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Anyone who loves music will love the Bose SoundLink collection. These wireless headphones use Bluetooth to sync up with smartphones, tablets and computers, allowing users to play the tracks they adore wherever they need to. Find the latest wireless audio speakers at the lowest possible prices by checking out the Bose SoundLink offers at HotUKDeals. Read more
Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth Speaker + £5 discount new customer voucher = £164.92 at QVC UK
Found 30th Oct 2017Found 30th Oct 2017
I found this deal while looking for the bose soundlink 3. I believe this is currently the cheapest deal on the internet and anywhere in store. Closest I could get was at Argos for … Read more

Strangely enough, i find my Soundlink III has way too much bass. So when music is played at low to medium low sound levels it sounds detailed and rich. However when you ramp up the volume, the bass becomes a bit overwhelming. Incidentally, this it is clearly designed for static indoor use and ideally, you need to purchase the additional base charging dock because if you don't use it regularly and keep it charged, the internal battery goes flat. I bought mine 2nd hand from CEX and overall i do like it, although it is pricey for what it is. IMO the styling is aimed at the generously pensioned pipe and slippers brigade. So my advice for folk under the age of 60 is look elsewhere. Update: Forgot to mention, that this is an excellent price. I paid more 2nd hand.


Having owned a Bose Soundlink 3 two years ago I have to say that Bose are falling behind the pack of other portable Bluetooth manufacturers. Whilst it doesn't distort at high volume levels I found the bass and maximum volume lacking compared to my JBL Xtreme. Add to that the fact that the Bose is more of an indoor speaker whereas a lot of competitors are more rugged, louder and feature packed.


Yes, my brother owns the soundlink mini 2. This one is more powerful, where the soundlink mini2 distorts probably on 80 percent, the soundlink 3 still goes strong with plenty more bass than the sl2. I can turn the sl3 all the way to the max with no distortion. Definitely the big brother of the sl2.


Thanks, managed to get last one. Do you know how it sounds comparing to soundlink mini II?


SoundLink Colour series I at -40% - £59.95 @ Bose
Found 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
First series of Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth speaker at £59.95 instead of £99.95.

Go to get deal and takes me to the soundlink 2. Any reason for this?


Was £54.99 with free original Bose case as hot buy @costco last week. Worth to wait to black Friday...


Expired? Great price. Would have bought for kids


Would this be suitable for use in a school gym ?


Can you recommend a better speaker for the price? I am not a huge fan of bose sound myself, prefer more natural tone. This one does sound quite powerful given its size, which is a plus.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II £164 (maybe less with Topcashback) @ PRC Direct
Found 8th Oct 2017Found 8th Oct 2017
I've been waiting for a good deal on these Bose for a while. If you are not interested in NC (QC35) like me, then these are a great set of wireless headphones!

OK thanks for the heads up


They are not particularly bassy but more neutral. You can hear the bass but it won't overcome the other sounds and that's how Bose speakers/headphones are tuned in general. I paid £164 for them and I'm really happy with them :)


Do they have a nice bass sound bronca and how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking 8)


159 at very but out of stock atm.. Possible tcb too when they are back in stock


Do you think John lewis will price match these cause they're quite a bit more from them

Bose Soundlink wireless headphones -£139.99 + £3.99 @ Very
Found 28th Aug 2017Found 28th Aug 2017
Top cashback have 7.3% also currently with very which takes price from 139.99 to approx 129.99 not bad and cheaper than bose outlet price (160)

That's a bummer


Out of stock


Looks like something else until you enlarge it ! (Pun intended).


Not if they are these.



Bose SoundLink Color II Bluetooth Speaker £74.95 Del @ Amazon
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
Available in Blue, Red, Black or White for just £74.95 From the pool to the park to the patio, the SoundLink Color Bluetooth speaker II is your go-to companion for life’s great ad… Read more

I better open mine and check then !


Yes, it was all sealed up, and it isn't an Amazon fault but just poor QC by Bose. Amazon have sent out a replacement order so hopefully the new one is OK.


Was it not all sealed up? I also got white but haven't opened it as it's all sealed up and it's a gift


Got mine, this morning in white. I have to say, it looked like it was used or it had not been QC checked before it came out of the factory. Marks on the top near the buttons and small glue marks/stains at the base. Not impressed at all. White was also a poor colour choice, I thought it would be brillant white (like my Sonos connect Amp) but instead its a very grey white.


Ordered mine at 2pm using a £5 off code and it's just arrived not bad for £69.95! so thanks for posting x

Bose SoundLink Colour - White £99.95 @ Amazon
Found 22nd Jul 2017Found 22nd Jul 2017
Seems like a good price for this speaker, everywhere else I see it £115 plus. Bumped into it when looking for speakers on Amazon, can't vouch about quality but hey, it's Bose.

I thought they have the same speaker innards and were pretty much the same in performance.


A bit more??? :D


I posted a deal a.couple of months back where it was only £65 @ John Lewis with a 2 year warranty. I know that's then and this is now,but £99 isn't even near to that price,so I wouldn't say it's a very good deal. I'd say if you are in the market for one,then hang on a while as they often pop up for far cheaper.


This indeed has been around the £70 mark a few times, and this is worth mentioning because the whole point is to get a good price.


....and the sound link colour isn't that great a model anyway. Spend a little more and Buy the sound link mini

Bose SoundLink Mini II + Echo Dot £149 / Bose SoundTouch 10, Black + Echo Dot £149 @ Amazon
Found 10th Jul 2017Found 10th Jul 2017
Bose SoundLink Mini II + Echo Dot £149 Bose SoundTouch 10, Black + Echo Dot £149 @ Amazon

There must be one included with the dot, I'd be very surprised if there wasn't.


should I have got a male to male audio cable with this? How to you plug them into to each other?


I have the Soundlink Mini 2, the only other comparable speaker is the UE Boom. SM2 has great volume and bass response for the tiny little package.


ive never been a fan of Bose but a friend brought his soundlink mini with him in a recent trip away. I was absolutely blown away. Its fills the room with decent sound.


There's an Anker SoundCore Boost coming up on a prime day deal at 7am might go nicely with your dot. I'm keeping an eye out for that.

BOSE SoundLink (2017 model) Revolve Portable Bluetooth speaker £179.95 and Revolve Plus for £251.95 with code @ RGB Direct
Found 27th May 2017Found 27th May 2017
BOSE SoundLink Revolve 360° sound Portable Bluetooth speaker £179.95 (£199 elsewhere) BOSE® SoundLink Revolve Plus 360° sound Portable Bluetooth speaker £251.95 (£279 elsewhere) … Read more

code does not work


looks like a big dumb though Google home


Anyone tried these out? How do they compare against similar price point wireless speakers??

Bose soundlink wireless speaker black just £64.99 @ currys
Found 11th May 2017Found 11th May 2017
Bose soundlink wireless speaker black or white just £64.99 at currys with free c and c. Features include: Bluetooth Aux in & USB Up to 7 hours of battery life
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Does, greatly. Thanks.


By sheer coincidence I purchased the white version of this speaker this morning from Argos (£64.99). On the bottom of the speaker it clearly states 5v --- 1.0A Hope that helps.


Aye that's what i do. But I meant the best speaker that charges via 5v usb. Nearly bought the silvercrest one but turned out to be 12v charger sadly. Which is a shame as for the price that thing was very nice.


Thanks for posting, not going to buy, but hot from me.


Better to set your solar panels to charge a portable battery and have the battery recharge the speaker as and when?

Bose® SoundLink® Wireless on-ear Bluetooth® headphones in Black @ Costco (£149.89)
Found 2nd May 2017Found 2nd May 2017
You want great headphone sound, but not the wire. Bose® SoundLink® on-ear Bluetooth® headphones have an exclusive technology – TriPort® headphone technology – that gives you deeper… Read more

It's Costco, if the deal turns sour just take them back for a refund.


Hi all, I just did some research and the Gen 1 is Weight: 152.6 g . Gen 2 is little heavier than Gen 1. So this headphones are actually Gen 1. Apologies for this - I think its not a good deal as I initially thought.


​gen 2 I think, I have a pair and the headband is alot thinner than that.


These are the gen 1's correct? as gen 2 are 199, Strangely enough I was looking at these and the quiet ones in Costco

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Wireless Speaker - Black £59.99 @ Very
Found 1st May 2017Found 1st May 2017
A bit cheaper than the Argos deal and available on buy now pay 6 months if you have a very account. 1 day deal

Got one via the Argos deal, the sound is unbeliavably good. Just buy it.


65 on very too now.


Not sandproof at all!


Heat for profile pic. Never forget.


"or heading to beach" How 'water-proof' / moisture-proof are these?

Bose soundlink colour Bluetooth wireless speaker,black or white,2 year guarantee,£64.99 @ John Lewis
Found 30th Apr 2017Found 30th Apr 2017
Bose soundlink colour in black or white for £64.99 at John Lewis,also comes with a 2 year guarantee. Both colours in stock and more than 10 of each at time of posting deal.
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For people looking for good sounding and branded alternatives then the UE Boom (1st gen) and JBL Flip 3/4 are serious contenders as they have very balanced sound and waterproofing (which is always useful, especially for the guy asking about taking to a festival).


If you're looking for a quality bluetooth speaker to take around the house or garden then this ticks all the box's. Good range.Easy to pair. Quality sound . 9 hours battery life. No distortion of sound at high volume. You wouldn't want to listen at full volume - unless you hate the neighbours. Good name - good price. Had mine for 6 weeks and I'm delighted to have a portable speaker that's worth listening to.


I'm talking about customer service if anything goes wrong.


You don't need customer service to order online and have it delivered / collect though :)


Yes these get quite loud and the battery lasts quite a long time at high volumes which is more than what I can say for the B&O Play A2 which sounds amazing but the battery is terrible at 1-2 hours at high volumes!

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth Wireless Speaker White/Black (+ £5 Argos Voucher) £64.99 in store @ Argos
Found 27th Apr 2017Found 27th Apr 2017
Currently available in both White and Black variants at the reduced price. Click and Collect for local stock check in store. £5 Argos Voucher too! Alternate link:
Avatardeleted1023990Get dealGet deal

Enable don't disturb? Not sure how else unless your player is doing it.


Delighted with my bargain, sounds fab, but does anyone know how to stop email/txt alert sounds coming through while playing music?... sooooo annoying that the sound dips and my txt/email jingle goes off while I'm singing me head off whilst doin the dishes?? :D


this has reduced all over due to the next version of the speaker coming out next week. looking at the reviews, the new one doesnt seem that much better, so think worth getting this one while its pretty much half price to what the version 2 will be when released....


are these multi room speakers? so can play on multiples at the same time?


Just bought one. Joined this site to save money and all the impulse buys have been adding up. Not complaining :)

Bose Soundlink Colour Speaker Bluetooth black and white Amazon £64.99
Found 26th Apr 2017Found 26th Apr 2017
Was 69.99 now only the white seems available and £64.99 - shame they've upped the case price to £19.99 Price is great for this item... --edit: black now showing in stock too!
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Any deals on the soundlink 3 ?


black also in stock now at amazon - have updated the OP


The black one is the same price in Argos, for anyone who might have vouchers!


JBL flip 3


This or a JBL Flip 3?

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker - both Black and white versions (rrp £99.99) £69.99 @amazon
Found 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
Bose sound link colour (both black and white versions) reduced further to £69.99. Great quality Bluetooth speaker. With NFC pairing and 8 hour playback from full charge

Sometime back I was comparing between jbl charge2+ and bose sound link.. and i went for jbl :p


X) Took me a moment.....


Ever so slightly X) Buy both listen to them and send back the one you dont like (_;)


Have I just missed a blatantly obvious joke haha Thanks for the link. I was contemplating getting the Bose but will give this Anker one a go


It isn't mono, it has 2 speakes and gives stereo sound but as the speakers are close together, like most portable speakers, it gives a limited stereo sound effect.

Bose SoundLink Colour Bluetooth Speaker - Black £79.95 (RRP £99.95) @ and John Lewis
Found 10th Apr 2017Found 10th Apr 2017
Really good price for a Bose Bluetooth speaker John Lewis is now same price (for Both Black and White models) The light, slim design produces deep, realistic sound • It connects v… Read more

It has the power for that size of room but using as an air conditioner to cool the room, I suspect it's quite poor


Is it enough for let it be 20 square meters room to get chill sound?


I don't think Bose list the output power anywhere but seems to recall it's reckoned to be about 12 watts rms in total - now this sounds low, but power output ratings are a minefield, often qouted as PMPO (power max power output) which is usually the theoretical maximum the speaker can achieve for a brief period of time at a given frequency (eg 1 second at 5Khz) If you can test the unit and hear for yourself, you'll be very surprised how well and loud these perform for such a small size. Never buy speakers/audio gear based on output figures alone.....


These have the same internals and speakers from what I can tell, there are some teardowns which shows the innards. But I'd agree the mini soundlink is a very solid metal case, that looks and more importantly sounds great.


I've had both. Picked my Soundlink Color up from local Grainger Games last year for £40, in what appeared to be brand new condition. It is absolutely fabulous in terms of build quality and sound - which is akin to the single-speaker mono radios of old, where they actually sounded good and weren't just built to look nice. This is the best Bluetooth speaker I've ever owned. I got the JBL Charge ages back in an Amazon Lightning deal and that too is impressive, although I felt this had the edge in terms of form factor and overall reliability. It's nice that the Bose can store multiple devices and switch between them by just tapping the Bluetooth button.

SoundLink® Colour Bluetooth® speaker (Blue Available) @ £69.95 @ Bose
Found 5th Mar 2017Found 5th Mar 2017
Blue colour back in stock at reduced price in case you missed this last time.

got mine today...quite pleased :)


looks like mint is available at the moment for £69.95 where as black & white are £99 from bose website....


That is weird, considering the mint green is showing out of stock and I was told, that's it, no more, As with many things, I guess it depends who you get on the phone. I had no issue at all getting the white AND a case.


Looks like they're willing to get rid of the colours that aren't selling well for a cheaper price.


Refused to offer the White or Black one to me. Said white is expensive. Offered the Mint one, which I accepted. But so weird that they did not give the white. :/

Bose Soundlink Colour Bluetooth Speaker. Mint or Blue. Normally £99.95 now £69.95 delivered @ Bose
Found 26th Feb 2017Found 26th Feb 2017
Blue and mint colours reduced. Now even cheaper than a previously posted deal. Free postage,30 day risk free trial, free lifetime technical assistance. Good reviews and good sou… Read more
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Mine arrived yesterday, but there was no UK plug, just US and euro. Anyone else with the same problem?


mine arrived today too was expecting great things but sadly disappointed very flat treble n midtone ,almosy muffled compared it with my £29 anker and sorry but the anker knocks spots off of it sending mine back not in the sane league as the other bose soundlink very disappointed and surprised .Maybe mine was faulty but sending back anyway Have to say their customer service for returns very good


Mine arrived today. Loving its sound quality and amazed with its loudness. And maintains sound quality at highest volume level.


Bose have a bad reputation in the consumer market space but they are still one of the leaders in live music equipment. Their professional stuff is pretty sublime. Their home products, not so much.


Not surprised.

Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II- (Black or White) £159.00 @ Home AV Direct
Found 20th Feb 2017Found 20th Feb 2017
Cheapest I can find them at £159. Were £169 from the same retailer a while ago. Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II ✓ 2 Year Warranty included ✓ Authorised UK Dealer … Read more
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I already have them, was going to buy these soundlink ones as a spare. based on what ive read online though they aren't worth it, so I moved on.


QC35's are so good, take the hit!


Good price, although I don't think Bose premium range of headphones is on-par with other premium brands. Just returned my QC35 for Sony's offerings (although that's also partially due to a fairly widely reported Bluetooth issue)). Not sure if the BT issue would exist on these, also.


I believe they still make the best noise cancelling headphones - best for noise cancelling, not necessarily sound quality - but not sure why their non-noise-cancelling ones cost so much.



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