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Logitech C270 HD Webcam, HD 720p/30fps, Widescreen HD Video Calling, HD Light Correction, Noise-Reducing Mic, - £24.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
No-rush reward of £1. If can't select no-rush delivery option from mobile app, try from desktop. Delivery around 17-18 August but mostly ships earlier from previous experience. … Read more

Taking orders again. Shipping is expected on 1st September


All gone by the look of it


Using this for working from home, has been flawless with Windows 10 on Skype, MS Teams and Zoom. Good price in the current climate, these are selling for more on ebay, even pre-owned.


Ordered this morning and the delivery has been bumped to 7th august - good times


Not sure if I can risk my head looking bigger than it already does

Elephone Ecam X 1080P HD Webcam with 5.0 Megapixels camera for £9.99 delivered @ Geekbuying
30/08/2020Expires on 30/08/2020Shipping from ChinaShipping from ChinaPosted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Even cheaper than last time I posted it, now only £9.99 using the code NNNDBWEB. Note it isn't supported on Apple products. Cheap though. Shipping from China, so it may take a fe… Read more

I'm hoping someone else is brave enough to find out (lol)


So the manufacturer left the protective cover on the lens. (Those clear plastic covers you get on all electrical equipment that should be removed.) This guy removed it and it improved the quality to what it should be. I hope that was a one off. I don't want to have to open mine up to have a look! ... or do I? :)


Slight return: I found a video review that was pretty illuminating. It's in Portugese but please don't be put off; just turn on subtitles with auto-translate and watch closely. The big rocks can be found at 6m13s, 7m45s through to 8m45s, and pay particular attention to the subtitles from 14m54s.


I've got a Logitech C270. Is it actually worth swapping it for this, as I'm really disappointed with the C270 picture quality (mic not relevant to me)?


Mine arrived last week, paid £11, took 5/6 weeks, no Customs. Works well with office laptop, installed fine with no admin rights, plugged into Docking Station, then Yoga 370. Great on Skype, OK on teams.

AUKEY Webcam 1080P Full HD Stereo Microphone £26.49 Sold by AUKEY Innovate EU and Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th Jul
Was looking for a decent camera as I need to return from furlough next week and this ticks the box with spec and price I reckon. Over 75% reviews are 4 or 5 star. Click 10% off vou… Read more

I didn't actually buy one in the end as I saw reviews from when this last went hot. Some didn't like the really wide angle lens and didn't think it was impressive overall


I think it goes up and down depending on whether people still have it in their basket and don't go on to actually buy it in the time allocated. I got one after adding myself to the waiting list and checking back


Deal finished!


Exactly. Other items like alcohol hand gel are reappearing on the shelves at normal prices and webcams will be no different. If anything, eventually discounts might be needed to burn through excess stocks of webcams, as these are not a weekly purchase. I'm using a 15 year old Tesco webcam and can wait until prices drop before upgrading. I'm slightly tempted, as Aukey is one of those low end brands that actually produces some reasonable quality products. For example: I bought a couple Aukey of 2 pin USB chargers for travelling and they are superb. My measurements show they also have almost exactly the same charge profile as the OEM charger too.


It applied to my order when I clicked through to pay

Logitech c922 Webcam - in stock also £92.93 delivered C270 in stock - £89.44 @ BT Shop
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
if you are looking for named brand web cam then they have a few in stock at BT Shop. Key features Premium video quality every time you broadcast. Full HD 1080p at 30fps Hyperfa… Read more

If I sign into Skype for business it says I need to use Microsoft lync, when I install lync on my phone and sign in with my business credentials it says the account isn’t set up for that use. I could forward to my personal address and use Skype that way but we have strict information governance (we discuss medical confidential information) so although I could get away with it I don’t want to risk it. I also have to screen share frequently UID log in from my business and personal device but that will confuse people with me being logged in twice. I did try a teams call on my iPad yesterday though and it was okay. It’s a bit rubbish with the webcam placement when horizontal as it looks as if you are always looking to one side, and in portrait everyone has to click fit to frame other wise there’s an horrendous crop of yourself which you can’t see on your own video (well documented ongoing issue). I’ve tried a few team calls on my iPad too


I think these have been as low as £30 on Amazon Prime day in the past.


RRP Logitech website £94.99




Dunno. Locked down severely limits your options. Why don't you just use the standalone camming apps for the iphone? In normal times, the cost of a cheap Android pad for Skype/Zoom etc would be about the same as a decent webcam and you would have the pad for other stuff too.

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Conference Full HD 1080P Web Cam with Microphone and 360 Clip, £22.99 at My Memory/eBay
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
Decent camera at a reasonable price. Excellent Image and Video Quality, full high definition web camera with 7 element optical glass lens, provides crystal clear image. Facial-e… Read more

Buy a decent webcam and you get to use and keep a decent webcam. Just bought the Logitech Stream Cam. Arrives tomorrow. Sorry boys. Heat


Bought it and returned it as I wasn't impressed. The field of view is very wide, compared with the standard one that is built into my screen, so it might be good if you want to get the whole family in, but not if it's for work calls etc. Also the edges distort quite badly. Here's the view from the screen camera: and from this one: excuse the clutter, makeshift home office! EDIT: I should add that the stills were taken from the same distance, the cam from the deal sat directly on top of my current one. I think they're taking liberties a bit with their own sample images!

Astec123 Same price and free delivery going direct. + you can add in 2.97% TopCashBack.


I bought one of them chinese branded Logitech knock off from amazon (flash sale), it’s not great! Image is very loose - lack sharpness, clarity. Colour rendition is atrocious. It has over 500 positive reviews as well. Which I suspect are mostly bought. Try to stick with a known brand. I am not saying this one is bad. but without known reviews, you are really taking a pun on it. So worth the risk or not? Also bear in mind that returning the product because it doesn’t render imagine as nicely as Logitech ones may end up you paying for the return postage and only get a portion of the original sale as refund. This is the sole reason why I didn’t return my cam. It worked out I would only get £8 back after insured postage and a restocking fee being charged on a £19 camera.


Hi Does anyone have one of these? Is it any good? Thanks.

Logitech C525 HD Webcam £49.99 @ Logitech
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
£44.99 @ Amazon (out of stock) HD 720 p video calling and recording plus autofocus on major IM applications and Logitech vid HD One-click Facebook, Twitter and YouTube HD upload… Read more




That’s what happens when you look at a third party site, especially Dell. They aren’t wrong though, it does do 720p. Even on that site though that you linked to it regularly says 1080p.


Yeh, confusion everywhere...

Logitech C270 webcam Plug and play HD 720p video calling £27.67 delivered at Logitech UK
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
Get deal*Get deal*

No stock anywhere pretty much


£24.99 at argos


You got to be kidding me, was gonna buy 2 and sell one on ebay so that I don’t have to spend £10 on shipping and 2p short after student discount (mad)


Got this for £17.49 just before the virus took hold from Amazon - Good camera, worked out handy for job interviews during the outbreak (at £43.99 now at Amazon) so this seems like a good deal for now


Good webcam for the price

B525 Foldable Business WEBCAM £44.99 from logitech
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
BUSINESS WEBCAM Ideal for on-the-go professionals with a foldable, 360° swivel design
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I got mine in 3 days


10 cheaper than amazon, this is a deal I say


Check this out at Logitech C525 HD Webcam


Any better ideas?


Also good luck getting it. I cancelled my order after 6 weeks. No response from customer services.

Logitech Streamcam webcam (currently in stock) - £139 / £104.25 with student discount. Free delivery inc. @ Logitech UK
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Long time user of HUKD but first time poster. Getting a decent webcam of late has been near impossible for me but I just checked logitech and they have stock for anyone looking to… Read more

Does anyone know if there's a similar camera that does 4k? I feels strange that with the amount of vloggers out there no one actually made a proper 4k camera for the purpose. Maybe they're trying to make vlogging less accessible for everyone, I clap for that then. (lol)


Hi @kismet108 thanks for sharing your first deal :) Also £139 at Amazon currently so it looks they have price matched. Very good customer reviews too for this item.


I bought one of these last week and highly recommended. A nice feature is controlling the image with the capture software before sending it to Teams etc for meetings (cropping/ zoom colour temp etc) Now using it as my main webcam - does need a usb c adapter if without such a port.


People who voting cold are afraid of streams.


haha good catch. If this doesnt get heat, i dont know what will.

Wansview 1080P Webcam with Microphone £21.96 sold By Littleruie and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
★【1080P USB Webcam 】With advanced H.264 compression technology and 1080P resolution lens ★【Easy Set up 】Plug and Play USB webcam with USB… Read more
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It all due to demand, everyone needs one now working/school from home for video conferencing. So makes sense to increase the price.


Blatant Logitech rip off and won’t be as good. I still can’t believe we have to pay >£20 for a low quality webcam - they should be a fiver


Same reason they wrote "softwares". It's written by someone with English as a second language.


'The webcam can be compatible with the current popular video/meeting softwares' Can? Why not 'is' ?


Bought this. Definitely not as good as my C270 in low light

Logitech C270 720p Webcam from AO (free delivery) - £25
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Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Relatively good price for this under current circumstances, and in stock. Obviously not as cheap as it has been, but best price in recent months/weeks.

True. I recently purchased a 1080 webcam from Geekbuying and found that the wide angle could not be adjusted, the autofocus a bit uncertain and the separate microphone plug wasn't a modern standard. Then I stumbled on my old Microsoft Lifecam VX-5500 from circa 10 years ago in the loft. Fully up to date USB audio. Impressive noise cancelling mic. Works with Windows 10. Narrower camera angle than modern ones which turns out to be just right when perched on a big monitor and you're sitting back from it. Not 1080 but perfectly adequate.


Out of stock


Just bought one of these today for 24 quid from ASDA living!


Capturing what the image sensor inside the webcam "sees" into a picture/ video requires some processing. The CPU's inside mobile phones have gotten far more powerful and can process much higher quality pictures and videos. Many CPU's inside mobile phones even have dedicated silicon for image processing. Compare to a webcam like this that has no onboard processing capabilities. It relies on the CPU in the host laptop/ desktop. That introduces all kinds of latency because of physical distance being much greater then in a mobile phone. Plus you have issues with drivers/ software all combining to produce a fairly poor quality image. You could put a processor inside a webcam. Really though, I'm sure everyone has an old smart phone laying in a draw at this point. That they could download a webcam app for and would no doubt result in a better quality image.


got the one from amazon use it for remote viewing my 3d printer via octoprint (y) works great for that plugged it in to my pi 4 and worked straight away (y)

Razer Kiyo 1080p 30 FPS/720 p 60 FPS Streaming Webcam including delivery £88.87 Cheaper with fee free card. From Amazon Germany.
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Good price for this webcam, even when there is no pandemic. Yes I know its not cheap, but a very good webcam, not to be confused with Chinese junk on Amazon.

What does a 'bozo' look like (lol)


Yeah, I see what you mean now.. I think I added unnecessary complication :) I think because your original price (£88.87) was so close to the Euro price (€88.37) that I thought it was a typo, but I can see what you've done now. Apologies for the confusion!


So because of currency fluctuations the price is now £89.50 including delivery to the UK.


I'm confused... The title says "including delivery £88.87". I'm not sure if that's supposed to be Euros or not, but the price changes depending on the exchange rate, so it's not necessarily £88.87... The current price of the webcam on the website is €88.37 Delivery to the UK is €4.39 for standard shipping, more for priority. Using a UK debit/credit card means you'll pay £89.50 including delivery & £2.60 fee for Amazon exchange rate "lockin" right now, maybe more or less later when the rate changes. For me at least if you choose to not use Amazon's exchange rate system, the price of the webcam goes up to €91.42


No one said it's free delivery, however it is included in the total price shown.

Xiaomi IMILAB 1080p Full HD USB WebCam + Mic PC MAC - Black - £21.99 Delivered @ MyMemory
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Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
Let's see how this goes XD :S Connect easily with friends, family, and colleagues in true-to-life 1080p video using the Xiaomi IMILAB Full HD webcam. Simple Plug & Play Win… Read more

Cool 8)


mine just arrived this morning £22.99 on mymemory's ebay account and I am super happy with it 100x better than the elephone rubbish that took 2 months to arrive! Already had colleagues say the my picture looks so much better on zoom. Thumbs up from me OP!


vini hows the camera quality on it?any good for gaming??


Wonder if this is actually gonna work... Edit: it does, just fine.


Mine arrived today also; picture quality is very good for the price - audio quality is poor, but as expected.

Logitech C270 HD Webcam, HD 720p/30fps, Widescreen HD Video Calling, HD Light Correction, Noise-Reducing Mic, - £24.99 @ Amazon
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Refreshed 14th JulRefreshed 14th Jul
Update 1
Back in Stock!
Back order for 31/07 Full HD widescreen video calling: Logitech C270 let you make widescreen video calls in HD 720p at 30fps. The lense with 60-degree field of view covers all of… Read more

ebay sell much cheaper 1080p new ones.


Crazy premium during these times. I bought this same model yeeeeears ago for £14


Thanks OP, got this for an online exam next month, I will be selling it immediately afterwards, hopefully the price of these will have remained strong!


Mate i remember not so long ago (and long ago) Logitech's top of the range webcam posts were this price and they didn't even always get heat. XD IF IT AIN'T TOILET ROLLS ITS WEBCAMS NOW. LOOK <---- About 40+ Logitech C920 / HD Pros webcam posts showing prices of far superior webcam always around the same price as this potato webcam or there about's. LOOK <----- The C270 HD didn't even really get heat unless it use to be around £12 prior to this year. It use to cost monkey nuts. Id rather use my mobiles cam and apps for conferencing with a £1 stand from Pound Land (y)


Good webcam. Had one for a few weeks. Fine for Zooms, skypes, etc.

Razer Kiyo webcam in stock - £99.99 (£10 off when signing up to newsletter making it £89.99)
201° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Been waiting for a decent webcam to come back in stock for ages. Grab 1 while it lasts!
Get deal*Get deal*

here you go


Razer have one if the worst customer service teams their is. It's been 4 months for a replacement and still waiting..



Is it a unique code per person? Been looking at getting the Huntsman Elite keyboard. £20 off would be a treat.


This recent wave of razer etc pretending to be peripheral manufacturers has to stop just because it has RGB or some other irrelevant nonsense !

Elephone Ecam X 1080P HD Webcam with 5.0 Megapixels camera for £11.67 delivered @ Geekbuying
741° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th JunShipping from ChinaShipping from China
This is a really cheap webcam, for £11.67 including delivery from China. 1080p full HD webcam with a 5 Megapixel camera, can't really complain. It means you don't have to have your… Read more

Thanx a lot, it seems for a CTIA for me. Most iPad use CTIA Thank you


Boltt, what kind of (4 Pin) Male was your output cable from the splitter ? OMTP or CTIA?


No idea, got the adaptor from Wish Universal 3.5mm 3 Pole TRS Female to 4 Pole TRRS Male Microphone Adapter Cable Audio Stereo Mic Converter for ipad


Graham, what is the (4 Pin) Male Output? OMTP or CTIA. I think Apple uses CTIA standard. If you know please answer me , I ordered the camera too. 14,20$


Graham, what is the (4 Pin) Male Output? OMTP or CTIA. I think Apple uses CTIA standard. If you know please answer me , I ordered the camera too. 14,20$

LOGITECH C310 HD Webcam £49.99 @ Currys PC World
-180° Expired
Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Technical specifications for LOGITECH C310 HD Webcam GENERAL INFORMATION Applications Multimedia and Internet applications Video Resolution 1280 x 720 pixels Motionless Picture Re… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Considering that virtually everyone in the meetings I attend have got their cameras turned off, I am surprised the demand is so high.


If anyone’s after the Razer Kiyo like me, Overclockers are taking preorders with ETA 30th June.


I brought this from amazon for £29.99 a couple of weeks back (sold by amazon). It's not worth £50! Currys are taking the P!


christ double the price of the full HD cams that regularly go on sale throughout the year. I know this are in demand but still


I'm after a Razer Kiyo personally (y) I've seen these go out of stock a lot recently, thought useful for people trying to find a cam for friends and family etc.

Microsoft HD-3000 Webcam, Black £25.99 @ Argos
1024° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Back in stock and managed to reserve one but will limited stock/availability.

No Stock anywhere. No home delivey available.


One of the 1080p deals on this site or indeed


So what's better for £25 new?


Sorry. Should have put my comment in context. This is crap for this much money.


For £25? Not in this climate you can't...

Logitech C920s Webcam, Black £84.99 @ John Lewis & Partners
62° Expired
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Been waiting for this to come back in stock at a decent price. 2yrs guarantee and free delivery included or click and collect.

Missed it OOS


For anyone looking for a cheaper webcam I also managed to order a Microsoft HD-3000 Webcam from Argos @ £25.99


It is. I'm glad I got one when they were cheap. I always knew that eventually buying something I didn't need (at the time) would pay off. And it did. (y)


oos :(



Aovaza Webcam, Ultra HD 1280 x 720P Webcam Noise-Reducing Mic USB Video Cam for £20.39 (+£4.49 non Prime) at Amazon
92° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
Just a couple weeks ago these were trending at £30-£40+, which is crazy considering simple web cameras were much cheaper in the past. I suspect this was due to COVID-19 effect. How… Read more

Does it really not working with Win 10? Can anyone confirm?


Strangely though, OBS Studio does recognise it pretty quickly (may require a reboot). So it, like me, you bought one on the basis of price and availability and want to use it with Windows 10, this might be a solution. Great software, by the way!


Doesn't work with Windows 10 either.


No chance .. (lol) (lol) (lol)


Depends what your use is...When you are a small thumbnail on a Zoom it won’t make much difference. But yeah one would not get much of a subscription on only fans with this (:I ;)

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