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Tile Mate Bluetooth £12.99 @ Lidl
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Tile Mate Bluetooth tracker for keys etc.. Available in Lidl from Sunday 16th May. Looks an ok price?

I wish Tile all the best, there was so much more they could do but were stifled by Apple, hopefully Android will get on board with them, I liked the way they kept things simple and to a budget, changed to self changeable batteries and had the keyring hole built in, not rip people off for a holder that is more than the device. The AirTag IS impressive though (y)


Imagine selling a product in a category that not many people know about and then Apple enter the market. BOOM! Suddenly everybody knows Tile - nearly every report I've read and Tile are mentioned alongside Apple - biggest marketing push they've ever had! And if you've ever worked with supermarkets before you'll know it takes months to get one of these weekly deals ranged in store so it would have been in talks way before Apple launched. Lidl isn't a great store though but good to see Tile branching out nonetheless, and with 72% of the world NOT iOS I think Tile will only get bigger now. I've got a few, but not a local store to me here to get a couple of them at that price.


iOS is only 28% of the global smartphone operating systems....Tile have just got the biggest shot in the arm and reward with Apple joining and can cater for the rest of the market which is now way bigger than before Apple entered. Tile are laughing all the way to the bank! Same happened with Fitbit - they were pushing their fitness bands (as were Jawbone) and Apple then launched their Watch and Fitbit sky rocketed off the back of it. Apple helps create & validate categories, Tile are loving this. I've got a few and they're great. £12.99 is a bargain and this isn't a kneejerk price, i've worked with supermarkets before - it takes months of planning to get in store with a bespoke deal.


At 12.99, its worth a punt. If it is rubbish then worse case scenario would be to trade it in at CEX for a £8 voucher. IMO, the best thing about Apple is that they force other companies to step up their game. I would be very surpised if the next iteration of the Tile didn't address any existing shortcomings.


Oh dear! Apple airtags have now been 'HACKED', maybe safer with a Tile! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-9576331/Apple-AirTag-tracker-HACKED-security-researchers-just-days-released.html https://youtu.be/_E0PWQvW-14

Tile Mate - £9.79 at John Lewis & partners In-Store Newcastle
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st MayLocalLocal
Found in Newcastle John Lewis - Tile Mate (2020) for £9.79. Also, two pack of Tile Stickers for £24.99.

I would have thought Google have specifications that need to be met to allow the use of android on their phones. So it would probably be a tweak in the specs to say a UWB chip must be included. Like wise Tile could as well. Paradox video was interesting.


Even if Google were able to do this, I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. Where as Apple baked in privacy from the ground up, Google would replace it with more tracking and profiling. I'll pass on that.


It is a hardware limitation not a software. Airtags ATM have superior technology because It relies on the U1 chip in apple devices and not just an app. So to have an equal technology Imagine trying to get all 1300 Android phone manufacturers to implement a new chip just so Google or tile can sell their trackers. I hate apple with passion but you can't compete with them when they decide to take over a new product. They have the power to delete companies over night. Tile is dead


Apple have already thought one step ahead and by implementing this seamlessly to 1.65 billion users. Airtags will use location information from iPhones, iPads and iMacs to get accurate information. Now imagine Google trying to achieve that with Android.


You don't think Google will implement something similar? Seems you can't think one step ahead

Addis 517703 ComfiGrip Tile Grout Stiff Cleaning Brush, Metallic Graphite, 2.5 x 8 x 27cm £1.86 (£4.49 p&p non prime) @ Amazon
582° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Ideal for cleaning most tiled surfaces whether wall, floors in the bathroom or Kitchen long stiff bristle fill it will allow you to clean even those deep hard to reach areas Featur… Read more

Don't know who expired this and now the unexpire button doesn't work. Still available to order at the same price and it said the usual temporarily out of stock but still accepting orders when I ordered mine just after deal first posted and it arrives tomorrow.


You're welcome (y)


Thank you OP (y)




Reckon it'd be and good for cleaning a mechanical keyboard?

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Tile Bluetooth Tracker 2020 Mate Combo, 4 Pack, £44.89 (Membership Required) at Costco
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Good price for the Tile 4 pack. The updated Tile Mate is a versatile, cost-effective tracker for everyday things. Now with a longer 200 ft range, Mate easily attaches to keys, … Read more



Sure you did. You tried to be clever about it, but it's hard to save you time from watching a video you've already watched. Anyway, just back to share this new video that perhaps explains it in a way you will follow...


Nokia WS-2 Treasure Tag 8)


RIP Tile. #airtags


Just had a look. Don’t press find. (Makes a noise). Use location history.