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Bio oil 125ml - £7.48 instore @ Asda - Park Royal
Posted 2nd Sep 2017Posted 2nd Sep 2017LocalLocal
Bio oil 125ml - £7.48 instore @ Asda - Park Royal
Bio Oil in my local Asda (Park Royal)

Could anyone of this furum testify any single positive effect of this 'bio oil' apart from you become lighter on your walett?

Bio Oil 2x200ml £19.18 at Costco from 4th Sept
Posted 31st Aug 2017Posted 31st Aug 2017LocalLocal
Bio Oil 2x200ml £19.18 at Costco from 4th Sept
Pretty good price if you use this. Single pack available at Lloyds Pharmacy for similar price at time of posting if you're not a Costco member.

Don't most people on this site call this stuff snake oil? And available in the poundshop? Real deal or snake oil? FIGHT!!!


This stuff honestly doesn't work

Bio oil - half price - £9.99 (free C+C) @ Lloyd's Pharmacy
Posted 25th Aug 2017Posted 25th Aug 2017
Bio oil - half price - £9.99 (free C+C) @ Lloyd's Pharmacy
Lloyd's pharmacy have the half price bio oil promotion on again available in 3 sizes (the 200ml is best value at £9.99) with free c&c from your local store.The voucher code SHO… Read more

The UK version has a different fragrance (much nicer) and slight different orange colour. Texture of the product and usage is the same. From manufacturer Bio-Oil is distributed under licence from Union Swiss, the brand owners based in South Africa and it has come to our attention that Bio-Oil which is intended for sale in South Africa only has been resold in The United Kingdom through retailers and online businesses not authorised by Union Swiss to resell the product. The only retailers and online businesses that are authorised to resell Bio-Oil in the UK are businesses that have purchased the product directly from ourselves, Keyline Brands Ltd. We are the authorised exclusive distribution partner for the UK for Union Swiss. The South African Bio-Oil stock that has recently been sold by unauthorised retailers & online websites in the UK is not legally traded within the UK market. This is due to the lack of traceability and control we have when not sold via ourselves. Our distribution agreement with Union Swiss ensures that the integrity of the total supply chain is maintained from a product quality, storage, transport and traceability perspective, all of which are governed by the EU and UK cosmetic directives. Whilst products that originate from our South African manufacturing facility are of a medicinal grade quality it cannot be guaranteed that Bio-Oil sold outside of the authorised distribution channels will be stored correctly or not tampered with. It is for this reason that Bio-Oil is only legally distributed through ourselves. An easy way to check the integrity of UK and Ireland product is on the outer packaging where it will state ‘distributed under license from Union-Swiss by Keyline Brands Ltd.’ Without this it is feasible that the product could not have been transported or stored correctly and possibly it may have been tampered with. Therefore please only buy product from the UK with this distribution reference on it to ensure guaranteed quality.


Hi, is UK version much better? Thanks I just ordered and now collect. The box shows South African stock. I browse the Lloyds shop and all others on shelves the same from South African. Anyway where could one get stocks from uk?


Lloyds had other offers too


They also sell in china so their products are tested on animals


I'd get Palmer's skin therapy oil over this, or a more natural product. This is just cheap liquid parrafin with a small amount of oils added and plenty of additives.

£1 off Bio-Oil 60ml at Superdrug
Posted 2nd Aug 2017Posted 2nd Aug 2017
£1 off Bio-Oil 60ml at Superdrug
VE1Get code & visit siteGet code & visit siteGet code & visit site
Specifically says 60ml, so probably won't work on other sizes.
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I prefer snake oil

Half price bio oil at Lloyds Pharmacy for £9.95 (free C&C)
Posted 7th Jul 2017Posted 7th Jul 2017
Half price bio oil at Lloyds Pharmacy for £9.95 (free C&C)
Online and instore with Lloyds pharmacy. 200ml for £9.95. Deal ends tomorrow 08/07/17. First time posting so hope I've done it right!

Brilliant, thank you. Don't forget 4.8%quidco and either 20% off any price SHOPAGAIN20(thanks to Hannalydon for posting) or £5 off if spend over £20, ONLINE20:)


Same price in my local chemist


What are they used for?


Life saver, partner has been moaning at me for a while to get this but it's so expensive :P

1/3 off Bio Oil at Boots
Posted 2nd Jul 2017Posted 2nd Jul 2017
1/3 off Bio Oil at Boots
Save 1/3 off Bio-Oil at Boots. Online and instore. Seems a good deal since you rarely see this stuff discounted.
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Is this stuff any better than good old fashioned baby oil? Some folks I know say it's the business.


This is also discounted in Superdrug frequently


This is discounted every couple of months or so in Boots.

Bio Oil 200ml at Lloyds Pharmacy - £7.99 C&C with code
Posted 22nd May 2017Posted 22nd May 2017
Bio Oil 200ml at Lloyds Pharmacy - £7.99 C&C with code
Bio Oil 200 ml at Lloyds Pharmacy With code shopagain20 you will pay £7.99 instead of £9.99 Free C&C
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Bio Oil £3.59 60ml/ £7.99 200 ml with code SHOPAGAIN20. Lloyds Pharmacy. Free click and collect + Quidco 6%
Posted 23rd Mar 2017Posted 23rd Mar 2017
Bio Oil £3.59 60ml/ £7.99 200 ml with code SHOPAGAIN20. Lloyds Pharmacy. Free click and collect + Quidco 6%
All sizes at half price. Further 20% off with SHOPAGAIN20. 6% cashback Quidco Free click and collect or delivery 3.95. Well worth it for click and collect or a bulk stock up … Read more
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THANKS10 for 10% off £35 spend.


just ordered for £9.99 delivered to store and very happy with that price for 200ml!


Could be because I posted this over 3 weeks ago so the code may have expired.


why doesn't the discount code SHOPAGAIN20. work?


125ml with discount is cheap though better value to pay £9.99 in store for the 200ml. I grudge not getting the online discount when I know it's in stock locally. Thems the breaks. :)

Bio Oil £12.25 prime / £16.24 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 21st Mar 2017Posted 21st Mar 2017
Bio Oil £12.25 prime / £16.24 non prime @ Amazon
Helps improve the appearance of new and old scars Helps prevent formation of stretch marks during pregnancy and help improve the appearance of existing stretch marks Helps improve … Read more

notice how on their TV advert they never show the scars or stretch marks ?


This doesn't help with stretch marks in pregnancy at all.


During my wife's pregnancy my stretch marks got considerably worse.

Bio Oil 200ml half price at Superdrug £9.99 w/free delivery
Posted 3rd Mar 2017Posted 3rd Mar 2017
Currently half price at Superdrug. Available online with free delivery for beauty card holders. Buy two and receive free Versace Bright Crystal Deluxe Miniature 5ml. Bio-Oil has… Read more

This was 8.99 yesterday with 10% off for members only! Just purchased one! :)


Brilliant stuff, helped massively with a scar on my foot when I severed a muscle (just another diy statistic). Also saw it help with my sisters scar after having a bunion sorted

Bio Oil 125ml £3.75 @ Tesco Dundee
Posted 21st Jan 2017Posted 21st Jan 2017LocalLocal
Bio Oil 125ml £3.75 @ Tesco Dundee
Picked this up in Tesco (Kingsway Dundee) this afternoon with the wife. Was marked reduced at around £9. We scanned using handheld scanner and it went through for £3.75! Usually re… Read more
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You stay classy Kareem!


Doesn't this usually get called snake oil on here? I know £ land do their own version Only 40ml No clue if any of this stuff works but I tried the £land one and just felt like rubbing cooking or tanning oil in. Admittedly don't have stretch marks or used frequently as just felt greasy. Might work well as lube though!


Amazing price if you can get it. I would recommend anyone to buy this if pregnant or to buy it for any pregnant friends!

Bio oil 200ml @ Lloyds Pharmacy £9.99 web exclusive offer (possibly in store) (free C&C)
Posted 28th Oct 2016Posted 28th Oct 2016
Bio oil 200ml @ Lloyds Pharmacy £9.99 web exclusive offer (possibly in store) (free C&C)
Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare treatment designed to treat stretch marks, scars, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin, through regular use. Best £ per ml price I can fin… Read more

Only a tiny bit goes so far- small bottle lasted over 6 mths here.


Good find op, just bought for my tummy tuck that I had done yesterday, won't use it for four weeks, but I've heard it's very good for scars, bargain for 200 ml


The last time I bought it on line it was on offer in the store also, but I don't go past there regularly to check. Thanks for pointing that out though.


This is basically a glorified and heavily marketed moisturiser. Cheap price for this product but there's not really anything unique about it and no reason to believe it can significantly affect scars, marks etc. People seem to forget that time is one of the biggest healers. :)


I bought 1 instore this morning for that price. So maybe not web exclusive?

bio oil £7 Superdrug
Posted 2nd Oct 2016Posted 2nd Oct 2016
bio oil £7 Superdrug
£7 Superdrug, also online as a starbuy! 125ml bottle. - louiselouise £6.30 with an NUS Extra card in store :) - DreamerV
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If you're willing to spend £6 on this. At least look into a 100% cold pressed oils... In fact basic sweet almond oil will work better and cost less and like someone rightly said before, the movement is actually what's important


There's a ton of methods for dealing with scars (acne in my case). I've tried Vaculifters (they're suction devices that massage the skin, bone and apparently help to rebuild collagen, Dermarollers (bit of a nightmare, you have to use numbing cream but it's still not fun), even at-home laser devices like Palovia and Philips' Reaura. Some hardy souls use diabetic needles to break up scars. Topicals such as Bio Oil or Retin-A apparently help remodelling, but I've never had any miracle skin recovery occur. My skin probably looks better but it definitely doesn't look "cured".


i think the problem is that people pop it on in the hope that itll 'magic' the scar/ or whatever, away, like a mysterious balm or ointment. currently nursing my boy through bruns scars, ive learnt that the real goodness is in the quality of the massage, not necessarily the ointment, which makes the difference. ive tried Bio oil, infact i bought it recently, but struggled to get a good quality massage with it, so for me, i didnt get on with it. i prefer a good aqueous cream tbh.


I tend to use these oils as my "Oil Cleansing Method" once or twice a week. This one may be worth looking at if you don't want to spend big bucks. Osiris Avise (think that was a Lidl brand??) Recovery Oil. Reviews on Amazon are pretty good! I've seen the Osiris Avise oil in £1 shops, Home Bargains, Savers and the like. Had a bottle put away in my bathroom cabinet.


That stuff doesn't even work

Bio oil 200ml £8 Primark
Posted 16th Jul 2016Posted 16th Jul 2016LocalLocal
Bio oil 200ml £8 Primark
Bio oil (200ml) usually retails for £12-13. Saw it in Primark for £7.99
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Down to £7.40 now


its actually the 115ml size (is that even a regular size?) in High Wycombe branch

Bio-Oil 125ml £14 reduced to £3.50 ASDA
Posted 6th May 2016Posted 6th May 2016LocalLocal
125ml bottle normally £14 reduced to clear in ASDA bishop Auckland only £3.50
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Got 2 bottles in asda Lancaster today ay £3.50. Thanks Op


Hot stuff...use it to remove scratches off paintwork.


Cheap car fuel


Very good price for this. Well spotted.


In primark its £6 for 125ml

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 125 ml £5.95  subscribe & save Amazon
Posted 9th Apr 2016Posted 9th Apr 2016
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 125 ml £5.95 subscribe & save Amazon
add subscribe & save for this price or £7.00 one-time purchase

Only 15 left in stock (more on the way) so not really expired

Bio-oil 60ml £6 or 3 for £12 (usually £8.99 each) @ Boots
Posted 20th Jan 2016Posted 20th Jan 2016
Bio-oil 60ml £6 or 3 for £12 (usually £8.99 each) @ Boots
All three sizes of bio oil has a saving of £2.99 but they are also on a 3 for 2 across Skincare at boots.

No it was nothing to do with the surgeon or the op! And no I'm skin didn't heal natural as with any scar it will always leaving a mark behind but from my experience bio-oil left my once very dark visible scars practically invisible!

Shopaholic-321 this website!! Just bought 3 bottles of 200ml bio for £34! 3 for 2 offer applies to 60ml, 120ml and 200ml bottles in Boots!! Thanks op great find!!


If you're going to get stretch marks you'll get them, I tends to be hereditary. I used palmers cocoa butter religiously for my first pregnancy and got none. I've barely used any this pregnancy and so far still have none. Even though I started out at 7 stone, have gained 2 and a half stone and am measuring 40 weeks and I've still got 1 month to go! Moisturising generally can help with the itching no you get from stretching but any will do!


Hands down.. Who van say this product actually worked for then?


Have you ever seen a duck with stretch marks?

Bio Oil LloydsPharmacy half price £4.49
Posted 10th Jan 2016Posted 10th Jan 2016
Bio Oil LloydsPharmacy half price £4.49
Bio Oil half price 60ml - Was £8.99, now £4.49 125ml - was £14.99, now £7.49
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Very true, but my wife has used it for years and three pregnancies later she hasn't got any stretch marks. Last baby was 12 pounds in weight!


Ah sorry didn't realise she still had chicken pox. In that case yes as Saint_abroad already said, best thing you can do at the moment is leave it alone to help prevent scarring.


125ml is £6.89 on amazon


I like Bio-Oil. I have a very slight scar from a fall when I was a child. It didn't bother me much but I now can't see it at all. A lot of people also swear by Rosehip Hibiscus oil as a remedy for scars.


Hot if you like Bio-Oil. Oh, and chickenpox should be left well alone if still active. Worrying about it now is premature. Giving your sister a pamphlet about laser treatment will just frighten.

Half Price Bio-Oil £7.24 @ at Tesco
Posted 27th Dec 2015Posted 27th Dec 2015
Half Price Bio-Oil £7.24 @ at Tesco
Bio-Oil half price at Tesco. This stuff is usually very expensive and rarely goes on sale!

Only £2 in aldi


Link goes to a product that is currently unavailable :(



£4 in home bargains

Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml £9.99 prime / £13.98 non prime @ amazon
Posted 7th Dec 2015Posted 7th Dec 2015
Bio-Oil Specialist Skincare Oil - 200 ml £9.99 prime / £13.98 non prime @ amazon
Sold by Amazon. FREE Delivery in the UK on orders over £20. Great bargain for 200ml. couple of weeks ago I bought 2 60ml for £4.99 each @home bargains. They also have the 125ml f… Read more

Same price at lloyds pharmacy


Mrs thinks that is cheaper in Primark. She buys it in - store, probably £8.99 every time.. I'll have to check.


It's still £9.99 not £13.98 for non prime I don't know why it appears that way on the title. I'm sorry for the confusion everyone. How can I correct this? Can someone delete that bit pls? TIA

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