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Cheapest Large Data 10GB+ Pay Monthly (free device) Flagship Android Phone Deals
Refreshed 14th FebRefreshed 14th Feb
The list here will be for those looking at purchasing a premium device on a pay monthly plan with large data. (10GB+) best I can find right now! The s9+ 128GB seems the best deal … Read more
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What price had in mind for pixel 3


If your account is in good standing, you can get the PAC code for free, but get the unlock code for the phone associated (if any was supplied) so as any other SIM brand can be used (if it's locked and you want to keep using/selling it). And (obviously) you'd need to be accepted on the new contract's credit agreement ;)


The word there of course is IF!. For people like myself that are on very good discounted or legacy Sim only tariffs then it’s a different story. I pay £13 a month for unlimited 4g data, there isn’t a cat in hells chance of me wanting to come off that, so obviously for us in that minority it really comes in handy looking for a good sim free phone instead.


Of course, my previous 2 phones I switched to SIMO on the same handset for a bit when the contract expired, but when it comes to eventually replacing the phone I've gone with contracts (Note4 £28, Nokia8 £19)


Absolutely, but it's very much handset dependent. Pick the handset you want, do the math. Sometimes it's cheaper buying outright, especially refurbs, sometimes monthly deals are better. I keep pointing out the word 'consider' in my post as it keeps getting missed :D

£20 off Handset Upgrades and Free Next Day Delivery @
Found 20th JanFound 20th Jan
*Including iPhone XS, iPhone XR and Samsung S9 1. Upgrade Handsets Only

You can get £100 off if you’re a student


Just to make you aware in case you have any issues with them. Their call centres are in India and Africa and are not of any use what so ever. Sales team in UK very helpful, customer services when you eventually find the number... abroad and utter useless


To counteract that, I voted hot on purpose (highfive)


Sorry, voted cold by mistake...

EE 12 month sim only deals new and existing customers - £30 a month / £360 total plus £100 gift card for amazon
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
(y) Just got a 12 month sim only deal with EE £30 a month 60gb of data and a £100 amazon gift card plus they added a 1gb bonus to my mums sim only deal which is on my account N… Read more
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Is the £100 amazon gift card included with the £30 sim only deal for new customers as well? Just want to clarify that


Damn I only managed 40gb for £20 on retentions in July. Wonder if they’ll let me negotiate an upgrade for more Gb on a new sim only deal :/




On EE?


Managed to get 100gb not 60gb for 20 pounds not 30 via retention live chat.

THREE/Huawei E5573Bs-322 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 Currys / £24.99 with 5GB / £15 per month, then £15 per month afterwards
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Top features: - Pocket-sized WiFi access for use on the go - Roam in 60 destinations worldwide - Connect ten devices at once and get friends and family online - Monthly ro… Read more

Just a warning as I've been with 3 for ages... This device is only good with 1 device as soon as you try 2 or 3 others on the WiFi it's struggles with connection. In short the ten device statement is BS. Just my experience


Do you know if it is guaranteed 4G where available in the 71 locations? I asked, and was told by Three that the payg data reward SIMs are only 3G in Hong Kong, e.g., where they do have 4G service.


Why not use one of your spare phones, if you have one, as WiFi hotspot, using the same data sim?


It's still worth £30 for the device alone


This deal been posted a few time and people who have reserved it have went to pick it up and been refused it unless they buy a data contact, a few have managed to talk the talk and get it without but not many, worth a try I suppose...

Samsung J3 - £52 instore @ CPW (when purchased on a rolling monthly contract)
LocalLocalFound 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Just went in store earlier this evening. Managed to pickup a brand new Samsung J3 2017 model unlocked (Black). The cost of the phone is actually £39, on a vodafone £13 (30 day roll… Read more

I just told them, which was true, that the SIM was still in the packet and I'd changed my mind and no longer wanted the airtime contract. The lady from Vodafone told me me the contract would be removed from my Vodafone account (I already have another contract with them) within 5 minutes. I checked and that SIM was no longer listed. My assumptions is I'll never get charged for it.


Were you not asked for the sims phone number when you rang as i was. Was told ill be charged for the first month and sim will stay active for 30days


Thanks OP, just ordered one last night, delivered today and cancelled airtime directly with Vodafone (191) without even opening the sim packet, no questions asked, so hopefully not charged and only cost £39 in total. bargain.


£75 trade in for the j3 on the note 9 deal


Pay monthly contract can claim £100 cashback for S9, S9+ or £150 for Note 9 from Samsung
Found 5th Dec 2018Found 5th Dec 2018
If you have taken pay monthly mobile contract or SIM free mobile from participating retailers(see below) between 4 December 2018 – 24 December 2018, you can claim claim £100 cashba… Read more



Looks like you were lucky. I did send despach note first


They didn't ask me for order I only supplied DN... already got the money.


My claim on hold,they are asking for order confirmation


On cash back website they had samples of different documents for mobile phone direct... i didn't supply order confirmation email but i did despatch note.... and they've given me money.

Samsung UE65NU7100 65” Ultra HD Smart 4k TV Charcoal Black £769 @ Amazon (possible pay monthly)
Found 24th Nov 2018Found 24th Nov 2018
Just seen this and ordered, decent price, was slightly cheaper prior but still a good a price. I personally had the amazon offer of 5 monthly payments of £153.80 , no interest no … Read more
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Bought. Looked at so many in the last few weeks. Thanks for posting. Universally excellent reviews for this everywhere. Amazon also have the next version up for £850 ish too.


Thanks for posting. I’ve gone for this. So tired at looking at TVs for last week. Hope this works out to be a good purchase


Currys have this model but with 5 year guarantee (surprisingly)


Seem to be the only two, tried checking others outside of the offer with no luck. Again, some of the telescopes/binoculars on deal today are the same.


Lg oled on instalments too.

Pay monthly iPhone XR £37pm (£27.50pm after cashback) no upfront cost £888 @ SPC
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
iPhone XR, on Vodafone with 80gb data, unlimited UK minutes, unlimited UK texts all for £27.50 pm 24 month contract Subject to credit approval
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I ordered 2 x 64gb one black and one coral. It did take a while for them to arrive. Best part of 3 weeks but both phones are up and running at the advertised deal. Great deal!


I think my “ grace “ time is way up - amount showing 73 no no mention of how much it should be or any sign of any credits to be applied they really are as much as a cock flavored lollipop


I went on live chat today. They confirmed I have to wait 10-15 days for Vodafone to correct the bill and process a refund. Now to see if this happens without chasing. Very happy with the phone though.


Utter madness it took smartphone company 3 weeks to respond by email and even then they said ring Vodafone - and you can’t actually reply to the email - pond life! So I am resigned to paying 73 for the first few months until silly season is out the way and can get through to someone with : common sense lateral thought customer service alas I still keep telling myself it was a resounding deal given price of handset


That’s terrible. I feel your pain, I think I racked up some 15 or so hours on hold and on the phone. This was largely due to there being a fault with the phone and having to send it back (not their fault it was faulty but it took them nearly 10 days to get a replacement back to me) I know how you feel, it’s a good deal but at some point the level of stress, time and effort really starts to eat away at how good the deal is. Hope you manage to get it sorted

Vodafone Broadband £20p/m for existing pay monthly mobile customers (£22p/m for new customers)
Refreshed 20th Dec 2018Refreshed 20th Dec 2018
First post so be kind :) Vodafone are offering broadband for existing pay monthly customers for £20 p/m with speeds up to 35 Mbps. For just £4 more a month you can get 63Mbps. (£… Read more

I've had my BB with Vodafone for 15 months now, previously only used sky and EE and have to say it is by far the best, not had any issues with it, unlike the other providers. Would definitely recommend :D


Offered gigabit with them but worried in changing over from VM that I will regret it, as I get a stable 100mb pipe. Been offered 500mb for £33 pm


You can officially choose your own compatible router to use on vodafone. HERE Less than a week for the sales to start so you may bag a nice discount on a shiny new model.


Same experience, after 6 it's awful. Basically doesn't work at all upstairs at any time either. Pretty poor all round.


I'm with them and I'm happy! On phone I got £4 unlim calls as well. Ignore these freaks who say they are bad because Talk talk and EE are worse.

EE 4GEE Mini 2 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 (was £29.99 ) + £18.75 20gb 1 month rolling contract (total £28.74) @ Currys
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
EE 4GEE Mini 2 Pay Monthly 4G Mobile WiFi £9.99 (was £29.99 ) + £18.75 20gb 1 month rolling contract (total £28.74) @ Currys
Nice price if you want to upgrade/replace your old mobile WIFI. Looks like you have to take out a 1 month rolling contract. 25% of these: … Read more
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How does this mi-fi box compare to the one that Three are offering (if unlocked) and choose one of the Three sim only deals (100gb)? Looking for a solution to replace slow BT broadband for the home which currently paying £19 a month for


BTW when considering contracts if you travel a lot check what agreements your network has. Virgin mobile on EE is a fantastic way to go but go abroad and in some countries its really slow. I would like to add im sure EE has good agreements abroad for its customers roaming


Ok so if i cancel the ee contract.. will i be able to unlock it and use a three mobile sim in there which gives 100gb of data for £20,per month? On three chat they said you cant? Im not sure if its true.. also they confirmed by the end of this week all their plans will allow unlimited tethering


Its 100% the best network in the UK. not the best for every person but on average. I dont work or live in town I get 50 up 50 down most of the time. EE customers get more than this depending on price plan.


Thats great. I am actually going to ring up tomorrow to cancel.. well.. considering i have 2 other sims with them they should put the price down.. i hope.

ENDS 10pm 26/11 - Vodafone Superfast 1 Broadband £20 per month for 18 months for pay monthly mobile customers - Now online
Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018
ENDS 10pm 26/11 - Vodafone Superfast 1 Broadband £20 per month for 18 months for pay monthly mobile customers - Now online
£360£43217%Vodafone Deals
Vodafone have started their Black Friday offer for home broadband. £20 per month no upfront costs for Superfast 1 broadband. The Superfast 2 seems to be the same price as before … Read more
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its something to do with dns settings and/or 5ghz /2.4ghz switching. I got an old openreach modem hg612 i think off ebay for under a £10er.. doesnt need to be hacked or fw update. bog standard is fine. got my internet username and pswd from vodafone. connected to a dlink router and all ia golden. we have had 'occasional' slowdowns at peak times. but this has been like 3 or 4 times in 3 months. We had problems recently with wifi, i did a scan and found my neighbor sky and talk talk modems were auto bouncing between channel 6 and 11... I changed from auto to fixed channel that was clear and now im problem free. You can download a wifi scanner app from app store. it will let u know if your problem is wifi congestion on certain channels. once this is ruled out, go the separate modem router option i describe above and bin the vodafone junk.


This is not a deal though. It was giving this price for mobile customers when it first come out. I have had it nearly 17 month now and it was 26 quid for mobile customers back then.


Was looking at this deal a few months ago, after reading these comments so glad I didn't!


i am better with sim card inserted inside dongle pixel 3 phone..and just 26 quids per month..


Had Vodafone fibre for 18+ months without significant issues. Very good speed and no problems with their router.

Pixel 2 XL 64GB - £140 upfront + £18 x 24m (1GB data) on Vodafone at
Found 24th Oct 2018Found 24th Oct 2018
Pixel 2 XL 64GB - £140 upfront + £18 x 24m (1GB data) on Vodafone at
Excellent deal for those looking to buy the Pixel 2 XL outright. Quidco and TCB should also track at £25 further bringing down the total cost to £547.

Now ooo at CPW; I cannot see any deals that will come up!


So CPW has ~180 white 64gb XL's so dont expect much discounts to come


I doubt it, the original pixel is still for sale with brand new stock in argos etc


Exactly my sentiment stock is drying up; Google are smart and would have stopped manufacturing the 2/2XL in advance of the 3 launch. They are not like Samsung where they continue to manufacture older models where good contracts are to be had unfortunately :(


Black is out of stock, only White is available :(

EE (pay monthly & pay as you go) FREE calling abroad add on (reduces costs by up to 97%)
Found 14th Oct 2018Found 14th Oct 2018
EE (pay monthly & pay as you go) FREE calling abroad add on (reduces costs by up to 97%)
Apologies if this has been posted before, but a search on here did not reveal anything. This post is for anyone who could have reason to call abroad, such as to Australia. There … Read more

Just in case anyone is monitoring this thread for options how to call abroad, I have signed up to powerVOIP - I WOULD *NOT* RECOMMEND - they are cheap (3p plus 0.6p/min approx), BUT shockingly they charge about 25% above face value for the credit!!! So I thought to try the next few on the search engine posted on page 1 - they are all from the same Luxembourg company & I don't fancy signing up to find that they do the same! I have now tried FreeVOIPdeal, also part of Dellamont SARL, who also charge above face value for their credit - approx 4% for CC & 6% for PayPal (compared to around 25% at sister company PowerVOIP). Call quality is excellent & the range of options great - you can use the browser on your mobile as a dialer and talk through the mobile, use a SIP phone (I got a cheap 2nd hand Gigaset off eBay), download an app (won't be trying) and for a connection fee of 3.5p plus the extra cost per minute of the 1st call (free if a UK landline) set it up to call number A and connect it to number B. i. e. Call aunt in UK & connect her to her brother in Australia! Whoop! EDIT: I found another very useful 'deal' for those going to Australia or with friends/family there, but it was rejected on here! Unfortunately having spent quite a bit of time typing it up, I have now lost access to the full text, but I'll give brief details; Australian pay & go service with 10GB data, unlimited calls/SMS/MMS within Australia & unlimited calls (standard landlines & mobiles) to 10 countries including the UK for AU$30 (approx £16.50) every 4 weeks (no commitment). Includes tethering too. See oh forgot to say found this via a great site called, where the sim has been recommended for over 5 years.


Best way is what I’m using WhatsCall just collect credits and you get min


Thank you - comments like that make taking the time to post worthwhile!


Thanks for this. Got bit bill shock when I was calling ROI last week. But crazy this add-on does not come standard being free. Huge difference in costing.. Thanks


If you have a calling plan activated from PlusNet (landline) then you can call max 1000 minutes per month free of charge to over 70 countries via 0870 494 0750. It's a Service offered by these guys: If you have any questions, send them a message via their website.

Huawei P20 Pro £23 / month (pay monthly) + £49 up front @ iD Mobile
Found 29th Sep 2018Found 29th Sep 2018
Id mobile deal . Cheapest I could for fine for an amazing phone

I got 20gb for same £20 upfront


For anyone wanting more data I’ve just ordered for my mum : EE, 30gb data, unlimited calls/texts, no upfront cost and £33 per month plan (24 months) from buymobiles


Ah found it...bit more work though.


Apparently not...I might have imagined it (embarrassed) Could have sworn there was one for £25 per month but maybe not. This is a much better deal if it's suits your needs...ignore the coldness of the deal...the OP got the details wrong originally so it looked like a very bad deal and it sorta sunk before the could correct it.


I got 4gb with £30 upfront and £30 a month for 24 months from Vodafone.

ID Mobile Pay Monthly Sim - Unlimited Minutes/Texts & 10gb Data (Includes Data Rollover) £13
Refreshed 4th Oct 2018Refreshed 4th Oct 2018
ID Mobile Pay Monthly Sim - Unlimited Minutes/Texts & 10gb Data (Includes Data Rollover) £13
Cheapest deal around if you're in the middle ground of data usage and you don't want to faff around with redemption deals. The data rollover doesn't appear to be capped either. … Read more
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You should try EE at my workplace. It’s terrible. If I didn’t have WiFi calling I would be stuck


Dunno if this has already been mentioned , but the rollover is capped at 20gb, or mine is anyway, had the contact for about 6 months and had zero issues at all with ID, I would imagine speaking f to their customer service would be a ballache though if things ever did go wrong (angel)


I signed up for this. They emailed me saying the SIM had been dispatched first class. Nine (Royal Mail) working days later,. still no SIM. They actually told me to keep waiting for it. I told them that I wasn't impressed and they reluctantly let me cancel. Another day gone and it still hasn't been received. I did however receive confirmation of the direct debit being set up.


I didn't do anything, it was automatic, if it hasnt happened for you then speak to customer services and they will sort it I am sure.


My data does not roll over, how did you activate it?

3rd Gen amazon Alexa echo dot 49.99 or buy two save £10. Interest free pay monthly @ Amazon
Found 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
3rd Gen amazon Alexa echo dot 49.99 or buy two save £10. Interest free pay monthly @ Amazon
decent introduction offer. Also pay monthly interest free on selected accounts.

70% Louder apparently


Pretty much the same other than the claimed better sound quality. Not really applicable if you already use a Bluetooth speaker with it.


Iv just bought the 2nd gen this week. What’s the difference other than the appearance ?


If Google Home and Amazon Alexa had an affair the offspring would look like this device.


Sure. Just not sure we'll see any savings on the new range for BF this year. I'm certainly not going to buy a new one now, but not expecting the them to drop to the normal £35 either. Def don't expect £20 saving on the new dots either. Will be happy to be wrong though!

iD Pay Monthly SIM - £11pm - Monthly Rolling Contract
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
iD Pay Monthly SIM - £11pm - Monthly Rolling Contract
1 month contract (4G) £11.00 500 minutes Unltd texts 8GB data
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that's have every right to hate them and switch.. for me,I had awful coverage and speed with Three when I moved house..just under 2 miles from my old home...calls would drop if I wasn't next t window and wouldn't even receive that voice mail message you mentioned! and speed? record breaking 750KB/s to 1MB/s! in 2018. it was so bad that as soon as I contacted Three,they agreed to cancel my contract and gave me the PAC code without hesitation. different areas of country have very different coverage and speeds by these mobile companies..


It wasn't down to coverage, it used to show full signal on my phone and people would call me, but calls would go through to my voicemail and to top it off, I wouldn't even get a 'you have a voicemail' message until hours after the call. This happened so many times that I ended up missing important calls. The last was when I dropped my dad off for a hospital appointment and went to a nearby pub with free parking and waited for his call whilst I had a drink. Two hours later (whilst I had full signal and was using the pub WiFi) I decided to call him to see how it was going, and he told me that he'd been calling for 1.5hour. As soon as I hung up I got a dozen or so voicemail messages. That was the final straw, like I said this had happened over a few years and I had a few different phones, I called virgin to report it, but they always said there wasn't an issue. Having been a customer of both, I can tell you 4g is faster on ID by a mile, virgin may use EE, but you would never get EE speeds, and miss very important calls.


Virgin are now using EE mobile network which is known to be the best in this country,EE has the best coverage and without any doubt the fastest.Virgin won't get 100% speed of EE but will get 80% of it..(BT also using EE network) ID is using Three's mobile network.Three is known to have the worst coverage and slowest speed in most areas on the go figure.. you are probably of the very small minority who can't get good EE coverage,yet you get good Three coverage.


I was with virgin for years because they were cheap, no end of issues, switched to ID a few years ago and not had any issues that I had with virgin signal (even when my phone showed full signal). ID have been excellent for me, and I won't compare to EE, O2, 3, because I've never been on those networks, but far far far superior than Virgin! Edit. I don't hate virgin, I have their TV broadband package, but their mobile really is dog (poo)


I have never had a problem with them either :D

Virgin Mobile Sim Only £6 with 1.5GB 500mins Unlim Text
Found 1st Aug 2018Found 1st Aug 2018
Virgin Mobile Sim Only £6 with 1.5GB 500mins Unlim Text
X3 data not bad for £6 especially for a light weight user Got 2 weeks to decide before it expires Lets not forget you get free wifi hotspots in many places plus you get free data… Read more

They do seem to only bring old deal back usual VM SALES tactic


2 month ago I had same deal with only 2GB data :/

Samsung Galaxy S9 Vodafone Pay Monthly £33 a month 20gb data unlimited calls and texts £800  @ CPW
Found 20th Jul 2018Found 20th Jul 2018
Samsung Galaxy S9 24 month contract on Vodafone with 20gb data and unlimited calls and texts for £30 per month plus 79.99 up front. Works out £800 over the 24 months incl up front … Read more
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£70 Quidco cashback available on the S9. Brings this down to potentially £730 for the term, or just over £30pm.


Yer, I know. The name is extremely misleading. Promise I'm not lying, look up that colour on Google. It's lovely, but misleading name.


No sign of grey in that colour. Definitely signs of pink though !


Actually, it looks like an overly brightened "Orchid Grey" phone which is actually a lovely colour - I have my S8 in it and yes, I'm a guy.


Wonder how long I'll have to wait before I bite... Waiting for this kind of deal minus the upfront payment

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