Posted 1st Feb 2023 (Posted 3 h, 8 m ago)
I am wanting to purchase a gaming monitor for my son to use with his Xbox Series X.

I was looking at around £200 and I've been told to get a good frames per second monitor.

Not sure if around that price tag I would get a 4k screen or if it would have to be full HD.

I am an absolute novice when it comes to things like this.

Thanks in advance.
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    The iiyama gaming monitors at eBuyer would come in at or below budget for the 24 and 25" models. They're full HD, with IPS panel, built in speakers, and will support the 120Hz output of the Series X. They're definitely my top suggestion for budget monitors.

    You'll not get 4K/120Hz within budget.

    Ask your son what he would prefer. Because for the £200 You could get a TV which will have a much bigger screen and support the full 4K Resolution, but it would be at the 60Hz refresh rate. If he definitely would rather have the higher 120Hz refresh then the trade off is a smaller screen and lower resolution.
    He's definitely wanting the higher refresh rate, he perfers a smaller screen than say a 42 inch tv.
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    For that price range you might be able to get a 2k/1440p screen at high refresh rates - I bought a BenQ for £250 6 months ago, and the difference between 1080p and 1440p made it worthwhile for me.

    Has a speaker, which isn't brilliant, but fine for my aged ears, once I'd adjusted to it from my old sound var. Also has plenty of inputs allowing me to connect 2 computers, the Xbox, with a type c input still unused.
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