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Carrera Subway 2 Mens Hybrid Bike 2020 - Black, Medium £350 (£315 with british cycling Membership Voucher) at Halfords
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Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Groupset : Shimano Altus 2x9 (18 speed) Brake Type : Hydraulic Disc Brakes Wheel Size : 27.5" with wide tyres for urban commutes

I would like a British Cycling Voucher if anyone has got one (be ya friend an' stuff :) )


Me too... request anyone got spare British Cycling Voucher ?


Anyone got spare britsh cycling voucher?


Besides my personal gripe at questioning the concept of 27.5" wheels/tyres, the Subway 2 is a very robust and safe purchase for £350.


Most people aren't better off with mountain bikes as most people ride on the road or light gravel etc and rarely go fully off-road. The Subway is a brilliant bike because it delivers a very strong bike that is easy to maintain and can be used pretty much anywhere even off-road and soaks up poor road surfaces without issues. I don't know about the current new model of Subway but the model has probably existed for 15 years and all the previous models were excellent and I suspect the new one is as well. The frame has changed for the new model and they have simplified the drivetrain plus improved the contact points. All features that improve and update the model to modern standards. Personally I would have preferred a 1x drivetrain and a wide range cassette something like a 11-42T but instead Halfords went from a 3x to a 2x drivetrain.

Carrera Crossfire 1 Mens Hybrid Bike 2020 - Silver - £275 @ Halfords
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Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Carrera Crossfire 1 Mens Hybrid Bike 2020 - Silver - £275 @ Halfords Been waiting for what seems like forever for bikes to become available in any shop at all and just noticed thi… Read more
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I don't think that's correct at all. It depends also on the size of the chain and maintenance. On a bike with only 9 gears at the rear, the chain will be quite wide and therefore more robust than a narrower one for 10 or 11 gears. I have a Trek hybrid bike that has done 3,800+ km in about 4 years, and chain hasn't been replaced yet (and doesn't need to, not stretched). Bike has 9 rear gears, but I keep the drivedrain fairly clean too (meaning less wear on cassette and chain). Actually, I have replaced no components at all on that bike, apart from tires and tubes, once at the front and rear. I have done no adjustment of gears either. Apart from regular cleaning, can't complain on the level of maintenance required!


Thanks gonna hit the store tomorrow and try a few out for size. I'll look that one up too!


I'd go slightly dearer if you're getting it through cycle to work. I would have only my work dont use the one Halfords use. The Crossfire 2 came into stock today in red. Think its around £325


Used an older model to commute to work and it was a brilliant bike.


My employer provides a cycle to work benefit whereby I can get a bike cheap Halfords if one of the suppliers, so this of interest to me. Would I be better paying extra or does this have everything a I need for commuting in the city centre?

Carrera Vulcan Mens Mountain Bike Black - S, M, L Frames £375 at Halfords - free Bike Built and Collected In-store / £25 delivery
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Yes, this is probably the standard price, but the most popular sized bikes (Large) have been out of stock for a while now due to demand. This one is now back in stock for those who… Read more
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I have PM you Bonzo, looking for some advice Thanks


I loved my Vulcan until it was nicked! Tempted but want a hybrid now


Before Corona the Vulcan in recent history might get to £300 as its base price and you might get a 10% off code to £270 approx so the corona premium here is £75-100 for this model. It has a 120mm travel front fork not 100mm and hydraulic disc brakes with a 27 speed (3x9) drivetrain not 24 (3x8) so its higher spec in 3 key areas compared to Halfords entry level real mountain bikes which are 3x8 (tourney), mechanical disc brakes and 100mm travel forks. Like you I don't believe they were ever £150 but I think there was an offer on ebay where some Sulcata's were sold for £150 for a while but it was very few. Carrera are the most stolen bikes in the UK because they are the most common brand so stolen bikes are often available cheaply s/hand.


Halfords look like they have changed factories for this year although I could be wrong, across the board the styling and construction of the frames are different. The newer models have improved geometry and have gone to a 2x drivetrain instead of 3x for most models, they have focused more on the contact points, saddle and grips and generally look very good. I still have a fondness for the previous range which are 3x and the frame geometry is more old school. I think for the average cyclist the newer range are better but I feel like the older models look a bit stronger more abuse-able but that is just my impression from looking at them. The older model has an extra part welded between the top tube and top of seat tube to strengthen that section and a section welded on the underside where the downtube meets the headtube. These additional welded sections cost more money and the shorter geometry adds to strength too. I feel like the older model is better for heavier riders, both stronger and more gears. Also the older models had a great reputation for strength from that factory and high weight limits of 160kg total load. I'm unsure if this has changed for the new range of models. I guess if you are a 90kg or less rider I would go with the new range but if you are more than 90kg the old model however if you are just going to use it on the road I doubt it matters its only really if you give it some abuse off-road. It would be more useful if we could find out which factory the new range is coming from, if it is Insera Sena in Indonesia then I think they might be a little weaker than the older models from a Cambodian factory, some Calibre bikes from Go Outdoors have had some frame issues and they seem to mainly use Insera Sena for their Calibre bikes. They had a model called the Calibre dune which was a fatbike and that had a lot of frame failures and I think some bossnuts have had frames break however the Bossnut is an incredibly popular bike with huge sales so hard to tell if that is a real issue. The old Vulcan design clearly has run its course and in that time seems to have an excellent reputation for strength, for the moment the new model is a little unknown.


Realistically, the huge jump is probably over the last three months rather than the 10 years prior to that.

Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike 2020 - In Stock - £325 @ Halfords
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Posted 22nd JunPosted 22nd Jun
With the low supply of bikes in the UK, the new Carrera Crossfire 2 has just come in stock. Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - Black Frame: Lightweight, easy-handling with … Read more
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Nice bike.


How does this fare against Marin San Rafael DS1 that costs around £340?


Exactly. As high or higher. That’s what I said. You’ll not need to adjust the handlebar height then. It’s the seat post you need to adjust:


I don't think that is true, it's only really high end bikes where you get a good bike fit by the dealer, the ability to adjust handlebar height is something lost on many newer bikes. Mountain bikes introduced the much stronger threadless system which makes sense for mountain bikes but do you really need it for city bikes or road bikes, it feels like overkill there. The ability to tailor your own bike for the perfect bike fit over time has been lost and lets not forget sometimes someone else might want to ride the bike, a quill stem is relatively easy and quick to adjust for the rider's height. I remember seeing a comparison of a modern road bike vs an old road bike and the old road bike was criticised for it's rubbish brakes and suicide shifters but the quill stem was complemented for the ease of adjustment of the reviewer. Also if you are going for a leisurely ride or cycling in a city you may want your handlebars high for a more upright safer way of cycling but another time you may want to lower the quill stem to give you a very fast aero riding position for a race etc, same bike but 2 completely different riding positions and it only takes a minute or so to swop between those positions.


Can't find this bike in stock anywhere

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Carrera Parva Womens Hybrid Bike 2020 - Halfords - £250
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Been keeping an eye on the new Carrera bikes in Halfords and just seen this come in stock. I have ordered the Parva myself but it does look like some of the other new models are a… Read more
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Hi bonzobanana the bike is made in Cambodia


Do you know which country the bike was manufactured? Cambodia, Indonesia or perhaps somewhere else? Trying to get an idea which factory Halfords are using for these bikes. I just wondered as the frame is a more simplistic frame if they have moved production for these bikes to somewhere like Bangladesh or Sri Lanka or similar like some of the Apollo models.


I know right hehe I'm sure I bought the parva for £150 last year and took it right back after one ride it was terrible imo


Any of the Carrera Crossfires are pretty well regarded for the cheap cost. That or the Riverside hybrid from Decathlon which restock every evening at 11pm but you’ve gotta be quick. If not fussed about new then scour your local gumtree/Facebook selling sites but prices are higher at the moment due to demand.


Any hardtail recommendations for the Mrs?

Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Black - XS, S, M, L, XL Frames - £325 delivered @ Halfords
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Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Black - XS, S, M, L, XL Frames - £325 delivered @ Halfords
£325 Free P&P FreeHalfords Deals
Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike - BlackFrame: Lightweight strong and durable Alloy frame Forks: Suntour XCM adjustable forks with 100mm of travel Gears: 16 speed Shimano Alt… Read more
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Back in stock, just ordered today


I have had 2 Carrera's they are decent-ish bikes, agree about them being a bit of a teen bike. As for Calibre my experience is trying to get one! I thought i had one ordered and then a week later my order was updated to cancelled order, not enough parts! Fuming was not the word (mad) (mad) experience of second hand market is don't sell on Ebay, thought i had sold my Voodoo Hoodoo on Sunday, only for the buyer to come and his parents not lend him enough money!! PM if anybody is seriously interested, Peterborough area. Lot of upgrades and new parts


suntor forks are solid, but filled with lead


I get where your coming from. It's so difficult to find bikes even at retail price at the moment.. with the 2nd hand market prices higher than normal.. just figured this post might help someone get hold of a bike with stock being so low.


£325 is not a deal price. It’s just the normal price. Cold for that reason.

Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Green - £325 @ Halfords
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Posted 28th MayPosted 28th May
Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike 2020 - Green - £325 @ Halfords
I’ve been trying to find a Large bike for my son for a couple of weeks and everywhere is sold out it seems. Checked Halfords and they have a few more in stock of the Large size and… Read more
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Still no stock! Anyone managed to find stock?


My son bought himself one of these last year for £245 reduced from £325, but with the current situation everyone seems to be on a bike these days, so those discounts are long gone 😞


lol been waiting for a vitus sentier vr to come back into stock since March. Lat year i would never have even considered paying anything over £300 for a bike. Now im ready to snap one up at over 1k without even a second thought. Amazing how events change your perceptions.


I got it from blacks. They only had a few in stock and different colour to the yellow i had seen


Go outdoors don't have any in stock, where did you buy from?

Carrera Vengeance Men’s mountain Bike Medium £325 delivered at Halfords
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Carrera Vengeance Men’s mountain Bike Medium £325 delivered at Halfords
£325 Free P&P FreeHalfords Deals
Back in stock at Halfords if you’re quick. Free collection and Bike build as well. Suspect they will go quickly!
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The way metal fatigue works is the bike frame starts out very strong and over the years fatigue erodes that strength so when you overload a frame it shouldn't fail immediately it just reduces the overall lifespan of the frame. If the frame typically has a minimum lifespan of 7-10 years then a very heavy person might end up with 3 years lets say. However the Voodoo bike is rated to a total load of 160kg which includes the bike weight itself. It would have been tested and certified to meet that 160kg total load for about 7-10 years using time accelerated testing so hopefully will be fine long term.


I have the voodoo Bantu and I weigh roughly around 132kg the bike has been fine no probs had it over a year now


I've also got the Voodoo Marasa. It used to be priced at £400 and regularly 20% off down to £320. I'd been looking at getting one for a while and managed to get via Halfords ebay with an extra code and sub £300. Such a surge in demand means that there are few bargains to be had. As for the bike, it's great. Good gear changes and brakes. I get a little envious seeing some of the pricey road/race bikes but I was able to take mine through a forest the other day and then back onto the road.


Been looking for a bike, this fits the bill nicely. Cheers OP, heat added


I've been looking to get a specific Cerrera bike from Halfords for the last couple of weeks. That message is the bane on my existence right now

Carrera Axle Hybrid Bike - Red 20" (5ft10-6ft1) Halfords - £175 Delivered
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Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Carrera Axle Hybrid Bike - Red 20" (5ft10-6ft1) Halfords - £175 Delivered
£175£25030%Halfords Deals
Cheap and cheerful. £250 down to £175. 10% discount for bluelightcard holders. 20" frame only, suitable for 5ft10 - 6ft1 tall. 21 speed Shimano gears for easy climbs Powerful … Read more

Nice one at least you got something then. Tbf although they said they'd issue me the 10% refund I've had nothing through yet so will have to chase it up. But even at £175 it's an absolute steal imo.


Just got mine yesterday, very nice bike! Had a bit of a chew on getting bluelight 10%. They refused to do it online. Instoee, they agreed to give me accessories worth the 10% so worked out well as I needed a few bits (y) thanks again


Very pleased with mine


quidco tracked but hark at the payment date XD


Wow sold out already!

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Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
£799£89911%Halfords Deals
Carrera Vengeance E Mens Electric Mountain Bike - 16”, 18”, 20" Frames Removable Battery - Yes Maximum Range - Up To 40 Miles Recharge Time - 6 Hours Sharing its foundations w… Read more
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Yes joking aside.....its a really good bike...a friend got one and he's delighted with it... (y)


Yeah I picked up the vulcan 10 days ago got an ex display model of this exact bike, really happy with it


Go for the vulcan.... Its logical. :)


I'm not sure whether to go for this or last year's vulcan model at £999, anyone know which one is better?


Aye! Your about 7 days to late :p maxmix

Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike £995 @ Halfords - FREE Click & Collect / Free Delivery
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Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Carrera Vulcan Electric Mountain Bike £995 @ Halfords - FREE Click & Collect / Free Delivery
My first post in many years being a member! Wahoo! Hello all! I've just been browsing the Halfords website and I've came across their Carrera Vulcan Electric bike reduced to £995… Read more

I ride on a ebike everyday to work and I sort of see why they are capped, Yes the lycra crew can get to 20mph, but lets be real most only bother doing that on a striaght stretch, they aint speedig like that on short stops and start like you often do commuting. 20mph would have novices going 20 down short roads with loads of cars and is likely to cause an accident, myself would be responsible on slowing down but unfortunately I don't think the rest would. I think 15 is enough, anyone who want more can always mod them.


Codes work on clearance stuff and anything else that does not have a discount like £150 off £1000 spend, I notice Halfords have increased prices and done away with the money off promotions


Will this still work


Is this model worth it or is the newer model more reliable (less cut outs)?


Depends which scheme your work is signed up to. Old work didn't do halfords new work do.

Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - Black - S, M, L Frames £231 @ Halfords
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - Black - S, M, L Frames £231 @ Halfords
£231£29923%Halfords Deals
Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - BlackOne of our best-selling bikes, the second generation of Carrera Crossfire Hybrid Bikes blends smart styling, premium components, a durab… Read more

Il second the subway, as it’s fractionally lighter and a smooth ride even without front fork suspension, loved mine until it was stolen


I've got a 25 year old Carrera Vulcan in the garage will this/the Subway be a huge difference?


Is this voodoo bike worth the extra £100? Was recommended this by 1 of the shop staff over the Carrera subway


Which is the better Bike? This the Crossfire or the Cannondale on another post Using for commuting 6 miles per day


Thanks mate. Waiting on it being ready and will pop in

Carrera Crossfire 2 Womens/Mens Hybrid Bike - Black - S, M, L Frames £207.90 with code at Halfords
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Posted 25th Dec 2019Posted 25th Dec 2019
Carrera Crossfire 2 Womens/Mens Hybrid Bike - Black - S, M, L Frames £207.90 with code at Halfords
Great bikes and good price too, both mens and womens available. Carrera Crossfire 2 Mens Hybrid Bike - Black Key Features Lightweight aluminium frame Suntour suspension 24 spee… Read more

Promotion "XMAS10" is temporarily not available at this time.


Cant load site. Will try again later


Thanks very much, I had looked at this bike a few times in store but it was out my price range but for this price I think I have to go for it. 6% on quidco too!


Ordered. Thank you.

Carrera Vengeance Mountain Bike (Limited Edition) - £250 @ Halfords (Black Friday Special)
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Carrera Vengeance Mountain Bike (Limited Edition) - £250 @ Halfords (Black Friday Special)
Decent bike and £50 cheaper than the regular. Granted it's got mechanical discs and entry level kit but at £250...
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Probably about 10 seconds to google it. Not sure why you'd think it would take any longer than that. You certainly like to exaggerate thats for sure. :{


And I bet you've spent all day doing your research on that,Get a life (lol) (lol) (lol)


There is only about 3 million bikes sold in the UK per year of which Halfords have about 40% of sales by volume or 25% by revenue.




Limited edition, they've only made 3 million

Carrera Subway 1 Mens Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Shimano Gears 27.5" Inch Wheels £216 at Halfords/ebay with code
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Posted 5th Nov 2019Posted 5th Nov 2019
Carrera Subway 1 Mens Hybrid Bike 24 Speed Shimano Gears 27.5" Inch Wheels £216 at Halfords/ebay with code
£216£24010%eBay Deals
Decent bike for the price. 18" and 20" available. Carrera Subway 1 Mens Hybrid BikeThe Carrera Subway 1 Mens Hybrid Bike is the ideal for fast riding around town and on smoother … Read more

Hi all Does anyone know how the 10 percent promo code works for best offer transactions? If I make an offer & it’s accepted can I still use the 10 percent code at check out when I’m paying ? Buying a washing machine and seller accepted an offer that 35 less than his listed price but the listing is also “PRISTINE “ so another 10 percent ! Just not sure if I can still get this 10 percent after seller accepts my offer ? In checkout can I put the code once he accepts my offer ?


Yes I had a Saracen Traverse in 1993 which was a rigid mountain bike,it was a very nippy bike and sometimes I wish I had a bike like that now without the hassle of hydraulic disc breaks


this the time of year to get a good deal on a bike ?


Other good bikes in this offer are the Carrera Vulcan, Voodoo Marasa and Limba.


Probably would with lower profile tyres typical road tyres but the frame is meant for 27.5" wheels. Saying that there does look like generous clearance for 29"/700c wheels with even mountain bike tyres. Remember though the bike has a strong reinforced mountain bike frame and stronger 27.5" wheels its not your typical hybrid bike its a mountain bike with rigid forks, it's a heavier more solid bike. Most hybrids would be lighter than this unless its a hybrid with front shocks which could be heavier. For me the greatness of this bike is keeping it stock and taking it off road.

Carrera Crossfire 1 Mens Hybrid Bike V Brakes 21 Gears Shimano 700C Wheels for £201.60 delivered @ Halfords eBay
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Posted 1st Nov 2019Posted 1st Nov 2019
Carrera Crossfire 1 Mens Hybrid Bike V Brakes 21 Gears Shimano 700C Wheels for £201.60 delivered @ Halfords eBay
£201.60£22410%eBay Deals
Halfords have selected Mens & Womens bikes on 20% discount on eBay . You can use code PROSPER10 at checkout for an additional 10% off e.g. Carrera Crossfire 1 Mens Hybrid… Read more

Decathlon have quite a few cheap bikes with single chainring. Especially in their B Twin hybrids.


Have you seen any cheap, single chain ring bikes? Only 2 seen recently marine pine and vodoo Bizango both £500-600. Currently using cheap £93 single speed muddy fox, with 700 x 25c tyres think want big fat tyres after bad experience of potholes


While its undoubtedly lower spec, i really cant fault the Crossfire 1 i bought. Its also one of my most comfortable bikes. I bought one back in the beginning of 2013. I bought it because i just wanted a cheap hybrid to fit a cheap ekit to, as a bit of an experiment really as i didn't know much about ebikes or ekits back then. I also wanted front suss because i'd decided to fit a front hub motor and thought a suss fork would be kinder on the motor. After riding it for a while to make sure if it was suitable, i fitted the ekit a few months later in the summer. Then rode the bike without any probs for 6 years. Only changing the saddle, tyres and occasional brake blocks. The ekit had finally had its day and the batt no longer had much range, so the whole ekit got took off this summer and the bike returned to how it was, and is now just used as a pub bike. This bike has took loads of use, often abused off road, with my 15 stone on it, yet keeps on trucking and seems pretty tough. 7 speed freewheel, Tourney, the rear axle and suss fork, all still work fine. No spokes have broken and wheels have stayed true. You really cant knock it for a 200 quid bike. It aint no bso.


Exactly why I’ve stuck with my old bike, plus I know it’ll never get chored while I’m at Tesco. I do like the idea of a single front derailleur on some new ones now though.


Don't forget that a heavier bike needs more effort to move and you will get fitter faster :D

Carrera Vengeance Limited edition £280 -  Save further 20% with trade in code @ Halfords
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Posted 22nd Sep 2019Posted 22nd Sep 2019
Carrera Vengeance Limited edition £280 - Save further 20% with trade in code @ Halfords
A cheap mountain bike for the money, this limited edition has hydraulic brakes. RRP £330, save £50 then another 20% OFF with code TRADEIN20. FREE bike build and Free Click and Coll… Read more

It was an apollo. Basically very poor cosmetic condition, perished tyres (temporarily inflated to take into store) rusted saggy chain and general rust spots. It may have helped that it was a pre-order so a done deal already, but I asked in other stores & they all said they'd basically take anything (contrary to the official t&cs). As a bonus, the 20% trade in discount was applied to everything I bought (bike, cycle care package & various accessories, some of which were already discounted as I'd ordered on line). Hooray! If you can find the right member of staff they can check national stock levels & identify stores with stock on their system. You can then reserve for collection later.


Lucky you two stores in my town wouldn't do this. what was wrong with your bike?


Just picked one up (20") that I reserved over the phone last week. The bike I traded in was f****d & that wasn't an issue. Basically, if you go into a local store they can see the *actual* levels on their system even though the website says xs only. You can then ring the store in question & reserve over the phone. I found the staff online & in store very helpful. You can also stack codes; I got an extra 10% off with blue light card, so presumably any other discount card would also be stackable.


Times must be hard at Halford, long gone are the days when they regularly did 50% off, 20% seems as good as it gets these days :(


I manager to do this before the stock showed as 0 but had problems when going to the store with old bike they wouldn't accept it due to the chain had some sag on it and a few links had gone hard. so be warned they are selective with the bikes you trade in. The other bad thing is they have more stock then is claimed in the store i went to they had all the sizes yet online it now claims they dont have any. and staff said it has to be done online they wont do this offer unless ordered online sounded odd so i phoned my other local one who said the samething they only had stock for small one.

Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle Alloy Frame 24 Gears Orange 22" Frame - £216 delivered with code at Halfords Ebay
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike MTB Bicycle Alloy Frame 24 Gears Orange 22" Frame - £216 delivered with code at Halfords Ebay
£216£30028%eBay Deals
Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike - OrangeThe Carrera Vengeance Mens Mountain Bike is our best-selling mountain bike and for good reason - its quality components are designed … Read more

If i ordered one of these from the ebay store but selected click and collect, does anyone know if I could pay for it in store on collection via their zero percent finance option?


Thanks so much. Got 20 percent off taking old bike in off the '£240' eBay price of £48. Minus £24 saved is a new bike for £168!!! Thanks


I'm away with work...missed arranged delivery for the 20th.....parcel force have delivered Halfords... Phoned Halfords,...I really hope they don't sell it, I'm still away for a another week.


actually he posted at 11:58 and obviously tried before he posted so tried code before that but whatever makes you happy


I fail to see what your problem is. VISHALM, never mentioned he wanted the same lower price of the 18 & 22 models, just that he tried to use the code on the 16. As he posted after midday, the code had already expired at midday and he only just missed it.

Carrera Axle Mens Hybrid Bike - Black - 16", 18", 20" Frames Now £175 @ Halfords
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Posted 26th Aug 2019Posted 26th Aug 2019
Carrera Axle Mens Hybrid Bike - Black - 16", 18", 20" Frames Now £175 @ Halfords
£175£175.991%Halfords Deals
Men’s Carrera bicycle was £250.00 now £175.0 Whether it’s commuting to work or casual leisure riding on evenings and weekends, a Carrera Axle men’s hybrid bike will suit any kind … Read more

Halfords normally do a decent bike sale around black Friday time


Hi, do you know of any more sales where Carrera bikes will be sold before Christmas? Cheers.


This summer sale offer ends today. Source - myself, a Halfords employee


Road/hybrid bikes typically have tyres built for speed > grip ;)


You need to show up with the membership card as well.

Carrera Axle Mens Hybrid Bike - For light trail or Road £157.50 with code Halfords
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Posted 16th Jul 2019Posted 16th Jul 2019
Carrera Axle Mens Hybrid Bike - For light trail or Road £157.50 with code Halfords
£157.50£25037%Halfords Deals
Hello all, A good bike for cycle paths. Decent weight and components. Only drawback is the tyres which is small. Approximate Weight (KG):13kgBrake Type:V-BrakesForks:High -Tensil… Read more

For CRC? Yes, they also have a British Cycling discount! 10% too.


Any codes there guys ?


It is a wonderful bike, mine came last week.


Am so drawn to the Marin Larkspur CS1. The weight is about 12.1 kg. Chain reactions will deliver it set up. Also has 700cc tyres <3


No, so just to clarify: 1) With Cycle 2 Work, you save money primarily because you can pay for the bike out of your pre-tax income. 2) The British Cycling discount is a 10% discount at Halfords (with various other rewards) with a British Cycling membership. The reason that it's mentioned so frequently here is because with an HSBC account, you get a free membership (or at least, you did when I registered 8 weeks or so ago, I'm not sure if that offer is still active).

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