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Meade Infinity 60AZ Telescope - £55.99 @ Argos
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Explore both land and sky in crisp, clear detail through the high-resolution optics of the Meade Infinity 60AZ. With everything you need to get started all in one box, you can set-… Read more

its going to be bad for 50 quid, like a magnifying glass attached to a empty toilet roll, no joke.


It doesn't seem to come with an erect-image prism, so the neighbours will be upside down ;)


Although it does not have the completely useless eyepieces that other telescopes at this price have (these are MA it seems), the mount/tripod is very bad, which makes it a bit frustrating to use (in comparison to, say, the Skywatcher Heritage 76 which is usually at a similar price). This must lead to many returns if I can tell from the refurbished availability (£35 shipped on ebay).


Thanks. Perfect for keeping tabs on what the neighbours are up to (lol)

Bushnell 4.5 inch telescope and tripod - £70 @ gwcameras eBay
Found 14th MayFound 14th May
It's not the best scope out there, but good value for money. The sky tour remote isn't particularly useful, but good to distract the kids with.
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Not bad i’ve used this type which is a Newtonian, mirror on the rear, great for local Solar system, though buying a few decent eyepieces will go along way to improving your experience. Try Plossl 20mm.


It does seem to read that way, but I think it's referring to the light inside the mount to help see the coordinates? It is a bit confusing though, you're right


Listing infers a motorised mount.... which I don't think is true !

New MEADE Polaris 76 EQ Reflector Telescope - Blue £58.29 @ Curry - PCworld eBay - Free delivery
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Great price for this, over £114 anywhere else, including instore at Currys. Key Features Experience the wonders of the night sky from your bedroom window or garden shed with the … Read more
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You just put me right off astronomy


Now out of stock, so I'll expire.


Buy good binocular firstly as first step with astronomy for beginners eg Williams optics 10x50 ED or if you have more money Fujinion 10x50 FMRT-SX and also very good astronomy atlas with universe/sky map... do not waste your money for poor “telescopes”!




Huh. This post is so wrong, I have no idea where to start from. And I am sure the poster would not understand, hence just posting for others that might be wondering what's all this about. So, first of all, the resolution of an optical system, i.e. the maximum quality you can get out of it if everything else is perfect, is limited by your aperture. The Nikon P900 has a 55mm aperture, so whatever you do, if you have a 60mm+ telescope of good quality, an imaging sensor as good as the one the P900 uses (not hard to find nowadays) will give you better quality images, because... physics. On to the focal length. I don't really understand what the above post is trying to say, but in general, astronomers, especially amateur ones, would love to have good telescopes of short focal length that are also affordable, but because a shorter focal length for the same aperture requires the light to bend more, it is much harder & expensive to make. The smaller focal length gives you a wider field of view and also requires shorter exposures in astrophotography, while it is relatively easy to increase your effective focal length (e.g. with a TeleVue barlow or Powermate) so you can do most things longer focal length scopes would do. But there is some misconception about what "equivalent focal length is". In fact, it doesn't have to do with the focal length itself, it simply gives you an idea of your field of view - i.e. your frame - so that photographers can compare it to their old 35mm film, because if you have a tiny sensor with the same lens, that tiny sensor would crop your image and you end up with a smaller field of view. In fact, the P900 has a 357mm focal length physically. The 10" LX200 mentioned has a 2500mm focal length, which means that with the same sensor items will be 7x larger than the P900. The 10" LX200 has a "35mm equivalent" focal length with that sensor of 14000mm !!! In fact, having a smaller sensor is a bad thing, not a good thing, as with a larger sensor you fit more things in your view, which seems like a smaller "zoom" if you print them at the same size, but a larger sensor (of the same generation) will maintain the quality, so if you cropped the smaller part and blew it up you would still get the image of the smaller sensor. It gets a bit complicated, but the result is that even at the price of the P900 you can certainly beat it in quality for moonshots with a combination of telescope/camera. For example take a look at a lunar image through the worst telescope I own (a 130mm newtonian - about £100 for the tube) with a £150 planetary camera (see it full size here): You can't get that quality with a P900, but with the telescope you need to have a mount, a small tripod won't do, plus with the planetary camera you get more clarity, but it requires to connect a pc and then processing to get all that detail (stacking, sharpening). So I would suggest the P900 for everyone who would like to point and click and get good shots. Just know that telescopes are a whole different thing both in complexity and potential results. If you already have a DSLR, a telescope is also a consideration since you can use your existing DSLR with it - but the telescope in this topic wasn't any good for that.

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National Geographic 50/360 Telescope £12 @ Maplin
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
£37 at Amazon with reasonable reviews espically for the price
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I can't believe we are suggesting binoculars instead of telescopes, these must be truly awful if that's the case!


now the price got rise to 16£..


For every one kid that got a flimsy-tripod based little refractor and yet persevered despite how frustrating it was to point it, there are 10 that give up. Until perhaps 25-30 years ago, if you were on a budget you didn't have a choice, you couldn't avoid it. I was one of the minority who persevered (I got a 40mm "halleyscope", with a ridiculous "tripod" 30 years ago next month), yay for me, however in this day there is a choice. So, as I said before, for £12, I don't have to propose anything better (which is why I don't actually downvote this), and you are getting an interesting toy (it will work fine on the moon). If that's your budget go for it. It won't be a joy to use compared to other scopes that start at around ~£50 (although I usually give £100 as the starting point for new - but less for used), so you might turn some kids away. Your call ;)


Looks good and will be on Lightning Deal for £50.99 from 5:20pm on Tuesday 17 April


Thank you for taking the trouble to go into the detail you have. I think the bottom line for me would be a good pair of binoculars and possibly try to find some kind of tripod or stand for them, the bonus would be using them to spot wildlife close up.

Jessops 900x70 Telescope £59.99 was £200 with free Cewe Photobook worth £18.99!
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
This seems like a really good deal for the money. Regardless of the fact that is should of apparently been £200 this is still excellent for £60. 675x magnification with a good qual… Read more
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Received this email....


The specification of this scope is almost identical to the forty year old scope I actually have. Assuming similar optical quality you will see the main moons of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, vast detail on the Moon and a number of double stars and nebulae, as well as some of the brighter stars showing their true colours. Maximum usable magnification will be about 150. The tripod will be flimsy and that will make lining up difficult. The equatorial mount is useful because that allows you to follow and object with just one control as the Earth turns, I've always found this an extremely useful feature but would listen to experiences from users of Dobsonian or altaz mounts. It's powerful enough (if it has an inverting adapter) to act as a very powerful, but not very portable, terrestrial scope. My opinion is that, at the price, this is an absolute bargain and would be a perfect gift for a 14 year old who is seriously interested in astronomy. It's cheap enough to take the risk and good enough to do the job. Be prepared to spend many hundreds of pounds if the hobby takes off. Voted hot.


If you buy a telescope as someone new to astronomy you're probably best going for one with an Alt Azimuth mount as these are easier to use, though if you use it often an equitorial mount setup correctly, this will be better (however is a little more complicated to setup). Most people recommend that anyone new to astronomy go for as big an apperture (biggest diameter) as they can afford as this usually leads to better results. The cheapest large apperture telescopes are usually dobsonian ones and these usually have a small stand which you can rest on a table to look at the night sky. As Criton's friend states I wouldn't recommend getting a telescope from a high street store. Depending upon your budget I would go for one of these: Best low price (£47) (Dobsonian) What images you can expect? you can just about make out saturns rings if you look at the pictures in the amazon reviews in this link --->: Best Dobsonian under £100 (£95) (Dobsonian with slightly larger apperture) Best beginners telescope (£147) (equitorial mounted reflector) I would recommend this one personally as it is quite good for the price and you could use this for a good few years and still be happy with the images you are getting, whereas the other ones you may feel you want to upgrade if you get into astromomy. Hope this helps!


I completely agree with this. I bought a Bresser 76x700 or something like that a while ago. It’s impossible to keeps till and fine tuning to see a specific star is very difficult. Since then I’ve bought a decent pair of Vanguard binoculars and got a great deal on Celestron 20x80 binoculars. The later is difficult to hold but works Ona Tripod. In each case of both binoculars I see far better than with the telescope.


A quick google suggests to avoid jessops telescopes. Stick to brands that specialise in stargazing equipment.

Discovery Galaxy Tracker Smart Telescope, 60mm £24 instore @ Debenhams
LocalLocalFound 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Mrs. just messaged me while browsing in Debenhams. Marked down from £80 Best price I can see is £59.99 in Argos and Amazon Navigate the stars using the ‘Star walk 2’ smartphone ap… Read more

ok 'some' poor reviews of a different model......


Terrible reviews here, same/similar model


Why did this get no heat? I brought one yesterday now wondering if it was a good deal? It seems ok to use


Would've ordered but Debenhams won't accept any of my cards. Gutted. Still heat from me.


My little boy loved the space center the other day and been after a telescope ever since. Good find. Order one and picking it up tomorrow. I'll let you know what it's like.

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Jessops Telescope 700x76 - was £139.99 at Jessops now £33.99
Found 30th Dec 2017Found 30th Dec 2017
Don't know a lot about telescopes but this seems a good deal. 15% off with TELESCOPES15 and free delivery to store.
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Thanks for the info in your posts Mark


I am interested in getting a scope, have a budget of £200, want to attach mobile for photography/videography was looking at the Celestron 31051 Astromaster 130EQ-MD Motor Drive Reflector Telescope Or can anyone recommend a better scope for my budget? Thanx in advance... :D


Yes it is fantastic, it is nice to see so many knowledgeable people on here. I would go as far as saying hukd is the best public forum in Britain.


I have handed out a celestron 114eq from a friend and just started reading on the topic. Soon after a few astrology forum thread and Phillips books, I ended up buying binoculars. Even without settings up the telescope. Way too much to learn before moving into a telescope to appreciate it completely imho. Olympos 10x50 , Helios naturesport 2 plus are good budget ones. To start you can get an old super zenith 10x50 for 20 quid. Learning curve is steep. Once you now your way in the nightsky and know your telescope and what to expect , you can enjoy more...


Is it possible to get a motorised telescope that streams to an app or software for a reasonable price?

PANDA 35 x 50mm Monocular Compass Phone Clip Telescope BLACK Mobile Phone Clip, Mini Tripod £6.50 @ Gearbest
Found 27th Nov 2017Found 27th Nov 2017
Calling all peeping toms (not really!! haha). Looks similar to the well-reviewed Enkeeo (8 x 30)… Read more
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Got mine today, makes it 3 weeks and 1 day. You have to adjust the eyepiece as well as the focussing wheel above, to get a good view - but it's pretty impressive for just under £7! Wouldn't want to risk cracking/scratching my glass protector with the phone clip, but the tripod is useful - the legs and screw are metal, though the feet and connecting piece are plastic. Seems to be various clones of this all over Aliexpress/Amazon/ebay, some even state 40x60 magnification which is a bit cheeky!! As other reviewers mention, I'd guess this is 8x or 10x magnification. Bought another clone of the Panda for my brother-in-law (we often joke how nosey and how much of a curtain twitcher he is, so it's perfect for him) Edit: Actually, tinkering around with mine, I've noticed there's nowhere for me to screw the tripod stand in (?!). On the underside there's only a hook for the carry strap. Sent a ticket to Gearbest, hopes aren't high that I'll get a reply that makes sense...we'll see.. Tested side-by-side with Steiner 10 x 26mm Safari Binoculars - I'd say they're similar magnification - the Steiner is *slightly* larger. Another Edit: The little "hook" actually unscrews to allow you to fit the tripod. D'oh.


Shipped around an hour ago! Quickest Gearbest order ever!


It'll be fine [apparently] - the sun is more than 500m away and this only works up to 500m [according to the amuzing review]


Managed to order one, not convinced it won't be rubbish but we'll see.. in about a month lol


Yep. The panda one has a larger objective lens, so more light, brighter image, possibly more magnification, built-in compass, and the mobile clip. You pays your money you takes your choice!

Night Vision Monocular Telescope £15.98(Postage included) @ Go Groopie
Found 21st Jul 2017Found 21st Jul 2017
Deal ending on 27th July 2017 Description looks decent product. Specifications: Field of View: 500M/ 9500M Field of view: 6.4° Eye Lens Diameter: 20mm Objective diameter: 42mm M… Read more

No, no, no and no. What happened to #23?


I can see you feel the need to have the last word. Feelings of inadequacy perhaps? Meaningless job? Too much tine? I know you'll be happy to share your opinion. Looking forward to it.


You clearly didn't understand your own post #23.


twat nounvulgar slang 1. a person regarded as stupid or obnoxious. Very apt methinks


****] Same number of letters as your mental age.

jessops telescope 900-114 £20 in store
LocalLocalFound 12th Jun 2017Found 12th Jun 2017
Reduced from £100 says ex display but opened mine at home and everything was sealed as new. Had quite a few that I could see and even more of the 900-70 versions for the same price… Read more

these are awful, not so much the optics, which sure aren't great, but more the positioning, adjustment of the legs, to find stuff, etc. but for £20 it's a good way to find out if you care enough to spend more I guess!


​Yes, and the ring should be quite clear.


I just went and picked one. There were 2 left however, I don't think these are necessary ex-display. i found a receipt slip in mine saying it's been returned to shop because of a fault. I've called them and they were a bit confused and still insist they're ex-display so i'll give it a go as i have 21 days to return it but a word of caution so you know to try it out properly. the price is bargain though.


Someone might be using this to spy on Uranus from across the street ?


So good enough to spy on the neighbour then. :)

75% off quality telescopes at manfrotto
Found 1st Jun 2017Found 1st Jun 2017
Know friends who have ordered these and recommended for quality. A bargain for any stargazers out there :)
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Just noticed the following : Limited period while stocks last. Offer ends 31st May 2017 Yet the "deal" is still going. Just shows what a con this was. This is just them deperatly trying to sell telescopes they could not sell and pretending it was some sort of great deal.


How many friends do you have that have ordered telescopes? Did they all just decide to get into stargazing or something?


Awful awful awful scopes. As others have said, either spend a bit extra for a Celestron or Skywatcher or save your cash. A decent pair of binoculars would probably be a better option fir most casual astronomers.


Surprised so much negative reaction. I have had a pair of Bushnell binoculars for over 20 odd years found them excellent. Maybe now everything is made in China reflects in the quality.


absolutely spot on! been there done that too with a heq5 This listing is complete junk, dont do it.

Star Finding Telescope £12.50 instore @ Tesco (Coventry)
LocalLocalFound 27th May 2017Found 27th May 2017
Found this at Coventry Crosspoint store today. Down from £75 apparently! Don't know much about these sort of things but it's made by Invintiv. There's a downloadable app that can b… Read more
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The app is standalone, and therefore works with any telescope?


if it's the same thing, argos sell it for 29.99 so still a bargain but not quite the bargain that tesco are trying to make out... let's face it, any telescope that is retailing for 30 quid is probably only good for burning ants and staring through the hot neighbour's bedroom window (and even then, just for the hope than the results)


If they are your photos, you just need to put them on any webspace you may own (seems to be getting rarer nowadays with isps) or post them to some (free) photosharing site then post the hyperlink here


I do believe what you say, but if it's the same one I have seen for several months, then it was £25


Not sure,looks similar.

Bresser Telescope Lyra 70/900 EQ-SKY with mount and tripod £55.40 @ Amazon
Found 26th May 2017Found 26th May 2017
Bresser Telescope Lyra 70/900 EQ-SKY with mount and tripod The Lyra refracting telescope is the perfect instrument for serious beginning and intermediate observers. The profession… Read more
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There were seven showing in stock when I commented - a shame that those who have ordered it haven't had the decency to vote hot, and shame on those who had the cheek to vote the deal cold to start with. Thank you MarsorMoon for sharing.


May be because it is Now £211.30 :(


Looks a bargain - seems to be easily £200-£300 elsewhere.

USCAMEL® Bird Watching Waterproof Spotting Scope - 20-60x60 Zoom Monocular Telescope - With Tripod £69.99 -  Sold by USCAMEL and Fulfilled by Amazon - Lightening deal
Found 10th May 2017Found 10th May 2017
Reduced from £219.99 cheapest it's ever been according to CamelCamel. Around £115 everywhere else. Description. Angled spotting scope with variable 20x to 60x magnification and 60… Read more
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Back to 105.99


how about Nikon user?


What's the focal length and aperture?


+ buy 1 get 3% off code under the price using code 20170008

Revelation 15x70 Astronomy Binoculars - £49 via eBay (seller The Telescope House) - C&C
Found 30th Apr 2017Found 30th Apr 2017
Hi I was looking for some beginners Astronomy Binoculars and came across these. The reviews are really good and it seems like your getting a lot for your money £49 + £3.90 postag… Read more
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Don't mind them being a little bulky if the quality is good


Good find... Has anyone managed to find / download a decent Messier checklist form so I can cross off what I've seen?


Rumbled oO


​John Adamson, yeah right, this is Adam Johnson isn't it........


Missed that article...which month was it?

MEADE Polaris 130MD EQ Reflector Telescope - Blueonly £93.97 Save £55.03 @ Currys
Found 15th Apr 2017Found 15th Apr 2017
A very good price for a decent size starter reflector telescope. £209 on Amazon. Find everything you need to discover the wonders of the night sky with the easy to use Meade Pola… Read more
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Now 79.97


Definitely not one of the few!!! Most people have similar ideas.


There is one left in the Midlands at 15:00 BST.Hope this helps someone :) Reserve & Collect Currys PC World Mansfield Unit B/C Nottingham Road Mansfield, NG18 1BW


Taken with a Celestron 102SLT and a SPC900 Webcam, 2 minutes stacked. I'm very light polluted BTW, I can only detect Mag +2 stars with my naked eye.


Your equating telescopes to the focal length of a camera lens. The most important parts of a telescope are not focal length but objective diameter and quality of the optics. A reflecting telescope will also have a secondary mirror that will block out some of the light, that is why refractors of similar diameter will always be superior. There are other important parts like resolving power and light gathering but focal length is well down the list, a "fast" image doesn't equate to a better image in the land of telescopes. I ground my own 8" lens (never for it to see any light) so I had to learn about all these factors when doing so. I have taken similar photo's (although nowhere near as good) as the above picture with my telescope. Software (Registax) takes each image, analyses it, discards the worst and then stacks each image on top of one another to give a composite better image. Some people sharpen the image in Gimp or similar. Stacking images teases out information from the image, it doesn't add to it. Nasa do the same as what I'm doing. They tease out information from images, they don't falsify it. Some things may be in false colour but that is because our eyes can only see a narrow band of wavelengths. Other things might have enhanced features but again that is teasing out information, not adding to it. In fairness to your tin foil reference, I haven't been hit on the head by an asteroid since I started wearing mine.

Reduced further. 900x114 Telescope Max magnification: 180x £87.97 ( Was £199.97) @ Jessops
Found 6th Apr 2017Found 6th Apr 2017
This Jessops 900 x 114 Telescope is a powerful reflector telescope that features a 900mm focal length and a super large 114mm objective diameter. Designed with great optical perfor… Read more



Re flat Earthers, download the Nasa app of the international space station and watch the live feed of the curved Earth On a beach if you can view a ship coming on the horizon you see the top of the mast first, proving the Earth is round, As the ship becomes nearer more of the ship appears.


wouldn't a simple flight around the world on both axis prove it? I'm sure with the £1000 you can afford it, mr willy fog.


Sounds like my wife, no idea why she wears that bra, wish she was fiction.


Do you have a device with GPS? If not, get one and you've just proven the earth is round. For a GPS satellite to orbit the earth it needs to be circling an object with gravity. Flat Earth Theory does not allow gravity to exist, and nobody on earth has invented the crazy maths or physics that would be required to be able to get such an object to be in the right place in a flat earth sky to make GPS possible. That would also mean that relativity is scrapped, so some new physics would have to be fabricated there too, which would likely break quantum theories and mean all your electronic devices you use today can't function. The amount of nonsense that has to be made up with each level of flat earth theory is laughable.

Celestron Powerseeker 50AZ Telescope - £23.99 @ Ryman (Free C&C)
Found 14th Mar 2017Found 14th Mar 2017
Amazon £47.02 Rymar £29.99 but if you are a new customer and sign up for newsletter, you get a 20% discount code straight away, dropping price to £23.99 !! This Celestron PowerSe… Read more
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Decent review


The job of a telescope is to capture light, it's the eyepieces which do the magnification. This telescope gathers half as much light as a pair of 8x50 or 10x50 binoculars which are like two telescopes, one for each eye. Buying a 'scope like this will quickly end any interest in astronomy due to the disappointing views.


Probably not a great idea to by one from Ryman's if you want a decent one check out


Was just looking for a cheap telescope for my 12 year old son, but guess I have to be careful now !


Have to disagree - using a telescope keeps my hands free

Meade refractor telescope £29 Currys
Found 23rd Jan 2017Found 23rd Jan 2017
Seems a bargain starter
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Feature creep, creeping featurism or featuritis is the ongoing expansion or addition of new features in a product, such as in computer software. These extra features go beyond the basic function of the product and can result in software bloat and over-complication rather than simple design. Feature creep - Wikipedia


Thanks. Quite long then!


not got it yet but according to an ebay seller: EXTERNAL BOX 270 x 160 x 980 (27cm x 16cm x 98cm)


Quick question for someone who's got one: how big is the box it comes in? Trying to work out if I can carry it on my bike! thanks.


No - that's not fair at all!! I did get suspicious when I still hadn't get a dispatch email by this afternoon when other people had already had there's delivered. There's one store in London that supposedly has stock so I've reserved there and hopefully will be able to pick it up tomorrow. But not impressed with their service.

£159.99 Celestron SkyProdigy 70mm Computerised Telescope Costco
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
Celestron SkyProdigy 70mm Computerised Telescope\ Seems to be over £270 at Amazon and has an RRP of £470 Reviews seem to make this a perfect beginner scope with auto alignment and… Read more

Mark, nice shots but to be fair they are going to mislead people who are buying for their kids. They will not see saturn link that in the 70mm scope here. It'll be more like the 1st image that was posted. I've an ETX 125 and get shots like yours but even at that visually it's not the same. The bulk of the money in this scope is in the drive and go to. For the price it's ok but the advice I'd always give ANYONE thinking about buying a scope is to talk to someone in an astronomy club. There are thousands all over the UK and all of them will be delighted to answer any questions I'ms sure of it. Even go to one of your local clubs meetings and ask. They may even loan you a scope to use!


Calm down dear.... most people are happy enough looking at the moon!


I currently have in garage 2 or 3 of those, so anybody wanna buy just send message..


When this is on offer please make sure you post it ;)


If anyone is passing by and really wants an optical bargain, check out the 'ED' refractors from people like Ian King. They're unbeatable for the price point (but obviously you'll need a mount). Note: Refractors are per se planetary scopes. The fast short tubes however open up the world of deep space (with some caveats). Astronomy is a journey of research and reading ;)

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