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iFi audio hip-dac - £99.92 with code @ peter_tyson eBay
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Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Cracking price for this v1 DAC, comes with 5 years warranty with Peter tyson Info added by @PD2K79 Great price, currently £139.99 on Amazon Details PORTABLE DESIGN - Your music…
Avatar Furryhobnob

You could use it for a desktop system, but if that's your only use case I'd suggest the Zen DAC. Essentially the same internals as the Hip-DAC but no battery. Also a more desk-friendly casing. V1 Zen DACs are pretty cheap, more so if you don't mind 2nd hand. (y)


Anybody can compare these with audioquest dragonfly? I assume in this price range it would be with black


If you are deaf or have a rubbish system. I guarantee you I could tell you with 100% accuracy which was which on my system. One is nice to listen to, the other makes my ears bleed.


Using a camera kit, iphone and ifi hip dac and a bose qc25. And also tried ona cheap aukey wifi earplug t31 recently...with a cheap 5.0 bluetooth transmitter. My old ears perked up. But, with MQA. Not so much hi res from apple however!


I’m new to the pro audio scene. From what I’ve looked up this is a sac just for headphones am I right? I’m looking for a fav for my home speaker system

Positive Grid Spark 40w Guitar Amp + Case - £182 with code @ Positive Grid
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
EDIT: Code BIG30 seems to have expired. Can still use code BUNDLE20 which knocks the price down to £190. I've been looking round for a little amp to play at home. Couldn't decide between th…
Avatar themakerofhay

BIG30 code started working again!




Put everything on the physical amp to zero. That way, when you plug it into your PC it basicly becomes a set of posh PC speakers. You control the volume via your PC like any normal speakers. If you have the knobs up, it will apply the amp effects to whatever sounds are coming out your PC which you don't want (though is quite funny). You plug the guitar straight into the amp, load your virtual amp software (I use bias fx 2) and off you go :) There are a tonne of presets on their Tone Cloud but most need the paid version, but you can build your own and save them for free. There is a list online somewhere that tells you what BiasFX2 amp is which real world amp, and the pedals are good fun to explore with and fairly obvious what's a Klon, Screamer, etc. Whilst it's all plugged in, try other amp modeling software too, there are loads of them and most are pretty great.


I think if you are pretty useless on the guitar like me. It’s a great bit of kit I haven’t got a clue how to get tones of my fav artists from normal amps. Previous systems I have had have seen me spend most of the evening messing with settings and getting nowhere near actually playing my guitar. So I bought this. As long as you can turn a volume knob and install an app it’s so simple. For example I love “trying” to play dire straits. On this I just find the tone. Go on YouTube and find a backing track with the guitar removed and set off. My only criticism is that if you could get the tabs like from ultimate guitar it would be perfect.


Thank you! Just set it all up and had a little noodle - any ideas how to get the good presets? Thanks again

Cambridge Audio AXA35 Integrated Amplifier With Built-In Phono-Stage - Refurb £224.10 at cambridgeaudio_direct ebay
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Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Refurb deal on eBay with 10% code paypal pay in 3 = £74.70 over 3 months paypal credit = £10.57 over 24 month
Avatar TALON1973

Cambridge Audio work directly with Richer sounds


Yes, I said Richer Sounds but I did mean Cambridger Audio direct via ebay.


it’s the same company


This isn't from Richer Sounds it's from cambridgeaudio_direct


I've just returned an AXA25 for ridiculously loud transformer hum. I'd hope the next model up would have better components.

Cambridge Audio AXA35 Stereo Amplifier (Lunar Grey) £279 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Product Information Richer Sounds exclusive model. Get 15% OFF any interconnect or speaker cable when bought with this product. Offer valid until 25.04.22, or while stocks last. Offer avail…

Glad I could help. Audio equipment attracts a certain kind of fan and it can all be a bit gatekeepy on forums. Let me know if you have any other questions, happy to try to help.


That’s all incredibly helpful, thanks. I’ve asked similar questions on audio forums but it’s usually just followed by people ignoring the question and telling me what their favourite sound bar or tv is lol. So this was very helpful. I’ll stick to an amp and speakers combo then (hoping that 3020 deal from recently is still going) And I didn’t know Cambridge Audio is Richer Sound’s brand, that’s interesting


I worked at Richer Sounds for about 3 years in my youth. Typically you want an amp and passive speakers that are powered by the amp. The sound quality is, as you suspected, due to a mix of the amp and speaker quality. amps are analogue, meaning that unlike blu ray players (where the quality is through a digital connection and therefor does not really vary much at all), you will want to spread the money you have somewhat equally across your amp and speakers. For reference, I use an old Yamaha amp (which is actually a surround sound amp for tv) with two hi-fi speakers for the front left and right channels. You can kind of Frankenstein whatever system you want - when you have an amp of some kind and passive speakers then you will notice a HUGE leap in quality from most standard sound built into products like tv's. If you look after your speakers, they will last and last and last, so ultimately I would be tempted to lean into spending slightly more on them than the amp. One thing I was taught to say to customers was that your sound system is only as good as your weakest link - not sure how true this really is, but spreading the cost has served me well over the years. My sound system is alive and kicking with no issues for about 13 years now, so spending a little more to get good quality at the start is somewhat of an investment. Lastly - Cambridge Audio. They are the Richer Sounds own brand equipment. When I worked for them, they took us to see a full Richer Sounds branded display centre (they even had the Minx speakers which I think were also Richer Sounds, but not sure), and I sold a tonne of them in the shops. My advice - be somewhat wary of Cambridge Audio amps - I've seen a few where the dials have fallen off, but otherwise they seem to be good bits of kit. I sold a high end one to my old man and it has been perfect for about 10 - 12 years. Personal preference is important, so I went for a Yamaha as, in my view, they are music makers so you would assume they have a solid understanding of how things should sound. My speakers are Mordaunt Short and I have a centre speaker for when I'm using the system to watch films. TLDR: try to spread your cost across the amp and speakers. Avoid active speakers. Consider stretching your budget at the initial outset. Cambridge Audio are Richer Sounds own brand and they are mostly good but build quality is slightly lower than I would expect.


I’m completely new to audio equipment so could someone give me an idea which would be better - Q Acoustics M20 or this amp coupled with Q Acoustics 3000 series speakers? I’m guessing it’s not that simple a comparison but I’ve no idea whether it’s better value to get an amp and speakers or a set of active speakers


Photo makes me miss my old VHS player (cheeky)

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Behringer Paraphonic Analog and Semi-Modular Synthesizer with Dual 3340 VCOs £229.00 @ Amazon
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
-19% off RRP: £283.99 Might be a glitch as links to Behringer AIRPLAY GUITAR AG10 High-Performance 2.4 GHz Guitar Wireless System with Ultra-Low Latency and Rechargeable Battery Best synth…

If you have the slightest hint of GAS , do not buy. I got one years ago , thought it was great for a week then never touched it again. Another piece of gear for the cupboard


I've been watching and it's been this price or thereabout for some time. I wonder what'll happen when the Proton is released?


Great, just read this out loud and the chairs started floating


Can't say I recognise this screwdriver bit set.


plus a week long delivery time... at least through amazon its next day.

Blackstar U250ACT Unity Bass 250W 1x15 Active Extension Cab - £249.99 Delivered @ Andertons
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Posted 8th FebPosted 8th Feb
Blackstar U250ACT Unity Bass 250W 1x15 Active Extension Cab - £249.99 Delivered @ Andertons£249.99 Free P&P Deals
Bit of a beasty cab for a penny under £250 here. Pretty much £1 per Watt :) A tiny bit big for a bedroom set up :D Very good price and the same as GuitarGuitar, however stock is super low…