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Nestle Shreddies Original Cereal 675G - Sainsburys (Brackley) - 45p
Made hot 16th MayMade hot 16th MayLocalLocal
Sainsbury's Nestle Shreddies Original Cereal 675G - 45p Brackley Sainsbury's - Not sure if nationwide. Nestle Cheerios 600g - £1

Hooray! A deal local to me. I think this may be the result of Brackley having more supermarkets than customers to serve them.


Nice find. I saw the same price label in a York Local several weeks ago but the shelf behind it was already cleared.


Gotta be the frosted ones for me


They have shredded the price


Not nationwide as discontinued but 421 in Brackley

Nestle Shreddies Original Cereal 415G £1.05 (Clubcard Price) (+ Delivery Charge / Minimum Spend Applies) @ Tesco
299° Expired
Made hot 10th JanMade hot 10th Jan
Nestle Shreddies Original Cereal 415G £1.05 (Clubcard Price) (+ Delivery Charge / Minimum Spend Applies) @ Tesco£1.05Tesco Deals
Unlock morning energy and start your day right with a bowl of SHREDDIES. Our square cereals are made with whole grain and are packed high in fibre and fortified with vitamins and I… Read more

taste better too ;)


That explains why they don't taste as good!


cheaper at ASDA, so cold from me.


Tesco own brand are much better.. 750g and 83p Tesco have less sugar, half the salt and twice the vitamins and iron on average too shreddies always have bits in that crack your teeth!


They're only a pound at Asda!11432!3!459891151416!!!g!1103932031905!&ds_rl=1254319&gclid=Cj0KCQiA6Or_BRC_ARIsAPzuer_xbsxxRB0YfS7ILDR-ZeuVjuZgYxzGCeQleLlAGHBHEfcdGPfYR9saAkNhEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

Nestlé Shreddies 415g £1.05 (+ Delivery Charge / Minimum Spend Applies) @ Waitrose & Partners
359° Expired
Made hot 4th JanMade hot 4th Jan
Nestlé Shreddies 415g £1.05 (+ Delivery Charge / Minimum Spend Applies) @ Waitrose & Partners£1.05Waitrose Deals
Shreddies cerial half price at Waitrose Bayswater, London W2

£1 in Asda if your near one.


same at brunswick center in London shows on their website too so should be nationwide

Nestlé Shreddies 415g - £1.05 @ Waitrose & Partners
319° Expired
Made hot 2nd JanMade hot 2nd Jan
Nestlé Shreddies 415g - £1.05 @ Waitrose & Partners£1.05£2.1050% offWaitrose Deals
Available in store and online. Whole grain no.1 ingredient. A Source of Protein. Suitable for vegans.On Your Side! Never Soggy 4 Crunchy layers of wheat to fight off milk. Not Fla… Read more

After all the Christmas overindulgence, these seem like the best way to get shredded


I have noticed that these are on "offer" so often, and at so many retailers, it makes me wonder if this isn't just their true price?


It's a good price. Heat added. £1.05 is current Tesco Clubcard price


£1 at Asda

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2 Boxes of Nestle Shreddies (415G) for 60p using Nestle Coupon & Clubcard @ Tesco
2081° Expired
Made hot 18th Nov 2020Made hot 18th Nov 2020LocalLocal
2 Boxes of Nestle Shreddies (415G) for 60p using Nestle Coupon & Clubcard @ Tesco£0.60£2.1071% offTesco Deals
2 boxes of Shreddies for 60p when you use the Nestle coupon. Current offer on shreddies in Tesco using club card is £1.05. If you buy two boxes and use the coupon from nestle whi… Read more

Nice deals you’ve posted up (y)


Thank god it ended early what a relief


Ok thanks mate, I’ll expire the deal now. As other users have experienced issues today.


I was rejected with printed coupons today when buying shreddies, when they scanned voucher at the till it was invalid although in date.


Hi Carole sorry to hear that however other users have got round this by buying the items on offer than claiming £1.50 back being paid by nestle into your PayPal account. Alternatively if you have the time and patience I would contact Tesco head office customer service and inform them of your experience, I find that they will either notify the store of their mistake and let you make the purchase.

Nestle Shreddies Original Cereal 675G - £2 at Tesco
179° Expired
Made hot 21st Sep 2020Made hot 21st Sep 2020
Nestle Shreddies Original Cereal 675G - £2 at Tesco£2Tesco Deals
For a limited time in Tesco’s

Thanks for sharing @russ6




Yeah, that's where I got mine from 😁


£1.50 in Iceland supermarket.


£1 at Asda or £1.05 at Morrisons for 415g bo