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Anyone who enjoys settling in for marathon gaming sessions needs a comfortable place to do so. Thankfully, gamers will find a huge range of gaming chairs at HotUKDeals, enabling them to play for long periods of time without letting their performance suffer due to discomfort. Read more
GTForce Turbo Gaming Chair with Recline and Footrest in Black and Red (4 colors available) - £149.99 @ furnitureonline_uk / eBay
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
GTFORCE Turbo racing style recliner Office chair This is Genuine GTFORCE chair, please be wary of others selling fakes or look a likes. These are made with quality materials and… Read more

Office Hippo are good chairs.


There are plenty of office refurbs for sale. As I mentioned earlier have a look at a site called 2ndhnd. Humanscale, Herman and Steel case are all excellent manufacturers.


I bought an office hippo ages back for about £200. You can sit on that for hours. The chairs you mentioned are you're best bet if you want this style. Almost bought one myself. These will probably have rickety arms and the material will wear quickly. Would look at paying about £75 to £90 if I was going cheap. This is too much for a cheapo brand. The one morty linked on amazon is better value.


Agree but some of these chairs at work cost a fortune £1000 plus and nobody will pay that much for a home office chair or gaming chair unless minted. Would love a Herman Miller but alas not going to happen. Secret Labs or Noble seem a lot better than these no name Chinese identikit chair on Amazon etc.


(lol) (lol) (lol) , no. Rubbish 'gaming' crap. Wouldn't get past health & safety in a proper office environment

Hyperx Commando+ Gaming Chair £136.98 Delivered @ Game
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
The HyperX™ COMMANDO+ Gaming Chair is ready and in position. The COMMANDO+ gives you the features you need and nothing more. Focusing on the basics of a great chair with a durabl… Read more
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My IKEA Marcus has lasted me at least 10 years


It's hard to say that this offer is any good as GAME is sole seller in UK. As far I know, they could put a price tag of 400pounds. Look at foreign prices and you find out that this is normal price while in UK it's discounted...


Bought a cheap gaming chair off Amazon, OK but not the best. I'd tried buying an office chair but after 5 companies cancelled my order with all office chairs seemingly out of stock I gave up. Cost my £80 and is way better than sitting on a kitchen chair which was the alternative.


You are right although I purchased an inflatable cushion - it seems quite expensive at first but my crappy office chair (who cares about your employee comfort!) now is confy enough + memory foam lumbar cushion.


i'll let you all in on a little secret. Any old chair with a back support will do. put a pillow down for your bum and a memory foam pillow stuffed behind your lower back. more comfortable than any of these gaming or ergo chairs at a fraction of the cost!

ADX ARSFBA0117 Gaming Chair - Black & Orange £150 at Currys
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Looks like a good deal for a decent gaming chair
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not only that theres no wires and the screens appear to be behind him


LOL this guy


Sorry this took so long!!


The main problem with Playseat at the moment is availability.


This has poor reviews. Most say the pedals feel flimsy, the adjustments come out of place and it’s difficult to build. I’d just wait for the Playseat Evolution to come down in price. Amazon price history shows that it regularly drops below £190, and definitely looks worth the extra £40.

X Rocker Circuit Folding Racing Seat & XR Racing Headset - £139.99 delivered @ X Rocker UK
-72° Expired
Posted 3rd AprPosted 3rd Apr
Looking for a racing chair/wheel and pedal stand? X-Rocker are giving you a free headset and free delivery with their XR Circuit folding seat. Only reviews I can find online for th… Read more

Quite a common problem with these from what I've read, and then experienced yesterday lol. Hopefully yours will be alright.


They better not give way while I'm on it or I'll be taking the company to court


Be careful with the straps. Mines now held together with old belts as the straps gave way on me during a game causing the chair to collapse.


The seat arrived and it's great, don't how it directly compares to the Playseat Challenge but as that is currently 1p shy of £200 on Amazon and AO, I'll happily stick with the XR. The headset is currently £27.99 at Argos too (where you can also get the seat for £114.99 without the headset thrown in).


Agreed I have the playseat challenge and it's amazing, you'll pay 10 to 20 more however it's worth the extra little bit ;)

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X Rocker Cobra Gaming Chair £89.99 at Argos
261° Expired
Posted 6th MarPosted 6th Mar
X Rocker Cobra Gaming Chair £89.99 at Argos
£89.99 **Original Price £149.99 X Rocker Cobra Gaming Chair The X Rocker Cobra is a stylish pedestal gaming chair, featuring a 2.1 audio system built into the head and backrest. T… Read more
Trust Gaming GXT 707 Resto Gaming Chair, Full 360 Degrees Rotatable Ergonomic Chair £99.99 at Amazon
287° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Trust Gaming GXT 707 Resto Gaming Chair, Full 360 Degrees Rotatable Ergonomic Chair £99.99 at Amazon
£99.99£14230%Amazon Deals
Full 360° rotatable. Height adjustable armrests Class 4 gas lift for height adjustability 90˚-180˚ adjustable backrest Tilting seat with locking possibilities Including removab… Read more

Do you have one in mind? That's one of the main features I'm looking for.


I found it terrible too and returned it, wasn't even more comfy than my broken chair. Its too firm and hard, feels like a wooden box, the stupid racing car edges offer nothing but to harass your thighs and shoulders (this isn't a moving car it doesn't need to hold you from slipping, what a dumb design "looks over comfort") The Pillows and lumbar support were useless, weren't comfy and didnt stay in position. Chair also started making squeaks and im sure it won't last more than a few years. I bought an Aeron instead but I really wished my old chair didnt break, it was the most comfy one.


I ended buying one, returned it after a few days. Really wasn't comfy for me, I am 6 ft and relatively thin though. The arm rests are very far apart so only the outer edge of my arms was touching them. Also it was very very firm, didn't feel comfy and gave me upper back pain, with and without the included cushions. If you want to try make sure you buy direct from amazon so you have 30 days to return. I'm gonna save up a bit more and get a more ergonomic based chair. Hope this helps someone


I bought it! Very good I'd say,only issue I've had is it's obviously not supposed to go 180 degrees as that broke the screw cover off, it comes with a 2 year warranty so i'm hoping they'll send me a new one. Doesn't squeak and feels really solid. so much better for having a metal base!


Did anyone buy this, any more feedback before I order one to try?

X-Rocker XR Circuit Racing Gaming Chair £94.99 at Argos
194° Expired
Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
X-Rocker XR Circuit Racing Gaming Chair £94.99 at Argos
£94.99£139.9932%Argos Deals
i want this one. recently ordered the stand. The X Rocker XR Circuit Racing Seat: Experience how fun and realistic racing at home can be. Simply folds out - great for small spac… Read more
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The deal last week suggested using cable ties to reinforce the joints.


Build quality doesn't feel that great. The steering wheel is literialy on your chest unless you have the seat set quite far back and I don't have much faith in the velcro that's holding it all together. I haven't used the playseat challenge to compare but judging from the reviews I've read I think that would be worth paying the extra for.


You have this already what's wrong with it?


Wtf lol


Playseat looks so much better, thanks :)

X-Rocker Amarok Official PlayStation LED Gaming Chair £139.99 Argos
250° Expired
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
X-Rocker Amarok Official PlayStation LED Gaming Chair £139.99 Argos
£139.99Argos Deals
X rocker RGB gaming chair. Unusual as not many chairs with rgb. Free click and collect Still 199.99 on x rocker official site. Found this while looking for a chair for my set … Read more

I've replaced might with a leather faced office chair from Ryman... On their website for £79, but my local store was giving an extra £10 off


Also returning mine, my 50 quid office chair never gave me any issues, already having back pain because of this chair.


i have had the same issue with multiple gaming chairs in that racing design. any suggestions on a resonably priced office chair?


Had mine a week and I'm returning it.... it is incredibly uncomfortable after any length of time (after say 15 minutes), the seat pad by design pushes against the thighs but the seat also tilts back at an angle (the adjustment doesn't help) so under the legs goes numb. Hopefully able to return it tomorrow with no problems and will get a standard office chair instead.


This, I nearly bought this chair, but I feel like I should pay a bit more and get one of these Secretlab chairs most people are raving about...

Trust Gaming GXT 707 Resto Gaming Chair-Black - £99.99 delivered @ Amazon
635° Expired
Posted 28th JanPosted 28th Jan
Trust Gaming GXT 707 Resto Gaming Chair-Black - £99.99 delivered @ Amazon
£99.99£142.9930%Amazon Deals
Reduced from £219.99. Stylish gaming chair on offer - black model. It's about +£43 cheaper than other retailers. £99.99 delivered - Lowest price (next best price i think is at … Read more
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Me to. The assembly was a bit annoying for one person when screwing in the lower side plates on the seat. The neck pillow I would like it to stay more up. When I move it up it goes straight back down. Quite annoying. But otherwise it is overall a good chair.


Just am update to say so far have been happy with mine.


i bought an ikea markus after reading some top ten reviews great chair decent price taking it back on monday it makes a clunking noise (common) when you lean back and forward in the locked position. doesnt do it in the free position. i can not live with that noise. it is doing my noodle in.


Awesome thanks!


Couple on here

HERO Gaming Chair - BLACK/WHITE - Limited Edition 2019 £269.99 at Overclockers
-166° Expired
Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
HERO Gaming Chair - BLACK/WHITE - Limited Edition 2019 £269.99 at Overclockers
£269.99£349.9923%Overclockers Deals
Limited Edition 2019 noblechair, PU-leather in black with white stitching & accents, Comfortable padding, Superior ergonomics thanks to adjustability options, Supports 180kg, C… Read more
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I might buy one. Hope its still avaliable come pay day.


Gaming chairs are a scam. They all come from the same chinese factory. Secret lab's has a chair called the titan which is litteraly the exact same thing as this but with a different logo. It's junk. Get a proper chair. I suggest a refurbished Humanscale Freedom if you need a high back.


Didn't know about this site, if the chair doesn't work out for me (over clocked have a fantastic return in 30 days if you don't like policy) I will definitely be looking in that site, thanks for info 😁


No, You said: "But then I also think £270 for a computer chair is ridiculously expensive!" And i said: This is a budget noble chair My point being is, if you think £270 for a computer chair is ridiculously expensive, my point was at the fact that this was a budget noble chair Not rocket science is it (lol)


This is a budget noble chair (lol)

X Rocker XR Circuit Racing Seat Red/Black £50 at Smyths Toys
234° Expired
Posted 24th JanPosted 24th Jan
X Rocker XR Circuit Racing Seat Red/Black £50 at Smyths Toys
Collection only. Not many around so check individual stores. 3 in Leicester and a few dotted around elsewhere. Features Compatible with a wide range of Racing wheels and pedal ac… Read more

One left in Speke, Liverpool


Have marked it expired


There are none left in the country.


Got me very excited only to find that there's 4 left in the entire country! Wigan Bromborough Leicester x 2 :(


Great deal, limited stock. Credit to OP for finding it, and to Smyth's for actually having a list of stores who have it in stock...

XRocker XR Circuit Folding Seat Blackblue £103.94 incl delivery @ The Range
229° Expired
Posted 18th JanPosted 18th Jan
XRocker XR Circuit Folding Seat Blackblue £103.94 incl delivery @ The Range
I've Recently been looking for a racing stand/chair for the wheels and pedals i purchased in the Black Friday sales thanks to a deal somebody posted on this website, anyway just bo… Read more
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Same price at XRocker website £50 at Smyth's - only a few places have it in stock


Add some zip ties between the valcro straps on the side. My playseat gave way mid session, sending the whole thing crashing down on my shins.


I received it today and i was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this racing seat/stand, im 6"2 and i fit comfortably as the pedals part can be adjusted for leg room, just make sure you construct it properly and everything is fine with this chair/stand,the material on the seat is nice too, I've never physically inspected the playseat challenge so I cant compare the two but for just over a hundred quid im very happy with this.


Yes it does


13 people upvoted it though, so... :|

EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair £58.47 ebuyer_uk_ltd Ebay
134° Expired
Posted 16th JanPosted 16th Jan
EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair £58.47 ebuyer_uk_ltd Ebay
£58.47£64.9710%eBay Deals
Use code Purchase for 10% off = New price of £58.47 @ Ebuyer

If u want a cheap decent chair. get an office chair, they are generally cheaper, and more likely able to test them out first before you buy


Anyone recommend a decent chair if these are no good? People seem to rave about the noble chairs but i really can't be spending nearly £300 on a chair!


This is the same chair I commented on last week. It's complete rubbish. General rule of thumb is to avoid any chair with the word "gaming" in the title. That's usually a pretty fair warning about its quality. Skip this one.


Poor quality avoid. Purchased befor Christmas. Opened Christmas Day and was torn. They refused to return it, and now it’s got another tear on the arm.


Are they using DPD?? Avoid!

X Rocker Chicane Car Seat for Driving Rig £119 @
147° Expired
Posted 13th JanPosted 13th Jan
X Rocker Chicane Car Seat for Driving Rig £119 @
£119£ Deals
After picking up the steering wheel and pedal racing rig for £49.99 in Argos and using a regular armchair I wondered how much for a more realistic seat. Quick browse and I found th… Read more

Like a Volvo car seat? :) I'd love a fully heated seat like I have in the car (bad back). GT Omega sell just the rear frame for £60, X Rocker seem to have replicated their design so it would probably be possible if you got a cheap car seat.


Yeah still the same price at argos - link


steering wheel and pedal racing rig for £49.99 in Argos i missed this is it still going?


it's defo necessary to have side cushioning so you don't fall on your floor in a bend (embarrassed)


I have this chair and was surprised how well built it is. The seat back can be angled and the seat moves forward and backwards. Feels like a car seat! Heat added 🔥

EG 110 Grey & Black Gaming Chair - £50.85 @ ebuyer / eBay
203° Expired
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
EG 110 Grey & Black Gaming Chair - £50.85 @ ebuyer / eBay
£50.85eBay Deals
Decent gaming chair for this price Settle into the padded seat for an extended online gaming session and enjoy a touch of luxury with the latest addition to Element's ever expan… Read more

I guess I'm just yeastier than you... Seriously though, I did a day job at work and then contract work at night for about 6 months during the summer about a decade ago and I used a real leather chair., Often working 18 hours a day towards the end and the leather was a killer.


I think you're using it wrong...


needs RGB


Myth. (that only you know about!)


The word gaming adds 10-15 FPS, steal!

EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair for £51.98 delivered @ Ebuyer Express eBay
187° Expired
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair for £51.98 delivered @ Ebuyer Express eBay
£51.98£64.9720%eBay Deals
Decent gaming chair on low price. :) Use code PREP2020 at checkout. EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair Ergonomic & Durable Design PU Faux Leather with High Quality Pa… Read more

I had one, so uncomfortable and hard, actually hurt my back to sit on it, definitely not ergonomic, sent back for refund


In addition to this, as a tall person its pretty much impossible to find a comfortable position even for a minute. I hated mine so much.


Can anyone recommend a chairwith fold up arms for guitar and pc work. Thx ;-)


That's a no then


So my current chair, which was gifted to me, looks exactly the same as this with a few very minor differences in the pattern on the backrest as well as the colour which is orange. It's almost certainly the exact same chair though as the overall design is identical and the armrests are unmistakeably the same, which is the biggest concern here. I hate this chair. It's complete rubbish. I've been through two of them (stop gifting me this damn chair for the love of god) and both have broken within about 12 months. It creaks, the backrest is leaning to one side, the recline lock occasionally comes off making me almost fall over backwards when I sit down, but the worst bit is the damn armrests. For some bloody reason the armrest have nails in them facing upwards with foam placed on top of them. You won't notice it until the foam flattens out and the nails start to poke through. Over time more and more nails would poke through and I'd have to bend the ends over with pliers to stop the chair leaving scratches on my forearms and elbows. Oh, and the material flakes off after a year or so leaving a rather ugly finish and horrible flakes all over your floor. Assuming this is the same chair which I'm completely convinced it is, for the love of god just avoid this rubbish. If you want a good chair for gaming then get an office chair and typically avoid anything marketed towards gamers. There are some good office chair alternatives for a comparable price that aren't cheap tat.

Arozzi Verona V2 Premium Gaming Chair £155 @ Currys PC World
-78° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Arozzi Verona V2 Premium Gaming Chair £155 @ Currys PC World
This is showing online @ £155. In store it was shown for £200, make sure you research before going in. Very good chair for that price.

Sorry it isn't anything personal, but if the price has actually INCREASED since 29th November then it isn't a 'Hot' deal is it?


£5 difference. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience


What makes it a gaming chair? Is it me or ain't it just a normal office chair?


Cold because 3 weeks ago this was £150 at Currys.


I thought it was just me, madness. XD

Officially Licensed PlayStation X-Rocker LED office gaming chair - £143.99 @ Argos
514° Expired
Posted 14th Dec 2019Posted 14th Dec 2019
Officially Licensed PlayStation X-Rocker LED office gaming chair - £143.99 @ Argos
£143.99£229.9937%Argos Deals
Next best price I can find is £229.99 on the X-Rocker website. FURN20 code also works on other office type gaming chairs.

This code has expired.


ANy one bought yet?


which one would be good for gaming as well as work on the pc?


Tough choice between this chair and x rocker adrenaline any advice would be appreciated


Thanks for the code, just picked up the Xrocker Tempest as it has speakers

X-Rocker Adrenaline VII Gaming Chair - £119.99 @ Argos
265° Expired
Posted 11th Dec 2019Posted 11th Dec 2019
X-Rocker Adrenaline VII Gaming Chair - £119.99 @ Argos
£119.99£159.9925%Argos Deals
Reduced chair from Argos About this product Release date: 30 June 2019. The Adrenaline features a 2.1 Bluetooth ready control panel for immersive and audio while gaming, watchin… Read more

Looks to be standard price for this, not discounted


And the TV via a headphone socket. Works fine with any console if you connect to that.


What they mean is it will work with the controller connected to it.


My son has the same chair design but the more expensive model, all black leather and its very comfortable been going strong 2 years now and works fine with his ps4


Avoid these as the quality is extremely poor. I’ve had 2 faulty ones and I won’t be trying a third

EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair Ebuyer Express at Ebay - £51.98
302° Expired
Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
EG 210 Black and Red Gaming Chair Ebuyer Express at Ebay - £51.98
£51.98eBay Deals
About the Element gaming chair With its distinctive red and black styling this gaming chair will bring a splash of colour to the gamers den. As well as its striking appearance this… Read more

why is this hot? IT SUCKS.


It's not bad. The so called lumbar support is useless, as is the pillow thing, but for this price, can't really complain. If you prefer to be sat upright at a desk though, then this chair is not for you.


I have this chair too...I've had a one for this money.


Any good?


No, usually after 3 months

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