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Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar 120W With Integrated Subwoofer DTS Virtual:X Bluetooth HDMI/Optical - £117.30 (£107.30 after cashback) @ Amazon IT
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Posted 14 h, 23 m agoPosted 14 h, 23 m ago
Yamaha YAS-107 Soundbar 120W With Integrated Subwoofer DTS Virtual:X Bluetooth HDMI/Optical £117.30 (£107.30 after cashback) @ Amazon Italy Currently £249 in Currys/Amazon. Thin… Read more

The Yas 108 deal at Costco is still running for those who’ve missed out. Slightly more expensive but uk model and slightly better (I think?)


or just cut the plug off and rewire a UK plug once the warranty has expired.


Its hardly going to be Amazon 'stopping' a Chrome translate feature. Working fine here


I did; it doesn't. Translates other Amazon sites, e.g. Germany but not Italy. Seems Amazon.it wants you to be Italian speakers.


Yes it's OOS

Yamaha C40II Full Size Classical Concert Guitar – Black £106 Prime @ Amazon
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Product Features: Perfect Beginner Guitar For Children and Young People, aged 11+ Yamaha C40II - Full Size Classical Guitar - BlackFind your next opportunity or challenge with… Read more

What's it like playing jazz on this guitar?


Wondering how this Yamaha guitar compares against something more basic like the below one for a kid who wants to try out : https://www.bax-shop.co.uk/classical-guitar-spanish-guitar/lapaz-002-bl-classical-guitar-blue


If you're not bothered about the colour, then the natural version is a bit cheaper here: https://www.rimmersmusic.co.uk/yamaha-c40ii-nylon-classical-natural-p46702/s47181

Yamaha Acoustic Guitars + Free THR5A Amp - Yamaha AC1MIITBS £529 / Yamaha AC3M ARE Solid Top, Back & Sides - £699 @ Guitar Guitar
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Spotted this earlier and also saw that Joni23 posted the A1RIITBS model in at £569. There are a few alternatives that I thought I'd shout up about, both slightly cheaper and some s… Read more

I’ve just took a punt and went for the A3CR in Natural Vintage. £750 with the amp. Reviews compare it to a £1000+ quality guitar. Too good of an opportunity to pass up. Thanks for posting


Not sure about the guitar but the amps are incredible, I have the thr10 and it's worth every penny and more!


Hmm, maybe next week I shall see what I can hunt out on the Yamaha front. Totally agree though, they kind of get lost with some of the other names out there.


I had two Guitars, since more have been posted on here, I now have 4... Faith are lovely guitars also. Everyone raves about the Pacifica as a starter guitar but they make some great electrics - this isn't aimed at you but I think sometimes they don't have the 'cool' name


I felt that recently while I was shopping around. I nearly bought one, but backed out as I had so much choice on my silly short list, that was longer than the M6. It was only because I picked up a deal that was too good to be true on a pre-owned Faith (Turned out to be true) That I didn't end up with one. I may have to go try a few out once we're able to again. Mayyyyyyyybe won't tell the other half :D

Yamaha A1RIITBS Tobacco Sunburst with free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp £569 @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
GuitarGuitar are currently offering a free Yamaha THR5A acoustic Guitar Amp with a purchase of any acoustic guitar from their A series. I haven't played either, maybe someone else … Read more

regarding the amps...tried a couple of the normal 10's ...(new versions) out in the shop......both sounded amazing....think the main difference is the newer ones offer blutooth and a wireless option...( i use a 20 quid wireless set with mine) ended up with a second hand thr10c ...blues edition...firmware updates and pre sets are easy to do ...these are great amps...so good in fact that i've hardly touched my big fender bassbreaker 15 valve amp since i got it my one has an 'acoustic' option ..which is also sounds great with my yam


Just be careful with the model numbers. The latest version is the THR10ii (2019) but some prefer the older THR10 (launched 2011ish). The firmware was updated in 2014 and Yamaha called this the THR10v2 but you can update the firmware on the pre-v2 versions to make them v2. Other pre-2019 models include the THR10X (metal pre-set tones and is dark green) and THR10c (blues presets and is a very dark navy blue)


I'm hoping to pick up a THR10 very soon


Good deal for the guitar (do not appear to be inflating the price of the guitar) with the free amp which generally sells for £160. Recently purchased the big brother to this amp (THR10) - not only does it look great but it sounds great too...


I've got a Yamaha acoustic....they do make nice geetars

Yamaha YAS-108 120W Soundbar and Built-in Subwoofers with Bluetooth and and DTS £155.98 delivered @ Costco
TODAYTODAYLocalLocalPosted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Seems a good deal. Starting 11th, available in store and online. The simple way to make your TV sound as good as it looks. Built-in subwoofers, DTS® Virtual:X™ virtual 3D surrou… Read more

Got mine - great sound, impressive bass (at least in my living room) from a device of this size, BUT... am having a really weird issue that I can't find anything about on the internet (hopefully someone here might know): Xbox One X HDMI out >> HDMI In on soundbar. HMDI out on soundbar >> HDMI (ARC) on Samsung TV. Now, when I play Xbox, as soon as a game loads all the colours are inverted!?? Very weird. The colour goes completely crazy, only when a game loads. Got a PS4 pro, no problems there (works fine in 4K), Sky box etc all work fine in 4K, it just seems to be the XB through the soundbar it goes haywire. Have tried a couple of HDMI cables, I guess I probably need to buy yet another.


Hey all. Received mine as well and set up as per amazon comments. One thing I did do is use HDMI-ARC and it works great. Fully integrated with the TV. Other than that it’s a great soundbar. I previously had the YAS103 and it’s a significant boost in clarity and bass from that. Also a lot smaller so looks a lot less overbearing!


Thanks for the update. I've just changed my settings to match your suggestion and will watch a movie now and see how it goes. Enjoy the soundbar! (y)


Ok so I've done some changes after reading the Amazon reviewer settings. As his setting in my environment (bedroom) sounded a bit muffled. Within the App: Surround as Music Sound as these settings - 3D surround On - Clear Voice Off - Bass Extension Off - Subwoofer +1 The voices come out very clear, there's a nice 'thud' in the background for the 'boomy scenes' but not too overbearing where it drowns it out. Music scenes play with clarify etc. Makes it fill up sound surroundings for me without it feeling like the sound is coming directly from the sound bar only. Trying to decide on subwoofer +1 or +2 at the moment. But for gaming and watching movies the above settings make it clear feel more cinematic and not muffled.


Thank you for your thorough post, very much appreciated (y)

Yamaha MusicCast YAS306 Soundbar with Bluetooth & Airplay - Black - £194.95 @ Amazon
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Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Best price it's been on here Incredible sound quality from the musical Instrument manufacturer Stream you entire Music Library, Spotify Qobuz and more streaming services plus i… Read more

Back to £259 now


No Chromecast?


Same here. Yamaha is amazing!


Purchased this Dec 2018 for £219. Good sound quality, very loud with good base considering it doesn’t have a separate sub. Definitely recommend.

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Yamaha NS-F51 Floorstanding Speakers - £175 Delivered With Code @ Currys PC World
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Was looking for a new set of speakers and spotted these - Almost unanimously praised by everybody - These are £250 on Amazon but Currys have them listed for £200 and currently have… Read more

Yea also tweaked my sub down. Definitely a more clear and rounded sound for my set up


Plugged them in yesterday and was very impressed with the sound, can actually use my sub for what it's meant for now rather than making up for the (relatively) weedy bottom end of my Q-Acoustics 2020i that I was using as my FL and FR before. These have now been moved to the RL and RR. These are a steal for the money. The best part is they match my black ash entertainment centre too, bonus!


Sure you will love it, I have the X2400H :D


Hi niefoon, Thanks for responding to my question. I've decided to go for the Denon AVR-X2600H. I'll see how I get on with that amp and these front Yamaha speakers before buying the rears and centre.


Thanks for responding to my question MrSprkle. The speakers were delivered today. I've decided to go for the Denon AVR-X2600H. Will place the order tomorrow.

Yamaha YAS209 (Black) Soundbar with Alexa built-in £299 Richer Sounds
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
£299 down from £399

Is this any good?


Thanks for the info (y)


Not possible I'm afraid, and according to CNet, it won't be happening. https://www.cnet.com/reviews/yamaha-yas-209-review/


This says it has Alexa built in but does anyone know if Google Assistant can control this? Ideally waiting on a deal on a Beam with a couple of rear speakers but this looks a decent deal


Much better deal than the YAS107 on the other post.

Yamaha YAS-109 All-In-One Soundbar with built in Alexa £215.20 with code at ebay / hughesdirect
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Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
Cheapest price around at the moment for a decent soundbar, from Hughes at eBay. Retailing around £260 mark. Generally very positive reviews!

No worries. I almost bought the Yamaha sub as I wanted one without a separate sub. Missus finds it too loud. So the compromise was to buy the beam. Stylish & sounds great without too much boom at night. I think that's what most people want nowadays.


Oh ok. Just, you said at this price point. Sorry.


I didn't say I got it for £250. Someone on here mentioned the beam so I gave him my opinion. I paid £339 for it from richer sounds a few months back.


Where did you get a Sonos beam for less than £250?


I agree..the Yamaha stuff is great. But I was offering my opinion if you want to spend a tad more. I started off with a smaller budget, but once I demoed more soundbars I soon realised upping my budget would offer a lot more options. I was also talking about the sonos symfonisk bookshelf speakers which are available for £99 each & do a decent job as rears. They're also compatible with the Sonos system.

Yamaha Yas 207 Soundbar System - £259 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
It looks like Richer Sounds can't be beaten on this one.

It's really confusing around Atmos and TV's and Arc. Most TV's will not allow Atmos to be transmitted over hdmi via Arc, and actually I think the standard says that Atmos should not be allowed to be transmitted in this way, though apparently not all companies enforce this in their TV's. This means that effectively the only way you can get Atmos, is by hooking up a blu-ray player (I use an xbox for 4k blu-rays) directly to the sound bar, and then use another Hdmi cable to carry the picture to the TV. The hdmi cable going to the TV from the sound bar should be plugged into the Arc socket on the TV so that you get sound from the TV. If you don't have Arc, you'll need to use the optical cable that's comes with the bar instead. At the end of the day, I can tell you that it sounds good even when not receiving an Atmos signal, you can still enable the vertical surround, and it's quite effective.


I have been looking into it but just read that if your TV doesn't have earc then Dolby Atmos is not as good. Mine only has arc. Not so sure now.


I did, and I'm really pleased with it.


Did you get the Sony? If so, how is it?


That's how it is for me too. Looking to replace it with a Sony HT-X8500 with built-in sub. Seems to be well reviewed.

Yamaha YSTFSW050 Subwoofer £79 delivered at Richer Sounds
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Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
I was looking for a smaller subwoofer to stick under a sofa and this looked ok. Been oos for a while at this price but can order them online at the moment so no needing to phone t… Read more

No, that's the thing. Bass sound travels waaaaay further, and through walls easier, than midrange or treble sound. You never heard THUMP THUMP THUMP coming down the street from a car? Or a festival site? Or a nightclub? You can hear bass sound far away at way lower volume than other sound.


Then it was turned up loud. If you didn't have this and turned the TV up to max, your neighbours would likely hear it. Having this doesn't mean you need to have more volume. That's a choice.


Sounds like you've got some bad neighbours. Trust me, when I got this setup I turned it up to a level beyond what would be comfortable for me to listen to (say volume 50 for arguments sake). Then I went outside and walked around the house, you could hardly hear it but for a faint murmur with all the doors and windows shut. I now know that when I have it on volume 15-20 there is 0 chance my neighbours can hear a thing and as I have young children the theory will not be tested - especially after bed times. I used to DJ and have a full PA setup, this sub is not in the same ballpark, I just adds some finish to the sound a half decent hifi produces


What?? So are you saying that if you live in a detached house, no one else can hear Bass??? One house in the the next street which is 300 odd yards away had a party last Saturday in their garden, yes even during lockdown.. all they could hear in their close was the constant Thud, Thud, Thud of the Bass... the police & I were called & the guy said that they are allowed to play music until 23:00hrs which id true, but they are not allowed to have a have system that would give Wembley Arena a run for their money thumping out Bass like that....also the house opposite has airport workers staying in rooms in a house & one played his music with full on bass & that was a detached house, it is not fair or right to play Bass like that, it really is bad.


Tbf most of the time, i cannot hear the Music, but can hear the Bass, it travels & is really bad

Yamaha NTX500 Eletro Classical Acoustic Guitar - £299 Delivered @ Kenny's Music
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Decent quality classical guitars up for grabs at £299 each. I rather like the Brown Sunburst out of the two, although I am not much of a classical guitar player. Not many places st… Read more

This actually looks really nice by the way, not trying to knock it. Heat added.


https://m.thomann.de/gb/yamaha_cx40_ii.htm?glp=1&gclid=CjwKCAjw1v_0BRAkEiwALFkj5tqIl1la1gtZ2mY4gzVRFi_JWictt9TuvBa4s-vFPusEzKwbdXH1uBoCSqEQAvD_BwE I would go for this if I was just starting out. Also bear in mind that they come in different sizes, so those with smaller hands or younger people will likely struggle with a full size guitar. I’m 6ft and can grab a basketball with one hand and love playing with a half-sized guitar if there’s one laying about, so do consider it. Hence the trying it out first, but most kids will need 1/2 size or 3/4 size. Unless you play or have one already, it’s a bit like buying a pair of shoes without knowing what size you are


Having played for over 20 years, I can vouch that you can find a nice guitar for £100-200. If you’re after this model though, it’s a good deal


Have a look at this new deal, i know it's more expensive but they are great guitars https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/faith-nexus-venus-cognac-acoustic-guitar-349-faith-naked-saturn-fks-299-delivered-at-guitarguitar-3447283?pprmrkntfctnsrd=376112432&UATypeId=11


Yes. This is probably 1000 times better than the Eko I started with, and should still be useful once you can play in front of other people. The point about not buying a guitar you've never tried is good, and one I've made here too about another more expensive instrument, but a £300 guitar isn't *that* big an investment and Yamaha QC is better than some. It's obviously better to take a knowledgeable friend to a music shop before buying, but that's not really possible ATM.

Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 (YAS-408) Soundbar with Subwoofer Refurb £349 delivered @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
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Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Manufacturer Refurbished - Yamaha MusicCast Bar 400 (YAS-408) Soundbar with Subwoofer Or you can get the Bar 40, also a manufacturer refurb ( Same soundbar as this but without the… Read more

Looks like they have sold out. They are still selling the Yamaha Bar 40 (It is the same soundbar as this but without the sub) for £199 for the refurb. 2 year warranty and free delivery https://petertyson.co.uk/manufacturer-refurbished-yamaha-musiccast-bar-40-soundbar-yms-4080

Yamaha CSF1M travel Parlour guitar and case. £199.95 delivered by amazon
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Looks a good deal on a smaller guitar, most prices elsewhere are in the late £300s. There is a slighty cheaper warehouse version, but I've had bad experiences of the warehouse late… Read more

What’s the guitar like? I’m checking the price daily for when it drops again. Up at £400 now.


Beat you to it by a minute 😘


Mad, I was just about to order this and the price just jumped to £300 (mad)


Sorry, also meant to say that I have voted hot as this is a good guitar at this price point and would be a good buy for many.


I have played guitar for over 40 years (Finger style) and decided to buy a 3/4 guitar last year to take with me on my travels. I spent a day going to various guitar specialist retailers in and around Birmingham. I had set a budget of around £300 max. However having tried Fender, Martin, Yamaha and a number of other premium makes, the richness of the Taylor GS just blew them all away. So in the end, I knew if I kept to my budget I would always regret not buying the Taylor and would have wasted my money. I bought the Taylor and it is a joy. It has re-energised my enthusiasm and I play more, as well as more challenging music as a result. I went into 5 different shops and in each one the guitar specialist had no hesitation in stating the Taylor is top of their list. My other guitars just dont get a look in any more and are gathering dust. Just my experience, but you did ask. (y)

Yamaha C40II Full Size Classical Concert Guitar £106 Amazon
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
The Classical Guitar for Beginners Didn’t everybody dream at some point of playing guitar or starting a band? Time to make that dream a reality. Whether you have a band, or just p… Read more

Someone actually asked this as a question on the Amazon product page and this is the response from Yamaha themselves: "Thank you for the question and your interest in the C40 Guitar. We don't make a left-hand version. Although it might be possible to have a C40 modified to be a left-hand instrument, for players just starting out we'd highly recommend a non-left-hand model guitar regardless of whether the player is left or right handed. This is because a guitarist's hands are both `dominant' when playing guitar; a player who has learnt on a non-left-hand model will be able to play regardless of whether they're left or right handed. And, since the vast, vast majority of guitars made are non-left-hand models (and left-hand models tend to be more expensive than their non-left-hand equivalents), learning to play a standard non-left-hand guitar opens up more possibilities for the future. If the guitar is for someone who already plays left-hand guitar, speak to the Guitar Workshop at our Yamaha Music London store who may be able to modify a C40 for you" Not sure whether I'd totally agree, though certainly not claiming to be an expert in the field. Any student I have taught has always come along with left handed guitar. I've seen some videos on Youtube of the awesome teacher Justinguitar after many years trying to teach himself guitar "the other way round".


I have one of these (though may be an original c40), great little guitar with a surprisingly good tone. As a guitar teacher I had never owned a nylon string and whilst and would never profess to be a Spanish/Classical teacher thought I should get one to have the fundamentals of playing a nylon string. The only thing was I originally bought the black and the finish was quite unbelievably bad, even at the superb price point. Maybe worth a few quid more for the natural one if you are bothered about aesthetics. Can't recommend the guitar enough though. Happy to answer any questions that I may be able to help people with.


I'm left handed. Presume this is no good for me?


Go on ...Annoy the neighbors ,you know you want too..... (y)


I'm a beginner and went for this as wanted nylon strings which is a bit softer on the fingers and also guitar is less loud than steel stringed ones. Didn't want to annoy the neighbours whilst practicing at this stage of learning. Go for it great price!

Yamaha MusicCast 50 Wireless Speaker - Black, refurbished at Peter Tyson with Free delivery - £199
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Posted 10th AprPosted 10th Apr
Key Features MusicCast multi-room technology Multi streaming services built-in Alexa voice control compatibility* (*Availability varies by region) High-Resolution Audio Con… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Yamaha is the best


You can’t go wrong with Yamaha. Proper sound quality.


Yeah you would need a Yamaha amp to relay the connection. Airplay 2 works fine though.


Music cast doesn't directly stream Amazon Music though does it? Only to a device such as a tablet and then via Bluetooth to the Music cast device? I have a Yamaha (Music cast) streamer, and consequently use Spotify.


Just bought the Naim Mu-So Qb otherwise I would have considered this.

Yamaha YSP-2700 Manufacturer-refurbished - £349 @ Peter Tyson AV
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Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
Yamaha YSP-2700 Manufacturer-refurbished - £349 @ Peter Tyson AV
I posted one of these for £429 last week and thought it was a good deal. This looks like an absolute steal. The YSP-2700 will bring satisfying sound with superior presence into yo… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

No longer availabile


Thanks mate


The sound can be really enhanced on these if you run an additional sub with crossover. The sub provided handles all of the mid range. I was a little disappointed when I originally got mine but adding the second sub which was gathering dust in the loft vastly improved things


I've had the 2700 for a couple of years now and after having a 5.1 system, which could never get used to its best of abilities due to kids in bed etc, was a great. Can't say the projection has blown me away, but our lounge isn't a traditional square room - far from it. The sound is great though and Music Cast works great as well.


I've heard the 2700 is a vast improvement on the 2500 so not sure how relevant as a comparison it is to this.

Yamaha MusicCast Bar 40 Soundbar (YMS-4080) - £239 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
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Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Yamaha MusicCast Bar 40 Soundbar (YMS-4080) - £239 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
£239£2494% Free P&P FreePeter Tyson Audio Visual Deals
(RRP £399) Elevate your home cinema experience with exhilarating DTS Virtual: X™ surround sound. Supporting the latest 4K Ultra HD TVs, the MusicCast BAR 40 (YMS-4080) delivers a r… Read more

I had no issues connecting it up to the TV's HDMI arc, then change the sound output to HDMI arc. It didn't need any fettling. It could be that your TV sound output has more options than my simple mid-range LG TV has. I didn't end up keeping it though, I sent it back and got the YSP-1600. The sound of the 40 was better than the TV, dialogue is a lot clearer (I didn't need to turn on subtitles to read what I couldn't quite hear), but the 1600 was a step up in quality to my ears without having to purchase additional units for bass or rear surround. This Bar 40 does have the advantage of being a bit more sleek looking, also offers the ability to add wireless rear speakers and subwoofer wirelessly. The YSP-1600 only offers the option of adding a cabled sub as an upgrade path, but as a one box solution, the sound projection tech is reasonably convincing.


Let me know how you get on with your setup .. for some reason when I set my TV to output DD the my yamaha doesn't play any audio, but if the TV is set to output PCM it works fine.


No idea until mine gets delivered to mo rrow. (confused)


anyone else have a problem with these in that dolby doesn't work over the ARC port?


They've got an open box example for £30 less. https://petertyson.co.uk/open-box-yamaha-musiccast-bar-40-soundbar-yms-4080-ref-629557

Yamaha YSP-2700 Soundbar - £399 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
278° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Yamaha YSP-2700 Soundbar - £399 @ Peter Tyson Audio Visual
(RRP £599) Yamaha YSP-2700 MusicCast Enabled SoundBar with Subwoofer. YSP-2700 creates beams of sound by combining the sound projector’s many speaker groups via digital signal pr… Read more

Manufacturer refurbished unit sold by PT for £349 here https://petertyson.co.uk/manufacturer-refurbished-yamaha-ysp-2700-black-ysp2700bgrad


I wish there was an Atmos version with the slim form of the 2700. I did look at the 5600, but that would involve putting my TV on stilts. I’m amazed that as you walk around the room it still sounds like the sound is coming from virtual speakers placed on the wall.


Went for it. Went for the refurbished one for 50 less. Still has the 3 year warrenty. Fingers crossed it's worth it


I've got the YSP-2500 and whilst the sound quality is good, I can't honestly say I've ever noticed the surround effect. My room isn't the ideal layout but to me it just sounds like a 2.1 system.


I had a Samsung Q90R with rear speakers and can honestly say the 2700 sounds better. I was upgrading from the 2700 to the Q90R but sent it back and kept the 2700. The only downside is Yamaha are not adding eArc to the 2700 which is really disappointing.

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