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Mercedes SLS Ride-On £20 @ halfords
Found 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Mercedes SLS for £20 at Halfords. Roofless, perfect wheels for this weather.
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Just bought and picked up, two left in camborne Halfords. The ones in the shelf said ‘save £5’ reduces from £25 so not sure which one is correct? Looked at the display model and still feel it’s worth £20


In a german in a germaaan


Seems anyone will buy a German whip


Most underrated comment of the day (y)


How much is this at full price?

Mercedes S450 24m lease £399.99 p/m business rate exc VAT £3599.91 Deposit + 23 months at £399.99 @ Contract Cars
Found 20th JulFound 20th Jul
I'm sure there will be loads of people harping on about you can buy a new car for this price blah blah blah... but seriously, this car retails at over £81k! The payments are £500… Read more

(y) 🏼


Wow, just popped back in here and seen the comments about my 'misquote' of Getty. I haven't misquoted anybody - I said there is a 'saying'. I had no idea of the origins of it, just like you'll have no idea of the origins of most of your sayings (go look up 'rule of thumb' or 'nitty gritty'). As with most sayings, you can take from it what you like. For me, it makes a lot of sense to lease or buy on PCP: - I don't have to save up for 10 years to buy a car that I'll then have to keep for the next 10 while I save again. - I get to have a new car for the first time in my life - I get a simple fixed cost for those 3 years that I can budget for while my family is young and I have lots of responsibilities. - Once it's a few years old I get to just hand it back without the worry of trying to sell it for less than I think it's worth. - As mentioned previously, the manufacturers put incentives into these deals meaning that these cars are actually cheaper than cash bought cars. The only people I can think of for whom it makes sense to buy a new car for cash would possibly be the newly retired who might take a lump sum from their pension, or the super wealthy who have got that much (and more) in their accounts - basically those who won't miss the money because they weren't counting on it for something else in their lives. The attitude of some people who think that if you have a new car on your drive but didn't pay cash is astounding! Well I can afford it, because it's there! I presume they all bought their houses for cash too?! (lol)


On a lighter note the 735d x drive is also available with a higher spec , at a similar price .


A proper car.


love it when people go into topics about things they don't like and have no intent of getting just to spend lots of time arguing with people, hilarity ensues and this deal certainly delivered (lol) I lease for one very simple reason, the money that would've gone into buying the car new gets invested and produces a return that makes it far superior to buying the car and suffering depreciation.

Pepper Festival - Generic
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
MERCEDES-BENZ GLE DIESEL ESTATE GLE 250 D 4MATIC AMG LINE PREM PLUS 5DR 9G-TRONIC Brand new unregistered car available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered keeper … Read more

Depends what you’re after but it is the entry level engine at 154bhp and 195lb/ft of torque. 0-60 in 9.4 seconds is slow but under 20 seconds is what most entry level models will aim for Taken from Volvo XC40 T3 Momentum Pro specification Where Feltham, Middlesex Price £29,160 On sale now Engine 3cyls in line, 1477cc, turbocharged petrol Power 154bhp at 5000rpm Torque 195lb ft at 1600-3850rpm Gearbox 6-spd manual Kerb weight 1568kg Top speed 124mph 0-62mph 9.4sec Fuel economy 45.6mpg CO2 146g/km Rivals Mazda CX5 2.0 2WD Sport Nav, VW Tiguan 1.4 TSI 150 2WD SE Nav


Actually their prices on the top end models are very good too. Well found!


1.5 might might be a bit underpowered


Volvo XC40 1.5 T3 Momentum 5dr £25,454 Save 8% That’s from drive the deal


Yeah the XC60 might be an option too. Thanks!

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Lewis Hamilton 1:18 2016 F1 W07 Mercedes Burago £19.99 instore @ Hawkins Bazaar
LocalLocalFound 15th JulFound 15th Jul
Selling at £70 online but £19.99 instore at the Worcester shop.
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The difference between a minichamps model and a burago model is completely different ends of the spectrum. Burago, fantastic model for kids to play with, with minichamps, the quality of detail and workmanship of them you only display them and don't let children play with them. Hence the price difference


Been that price a while. Got it for my son last year. Had bottas too


No it's the real one.


This is a steal, but reduced I guess as he didn't win the championship in 2016 so not as desirable. If you want the championship winning 2017 Hamilton 1:18 car (produced by Minichamps) which was only recently released it will set you back £140!


Is this the model

Mercedes-Benz Gla Class Hatchback GLA 180 Urban Edition 5dr 24 month personal (& business option) lease hire £5955.26 @ Select Cars
Found 5th JulFound 5th Jul
Obviously lease deals are divisive but if you're in the market for a good deal on a good car then this fits the bill (well in my humble opinion anyway) What do you guys think? 800… Read more
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PCP is personal contract purchase and PCH personal contract hire


Details. What is a PCP deal?


I can get you one for October better deal


Deal has ended, rang them today. Ended over the weekend. Apparently they flew like hot cakes


Joe2319 : Can you advise how long the lead time for delivery is ?

Free Mercedes Me adapter and app for Mercs from 2002
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
If you have an older Mercedes-Benz without connected functionality that was built after 2002, you can still enjoy the experience of connected features through the Mercedes me Adapt… Read more

I’ve had it fitted for a few days now and it does work. Yes it is just a Bluetooth ODB2 adapter. I’ve seen zero items that cost money to use, perhaps my car has only the minimal support. I can see: How long parked and location/directions to assist return to car (if you need that help!) Parking time reminders Fuel level Odometer Selected retailer info (you can change this) Time and mileage to next service (I used an independent last time and it still has the info) Battery voltage (not useful) Functions: Find a local parking space (not live space info obviously so no better tha Google) Refuelling stats Record of trips (trips can be disabled and deleted individually) Accident alert (that may cost I’m not going to try it!) Make a service booking (gimmick) You can disable individual functions in the app if concerned about privacy. The big issue I have is that the Android app uses power even when the car is not used. 3% today and I’ve not been to the car. When used 4 times yesterday for a total of 30 miles it used a horrific 10% of the battery so I may be halting background use, losing almost all functionality and requiring running the app to get any info for later. Others are rporting high battery usage so perhaps they will rectify. If you get it, you can try it and just uninstall if you find it useless or too much of a privacy concern


I have a 2014 C-Class. I've played around with the Mercedes apps and services since I got it and can confidently say they are utter, and complete, rubbish from start to finish. Mercedes need to revamp their online offerings because, at the moment, there is absolutely nothing to recommend them. They're slow, buggy, inconsistent and limited. 'Free' is still too expensive.


Get this fitted and you'll have the service department calling you up every time you have a blown sidelight bulb or similar. The dealers make very little margin on selling cars or parts in the first place but they make a huge amount of profit on anything they can put through the service department. This device is designed to bring more work into the official service workshops, not to help the owner of the vehicle.


True, they make a half decent taxi though.


Exactly this. £5 for the adaptor, loads of free apps that will tell you all manner of metrics, OBD II problem codes, blah blah blah. Instant and average fuel consumption etc.

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Mercedes Benz CLA 180 AMG 4 Door 24 mo Lease / 8000 miles PA - £7266.18 at carleasespecialoffers
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
I've been researching leases for myself... although not ventured there myself yet, came across this and thought it was worth sharing! Rental Profile: 6+23 £243.73 x 23 month £1,… Read more

It's the value you receive out of it. If someone does 8k vs some who does 16k. The 16k is double the usage so unless they pay double the price, it is more cost effective for them. Spending 3.5k a year to travel 8k is 44p per mile - very expensive. Someone who spends day 4.5k a year to travel 16k is at 28p per mile. It's simply worse value to low mileage users.


Can’t seem to make the deal on the site... guessing it’s no longer running / available?


It’s a lovely looking car, but I tried one out in the showroom and couldn’t get out of the rear quick enough - that sloping roof makes it really difficult to get in/out, it really obstructs your view looking out, and I’m 5ft 10” and had to slump down in the seat so my head wasn’t touching the roof. It’s a claustrophobic nightmare! 😬


I returned an X5 yesterday ;( as a 2 year lease at 8k miles per year. I managed to do only 12k. I work full time, I drive to work, park the car, 8-10 hrs later drive back home and park for the night. Weekends might go out and do a few bits... Couple of long journeys in the year during a Bank Holiday weekend. My view: Pros - new car, flashy, no issues with mechanical, keeping up with the... Best thing is not having to take it to a garage and the headache that goes with second hand cars. Cons- expensive luxury, alloy repairs before giving it back and possible end of lease charges. Service charges are usually expensive for a German car. And for me especially, I had another 4k miles to do... So I lost out in the end


For those bothered about speed, this is 0-60mph in 8.7 secs. A Corsa VXR is faster than this.

Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr £1834 deposit + 23 X £203.80 for personal customers at Select Car Leasing
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Looking for a new Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr? This deal from Select Car Leasing is worth checking out: Personal customers 5,000 miles a year … Read more
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Just spat my tea out laughing. Priceless. (lol)


Ok Dad


Well then (a) you wont get the new model for this price with this spec in six months time. If you do, please feel free to post it then and i'll help vote it HOT ;) (b) there will always be another car and another deal six months down the line. For someone who say is leasing right now and looking another lease to start for next month, what good is waiting six months? Whilst this deal might not suit you, it doesnt mean it doesnt suit other people. (c) you will be renting a car based on the monthly payments suiting your current needs. Not having the "latest model" doesnt impact your payments one jot.


I just spoke to my local dealer in Southampton, he said they wouldn't be able to get anywhere near this deal... Shame because I want to have a look at one before I pull the trigger. My VW Tiguan is up at the end of September so been looking for something else.

DUNOEboutTENG Okay, it was a rough estimate, but he had the 1.4L 80bhp model I wasn't over-glamorising the Audi, more under-estimating the Civic (slightly) In no way is his S3 perfect (for example my car is literally more fun to drive despite being inferior in every spec/stat) but German cars are still good cars. And that's not to say everything else is ****. Going by your spout of comments though you clearly have something against them Which is just as biased an opinion as someone who think's German manufacturers are the only good manufacturers...

£10 off £25 spend @ pizza hut
19/01/2038 at 03:14Expires on 19/01/2038 at 03:14Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
£10 off £25 spend at pizza hut following vouchercloud link.
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I never subscribed to this deal, or commented on it! Someone has their wires crossed somewhere!


This is a Pizza Hut deal. Why are people talking about cars? Have I missed something?


Exactly. So the votes may simply imply people are willing to pay extra 2500 to get the look when they shell out this much for the E-class. What is the problem for 700 vs 500 votes then? You are trying to make it sound like nobody should prefer AMG line. I don't get it. Paying more to get more doesn't make it less a deal does it?


And you'll get the bulk of that back come resale time, and you get to look at a nicer car in between. :)


The AMG Line car is a nicer looking car to most people. It suits the bigger wheels and the body styling changes. Black roof lining works well. We've it in both our A45 and Cooper S. Looks nicer and helps the overall cabin ambiance IMHO. SE looks a bit poverty spec in comparison. Also whilst the AMG Line car will cost more, it'll be worth more come resale time.

3 yr Loaded Mercedes GLC250d AMG-Line Premium Lease - £1,274 deposit £424 per month (OTR RRP £44,355).  Road tax included (£450 per year) 8k m.p.a.
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Central UK Vehicle Leasing are offering the Mercedes GLC 250d AMG-Line with Premium pack for £424 per month with a small deposit of £1,274. Larger deposits bring down the monthlie… Read more

Did anyone else get one? It’s an amazing piece of machinery. 8)


If someone chooses to drive a kia, then great, if someone prefers to spend their money on a merc (which they earned) then that's great too, if someone wants to spend their money smoking 20 fags a day and blow 300 quid into the air, then that's their choice too....personally my choice is the merc but that's my choice, doesn't make anybody wrong.


Yeah, it was a really cheap deal to clear stock.


That price is no longer available. Gone up extensively.


It is a good deal in my book - as I cant seem to find it cheaper. I like new cars. But what can I say, I’m young, rich, and will never let the Jones’ win. Never.

MERCEDES-BENZ E220D SE  4DR. Discounted by £9505 - £27995 @ Drivethedeal
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Now it's £500.00 cheaper! MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220D SE 4DR 9G-TRONIC Brand new unregistered cars available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered ke… Read more

It's 26995 with 18 inch wheel


I'm down with that dude. No, not down with a dude? I'm down with that, dude...


Haha, Merc is fine - that’s what all none-Gangsta people call them (y)


So is it ok to call it a Merc? or do I need a few gold teeth for that lol?


I'm not disagreeing about engines and gearboxes. Though I never had any issues with mine, I was just saying about the comparison.

Mercedes SLS Ride On Car £18 C+C / Land Rover Defender 6v Electric Ride on Car £45 Delivered  @ Halfords (more in OP)
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Get Deal link goes to the Mercedes SLS Ride On Car for £20 - will pop links to the others below :) Get moving with theMercedes SLS Ride On Car. With an authentic License fr… Read more
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Oh matron how rude..... (shock)


Better than yours...!


What's the mpg on the Mercedes? ;)

MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS A180 AMG LINE 5DR. Discounted by £5,905 - £19.095 @ Drivethedeal
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Brand new unregistered cars available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered keeper and you will be dealing with the Mercedes-Benz dealer directly once an order is pl… Read more

Surely you’d be better off leasing if you change your car on such a regular basis?


My yardage skills need some work (lol) (lol) I’m assuming that means 3 to 4 miles.


This has long been debated and I think in many surveys (JD Power survey comes to mind) has been proved beyond doubt that MB is nothing more than an expensive badge, with fancy electronics that break over time and expensive tires. I suppose the good thing is that the engine hasn’t gone kaboom yet although depends on how long your warranty is?


(lol) (lol) (lol) I didn’t even see it until I read your comment! Love it (y) 🏽


Its because they all focus on chasing market share by aiming to sell in volume. The only way to shift cars in the volume they want / need to is with heavy discounting. BMW do the same.

New Mercedes A-Class. Save up to £7,095 at From £17,995 to £27,195
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Lots of choice with savings of £5,000 to £7,000 on Special Offers page. These are brand new unregistered cars in stock. Biggest saving seems to be on A250 AMG Pre… Read more

Yep, we can never comment on folk's wealth here - because everyone on HUKD is a millionaire (lol)


I think that is a term referred to people who don't possess the ability to critically think, articulate and reason before commenting.


Yup. The standard car is dynamically fairly average. A 1 series will handle better and drive better. Most people will neither know nor care though.


A class is a poor drive. Its well documented in reviews. Drove it for a year and had enough of it. Not sure about pricing but BMW 1 series would be a much better drive, again well documented in reviews. And yes I have drive both and I agree.


Apologies - i've removed mine

MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220d AMG Line - Lease deal at Synergy Automotive
LocalLocalFound 19th AprFound 19th Apr
MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220d AMG Line - Lease deal Optional extras - Metallic paint, Artico/Microfibre Dinamica leather - Black Personal contract hire - Term = 36 … Read more

Sure thing...


Yes, not even any good deals before year end as I would have expected and none now either. Just when I am in the market froa lease deal.


Is it me or there a distinct lack of good leasing deals on, especially more expensive cars. A surprise really given that sales have slowed.


Could you share the website link please. Thanks


I think the answer is yes. I have no problem with how people spend their money, the aim of this site is to find the best deal once they have made their mind up on what they want to spend it on

Roadsterz 6v Electric Quad Bike was £80 now £32 / Zinc Volt XT Electric Scooter now £64 / Mercedes SLS Ride On Car now £20 at Halfords ( lots more in OP)
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Thanks to @goonertillidie for the code H20WHEELS that takes an extra 20% Off Selected Ride on Toys at checkout. Checked a few of the these the other day & the code didn't w… Read more
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Thanks so much, bought the remote control, ride on Mercedes for my boys 2nd Birthday. Just put it together watching video instructions on YouTube


voted hot. don't forget about quidco @ 3% chasback


How do the voucher codes work? Can anyone use them, or are they only meant to be for the people Halfords give them to?


Reserved the red merc for £20. Looks spot on and perfect for my lads birthday. Thank you.


cool cant wait to get riding one

Mercedes-Benz Fleet & Business 48 Hour Test Drive.
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Mercedes are offering a 48 hour test drive on it's popular models. They will drop the car off and also pick it up. You need a valid business email address to register. The Test Dr… Read more

I put a request in for a GLC Coupe. Will see what happens.


They slap a high insurance excess on and will get hounded with sales calls after, but a good shout if looking to test a new merc (y)


No business email but appreciate the post HEAT (y)

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