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LOGITECH G513 GT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & G502 Hero Optical Gaming Mouse Bundle - £139.99 @ Currys
Posted 1st OctPosted 1st Oct
If you need a gaming mouse and keyboard this is one of the best combo. Logitech's G513 Keyboard and G502 Hero mouse. So this bundle deal Currys seem good Currys are stating is a sa… Read more

Tried Corsair then others, changed to G413 Logi, quick press feels accurate brand names aside Logitech are vfm IMO. Try before or after you buy (Amazon).


IF I am right they have boards with reds. If you want good board for the price go for Durgod :) or something like leopold, varmillo. This Corsair, Logitech - marketing crap


Sorry if are stating that 'Romers are worst' then you are also state the Logitech Gaming Keyboard are worst also, as Logitech made Romers switches for their keyboards?


I think its down to personal pref tbh. I love romer linears


Romers are worst switches on the market

Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard & G502 Hero Optical Gaming Mouse Bundle - £79.99 @ Currys PC World
Posted 29th SepPosted 29th Sep
Was on the look out for a new keyboard, seems like a good deal to me. Save £44.99

I don't like the mouse, it's heavy, good for rpg's though.


Heaaat!!! The mouse is top notch.


Damn just missed the voucher codes deal for curry's gift card, ended at midnight


I have the mouse and highly rate it, this seems like a good deal.


the g502 Proteus Spectrum is an RGB version and is around £48 in amazon, keyboard is £40 with a further 10% off (prime student) so £36 for the keyboard. Total of £84 or much lower if you don't mind amazon warehouse deals.

Acer Predator Keyboard and Mouse £41.98 instore @ Costco
Posted 29th SepPosted 29th SepLocalLocal
Costco had £30 off £64.99 for this keyboard and mouse making it £41.99 after VAT.

Assuming this isn't mechanical?


Got to protect those keys from grubby kids fingers!


It'd be brilliant if it didn't require so many coats of Ronseal...

Logitech G413 Mechanical Keyboard & G305 Lightspeed Wireless Mouse Bundle @ Box
Posted 25th SepPosted 25th Sep
Logitech's G413 keyboard was conceived, designed, and engineered to deliver advanced performance with just the right feature set. The slim, bladelike chassis is made of of a light… Read more

This should qualify for the free mousepad that comes with the purchase of a wireless mouse, right?


Isn't this still £75 delivered @ The limited to Red Keys is a little annoying but quick fire switches and Lightspeed Mouse is great (Mouse is too small and light though, it flys when you lose grip). I'll answer myself, change your link and price to this £75


I was fortunate enough to 'win' the opportunity the buy this bundlef or £20 as part of an eBuyer event earlier this year. Absolutely love the keyboard and mouse. Having tried early wireless mice, I'd avoided them like the plague, but the G305 is spot on, and I've yet to replace the battery in what must be 6 months+, and I'm too lazy to switch the mouse off. The keyboard is good too, though it's my first mechanical so don't have much to compare it to. It only lights up red, but that's absolutely fine by me


Yeah... I got it as a birthday present from me to me...


Aha!!! Ok. Different fishy kettle.

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Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 520 - A9-9420 / 8GB RAM / 1TB HDD / Web cam / Wireless Keyboard & Mouse £299.99 @ Lenovo
306° Expired
Posted 24th SepPosted 24th Sep
Code SUPERSAVE should drop the price if it shows at £499.99 at basket This is the NON TOUCH version I'm posting this as I believe it offers an alternative to the A340 I poste… Read more

I'm convinced. The next time my boss asks me what It equipment I want I'll ask him for a £60 monitor.


you are clueless mate


All that and still rubbish monitors? I guess you just have different priorities.


I'm an IT buyer!!! we invest heavily in IT and are at the forefront of new innovation. I advise people on what is available and what is the best and most current to buy - what is new on the market. I meet with HP, Lenovo, Sennheiser, Plantronics.... I buy millions of pounds of equipment each year - including robots, 3d printers, 3d glasses, optical recognition glasses, automation software.


It has no options for wall mounting

Acer Predator Gaming Keyboard & Mouse £41.98 @ Costco
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Posted 18th SepPosted 18th Sep
Down from £80 on Costco. Annual membership is £15. Product Details The Acer Predator gaming keyboard and mouse revolutionises your PC gaming experience. Its sleek eye catching … Read more

I’m still using an ancient sidewinder x4!


Some people prefer the feel of them. They can be quicker to actuate which you could argue is a benefit. It's extremely minimal if there is one. However, a G502 and a keyboard with a few macro keys would be way better than this imo. Personally i have both a mechanical and membrane keyboard, I might actually prefer the membrane in some ways, but the mechanical was way more expensive so I can't admit it to myself. The G502 had been amazing for gaming and productivity though.


Mechanical keyboards have no benefit for gaming, why must 'pc master race' people be so pretentious?


Looks pretty bad, go get yourself a cheap mechanical keyboard and a logitech mouse if you are serious about gaming and on a budget


Great mouse and keyboard heat added

Logitech Advanced Combo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, UK Layout (USB Receiver) for £22.49 Student / £24.98 Delivered @ Amazon UK
Posted 17th SepPosted 17th Sep
Compatible with PC Windows, Chrome OS) An instatantly familiar typing experiance - Type with comfort and precision on a full-size keyboard, the keys have been optimised for impr… Read more

So reliable you bought several...




Alright grandad, do you use one of them phones you have to wind up before you dial too, "hello, can you put me through to Bakerloo 452". Heat despite the luddites


Wired ones are more reliable. I bought several Tetext branded from B&M for £1.


You're thinking of the K400.

Rapoo N1850 Wired Keyboard and Mouse + 2 Year Warranty - £5.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
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Posted 9th SepPosted 9th Sep
With its classic, black design the Rapoo N1850 keyboard and mouse set will bring timeless sophistication and style to your home or office. High-precision control over every click a… Read more

This should work on most smart tv


Good for working from home




I have this and its definitely UK, although the position of delete/pg up/pg down is a annoying, takes some getting used to.


It's difficult to believe that Argos is selling US keyboard. Can anyone confirm if this is a UK or US keyboard?

Logitech MK270 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo 2.4 GHz Wireless, Compact Mouse £15.30 Delivered Student Prime / £17 / +£4.49 non @ Amazon UK
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Posted 4th SepPosted 4th Sep
10% discount applied @ Check out. Others can buy it from Sainsburys for £16.66 ((LINK)) Long-range wireless connection: The Logitech MK270 wireless keyboard and mouse comb… Read more

Have had this since building my pc a few months back, mouse is tremendously small. The keyboard in my eyes is lovely.


Depends how big your hand is


On a small side.


I've the same one. Mouse too small. Many times i accidentally press right or left click. Now it develop another issue. My num pad 0 don't work in Windows 10 but works in ubuntu. I was wondering if anyone knows the solution. Uninstall /install many times. But no change.


I sort of guessed it wasn't 3mm across.

Rapoo N1850 Wired Keyboard and Mouse - £6.99 with FREE P+P @ Argos eBay
243° Expired
Posted 2nd SepPosted 2nd Sep
Clearance with a 12 month Argos guaranteeWith its classic, black design the Rapoo N1850 keyboard and mouse set will bring timeless sophistication and style to your ho… Read more
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Well....that made no sense....


Donald, Bill & Jeffrey love this keyboard. ;)


Thanks ordered


Brand name alone puts me off this - hopefully it doesn't have it written on it. A combination of rape and poo, no thanks :o


Agree, I like my keyboard made of Wakandan Vibranium. Waterproof, fireproof, windproof and can survive apocalypse. :)

Lenovo V530 23.8 FHD AIO PC - i5-8400T / 256GB / W10 Pro / Webcam / Optical + Keyboard & Mouse £699.99 with code @ eBay / laptopoutletdirect
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Posted 27th AugPosted 27th Aug
Use code - PLETHORA Depending what you're looking to do, this one might be spot on. There are lots of cheaper AIO PCs out there, although this one has a bit more about it in ter… Read more

You can have 6th gen i5 with 480gb ssd and 8gb ddr4 ram with slightly smaller screen for £449 here. Not bad if its for business as you can reclaim vat so it will be just £374 for a new all in one machine

Asus Cerberus Mech RGB Keyboard - UK Layout + Cerberus Mouse Bundle £54.99 Delivered at Box
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Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
Cheapest that I can see for this mechanical keyboard and mouse combo, with a UK layout. CERBERUS MOUSE Ambidextrous optical gaming mouse with four-stage DPI switch and con… Read more

I’ve never disliked the look of a keyboard before, so I guess this one is a first! Just seems cramped but heat added for the price.

Cherry DW8000 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard And Mouse (US Layout), Silver/White, £4.66 Used - Very Good (+ £4.49 Non-Prime) @ Amazon Warehouse
56° Expired
Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
15 In Stock, all Used - Very Good at £4.66 . Boyf has this and it's US layout but seems happy with it (had his over a year, and he paid £5.48). The main picture isn't too helpful… Read more
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Dam, missed again!


Managed to grab one when this was first posted. Thanks very much!


It's not adding to basket(pirate)


Nice1 - Thank you👌


Shift 2 is @ instead of " Shift . is " instead of @ Shift 3 is # instead of £ but could possibly be changed in settings anyway

Logitech Wireless Mouse & Keyboard Combo MK270 + 3 Year Warranty - £16.66 @ Sainsbury
625° Expired
Posted 21st AugPosted 21st Aug
Logitech® Wireless Combo MK270. The reliable wireless combo with a tiny Logitech plug-and-forget receiver. You get the reliability of a cord plus wireless convenience for up to 10 … Read more

FYI Still some left in stores


I don't like personal irrelevant comments


Use the other one then.


£16.66 is barley a deal for this. I picked this up from Amazon over a year ago for £19.99. And I didn't actually pay that I used a £20 Amazon voucher for it.


I don't like the enter key

Refurb Win 7 Dell Optiplex Dual Core Computer Set 4GB RAM 160GB HD 17" LCD computer, screen, keyboard, mouse at ebay/hightech-gb for £49.99
1444° Expired
Posted 18th AugPosted 18th Aug
If you don't mind win 7, these people offer a cheap setup, Dell optiplex comouter 4Gb RAM , 160g hard drive, plus screen, keyboard, mouse You could always upgrade to win 10 … Read more
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For a basic build that can be upgraded it is ideal!


Speak to the facts, not out your own.


Roflmao I do like the comment even though I dont agree 100% with it! You NHS IT guys still running that awful G-Pass software then? The number of GP surgeries i went to with pc's full of pron and naughty stuff is legend. The BBC in Queen Margaret drive was just as bad - the main internet kiosk pc in the cafeteria was a haven for 1000's of downloaded movies , pron and other stuff and it was the IT dept that set it up - mentioning no names! (shock) (y)


Not really its a combo its actually primarily the user! But yeah the number of companies I have worked for especially financial ones using XP, OS2 is quite scary and its all because of old software that wont run on anything else! I have worked for over 100 companies as a security analyst and pen tester and it always comes down to PEBKAC. If you left those computers running doing automated tasks without a user in front of them none of them would be hacked. The old days of syn attacks, firewall bypass and crashing the os to gain root are long gone - the perimeter is too well guarded by things like IDS now or they should be! SQL injection is still a fave though! All of the crypto attacks are started by some dumbo clicking on something they shouldnt and av systems out of date or unpatched systems thats what hit the NHS - As i have said a million times IT management is truly woeful usually graduates with sociology degrees managing the usually excellent tech guys badly and causing chaos. Consultants are just as bad!


It says 6 available again now. Seems like a great machine and serious value. More than enough computing power to get you to the moon and back!

ONN Wireless Mouse and Keyboard £15 @ Asda
214° Expired
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Wireless keyboard and mouse

cpc do several sets for less than this delivered:



Disco.Dave -generic&cm_mmc=ghs-aff-_-awin-_-


?????????? Item unavailable

Logitech MK850 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo £52.49 Amazon Prime Day Deal
138° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
It was slightly more than this price about 3 months ago on HUKD. It can be used to control up to 3 computers (PC or MAC) using up to 3 USB unifying dongles (need to be purchased … Read more
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I rarely use function keys so I switched them off and they work as multimedia buttons (so I use Fn button to access function keys F1, F2.. etc). You can switch it in software. Works for me. Logitech Flow... switching the mouse(and keyboard) between two computers by just hitting the edge of the screen - absolutely amazing thing!! Copy and paste between pc and laptop.. I just can't imagine how I could live without this keyboard. Might not be perfect for everybody but it's definitely a great set, especially with this price tag.


Was really tempted but again that puts me off. Hopefully they will release another model with function and multimedia keys!


Will this work on xbox one?


Tempted, but no dedicated multi-media or volume buttons put me off. Plus the Function keys are all jammed together.


I have two of these sets about 2 years old and they work great on windows and macOS.

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