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Superdrug - gillette fusion 5 razor and 10 blades £15
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Free c & c and free delivery
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Is this because dollar shave club and clean shaven have overtaken in terms of value and quality? Yeah watched the advert. Complete publicity stunt lol, lowering prices to ‘compete’


So many people butthurt about an advert. Maybe you all need Gillette really. It's easy on the thin-skinned.


I use Cornerstone in my travel bag (DE shaving when home). Good experience with their service.


I just purchased and its 11 blades including the one in the handle a great buy, despite all the comments about the advert. thanks


Excellent quality shave,price reduced.Hot deal. Advert does not bother me :{

Gillette Fusion Blades XL @ Tesco online /  instore (Carlton) - £10
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
It might be a store specific deal. Saw a few at Tesco Carlton.

Gillette can stick their overpriced garbage along with their advertising. I wouldn't use them if they were giving them away.


Gillette are the best and no bad advertising will change that.


Let’s see, not good reason for everyone like I said plenty understand what it was about and the charity money that went with it in the US where it was aimed at that people elsewhere didn’t even know existed got them good reports as well. In the last couple of weeks they have also got lots of good reports and feedback on US military personnel adverts and set up the first recycling razor platform. They will have lost some but people forget and gained those that understood so we’ll see.


Let's not be silly, Gillette is losing money and for good reason.


No they haven’t only a small number have and those were the ones that didn’t understand what the point if it was and even the comments have dried up in every Gillette thread recently took 4 hours for yours to be the first one. They are always on offer somewhere.

Gillette Fusion 5 Proglide Power blades x 8 at Tesco for £14
09/04/2019Expires on 09/04/2019Found 15th MarFound 15th Mar
8 x blades for the price of 4 ...bargain. This is my first ever post so please excuse/correct any mistakes.

Appreciate the deal, however that 14 squid is fast approaching a starter set for DE which if you peruse past (expired) deals can cost mere pennies per blade, ..admittedly once you've cut yourself a bit finding the blades that work for you, (my favourites to date are the "astra, superior" in the blue boxes, I buy 100+ at a time for my lazy every 2-3 days thick growth) I took advice here on a deal for a £20 Merkel which is sublime, nicely weighted, the hard part was the fact i'd never used a 1/2 decent razor before, & it was the blades I had problems with soon afjusted & now a nick is a rariity, ..simply cannot swallow the prices for these plastic encased machs etc. I also found out that a cheapo "arko" soa beat the hell out of acan of gillete foam, & paying for a decent soap was even better when funds allowed (an expensive soap lasts me a year+ mind). I use a basic hog brush for travelling & a slightly better one at home for day to day, ..the 69p extra for a brush with a plastic hanger for the brush to drip dry was a godsend. If you carry on using the pricey ones I understand, but it really is pee-ing good money away, ...I would've started DE earlier but for the slick advertising & being too close to "grandad shaving" era some 30 years ago ...never mind. good price, heat regardless


For me personally, I find that the ‘Power’ blades seem to last longer than the non power razors. Totally agree though that these blades are overpriced but at half price, it’s a good buy IMO.


These pull and tug s**t outta my face. Mach 3 all around is a better razor


Just switched to a saftey razor. Easy on the skin, eco, cheaper, more precise. Why use cartridge?


I’ll mention the Lidl one for them to try as a I say the blades for these do cost a fortune at times!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Blades x8 - half price at £14 (in-store) @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Personally, I find these razor blades overpriced and normally stock up on disposable ones in half-price (or better) sales. But good deal for anyone out there who uses them. Each bl… Read more
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I don't know... Like I said from the beginning, I don't use these myself, because I don't think they're worth the price, even at half price. But if someone does normally buy them, for them it's a good deal. If you don't use them, fair enough. But I can't see how that makes a half-price offer bad...


When you actually consider there is 1/3 less metal in these than the DE blades the cost must be for the shroud and the manufacturing but most of em come from Poland and i live out there 6 months of the year and the blades in Slovakia are dirt cheap I can get a pack of these for £4 and that is considered expensive out there!


Good deal hot.


Or because its not double edge where you can buy 600 blades for 17pence


Seems good to me, having wasted my money on Wilkinson sword. I think people vote cold just because they don't want to pay a premium price for a premium product.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Clear Shave Gel 175ml - Half Price From £3.49, Now £1.73 @ Superdrug (Free C&C)
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Available instore & online. Free instore collection. Formulated with advanced lubricants for incredible glide, comfort and smoothness Features - Transparent and non-foa… Read more

Ha ha yeah I know and you are 100% right I’m one of you ;)


Weeeeeirrrrrdddd... I like weird people...much better class of human! Its the normal ones like Jeffrey Dahmer you have to watch out for! Welcome to the weird/strange/odd/mad/crazy club its a load of fun! (shock)


Nah, I just made it up :p


Is that a football team, music group or summat? Sorry i am not very hip! I am more of a Rezerection Bass Generator fan!


Not the 2019 angels though lol (lol)

Gillette fusion 5 men's razors 8 pack £10.48 @ Superdrug
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Features - Advanced 5-Blade Shaving Technology with blades spaced closer together than MACH3 to help reduce pressure—for a close, comfortable shave - Flexible Comfort Guard feat… Read more

Don't forget tesco have them for £10 too. Either way, different deals work for different folks.


11 for £15 at boots or 8 for £10 at amazon both beat this deal!


Heat added. £9.43 with the 10% NHS discount too


Ordered thanks! Didn’t want to take a chance on the Amazon deal being posted with possible fakes. Used some reward points too (y)

Gillette Fusion Razor Blades, 8 Refills rrp £20.99 now £10 (Prime) / £14.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
Delivered through letterbox Five blade technology for a more comfortable shave (versus Mach 3) Precision trimmer on back that allows you to shave tricky places (like sideburns an… Read more
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Yes, I bought the same deal in Tesco yesterday £10 for 8 blades.


Superdrug are doing all but the same deal for £10.48. See the other post.




The whole fake thing has put me off even using these. The packaging looks extremly authentic in most cases. Unless there is a serious QC issue at Gillete????


Bought some Gillette blades off Amazon a while back,never again,worse than a bic disposable,would tear the face off you. I just stick to buying them from Asda when they have them on offer and stock up.

Gillette Fusion5 Razor + Blades 10pk £15 @ Boots Free C+C and in store
Found 22nd FebFound 22nd Feb
Same great product, new exciting packaging! The Gillette Fusion5 men's razor and razor blades redefine your expectations of what a shave can be. Gillette Fusion features 5 razor b… Read more
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back in stock now!


Thanks OP (y)


Saw this on superdrug other day for £7 only two left maybe it was store specific


"The Gillette Fusion5 men's razor and razor blades redefine your expectations of what a shave can be. Gillette Fusion features 5 razor blades spaced closer together" yep, that's right, its called a mens razor but it can't deal with real men stubble. probably ok for teenagers.


Back in stock online now.

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Gillette Fusion 5 Power 8 pack £12 instore @ Asda
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Cheaper online by a quid. Good deal stock up now
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I'm amazed people actually sit and watch adverts. Mind you I recently saw the Wayfare Lorraine Kelly ad .. Rabbit in the headlights .. Proper nauseating .


Good deal, online as well for same price


Delivered in 1-2 months (lol)


Super deal! But our local Asda never has these offers in stock. But thanks for sharing. Hot from me.


How is that any better this is a fusion power pack

Gillette Fusion ProGlide - Razor with FlexBall (10 refills) - £17 @ Amazon (£16.15 subscribe and save)
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Fusion proglide and 10 refills. have been keeping an eye on this as it has been £27 for a while.

This is a total classic non Gillette ad...


Google might


I never watch adverts thank god for TiVo, anyone got a link to this gillette advert?


You have to make sure you're not too thin skinned if you're using Gilette, but otherwise they're great (strong)


dont press so hard when your shaving then!

Gillette Fusion 5 Manual Razor and 4 Blades Special Pack - £8.98 @ Superdrug (Free C&C)
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Not a bad deal although i just got a 4 blade refill pack from China for £1.98 and they are legit so it just shows how much we are getting ripped off in the UK on these x-blade razo… Read more

You were right I have to admit lol Just used one today and nearly ripped my face off - snagged my conk and took a chunk out of it -> Now I look like an Ugly Karl Malden!!! What a fudd lol (shock) (horror) :S :o Worth a punt - doing a youtube video on false chinese blades and got em for free now anyway! Look the real deal in every way even the plastic case they came in but blunt as a badgers tadger! (y) (cheeky)


I know. I’m still not gonna complain about Gillette AND ALL THE OTHER BRANDS AND HOME BRANDS THAT DO SO...on another persons thread. Nice try though


Gillette is a shaving brand, who charged more for women’s razors than they did men’s


Made by proctor and gamble who allegedly used child labour, that’s ignoring the effect of disposable plastics on the environment


They were fake, I guarantee it. Gillette don't supply them at that low a price, let alone to be able to be sold for a profit, by a reseller, and with shipping to the UK.

Braun Trimmers Ultimate Control - 9-in-1 Grooming Kit + Free Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor MGK3085 £44.95  @ All Beauty
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
The Braun multi grooming kit is the ultimate all-in-one head-to-toe groomer. Thanks to its clever attachments, it performs 9 different jobs effortlessly. Beard Styling Two fixed c… Read more

Regularly around £20-£25 on Amazon, currently £35, bought one a while ago and it’s not very good at all

Gillette Fusion 5 x10blades - £14.50 @ Sainsbury's
Found 7th FebFound 7th Feb
Always way too expensive in my opinion. The 4 blade pack was £11.50 with the 10 blade pack only £3 more right next to it in Devizes' Sainsbury's store. Bargain! Assume it is acros… Read more

£14.50 says you save £9.00 so the price before was £23.50???????


Yeah, Gillette employing a renound feminist activist director to make their men's product advert, makes perfect sense. What next? Vegans to make an advert for Danish Bacon? Gillettes womansplaining to market a men's product is bafflingly counterproductive


Yawn. This anti-Gillette stuff is getting really tedious now. Lots of virtue signalling against their virtue signalling.


Not even if they were free.


I am desperate to buy some new razor blades but I find I cant get to the store before it closes. All this toxic masculinity thats about is slowing me down. Thanks to the enlightenment I have received from Gillette, I now cant walk 5 yards without having to break up a fight, stop men leching at a woman, berating all the wolf whistlers and once, honestly you wont believe this, I saw a guy actually go over to a girl he liked and he asked her out for a drink! It took me a good 30 minutes to explain the error of his ways to him. Hopefully, all us men will take heed of Gillettes warnings and accept that we are all just disgusting human beings, start behaving and then I might just make it to the store in time. Until then, I have a beard longer than most feminists.

gillette fusion 8 blades - £11 @ ASDA
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
8 blades same price as 4..
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Good comeback macho man. You had another chance to trawl through my posts and STILL didn't detect I was perhaps implying that just maybe your throat was too busy on something and that's why it became red. Do you understand, or shall I draw a diagram? Careful you don't choke on those nachos, macho man.


Seems you're not the sharpest blade in the pack of razors. Next time you're in the supermarket buying your blades, see if they've got any sarcasm detectors in stock. Seems yours has lost its edge and might need replacing.


No you didn't you kept replying. Red neck means razor burn thought you'd of be able to of figured that out. Whilst I appreciate your concern in regards to saving money (after all this is a money saving site) I'm just simply saving DE isn't for everyone in regards to irritation :)


Whoa there! I mentioned my point and left it there two posts ago.. I'm not trying to force my point or my opinions or anything upon you. I don't stand to make a profit or a loss. You do your own thing. I don't know you, you don't know me - so get a perspective. You're getting mighty defensive macho macho man. You switched from DE because you got a "red throat" whatever that means in your language. If anything I'd say it's made you a little irritated. Maybe you need more lubricaunt.


Opinion is subjective. All I'm saying is each to their own. Stop trying to force your opinions on other people. Whilst I agree with you in regards to cheapness, DE shaving isn't for everyone. It is cheap once u make the initial investment. However from my personal usage de irritates my skin like hell and gives me a red throat. And before you say it's nothing to do with my technique, I just have sensitive. Cartridge razors have lubricant strips. Again all depends on the person

Gillette Fusion pro-glide razor blade 4’s Tesco instore 2 for £17.50
LocalLocalFound 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
As these are usually the most expensive grooming product I buy I saw this in my local Tesco in Poole and think it’s a cracking deal £13 each or two packs for £17.50
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Didn’t realise Gillette made cooker knobs as well

Gillette Fusion 5 Manual Razor Blades, 16 Pack 20.89  WAS £21.79 £25 13%@ Costco
Refreshed 24th JanRefreshed 24th Jan
16 blades Provides a 5-blade shaving surface for a precise shave Flexible comfort guard follows the contours of your face Precision trimmer handles tricky areas, such as sidebur… Read more

Oh my God... are you real?


I'll never go back to you Gillette. You can shuv your advert


Boo Gillette (poo)


or a complete cuck :D


Gillettes most superior razor imo is the Mach 3. Great spacing between blades and no clogging. These things cut like f*ck

X4 Gillette Fusion 5 Blades £1.26 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 20th JanFound 20th Jan
£12.65 reduced to £1.26 in Tesco Express - guessing its store specific to those that have them to clear, picked up a few and also had the blade with handle on offer, cannot remembe… Read more

Sorry should have mentioned, Hartlepool store, Catcote Road


Great Spot HEAT


So where is that particular Tesco store?


Welcome newbie (y) which Tesco Express was this? Sharp deal with a cutting edge (unicorn)

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