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Carplan No1 Super Gloss 600ml - £7.99 delivered @ Euro Car Parts
Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
Wonderful price for keeping your car gleaming

Apologies to all regarding the correct deal link, I will practice for my next effort. Hope some of you managed to save a few pounds or even pence lol. Thanks for the heats. (y)


£8 at wilco , sainsburys, morrisons.


Brilliant stuff. Make sure you do it on small areas like a door at a time, wing etc and make sure your bonnet is not warm as it's difficult to polish it properly.Also cover your windscreen with something because you don't want it in there.


I bought some of this when Morrison’s had it on offer for £5 but the instructions aren’t that clear do you put it on a dry car or a wet car. Any help would be appreciated.


Save another 8p using code MID60!

Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher £179.55 with code @ Halfords
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Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
30% off meguiars products with an extra 10% by using code flash10. There are no doubt other brands out there at varying prices, but for this model it’s a decent price. Used ones … Read more

They got me the last time, got my hopes up too (:I Thanks for taking the time to post it anyway.


Web exclusive, that’s not available online. Well done Halfords! Thought it was a bit too good to be true to be honest


There’s supposedly no stock near me in Glasgow. It was the same with the last Halfords deal. They mysteriously reappear back in stock once the deal ends. Good deal if you can get one.


AutoBrite Direct - For those interested in various other sizes and kits.


You’re right, fat fingers. Cheers for spotting that

April Instore. Lidl - Ultimate speed electric polisher - £19.99 @ LIDL
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Refreshed 8th AprRefreshed 8th Apr
April Instore. Lidl - Ultimate speed electric polisher - £19.99 @ LIDL
£19.99£22.9913%LIDL Deals
Might pick up to give my old car a better finish. Site description: Keep your car showroom ready with this high-performance device that polishes and buffs varnished surfaces Power… Read more
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You have to make time. It can be a satisfying thing to do.


Who has the time in life to polish their car?


I have had one of these in the past, from Aldi, and they work as a polisher but are not much better than doing it by hand. They will not remove swirls or bring back very dull paint. I now have a cheap da polisher, Challenge from Argos, and the difference is huge. With Meguiers Ultimate Compound and a good polish, on my restoration project I have removed swirls and brought what was near matt black paint back to a deep shine. You need to buy decent pads as the da polisher only comes with a basic foam one. Lots of info on Detailing World forum. I wouldn't buy this type of polisher to be honest; either get a da polisher or spend the money on buying a clay mitt, some decent polish and wax, and do it by hand.


For the sake of £20, it's worth a try for light work, however, I've used one before and at 120W you'll struggle to work the compounds to their advantage. In summary there'll be less chance of damage, but equally you may not get the effect you're looking for. The Argos one is 600W, so better in terms of grunt. Take a look at this detailing forum here, there's some good, solid advice (and a lot of geekery) :) Some sponsors give discounts if you join the forum and there are always package deals with discs and compounds to get a better deal. Remember though, some manufacturers' paints are softer / harder so will need a different compound or approach I bought the DAS6 Pro using a £15 discount code as a member of the forum from this place:


Polishing looks good until it wears off and you have to do it again. Anything breaching the clear coat, you would be better of doing it property and painting it. OP s deals is still a good buy if Lidl actually have any stock, as its not as good as a dual action polisher, but it is one up from polishing by hand!

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Snow Foam Demon Shine by Carplan £2 @ Sainsbury's instore
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Posted 7th Sep 2018Posted 7th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Snow Foam Demon Shine by Carplan £2 @ Sainsbury's instore
I hand wash my car weekly and am always on the lookout for good snow foam. When used with a quality foam gun this is probably about the best stuff out there. Down a massive 5 pound… Read more
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Not in stock at my local. Will try another nearby store, otherwise Halfords have meguires on offer.


Let me know if you had any success?


Really appreciate your help. I had a massive light blue bottle of Mer shampoo. Almost finished and was going to try the Meguiar shampoo (I think they call them 'washes'). I will try this one instead.


Yes it's formulation allows for it to be bucket mixed. It's a pretty low dilution from what I read on the label so it's great value at £2. Get as much as you can! :)


I'm not sure, other than I have seen several carplan products on discount with Sainsbury's on here today so it may be a national thing.

Turtle Wax Original Car Wax £3.18 @ Homebase
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Posted 19th Jun 2017Posted 19th Jun 2017
Turtle Wax Original Car Wax £3.18 @ Homebase
cheaper than Screwfix (£3.99) and amazon (£7.86 / £6.25 marketplace) Features: All year round protection. Easy on, easy off formula. Volume: 500ml

why do you use it if it's awful


really people use this junk


I use this to clean my patio and driveway. awful stuff


dreadful stuff


Meguiars car polish £2 instore at Halfords (Whitecity, Manchester)
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Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017LocalLocal
Meguiars car polish £2 instore at Halfords (Whitecity, Manchester)
I was at halford whitecity manchester, yesterday and they had the Meguiars car paint cleaner and polish at £2 each, im not sure if there were any more around but i took 3- They h… Read more

Meguiars is a fantastic brand with great products , id highly recommend


Zymol auto wash online is £10 down from £14

Mer car polish £6 @ Halfords
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Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
Hi Just looked on Halfords and found this mer polish for £6 a litre I normally use autoglm but I remember that mer is such a good make and at £6 this is a bargain

Collected today, cheers op


Tried looking but products been removed..


​Didn't know they had the wax bought that too.Cheeeers


Bought the polish and wax, thanks OP


Plenty of stock in my local halfrauds.Bought 2 ,1 for me and my father in law.Normally use autoglym but I'll give this a try for £6.Cheers for the share. 8)

Auto Glym Super Resin Polish 1 Litre £11.99 (Prime) / £16.74 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 28th Nov 2016Posted 28th Nov 2016
Auto Glym Super Resin Polish 1 Litre £11.99 (Prime) / £16.74 (non Prime) at Amazon
This is for 1 Litre, whereas the 500ml is going for £12.05! - Exceptional high gloss shine - Classic Award Winning Formulation - Long term beauty treatment - Unrivalled Quality - … Read more

Good stuff this. Heat


Brilliant value just remember after polishing you should seal and or wax


Buy 2


Cheap for Prime, not cheap for non Prime

Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit £256.02 Euro Car Parts
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Posted 21st Nov 2016Posted 21st Nov 2016
Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit £256.02 Euro Car Parts
Have been looking for a polisher for the car and this kit seems like a good price for what you get. I just don't know whether to bite the bullet and buy it...I am supposed to be sh… Read more
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Got a Park side orbital sander out of lidl for around £20 and a £5 polishing pad out of Halfords. Works flawlessly. Never hang around in the same spot though.


or not


good deal


Look around for DAS 6 PRO OR PRO Plus versions, they are better value for money than Meguiars.


that costs more than some of the cars I've owned.

Triplewax Car Polish 500ml £2.50 Asda.
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Posted 29th Jul 2016Posted 29th Jul 2016
Triplewax Car Polish 500ml £2.50 Asda.
Triplewax Car Polish 500ml contains Carnauba wax. Was £4 Now £2.50 Asda, Radcliffe,Manchester.
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Mers car polish 3L £11.98 @ Costco - Liverpool
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Posted 1st Jun 2016Posted 1st Jun 2016LocalLocal
Mers car polish 3L £11.98 @ Costco - Liverpool
Found mers car polish at a great price for a 3L bottle. This wasn't a sale a price so I was very impressed. Plenty stocked up. This was found in Costco Liverpool. Could be nation… Read more

Any one else read it as 'Men's Car Polish' for a second there?


Is it actually possible to use - rather than spill or the polish drying out - 3 litres of MER?


Use a DA !


I was unaware of Ollys foray into the car detailing market.....until now.


This is superb stuff and a great price... Heat

Simoniz Rinse Off Wax 500ml 50p @ B&M
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Posted 31st Jan 2016Posted 31st Jan 2016LocalLocal
Simoniz Rinse Off Wax 500ml 50p @ B&M
Simoniz Rinse Off Wax. Have no idea how good it is but at 50p i will give it a go. Cheapest i could find on line was £5.99. This was at Weston super mare store but could be nation… Read more

None in Cambridge store today. Really like this product, use it as a top up between six monthly proper wax.


​Yep, agree with that. Good to have that quick shine.


I've used this loads of times for a quick fix polish. It's ok for a few days(might get a week out of it)


???what store ???

Simoniz max car polish and wax 10p @ B&M
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Posted 19th Jan 2016Posted 19th Jan 2016
Simoniz max car polish and wax 10p @ B&M
Simoniz polish and wax 500ml scanning at only 10p. Found in Letchworth. Barcode: 5 010218339217.

None in Cambridge store when I was in today.


had to type this....... As I was posting my previous comment my son ran into the kitchen, slipped on the floor and banged his elbow. Someone may have wiped the kitchen floor to remove some foot prints with the towel used to dry the car after it was waxed oO Ok I'll admit it, it was ME!!! Also good for waxing laminate flooring :D


It's £1.00 at my B&M, still a great price though as your looking closer tenner anywhere else. I Bought some and just finished cleaning and wet waxing my car. Amazing! the car looks fantastic and it was so easy to apply. Going to go back and buy a couple more bottle.


How did you manage to stick it to the wall?


Outstanding price, it's a decent polish basic wax.

Mer (3 Litres) Ultimate Car Polish £5.75 @ costco walthamstow normal price about  £19
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Posted 1st Sep 2015Posted 1st Sep 2015LocalLocal
Mer (3 Litres) Ultimate Car Polish £5.75 @ costco walthamstow normal price about £19
Mer 3 Litre Ultimate Car Polish Cleans Protects Car Bike Caravan Boat Home £19 on ebay
Avatardeleted219821Get dealGet deal

none left in edinburgh had 19 in stock around 17.30hrs tonight , none at newcastle or glasgow ,


all car bumpers are plastic nowdays and some body panels on frech cars. anyway used on my merc earlier and the bumper are painted plastic


Anyone used this on a Smart Car? Panels are plastic, need to know it will work before purchasing.


ring up your local costco product code 0181309


Anyone found any at this price in other Costcos?

Simoniz Diamond Hard Wax 500ml Car polish & protection. £2.25 @ Tesco
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Posted 6th Mar 2015Posted 6th Mar 2015
Simoniz Diamond Hard Wax 500ml Car polish & protection. £2.25 @ Tesco
Found in Lakside Tesco Express store where there were 5 or 6 more bottles at time of writing. I assume it's national, no stock on website. Check out Amazon (for example) for review… Read more
MER car polish 1l £7.50 ebay £11 - £10.45 Delivered @ In Excess Direct
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Posted 11th Feb 2015Posted 11th Feb 2015
MER car polish 1l £7.50 ebay £11 - £10.45 Delivered @ In Excess Direct
Mer polish has a good reputation and this stuff claims to last for six months. We will see. Available on line and in store (stores are around the Southampton area)

It must be good stuff, my father-in-law swears by it and he's been using it on his classic motorcycles for years. Don't know if it's still available but 2 weeks ago Costco had a 3lt bottle for around £11.


don't all waxes claim to last months? reality is it will come off with the weekly wash


Thanks nice one


@ sowotsdis:it is a 1 Litre bottle


what size its really good but very hard work- leave it for use in summer

Cordless 12V Car/Motorcycle Polisher at Maplin. Reduced to £9.99 from £34.99, with free Click & Collect
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Posted 21st Mar 2014Posted 21st Mar 2014
Cordless 12V Car/Motorcycle Polisher at Maplin. Reduced to £9.99 from £34.99, with free Click & Collect
Hello all. I found this on The Maplin site and thought it was a good deal. Reduced from £34.99 with free click and collect. This cordless polisher is perhaps not ideal for polis… Read more

Picked one of those yesterday as I am planning to polish my car over the weekend. Looks like a well built product with plenty of different polishing/sanding/cleaning materials included and a charger with red/green indicator. Well worth £10 in my opinion (even if it only works once :).


Thanks OP. Might grab a couple :)


Try this link


Not seen any review of these yet to know whether they'd give you the power you need to say polish a car, or sand down a door. currently going for 99p on EBAY no bids yet. suggesting maybe not

Argos Challenge Twin Handled Car Polisher was £29.99 now £13.99
240° Expired
Posted 18th Feb 2014Posted 18th Feb 2014
Product Spec: This car polisher features a 2m cable to enable access to all areas of your car. Complete with synthetic and wool bonnets, this polisher can be easily guided using t… Read more
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You waited 5 years to correct someone and get it wrong. Red paint was very common to have zero clear coat. Hence why it’s was one of the worst for fading by oxidisation. A simple buff with a polish, would easily lift some of the colour. Now do us all a favour and don’t drag up 5y old deals.


Because you had it on HIGH SPEED, and using WRONG POLISH. You more than likely used a CUTTING COMPOUND. POLISH WILL NOT REMOVE PAINT.


I have one of these, hot price but not that likely to be used much. They have there uses for getting an old car with dodgy faded paint and tar spots to look better but I wouldn't recommend using them on your pride and joy. And tbh your better off going to the Albanian/Kurdish/Pakistani car washes and getting the full monty for this sort of money or less, unless you've got a McLaren F1 then they do a very good job.


Exactly what I'm trying to say, don't waste your money on this...


no not really! she's not podgy!! ;-) and if she prefers to polish by hand then I dont mind!

Triplewax car polish 500ml + 500ml free 18p @ Tesco
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Posted 14th Jan 2014Posted 14th Jan 2014LocalLocal
Triplewax car polish 500ml + 500ml free 18p @ Tesco
Found in Tesco Havant Petrol Station, not sure if it'll be any good (I use Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine atm) Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.
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shall have a look out for this later on today!


It will be a petrol station deal,like previous car shampoo/Oil bargains. Always worth a look if filling up anyway.


So why are you in this thread!. Everyone knows its like a Benny Hill film chasing these deals between stores. At least thank the OP before you close the door! Thanks OP :)


Chase of wild goose again... Will soon stop looking at HUKD because of these so called "deals"


None in Tesco Newtownbreda, in the actual shop that is, MAYBE there's a couple hiding in the microscopic fuel station.

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