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Trust Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Set GXT 838 Azor - £17.49 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 11th SepPosted 11th Sep
Full-size Gaming Keyboard with QWERTY UK layout; complete control over your games LED-illuminated with 3 combined colour modes and adjustable brightness. 8-key anti-ghosting; ever… Read more

Ordered yesterday for £12.49 for my smart monitor. Received £5 credit for downloading an ebook.


Yeah but this lights up and comes with a mouse. Had a similar red dragon combo and it was plasticky but looked ok and was reliable. Cost me about £20. Always had cheapos and been perfectly happy but just treated myself to a corsair k70. Trust make decent stuff although I'm not saying you can't get better for the money.


This looks very plasticky - I have a non branded VEHEMO keyboard that looks identical, but made from aircraft grade aluminium for the base - nice and weighted and paid £10 for it new.


Looks ok for the money. I like Trust computer gear. Had a keyboard or two and still got some speakers from about 18 years ago that are still working fine.


LOL Mouse design is a proper rip off of a Logitech G203

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Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo - £16.50 (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco
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Posted 1st SepPosted 1st Sep
Nice reduction from tomorrow for this Logitech wireless combo set. £16.50 Clubcard price between 02/09 - 29/09 (was £22) Optimise your workspace with this quality wireless co… Read more

Great keyboard and mouse. Heat


Had this for over 2 years. No problems at all.


OOS online.


Got one and I have no problems at all with it. You may be getting interference on the dongle to the PC it's connected to. Not a false economy, just a setup issue IMO. I'm perfectly happy with mine.


This is an awful keyboard imo, the keys are very soft and sometimes they don't register and you find that you either have to press them twice or thrice, or go back and edit the words with missing letters. There are some pros. 1. It's cheap. 2. Fairly light 3. It can be stored to be used in an emergency. 3.You can sell it on gum tree after a year and still get your money back. The mouse is ok. Little compact thing. I ended up buying the craft and then sold this. False economy buying this. I like the craft I have now so am keeping it but think I might have preferred a wireless gaming keyboard. Key presses on a good gaming keyboard are second to none. But each to their own. Heat but save your cash imo.

Medion Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G (6C-12T)/Radeon Vega 7/AMD B550A4 /8GB RAM/512GB SSD +Keyboard & Mouse - PC (from 02/09/2021) £449 delivered @ Aldi
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Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
Online Exclusive! Not available in store ( from 02/09/2021) Full Technical Information (Manufacturer's LINK) Thanks to @shanfai_lee (y) Product Information : Bluetooth… Read more

Lol I commented about the same stuff, and was around the same time that I got mine. Think we all had issues, lots of issues if we got a Medion around that time. The cases were like an oven and the Pentiums they put in them ran hotter than hell as it was. They tried to be Dell with their own parts and coolers that just couldn't handle it. Medions Warranty got used a lot, an awful lot lol. Got some amount of replacements, even a few upgrades from the new models as the old stuff from my model was long gone. Ended up transplanting the whole thing into a new case with new coolers, and remember having to put it all back for the engineer coming out for the warranty. Motherboard deaths, as I'd sorted the rest myself by having proper cooling. Month waits on engineers was a right nuisance every time, at least a couple times a year


Only if there's a full moon and you've cut the grass 3 days before.


Yeah, but can it play Crysis on a cold Tuesday night in Stoke?

I got one of the Punch machines to get hold of the 4650G, remember me asking if anyone had one? They might be value, but absolutely terrible, awful looking thing that needs to go on the floor, behind a desk, no, wait, out in the shed, which is what I did with it. The Mainboard Giga A520 is a bespoke Punch BIOS and won't flash to anything newer, so can't even re-purpose the board with a 5600G!! Cheap is cheap for a reason. If I had my time again, I would stump for this I think mate? Didn't notice the PSu at 250W, that IS terrible though?


Arguably the three year warranty is the only selling point at this price. After a few months I don't think you will be able to walk into an Aldi's to return it if something goes wrong, but in my experience Aldi customer care are very good when it comes to honouring the warranty and issuing a refund. As Sarden84 and others have pointed out, better spec systems with the new 5600G are available for around the same price. Has there been a change of policy on this website? I remember being politely informed by the mods that it was not enough to post something because you thought it was good value (that belonged in the discussion section) you had to be able to demonstrate it was a deal i.e. reduced from the original price or cheaper than elsewhere. I keep seeing posts for full price ALDI stuff recently and wonder: what's the actual deal?