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Dead Island Definitive Collection PC. £6.22 / £5.60 with code @ FANATICAL
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Includes Dead Island Definitive Edition Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition and added into the mix of flesh-eating zombie chaos is a brand new side-scrolling/endless runner a… Read more

Best trailer for a game I've ever watched (for the first game)


Are they not the same thing (highfive) 8)


Hmm. Can't decide between Dead Island and Love Island...

Pub Party Sale at PlayStation PSN Store US * Saints Row, Darksiders, Destroy All Humans, Red Faction, Giana Sisters, Homefront, Legend of Kay, Dead Island, Agents of Mayhem, Dirt 4, Metro, Dreamfall Chapters and MORE *FULLY UPDATED
Found 15th MayFound 15th May
Baja: Edge of Control HD $11.99 60% $5.99 80% Battle Chasers: Nightwar $20.99 30% $14.99 50% Constructor $15.99 60% $11.99 70% Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition $8.99 70% $2.99… Read more
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I agree, I can see a flash sale coming too


USA sales have gone downhill of late but there should be a flash sale tomorrow and hopefully I will get to spend my $50


A mediocre sale, just seems like they want to sell the old indie games off. Saying that I wish I could be bothered to setup ps plus trials but I already have 6 psn


Some disgustingly good prices on there. The Darksiders Fury Collection price is silly though, $3 dearer than buying them separately (skeptical).


Seems the yanks have more pubs than us these days. Insert sad sober face here.

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Dead island definitive edition used  Xbox one £6.39 Music Magpie
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Dead island definitive edition Xbox one £7.99 but with 20% off brings it down to £6.39 bargain
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They did. I received two games today and waiting for three more. Both with Grainger Games stickers on them. Both in poor condition. One wasn't too bad once I cleaned it though. I might just be picky as I keep all my games in perfect condition. I remember the hype for this game and then when it finally came out & I thought 'this is very....meh'.


Yer it looks like Grainger Games ,as my games have had stickers on but all VGC


They certainly did. I received a game with the Grainger Games pre-owned label on it!


I believe everything is on disc.


Tempted - does anyone know if the retro revenge arcade thing is a code or on the disc? I think I established that Riptide is on the disc (PS4 version is a download)

[Steam] Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition / Dead Island Definitive Edition - £2.40 each - Greenman Gaming
Found 10th MayFound 10th May
Also comes with a mystery gift and a 27% voucher code for your next purchase. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare - £1.24 Dead Island Definitive Edition - £2.40 Brothers: A … Read more

Ha. It is actually going for a dollar.... If it is like her story might be good. I got half way into that but need to start again to play as forgot everything.


eeeeeeeeasy money :)


Sell it on kinguin for.... 1p?!


I got "A Trip to Yugoslavia - Directors Cut" as my free game..... hmmmm...... Can't beat a freebie :) My voucher was 22% and has to be used by the 15th may


Anyone know what the 27 per cent voucher will cover? Tempted to buy something just to get that voucher

Preowned (Xbox 360/Xbox One) - RAGE £1.00 / Blue Dragon £4.00 / Escape Dead Island £0.50 @ CeX (+ £1.50 per item if delivered)
Found 30th MarFound 30th Mar
Went in to CeX today and after getting a voucher all the way back from 2015 I got a few games, I got BD and EDI. Spotted Rage was cheap also
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Blue Dragon's quite underrated, though you'll hear the same boss music. A lot.


I don't think so, it's first person only from my experience. Give it a shot , if you don't like It , give it to a friend - it's only a quid.


I remember really enjoying Rage but feeling extremely disappointed with the ending, massive let down, especially as we've never seen a Rage 2


Can u play in 3rd person? I hate 1st person games even if im paid 20 pound (shock)


Definitely. Stunning on x360. Fell to a tenner in no time as I recall, no idea why. It was a solid game.

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Xbox one / PS4 Dead Island Slaughter Pack £19.99 - GAME
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Dead Island Slaughter Edition includes: Dead Island Definitive Edition Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition Dead Island Retro Revenge Popcorn Suicide Zombie (apx. 15cm) Mot… Read more
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At a few quid each it’s a good price


I think the statue is great. Very detailed and heavy. You get the definitive all singing all dancing games as well and a poster. Easy worth £20


I bought at Christmas for £20 from game dont no why the hate yer u can buy the games cheaper as a download of the store but then u dont have nothing to show for it i would happily pay for this edition again £20 u cant go wrong (y)




PS4 £20 still overpriced

(Xbox One) Dead Island Definitive Edition/Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition £3.20 each @ Microsoft Store
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Link below for Dead Island Riptide.

I actually played this when I had a month trial to deliberately get one of those as my gamerscore was ending in a 3 at the time... (embarrassed)


Get the full 1k and it won't be an issue (devil)


Any Gs are good Gs! :)


My issue with this is it has like 7 12G achievements and it’s annoying because I don’t want to mess my gamerscore up (lol)


One of the best games ever

PC :- Dead Island Definitive Edition £2.99 reduced from £11.99 (Direct with Steam) Dead Island Definitive Collection £7.09 ( normally £27.97)
Found 23rd FebFound 23rd Feb
Dead Island Definitive Edition £2.99 (normally £11.99) Dead Island Definitive Collection £7.09 ( normally £27.97) Includes 3 items: Dead Island: Retro Revenge , Dead Island De… Read more
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awful ports, don't bother.


Yeah, that's before YouTube killed him.


i rarely play through the whole singleplayer games, bur this was an exception, very good game


On picture is Logan Paul?


still waiting (impatiently) for dead island 2 to finally be released..... how many times has that been pushed back (annoyed) great price for this though

Dead Island Definitive Collection Slaughter Pack Edition (XBOX ONE/PS4) £19.99 delivered @ GAME
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Dead Island Slaughter Edition includes: Dead Island Definitive Edition Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition Dead Island Retro Revenge Popcorn Suicide Zombie (apx. 15cm) Moto… Read more

still £7.99




Bought mine online and it arrived in excellent condition and sealed. It was placed in a bigger box.


Well, I did get the Steam version for about £8 around Christmas time, so, you could be right.


This was £19.99 instore after Christmas, and then seems to have gone back up to £24.99 recently, which is a little odd given that so many seem to be knocking around instore. It's a bit of a shame because I'd certainly prefer to buy instore. That way I know I'm going to get one that is actually new, rather than one that looks like it's been used as a substitute for the ball in a game of rugby.

Dead Island / Riptide Definitive Edition (Xbox One) £3.20 Each (With Gold) @ Microsoft
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
The game that re-defined the Zombie genre - fully remastered. Paradise meets Hell! Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse experience of a lifetime – and now more beautiful than eve… Read more

they have done the opposite with van hellsing , only the collection is on sale no good for those like me who bought the first when it was on sale


Yeah put it for £5 for both or something like that bit odd


Cheers op.


Good price, they usually reduce it by 50% :)


heat, to find it strange that they have not put the collection edition on sale

Dead Island: Definitive Edition Slaughter Pack £19.99 @ GAME (XB1/PS4)
Found 21st Dec 2017Found 21st Dec 2017
Picked this up on launch. Back in stock for those interested! Well worth the price imo :) XB1 Link:

Absolutely fantastic trailer, I remember I was shook by it for weeks! Really enjoyed the game tbh but wasn’t as expected I agree


I've heard MAY 2018. Not 100%, but many think it will be 2018. Yeah that trailer was fantastic! I really do hope they release DI2 soon, since the hype is dying down now. Original developers produced Dying Light and were so happy with it that they wanted to get out! Fair enough in my eyes. If this game is delayed too long I won't buy it since there will be so many more up-to-date games. Keep your hopes up bud! I sure am (embarrassed)


I do wonder why this came out months after the original release of the definitive collection. Did they just forget to send them out of the warehouse?


Is the Riptide content still on a code for the PS4 version? it was for the Definitive Edition


[Steam] Dead Island Definitive Edition - £2.69 - Fanatical
Found 13th Dec 2017Found 13th Dec 2017
Use code: WINTER10 The game that re-defined the Zombie genre - fully remastered. Paradise meets Hell! Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse experience of a lifetime – and now… Read more
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It's worth the price. The story and voice acting is poor but plenty to do and keep you playing. I would only recommend playing this Co op which is good for you in this case but playing solo gets dull


For the price, it's probably worth a try; however I've heard Dying Light (newer title from same developer) is really a much better, more polished co-op experience.


Good question


Is this a good coop multiplayer game?


Riptide is the same price too 👌🏼

[PS4] Street Fighter V Arcade Edition (Pre-order) - £24.85 - Base
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
£6 cheeaper than the recent Shopto deal. Base take payment on dispatch (y) Released on January 16 Amazon blurb: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will include everything f… Read more
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They've knocked a pound off this.


Take this to the nth degree, extremely balanced game is where every character is the same, no character has good or bad matchups it’s all 5/5 across the board. Imagine a character select screen with one character, this is the most balanced fighting game there can be, boring though. This game isn’t that, but most situations have been homogenised to the point where it hurts depth and compresses the skill gap. Example, for the majority of the cast the majority of the time jabbing an opponent out of the air when they jump at you is the best response. Sound exciting? You’ve just knocked your opponent down, you can throw them on their wake up, do a meaty/deep attack that they wake up into, or ‘shimmi’ in the throw/meaty range to confuse them. Combos for the cast often consist of one or two per character that are easy to do, so everyone will do them. There won’t be any wow factor moments or super tight combos to see or learn, I could go on...




I'll agree with you that there is a grinding element to the game that Capcom could do away with for the launch of Arcade Edition. As it stands I've unlocked all 12 DLC characters through said grind/play and feel a little proud that I haven't spent an additional penny to do that. I do understand though that others may not want to dedicate such an amount of time to a single title. That said, £25.00 for this version of the game with all the characters to date and the opportunity to get lots of FM from playing through the game's existing modes is quite appealing. Plus those who pre-order will get codes for 9 nostalgia costumes too (not a massive draw but a nice little extra for those who are interested).


Hope the DLC is in disc. Not voucher codes

(Xbox One) Dead Island Definitive Collection: Slaughter Pack £19.99 delivered (Prime) @ Amazon (otherwise £22.98 delivered / add 1p Add on item sim card)
Found 3rd Dec 2017Found 3rd Dec 2017
Temporarily out of stock - no dispatch date known but will be delivered when back in stock, Xbox One only £19.99. Free delivery as usual for Prime otherwise search for Giffgaff si… Read more
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Had an email to say mine will be here tomorrow (y)


At least you've opened yours! (:I


Bought this exact edition from GAME last Friday and did exactly that... opened it up, looked at it, put it back in the box and it's now on a shelf until I need more space for more stuff I don't need and trade it in for a fraction of what I paid. (:I It's an endless cycle!


Link for PS4 instead for those who want it:


Just 10 games that you haven't played? #luckysod

[PS4] Dead Island Definitive Edition - £3.89 (PS+) - PlayStation Store
Found 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
The game that re-defined the Zombie genre - fully remastered. Paradise meets Hell! Welcome to the Zombie Apocalypse experience of a lifetime – and now more beautiful than ever. … Read more
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7.50 for both bit of a bargain :) ordered


Just brought this in pc for 3 pound but I'm more of a ps4 person so I would of got this if not


The original without doubt the other (riptide) seemed more like a rush job/cash in/DLC. Played thru it again not long ago and really enjoyed it, still plenty of people online still playing it for teaming up.


Posted this is another thread, but what is the better game out of dead island and riptide? Never played one before. Cheers :)


Sick price, played this loads on PC! Prefer it to Dying Light, fun af if you play with a couple mates.

The Evil Within £4.79\ Dirt Rally VR Bundle £14.49\ The Walking Dead: A New Frontier — Season Pass £6.24\ Resident Evil £4.79\ Dead Island Collection £7.49 @ PSN
LocalLocalFound 1st Dec 2017Found 1st Dec 2017
A new PSN sale seems to be starting now, though it looks to be exclusive to PS+ subscribers. These are only a few of the games on sale. PS Prices currently shows 45 with new reduct… Read more
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Same here, 20 unplayed games that I plan to play, over 3DS, Wii U and PS4, and now we got Switch! it's crazy, I will take me 5 years only to complete the games that are in my backlog.


Both games are pretty janky, but oddly endearing. I must've sunk over a hundred hours into the pair, and that was playing solo.


The evil within i was goin 2 pay 15 quid on eBay last nite for it. She's winter but she's getting hot in here lol


Wouldn't say never, surely killzone will make an appearance soon, after all it's definitely bad enough to be considered by Sony.


Difficult to say tbh. Dead island is a tropical island, nice beach (apart from the zombies) and good fun in the town. Riptide is more swamp areas, boats etc... So I think it comes down to the environments that you like.

Dead Island Slaughter Pack PS4 & XBOX ONE £19.99
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Dead Island Definitive Edition Dead Island Riptide Definitive Edition Dead Island Retro Revenge Popcorn Suicide Zombie (apx. 15cm) Motorised Corpse Grinder (hand-fan) Zombie P… Read more

very Hot!


Back in stock


Also had 'mine' today,haven't opened it though as it's yet another gift


Mine came this morning, sealed new. Really impressed with what you get for 20 notes. The statue is much better than I expected. Mine is a Ps4 copy and comes with the game itself packaged just like the standard edition.


Item says add to basket, when you try it says out of stock "temporarily". Oh come on game.

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