple of years.

Bio-Oil 200ml £12.95 @all beauty + £1.95 delivery (free over £20)
Updated 8th May 2018Last updated 8th May 2018 by amzzzzyyyy
Bio-Oil 200ml £12.95 @all beauty + £1.95 delivery (free over £20)
£12.95£19.9535%All Beauty Deals
Bio-Oil, 200ml Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Its unique formulation, which conta… Read more
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Is this safe to use on eczema skin children:/


£11.93 @ Amazon


Good value for this - Mrs Hutch swore by this during both pregnancies and has barely any stretch marks at all. Good for scars as well, if I remember correctly! Heat :)

Bio Oil 200ml £9.99 Prime / £13.98 Non Prime @ Amazon
Updated 7th Mar 2018Last updated 7th Mar 2018 by Mr_xx
Bio Oil 200ml £9.99 Prime / £13.98 Non Prime @ Amazon
Great price.

Exact same price as Lloyd's Pharmacy. I recommend Rosehip oil instead of this though as the bio oil is just essential oils mixed with vitamin A & E. :{


Well, all Ii can say is ours was genuine.


Majority of the sellers on ebay are selling fake bio oil. Looks and smells like the real thing


You can Get this at Primark for £7.99


Much better buying this in bulk. My missus is pregnant and we got 3 x 200ml for about £23 off ebay.

200ml Bio Oil for only £7.99 with code save20, free click and collect available at Lloyds Pharmacy
Updated 28th Feb 2018Last updated 28th Feb 2018 by needmoresleep
200ml Bio Oil for only £7.99 with code save20, free click and collect available at Lloyds Pharmacy
Best price I've seen for this size of bottle. Great for stretch marks and scars
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Aw I'm really sorry


Tried with 3 browsers, same message. tried to call their CS, was on hold for over 15 minutes being told my call was important and 'someone will be with you in a moment' and give up. They appear not to care too much about customer service. . .


Maybe try with another device or give customer services a ring.


Just tried again, and again the same error. I'm paying with a debt card, but i can't see the way you pay should make any difference...


Strange I've just tried to see if it happens with me also but it seems to work fine. I used PayPal as checkout option.

Bio Oil 200ml half price - £9.99 (possible £7.99 with code and 5% quidco) free C+C @ Lloyds Pharmacy
Updated 22nd Dec 2017Last updated 22nd Dec 2017 by ThriftyLady101
Bio Oil 200ml half price - £9.99 (possible £7.99 with code and 5% quidco) free C+C @ Lloyds Pharmacy
SHOP20 Promo code and 5% quidco. Absolute steal!!! Click and collect from your local pharmacy. Going to stock up. Amazing stuff, operation scars gone, no stretch marks through preg… Read more
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7:40 for 125ml now


This is fab stuff I ordered when first posted 2 weeks ago though & am still chasing - ordered with them before though with no problems so hopefully a one off


Thanks for posting, also 6% with Topcashback


Bio Oil £7.99 for 200ml Lloyd's Half price or £7.40 for 125ml instore @ Primark
Updated 21st Dec 2017Last updated 21st Dec 2017 by ThriftyLady101
Better deal found SHOP20 code and 5% quidco at Lloyd's, click and collect free. £7.99 for 200ml!!!! Next best deal 200ml £9.99 free delivery on Amazon if you have prime. The… Read more
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You are looking at a gormless one right here. Lol


If you cancel right away you still get the rest of your free trial. You'd have to be pretty gormless to forget. Also, you can pre-order an item to take the basket cost above £20 for free delivery (unless they've changed that, I know it still works for add-on items).


Its on an expired post 28days ago I'd already found it and amended this one so people didn't vote cold. Should have checked. It's on a post 28 days ago but still worked. I am new to posting deals must check in future. Still keeping the Primark one I bought yesterday mind. Thanks tho.


Wow thanks for the credit for telling you about the discount code to get it from £10 to £7.99


Agree much better deal. I will expire this. Use SHOP20 to get it for £ 7.99 plus 5% quidco.

Bio Oil 200ml £7.99 @ Lloyd's Pharmacy Using Code
Updated 17th Dec 2017Last updated 17th Dec 2017 by ThriftyLady101
Bio Oil 200ml £7.99 @ Lloyd's Pharmacy Using Code
Bio Oil 200ml £7.99 @ Lloyd's Pharmacy. It's on offer for £9.99 but use the code SHOP20 to get 20% off and get it for £7.99 Free click and collect.
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Minimum spend for free delivery



I couldn’t even get it to work with a basket over £35 it kept adding when going to payment so I gave up & did click and collect


tried the free delivery it's coming up you have to spend 35 to get it unless i'm doing it wrong?


they have free delivery on everything today only.

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml £9.99 at Amazon (or £9.49 S&S) scar Stretch marks etc
Updated 29th Oct 2017Last updated 29th Oct 2017 by jayman1986
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml £9.99 at Amazon (or £9.49 S&S) scar Stretch marks etc
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil -200 ml £20 in Tesco last night so a bargain at half price

The wife informs me that this price is great


The wife informs me there's a seller doing 200ml for £9.99, and free del. Also on eBay.


Missed it, now gone up in price.


Just googled it, and the wife seemingly failed to inform me that it’s £7.40, for 125ml...


The wife informs me this is £7 something in Primark.

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml £9.99 prime / £13.98 non prime @ Amazon
Updated 29th Oct 2017Last updated 29th Oct 2017 by Norton28
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml £9.99 prime / £13.98 non prime @ Amazon
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml is now available at its lowest price so far.

Been this price at my local chemist for years...heat added tho as pricey in some places!


Drop a selfie! And age please lol


ordered (highfive) I bathe in this stuff!


Get 5% off for subscribe and save. You can cancel the subscription after the first purchase


Same in Lloyds pharmacy

Bio Oil (200ml) at Tesco for £13.34 (usually £20)
Updated 2nd Oct 2017Last updated 2nd Oct 2017 by sam_of_london
Bio Oil (200ml) at Tesco for £13.34 (usually £20)
Quite a pricey product in general but I know us pregnant ladies swear by it to stop those stretch marks!
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I saw bio oil in 3 for 2 offers in Boots


Thank you




For 200ml?


How many mls please?

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