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33% Off New AMG line MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C180 petrol 5DR AUTO now £24545 @ Drive the deal
Refreshed 9th JunRefreshed 9th Jun
OK this is a cracking price on a AMG line MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C180 PETROL AMG LINE 5DR Auto with 33% off list price & now £24545.00 Quoted in solid paint only & f… Read more
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I believe Hk lost contract with Merc when they teamed with audi.


I have an AMG line with Premium Plus package, Burmester replaced the Harmon Kardon systems around 2014. Before this then yes it was Harmon.


Nitrous Oxide???


They do indeed in AMG line, S Class, E Class etc...


Lived up to your username on this occasion ;)

Toyrific Official Kids Mercedes Benz GLA 12v Electric Ride On Car in White £92.10 Delivered with code @ Tesco eBay
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Thought this was a decent buy, usually 6V ride ons are around this price, so a 12V with all it's features for £89.10 + £3 delivery is fab - same item is £299.99 at Argos, and looki… Read more

You shouldn't be anywhere near your nephew (lol) (lol) :D


can my 2 year old nephew take this on the road?


Out of stock


What age are these suitable up to? ie 6, 8 10? I know it says for age 3 plus


Is it ULEZ compliant though?

Mercedes A180 SE (Manual) lease, 6+35 @ £191.57pm 8,000pma No arrangement fee £7,854.37 over 3 years @ What Car Leasing
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
£191.57 a month x 35 £1149.41 Initial (6m payment) In my opinion, the car looks a lot better than its previous, the interior in this looks a lot better. The dealer is Mercedes Be… Read more

Went within 5 minutes of posting


That went quick :o


Haha!! But nah, thats foot parking brake. The new ones are leccy. And that the 3 pedal Merc quote goes way back to Merc always using the wire coat hanger mangles for there manuals as no one in their right mind buys them, they are just there to bring the RRP down on one version


Don't automatic mers also have three pedals, hand brake, accelerator and brake? My one does.


A three pedal merc (excited)

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34% off New Mercedes Benz C Class Estate C200 Sport Metallic 5dr 9G-Tronic now £24495 @ Drive the deal
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
This is the C200 SPORT petrol estate with the 9 speed gear tronic gearbox with metallic paint included in the price (limited choices though). So slightly better spec over and above… Read more
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Just to make it clear. By taking the finance deal and then cancelling after delivery do you still benefit from the deposit contribution?


Been told this morning these have all been sold.


Cheap, bought 10 for eBay


"What does Artico leather mean? What is "Artico leather" or "Man-made leather"? Mercedes has created a new word for their imitation leather. "Artico leather - Man made leather". Presumably, the word artificial leather is too negative." Google


Anyone know actual dealer whos sorcing these for drivethedeal?

34% off Brand New Mercedes Benz C Class Estate C180 SE 5dr Auto Auto - Now £22,195 @ Drive The Deal
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
The Mercedes deals keep on coming via Drive the deal - with a huge 34% off the list price on a brand new MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C180 PETROL SE 5DR AUTO now available for £221… Read more
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Yeah me too i am ocd with looking after everything and ever more so now I live in Slovakia for 6 months of the year. The things they do out there to save money and re-use everything is absolutely incredible i learned a whole load more on re-purposing things we would throw out in this country - there is an old man in a local forest who built a house out of beer bottles and cement quite amazing and it actually looks incredible when the light is shining on it! You said it "stay away from cars with a lot of technology built in" unless you have a lot of money. One or two people have criticised Scotty Kilmer as being an old fudd but failed to do so for ericthecarguy and both of them are top mechanics on youtube - if you really want to learn then watch this vid - he may be a funny wee guy but he knows his stuff and it is still relevant - Jap cars are still the most reliable! Watch the video and listen to him and Mercedes owners reply to him on his question about the brake pads - so badly designed when the brake pads wear down you have to replace the rotors as well. Really dont be like everyone else on here and not watch it i learned a lot from it myself that related to my old mans old Mercedes Avantgarde! Nobody who criticised it on here actually watched the video - he does say the car is luxurious and good to drive but that is forgotten by those who never watched the video or wanted to learn - computers are the nightmare! Listen to him when he quotes prices per hour to fix things at Mercedes dealerships $160 an hour wish i earned that!


I get the slamming door bit, the bit that’s confusing is it just merc’s (or German cars)with this issue , or is it all modern cars? Or basically are you just saying stay away from cars with a lot of technology built in? i personally buy a car and keep it for a long time, I look after them and generally they are fairly reliable regardless of make , ive had fords, Vauxhall’s, Datsun , BL , Citroen’s, Hyundai and toyotas.


Slamming a car door of course it does to some extent but i mentioned a microwave as those are the faults i see most often and repair. But yeah leaving the window open in your car lets the rain in and drops onto the controls for the windows and blows the relay - seen that one or how about slamming the door so hard every time that it eventually damages the window winder motor - of course it is how you treat things that makes em last - my Toshiba microwave is over 40 years old, my washing machine is 11 years old so yip i think i have proven it in my own house but it has taken years of learning but most people dont bother but out in eastern europe they look after and reuse everything - totally different mentality to the throwaway one we have here! I am an electronics engineer i used to design microcomputers but now i repair everything from microwaves to pcs laptops and washing machines or obd ecu diagnosis of automotive problems so yes i think i have a good idea of why things go wrong and just try and help folks out and make better decisions - as i said if you have lots of money then a Merc is fine but if you are skint as most people i would assume on this forum are then its not a great idea - I doubt Davie Beckham is on here looking for a cheap Merc do you?. It doesnt matter how good the electronics are if you knew anything about electronics you would know the achilles heel is the capacitor which has not changed much design wise in 100 years and is the most common problem in any electronics design with exception of maybe smd components so it really doesnt matter how good your car design is - It is going to fail one day but you can make it last longer - i never mentioned lights you are just being either fascetious but yeah how many times the lights are switched on limits bulb life and relays etc


So basically , closing a car door breaks the electrics? Or using the lights which are automatically switched on etc. Breaks the electrics? i know modern cars have a lot more electronic gadgets so there is more to go wrong, however you would think in a premium brand they would use better grade if components. i did know about the tires as it happened to my mothers car, she used to do less than 1000 per year, and the rubber degrades over time.


Well for example most led tellies fail due to the backlight. This is because people watch it 8hrs+ a day with backlight at 100% Just one example. Or how about slamming the microwave door instead of opening and closing it breaks the door interlock mechanism. Just two examples I hope that elucidates for you! We all learn something new - I took my car for an MOT and was told the tyres are all cracking and will need replaced next year and its because the car is not used much - something i never knew your tyres rubber degrades if it is not used regularly! :{

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32% off New MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C200 AMG Line Premium 5DR 9G-TRONIC - now £27,595 @ Drive the
Refreshed 26th MayRefreshed 26th May
Huge 32% off the retail price for a new MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C200 petrol AMG LINE PREMIUM 5DR 9G-TRONIC in plain paint - metallic available for extra cost. This has the pr… Read more
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On that I would agree fully. The new models suffer badly from electrical faults. However, the OP is talking about leasing and that does take away most of that headache. I would even consider the second-hand market. There are some 2012 - 2013 that seem very good value at the moment. Ex-fleet etc. Anything newer and you're taking a gamble with potential electrical faults. This sort of confirms your "over the last 5 years statement" which I agree with. Same car in Asia (where I used to live) is £100,000 they are so cheap by comparison in the UK these days. its still a lot of car for under £30,000.


Whilst they're not the worse I'm sure. Merc over the last 5 years have suffered with repairs. Some of their cars had issues and the cost to repair in labour and parts wrote them off or gave big bills and headaches Many of the cars had to be stripped for fairly simple issues. That said my mate works for a gearbox company and the automatic department is full of BMW, MERC and AUDI. They have never been so busy in the last 25 years Another of my mates works for a car breakers and he collects cars. He has been to Mercedes to pickup A class Mercs which he said looked lovely. He's not allowed to park his flatbed lorry outside and use the front door. He's taken around the back and the car is covered with a sheet so customers don't see a grease monkey taking it to the scarpe yard The normal problem now is electrical issues and results in the death of the car. Air bag light = MOT failure and a new air bag controller unit is deep inside the dash.....costs ££££££ so is sold and broken


Had a look a online, still cannot find a review stating Merc are the most unreliable cars. On a lease deal, reliability should be taken care of under warranty.


My comments are in relations to your sweeping comment "My mate had a problem with Mercedes therefore they are the worst cars on the market" if my mates experience is anything to go by. That is the very definition of Anecdotal data. Mercedes are simply NOT the most unreliable car. Where is your citation? There are worse cars.


Look at his past comments for further comedy gold: Here he is getting worked up about Pot NoodleS. I initially wondered whether he was trolling, but if he is, he is a genius at it. “By the way, the product is called, "Pot Noodle" and not "Pot Noodles". You cannot use a brand name as a plural. The trade mark is "Pot Noodle". Let's educate the ignorant. 1. Trade marks are adjectives used to modify nouns; the noun is the generic name of a product or service. 2. As adjectives, trade marks may not be used in the plural or possessive form. Correct: I bought two Macintosh computers. Not Correct: I bought two Macintoshes. Not Correct: Half price offer on various Pot Noodles. Correct: Half price offer on various Pot Noodle flavours. "Pot Noodles" is plain ignorant. An expert should learn, correct oneself and never repeat the same error. ;) Edited by: "Common.Sense" 21st May Common.Sense 21st May madina_amina21/05/2019 17:52£1 for king size in Morrison Which works out more expensive per g. 2x50p = £1 and buys more Pot Noodle noodes than one King size pot. You would have to be quite stupid to buy a King size version. Why to Brits buty King size? Ah, they are proud they are poor at maths, instead of ashamed. Edited by: "Common.Sense" 21st May”

Mercedes-Benz E Class E200 Estate 2.0 184 SE 5Dr G-Tronic+ 10k P/A £303.95pm £1271.84 upfront - £15,557.49 Total @ KG Vehcle Solutions
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Thought this was a good deal considering list price. Those not interested in a lease - please do not bother commenting. Feedback welcome from those with leasing experience! Car i… Read more
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Useless comment (should be removed)


3 year unlimited mileage with all Mercedes benz


LOL, bought mine for much less than £2700 with FSH and less than 90k miles. Excellent cars for someone who knows their way around cars and petrol beemers specifically. Cant comment on the quality of the lease tho, sorry, still suing my finance company for the last flop.


He was pretending to troll! I didnt think this was a bad deal, considering after 4 years the car would be worth estimated 15k, (20k loss). Each to their own i suppose!

AMG GT4 63 S 4MATIC Car £151410.87 @ Mercedes Benz
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Monthly Payments of ¹ £1,499.00 Customer Deposit £33,186.87 On the Road Price £135,615.00 Optional Purchase Payment ² £64,250.00 Amount of Credit £102,428.13 Duration of Agree… Read more
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Seriously considering this as my Fiat Panda is on its last legs.Do I own it after the lease period or have to give it back?


We overlook a small public car park and Monday to Thursday a guy in a Mondeo parks in the corner and sleeps like that!


The aesthetics are a little garish. The GT 4-door coupe 63 S puts out 630bhp compared to 577bhp in the standard 63. Both equipped with a 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Is it worth £150000? Individual preference. Similar coupe styling & performance would be the Porche Panamera Turbo or Turbo S E-Hybrid also with the 4.0 L V8 engine comvined electric engine outputting 671bhp. There is the Aston Martin Rapide S, V12 at 552bhp but similar £150000 premium. The M5 competition I would say is a worthy contender given the 4-series 4-door coupe doesn't feature the V8 twin turbo in the 5-series. It may be a saloon but the competition edition at £96000 outputs 616bhp. The BMW M5 CS will likely be out soon probably outputting closer to 650bhp although I am sure at a premium. The M550i is being launched in the UK and at £76000 has V8 twin turbo at 526bhp, probably the most sensible choice. Another sensible/affordable choice could be the KIA stinger GTS 3.3L V6 twin turbo with AWD but an option to select RWD.


I didn't state that the list was in order of likelihood, or indeed, popularity. Enjoy your avocados. Lol indeed.


Damn might aswell get one now (lol)

Mercedes A180 SE (Manual) lease, 3+35 @ £207.83pm 8,000pma No arrangement fee £7,898 over 3 years @ What Car Leasing
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
New A Class Mercedes on a 3 year lease for just over £200 per month with £600 initial payment (average of just under £220 per month). It's a far better car than the old model with … Read more
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There wasn't a single car in the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s or 2000s or even 2010 that looked like this inside >


The interior of this car is better than anything else in this class, there is nothing else like the MBUX system on any other car at this price range.


The Executive pack is only £13.50 per month more. Over 3 years you'll pay £530 more for a pack that retails at £1,500.


The packs are actually decent value, but then the deal isn't for a car with an added pack, so the costs are irrelevant and my original comment stands, if you order this the infotainment screen and instrument display are very average. Also why the comment 10 days later ? :D


Not if you get the 10" displays but that means more cost for the Premium Pack. Once you start adding packs to these Mercs they get very expensive, very quickly.

New MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C200 AMG LINE PREMIUM 5DR 9G-TRONIC 29% off @ Drive the deal £28995
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Brand new MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS ESTATE C200 petrol AMG LINE PREMIUM 5DR 9G-TRONIC - with premium pack with nearly 30% off the retail price @ Drive deal the deal Brand new unregist… Read more
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The World Health Organisation have just announced they suspect pollution from fossil fuel burning cars are causing an increase in autism and parkinson's disease. They suspect even worse to be discovered. When London bans diesel, your car will halve in value as the market is flooded with cheap diesel cars.


and what about the energy it takes to create Hydrogen? and the safety issues surrounding driving around with a pressurised Hydrogen tank in your car, hardly ideal!


Is it national delivery or just England?


Just a terrible drive, really noisy engine, a number of faults / engine management issues, been back to the garage several times, delivered brand new with failing battery? DPF sensor failed, I could go on....all in a car that is only just 2 years old. Didn't have a single issue with my 3 series previously, fantastic car and lovely to drive.


Oh, we are minnow's, that is true, but every little helps in this case!

Toyrific Official Kids Mercedes Benz GLA 12v Electric Ride On Car in White £112 Del @ Tesco eBay  - £299.99 at Argos
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Thought this was a decent buy, usually 6V ride ons are around this price, so a 12V with all it's features for £109 + £3 delivery is fab - same item is £299.99 at Argos, and looking… Read more
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For ages 3 years and over.


What age is this for


Heat for the 12v!


Killjoy (confused) It's a toy to play on, not a child's main mode of transport. My little girl gets plenty of exercise and would love a toy like this! I would too when I was her age. I cant see what your problem is. Have some heat op (y)


Perhaps we could have a Macy D's peddle through. Electric is apparently so this century, we're all going to be in electric vehicles prehps the little uns are preparing for the future! Good deal, maybe peddle when it's on charge.

Carrera F1 Mercedes Track Set  £32.50  free C&C @ Argos
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Great price drop and positive reviews. An ideal first slot car racing experience for ages 4+, the Carrera F1 Mercedes Track Set features two cars in scale 1:43: the Mercedes F1 W0… Read more

yep, good for £10


So only one of 2 Mercedes will win... just like real F1... FFS Ferrari/ Red Bull please bring a challenge to these guys.


Got it for £10, and probably worth that, wouldn't want to pay much more. On full power, both cars never fall off the track at the corners, so no racing, winner is who gets the slightly faster car.


Was £9.99 before xmas

Mercedes A250 AMG Line Premium 24 month lease 8000 miles/annum £240.25/Month at What Car Leasing (£1,441.50 Upfront)
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
£1441.50 initial payment (6 months), £240.25 per month for 23 months. Total amount payable £6967.25 equivalent to £290.30 per month at What Car Leasing. This is a 0-60, 6.2 sec c… Read more

Still waiting for a build slot on my order :/


bit of a shame that's happened have you managed to line anything else up to replace ? or have they tried to help any way with a diesel alternative ? how does cancelling with them work will they try charge you any fee if the car has been ordered ?


Are they even available in diesel!?! I ordered the A250 which I knew was petrol, don't think it's available in diesel, for me at least, that parts been clear from the very start.


Unfortunately I will be cancelling my order, it turns out the model I ordered was a petrol, apprantley the quote for was a petrol,no idea how when all quotes I requested have been for diesel. Pretty disappointed with the service from AC/MB Perth 😔


My latest email update from my rep Colin last week: "Just a quick update to advise that there has now been a car allocated to fulfill your order and the current ETA is showing on the system as 26/06. Will update you as it nears arrival." Ordered 29/4, but still showing as 20/7 om ACVM portal. I'll wait and see...

24m Lease - Mercedes A Class SALOON A250 AMG LINE Auto  £275pm / £2400 upfront - Total £8,927.77 inc Fees @ Central Vehicle Leasing
30/06/2019Expires on 30/06/2019Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Lovely looking motor <3 This is for Oct/September delivery, assuming as it's a popular model. At 8k per annum I don't think it's too shabby at all. I appreciate some of you w… Read more

Care to share the best time please :D


I think you've got to keep scanning the top sites - good deals seem to ceom and go very quickly - a couple of weeks usually. End of quarters are best - so March, June, September, Decemeber


Sucks that most companies including Mercedes have the driver assistance as an optional extra. Seriously considering a new Corolla because assists are standard across the range.


All in, it's still an average A Class. £375 pm is terrible for a golf class car.


When is the best time to call and look for deals? Thanks

Mercedes CLS 350 AMG Line £331.56 P/M x 24 Months @ Mad Sheep Leasing (£11,604.60 total)
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Mad Sheep have just posted this to their Facebook page, headline is 5000 miles but 10000 is £379 p/m on a 12+23 (full pricing below) We're currently paying £77 p/m more than their… Read more

Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


I don't know why it's getting voted cold. It's a pretty good saving on what is normally paid for this car


good luck


I can afford nothing nice. I just choose to buy anything nice that I can afford.


That's unfortunate, I reached over 350,000 miles in an Octavia before getting the Superb. Just changed oil every 6000 miles and replaced a water pump once and I think once I broke a coil spring.

Mercedes-Benz Licensed Kids Electric Ride On Car with LED Headlights @ Amazon Warehouse Used Very Good £91.52 (20% Reduction @ Checkout)
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
OFFICIALLY LICENSED - official Mercedes-Benz licensed children's electric car with foot operated pedal control with max speed of 2. 5 km/h REALISTIC DESIGN- Quality design is a pe… Read more
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Why is this cold? I'm looking to get a gift for someone, and now I'm not sure anymore :o. Is this a bad price, bad quality?



Mercedes-Benz CLA Class 200 Shooting Brake AMG Line Night Ed+ Auto 36m 10k Miles p/a £920 Dep £306.67pm, £200? Fee (£11853) SelectCarLeasing
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Saw a deal here for the manual shooting brake which has now gone but this is the auto including the night edition pack (lots more such as reversing camera, bluetooth, heated seats,… Read more

Can anybody tell me who's best deal for Renault Mégane RS


Frank Ribery commenting on someone being ugly (lol)


Tiguan This just looks like it melted


Wonder what ugly car you’ve got on your drive... Just curious(ninja)


It's a "shooting brake" though, so must be really special and worth every penny... :D

Great Spec Mercedes CLA 200 Amg line 4 year lease 10k miles per year at Select Car Leasing £248.92pm + £746.75, 2 and 3 year also available.
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
£12445 For 4 years total price, over 40mpg DRIVER CONVENIENCE 7" tablet style colour display Attention assist Bluetooth system Cruise control + speed limiter Direct steering Door… Read more

now about 15k


Looking at the headlights it's the current model that is about to be replaced if that makes sense. The CLA came out in February as stated but the Shooting Brake version has not been replaced yet. The spec states 7" tablet style screen, all new models have a minimum of 2 off 7" screens, bigger on the higher spec models.


I think you misunderstand my comment, Anyway in answer to your question a new Volvo V90 (well 12 months old now) and as for coping with a head on smash at speed, fortunately it has so many safety features it is pretty reluctant to get involved with any type of accident, such is the advancement of some modern day vehicles! MM


The website uses sliders so you can choose which ever term you want whilst on there, suppose the 3 year seems to suit more people by the sound of things, I'l remember that for next time it's my first lease deal (:I


You should have posted the three year deal as we vote and comment based on the deal you’ve posted. So, whilst I won’t vote cold, I can’t vote hot either, I’m afraid, although obviously I’m in the minority! ;)

New MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL ESTATE E220D SE 5DR 9G-TRONIC now £29786 (saving 27%) @ Drive the deal
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Been checking on this one for a while..... Seems the better engined E220D estate version is currently a better price than the lesser powered E200d model which is more money @ £2979… Read more
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I guess it's expired now


True. We keep our cars a long time but got rid of our Saab estate when the ved changed - we calculated that the road tax would soon be a third of the value of the car, making it hard to sell on. I had forgotten though that ved is calculated differently nowadays though - as another poster has said, the ved won't be £450 forever and will drop to more reasonable levels.


Yeah but the 5 series is much more expensive than this in the real world. I didn't like the E220d, the 520d was too expensive, the A6 was right at the end of its model life when I was looking, so I ended up in the V90. Which is perfect, no 5 series, but perfect for what I need it for.


Very ugly


That sounds like bad luck - I’ve had the C-class since new (2016) and only issue I’ve had was an auxiliary battery not charging. Fixed under warranty.

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