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Anyone who loves music will love the Bose SoundLink collection. These wireless headphones use Bluetooth to sync up with smartphones, tablets and computers, allowing users to play the tracks they adore wherever they need to. Find the latest wireless audio speakers at the lowest possible prices by checking out the Bose SoundLink offers at HotUKDeals. Read more
Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker - both Black and white versions (rrp £99.99) £69.99 @amazon
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Bose sound link colour (both black and white versions) reduced further to £69.99. Great quality Bluetooth speaker. With NFC pairing and 8 hour playback from full charge

Sometime back I was comparing between jbl charge2+ and bose sound link.. and i went for jbl :p


X) Took me a moment.....


Ever so slightly X) Buy both listen to them and send back the one you dont like (_;)


Have I just missed a blatantly obvious joke haha Thanks for the link. I was contemplating getting the Bose but will give this Anker one a go


It isn't mono, it has 2 speakes and gives stereo sound but as the speakers are close together, like most portable speakers, it gives a limited stereo sound effect.

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker - Black £79.95 (RRP £99.95) @ and John Lewis
Found 10th Apr 2017Found 10th Apr 2017
Really good price for a Bose Bluetooth speaker John Lewis is now same price (for Both Black and White models) The light, slim design produces deep, realistic sound • It connects v… Read more

It has the power for that size of room but using as an air conditioner to cool the room, I suspect it's quite poor


Is it enough for let it be 20 square meters room to get chill sound?


I don't think Bose list the output power anywhere but seems to recall it's reckoned to be about 12 watts rms in total - now this sounds low, but power output ratings are a minefield, often qouted as PMPO (power max power output) which is usually the theoretical maximum the speaker can achieve for a brief period of time at a given frequency (eg 1 second at 5Khz) If you can test the unit and hear for yourself, you'll be very surprised how well and loud these perform for such a small size. Never buy speakers/audio gear based on output figures alone.....


These have the same internals and speakers from what I can tell, there are some teardowns which shows the innards. But I'd agree the mini soundlink is a very solid metal case, that looks and more importantly sounds great.


I've had both. Picked my Soundlink Color up from local Grainger Games last year for £40, in what appeared to be brand new condition. It is absolutely fabulous in terms of build quality and sound - which is akin to the single-speaker mono radios of old, where they actually sounded good and weren't just built to look nice. This is the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever owned. I got the JBL Charge ages back in an Amazon Lightning deal and that too is impressive, although I felt this had the edge in terms of form factor and overall reliability. It's nice that the Bose can store multiple devices and switch between them by just tapping the Bluetooth button.

SoundLink® Colour Bluetooth® speaker (Blue Available) @ £69.95 @ Bose
Found 5th Mar 2017Found 5th Mar 2017
Blue colour back in stock at reduced price in case you missed this last time.

got mine today...quite pleased :)


looks like mint is available at the moment for £69.95 where as black & white are £99 from bose website....


That is weird, considering the mint green is showing out of stock and I was told, that's it, no more, As with many things, I guess it depends who you get on the phone. I had no issue at all getting the white AND a case.


Looks like they're willing to get rid of the colours that aren't selling well for a cheaper price.


Refused to offer the White or Black one to me. Said white is expensive. Offered the Mint one, which I accepted. But so weird that they did not give the white. :/

Bose Soundlink Colour Bluetooth Speaker. Mint or Blue. Normally £99.95 now £69.95 delivered @ Bose
Found 26th Feb 2017Found 26th Feb 2017
Blue and mint colours reduced. Now even cheaper than a previously posted deal. Free postage,30 day risk free trial, free lifetime technical assistance. Good reviews and good sou… Read more
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Mine arrived yesterday, but there was no UK plug, just US and euro. Anyone else with the same problem?


mine arrived today too was expecting great things but sadly disappointed very flat treble n midtone ,almosy muffled compared it with my £29 anker and sorry but the anker knocks spots off of it sending mine back not in the sane league as the other bose soundlink very disappointed and surprised .Maybe mine was faulty but sending back anyway Have to say their customer service for returns very good


Mine arrived today. Loving its sound quality and amazed with its loudness. And maintains sound quality at highest volume level.


Bose have a bad reputation in the consumer market space but they are still one of the leaders in live music equipment. Their professional stuff is pretty sublime. Their home products, not so much.


Not surprised.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II- (Black or White) £159.00 @ Home AV Direct
Found 20th Feb 2017Found 20th Feb 2017
Cheapest I can find them at £159. Were £169 from the same retailer a while ago. Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II ✓ 2 Year Warranty included ✓ Authorised UK Dealer … Read more
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I already have them, was going to buy these soundlink ones as a spare. based on what ive read online though they aren't worth it, so I moved on.


QC35's are so good, take the hit!


Good price, although I don't think Bose premium range of headphones is on-par with other premium brands. Just returned my QC35 for Sony's offerings (although that's also partially due to a fairly widely reported Bluetooth issue)). Not sure if the BT issue would exist on these, also.


I believe they still make the best noise cancelling headphones - best for noise cancelling, not necessarily sound quality - but not sure why their non-noise-cancelling ones cost so much.



Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Chargeable speaker (Mint colour only) - usually £99, now £74.95 delivered @ Bose
Found 2nd Feb 2017Found 2nd Feb 2017
Usually sells for £99. It's tiny - like a small, thick(ish) book - under 6 inches x 5 inches wide x 2 inches thick Don't buy their ridiculously expensive case, instead get one of … Read more

bought mine last week when it was £69 arrived today was expecting something special was so disappointed treble and midrange very flat ,compared it t my £29 anker and sorry all i can say is bose very overpriced needless to say going back, maybe mine was faulty but i was expecting a lot more than this .mate has the small soundlink one and it sounds fantastic but sadly not this one


In "blue" colour, available at the same price


No problem, you may want to avoid the 1st one on the list though as many bad reviews: Have removed them from the original list. The others are fine by the looks of it :)


Thank you


That's good to know and I assumed it was not as good internally. Looking at the ifixit tear does indeed show the same inside (except the pcb)

Bose SoundLink Mini II  £134 @ Home AV Direct
Found 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017
I was looking for a JL price match source for a set of Q Acoustic BT3 and found the cheapest to be at Home AV Direct, as they are having a sale at the moment, finishing tomorrow. … Read more
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Could not agree more, I'm no great fan of Bose in general but with this particular speaker they smacked ball out of the park. For the size and price this is a truly outstanding speaker.


​So you did audition it.... If you read through your posts and mine again you will find you started the hostilities just because I said Sonos was rubbish. I've tried to keep it none personal even though you insulted me more than once.[/quote] No, I listened to it and looked at the controller. I "audition" people for a band, I "listen" to audio equipment. Anyway, enjoy your future "auditioning" things. I'm bored of you now.[/quote] ​Last word...


[/quote] ​So you did audition it.... If you read through your posts and mine again you will find you started the hostilities just because I said Sonos was rubbish. I've tried to keep it none personal even though you insulted me more than once.[/quote] No, I listened to it and looked at the controller. I "audition" people for a band, I "listen" to audio equipment. Anyway, enjoy your future "auditioning" things. I'm bored of you now.


​So you did audition it.... If you read through your posts and mine again you will find you started the hostilities just because I said Sonos was rubbish. I've tried to keep it none personal even though you insulted me more than once.


Firstly I'm not your "mate", secondly who said anything about buying a car?! I listened to a Sonos set up in a shop, it did everything I wanted, I bought it! End of story! I don't listen to people like you for good reason! Now go away and preach your hate on

Bose Soundlink 10 Twin Pack £224.10 at Currys
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Cheapest I have seen these. Use the code Selectedaudio10 at the checkout to reduce the price from £249 to £224. White ones seem to be unavailable but it still works on the black p… Read more

Looks like Hughes is now fully out of stock. Obviously lots of people taking advantage of the unusual discount..


No stock of the white ones in a Currys near me.... Hughes let's me add it to the basket but says temporarily out of stock....might give it a go and see if they will take the order


Good price for these. Hughes have both the black and white available for £225.90 (they're running a 10% off promotion until just after christmas) at: Hughes Link

Bose Soundlink Mini II, £131.99 via Amazon PrimeNow
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Just ordered it through PrimeNow and the checkout applied an additional promotion, totalling £131.99 for 2-4 hour delivery. I don't know if this is the rule but it came to a pretty… Read more

​PRC Direct have it for £135, well reviewed store but if you want it from a more trusted retailer then get John Lewis to price match as PRC have a high street store.


I ask the exact same question as pna1! Also, can't find the soundlink mini II for £135 anywhere anymore! :(


Bose Soundlink Mini II or Sonos? Opinions valued


£135 is still decent even considering the Curry's deal.


No working for me. Still shows £135 for both colours after removing the tip. You probz had credit

BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II £134.99 @ Currys
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Enter SELECTEDAUDIO10 in checkout, brings it down to only £134.99 including free delivery! Copper and Pearl colours also available

Believe this deal has ended as code not working for me.


Would love to get this but can't get the black and copper one, Which looks the best to me personally. :(


Yup, in the corner of a room seems to work quite well.


Had one of these in a Novotel we stayed in recently, amazing sound and good for streaming from YouTube etc (which my Sonos doesn't do!)


Also sounds best when placed with its rear to the wall/solid object

BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II - Limited Edition (Black & Copper) reduced to £134.99 + free delivery using code @ Currys
Found 11th Dec 2016Found 11th Dec 2016
Use the code AUDIO10 to bring down price. Free delivery. **Double Nectar points for purchases from Currys** - Wireless and ultra-compact so you can enjoy Bose sound wherever yo… Read more

you will be surprised if you compare it to Anker SoundCore Boost which is just £50 (been recently here as a deal for £35). honestly they are so close (in some music Bose better in others Anker) you will seriously wonder where that extra £100 - £130 is gone.. again it was a great "little" speaker 5-7 years ago when its as first launched because there was no similar product this loud and small back then, but now there is zero reason for them to keep the price same as 7 years ago when there are likes on Anker..they do that because people just follow each other and buy it. I was never comparing it to big speakers, indeed I was comparing it to small portable speakers. I returned Anker for a different reason but now feel robbed if I keep the Bose. the Bose basically has no mid range! vocals really lack, this speaker is only about synthesised.amplified bass.far from being the best in class.


Just to clarify I don't work for bose... Yes the sound is not natural but is got bass without distortion (mine doesn't distort) and has a bigger speaker sound. It's very small and has a reasonably good battery life. At the end of the day it's a portable speaker not a main hi-fi. Sounds like yours is faulty. In terms of audio quality I'm aware of the weakness of small portable speakers. My home setup is a pair of Monitor Audio GR20s, a marantz Pearl Lite amplifier and a marantz CD80 There is no comparison in sound quality. It's not a speaker for your home it's a portable speaker that's small portable and brings music to places a home hi-fi wouldn't be feasible. It's pretty impossible to reproduce a wide clear soundstage in such a small form factor. Most portable speakers focus on high mids and treble which sounds like a phone loud speaker. This probably sacrifices some high mids to produce bass. I'd prefer a speaker of this size to have more presence. At the end of the day it's pretty subjective and different genres of music sound better or worse. Depending on the music you listen to it's probably not the speaker for you


you have also been brainwashed (earwahsed). I'm listening to one of these as I type and it's just awful. initially I was "impressed" but few days on and I can now understand why most honest,legit audio experts dislike Bose including this model so much. what really "impress" people is synthetic,electronically boosted sound that Bose "engineers" artificially into these. it's amplified bass at the cost of losing all mid range / treble. it's really not good. this speaker was impressive 5+ years ago when it was first released, because no other company was making small speakers that sound loud. but now every company is making these and many sound better for same price even cheaper. go watch some decent's as bad as any other Bose speaker. it distorts so badly at medium volume..sounds quite muddy and muffled. I'm returning mine 100% it's not worth even £60 imo.


I recently bought a Sonos and one these happened to be in airbnb I was staying at I was staggered at the quality and volume these produce It's so much smaller but to my ear the Soundlink has better sound than the Sonos and almost as loud.


Yeh, holding for something portable with Cast built in. Cambridge Audio Yoyo stuff looks interesting. The Yoyo kit along with older models have USB charging... prefect to power a Chromecast without being a huge faff.

Bose Soundlink on-ear Bluetooth headphones - £154.95 @ Bose
Found 25th Nov 2016Found 25th Nov 2016
Great price for these, personally own a pair and they are brilliant.

​It seems Amazon reduce to clear. I can still go to the product listing through my orders page. Item no longer available to purchase.




same here...


I got these for £119.99 from Amazon yesterday.

Bose Soundlink on ear bluetooth headphones £119.95 at Amazon
Found 24th Nov 2016Found 24th Nov 2016
Bose on ear headphones in black. white also available for same price. here ------------------------------------ Cheapest they've ever be… Read more
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ordered....sound amazing and are comfortable . Tried in Bose shop recently.


They're the original I believe, these are the 2014 model the 2nd gen are the 2015 model. I have been tempted by these or the QC35, I know the noice cancelling isnt included on these models but are they just as good with everything else?


Are these the 2nd edition or original ones, I don't see (II).


Great heaphones and really good price. Dont be fooled by cold votes.


I'm also curious why this is going cold. Is it just being voted cold by people who think Bose is overpriced? Whatever the case, this is a hot deal! You can't beat Bose and Sennheiser sound quality.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II- (Black or White) £169 @ Home AV Direct
Found 21st Oct 2016Found 21st Oct 2016
Cheapest I can find these, RRP: £239. Next cheapest is Amazon selling them for £199.95 2 Year Warranty included Freedom. Convenience. The big advantages of wireless headphones. … Read more

Thank you!!!!


​how much


Nothing to struggle. If you better sound quality, B&O H6 sounds much better. If you want wireless and don't really care about sound, this okay or the QC35


Great headphones, highly recommend, @dcbuk I wouldn't use these in the rain for long, they are slightly water resistant but NOT waterproof.


Anyone know if these are waterproof as in rain proof. If so I'm sold.

Bose Soundlink Colour Bluetooth Speakers - white in link, other colours available too £89.99 @ Apple
Found 24th Sep 2016Found 24th Sep 2016
These speakers are £99.99 from Bose direct (2-3 week delivery time depending on your colour preference) and sold out pretty much at every reputable Bose stockist (Currys have limit… Read more

One I went to is at Braintree Freeport outlet.


Where are these bose outlets - have heard of them but never chanced upon one on my high street travels :{


Bought one from Bose outlet st £84.99. Great quality and can link my iPod classic to it.

Bose® SoundLink® Mini Bluetooth® Speaker £139.99 Costco
Found 18th Sep 2016Found 18th Sep 2016
Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth® Speaker at Costco hot buy while stocks last 5% extra if not a member online only.......... RRP £199.99
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Good speaker but just the standard price, been this price for the last 2 years.


such a good speaker, makes me smile every time i play something on it :-)


i have the v2 and a sonos1, sonos sound quality is better but bose is more veratile as you can move it around..


I was looking at this in Costco's the other day. In the end I went with a much cheaper Anker I doubt they're comparable in the quality of sound they put out but this is easily good enough for me and only £28.


I have the newer one that hubby picked up in America for me. Paid just under 100 quid for it and it's 169 here. It's worth every penny. Fantastic sound .

Bose Soundtouch 10 £139 @ PRC Direct
Found 7th Jul 2016Found 7th Jul 2016
Best price I've seen for a while, got one of these already and is a cracking product. Bose in my opinion has the best app/interface for multiroom streaming and quality for the pric… Read more

Seems like a fair enough comparison. This at £139, and the Naim Mu-so at £895...


whats this watt's on these?


How does this compare to the Samsung r6 better or worse anyone?


Got a couple of these great sound from a little radio


After i got a chance to hear Naim Mu-so, bose sound is literally cracking (gramophone effect?). I do admit that the price is good, voted hot.

BOSE SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker II - Pearl £149.79 @ Currys
Found 17th May 2016Found 17th May 2016
Bose speaker brilliant sound good bass around easy to use

voted hot :) ps - anyone know a simple way to fix one of these outside of warranty? mine has recently refused to switch on or charge. Thinking of getting a new battery from eBay, but might just bite the bullet.


139.99 at avdirect I bought in 132.99 from them couple of weeks back.

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