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Mercedes Benz CLA 180 AMG 4 Door 24 mo Lease / 8000 miles PA - £7266.18 at carleasespecialoffers
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
I've been researching leases for myself... although not ventured there myself yet, came across this and thought it was worth sharing! Rental Profile: 6+23 £243.73 x 23 month £1,… Read more

Yes I know - I was being sincere when I replied to you and it was more a figure of speech. The whole episode didn’t last long and while it annoyed me I think it was more an indictment of how selfish and self-involved some people are than the actual act of parking in front of my drive.


First one happened out of site of our cctv camera so it was a no go, second one we caught him on our cctv and we have filled an MIB claim. The problem is to do with how they penalise drivers based on location and demographics. They need to set one price for everyone, a decent price. The driver had valid MOT and TAX on the car, so I am assuming he simply could not afford the ridiculous rates they charge. Our premium went from 800 a year to now 2500 a year, which we can just about afford. That itself is ridiculous and unjust They should either charge a set rate or include non insured accidents in the insurance policies as standard


No worries - just responded as you were saying no option and thought you meant it was the highway - if it is private land/not adopted street then yes you be on your own from a police perceptive as they will view it solely as civil matter. It may help someone unaware of steps they can do.


Thanks for that comprehensive explanation - I probably would consider that if they hadn't moved it. I believe where I live is in fact an unadopted road and private land not the public highway (that's why I didn't want to bother the police even before I saw that). Also I didn't actually know which **** had parked there at the time til this mess walked out of one of the flats, had I walked off I wouldn't have known or been able to identify them. The problem with all of this, especially when it's with people who just don't care and knowing I do care, and also knowing where I live, the repercussions can be variable - from verbal abuse, to keying my car, to egging my house (just to clarify none of that happened, but when you're considering what 'less fortunate' people might do, it seems plausible at least). Weighing it up, is it worth kicking off? Probably not. Also getting their car towed off - I reckon they would just let it happen, buy another £100 POS and do it again next week.


There is actually something you can do in this situation. It will not be on the top of priorities to the police but parking causing an unnecessary obstruction (rule 242) and blocking an entrance (rule 243) is in the highway code. The highway code is not civil but criminal law making it a matter for the police. It, however, will not be top of their agenda or should it be i.e. the option between the guy getting mugged down the street compared to you being inconvenienced will have differing priorities If this were to repeatedly happen then the advise is take evidence , discuss with the person committing the criminal act to enlighten them that if required you will get the police to intervene albeit would prefer not to either waste their time or for the owner to incur the costs. Failing that, and over 20 minutes, it is one for the police quoting the highway code and pose the question to them as you report the incident what do they advise you do as you need to move as per your right and if not responding per the incident are they condoning/authorising you take the matter into your own hands? (this query places a query on the onus of liability and forces their hand) In this situation they will send a patrol as soon as viable (i.e. unlikely Friday evening), if indeed still blocking they will ticket, if still blocking 90 minutes later then the chances of it being towed is quite high. At the point the owner returns to no vehicle, reports missing is where find they need to make their way to the nearest lockup and pay a nice amount for the privilege. Now if they parked on your drive that would be a civil matter and you are on your own.

Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr £1834 deposit + 23 X £203.80 for personal customers at Select Car Leasing
Found 15th JunFound 15th Jun
Looking for a new Mercedes-Benz Cla Class Coupe CLA 180 AMG Line 4dr? This deal from Select Car Leasing is worth checking out: Personal customers 5,000 miles a year … Read more
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Well then (a) you wont get the new model for this price with this spec in six months time. If you do, please feel free to post it then and i'll help vote it HOT ;) (b) there will always be another car and another deal six months down the line. For someone who say is leasing right now and looking another lease to start for next month, what good is waiting six months? Whilst this deal might not suit you, it doesnt mean it doesnt suit other people. (c) you will be renting a car based on the monthly payments suiting your current needs. Not having the "latest model" doesnt impact your payments one jot.


I just spoke to my local dealer in Southampton, he said they wouldn't be able to get anywhere near this deal... Shame because I want to have a look at one before I pull the trigger. My VW Tiguan is up at the end of September so been looking for something else.

DUNOEboutTENG Okay, it was a rough estimate, but he had the 1.4L 80bhp model I wasn't over-glamorising the Audi, more under-estimating the Civic (slightly) In no way is his S3 perfect (for example my car is literally more fun to drive despite being inferior in every spec/stat) but German cars are still good cars. And that's not to say everything else is ****. Going by your spout of comments though you clearly have something against them Which is just as biased an opinion as someone who think's German manufacturers are the only good manufacturers...


You can't use it without being worried about cameras and coppers and you don't need a vehicle to do 150mph so?


No it's not. ;)

£10 off £25 spend @ pizza hut
19/01/2038 at 03:14Expires on 19/01/2038 at 03:14Found 12th JunFound 12th Jun
£10 off £25 spend at pizza hut following vouchercloud link.
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Exactly. So the votes may simply imply people are willing to pay extra 2500 to get the look when they shell out this much for the E-class. What is the problem for 700 vs 500 votes then? You are trying to make it sound like nobody should prefer AMG line. I don't get it. Paying more to get more doesn't make it less a deal does it?


And you'll get the bulk of that back come resale time, and you get to look at a nicer car in between. :)


The AMG Line car is a nicer looking car to most people. It suits the bigger wheels and the body styling changes. Black roof lining works well. We've it in both our A45 and Cooper S. Looks nicer and helps the overall cabin ambiance IMHO. SE looks a bit poverty spec in comparison. Also whilst the AMG Line car will cost more, it'll be worth more come resale time.


and the actually difference of the price you are paying is also 2500.


The retail price difference is ~2500. If I am going to buy the E-class I would put extra 2500 and get AMG line. The 19 inch wheels look much better than SE 17 inch. Just my 2 cent.

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3 yr Loaded Mercedes GLC250d AMG-Line Premium Lease - £1,274 deposit £424 per month (OTR RRP £44,355).  Road tax included (£450 per year) 8k m.p.a.
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Central UK Vehicle Leasing are offering the Mercedes GLC 250d AMG-Line with Premium pack for £424 per month with a small deposit of £1,274. Larger deposits bring down the monthlie… Read more

Equivalent Merc


Jesus. Of course you downvoted... just like you compared a new Merc to a 4 year old Kia. It’s not a badge by the way... it’s a far superior car. How do you know how old I am? (To me... cars are an important thing in life)


But you just compared them in your comment (skeptical)


How do you i voted it down ? Im just saying its not a good deal in my book but i am a lot older then yourself and not easily taken in or impressed with a badge i keep my cars for years and use the extra cash for other more important things in life.


Whos comparing it im just saying its not value at 16k for 3 yrs . My kia is better then the equivalent Mercedes 100 times better in fact get over the badge mate and try a fully loaded kia for less it may surprise you.

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MERCEDES-BENZ E220D SE  4DR. Discounted by £9505 - £27995 @ Drivethedeal
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Now it's £500.00 cheaper! MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220D SE 4DR 9G-TRONIC Brand new unregistered cars available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered ke… Read more

I'm down with that dude. No, not down with a dude? I'm down with that, dude...


Haha, Merc is fine - that’s what all none-Gangsta people call them (y)


So is it ok to call it a Merc? or do I need a few gold teeth for that lol?


I'm not disagreeing about engines and gearboxes. Though I never had any issues with mine, I was just saying about the comparison.


Do you think before you comment, or are you just blinkered. Your right I've never had a lease car, I've always bought my cars outright or through finance depending on the cost of the car. My Merc was new and my final payment was made within it first year. My current Lexus, I'm taking 2 years to pay off because of the additional benefits I received as in free servicing. So paying a large deposit and small monthly payments made this the best method of payment. So when you say people who are not in a position to take this deal? I only made a couple points. 1: Your blaming Mercedes for for the finger prints, yet it was a lease car. So was it really delivered by Mercedes or the lease company hired it out to someone to deliver? 2: You stressed out about giving the driver a lift to the train station. I clearly said, he probably wasn't local to you, so might have not liked the look of the area, may not know the directions, or even might not be so mobile to walk 10 minutes. Or he could have been in work for the last 10 hours driving your stupid car, to some grumpy get who doesn't appreciate that its not scratched or he's driven at 50mph all the way there. Read your first statement, you said 'he asked for a lift to the station, even though its only a 10 minute walk'. Then you went on to say 'you felt uncomfortable' Heres your original post. 'Some Benz dealer don't used professional drivers to deliver the car to you. One received a car with foot marks all over the side of the door, fingerprint all over, and he wanted a lift to the train station which is 10min walk away... Felt so uncomfortable in a new car, who knows if they even bother to drive the car at steady low speed to you or went for need for speed to deliver the car and go home early...' Bitter much?

Free sample from Benz the MC - Soundcloud
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
If you like angry white boy grime then this is the track for you - first of many according to his profile. Not sure of the label he’s been signed to but samples being released over… Read more
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WOw this guy is very cool! Have heard he is going to feature on one of Drake's songs in the future. Very cooL! And before you ask, no it’s not me!! But he is very good looking even though it is not me!

Mercedes SLS Ride On Car £18 C+C / Land Rover Defender 6v Electric Ride on Car £45 Delivered  @ Halfords (more in OP)
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Get Deal link goes to the Mercedes SLS Ride On Car for £20 - will pop links to the others below :) Get moving with theMercedes SLS Ride On Car. With an authentic License fr… Read more
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Oh matron how rude..... (shock)


Better than yours...!


What's the mpg on the Mercedes? ;)

MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS A180 AMG LINE 5DR. Discounted by £5,905 - £19.095 @ Drivethedeal
Found 2nd MayFound 2nd May
Brand new unregistered cars available for quick delivery. You will be the first registered keeper and you will be dealing with the Mercedes-Benz dealer directly once an order is pl… Read more

Surely you’d be better off leasing if you change your car on such a regular basis?


My yardage skills need some work (lol) (lol) I’m assuming that means 3 to 4 miles.


This has long been debated and I think in many surveys (JD Power survey comes to mind) has been proved beyond doubt that MB is nothing more than an expensive badge, with fancy electronics that break over time and expensive tires. I suppose the good thing is that the engine hasn’t gone kaboom yet although depends on how long your warranty is?


(lol) (lol) (lol) I didn’t even see it until I read your comment! Love it (y) 🏽


Its because they all focus on chasing market share by aiming to sell in volume. The only way to shift cars in the volume they want / need to is with heavy discounting. BMW do the same.

New Mercedes A-Class. Save up to £7,095 at From £17,995 to £27,195
Found 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Lots of choice with savings of £5,000 to £7,000 on Special Offers page. These are brand new unregistered cars in stock. Biggest saving seems to be on A250 AMG Pre… Read more

Yep, we can never comment on folk's wealth here - because everyone on HUKD is a millionaire (lol)


I think that is a term referred to people who don't possess the ability to critically think, articulate and reason before commenting.


Yup. The standard car is dynamically fairly average. A 1 series will handle better and drive better. Most people will neither know nor care though.


A class is a poor drive. Its well documented in reviews. Drove it for a year and had enough of it. Not sure about pricing but BMW 1 series would be a much better drive, again well documented in reviews. And yes I have drive both and I agree.


Apologies - i've removed mine

MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220d AMG Line - Lease deal at Synergy Automotive
LocalLocalFound 19th AprFound 19th Apr
MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS DIESEL SALOON E220d AMG Line - Lease deal Optional extras - Metallic paint, Artico/Microfibre Dinamica leather - Black Personal contract hire - Term = 36 … Read more

Sure thing...


Yes, not even any good deals before year end as I would have expected and none now either. Just when I am in the market froa lease deal.


Is it me or there a distinct lack of good leasing deals on, especially more expensive cars. A surprise really given that sales have slowed.


Could you share the website link please. Thanks


I think the answer is yes. I have no problem with how people spend their money, the aim of this site is to find the best deal once they have made their mind up on what they want to spend it on

Roadsterz 6v Electric Quad Bike was £80 now £32 / Zinc Volt XT Electric Scooter now £64 / Mercedes SLS Ride On Car now £20 at Halfords ( lots more in OP)
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
Thanks to @goonertillidie for the code H20WHEELS that takes an extra 20% Off Selected Ride on Toys at checkout. Checked a few of the these the other day & the code didn't w… Read more
Mod & Ed Get dealGet deal

Thanks so much, bought the remote control, ride on Mercedes for my boys 2nd Birthday. Just put it together watching video instructions on YouTube


voted hot. don't forget about quidco @ 3% chasback


How do the voucher codes work? Can anyone use them, or are they only meant to be for the people Halfords give them to?


Reserved the red merc for £20. Looks spot on and perfect for my lads birthday. Thank you.


cool cant wait to get riding one

Mercedes SLS Ride On Car £16 w/ code @ Halfords
Found 14th FebFound 14th Feb
Lowest price I have seen this Mercedes ride on in a while - use code 20OFFWHEELS to get for £16 (thanks to daltimor for the code) Free c+c Mercedes SLS Ride On Car Extra… Read more
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Anybody else pick theirs up and the noises are extremely loud on the car? Even picked up ours for £20 and are on the fence about having the batteries actually inside it... Not sure if it's just faulty or supposed to be too loud for indoors and scary for the children. Thanks in advance for the advice😊


Jeez. Ok mate. It’s just an offer for a kids toy. I can see you’re clearly upset though. No valentines card yesterday?


Off topic, but what a daft comment - how about those with company/fleet cars? I live in an end-terrace house and park my E-Class (company car) on the drive every day. Could I afford to buy one outright? Hell no lol! Am I broke? Far from it. Ergo, not every 'pauper' in a terraced house will be leasing their nice car. Don't jump to conclusions.


Can anyone vouch for this? Looks pretty solid from where I can see.


I don’t know many people who can afford terraced properties outright, without a mortgage. Maybe I’m hanging out with the wrong crowd

Mercedes SLS Ride On Car £18 - Porsche 911 Ride on Car £22.50 (more in OP) w/code @ Halfords
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Some good prices on ride ons and kids bikes at Halfords Use code KIDS10 to get these prices - gives 10% discount on ride ons, kids bikes and scooters Free c+c Mercedes S… Read more
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Ordered the Mercedes. Thanks hot dea


What's the age range for these?


Jokes on me for paying £200 for the land rover for Christmas 🙃ffs


it is very good deal I really wanted to buy for my daughter but my miss stopped me to ordering because our house it is not big enough to keep more toys.


Thanks ordered mercedes for my daughters bday.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Diesel Cabriolet E220d AMG Line 2dr 9G-Tronic Personal £7775.83 including admin fee and deposit @ Yes lease
Found 15th JanFound 15th Jan
Yes lease have been good to me in the past and have discounted a deal further. This might be worth a call up if you’re in the market for a car of this spec...this will not disappoi… Read more

Gotta agree, had e220 and now e350d both have so many eletrocal problems , rattles and powerless engine after new co2 update. Going to audi next..


But on a car like this you will lose way more than 2k, and more likely more than the lease costs. You also have the faf of selling private, or losing on a trade in. Lease is easier and cheaper if you pick the right lease.


As per my response to defgimp, the car was launched in 2017 so it's safe to assume that he / she is looking at the previous model and not the current model. I've been searching for the new shape daily and the cheapest I can find one for is £36,700. No car would reduce that drastically within such a short period, after 3 years all vehicles lose around half their original value yes but not within months like what's stated. Thanks.


Could you post the link for the one at £25k?! I've been searching high and low daily and the cheapest one I can find one for is £36,700. Also this car was only launched in 2017, so I think you have been looking at the previous shape / model! A link would be useful just to confirm, thanks.


See above the post from defgimp. Over 1/2 years the car goes from being worth £45k to £25k. So when you resell you lose £20k not £2k.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3 1:14 RC Car  £14.99 @ Maplin AND GET £5 VOUCHER when you C&C
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Receive a free £5 voucher when you reserve and pay-instore or purchase online for collection in store for orders over £10* between Friday 29th December 2017 and Tuesday 2nd January… Read more
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One voucher per transaction


If you could pay £4 over 2 years and then hand it back I'd agree with you.


How do you stop it tailgaiting other RC cars? (cheeky)


I got one last month. They are incredible!


You are better off leasing it rather than outright purchase

10% off across the Halfords site (working on all items) - Sandisk Extreme MicroSDXC 128GB SD Card £44.99 - £50 gift card for £45 - Mercedes SLS ride on £22.50 (see OP) @ Halfords
Found 24th Dec 2017Found 24th Dec 2017
You can get 10% off anything across the Halfords website by using code HAPPYXMAS10 (need to type the code in capitals) Free c+c or free delivery on £40 spend Few examples be… Read more
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Thanks OP, just collected a 64gb memory card reduced from £40+, voucher and my British Cycling discount for £27! Maxes out my car cam now :)


Thanks nebno6 :D


Got from top cash back gift cards they give 5% cashback. And E delivery on a date of your choosing


Same with me but called to cancel the order. Now the code doesn’t work lol but might use British Cycling discount.


Cool, thats a good saving. Could do with a chest to organise my garage a bit. I'll definately look at signing upto the club. Thanks for that. All the best

Mercedes SLS Ride On Car £25 @ Halfords
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Back down to £25 again, been waiting for it to drop again, so grabbed one as a gift. Has a horn and music as well, just like my real one... (that I deamt about) Mercedes SLS Rid… Read more
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They had one left in halford that someone did t pickup so purchased!!!!! Thankyou


I think usually it sits around the £35 mark


What was it before?

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