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SMJ ELECTRICAL 6 Gang Surge Protected Extension, Individually Switched, 5m Lead - £8.16 / £12.36 Del @ CPC Farnell
Posted 17 h, 14 m agoPosted 17 h, 14 m ago
Seems to be pretty much half the price of any other individually switched long lead 6 gang with surge protection. You need to spend over £8 ex VAT for free delivery. Their bargain… Read more

Good find, thanks a lot. Chucked in an optical cable I needed for like £2 so got free delivery on them both.

Masterplug Dusk Till Dawn Night Light - Pack 2 for £5 @ Homebase (free c&c / Possibly £2 in store)
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th JulLocalLocal
Good night light which automatically switches on when dark and switches off with daylight. Has very low power consumption. :) Thought this was a decent offer considering Arg… Read more
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Just collected mine. Paid £5. It's got 0.5W and it's got a light sensor. Thanks op


I thought it is a urinal.


So...what's the wattage on this? Reserved them but not a lot of info on website


I have these, they work fine but they are the whitest of the cold white spectrum. It feels like it turns your bedroom into a frozen food factory!


They stay on all night

Schneider Electric 45A Double-Pole Cooker Unit 13A Switched Socket & Neons (Georgian Brass/Matt/Polished Chrome) £4.80 @ HomeBase (Free C&C)
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Feels like a good price for the 45A Double Pole Cooker Switch Socket - in Matt Chrome, Polished Chrome and Georgian Brass colours. As always you can do a free click and collect fro… Read more
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Not available for C&C for me ;( But in stock :D Heat Added


Why do the lights on these flicker?


Great weekend... BBQ day :D


Nice buddy - hope you are having a good weekend?


Nice find @matwalaboy (highfive)

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Masterplug 4 Gang 10A Open Reel with Safety RCD Plug - 30m £9.90 @ Homebase Instore only
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
This cable reel has an extra long 30m cable, and 4 sockets with a thermal cut-out, making it suitable for use in garages, front yards and larger back gardens too



None in 100mile radius


No just thermal cut out.


I don't think this has rcd protection.


68 in stock at Basildon according to website

PowerCube Original USB 4-way Socket Wall Adaptor with Dual USB £3.90 @ Homebase
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th JulLocalLocal
INSTORE ONLY The PowerCube Original USB can be used standalone or to expand the PowerCube Extended or Extended USB. In addition to 4 power outlets, the PowerCube Original USB also … Read more

Several of the travel version in Walthamstow


massively overpriced at OP, but these prices are fantastic.. the power meter versions are probably outdated as they look like they are fixed at 2p or was it .2p per kwatt or something so not certain how relevent any more, but provides basic power usage functionality... but some of the other packs are brilliant... the Pink and purple units are the travel adapters sets, that come with 4 adapter heads which alll have the 'kettle lead plug fitting on them(IEC C13 I think)... so can also be replaced with a kettle lead as well to give an extended socket rather than hanging out of the wall... its a brilliant product at the discounted price, £4.20 without USB and £6 somat with 2 usb , but the angles sockets are also helpfull if wall warts are in use, and the easy clip to a flat surface and easy twist to remove again is again better than a standard extension of this type, but I agree theyre not for everyone.. I did pick up a few varieties to assist as quick and dirty extension blocks..the basic block is only £3 and they are actually a premium quality feel product.. not the be all and end all but a bargain at the price .. unlike the Ixo driver My local has stock ... OH and they have what I assume is a piezo remote on off button version theat I picked up a couple for the workshop so are perfect for the shed/workshop, remote lights on, remote power on for the vaccuum/dustcollection etc etc ..also going to use one in the loft to give remote switched lighting in the loft at the top of the ladder for infrequent use easy plug and play , no batteries in the remote to wear out etc etc etc ... lots of uses, tempted to go pick up a couple more of those before revealing the location LOL..... Norwich Sprowsten ;) fill yer boots :)


Agreed. So dodgy for electrical fires blocked in all public buildings.


Normal Homebase deal. No stock anywhere.


Thanks op, going to get 2, heat

Brennenstuhl 5-way socket extension lead just £3.60 (Prime / £4.49 non Prime) temp out of stock but can still order @ Amazon
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
This has just had a pretty big price drop from £14.49 to just £3.60. Update: Now temporarily out of stock but can still be ordered at no extra cost for Prime members. Super-So… Read more
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8 socket tower on as a lightning deal for £9.99 with surge protection: amazon.co.uk/Duronic-ST8B-Extension-Engineered-protected-Black/dp/B00AAA0VWW/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?keywords=tower+extension+lead&qid=1563189896&s=gateway&smid=APLJ5AXPSKRV0&sprefix=tower&sr=8-3 10 way: amazon.co.uk/Duronic-ST10B-Extension-Engineered-protected-Black/dp/B000OV0CEY/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=tower+extension+lead&qid=1563189896&s=gateway&sprefix=tower&sr=8-4


You can still order.


Out of stock


Well I'm a qualified sparks and can tell you it's perfectly safe. Daisy-chaining extension cubes however is dangerous due to electrical arching which poses a fire risk imho.


Thanks - updated. It can still be ordered though.

2 Gang USB Socket Sale from £3.60 @ Homebase (Free c&c)
Refreshed 13th JulRefreshed 13th Jul
Lots of USB double sockets on clearance sale Full list is shown below or follow deal links to see them with further detail on the Homebase website. Seems to be plenty of stock ar… Read more
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Lot of inaccuracies there. Lithium batteries do not suffer from the memory effect like the old ni-cad batteries did. Slower charging reduces the risks from thermal runaway (mainly due to not heating up as much) and the phone does not communicate with the cable or the charger to tell it to shut off - it just stops drawing a current itself when the battery is full. I've never used the charger that came with my phone, always use these chargers overnight, and also always let my battery run down before putting it on charge. But each to their own...


No, that's not true at all. You should NEVER leave your phone on charge overnight. All lithium based batteries suffer from something called the memory effect and the single biggest way you will shorten the life of your phone. I bet you never let the battery run to empty either do you?! Your device is designed to use the adaptor that came with it. It's specifically designed to communicate with your phone in fast charging mode to actively monitor the power draw to feed in exactly what the battery is capable of receiving at any given moment. Once the charge is complete it will shut of the supply. If on the other hand you just dump a dumb USB 1-2.4amp cable in there the charger won't switch off when the battery is full. You risk thermal runaway, ie the phone turning into an indoor pyrotechnic display two feet from your face on the bedside table. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faU8rHsQBgk Don't trust random sockets to charge lithium batteries!


These are fine for overnight charging. Slower charging is better for the battery anyway. Slower you charge it, the longer it will last.


Useless though, 5V output it's the same as a legacy one just with a usb-c shaped socket instead. I've only seen one so far that supports PD but it had sketchy reviews. We're getting there but still a ways to go. someone needs to make a PD/QC 3+ one.


Heat added though - amazing price.

Halfords 30 Piece Socket Set 1/4" @ Halfords Free C&C £12
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
a compact set in its own robust carry case, ideal for keeping in the car, workshop or garage. This nifty set has 10 metric sockets ranging in sizes from 4mm-13mm, and 10 AF sockets… Read more
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Get a set from bacho


I've had the advanced/ professional version of this. Been going 11 years so far and is my most used tool!


I genuinely wish I'd though of doing this! You sir, are a lateral thinker. I like it! (y)


I’ve still voted hot by the way - not everyone wants a set that lasts!


I know it’s more but there’s a Bahco set that drops under £30 on occasion and will last longer than the ratchets on 3 of these sets. See Bahco S330 Socket Set 34 Piece 1/4 and 3/8 Square Drive https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0001JZRYY/

15m Single Socket Extension Lead £3.29 Homebase (C&C)
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
15m Single Socket Extension Lead
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‘nuff in North London (o2)


Loads in my local store




My local, fareham, showed no stock online but at loads at the end of an aisle in the middle, near the electrical section. These were the higher priced Arlec ones at £3.89 each. For those who are interested, they have standard non-moulded plug and socket. So you'll be able to reuse these if, like me, you are going to put your own two pin rubber connectors on them.


Same situation in my local Homebase. Website showed no stock, but there were plenty available at the slightly higher price when I got in store. Still a decent price for the length of extension, so I got one!

Rolson 40 piece Dr Socket set scanning a 10p at B&M instore
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
40 peice socket set scanning a 10p in B&M.
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No, it just irritates me when people don't use the info that's in front of their eyes (a receipt with a postcode on it) and instead ask for info to be spoon fed to them. I agree I've been a bit sarcastic, hands up, but being into my bargains I spend (too much) a lot of time seeking them out and it frustrates me that many people don't help themselves. A classic is Facebook selling pages where people put "open to offers" and half the respondents put "how much?" or they put a price eg "£10 no offers" and people post "I'll give you £5" under it. There's a lot of them about and they pee mee right off. The question tipped the scales for me that day. Perhaps you genuinely don't know how to view a photo on here to see the details? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.


Is there a sarcastic troll in this thread?


Thanks for your helpful input, it is greatly regarded and will help the community immensely.


Yes true, it seems even you can't do it....


Typical B&M deal. In the past many people have said even you see the item on the shelvesm it will be at different price.

Masterplug Surge Travel Adaptor for £1.80 @ Homebase (free c&c)
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Lovely small portable surge protected worldwide adaptor. (y) Some reviews are available on Amazon Available in store Masterplug Surge Travel Adaptor. Surge protection for… Read more
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Southern Europe, Northern Europe (lol) Who made this?? In Europe they’re all the same


Already posted this morning


You'd have to be going on a serious trek to need all of those in one trip. Do you have to plug all three in at once to get surge protection in America? That would get seriously unbalanced, especially given how crap the fit is on most US sockets..


rude not to - thanks op


Stonking deal, cheer OP

LAP 13A Outdoor Weather-resistant IP66 switched double socket £9.99 at Screwfix-FreeC&C
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Good quality and price, lots of positive reviews. Ideal for gardens, factories and industrial premises. IP66 Water & Dust Protection Easy-Click Lid Rugged ASA-Moulded Housing H… Read more

Previous Thread


Nearly all LAP stuff is rubbish, this is no exception. Also you can't close the lid properly with a moulded plug, making the entire thing useless.


I bought one of these a while ago and only this week got round to fitting it- I can't speak for the longevity of the hinges, but otherwise I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. One good point is you can close the lid (hinges permitting!) with a plug inside and there is a gel seal round the cable to keep it weathertight.


I wouldn't say GOOD QUALITY. Plastic lid hinges broke very quickly

Safety RCD Adaptor - model number ARCDKG £3 @ Homebase
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Life saving product - RCD adaptor reduced to £3 at Homebase, selling for £9+ elsewhere including Screwfix and Amazon. Loads of stock available at time of posting, free c+c … Read more
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I got a couple of these today from my local Homebase. I have the old Wylex type fuse box... none of this new fangled nonsense ;) They have a few other bits of electrical reduced too sockets, switches, flash looking HDMI cables £5 for two remote control sockets which I barely resisted. Trouble is the place is full of zombies though. Oh almost forgot, good quality 4 way mains extension for £1.20, I thought it would be rude not to. Probably the last time I ever go to Homebase ? By the way another good reason to get one of these is you can easily test it, each time you use even.


All this talk about various boards of what they will or wont do ?, but at £3 its worth it for peace of mind that you know it will trip when you cut through the lawn mower cable !. As for pressing the reset button each time then whoopi F-doo ! .


Wow, somethings that actually available to reserve n collect!!!


:) OK... I'm with you on that! At some point the distance become relevant, surely? There's that RCD (of sorts) that's fitted on a circular saw that switches it off and drops the blade if your finger touches it and earths it, saving your finger. That must have a pretty quick response time!


There are valid reasons for these, but distance to RCD isn't one of them. A millisecond is 1000 microseconds - if you're going off of length of wiring, you're not getting anywhere near 1 millisecond, let alone 20. Speed of light is 299,792,458 metres per second. 1 second is 1,000,000 microseconds. 299,792,458/1,000,000 = 299.792 metres per microsecond. Or 299 kilometres per millisecond. It takes 300 milliseconds to blink. In that time, light would travel 55,923 miles (300^2=90,000, so 90,000 km). The distance from London to Australia is 9,420 miles. Unless your house is really big, as in, your main RCD is over on the moon, I can't see length of wiring being a significant factor.

Masterplug 4 Gang 10A Open Reel with Safety RCD Plug - 15m  £12   @ Homebase
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Masterplug 4 Gang 10A Open Reel with Safety RCD Plug - 15m reduced to £12. Stock looks alright at time of posting. Free c+c. Robust open type cable reel. Safety thermal cut-out… Read more
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As I previously stated, let’s not be a keypad warrior, and have a good evening :)


Great price, not local for me sadly. Newark and Ashbourne both have two in stock each.


You're joking right? I refresh everytime prior to comment. It's good practice as more info is constantly added on where questions may have already been answered by others. Why repeat stuff when all the important info was already clearly stated just clogging up space? If it wasn't mentioned, that I can understand. Hell, it's not even a long thread to start with. What's crawled up your backside? Nothing been rude or abrupt about it, just pointing the obvious.


If you come in here to criticise people for their ability to view a description in full then you yourself are misusing the app as much as they are, it’s extremely easy to miss something, being rude and abrupt isn’t exactly the solution. Now stop being a keypad warrior and have a lovely evening :)


How could you miss it? Try refreshing every time you view the post before commenting.

Up to 70% off Clearance on Extension Leads / USB chargers / Adapters e.g. 4 Socket Extension Lead for £1.20 @ Homebase (More in OP)
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Massive clearance offers on extension leads / sockets at Homebase all at low prices. :) Link takes you to all extension leads. Free C&C showing on all of them for stores w… Read more
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Cheers op got 2 Jackson 4 Outlet Desktop USB Charger, would not have known about this post tho if it wasn't for a duplicated post today, so the thanks should really go to the today's poster :)


It does work in Kent (Chatham) you’d think that any store would take it of the shelf (lol)


sucks no homebase in peterborough...


Some of them is due to repackaging. Saw the same product in different branded package and way overpriced.


Most of these items are oos in cheshire

Status European travel adaptor 2p @ Superdrug
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th JulLocalLocal
Status branded European travel adaptor 2p in superdrug. I took the last 3 at my local store but I am hoping some of you will be lucky too. Not worth a special trip but good to look… Read more
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There always has to be one who is better than everyone else! Not a bad story


Can beat this deal.Got some from tesco once for 1p each when they used to keep stock in store that should have been taken out.


Nice deal, I was at Gatwick the other day and they were trying to charge £13 each for these. I thought the twin pack I got from Tesco's was a deal at £4.


I hope this gets to a million heat


It's quite good advice actually. We travel quite a bit and often there aren't many sockets at hotels/resorts for the plethora of equipment that needs charging. Generally we take 1 adapter each for our phone chargers (in the hope they can be plugged in bedside), plus an extension so we can plugin tablets/cameras/laptops/etc. Not sure what kind of extensions you have, but ours doesnt really take up much space/weight.

Intel Core I9-9900k Socket LGA1151 CPU Processor Retail-   £459.59 Inc Delivery at Overclockers
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Intel Core I9-9900k Socket LGA1151 CPU Processor Retail - £459.59 Inc Delivery: Overclockers PCPartPicker recons this is the lowest you can get the 9900K for at the moment. If yo… Read more
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Only if you're eligible for the free delivery from OCUK


Down to £449.99 now




Back on for this weekend by the looks of it


AMd is wider , Intel is Taller .. with not much diff in the performance, but significant diff in initial purchase costs. As to TotalLifecycleCosts , who knows. (confused)

Pro-Elec SC205 5 m 6 Gang Extension Lead with Surge Protection - White £10.13 + £4.49 delivery Non Prime @ Amazon
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
5 Metre 13 Amp 6 gang surge protected extension lead 6 gang 13A extension lead with surge protection, 5.0m Brand new in poly bag 6 sockets + surge protected Ideal for use wit… Read more
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£9.58 delivered from CPC - looks exactly the same. https://cpc.farnell.com/pro-elec/2068s-5m/extension-lead-6-gang-surge-5m/dp/PL11234


Sockets employee.

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