Cool for cats: Anyone remember milk in plactic cans in the 90's?

    Does anyone the back in the early 90s when they sold milk in plastic cans with metal ringpulls on? I used to buy them on my way home from school and have just got talking about them in work but not a single person remembers them and I cant find any trace of them on the net either.

    The cans were about 250ml and were sold in the fridges in newsagents shops, along with the rest of the soft drink. There was a milk advert out at the time which featured Squeezes Cool for Cats tune. I think that might have been the advert for the product.


    sorry - no - cant remember these.

    nope...sure it wasnt a dream? and WTF is that in your avatar?????

    Nope think you need to give up the wacky backy

    No - maybe it was a dream?

    Maybe you were sleepwalking and drinking milk from the fridge??

    Milks cooler in a can
    I remember

    Original Poster

    Agghh!!! This is driving me nuts. They definately existed. They came in white plastic cans with splashes of blue on and were slightly smaller than Coke cans but sold in the same fridge as the rest of the soft drinks in newsagents shops.

    They were marketed as being a drink rather than being milk that you'd put on your corn flakes etc. They had metal ringpulls on the top (the old style ringpulls that came off the can) and the milk was semi skimmed and probably long life.

    Me and my mate used to buy them when we were in 1st year seniors which would have been 1992 / 93.


    Milks cooler in a canI remember

    Spoil the fun why don't you!!!

    Oooooooooooh I remember!
    I think it was a white and blue tin with orange writing and it was semi skimmed milk - I loved them :-D

    bloody n00bs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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