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Svbony 1.25" Double Helical Focuser Telescope lens - £23.40 Sold by RetevisDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
This will definitely be a niche deal, but hopefully it will help a fellow astronomer. Between 10% and 15% voucher discount on the double helical focuser with adapter (choice of SC… Read more

Just a heads up, if you want to use it on your SCT telescope, don't accidentally order the SCT male adaptor listing like I did, you want to search for the female adaptor version ;)


Non rotating. The tube will only move up and down. Never used it in a telescope. I have one on a finder scope and the other one in an OAG. Theoretically you should be able to get it in a telescope, assuming you only use 1.25'' eyepieces.


I’ve got something similar for my telescope which I find tricky to find focus with. The helical focuser can be used as an additional fine focuser (either immediately before the eyepiece or in my cast between the tube and diagonal) so I can get a rough focus using the main focus knob and then use the helical focuser to get it sharper. Not sure if this is a rotating or non-rotating version - makes a difference if not using a straight-through eyepiece as a rotating one can move your eyepiece to poor position.


Just starting here.... can't figure out what use this would be on a telescope? Moreso for a finderscope?


Tried one of these but it blocked all the light in my 70mm Teleskop Service ED for all eyepieces. Thankfully it was a present - I didn't spend any of my money on it, but it cost £103. So this is defo Hot!... (y)

Celestron 22204 5 Inch AstroFi Scmidt-Cassegrain Telescope - £348.60 delivered at Amazon
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Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Celestron 22204 5 Inch AstroFi Scmidt-Cassegrain Telescope - £348.60 delivered at Amazon£348.60Amazon Deals
Control your telescope via integrated WiFi using the free Celestron SkyPortal app for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. The Astro Fi 125 mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with… Read more

Right, even though I have other small telescopes, I don't have a GOTO mount, and I don't have a Schmidt-Cassegrain, so I decided this was an offer not to be missed, and maybe I could get rid of some of the other 'scopes. It arrived the other day. Seemed very impressive. Well made, solid tube, mount, and tripod, and, as I aligned the guide red dot finder, obviously very good daytime optical performance. And very easy to move around slung over the shoulder. So I was very excited to check it worked at night. And that is there where it all went wrong. Wifi connected fine. Lined it all up on the first guide star, OK. Lined it up on the second, OK, Lined it up on the third, "alignment failed" Over, and over, again. Beggar. Tried again two nights later. Same result. Absolutely frustrating. I was all for returning. Then last night I tried again. This time I leveled the mount with a spirit level, and I changed the new AA batteries I had originally fitted with a different brand - I don't know what the voltage was when I first tried them, but they were sub 12V when I checked before using the others - which showed 12.6V. And bingo! It aligned. So I don't know why it didn't work before but I reckon it was voltage, or, more likely in my mind, the tripod level. So if you did buy one and are having troubles - then try those. Oh and there is a firmware update for the mount - though I haven't tried it since updating.


In the past.


Where is this price ?


It was the same price yesterday, think the posted price is non prime delivery price


Showing up as 339.48 for me today, so slightly cheaper

Meade Lightbridge Mini 82 Tabletop Telescope - £60.99 @ PicStop
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Meade Lightbridge Mini 82 Tabletop Telescope - £60.99 @ PicStop£60.99PicStop Deals
Looking for a first telescope and found this offer. The LightBridge Mini 82 Tabletop Telescope - White allows you to setup and share the stargazing experience in seconds. Whether … Read more

The detail is insane, it’s crazy how far technology has come along!


It took me a while to get it all put together as it came in a billion pieces. Would have preferred the smaller AZ mount but I do like how complicated the EQ looks. I could always just take the mount part off during storage I guess to make it more compact. Will start technically setting it up over the weekend. Thanks for all the helpful info!


If you don't mind the larger size/weight and only want it for the night (eq is quite annoying at terrestrial), an eq mount is so much better. For visual observation, all you need is to have the central rotational axis (the RA) point roughly north (and at an angle close to your latitude, there's a scale on the mount for that), and that's enough to reasonably track objects which makes it much more pleasurable to observe than an AZ.


Managed to get a astromaster 70 for 40£! Unfortunately I didn't thoroughly check the listing so when I arrived to collected, it had a dismantled EQ mount instead of an AltZ mount! Bought it anyway. Will look in to selling the EQ mount if I can't get on with it. What's the going rate? Lol. Already found an AltZ tripod for 20£ but not sure if I should go for it yet.


Ah OK. Thanks for the price ranges. I don't actually know what the normal going rates are as everything is inflated now... I may just wait until prices fall. In no real rush, just bored!

Celestron LandScout 60mm 12 to 36x Zoom Spotting TeleScope £68.99 @ PicStop
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Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Celestron LandScout 60mm 12 to 36x Zoom Spotting TeleScope £68.99 @ PicStop£68.99£100.9932% off Free P&P FreePicStop Deals
Quick Overview: - Fully Coated Optics: Increased light transmission for bright, sharp images. - Compact, Lightweight: Portable and packable, so you can take it on any excursion out… Read more

Best comment lol


YOU'RE welcome ! (y)


I love how a ‘bird spotting’ scope used by twitchers has ended up being a debate on how many planets are beyond our moon (lol) (lol) (lol) .


£4 I had a quick Google this morning, and price seemed to be not far off the norm and it was only £4 more on Amazon I think Celestron 52322 12-36 x 60 Landscout Spotting Scope - Green


Kids will love it

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MEADE Infinity 76 Reflector Telescope in blue for £49.97 delivered @ Currys
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Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
MEADE Infinity 76 Reflector Telescope in blue for £49.97 delivered @ Currys£49.97£16970% offCurrys PC World Deals
Good starter telescope here for £49.97 including delivery. Down from £109 at Currys but on sale at Jessops for £169, this is a bargain for a bonafide telescope (not one of those ch… Read more

Got some cracking images of moon last night with standard lens, super sharp, could see every crater in great detail, filled entire eyepiece, struggled to get pic with the phone adapter


Amazing value even for £109, I got for £49.97 so amazing value, printed instructions not very clear, I ended up putting spotting scope on back to front and at first couldn't work out why couldn't see red spot, on the night I tried it there was no moon visible gave up as couldn't see Mars through telescope, next day realised there are two end dust covers and I only removed the small inner one which is only for daytime viewing, going to try again tonight, Due to covid there are no astronomy clubs etc on so steep learning curve, might try set of possil eyepieces from amazon as advised eyepieces that come with scope are cheap and basic


Those of you who have received and assembled theirs, what's your thoughts?


Thanks for that, plenty info to digest and some great advice


The scope takes 1.25" eyepieces. Note that the fact that it is sold somewhere for £169 is very misleading. The regular retail price for such a telescope is in the £60-£70 category if we look at equivalents, for £169 you get some serious scopes with several times the light gathering ability. But at £50 right now as I said it is probably fine with everything else out of stock. If you resell a telescope at great condition, it is typical in the astro community to aim for 60-70% of the original price (regardless of age, as long as the condition is good). So I'd try to resell it at £40-45, which is 60-70% of its real market value if I wanted to be honest. About eyepieces. Most would tell you to get a couple of reputable brand Plossls to start. I will not, as a find it a bit "unexciting" when this telescope due to its high f/ratio (that f/9.2 makes it what we call a "slow" telescope) can use low cost wide angle eyepieces. So, if you went for a couple of eyepieces, perhaps you want one to be a very wide field low magnification one to enjoy things like star clusters, nebulas etc - things that will require dark skies. You could still do a 25 or 32mm Plossl, for the minimum cost, but you could go with something more "immersive" i.e. a wider field of view like the 25mm BST Starguider. Another choice is to go a bit similar or a little higher magnification to the included 20mm, but with an even wider field eyepiece. The choices would be the 15mm or 20mm SuperView or even cheaper with the 15mm or 20mm SkyWatcher Ultrawide. In fact, those Ultrawides are amazing value if you have a slow scope where they work well, so I would get one as my planetary eyepiece as well. Most new users go for the highest magnification, I'd say don't try to go higher than the 6mm SkyWatcher Ultrawide (magnification is telescope FL = 700 divided by eyepiece FL, 700/6 = 117x). Try the included eyepieces first to see what kind of targets you enjoy, so you can get an idea what you need. The issues the included eyepieces have: The 20mm has an erecting prism for daytime usage, which dims the view and limits the field of view. The moon will be fine with dimming, but if you try to see dimmer targets it will not help at all. I am not sure about the field of view, but one 20mm erecting I had tried was about 30degrees, which is quite a bit annoying (sort of like looking through a keyhole or tunnel) compared to what I am used to. The ones I am proposing above offer from 52 to 68 degrees of field of view, so you don't feel like you are looking into a straw. The 9mm apart from having a 30 degree field of view and short eye relief (you have to get very close to view), also adds distortion to the view. They are usually included in those £10 toy microscopes. Their only use in astronomy nowadays is solar projection (all other types of eyepieces have coatings and cement between lens elements so may get damaged), unless they are plastic. As a principle I would never recommend a telescope that includes one, it shows complete disregard to quality. Lastly, you don't really "need" a moon filter, if the moon is a too bright for you, anything like sunglasses can work fine. Oh, and if you can't get a crisp focus with your telescope (easier to tell during the day), the mirror might need collimation. Find an astronomy club near you and take it there for people to help.

Maginon Spotting Scope (black only) £27.94 delivered @ Aldi
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Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
Maginon Spotting Scope (black only) £27.94 delivered @ Aldi£27.94Aldi Deals
Posted previously by @louiselouise but then expired. Only black in stock, but perfect for when spring comes (or now really!) and seems a decent price and free delivery if order o… Read more

I got boyf a Praktica Hydan Spotting Scope and cheapo binoculars - he uses his cheap monocular more than anything! Will have to ask him why. I know he takes the monocular to race meetings to see the bookies' odds XD


How do folks get on with spotting scopes ? i got one for my boy at xmas , a celestron which was 5x the price of this but i find them a nightmare and such hard work to see anything comfortably . Returned it and will just get him a good pair of bins, i honestly find my 10x28 bins have so much more clarity and more ease of use than these spotting scopes. Still worth a punt at this price for anyone wanting to try a scope .


It was in stores when I posted over a month ago, but Aldi Specialbuys tend to shift pretty quickly (or get RTC if they linger in stores). These Spotting Scopes sold quickly at my local anyway. It's a good reminder that if you have your eye on something from Aldi online, that sometimes they get more stock. Though, whether they're returns or newly-sourced extra stock, it's hard to say.


I think its stock from early December, based on the previous posting for this by @louiselouise


Yeah, shame that.