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RAZER Gigantus v2 Medium Gaming Mouse Mat £5.49 Instore at Currys PC World Manchester
Posted 29th AprPosted 29th AprLocalLocal
RAZER Gigantus v2 Medium Gaming Mouse Mat £5.49 In store @ Currys White City Retail Park, manchester. Not sure if it is Nation Wide, worth a check in your local Micro-textured cl… Read more

Sadly deal expired and is scanning at normal retail price.


Thanks, just ordered one.


A bit large for my smallish desk so i'm using it vertical, works well!


Excellent Mouse Mat, fairly large too. I was a mug for buying this at £20 from Amazon as it was sold out on Razer's website.


I wouldn't say so no. These types of mats are usually pretty absorbent.


Thanks, I’ll have a couple of them.

Razer Sphex V2 Ultra-Thin Form Factor, Hard Surface, Repositionable Adhesive, Washable Gaming Mouse Mat £4.98 (+£4.49 Delivery NP) @ Amazon
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Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Cheapest it's ever been according to 3 camels. Last time it was almost this cheap was Black Friday week last year. Copied from Amazon page: Optimised ultra-thin gaming surface … Read more



Honestly it isn't, the surface on this is very slippery aka "fast" if you buy any generic mouse mat this isn't the kind of finish or coating you're going to get so a description as gaming isn't complete bs although obviously like the gaming chair it's not restricted to just gaming it's more suitable than the average It's not worth more than about £10 but it's a good surface and I've been through a lot of mouse mats


I like these mats because they can be cleaned and don’t get minging. Back to £15 now.


Saying "gamer mouse mat" is the same as saying "gamer chair". It's just an expensive mouse mat.


I would imagine especially for IKEA desks which have a very very thin coat of paint

Large XXL Office Computer Desk Mat £3.73 delivered @ Ali Express / Mr. Pen Store
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th MarShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Update 1
Possible £1.07 for new users
no codes needed or anything. Non slip also. Very good reviews. Large XXL Office Computer Desk Mat, looks pretty decent for the money and felt type fabric. Price includes and VAT … Read more

Will there be any duty charges if i order something for under £15?


I am looking to order some background will i be charged any duty charges. Never ordered from there before but read somewhere about duty charges since we left EU.


Russ Hanneman?


It's felt! Common muck won't appreciate the allure of felt.


This doesn't sound right. I would suspect the mouse. I have come across this issue more frequently on the more expensive "mouses" ? not sure if it is the higher spec sensors that are not as reliable or the degree of "lift off" on the mouse is not set consistently. I have suspected the latter. In any event the replacement has never suffered the same issue.

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90cm X 30cm Extra Large XL Gaming Mouse Mat - £6.75 delivered @ buy_gadgets / ebay
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Posted 11th MarPosted 11th Mar
Made from durable Fabric 2mm Thickness Size: 90cm x 30cm Anti Slip Professional Gaming Mouse Mat Material: Rubber Super Soft

yeah! and whats the deal with the dark/grey/light grey countries ? You can't even see east africa for example. Also why is is stretched like a mother as if someone scaled it not-preserving aspect ratio. ALSO the GMT 0 degrees line dones't even go through Grenwich it goes through dublin. This map is like if someone half-blind tried to draw a map by remembering what someone once dreamed the earth might look like, and they only had black grey ink on a bit of black paper. It's absolutely terrible garbage. AND, 30 cm is way to small. This isn't a decent mat for FPS you need at least 40 in both directions. WOW, and looking back at the actual listing there are showing a taller mat, this map is chopped top and bottom, i dont have the scale, greenland is cut, south america is cut. if it looked like the picture it might be OK but what was delivered looks like rough seconds that should be rejected. even the pic in this thread shows it different. The pic in the listing has the keyboard at 3 squares high, my KB here is about 4.5 squarea.


Aye was thinking a teatowel might sort it.


I've got a couple of books on mine, lol.. if not might try ironing it with a T-shirt as a barrier..


Arrived folded; expected I guess. Any way to get the folds out of it?


Is this the one with the amusing typos?