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Halfords Car Polish 125ml 50p - Free click and collect
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Halfords Car Polish 125mlSuitable for all types of paintwork, the Halfords Car Polish 125ml will help to give you a long lasting shine with added protection. Halfords Car Polish… Read more
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Same stuff - different packaging but that small bottle is better value as works out at £2 for 500ml


Made by TETROSYL so its a quality polish ( same company uses CarPlan brand name on other products like Triplewax ) Voted HOT.




Standard price.


Thanks (y) (y) (y)

T-Cut CSB150 Black Color Fast Scratch Remover & Colour Restorer Abrasive Compound Car Polish 150g £5 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
T-Cut Color Fast is a revolutionary coloured paintwork renovator that removes light scratches, oxidation, ingrained dirt, bugs and surface imperfections. The coloured pigments and … Read more

I understand what you are saying, all the negative comments are from people who do not have the sense to put this stuff on a rag and rub in a circular motion, thanks for clearing that up for me, Initially I thought the stuff was not very good.


Sonus make some great products, just go easy.


Sure it did, that’s why they go to great lengths now to say it doesn’t on the latest product packaging.


Your not touching the paint, cutting compounds only affect the clear coat. If you burn through that it’s respray time.


Tbh it depends on so many things. Some paints are harder and softer that others. Are you doing it by hand? Something like Bilt Hamber cleanser polish is excellent for masking light swirls by filling them and cleaning the paint without any real abrasive action. Scholl S20 Black finishes down very well and can achieve some good correction depending on the pad.

Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild Car Shampoo (500ml) £8.95 @ Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Great price for an excellent car shampoo. Super-slick - water sheets away pH-neutral, biodegradable formula High-foaming - lifts dirt away from paintwork Wax-friend… Read more

Yeah Its the water. Getting a water softener is much better value than overpriced detergents. I am not trolling I am showing you how ridiculously ill informed you guys are cos you watched a few detailing videos on youtube


Brill! simply helping people who spend ages applying wax to their car, then wonder why it doesn’t work after the next wash. I’ll stop feeding the troll now 😁


Well you don't use 10 times as much.


We call it detailing fella.


It is clear from your posts you know zero about car cleaning.

Draper Angle Polisher 1200W - £34.99 + free Click and Collect / £5.99 delivery @ JTF
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
with a 180mm hook and loop backing pad. The soft grip guide handles and 1200W powerful motor combine to create an ideal polisher for polishing paintwork on cars, caravans, boats et… Read more





To be honest, with an entry level DA the only real chance of doing damage is if you dropped it onto the car. Start with something like Autoglym Super Resin Polish and a soft finishing pad to get used to the machine. Won't correct anything really but will give an instant improvement and fill smaller defects such as minor swirls


Automotive paint has changed a hell of a lot recently, with water based paints and ridiculously thin paint jobs on the most recent cars due to increased opacity allowing the car manufacturers to put so little paint on. My wife's 2019 Polo GTI+ has 40% less paint thickness than my Dad's 2013 Golf GTD in the same colour (Pure White). It won't take long to burn through the clear coat layer if you're not sure what you're doing. For those looking to buy one for occasional useless, play it safe and go with a DA if you're not a professional, you'd have to try a lot harder to mess up your paintwork.


Meguiar's Ultimate Car Polish Pre-Waxing Glaze 473ml - £10.81 (+£4.49 Non-prime) @ Amazon
195° Expired
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Meguiar's Ultimate Polish is a pre-waxing glaze that eliminates fine swirl marks to produce deep, wet reflections with high gloss. Ultimate Polish also adds depth of colour, especi… Read more
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Toon_army That's the two backing plates I use, then I use Hexlogic pads

vincento_1 This is the polisher I bought. Any links for the pads you'd recommend? Thanks.


That's my day job XD when I bought my Black Range Rover Sport it was horrific with swirl marks. I'd have another black car just so I can machine it and tidy it up but they really are a handful to look after and keep nice.


It'll never look as good as the day it was first delivered - unless you want to give up the day job and just spend your life cleaning your car! Silver to lighter greys are the best!


I've just bought my 1st black car and will be my last

240v Einhell CC-PO 90 Car Polisher (Not cordless) - £24.80 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
I have been searching for a cordless car polisher for a while, however due my search history this popped up on my emails from Amazon. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT CORDLESS, IT IS MAINS … Read more

If you burn paint work, hoy a load of polish on and polish it up. Jobs a goodn


Coming up as £32.56


Thanks for your insight. Any insight (no matter how negative the response might be) is good insight. We could all learn something new.


I see that @The_Ramrod has replied. This might also help.


I'm a bit of a wimp when it come to my main car, so I havent tackled a proper cut polish on anything relatively expensive. I have a little argos guild dual action here a few years ago which I think works well and have used it multiple times on my defender (see below) it was £40 but I think they can go as low as £30 when on offer. Although I'm sure people who are very in to it would turn their nose up at it! The big manufacturers like meguires etc do their own much more expensive versions, but maybe someone else will be along with some better insight to them!

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Tesco car polish 500ml only 63p in store @ Tesco Extra Cardiff
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Posted 24th JanPosted 24th JanLocalLocal
Tesco car polish 500ml only 63p in store @ Tesco Extra Cardiff
£0.63£2.5075%Tesco Deals
Tesco car polish 500ml only 63p in store. Found at Tesco Extra Cardiff. Don’t know if national. RRP £2.50



It is national, got some in Extra Prescot (also had 1L of Shampoo & Wax for 50p). They seem to be changing the packaging and selling off the old stuff.

Wonder Wheels 600ml Colour Active Wheel Cleaner £5 @ Wilko
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Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
Wonder Wheels 600ml Colour Active Wheel Cleaner £5 @ Wilko
The Wonder Wheels Colour Active Super Wheel Cleaner 600ml is an acid-free wheel cleaner suitable for use on all wheel types, including those requiring extra special care such as ch… Read more

wonder wheels is a very harsh wheel cleaner, as posted above Auto wheels is as effective if not more and perfectly safe. There's plenty of other fall out removers out there to choose from. Use at your own risk! Most things Bilthamber are top stuff and value for money


Poundland Bike Cleaner works well. /


Couldn’t agree more. The wonder wheels was not that effective in my experience.


Pay the extra and get this. Goes a whole lot further too.


Works well but always this price in Wilko

Demon Valeting Gift Pack - £23 or £20.70 for Trade Card Holders @ Halfords (Free Click & Collect)
Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019
Demon Valeting Gift Pack - £23 or £20.70 for Trade Card Holders @ Halfords (Free Click & Collect)
Fab price here @ £23 and even cheaper with the extra 10% off as a Trade Card holder The Demon Valeting Gift Pack contains everything you need to clean and shine your car. This k… Read more

Only 19.99 at B&M’s (y)

VonHaus Random Orbital Sander with accessories for £27.99 delivered @ VonHaus
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Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
VonHaus Random Orbital Sander with accessories for £27.99 delivered @ VonHaus
£27.99£32.9915%VonHaus Deals
FLASH SALE Totally Random Orbit Sander from VonHaus with all the trimmings here for £27.99 including delivery. Can also be used a polisher using specialised polishing pad. The… Read more

Random orbital Sanders can be brutal. For small areas, a 'detail sander' can be had which is far smaller and just has the basic vibration function. That'll be far easier for working on small sections and taking your time to remove what you want. I have this particular sander and it will remove material at a much faster rate, so you can easily over do it, plus because of the fast spin (and conservation of angular momentum), you can drift quite easily from where you want to be. You should also keep a random orbital sander moving, so they are better suited to large work pieces and removing aggressively. You you want very aggressive go for a belt sander.


Blasted auto image


The main image appears to be a drywall sander, OP can you change to the actual one?


Is it alright if I only want to sand a specific area? My tables will be brutal if it only sands randomly 😳 :o Ps; vonHaus stuff has always been quality for me 8)


Perfect timing, I was just looking for one of these

Meguiars 4pc Wash & Wax Kit £15.96 @ Euro Car Parts
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Posted 31st Oct 2019Posted 31st Oct 2019
Meguiars 4pc Wash & Wax Kit £15.96 @ Euro Car Parts
£15.96£16.996%Euro Car Parts Deals
Meguiars 4pc Wash & Wax Kit This Fantastic kit contains four popular Meguiars products! Soft Wash Gel 473ml Super Thick Microfibre Wash Mitt Deep Crystal Carnauba Wax Liqui… Read more

Put sonax carparts 4 less in Google. I would buy the Brilliant Shine Detailer, the Sonax Xtreme Polish & Wax 2 Hybrid 250ml and the Xtreme Shampoo. I dont know the prices at the moment or what discount codes are around but check this site for historic prices the BSD was around £7 and the Polish Wax was about £7 too. The Xtreme Shampoo can be had for around £5 -£6 as well.


Do you have a link?


The Quick detailer doesnt add any gloss, its really just for removing dust or as they prefer to package it these day for claying. The shampoo is low cleaning ability and is really an old product. Great for low use garage cars, at 1OZ per gallon US of water you wont get more then handful of washes out of the it. The wax is another "classic" line product and is the third and final step of 3. It wont prep your paint or add clarity. The wax itself lasts a month at best and darkens the paint so avoid in metallic and pearls or they will look muted. The mitt is low pile and good only for the wheels but better then a sponge. All in all, cheap but nothing but bunch of worthless products, jog on! You can get some Sonax products from their sister site which will do a better job.

Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax £14.40 @Halfords
-45° Expired
Posted 26th Oct 2019Posted 26th Oct 2019
Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax £14.40 @Halfords
Halfords are sellung this Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax for £16 down from £20. Then use discount code PAYDAY10 for further 10% off making it ONLY £14.40. Great product to protect yo… Read more

I bought this of ECP for £13.99 and definitely recommend it. Going to apply it to my other car today

Carplan No1 Super Gloss 600ml - £7.99 delivered @ Euro Car Parts
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Posted 17th Sep 2019Posted 17th Sep 2019
Carplan No1 Super Gloss 600ml - £7.99 delivered @ Euro Car Parts
Wonderful price for keeping your car gleaming

Sonax BSD is £7.50 and far superior. so unless this goes on offer for under a fiver in Asda this isnt worth it.


Apologies to all regarding the correct deal link, I will practice for my next effort. Hope some of you managed to save a few pounds or even pence lol. Thanks for the heats. (y)


£8 at wilco , sainsburys, morrisons.


Brilliant stuff. Make sure you do it on small areas like a door at a time, wing etc and make sure your bonnet is not warm as it's difficult to polish it properly.Also cover your windscreen with something because you don't want it in there.


I bought some of this when Morrison’s had it on offer for £5 but the instructions aren’t that clear do you put it on a dry car or a wet car. Any help would be appreciated.

Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher £179.55 with code @ Halfords
24° Expired
Posted 15th Jul 2019Posted 15th Jul 2019
Meguiars MT320 Dual Action Polisher £179.55 with code @ Halfords
30% off meguiars products with an extra 10% by using code flash10. There are no doubt other brands out there at varying prices, but for this model it’s a decent price. Used ones … Read more

They got me the last time, got my hopes up too (:I Thanks for taking the time to post it anyway.


Web exclusive, that’s not available online. Well done Halfords! Thought it was a bit too good to be true to be honest


There’s supposedly no stock near me in Glasgow. It was the same with the last Halfords deal. They mysteriously reappear back in stock once the deal ends. Good deal if you can get one.


AutoBrite Direct - For those interested in various other sizes and kits.


You’re right, fat fingers. Cheers for spotting that

April Instore. Lidl - Ultimate speed electric polisher - £19.99 @ LIDL
208° Expired
Refreshed 8th Apr 2019Refreshed 8th Apr 2019
April Instore. Lidl - Ultimate speed electric polisher - £19.99 @ LIDL
£19.99£22.9913%LIDL Deals
Might pick up to give my old car a better finish. Site description: Keep your car showroom ready with this high-performance device that polishes and buffs varnished surfaces Power… Read more

You have to make time. It can be a satisfying thing to do.


Who has the time in life to polish their car?


I have had one of these in the past, from Aldi, and they work as a polisher but are not much better than doing it by hand. They will not remove swirls or bring back very dull paint. I now have a cheap da polisher, Challenge from Argos, and the difference is huge. With Meguiers Ultimate Compound and a good polish, on my restoration project I have removed swirls and brought what was near matt black paint back to a deep shine. You need to buy decent pads as the da polisher only comes with a basic foam one. Lots of info on Detailing World forum. I wouldn't buy this type of polisher to be honest; either get a da polisher or spend the money on buying a clay mitt, some decent polish and wax, and do it by hand.


For the sake of £20, it's worth a try for light work, however, I've used one before and at 120W you'll struggle to work the compounds to their advantage. In summary there'll be less chance of damage, but equally you may not get the effect you're looking for. The Argos one is 600W, so better in terms of grunt. Take a look at this detailing forum here, there's some good, solid advice (and a lot of geekery) :) Some sponsors give discounts if you join the forum and there are always package deals with discs and compounds to get a better deal. Remember though, some manufacturers' paints are softer / harder so will need a different compound or approach I bought the DAS6 Pro using a £15 discount code as a member of the forum from this place:


Polishing looks good until it wears off and you have to do it again. Anything breaching the clear coat, you would be better of doing it property and painting it. OP s deals is still a good buy if Lidl actually have any stock, as its not as good as a dual action polisher, but it is one up from polishing by hand!

Snow Foam Demon Shine by Carplan £2 @ Sainsbury's instore
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Posted 7th Sep 2018Posted 7th Sep 2018LocalLocal
Snow Foam Demon Shine by Carplan £2 @ Sainsbury's instore
I hand wash my car weekly and am always on the lookout for good snow foam. When used with a quality foam gun this is probably about the best stuff out there. Down a massive 5 pound… Read more
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Not in stock at my local. Will try another nearby store, otherwise Halfords have meguires on offer.


Let me know if you had any success?


Really appreciate your help. I had a massive light blue bottle of Mer shampoo. Almost finished and was going to try the Meguiar shampoo (I think they call them 'washes'). I will try this one instead.


Yes it's formulation allows for it to be bucket mixed. It's a pretty low dilution from what I read on the label so it's great value at £2. Get as much as you can! :)


I'm not sure, other than I have seen several carplan products on discount with Sainsbury's on here today so it may be a national thing.

Turtle Wax Original Car Wax £3.18 @ Homebase
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Posted 19th Jun 2017Posted 19th Jun 2017
Turtle Wax Original Car Wax £3.18 @ Homebase
cheaper than Screwfix (£3.99) and amazon (£7.86 / £6.25 marketplace) Features: All year round protection. Easy on, easy off formula. Volume: 500ml

why do you use it if it's awful


really people use this junk


I use this to clean my patio and driveway. awful stuff


dreadful stuff


Meguiars car polish £2 instore at Halfords (Whitecity, Manchester)
316° Expired
Posted 4th Feb 2017Posted 4th Feb 2017LocalLocal
Meguiars car polish £2 instore at Halfords (Whitecity, Manchester)
I was at halford whitecity manchester, yesterday and they had the Meguiars car paint cleaner and polish at £2 each, im not sure if there were any more around but i took 3- They h… Read more

Meguiars is a fantastic brand with great products , id highly recommend


Zymol auto wash online is £10 down from £14

Mer car polish £6 @ Halfords
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Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
Mer car polish £6 @ Halfords
Hi Just looked on Halfords and found this mer polish for £6 a litre I normally use autoglm but I remember that mer is such a good make and at £6 this is a bargain

Collected today, cheers op


Tried looking but products been removed..


​Didn't know they had the wax bought that too.Cheeeers


Bought the polish and wax, thanks OP


Plenty of stock in my local halfrauds.Bought 2 ,1 for me and my father in law.Normally use autoglym but I'll give this a try for £6.Cheers for the share. 8)

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