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Tile Pro Series 4 Pack - 2 x Black, 2 x White £69.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Tile Style Pro Series 4 Pack with Replaceable Battery Bluetooth (2 x Black, 2 x White) £69. 99 (£17.50 each) delivered. Tile Pro is the most powerful tracker as it'll find your k… Read more
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Fair enough, not the same as the OP but very good deal if your already a costco member (y)


The costco ones were tile mate for £29.99 for 4 with replaceable batteries I bought them. Sorry you find that hard to believe. I think this post is for tile pros which have a longer detection distance and also have replaceable batteries


Find that very hard to believe. This is still a cracking price for what you get have some heat


Not true costco were for the replaceable battery ones. I bought them I think it worked out at £30 for 4


The *old* Tile Mate had non-replaceable batteries - the latest versions do have these.

QEP Diamond Wheel Wet Tile Cutter 450W - £29.98 + Free C&C @ Tootstation
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Overall Ratings of 4.4 out of 5.0 (y) Lightweight (3.75kg) diamond wheel tile cutter with fixed extension table, mitre guide, parallel guide and cable storage. Table size: 340 … Read more

I wouldn't try it. You'd be much better off with an angle grinder.


Can these be use to cut paving slabs or are they only for bathroom tiles?


Very noisy tile cutter as its geared. Ok for diy or small job.


I paid £40 for an identical looking one from Topps Tiles. Did the job no problem, just very messy and noisey.


If you are a regular TS customer, you should have received a £5 off £30 voucher from them. So, just add something small to the order.

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery 4-Pack: £47.45 at Amazon
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Seems a very good deal for the latest model with replaceable battery. The only time they’ve ever been lower than this price on Amazon was Boxing Day last year.
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Genuinely not the case. I'm honestly interested in your solution and was confused. Apologies for the offence caused, unintended.


looking at your previous comments on tile products I realise you are actually just trying to wind me up. Welcome to the Nougat ignore list. I was just trying to be helpful. I wash I hadn't voted hot on your own Tile deal giving you a flaming badge!


But the answer is actually no? Because you are going to get these instead?


It's confusing because the question he answered was asking if there is an advantage to having the older version. And he said yes?


Nougat is commenting that replacement batteries in the newer model are cheaper than paying for replacement tiles of the older model at approx £10 each. Keep up! lol

Diall Silver Aluminium Listello tile trim - B&Q Click & Collect Instore for £2
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
Seems like a good decent deal if you are in the market for tile trim. I checked quite a few areas and all seem to have it available as a click and collect within an hour. Product… Read more
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I would have been well cheesed off so I can understand. Hopefully not all stores. have the same shoddy stock.


Yes, they were £2, I did click and collect and they weren’t ready so had to find them myself. They were scratched and covered in glue, looked like they’d been in the rack for years. If you only need a short section you may be lucky. This was Old Kent Road, other stores might have decent stock.


Thats disappointing, were they £2 when you ordered not that it should make a difference but just curious.


Reserved some of this last week, when I got to the store and saw how bad the condition was I cancelled.

Plasplugs Compact XL Tile Cutter diamond wheel - £25 @ B&Q
Found 9th MarFound 9th Mar
All B&Q in-store and online was £40 now £25 Plasplugs Corded 110mm Wet wheel tile cutter DWW200
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How much do professional comedians laugh at the comments on here?


I did two bathrooms with one of these, worked really well!


Must admit I laugh more at the comments on here than professional comedians (lol)


I've seen a tiler using it. I my guess is that it's easy to transport, cheap and replaceable. I've used one before. Tiled 2 kitchens and a hall before it gave up. Great price for £25. Get some extra blades though. Apparently cutting porcelain tiles you are supposed to change the blades often as. Ceramic tiles go through this machibe really well. I've since upgraded to a titan tile cutter from screw fix as I found the base of this machine to be too small. And the fence is a bit crap.


I bought one for a kitchen and bathroom. The floor tiles were a bit hard going, but it does a great job if you take your time. I wouldn't recommend for any professionals, but for DIY/Occasional use, it's brilliant. Especially at this price.

Tile Mate 4 Pack Bluetooth tracker (In store only) at Costco for £29.98
Refreshed 9th MarRefreshed 9th MarLocalLocal
Saw this in the latest Costco offers. This is the version with replaceable battery.

Thanks for the tip. I tried the pro version and it didn't fit.


You'd increase your chances of bike being detected with the pro version as they have longer range. They are bigger though (too big for my bike frame) so under saddle only option. If you went to location bike last seen, it could have been moved since. Even if not, would still be tricky to accurately locate and retrieve from thief (doubt police would be interested). To be honest these are a gimmick. Spend the money on another lock/insurance instead.


Difference these days is 7kg is safe...that's with disc brakes, so not a particularly light frame (needs extra strength) also with deep sections, so not light wheels. Old skool light bikes were not safe, hence banned. That rule is outdated now. Modern technology maens we can now safely go under 6.8kg without taking chainrings, tape, padding etc off the bike. Anyways. 28g is quite a bit. The reasonably priced options on Amazon that weigh this much get max 12 days battery...meaning once every 12 days i need to take my headset apart and fork out to pull it out the frame and recharge it. Other option is to put it under the saddle...but that's easily spotted.


You obviously haven't researched the other available solutions - there are options that can track better than what is advertised here and they weight even less. Also 7Kg is too heavy to worry about an extra 28g. My Peugeot was 4.2Kg; too light to enter the road races so I switched to triathlon events instead. That bike, even with extra grips still weighed less than 6Kg. Useless you are a professional bike racer I seriously doubt you would notice the extra weight...


No way I could use a gps solution on my bike. Would be too much bother to keep it charged and too heavy (my bike is under 7kg)

Extra 15% off all Tiles & Flooring @ Wickes eg Pack of 6 Wickes Everest Stone Porcelain Tile 600 X 300mm now £11.92
Refreshed 22nd FebRefreshed 22nd Feb
Wickes are running another one of their fab Tiles & Flooring Price Events with an Extra 15% Off ALL Tiles / Flooring including those already heavily discounted - I know these a… Read more
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Sadly stores hardly stock these.


https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Everest-Stone-Porcelain-Tile-600-x-300mm/p/147440 Bought a while lot of this. Great value.

Mapei Fast Set Wall and Tile Adhestive 20kg £10 @ B&Q
Found 11th FebFound 11th Feb
B&Q have reduced the price of their 20kg bags of Mapei (Grey) Flexible Rapid Set Wall and Tile adhesive to just £10. Most of the other high-streets are around £15/bag. Great pr… Read more

Ah brilliant, pure class, you should be on the stage, how can I possibly respond to such genius, it’s strange because with your comments earlier you came across as totally STOOPID (highfive) now come back with something as equally fantastic as hukd holds its breath in anticipation, I won’t be responding....


How many times do i need to flush to get rid of you? (lol)


WOW, the king of comebacks too, lmfao (y)


Who would have thought tile adhesive could generate such strength of feeling?


Doesn't say flexible on it I don't think.

Tile Mate Tracker 4 Pack - £35.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Found 9th FebFound 9th Feb
Unsure if these are the 2018 version with replaceable battery. I've ordered so will find out tomorrow.
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I have the new model and they aren’t any good at “mate tracking” good for finding your keys in the house though


Thanks guys. I won't bother picking them up 😁


considering the 2018 model is listed under "how about these" it's safe to say they're the old model..


They are the old ones. The new version (exchangeable battery) has a thin grey ring where the hole is for a keyring.


Yeah I checked that but it's not that clear. Most people don't realise the new version has replaceable batteries, so the staff member could be wrong. I'll pick mine up later and check. Cheers

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Screwfix Stock Clearance  Mapei MAPEI FLOOR & WALL TILE ADHESIVE GREY 20KG £6.99
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
Grey adhesive for tiling from mapei, so it’s good stuff. Probably very limited stock, but a good deal if available in your area.
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These screwfix clearance deals have been mostly oos for a couple of weeks now


must be fluctuating prices, good stuff and a cracking price if you can get hold of any


It was £9.99 last week


oos at posting.


I've used this. Good stuff. No stock near me though

PRADA  Brown Tile Print Shopper Bag £199.99 @ TK Maxx -  RRP £700.00 Save £500 (71%)
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
n brown, this stylish shopper bag features a tile print pattern across the body, complete with leather carry handles, zip top fastening, and a woven optional shoulder strap. H:… Read more

£700 for a SHOPPING bag


I agree I personally would not buy it but some people will , Ive also seen horrendous looking things on this site but people will buy it because it’s £5


Agreed, but surely if you're the sort of person who buys ugly things purely because they have a designer label, you shouldn't be on this site in the first place?


I don’t like this bag but it’s a good price considering the designer name and what these bags usually retail for . Isn’t that the whole point of this site ?


Thanks op 10 ordered 🔥🔥🔥

Tile pro latest 2018 Bluetooth key finder. Newer version with replaceable batteries. £19.99 was £29.99 Argos
Found 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Same price at Amazon but for prime members. Compatible with Google Home, Amazon Echo. Call answer. Bluetooth version 4. Use the phone app to locate lost keys & also other way a… Read more
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Cheaper in John Lewis


Same price on amazon now


Won't activate, using my Xiaomi Mi 8 and Pocofone F1... awaiting reply from Tile, but there are some known issues with some more recent One Plus phones... suspect may have something to do with bluetooth versions.


Excellent deal on the 4 pack currently at John Lewis......https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/tile-pro-series-4-pack-with-replaceable-battery-bluetooth-2-x-black-2-x-white-6749-1687-each-delivered-john-lewis-partners-3175464 (y)

Tile Pro latest 2018  Bluetooth keyfinder. Newer replaceable battery model £17.99 + £2 c&c or £3.50 del . Order 2  free delivery
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
Cheapest I have seen it. The NEW Tile Pro is our most powerful Bluetooth tracker for finding all your things. It has a 300 ft. Range that's 2X our NEW Tile Mate. This durable, wat… Read more
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Thanks OP. Just picked up a couple from JL Oxford Street. Works out about a pound more than the 4 pack but I only wanted two anyway.




Back in stock.


Yes, but at 1-pack £22, so this was cheaper while it was still in stock. 2-pack through "reTile" is £35, which is cheaper than https://www.johnlewis.com/tile-style-pro-series-2018-bluetooth-phone-keys-item-finder-2-pack-black/p3789781


The map will show you where the tracker was last connected to a phone, including connected to someone else's phone (so long as they are running the app). So if it isn't within 300 ft of your phone, the map can be useful to show you you last had your keys at your office, or at the pub last night, or they're with your wife etc.. (If no-one running the app was ever near your keys, including you because you only run the app when searching, it'll be useless though.)

Tile Pro with replaceable battery £19.99 @ Amazon Prime / £20 with 1p sim card non-Prime
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Cheapest price yet for this, same price as Tile Mate Non prime members add 1p sim card to basket for free delivery (credit to @herbertsimpson ) Same price at Currys (credit… Read more
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Will expire thanks (y)




Costco has 4x Tile Mate with replaceable battery (not the Pro) for £41.99 inc VAT, that’s the deal.


Wait what these are in Costco oh my god driving right now


A month ago? Near the front and was in Southampton one. Still there now.

White Wall Tile 44 pack for 11p @ Homebase (Free C&C)
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
This tile pack caught my attention earlier whilst looking at the Homebase tile clearance section. 44 tiles for 11 pence is not bad wouldn't you say :D Available for free stor… Read more
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I got mine but I reserved them early and the store staff snaffled the rest quick. GREAT DEAL. I won't be selling mine as I need them so absolutely delighted.


It’s gone from Homebase site , managed to grab couple. Heat added OP


Has anyone got link. Checked online not theee




Another one here who ordered from a store (Milton Keynes) showing 95+ units in stock on the website, but actually they've got sod-all.

NEMESIS MIGHTY SEALS & GRABS SEALANT & ADHESIVE WHITE or GREY 290ML  Was £6.49 Now £3.49 @ Screwfix  Free c&c
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
Also in Grey 18 of 18 (100%)reviewers would recommend this product. 5* reviews NEMESIS MIGHTY SEALS & GRABS SEALANT & ADHESIVE GREY 290ML Was £6.49 Now £3.49 Premium p… Read more
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Yes but you'll have a hell of a time if you ever try and remove your bath in the future. You would be best using a silicone sealant that has an anti fungus additive in it.


You can but it is overkill to be honest - it is an adhesive as well which you don’t need for bath sealing


The bigger the area applied the more likely it will work. However paint as stated before is the weak point. The more spread out the load is then the more likely it will stick however to be safe sand the painted wall (where you want to put it only) and try.


Thank you OP, ordered. Now I need a good deal on some Double Sided Mounting Tape.


Cheers tho worth looking into.

Wickes Everest Stone Porcelain Tile 600 X 300mm £14.04
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
Suitable for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, conservatories and wetrooms Replicates the look of natural stone at an affordable price Hard wearing glazed porcelain that offer… Read more

Nothing special. Price for them is always between £11-£14 per sqm


"Does not require sealing" is the key point I was looking for.. Thanks OP


They have been cheaper, they regularly do an extra 15% off this price on these.


Were these cheaper with the. Extra 15% off or have these been reduced now? If so will watch out for these later.


These were £11.59psm last weekend. I know as I now have them up in my bathroom

Tile mate tracker 4 pack £41.98 @ Costco instore
LocalLocalFound 7th JanFound 7th Jan
First deal I’ve posted so be kind. Just popped into my local Costco and spotted these. Did a quick search online and amazon and Argos are around £50 so seems a decent deal. C… Read more
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Has anyone seen these in the Bristol store?


I use them just for keys but the fob has a handy "find my phone" feature. Just press the button and your mobile phone will ring.


No they share with other tiles as well for GPS tracking (and things which have a tile app like phones and my car). In essence they ping other tiles or apps in the vicinity and stores the last known gps location. Obviously if it has a signal then you get a live location and you can ping it to make a noise


So, you can only track this if it's within your Bluetooth range?


Keys 🔑 - in the event you misplace your keys, check the app to see the last place (Map) where your key was last tracked. In my case I was constantly misplacing my keys, I use to go room to room and once the Bluetooth got a signal from the keys simply press play sound and voila follow the sound.

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery - White/Slate Grey, Pack of 4 - £39.99 (+ postage for non Prime) at Amazon
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Product description : Name:4-Pack Product Description : The world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, the NEW Tile Mate attaches to keys, purses or anything else you couldn’t live w… Read more
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Gone up to £55 just as I'd made my mind up :-(


Grab your fire blankets and extinguishers, coz this is SMOKIN' HOT. Used my Tile Pro several times already, and the Mate is cheap enough at this price to stick on everything. 8 ordered. Thanks @meggie_dude!


Any idea how long the batteries last?


At last they have replaceable batteries; looks like a good deal.


Great price

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