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Carrera Parva Men's Hybrid Bike Blue colour - £160 delivered with trade in using code @ Cyclerepublic
Found 22 h, 51 m agoFound 22 h, 51 m ago
Here's the Carrera Parva hybrid Bike blue colour £160 with TRADE20 code

Clearly meant to be for trade in only. Wording from Ts&Cs is TRADE IN YOUR OLD BIKE FOR A NEW BIKETrade in your old bike and get up to £400 off a new bike! All you need to do is shop, choose your brand new bike, then apply your discount code at the checkout, have your new bike delivered to home or collect your new bike from your local Cycle Republic store. Finally just drop your old bike off at your own convenience! The wording is clear that you are meant to drop off your old bike at your convenience but what is less clear is what happens if you suddenly find it inconvenient to drop off you old bike. Seems a bit like the John Lewis trade-ins which rely on the customer to take in their old item but don't enforce.


Even though the Subway is almost 2kg heavier, 14.9kg v 13kg?


Actually the Subway 1 is £240 at the Cycle republic and only £220 using this tradein discount which is close to its best price. The only thing is it will have to be posted and you do your own setup unless you have a Cycle Republic nearby. Great price though. Definitely worth the £60 upgrade over the Parva as you get disc brakes, freehub drivetrain and a few other minor upgrades.


I'm still waiting on the subway 1 to go down in price... anyone know the lowest it has been before? And at what time of the year?


Doesn't look like you are under any real concrete obligation to supply a old bike. No mention of punishment if no bike is traded in. Perhaps someone knows more information. There has been quite a few Parva threads recently and as before it's worth pointing out this is a budget compromised version of the Subway with an entry level freewheel based drivetrain. The same type of drivetrain you get on sub £100 bikes. Still a nice bike at a good price but certainly not worth the claimed £300 normal price.

Carrera Star Kids Bike - 16" Wheel (also 14") was £160 now £105 C+C / Delivered @ Hallfords
Found 14th SepFound 14th Sep
Fab price for this very highly rated Carrera Star Kids' Bike - was £160 reduced to £125 & with the Extra £20 off with Spend and Save at checkout, it brings the price down to £1… Read more
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What age would you recommend this one please?


How does the ridgeback 16" compare to this?




Is it a girls bike or is it good for boys as well?


Excellent bike. Well worth the money

Carrera Parva Mens Hybrid Bike Bicycle 27.5" Alloy Freewheel, £162 with code at Halfords/ebay
Refreshed 11th SepRefreshed 11th Sep
Carrera Parva Womens Hybrid same price

Voodoo bikes are much cheaper from cycle Republic the hybrid black one is on for £320 plus extra £30 off if you trade in an old bike


Voodoo bikes are much cheaper from cycle Republic the hybrid black one is on for £320 plus extra £30 off if you trade in an old bike


Personally I would just want to change the rear wheel for a freehub rear wheel and fit a 7 speed cassette and spacer. That would strengthen the bike and give better shifting (removing freewheel wobble). I would definitely want to keep the forks one of its best features in my opinion but if you wanted to convert the bike to a hardtail it is capable of it. It appears to be a decent Carrera mountain bike frame.


No, not at all as this has no suspension. The bigger the tires the better to soak up some of the small bump's ;)


Hi angelking I have just googled it, can't find a thing. Can you give me some more information pls

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Carrera Parva Mens Hybrid Bike - Black £180 @ Halfords
Found 8th SepFound 8th Sep
Carrera Parva Men’s Hybrid Bike - Black Whether you’re commuting in the week or hitting some cycle trails at the weekend, the Carrera Parva Black Men’s Hybrid Bike excels at both, … Read more

Well that is the other end of the spectrum a very fast lightweight road bike, a great bike but it does have low weight limits and has no hybrid functionality purely on the road. The carbon forks will improve comfort a bit but it's definitely not a comfort bike like the Crossfire. You'll massacre your mate in speed if you have this and he has the Crossfire unless he is lighter and fitter than you or you have to take the long route via road and he can take rougher ground. I personally don't like carbon forks, they are brittle and can fail dramatically and would always avoid them but I think that is an issue I have, I'm a heavy rider anyway and just not suitable for me. Just bear in mind if the bike topples over or you have a minor accident you really should have the forks checked and possibly scanned for cracks etc. They need careful monitoring for possible damage. A certain percentage of carbon forks will fail too due to voids and manufacturing issues. I personally prefer more robust steel or aluminium forks.


cheers, would this be any better? It gets rave reviews. Sorry to hijack the thread.


Crossfire is a decent enough bike but do you really need front suspension? It makes the bike less efficient and less reliable. I would recommend the Subway as a better bike in my opinion but I would take the time to go into Halfords and see which bike you prefer. The crossfire is configured as a comfort hybrid bike for those older cyclists with bad backs or other minor health issues you are sacrificing a lot of cycling speed and efficiency to get a softer ride quality but most people don't need that very soft ride quality. If you get a Subway not only will it be a better bike on the road but its stronger mountain bike frame and wheels will mean its more capable off road as well. You will also not have to spend as much time maintaining a subway bike.


guys, I known nothing about bikes. My buddy has a Carrera Crossfire 2. I want to start biking with him 2/3 times a week after work for an hour. I've tested his bike and I like it. We will be travelling 90% roads, 10% parks/ offroad. Is this anything like it? PS = i will be using cycle2work tnx in advance.tagteam


How do you personally define excel on the road? If it is purely commuting speed and lightness then I take your point but that definition isn't the same as many others. I might consider excelling on the road as coping with potholes, stronger brakes, more upright riding position and tyres that don't need constant pumping up before every journey. I agree the marketing term is incorrect and a hybrid's strength is surely its versatility and the fact it doesn't excel at either but one person's perfect road bike might be a Brompton, another's maybe a super lightweight carbon road bike and another a simple steel workhorse of a bike that doesn't get the attention of thieves. I've seen forum posting's where someone was recommended a typical road bike as a commuting bike by a bike shop and then realised when he got it he hated it for commuting and had to convert it to flat handlebars as drop bars were inappropriate for the start/stop cycling in heavy traffic where he needed upright visibility and constant braking. It was an expensive mistake as changing the brake levers and shifters was not cheap. Apart from the crappy freewheel based drivetrain this Parva seems a pretty good commuting bike. Decent trigger shifters too none of that twist/revo shifter rubbish which can be dangerous.

Carrera Parva Mens Hybrid Bike 20" Grey Alloy Frame 21 Speed 27.5" Inch Wheels - £100 on halfords on ebay
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Seems like a good price, there is a deal on here for similar bike at £180 Halfords Click and collect
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I've noticed older bikes are sometimes better than the newer models that replace them. The pound dropping in value and Chinese wages increasing means it gets harder to import the same quality bike for the same money and many bikes see small downgrades year by year or alternatively have price increases. Personally I look at the spec to see the differences. The weight of 19kg is likely boxed weight I doubt there will be much weight difference between the bikes of one year compared to the following year unless there is some huge difference in the specification. One of the most common downgrades to keep prices static is to replace aluminium handlebars and seatposts with steel versions so often bikes at the bottom end of pricing get heavier. However downgrades where they have replaced double wall rims with single wall and freehub/cassettes with freewheels does actually drop the weight of the bike.


Is their ebay shop totally broken? Every time I order a bike, after the payment process it bugs out, and says there is no stock or something along those lines. The only success I have had is with the Pendleton (£20) which they later reneged on. There are similarly negative reviews left on some of the ebay pages for non-existent items. A total waste of time.


Actually the one listed here is the 2015 model. Still a brilliant price though.


I don't think anyone stated it was an older model on here but I bought two of the newer versions a couple of months ago and they look slightly different.


Very sorry I missed the fact this was an older model

Carrera Parva back down to £180 @ Halfords
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Carrera Parva Men’s Hybrid Bike - Blue Whether you’re commuting in the week or hitting some cycle trails at the weekend, the Carrera Parva Silver Men’s Hybrid Bike - Blue excels at… Read more

Look out for saddles when in Lidl very comfortable and great price. I have one on mountain and road bike


Merida is a Disney Princess. (annoyed)


I think that was the older version.


Took the plunge. £162 after my aa discount


yes for this sort of money you wont be getting disc brakes

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Halfords Carrera sulcata - £250 @ Halfords
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Halfords Carrera sulcata £250

So many suspension bikes go to recycling though once the suspension has failed. Often to replace that suspension it is very expensive and most make the decision to get another bike rather than put a large amount of money into their old bike. Such suspension can be surprisingly short life at times too. Hybrid isn't designed for mountain biking just light trails only. Typically when you have 700c wheels and front suspension that is seen more as a comfort bike. The suspension is there for the elderly or people with back issues or people who just want higher comfort and do not care about riding efficiency or speed. It's extremely rare that such bikes are fitted with off-road suspension they normally get short travel, light duty suspension with very little adjustment designed for comfort bikes but it depends on the price point of course. Such suspension is often just lengthened versions of front suspension used on children's mountain bikes 20"-24" wheeled bikes sometimes, tube thickness, diameter etc and so couldn't be seriously taken off road for a heavier adult rider.


That's just how you like it. Doesn't mean whole world likes it that way. They given you choice. If you do road cycling you go road bike. You do mountain biking you go mountain biking. Do bit of both go hybrid. And if you have nitche taste build one of your own (y)


Hybrid is only for light trails but then why fit suspension to it which you don't need for light trails and you certainly don't need for the road? The wheel size of 700c is the best thing for potholes not suspension, the larger wheels will cope better with such holes. This assumes the potholes are normal size potholes and nothing extreme in size.


Well it's personal preference really. I like to have front suspension for road use because where I live there lots of pot holes. I thought hybrid was only really for light trails and not serious mountain biking.


Some of these hybrids are terrible concepts though. You get suspension on some which really you only need if going off road but you get weak 700c wheels not suitable for serious off-road use. So you have all the weight of the suspension and lack of efficiency with front suspension on the road and a bike that still cannot be used seriously off-road for this reason I've always felt the Crossfire was a bad option for most people. The Subway for example is far stronger can be taken anywhere including seriously off road even drops and yet is a far more efficient road bike than the Crossfire. It does everything better than the Crossfire and is far lower maintenance too. If your worried about lack of suspension the thicker mountain bike tyres of the Subway can be inflated to match your body weight and give some suspension effect without compromising road cycling efficiency.

Carrera Kraken Mountain Bike - 16", 18", 20", 22" Frames - £360 @ Halfords
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Carrera kraken on sale from £450 i bought this last year for £360 when it was on sale and its been great on and off road i really recommend it if your budgets under 500 specs below… Read more
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Fantastic deal especially with the tyre upgrade.


Sounds good to me hope you enjoy it my kraken model has been great over the last year


Just want to say a big thank you to OP and bonzobanana Got myself a Sulcata down to £247.50 after code, then used Zeek credit for the rest. Paid £226 all in Also, there was a problem with the stock tyres, so they fitted some superior continentals on for no extra charge!


Bike accessories and components might be a rip off but they are normally great for bikes. Going from a independent local bike shop to halfords and seeing what you can get for your money in quality bikes is a revelation. Sometimes its better to order online and collect and pay instore. You can get cashback from topcashback etc and can buy discounted gift vouchers from zeek etc for payment instore. You can create some extra discount. On zeek gift cards are currently 6% discounted for halfords. Also you can get cashback when you order your zeek gift cards etc.


Its still a great bike at 360 to be honest, the normal price is 450

Carrera Crossfire E Electric Hybrid Bike (Mens & Womens frames) £1000 Halfords
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Halfords have now reduced the price of their Carrera Crossfire ebike, buy on line and get 3% cashback, however buy in store and save an additional 10% more if you are a member of B… Read more
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Surprised this is cold unless the bike is rubbish. 140 halford reviews says its good. Even better when buying from store vs online retailer as the 2 year warranty means you can take straight back to store and get them to resolve it rather than dealing with online call centres


If you buy it and need to know anything about it after its been delivered, drop me a pm. I've had the bike almost a year now, so i'm familiar with every aspect of it. It also comes with lights, that run off the main battery and have a light sensor, so they'll turn on automatically in low light. They're only incandescent bulb lights and not led, but its a still a nice touch.


Giant are having a sale and although their bikes are a lot more than the halfords ones the quality appears to be right up there, if you have a cycle to work scheme and your employer let's you top up then a £2000 bike becomes 1750 and if like me you can shift on old bike on ebay then then price comes Down a bit more.


That looks right up my street and well under my budget. Thank you very much for the info and for taking the time to reply.


For mainly road, the Raleigh Pioneer E is a good deal atm...... I have one myself and i've been pretty impressed with it since i bought it last year. Its also been totally reliable with no motor cut outs like the Crossfire E. It'll easily do 40 miles with its 400wh batt if you use one down from full power setting. Rigid fork is much better than cheap suss. It only really loses out against the Crossfire by not having hydraulic disc brakes and uses rim brakes, but they're more than adequate.

Carrera Cosmos 16" kids bike - £128 @ Halfords
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Nice light weight kids bike. Was 230 down to 160 and now down to 128. Similar to the Vitus sixteen and frog bikes for a fraction of the cost. Another 10% off if you have a Bri… Read more

Awesome bike, kids will love it, good on your back as it’s super light. My son had it for a year and he is now moved to next size and it’s a Carrera too.


Yup, I'm amazed how light it is compared to my son's old crappy steel character bike! Now he can cycle without being tired all the time :)


Wow! Thanks OP! Just bought a girls version of the same - Carrera Star Kids To let you all know, this just weighs 6kg and the lightest in all the categories in even £300-£400.. It keeps coming at this price but pulled a trigger this time using Zeek Vouchers. P.S - Dont forget to use TCB - 3.03%


We bought this bike for my son last Xmas cracking bike

Carrera  Crossfire Crossfire-E Mens Electric Bike now £1000 at Cycle Republic
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Crossfire ebike now £1000 at Cycle Republic (Currently £1250 at Halfords). This might be useful to someone. (Yes it's 1k but at least it's been reduced) Just been to Halfords it… Read more
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AHH darn hoping mine last 6 months( pays for itself by then)


No it has a motor on it, so you could make the wheel... but for your average person like me, I just want something easy.


My only concern would be spending a grant in a Carrera bike, considering is sort of a low range brand... Don't know, having a 300£ bike which just adds 700 for the electrical bit... Once you spend this money go bigger and buy quality.


Can't you buy the wheel anywhere?


You talking about mopeds here?

Carrera subway 2 £252 today only @ Halfords
LocalLocalFound 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Has been hot in the past at £280 Extra 10% off at checkout so £252 today

Nah just had to. Was passing by.not stopping. Window shopping.


I don't know what I'm doing really. I want to learn though. I've placed an order for one since I can get it for £150ish with cycle to work. I guess I'll let Halford's build it and then take my current bike and see if I can take it apart and put it back together. I don't like being at the mercy of Halford's


For the money I could not find better and build quality is spot on, I built the bike myself though rather than allowing halfords, depends if you know what you are doing or not. If your not sure then still better to get built in store.


I'm a little put off that it is Halford's own brand. I've not had good experiences with Halford's. People do seem to like these bikes but I can't help but wonder if other manufacturers are better.


Expired, back to £350

Carrera Zelos Mens Road Bike - 51, 54cm Frames Now £198 after discounts @ halfords
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
The Carrera Zelos Mens Road Bike has a lightweight alloy frame making it ideal for cycling quickly on roads with little effort. Its 14 speed Shimano gearing allows easy and effi… Read more
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Hot, good for someone buying the first road bike who won´t be doing that many miles. Add another 20 pounds to the price and buy some pedals as the ones that come with the bike are ridiculous. All those "cold not carbon", "cold not shimano 105" please stay awaaaaay. Only downside you have to get this through Halfords so they will probably mess us the bike before giving it to you.


Virtuoso at £234 after the 10% discount is a much nicer bike with a claris drivetrain. All you need really as a solid road bike.

Carrera Parva Men's Hybrid Bike £180 at Halfords
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Was about to get it for £200 yesterday but didn't. Went back to get it today and there's a further 10% discount at checkout bringing it down to £180.
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Thanks for the detailed reply, I have gone for the Parva since I'll basically just use it daily to cycle 10 mins to and from my nearest train station, with the occasional ride-around the local park. I think it'll be more than suitable for my needs. Although if I had read your comment a couple of days ago while the sale was on I'd have been seriously tempted to upgrade :D


The freehub of the subways is much stronger than a freewheel. The freewheel is an entry level component at the bottom end of Shimano's components and is typically found on sub £100 bikes. Freewheel based bikes tend to need more maintenance have less precise gear shifting (due to freewheel wobble) The rear axle is unsupported on the drive side so can bend quite easily for heavy riders or those that go off road a bit more or do drops off pavements. The freewheel drivetrain is quite light though, with a small weak ratchet mechanism in the freewheel and a low end plastic tourney derailleur. The Subway 2 should still be lighter though but not by much as I believe it has more aluminium components including the forks which should compensate for the heavier drivetrain and brakes but there may not be much in it. Looking at the halfords site it does look like the Subway is heavier and may be geniunely heavier but then its a much stronger bike that you can abuse and take off road without issue. It should require less maintenance. The Subways are only one step away from being decent hardtail mountain bikes you just need to replace the rigid forks with suspension forks and for a lot of off road use you don't even need suspension anyway. The Parva is basically a budget, light duty version of the subway. Disc brakes are replaced with v brakes, drivetrain is downgraded to entry level, some parts are replaced with heavier steel version like handlebars, forks etc. I actually have a preference for steel forks over aluminium so don't see that as a downgrade myself but the rest of it is a downgrade.




@Joel_Jacob there was a 10% discount at the checkout but the offer has ended now.


The price is 210 on the halfords website. How will i get it for 180 pounds?

Tag Heuer Carrera 7 Twin Time £1800 @ Selfridges
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Some great savings to be had on many big name watches here....… Read more
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If I could sell it then yeah that's a great purchase. My point is what value is there? Rolex retains value that's why they are so much. There is no possible function or material that could warrant the £1800 price. Even if it was made of 24 carat gold all around it wouldn't be £1800 on its weight, I cannot understand why someone would buy this. To each their own!


That way of thinking could be applied to any spend. Why spend more on a particular car, when you can get a cheaper one ....blah, blah. The point of this is that this is a watch that generally retails at around £2400, and can now be purchased for £1800, therefore saving £600. That in my eyes is a deal, regardless of whether I like the look of the watch or not. Surely the value is down to what the buyer deems to be ‘valuable’? But in money terms, you could buy this for £1800, and potentially sell it for more (unused) given the RRP? Anyhow. No drama if it’s not for you. There will be a G Shock deal along shortly I’m sure. ;)


Same strap on the Monaco I bought. It’s very high quality and looks great


There is no value at all in a £1800 watch, let's not go there. I was asking because otherwise I haven't a clue why anyone would buy it, there is nothing outstanding about it. Probably cost £100 to create.


How about because you like the look of it? Or because you like nicely made things? Not every purchase needs to entirely rational - sometimes you can be attracted to things on an emotive level. Also, it's cool you may not see the point in spending £1800 on a watch, and that's fine, but other people judge value in different ways. For some people, £1800 for a watch seems absurd - for others, a purchase like this is chump change.

Carrera Parva Mens/womens Hybrid Bike - Black, £189 at Halfords-w/c
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Two colors for womens and mens each. Carrera Parva Men's Hybrid Bike - BlackWhether you're commuting in the week or hitting some cycle trails at the weekend, the Carrera Parva Bla… Read more

The find that bike link is great thanks! Seen some that are not too far away but ognna need to find out more info from seller on sizes etc for my height! :)


Thanks brought one for me and one for my other half 😁 I had a carrera subway before and was very reliable 😁 fx this as good


Doesn't have to be a xile pretty much any off road bike strengthened for jumps should be ok. There are quite a few Saracen models that go for reasonable money but many other brands too. Just look for the strengthening of the frame in the areas mentioned. There is a lot to be said for buying new though. Aluminium frames start off really strong and always get weaker so a typical aluminium frame will handle higher weights when new but fatigue will reduce strength over time. It may be as an overweight rider you may only get 2 or 3 years out of a frame where as a normal weight rider may get 10-15 years etc. There are a lot of variables to consider. A good bike search tool here; A quick look on ebay shows this Instinct with reinforced frame. Why a dirt jump bike needs to be strong.


Just bought one for me and one for my wife. Had a gander at them in-store first and although I'm a novice I thought they were well built. Two for £345 on Halfords eBay with the US eBay 20% code. Wasn't quite 20% though.


I never would've guessed after writing that word for several decades (excited) This is Hot UK Deals though, not Hot USA Deals (nerd)

Tag Heuer Carrera Chronograph at Goldsmiths for £2450
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Beautiful looking watch and over £1000 off. This sleek TAG Heuer Carrera watch features a 41mm stainless steel case with anti-reflective treatment and sapphire crystal glass perf… Read more
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My wife had been saving to buy this for me, this deal meant I got it extra early. Thanks op


Did anyone actually get 9% seems to say only 2% on sale items? Also what do people think of the Aquaracer white dial at £1750?


Which one?


I have a brand new one for sale if your interested


Bought one. Thank you Anyone to help me take it inside the house?

Carrera Intercity lightweight (12kg) folding bike now £280 (was £350) at Halfords.
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
There are many different reasons for choosing a folding bike (storage, transport, security, size flexibility....) but if you are looking to commute regularly on one and that includ… Read more

Back to £350 now so I've expired the deal.


I've had bikes over the weekend to try before buying, didn't expect that but I thought i'd be allowed a go in the car park!


How long does it take to fold/unfold


I have one of these. I am 100kg. I have done 1000 miles in the past year and had no problems except be aware they are not quick release wheels so either upgrade or get puncture proof/self healing tyres else it can be a pain to sort at the roadside.


I think if you order online to collect in store they let you try it and you can return if you don’t like it.. a halfords guy told that to me few weeks ago.. can’t remember clearly but would be worth checking with their customer service

Carrera vengeance alloy frame / 27.5 wheels/ £264 @ halfords / Ebay
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Ladies version also available £264… Read more

Was £193 2 years ago


Is this good for a beginner? Thinking wether to buy 2nd hand or brand new need to get fit


Thanks a lot for that! Just recently got back into cycling and just looking for something lighter and with more gears than my current mountain bike, and know barely anything about bikes. The B'twin was indeed last year's version but the Carrera is brand new (if it's a real ad as I haven't heard anything back). I'll probably go for the Carrera then, thanks for the input! Much appreciated.


Not a great deal in it quality-wise to be honest. It depends which year the bikes you're looking at are since the specs change slightly (as you found with the V-brakes vs disc brakes). The current model Carrera has more traditional style of gearing (3x7 = 21 gears) where you shift with both hands, the BTwin has the currently popular style where you just shift with the right hand (1x9 = 9 gears). The BTwin has a suspension fork and the Carrera has a rigid fork, so the BTwin may feel more comfortable to ride, though there are drawbacks to suspension forks at this price point too (reliability, effectiveness, extra weight). This year's model of the BTwin has disc brakes but last year's doesn't, personally I don't think there's much benefit over V-brakes at this kind of level, more important to have whichever brakes set up correctly. The BTwin has narrower tyres so will probably feel a bit faster on the roads and less at home on tracks, vice versa for the Carrera.


Thanks for the answer! I just checked the ad and oddly, he shows the link for the riverside 500 on Decathlon that says disc brakes, but the pictures on his ad don't have disc brake.

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