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Panasonic SC-UX100 CD & Bluetooth 300w Mini Hi-Fi System - £45 Instore at Sainsburys (Newcastle Heaton)
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th JunLocalLocal
Panasonic SC-UX100 hi-fi spotted with a red Reduced To Clear shelf label priced at £45. Looks like quite a nice system for those that would prefer a shelf hi-fi to just a Bluetooth… Read more
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Then I apologise for the misunderstanding.


Nice system


Not tried.. it did not had the red price tag. It had only the common white one


I hope this isn't a silly question but did you get it scanned through the til to see if it came up at £45?


Not national. In Slough is still on the full price

Line 6 Spider V 120 Combo modelling Guitar Amp + Free Next Day Delivery £199.99 @ GuitarGuitar
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
I'm a bit of fan of fan of Line 6, especially with their audio interface gear as they tend to always offer something a little different. In fact it was a Line 6 Spider amp that cau… Read more

Should I get thr v20 combo or the Fender Mustang I v2?


I had an older model 2x12 one. Use to gig with it because it's bulletproof and loud but I do think they should come with the pedal to get the full usage.


For a difference of £30 I went for the 120w. Can't wait for delivery tomorrow. Oh yes!!


I mean, that's just the reality of wanting to have on/off effects or switching channels/presets and whatnot while playing. You're gonna need a hands-free way to do that, and that's pedals. No getting around that no matter what you're using. Still very fun to play around with even without pedals, though. EDIT: Also, the 60w version is available for £169 as well. Doubt many people really need the 120w, though it also means downsizing from 12" speaker to 10" and no direct out.


Rather get a Boss Katana in this price range.

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Onkyo A9010 stereo amplifier £179 @ Richer Sounds
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
If you're a budget-limited audio snob like me, then you'll appreciate this good deal on the Onkyo A9010 amp. It gets fantastic reviews and is know for sound quality rather than lo… Read more

The Onkyo joke will live on forever! I was on an even lower budget and picked up an old Yamaha AX396, sound brilliant with Kef Q15 speakers. Add Chromecast audio to bring it into 2019


Ha yes. I knew I shouldn't have shopped from aliexpress and their fake brands!


I think I see where you went wrong. you bought an Obkyo. Those things are rubbish.


😳😡 (nerd) (lol) (lol)


@Colli great find. I’ve had this amp for over 2 years now and paid a bit more. It’s a great amp for someone who enjoys playing music on a budget and it still packs a punch. Much better than the Cambridge audio I used to have. IMO if buying this amp on a budget spend some extra cash on the speakers, it’ll be worth it.

Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
The most compact Bluetooth amplifer in the market today! The Adastra In-Wall Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier is perfect for concealing in a wall or ceiling in order to power your backg… Read more

Not tried it yet. Sorry. As anticipated it was put into 'stock' waiting for the time and inclination to actually try it!!


Have you tried it? We have audio distributed around the house to ceiling speakers using a large Multichannel Amp and Chromecasts. Running out of space in the comms cupboard and it also generates a bit of heat. So looking for some cheap small AMPS to replace it with. They also do a 30w for £25. Anyone got any advice or hands on experience with these. Alternatively considering a Lepy 2024 or SMSL 36.


No idea where or when I would use this BUT I'll buy one just because it's another gadget that I don't need and been posted on this site! (lol)

Line 6 Guitar Amp deals from £99 Delivered - EG Line 6 Spider v30 Modeling Amp £99 @ Andertons & Gear4Music [Some Pre-orders / See OP]
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
*For pre-order dates, make sure you check them before buying as they may change from what is showing at the time of this post* Anderton's have some really nice offers on Line 6 a… Read more

Confirmed, does not have vintage 30s. Sending it back now 😡


OK, so cabinet turned up today. Does not have vintage 30s in it as stated on the website but seventy 80s. Contacted Anderton who are looking into it atm. Will get back to you once I've heard from them but I wouldn't place an order right now until this has been worked out


Cheers op. 4x12 ordered. Considering buying speakers individually would be £100 each this is best bargain I've seen on here in a long time


Worth keeping an eye on the 'Epic deals' at Andertons, it's one of the only instrument sites where the deals live up to the sale name. Not everything, but there are some total bargains from time to time.


Oops, I bought some stuffs anyway (cheeky) One to add - the wireless G10 system is only £109 also, seems very highly rated too (around £130-150 everywhere else)

HDFury 4K Vertex 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz Matrix/splitter/switcher/scaler/converter was £342.01 now £235.37 Amazon
Posted 25th MarPosted 25th Mar
Anything over 5m 4k and HDR begins to stop working due to the restrictions in HDCP 2.2 - this removes these so you can have a good signal throughout at 10m like a my house. At the … Read more
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Anything over 5m 4k and HDR begins to stop working due to the restrictions in HDCP 2.2 - this removes these so you can have a good signal throughout at 10m like a my house. At the same time it can downscale to 1080p so if you have a modulator for instance it can output to 1080p and 4k HDR at the same time. If you just have a box under a tv in your lounge, you don't need it. Like I put in the post, it is high end.


" if you have a weird issue like your Virgin box not receiving 4k even though it should - this can make things work again." really ? , to be clear I don't have a Virgin box, but isn't this just a clever spliter/scaler?, how on earth do you explain that it will make your Virgin box receive 4K ? this is situated 'downstream' of the virgin box, between it and TV. It may upscale a 1080p image to 4k but that doesn't mean the virgin box received a 4k image. Am I missing the plot with this somewhere ? Obviously this is not a view on the price of the product itself it does look 'cheap' compared with previous prices.

Vox MV50 High Gain guitar amplifier head £99 delivered at Dawsons
Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
This is one of the Vox mini amp heads featuring the Korg NuTube, a hi-tech new vacuum tube. This is the high gain model, so it's aimed at metalheads. Other models are available to … Read more

Please Call for Availability 01925 582 420 Out of stock


What the...???? Have no idea what this means, but it sounds like something I should definitely connect my guitar to (lol)


Interesting technology deployed here - for those that care - it uses an adapted version of Vacuum floureshent displays (think 1970s pre-LED green digital alarm clock) and uses it like a conventional thermionic triode. You may not be able to teach an old dog new tricks, but if you wait long enough, old hat becomes the new latest technology! Saying that, I don't have any use for one of these, and if I did, I'd probably "roll my own! Still voted hot though


Remember this is the head only so need a decent cab to back it up too.


Damnit missed out on this!

Yamaha AS301BLB Stereo Amplifier with DAC and 120W Power Output in Black FOR £169.15 W/C Delivered @ Ebay (hughes)
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Yamaha AS301BLB Stereo Amplifier with DAC and 120W Power Output in Black FOR £169.15 W/C Delivered @ Ebay (hughes)
£169.15£19915%eBay Deals
The A-S301 also features a new analogue loudness control on the front panel that uses electronic volume for higher sound quality which allows the loudness effect to be adjusted as … Read more



No HDMI ports on this which is standard for a stereo amplifier. It's an AV amplifier you're after if you want HDMI 2.


HDMI 2 on this?


No Subwoofer port on the RN303D which is what put me off it - Of coarse I ended up getting a RN803D and it's excellent.


I would probably pay the £30 extra and get the R-N303D, which has full streaming built in.

DALI ZENSOR 1 (White)Speakers £129 @ Richer Sounds
Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
DALI ZENSOR 1 (White)Speakers £129 @ Richer Sounds
£129£14913%Richer Sounds Deals
Freq Response (Hz) 53 - 26,500 Impedance (ohms) 6 Power Rating (Watts) 100 Sensitivity (dB) 87 Speaker Dimensions WxDxH (mm) 162 x 220 x 274 Speaker Enclosure Type Bass Reflex Weig… Read more

It's just odd because part of me has wanted a pair of Dali's for a long time but they are bit ££ for me, I have some Sony SS176e which I love but I bought some mission Mx3 (which I thought would be a clear upgrade) the sound is different from both but I whether one is £100 better than the other idk...... they both produce lovely music.... If I go for Dali's (floorstanders) I'm a bit worried they would just sound "different " again but no real clear gains.... Sound is so subjective


Two bright and brassy treble and not enough warmth in the low


Thinking of a pair for bedroom system. Will be a wall to one side of chest on which rhey will stand a wall behind and a tallboy on the other.


Although these sound great as a front pair they do like you said sound even better when matched with a real set of floor standers. I have these picos as my surround and they were great without floorstanders too.


I can only speak for myself but I think they sound great. They don't have the lowest of lows but having them closer to something at the back can help, they're tuned that way (so I was told). I find them detailed and the imaging is very enjoyable. If buying entirely for stereo the Zensor 3's might be best.

Onkyo A9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2 Year Warranty, Superfi, Payday Deal) - £179
Posted 30th Nov 2018Posted 30th Nov 2018
Onkyo A9010 Integrated Stereo Amplifier (2 Year Warranty, Superfi, Payday Deal) - £179
£179£19910%superfi Deals
Payday deal from Superfi on what is supposed to be a cracking budget stereo amplifier. 2 year warranty and seems to be around £20 than other retailers. Gets great reviews (not hear… Read more
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Bought online then got emailed to say they didn't have any.


Walk away.


Link to a Bush stereo amplifier? :D


179 for a knock off Chinese brand? Bush is British and much cheaper at argos.


Cos mono amplifier cost 5k. I stay with stereo underdog.

Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black/White + 2 Year Guarantee - £549 @ John Lewis & Partners / Amazon (Monthly Option)
Posted 28th Nov 2018Posted 28th Nov 2018
Sonos PLAYBASE Wireless Home Cinema Sound Base, Black/White + 2 Year Guarantee - £549 @ John Lewis & Partners / Amazon (Monthly Option)
Will probably go cold due to Price tag but oh well! For those that missed the recent Richer sounds drop (Now back at £599) John Lewis & Amazon have these at £549 still - Both c… Read more

I just copied & pasted from John Lewis haha


Should not feature the word Cinema in the title - it's just a wireless narrow stereo music system at best


I’ve had it for other products but alas not this one


dont think its for me :(


Frustratingly, it doesn’t seem to be on everyone’s account :/ However it should be an option around the add to basket area on the right hand side.

Denon AVR-X2400H AV Receiver with Q Acoustics 3000 Cinema Speaker System - £769.90 @ Peter Tyson
Posted 12th Oct 2018Posted 12th Oct 2018
Denon AVR-X2400H AV Receiver with Q Acoustics 3000 Cinema Speaker System - £769.90 @ Peter Tyson
Pretty cheap price for this bundle. £319.90 for the Denon AVR-X2400H amp ~£500 for the Q Acoustics 3000 speakers Total around £819.90 so this bundle comes to £50 less. But it al… Read more

looking at these speakers for my set up. How did you manage to mount them so discreetly on the wall? I was worried they would look weird wall mounted. But you can barely notice them on yr setup.


Hey Jayo... so I initially had a set of Z5500s and they were awesome for the price. But this is a whole different level. I have only ever posted 2 deals on HUKD and that is this one and this: clicky I was lucky enough to get the large floorstanders so cheap. I have never regretted my purchase. Don't forget it's not just about how loud they can go - it is a lot more about the quality of sound and how it just sounds so enriched. Have a trip to your local Richer Sounds and ask them to play something in their demo rooms... it will enlighten you.


Much better (y)


The best set of speakers I've ever had are the Logitech Z5500s...... How do these compare on an audio level? Thanks in advance.


Theyre not flush against the wall..... all mounted with rear spacers supplied with Dali wall mounts...

Rowin WS-20 2.4G Wireless Rechargeable Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver Set £21.71 Del w/code @ Tomtop
Posted 11th Oct 2018Posted 11th Oct 2018
Rowin WS-20 2.4G Wireless Rechargeable Electric Guitar Transmitter Receiver Set £21.71 Del w/code @ Tomtop
£21.71£56.9962%Tomtop Deals
Bit niche but at this price I thought they were worth sharing since the exact same item is being sold by Rowin for £56.99 at Amazon & elsewhere, so for a massive £35 saving tho… Read more

Sounds good. Thanks


Mine arrived in about a week with no issues, have used it a few times and so far so good (y)


Please let us know if anyone receives these OK. Thanks


Nice find, OP!


Think they have the wrong link, there is no correct trustpilot link below

Sony XM-N1004 4 Channel Amplifier £77.05 @ Amazon
Posted 25th Aug 2018Posted 25th Aug 2018
Sony XM-N1004 4 Channel Amplifier £77.05 @ Amazon
£77.05£94.9919%Amazon Deals
I've just been upgrading the sound system in my car and after replacing all speakers, tweeters and fitting a sub I've been looking for an amp. This seems like a pretty good deal as… Read more

I know what you mean, one of the factory fitted amps in mine started to go on the blink, so I've started a complete install now. I've gone for a Pheonix Gold Z600.5 amp, along with new speakers all round and a JL Audio 10" sub. It'll all be worth it when it's finished :D


I think this is a shot before @rujay started with his obsession...


Cannot beat a bit of Toodling along, with some good bass tracks, along the way, on a very, otherwise, boring car trip! (party)


Coming from a position of ignorance I imagine there is a difference between having a music system in your car that sounds "good" vs one that sounds "loud". I dont have any extra gear in my car but as I have to spend a fair amount of time in it travelling to / for work I can see the point of having a nice sound system to listen to as I toodle along. People spent a fair amount of cash on audio in their houses so why not their cars? long as the volume is kept reasonable and the windows closed of course ;)


OK deal if your one of those numpties from the local council estate that plays "boom boom boom music" with the windows down. Everyone else listening are saying to themselveslook at that stupid (poo) arthur brexit

Cambridge Audio CXA60 stereo amplifier at Richer Sounds for £479
Posted 30th Apr 2018Posted 30th Apr 2018
I am new to the world of hi-fi. I came across this well rated stereo amp and felt, £100 discount on it makes it a good price. I may be wrong though, please feel free to vote cold.

Oh well.


Sounds like you have an AV receiver if your naming inputs and even if its a stereo amp Id take the internal DAC on the CXA60 any day over naming an input.


Great amp. I heard this along with the CDC and Monitor Audio Silver 50‘s and was blown away. I went in wanting Marantz award winners, but it was such a different clarity and feel to the music. I would say that it’s usually £499 anyway however and they often do combos with further discounts.


Yes but e.g. my 20 year old Yamaha lets you set/tells you the name of each source on the display e.g. "Xbone", "Hummy DVR" etc.


Hardly lacking features, if anything it has a lot more features than most Stereo Amps. A1. A2 are just Analogue 1, Analogue 2 and so on,

Ibiza AMP300USB-BT  power amplifier  with Bluetooth USB 2 x 240 W Black £71.70 @ Amazon
Posted 16th Apr 2018Posted 16th Apr 2018
Ibiza AMP300USB-BT power amplifier with Bluetooth USB 2 x 240 W Black £71.70 @ Amazon
USB input Bluetooth function volume control 3 W Potentiometer, Auszüge cooling thanks to ventilation electronic protection: short circuit protection, overloading and thermal Follow… Read more

Welcome to the fam

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