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Splatoon 2 digital download for Nintendo Switch for £33.29 on Nintendo eShop
Found 3rd JanFound 3rd Jan
First post so hope I have got it right. Digital download in the UK e.store reduced until 10.01.2019 (-33%)

Excellent! Thank you.


You can.


So you can't play with the pro controller?


I play with the Joy Cons on and off of the console and even when on the TV. but then again we have no other option at the moment apart from the joy cons but they feels nice to use with the game. Edit: When i say "we have no other option" I mean we do not own any other type of controller apart from the Joy Cons at the moment.


Love this game I have to say. but cannot get on it much as i bought the switch for my son :( When I signed up for online membership (family 8 slots, 2 slots still open) I got an email with 8 codes for items for Splatoon 2 (T-Shirt and shoes) EDIT: SLOTS FULL

Splatoon 2 Nintendo Switch £38.86 @ ShopTo
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
I've been looking for a decent priced splatoon 2 for the switch for ages. Cheapest I've saw it was £36 on black Friday. This is the closest to that I've seen.

Good price for this game on the basis it is up to a tenner more elsewhere, this one never seems to be included in sales. Strange how they’ve not dropped the price much with the amount of time this has been out. They must be selling copies hand over fist


Welcome to nintendo first party games! I'd add, this is great value. You'll put in 10s of hours on this, so pence by hour. Then you can sell it and get most of your money back.


Good price but makes me feel even better getting this for £30 from John Lewis a few weeks ago.


I get your concept but still they arr over prices games for switch if you get where im coming from voted hot as cheapest price respect


Because price is based on demand and the perception of value. When there is an excess in production then shops reduce prices to clear items that are overstocked, but Nintendo actively try to avoid this and will often underproduce consoles/games at launch to get an accurate reading of the market and prevent copies of their major titles ever ending up in the bargain bin because this would undermine their branding and pricing goals. As long as Nintendo remains conservative with these practices the games will continue to take a long time to drop in price. Compare this to other consoles where the majority of their games are third party and they take a cut of sales rather than the whole thing, and as such sales that move a lot of copies in bursts often prove more profitable (to Microsoft and Sony, not necessarily the developers) despite the reduced overall value of the games - though a lot of big third party devs aren't that bothered because their big franchises release every year or two and they wouldn't expect a game to retain a lot of value with it's sequel already released. PC games take this to further extremes. Sony's first party games take longer to come down in price than a lot of third party games but over time this seems to be becoming less the case, probably because most people buying ps4 and xbox consoles are used to buying games at lower price points overall now. And of course there is simply more competition on these platforms as owners don't necessarily go for the exclusives whereas most people that get a Nintendo system do so primarily for Nintendo's first party games.

Splatoon Backpack  Buddies - £1.99 instore @ ALDI
LocalLocalFound 19th Dec 2018Found 19th Dec 2018
Aldi now sells Nintendo backpack buddies, you can find Splatoon and Zelda characters.

Managed to pick some up today, they had Mario too, thanks picizali🔥🔥🔥


This is a great example of a re post.... this deal was posted a week ago and I missed it! Saw this one and managed to buy the last 3 for my son who loves splatoons! So before people moan and say already posted just remember some people have a life and don’t see every deal on here!


Hey are really good quality too, I have the Splatoon one, and bought the others as little gifts for people


Zelda https://www.aldi.co.uk/zelda-backpack-buddies/p/086559258044902 Mario https://www.aldi.co.uk/super-mario-backpack-buddies/p/086559258044701 Harry Potter https://www.aldi.co.uk/harry-potter-backpack-buddies/p/086559249396200 The latter two are OOS online, but Splatoon and Zelda are in stock!

Nintendo The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild & Splatoon 2 £79.99 Free C&C / In-Store @ Currys
Found 8th Dec 2018Found 8th Dec 2018
Currently available for Click & Collect only or In-store.
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Where did you see that? Would like to keep an eye on room ridiculous prices like that.


Got my Zelda for 31 on Slidr- not interested in splatoon


Annoyingly I think this is a fairly good deal if you have to buy today. I think everywhere has raised their prices to take advantage of Christmas. I've seen Splatoon at around £25 and Zelda at low £30s a couple of months back


Whats good :/ Thats £40 each.


Probably best to update the title with ‘click and collect’. Otherwise good deal (y)

Splatoon Wii U £19.99 ebay/Argos
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Cheapest price I've seen for brand new game, you can collect nectar points and cashback through Quidco
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First party Nintendo games always hold their value.


I have a code which I got with the wii U, unused.


It's Argos that's selling it actually. Also, it doesn't matter how old the game is, it's still one of the best online shooters out there.


£20 for a three and a half year old game on a dead console? Yeah, okay Nintendo (annoyed)


the single player campaign is pretty great too

Official Nintendo Switch Travel Cases (Mario/Donkey Kong/Zelda/Splatoon) £9.99 each @ MonsterShop
Found 4th Dec 2018Found 4th Dec 2018
These are normally around £15-£20 so a decent saving for those of you getting Switch consoles from Father Christmas. (y) Deal link goes to Donkey Kong. Others listed below. OFF… Read more

All gone now. Have expired. (y)


They were all in stock - only the DK one left




Thanks, got the aluminium Mario one


Thank you! Went for the eye one too for son

Wii u+D.K tropical freeze, Mario party, Mario kart 8,Mario 3d world, smash bros, splatoon, super Mario bros u and luigi £75 @ cex
Found 3rd Dec 2018Found 3rd Dec 2018
Just thought I'd have a look and see what it would cost to build a bundle with some ( 8 I think ) well rated games on.this"retro"console lol
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Picked up a second hand Wii U a few months ago and don't regret it for a second. Console for peanuts and amazing AAA titles for next to nothing.


I don't know why anyone bothers with smartphones when we have perfectly good landlines!


Ice cold. Also suggesting a switch isn’t better than this is ridiculous.


This deal makes no sense. I have no idea what that random £171 means.


The switch is vastly superior. Very happy with my purchase. Plus you are missing some absolute gems if you decide this over a switch.

Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch - £36.54 (with code) @ Argos Ebay store
Found 28th Nov 2018Found 28th Nov 2018
Brand new Splatoon 2 for the Switch! Use the PRESENTS discount code to get this price Seems to be good stock around.

make sure you have chosen a store to collect from first


Code 'can't be applied' for me


Keep checking. It wasn’t OOS for me but I checked again and it was in stock. I’ve ordered it but I’m actually having second thoughts, I’ve wanted to try it for a while, but just watching YouTube videos and I don’t think it’s for me. I’m gonna sleep on it, but if you’re anywhere near Colne I’ll gladly sell it you for the same price. :


OOS :(


What is this code you speak of? :{

Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch) £32.95 @ Coolshop
Refreshed 26th Nov 2018Refreshed 26th Nov 2018
Great price! This is an import edition, but the language is english on the cover so trading into stores like Cex should be fine.
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Does anyone know which companies price match?


'Tis gone ;(


Just noticed Amazon don’t actually sell the physical version of the game at this time (skeptical)


Keep us posted!


Will probably wait a few hours for an Amazon price match then go for this. Thanks

Splatoon 2 - Nintendo Switch @ Cex (Preowned) for £32
Found 11th Nov 2018Found 11th Nov 2018
Splatoon 2 @ Cex Preowned. £32 with £1.50 Delivery or collect from your local store.
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So if i was to get family membership for £32 both me and my cousin on two switches can play online at the same time? do u know if digital games can be shared like on the xbox gamesharing?


Bit rude, what about the customers? CeX are hugely popular stores, they have considerably more customers than staff going through their stores on a daily basis.


I just didn't play it and it was sat in the cupboard gathering dust.Got Mario Tennis for the family to play and had some games tonight and it was good fun.


This was £30 at John Lewis recently.


Same over here.. absolutely stink. In my local it's usually the staff have a b.o problem

New Smash Bros Amiibo Preorders (Wolf, Splatoon Girl, Ridley) £12.99 (+£1.99 Delivery under £20) - Nintendo Store
Found 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Preorders are up so grab them before they sell out
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In my opinion, that depends on what/who your son likes, which characters are their favourites or they think simply look cool. Out of these newest ones, my personal favourite is Ridley. Looks amazing, and the Metroid series is one of my favourites.




An amiibo is essentially tangible DLC that work with specific games that support them. Some are also crazy rare and go for a small fortune on ebay once they've sold out.


Could someone tell me the purpose of an amiibo?


Cannot wait for Piranha <3

PowerA Wired Controller for Switch -Link/Mario/Splatoon £19.99 @ GAME
Found 18th Oct 2018Found 18th Oct 2018
Good price, these are £24.99 elsewhere. The only ones on discount are the Link, Mario and Splatoon Wired controllers. Mario Link Splatoon
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Can this play Crysis?


Only says 8 ft. I could do with a tad longer (oooo errrr)


I have the mario one, I like it, feels good apart from the analogue sticks have a flat surface which Feels weird and it’s very light


how longs the cable?


Cable will be removable same reason the rock candy ones are on xbox just easier for storage or transporting i guess instead of wrapping cable round.

HEADS UP - Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Splatoon 2 Edition - £36.11 delivered @ Amazon.it
Found 12th Oct 2018Found 12th Oct 2018
This is an insane deal for those who are looking for a pro controller, as these are £64.99 everywhere in the UK. Works out at £36.11 delivered if you checkout in GBP. Pick one up w… Read more
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Got mine thanks


Mine has arrived cheers op great find


Mine arrived today, thanks


Mine came yesterday morning, I went for the cheapest postage too lol glad I didn't spend more on delivery


YES, my order got dispatched! arriving tomorrow at 8pm

Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 @ John Lewis & Partners - £30 (free C&C)
Found 15th Sep 2018Found 15th Sep 2018
Just looking about on John Lewis as I had a giftcard to spend and saw this bargain. I believe they had the deal last week and went OOS but there are a few back in stock now. Is £… Read more
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Out of stock




To stop save scumming among other examples


Nintendo have decided not to enable it on "some games" as an anti-cheating measure. E.g. In games that offer a random bonus, you could reload and play until you got the best bonus. It is not clear exactly which games they will apply this too, but at this point they have specifically called out Splatoon 2. https://uk.ign.com/articles/2018/09/10/some-switch-games-seemingly-wont-support-cloud-saves The same statement seems to have been sent to multiple games news sites.


Because Nintendo what?

Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 @ John Lewis & Partners - £30 (free C&C)
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
John Lewis have this in stock and reduced to clear. Good deal if you can do click & collect otherwise it is £3.50 delivery.
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Chrome Mobile says in stock but can’t add to basket , using desktop mode shows OOS


Out of stock


Heat, amazing price! Bought this on Prime Now on launch day after Zavvi didn't send my pre-order (first and probably last time I'll use them). This game is brilliant, 100% worth the purchase at this price!


Still says in stock for me



Splatoon 2 or Mario kart 8 deluxe £33.29 @ Nintendo
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Both this and Mario kart 8 deluxe have both been reduced from £49.99 to £33.29 on the Nintendo eshop. Cheapest I've managed to find them.
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Nintendo are so crafty with this particular sale...get the kids to get a couple of new online games right before switching off the free online. It's really going to be interesting to see how well Nintendo sell this 'service'...I guess we would have learned about it today...imagine the direct will be next week now. Be a tough sell even if it is cheaper when you consider the majority of switch owners have it as a secondary console.


Can you buy these if you don’t currently have a Switch. Looking at buying soon and would be great To have these in the locker ready


Even that risk could work both ways


I think the risk is if they bring out region specific updates.


Any reason not to buy from cheaper regions/stores, such as South Africa, and save a few quid? There’re a couple of sites that compare region/store prices and show savings and lowest price.

Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2 [Switch] £26.11 each @ Nintendo South African eShop
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
Splatoon 2 £26.11 Not a bad price for both games. To buy you need to change region to SA here. You can pay by any card as SA eShop is part of Europe but Ideally pay with fee… Read more

Revolut is a great card but a Halifax clarity card has 0 exchange rate fees too so that works too. Any advantage getting digital like the Xbox game share? Most of my Xbox games are digital but for some reason want to get nintendo games as physical...


I’m so annoyed about that, I was about to buy it!!!


Yeah. I noticed this too. Bummer.


showing as 750 rand (£38) for me? is this expired :-( ?


Could I just set up a SA account as my main account?

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