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Vodafone R218H Pay Monthly 4G MiFi - £9.99 @ Currys (Free C&C)
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th MayLocalLocal
On offer and available with free store collection. Top features: - Access the internet wherever you are - Create a portable hotspot in any location Access the internet wh… Read more
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Try the EE Mini 3 limited stock at Argos £19.99


Yes, no. Yes £49.99 at Argos or £50 at Voda on payg with 15GB.


Nope. Risks ? Like getting it wet or damaging/breaking the radio in a drop. Oh like Boeing - the world aligned USA into its rightful place, it won’t be signing much off itself ever again, the Empire air carrier brought down the Empire. Now USA is trying to stop a company with bigger mobile market share than Apple. The world isn’t aligning with USA over Huawei, some are, EU isn’t - the massive German intelligence services asked USA for evidence to evaluate and it was refused. EU still allowing Huawei as a not a continent risk. U.K. security services sign off Huawei firmware on UK devices. Smoke and mirrors, and Apples.


Nonsense it doesn’t run Android OS


The risk from this type of product is in fact minimal, voda had to certify the device. even if it was covert device, you'd notice slower speeds or increased usage on your account. It can't steal passwords etc. It could though log which sites you went to. Which then can be used back as a standard phishing operation so that malware could be injected into your device. The above is a targeted situation, ie you had to be of some value to the Chinese government.

iD Pay Monthly SIM triple min for limited time : 1500 minutes / Unltd texts / 3GB data £8
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
1500 minutes Unltd texts 3GB data
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I also left o2 after 5 years as they wanted £16 for 5 GB of internet which is laughable Csnt fault I.d up to now , very happy


Wifi calling


Me too (y) I didn't use for the first month as I was finishing a o2 contract so now I have 20gb a month as it always rollsover


Good deal OP heat! I’ll post it in my deal for those who need more than 500mins


I got your point...(y)

£199 FREE Acer Chrome Book  - Buy a Pixel 3a £399 or 3a XL £469 Sim free @ Currys
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
UK retailers only, with the direct buy links, to nab a FREE Chrome book from, with your new Google Pixel 3a or 3 XL handset sim free OR pay monthly purchase! http://www.p… Read more

I didn't even think about Snapchat or Instagram. IG isn't great on its website. Yeah it's a fairly cheap way for people to do work or general errands and a great way to get kids into computers if they even need the encouragement. Wow I did not expect that. MS office support for Chromebooks. It may even be worth investing in the pixel book. Unless you need it for professional work, I really can't see how it justifies it's ridiculous price tag.


Yeah true. I mean for the average user, you'll use word processing and Google. It's actually good in a way for people to use this for social media because Instagram and Snapchat which don't have proper websites to use it (well Snapchat doesn't), run as apps. Also Microsoft office can be downloaded. A license is needed if the laptop is bigger than 11 inch. It's free if it's less than 11, for those that do not know.


I'm aware of the shortcoming, that's why I said: "Even when it comes to objective tests, DOXMark is not the final word" but the point stands: 3a doesn't "wipe the floor"... ;)


Similar to how Apple devices work so well with each other so too do google made devices and offering them together for a great price is nothing short of amazing. The phone is absolutely worth the £399 I paid for it so whatever the chromebook brings to the table I’m already very impressed.


Good way to try make up the lack of native programs for it I reckon. Most stuff runs on apps anyway unless it's a professional industrial program.

Get up to 50% off the airtime at o2 when you add additional Pay Monthly connections to your Family Plan.
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Not sure if this has already been posted but I've been with o2 for years and never knew about it. Basically you have a lead number then any additional monthly contracts taken out … Read more
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Not sure but my partner and I are both on 30 day rolling sim only tarrifs if that helps. Mine is the lead account and we now get 20% discount on his.


What happens if I’ve just signed an o2 sim only deal and my wife’s ends July. Can I somehow add them together


Thanks, good to know I'm not alone.


Heat added from me, i didn't even know this existed. Wife and I both on O2


First post so not sure what I've done wrong. I thought this was a good deal. I understand some people may know about or not have contacts with o2 but wouldn't have thought that was enough for so many cold votes so guessing it how I've pitched it. Please could a more experienced poster give me pointers on how to present better.

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Upgrade from the 64gb iPhone XS Max model to the 512gb model for only an extra £50, available on Pay Monthly and Upgrade only
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Carphone Warehouse offering iPhone XS Max at £66 per month for 24 months and £129.99 upfront but you can upgrade from the 64gb model to the 512gb model for only an extra £50 up fro… Read more

This is work ?


It’s freezing in here....think I’ll go somewhere else 🥶


Sorry, wrong offer - this is it.


Top right corner


Is it in store only can't see it online

Get a 512GB iPhone Xs for £50 extra upfront than the 64GB - On Pay Monthly and Upgrade only £1305.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Carphone Warehouse offer of iPhone XS at £49 per month, £79.99 upfront for 24 months but chance to upgrade to the 512gb model for only an additional £50 upfront.

Cold cold cold cold please freezer stoppp


Wow that’s still a rip off even with the price cut. My last iPhone was £31 a month with a pretty good tariff (at the time) on it (unlimited calls/texts/8gb of data) this is + £432 over 24 months on that. For a slightly faster processor, slightly more memory, slightly better camera and FR it’s really not worth it unless your phone breaks so I’ll leave it until Apple return their pricing to a realistic level or mine breaks. It’s amazing how many people are thinking like me now and not buying new phones........if your phone is ok just pay to get the battery changed and it’ll last another 2 years but save you loads of money! Good spot OP but in the wider context of VFM it’s poor value.


I spoke to their live chat about it a few days ago, the offer only applies to selected tariffs , the 02 deal wasn't included sadly.


EDIT: I still think their advertising is misleading but using Chrome instead of Edge, I have found you can get an Silver iPhone 512gb for £59.99 upfront, compared to a Silver 64gb for £9.99. However the tariff is £73 per month! Their advertising is very misleading. A 64gb iPhone XS varies in price from £0.00 upfront to £974, so £50 extra upfront could be anything from £50 - £1024. Furthermore, the offer of a 64gb iPhone for £79.99 upfront and £49.00 pm upfront is exclusive to the 64gb iPhone, and to the best of what I can find, there is no £129.99 upfront cost for an 512gb iPhone. So, surly the first point would come in to question, what the is price of an iPhone XS 64gb?


I know its look good at the first glance but I don't see how this is possible to get ? I think its a play on words and they have effectively reduced the upfront price of the 512GB phone if you take it out on a more expensive contract ..... Not a good deal if that's te only option

EE 4GEE Mini 2 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi - £9.99 in store only - reserve online
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th FebLocalLocal
EE 4GEE Mini 2 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi - £9.99 in store only - reserve online
£9.99£29.9967%Currys PC World Deals
Looking for a spare wifi router, stumbled accross this which seems pretty reasonable.
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You have to sign up to a 30 day rolling contract when you collect the item even if reserved online


Why is it expired, just managed to reserve one now


I want to know this too


Did you have to sign up to the 1 month rolling contract?

Merlin Annual Pass - pay monthly from £8.99 per month (+£29.99 initial payment) / or £119.25 through buyagift if paying in full
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Great option for anyone preferring to spread the cost and works out cheaper than purchasing in full! Premium pass also available for £11.99 per month (plus £34.99 initial payment).… Read more
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Thanks for the code ChuckTheDuck! Also don't forget 12% cashback at Quidco if you buy through! :)


I used VCL25PDAY (thanks Google) as the code above had expired. (mumsnet Ends Tuesday, February 26, 2019)


I'm pretty sure that Blackpool Tower is up North


Nothing up north... useless! only decent for southern plebs



Cheapest Large Data 10GB+ Pay Monthly (free device) Flagship Android Phone Deals
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb
Cheapest Large Data 10GB+ Pay Monthly (free device) Flagship Android Phone Deals
The list here will be for those looking at purchasing a premium device on a pay monthly plan with large data. (10GB+) best I can find right now! The s9+ 128GB seems the best deal … Read more
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Steal his thunder/pee on his parade (y)

So S10 now is 38 p/m for 99 upfront, use code MOBPHONES10 for another £10 off upfront. O2 deal with 30gb data and unlimited mins&texts.


any opinions about Fonehouse? it is true I will get new phone with broken seal and inserted sim card? thanks

You mean 10 off upfront cost;)

F.A.T are giving an extra £10 off all contracts. I think the code was SAVE10

£20 off Handset Upgrades and Free Next Day Delivery @
Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
£20 off Handset Upgrades and Free Next Day Delivery @
*Including iPhone XS, iPhone XR and Samsung S9 1. Upgrade Handsets Only

You can get £100 off if you’re a student


Just to make you aware in case you have any issues with them. Their call centres are in India and Africa and are not of any use what so ever. Sales team in UK very helpful, customer services when you eventually find the number... abroad and utter useless


To counteract that, I voted hot on purpose (highfive)


Sorry, voted cold by mistake...

EE 12 month sim only deals new and existing customers - £30 a month / £360 total plus £100 gift card for amazon
Posted 27th Dec 2018Posted 27th Dec 2018
EE 12 month sim only deals new and existing customers - £30 a month / £360 total plus £100 gift card for amazon
(y) Just got a 12 month sim only deal with EE £30 a month 60gb of data and a £100 amazon gift card plus they added a 1gb bonus to my mums sim only deal which is on my account N… Read more
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Is the £100 amazon gift card included with the £30 sim only deal for new customers as well? Just want to clarify that


Damn I only managed 40gb for £20 on retentions in July. Wonder if they’ll let me negotiate an upgrade for more Gb on a new sim only deal :/




On EE?


Managed to get 100gb not 60gb for 20 pounds not 30 via retention live chat.

THREE/Huawei E5573Bs-322 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 Currys / £24.99 with 5GB / £15 per month, then £15 per month afterwards
Posted 24th Dec 2018Posted 24th Dec 2018
THREE/Huawei E5573Bs-322 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 Currys / £24.99 with 5GB / £15 per month, then £15 per month afterwards
£24.99£29.9917%Currys PC World Deals
Top features: - Pocket-sized WiFi access for use on the go - Roam in 60 destinations worldwide - Connect ten devices at once and get friends and family online - Monthly ro… Read more

Just a warning as I've been with 3 for ages... This device is only good with 1 device as soon as you try 2 or 3 others on the WiFi it's struggles with connection. In short the ten device statement is BS. Just my experience


Do you know if it is guaranteed 4G where available in the 71 locations? I asked, and was told by Three that the payg data reward SIMs are only 3G in Hong Kong, e.g., where they do have 4G service.


Why not use one of your spare phones, if you have one, as WiFi hotspot, using the same data sim?


It's still worth £30 for the device alone


This deal been posted a few time and people who have reserved it have went to pick it up and been refused it unless they buy a data contact, a few have managed to talk the talk and get it without but not many, worth a try I suppose...

Samsung J3 - £52 instore @ CPW (when purchased on a rolling monthly contract)
Posted 11th Dec 2018Posted 11th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Samsung J3 - £52 instore @ CPW (when purchased on a rolling monthly contract)
Just went in store earlier this evening. Managed to pickup a brand new Samsung J3 2017 model unlocked (Black). The cost of the phone is actually £39, on a vodafone £13 (30 day roll… Read more

I just told them, which was true, that the SIM was still in the packet and I'd changed my mind and no longer wanted the airtime contract. The lady from Vodafone told me me the contract would be removed from my Vodafone account (I already have another contract with them) within 5 minutes. I checked and that SIM was no longer listed. My assumptions is I'll never get charged for it.


Were you not asked for the sims phone number when you rang as i was. Was told ill be charged for the first month and sim will stay active for 30days


Thanks OP, just ordered one last night, delivered today and cancelled airtime directly with Vodafone (191) without even opening the sim packet, no questions asked, so hopefully not charged and only cost £39 in total. bargain.


£75 trade in for the j3 on the note 9 deal


Pay monthly contract can claim £100 cashback for S9, S9+ or £150 for Note 9 from Samsung
Posted 5th Dec 2018Posted 5th Dec 2018
If you have taken pay monthly mobile contract or SIM free mobile from participating retailers(see below) between 4 December 2018 – 24 December 2018, you can claim claim £100 cashba… Read more



Looks like you were lucky. I did send despach note first


They didn't ask me for order I only supplied DN... already got the money.


My claim on hold,they are asking for order confirmation


On cash back website they had samples of different documents for mobile phone direct... i didn't supply order confirmation email but i did despatch note.... and they've given me money.

Samsung UE65NU7100 65” Ultra HD Smart 4k TV Charcoal Black £769 @ Amazon (possible pay monthly)
Posted 24th Nov 2018Posted 24th Nov 2018
Samsung UE65NU7100 65” Ultra HD Smart 4k TV Charcoal Black £769 @ Amazon (possible pay monthly)
Just seen this and ordered, decent price, was slightly cheaper prior but still a good a price. I personally had the amazon offer of 5 monthly payments of £153.80 , no interest no … Read more
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Bought. Looked at so many in the last few weeks. Thanks for posting. Universally excellent reviews for this everywhere. Amazon also have the next version up for £850 ish too.


Thanks for posting. I’ve gone for this. So tired at looking at TVs for last week. Hope this works out to be a good purchase


Currys have this model but with 5 year guarantee (surprisingly)


Seem to be the only two, tried checking others outside of the offer with no luck. Again, some of the telescopes/binoculars on deal today are the same.


Lg oled on instalments too.

Pay monthly iPhone XR £37pm (£27.50pm after cashback) no upfront cost £888 @ SPC
Posted 23rd Nov 2018Posted 23rd Nov 2018
Pay monthly iPhone XR £37pm (£27.50pm after cashback) no upfront cost £888 @ SPC
iPhone XR, on Vodafone with 80gb data, unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts all for £27.50 pm 24 month contract Subject to credit approval
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I received £45.60


how much cash back will we be receiving this time around?


My Cashback was successful too. In the diary for August.


Mine sorted within a few minutes. "Congratulations, your recent cashback claim has been successful. Please expect the payment within 14 working days from 16/05/2019. We'll let you know as soon as we initiate the payment, including the value. Thanks, The Smartphone Company"


Yes August date with Augusts bill

iD Pay Monthly SIM 500min 4GB + data rollover £8
Posted 13th Nov 2018Posted 13th Nov 2018
iD Pay Monthly SIM 500min 4GB + data rollover £8
Previously 3GB with rollover, now 4GB with rollover at the same £8 monthly. 500 minutes Unlimited texts
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You can get 8gb data for extra £3.


I preferred the previous offer which had unlimited minutes and 3GB.

Vodafone Broadband £20p/m for existing pay monthly mobile customers (£22p/m for new customers)
Refreshed 20th Dec 2018Refreshed 20th Dec 2018
Vodafone Broadband £20p/m for existing pay monthly mobile customers (£22p/m for new customers)
£360£43217%Vodafone Shop Deals
First post so be kind :) Vodafone are offering broadband for existing pay monthly customers for £20 p/m with speeds up to 35 Mbps. For just £4 more a month you can get 63Mbps. (£… Read more

I've had my BB with Vodafone for 15 months now, previously only used sky and EE and have to say it is by far the best, not had any issues with it, unlike the other providers. Would definitely recommend :D


Offered gigabit with them but worried in changing over from VM that I will regret it, as I get a stable 100mb pipe. Been offered 500mb for £33 pm


You can officially choose your own compatible router to use on vodafone. HERE Less than a week for the sales to start so you may bag a nice discount on a shiny new model.


Same experience, after 6 it's awful. Basically doesn't work at all upstairs at any time either. Pretty poor all round.


I'm with them and I'm happy! On phone I got £4 unlim calls as well. Ignore these freaks who say they are bad because Talk talk and EE are worse.

EE 4GEE Mini 2 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 (was £29.99 ) + £18.75 20gb 1 month rolling contract (total £28.74) @ Currys
Posted 1st Nov 2018Posted 1st Nov 2018
EE 4GEE Mini 2 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 (was £29.99 ) + £18.75 20gb 1 month rolling contract (total £28.74) @ Currys
Nice price if you want to upgrade/replace your old mobile WIFI. Looks like you have to take out a 1 month rolling contract. 25% of these: … Read more
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How does this mi-fi box compare to the one that Three are offering (if unlocked) and choose one of the Three sim only deals (100gb)? Looking for a solution to replace slow BT broadband for the home which currently paying £19 a month for


BTW when considering contracts if you travel a lot check what agreements your network has. Virgin mobile on EE is a fantastic way to go but go abroad and in some countries its really slow. I would like to add im sure EE has good agreements abroad for its customers roaming


Ok so if i cancel the ee contract.. will i be able to unlock it and use a three mobile sim in there which gives 100gb of data for £20,per month? On three chat they said you cant? Im not sure if its true.. also they confirmed by the end of this week all their plans will allow unlimited tethering


Its 100% the best network in the UK. not the best for every person but on average. I dont work or live in town I get 50 up 50 down most of the time. EE customers get more than this depending on price plan.


Thats great. I am actually going to ring up tomorrow to cancel.. well.. considering i have 2 other sims with them they should put the price down.. i hope.

ENDS 10pm 26/11 - Vodafone Superfast 1 Broadband £20 per month for 18 months for pay monthly mobile customers - Now online
Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018
ENDS 10pm 26/11 - Vodafone Superfast 1 Broadband £20 per month for 18 months for pay monthly mobile customers - Now online
£360£43217%Vodafone Shop Deals
Vodafone have started their Black Friday offer for home broadband. £20 per month no upfront costs for Superfast 1 broadband. The Superfast 2 seems to be the same price as before … Read more
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its something to do with dns settings and/or 5ghz /2.4ghz switching. I got an old openreach modem hg612 i think off ebay for under a £10er.. doesnt need to be hacked or fw update. bog standard is fine. got my internet username and pswd from vodafone. connected to a dlink router and all ia golden. we have had 'occasional' slowdowns at peak times. but this has been like 3 or 4 times in 3 months. We had problems recently with wifi, i did a scan and found my neighbor sky and talk talk modems were auto bouncing between channel 6 and 11... I changed from auto to fixed channel that was clear and now im problem free. You can download a wifi scanner app from app store. it will let u know if your problem is wifi congestion on certain channels. once this is ruled out, go the separate modem router option i describe above and bin the vodafone junk.


This is not a deal though. It was giving this price for mobile customers when it first come out. I have had it nearly 17 month now and it was 26 quid for mobile customers back then.


Was looking at this deal a few months ago, after reading these comments so glad I didn't!


i am better with sim card inserted inside dongle pixel 3 phone..and just 26 quids per month..


Had Vodafone fibre for 18+ months without significant issues. Very good speed and no problems with their router.

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