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The Xbox One X is the world's most advanced gaming console, delivering smooth 4K graphics like no other system. From shooters like Halo to updated RPGs like Fallout, sports titles like FIFA, and racers like Forza, all kinds of games can be enjoyed in stunning HD when gamers make a purchase from the hotukdeals Xbox One X listings.

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Astro A50 Gen 3 Xbox One Headset + Base - £159 (Used - Good) @ Sold by FatBat and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Posted 15 h, 30 m agoPosted 15 h, 30 m ago
Debated whether posting this, however the pair I ordered on Tuesday arrived this morning (via DPD next day free of charge) and they were mint condition (there was a seal on the box… Read more

Sorry but this is cold. You can easily get these if eBay for less in good condition. I got mines brand new for £110 not so long ago.


He’s not wrong. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.


Incorrect about the new console and these not working. They will work over USB on the new console. Please read up on it before coming back with an argument. Thanks.


i know a lot of folks wont like this i own these and turtle beach 800x and for shooters and footsteps the turtle beach win hands down and the green ones are gen 3 as the gen 4 are a smaller charging dock and better battery also if your looking at these for the series x they wont work as the new console doesn't have an optical cable


LOL (lol)

No Man’s Sky - Coming To Xbox Game Pass (Xbox One/ PC) in June
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
A good addition to GP for both Console and PC Game Page MetaScore of 77 Inspired by the adventure and imagination… Read more
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I had a similar thought. Will my Xbox save work on the PC? And can I use mods of the pc version?


Just please give us cross save. I have 300+ hours on my ps4 (when I had one)


Oh you are one of those people who only looks at critics reviews and not realising some of them are incredibly bias or haven't even played the full game? Rookie mistake. If you look at reviews and comments from users on websites other than just Metacritic. The real people who have played the full game and not an hour of a beta copy, then you will have somewhat of a better idea about how good the game is...or better yet play it yourself and make your own judgement. Doesn't take much to find that Days Gone and Detroit have scored highly amongst users. Have you even played any of the titles I have mentioned? Do you even have a PS4? I have already played the majority of these 'essential' games you speak of and I can safely say that they have been out for quite some time and more importantly I think you are forgetting...wait for it...can be bought for PS also! (for cheap). I'm sorry but anyone can admit that most of those 200+ games are not 'essential' whatsoever and would have never been touched if they weren't a part of this service. Otherwise there wouldn't be this type of service to begin with. I may have forgot to acknowledge in my previous comments that people might not have time to play the games also. You mention games like AC can have 100+ hours. But the same can be said about arguably some of the best games out right now that cannot be had on GP. Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Spiderman to name a few. These games take many hours to complete too. With huge open worlds and campaigns. I'd imagine someone who doesn't have time to game will get at least a month out of each of those. So if you look at the big picture is it that really much more expensive than GP when these games are currently sub £15? Furthermore are you really going to playing be every game on GP outside of the 'essential' ones. I do admit there are decent games on there which I have played already and it is a vast library but it's nothing you can't get on PS, nothing to warrant me buying a console that has offered poor to mediocre exclusives for many years and not worth paying £120 a year for. Respect my opinion. I respect yours. Let's agree to disagree. If you enjoy GP and see it as good value then I am happy for you but if you think that this is best gaming experience at the moment then you are missing out massively. You said you work in gaming. Do you work for Microsoft by any chance? Haha


Nobody is disputing the PS4 has some great games (though Last of Us is essentially a PS3 game, so it's a little tenuous to use a remaster as an example). Though you did make me laugh by using Detroit (78 meta) and Days Gone (71 meta) as examples of quality. Good? Sure. Essential? No. "A lot of these games are mostly trash" - Sorry, but this sort of hyperbole just doesn't hold up. 35 games on GP are rated over 90% on Metacritic, 92 games over 85%, and over 200+ over 80%. And over 90 of them were released since 2019. - I can't take credit for this doc, but it's mightily convenient that someone bothered to put it together :) You can complain all you like about 'facts from google', but the reality is that most people don't play most games. I'm sorry the statistics don't stack in your favour, but that doesn't make them wrong. If every game was played by over 150m players, us game developers would be a lot richer (embarrassed) Red Dead sold 29m copies in its first 3 months. That's just 20% of the install base for Xbox and PS4 combined. And that's the biggest selling game of the last year. It's also not about being an avid gamer. I work in games - it's a passion and a career - but some of us have jobs. Families. Children. Responsibilities outside of our hobbies, so gaming time naturally reduces. It has very little to do with desire, experience, interest or wealth. When games like Assassin's Creed now routinely take 100+ hours to fully complete, there just isn't time in the day to play everything straight away. Do I think buying half a dozen single-player games that I'll probably only play once, is better value than having a catalogue of at least 35 essential games, and over 200 deemed better than Detroit Become Human and Days Gone? (embarrassed) No, no I don't. But you're entitled to believe so. I think at this point we'll have to agree to disagree. I am looking forward to TLoU2 though. The extended look yesterday looked great.


Will it be compatible with VR on PC games pass???

[Xbox One/PS4] Mafia III: DLC Content Pack - Free - Xbox/PlayStation Store
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Mafia II and III Definitive Edition have just released on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The DLC content for Mafia III is now available free to owners of the original games as an… Read more
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Awesome Wells lol




What I've seen of Mafia III left me with the impression that it was a lot of wasted potential in a fairly well saturated genre, that resulted in a mediocre title. That said, there's no denying that for those who enjoy it, or those inclined to give it a thrash, that's one mighty content offering, for literally zero spondoolix.


@Matthague @NAZGULL Mafia III: Faster, Baby! is now showing as free. Link to all add-ons again, if needed.


Same here, downloading (strong)

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Xbox One X 1TB – Forza Horizon 4 LEGO Speed Champions Bundle - £264.03 @ Amazon DE
330° Expired
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
You can pay using a fee free card and in Euro to get it for £255 instead. UK prices at the moment are a bit silly so I think it is reasonable saving. You would need a UK plug for i… Read more
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just went through the link (even though it had expired) and saw there was a couple of amazon warehouse offers, apparently only game codes missing (which I am not bothered about) and 245 euro (so £226 with postage) .... took the punt so let's see....what can possibly go wrong ?!


Just got that bundle today. Cost me 349 notes


You check Amazon at least once a day, I've noticed that and drip feed the lower priced consoles.


Brexit hasn't happened yet, so no.


Argos (or be it they have very limited stock depending where you are in the country) have got it new for 199.

Microsoft Xbox One X - Hyperspace Special Edition Console, 1TB - £275.80 Delivered (£268 with fee free card) @
690° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
You can pay using a fee free card and in Euro to get it for £268 instead. UK prices at the moment are a bit silly so I think it is reasonable saving. You would need a UK plug for i… Read more

2 to 3 years? If I take Call of duty as an example. Call of Duty Ghosts was released on both consoles and played great on both. However when black ops 3 was released, it looked miserable on the Xbox 360 and played badly. The general thought is, Microsoft wanted to force people to upgrade. So I would say maybe 1 year, before we have to upgrade to next generation.


Yeah when I was formulating this plan xbox one x's were around the £240 mark and series x's were looking like £500! Rumour is microsoft is looking to undercut sony by £100 so £400 is now probable for the series x. So yes you're right the case isn't clear cut.


Haha ok. I guess computers are all pretty much the same as well then since day one but a little bit quicker with a bit better graphics. You’re entitled to a opinion as much as I am so we’ll leave it at that and let the numbers speak for themselves. Have a great day.


And of course, the Xbox Series X may not be out this year... Quote: A new post from corporate veep for gaming and marketing Jerret West says: "Our goal remains to launch Xbox Series X and Halo Infinite this Holiday." Note the "remains" because Microsoft has previously been very firm about a late 2020 launch to catch festive shopping sprees. West didn't explicitly say the new Xbox Series X will not land this year, but did write: "2020 has become the year that challenged us all and tested every commitment we've made in the face of COVID-19," adding: "We also want to be transparent in letting our players know what we are doing and what we are thinking during such a crucial time.


Where have you seen it cheaper?

1TB XBOX One With 2 Controllers £248.99 at The Range
-528° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Features Watch 4K Blu-ray movies and stream 4K video Bring your games and movies to life with immersive audio through Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Xbox One has over 1,300 great game… Read more
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Are you giving him a copy of the thread with the Xbox How sweet of you. (confused)


Also. U can still buy it, nobody is stopping u? Just we have a right to vote either way lol


It's a terrible deal. Simple as that


Everyone keeps saying this is X price so is cold. Well it’s my sons birthday coming up and I cannot wait for a X to come down and my budget is within Xbox one S. can everyone stop down voting because of this? Annoying idiots.


There we go, it has helped somebody. Enjoy your Xbox mate

Xbox One X 1TB Console £263.98 at Laptops Direct
98° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Not seen one cheaper online. Powerful gaming The Microsoft Xbox One X offers 40% more power than any other console, powered by the impressive Scorpio Engine. With six teraflop… Read more

I doubt that somehow. I think the reason why the Switch prices have increased recently is plainly that most people are stuck at home and it’s a popular console. In relation to the Ps4 pro I think stocks are limited as the PS5 will be due sometime this year so there’s a bit of a scramble for this console.


Maybe Sony and Nintendo are deliberately holding back warehouse stock to create a worldwide shortage. If it's hard to get hold of one everyone and their mother suddenly wants one and will pay RRP or higher the minute stock shows up.


This is at £279 now (plus £9.99 for next day delievry). Still a good price in my opinion. The PS4 Pro seems to be £349 everywhere currently.


I have the first gen XB1 which my missus now plays daily so looking for another console... Stuck between PS4 and XBX... not really bothered about next gen.


Yeh, it's kind of a secondary one I'd get as son uses the one we have. I have my own few games on disc (as well as pubg and warzone), any way of getting the disc ones (I.e. Rainbow six siege) on all digital without paying again?? Cheers

Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB 4K Console with PlayerUnknown's Battleground Bundle - £258.99 delivered @ Argos eBay
160° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Bundle includes: Xbox One X console, wireless controller, full-game download of Xbox One X Enhanced PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, 1 month Xbox Game Pass trial with access to over … Read more
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All gone


Probably only had 1 or 2.


Appreciate that thanks :)




Thankyou! Been waiting for one near the 250 mark again!!

MICROSOFT Xbox One S 1TB - White MISSING ACCESSORIES (See Post) - £189.22 With Code @ ebay / currys clearance store
-349° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Brand new! with only missing codes. I bought a couple these around a month ago, not as good as the last price which was around £152 But still a great price, with the ones I ordered… Read more

Not that great managed to get an xbox one x with Forza chucked in for £250 new at game last month which was only £60 more


That’s the one S unfortunately instead of an One X that I’m looking for


Far as I know Microsoft do have them for that price on there own store, I was online at the weekend and I seen them for this price, white ones tend to come with no game code unlike the black one,as I think the white one more sort after, but I did get 3 month live and 3 month gamepass


Hope so, I'd like a spare console for my second home


Any ideas on when the Xbox one x will go on sale again? Don’t wanna buy a used one from CEX for 275 when the sales were cheaper 2 weeks ago ;(

Xbox One X 1TB Gold Rush Special Edition console Battlefield V Bundle on Xbox One £299.85 @ Simply Games
-180° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
This is the cheapest bundle I came across today under £300

Whilst I fully appreciate this could be had £40 cheaper 10 days ago, currently it is one of today's cheapest deals on the market. Thanks I purchased it :)


Agree what u say but new console might now get push back, price increase etc. I say in this climate with blu ray features, game pass, can use it with sky go, amazon, netflix etc i say upto £300 is fine... £500 nope


I agree, but I paid £299 over 4 months ago, and a lot of people were debating back then whether that was wise, given the new console announcement, so not sure many people will be as keen to pay the same 4 months closer to release. Pretty sure people will be even more inclined to sit tight now and wait and some will have bitten on the very decent Microsoft deal a week ago, so even less popularity. Still, there may be some who fancy it who missed that deal and it is a lovely console and design so worth it if you are planning on keeping it for a while .....but people should not panic. Creating panic demand will only drive prices even higher.


Yes but they don't now and it is continual upward trend, just look on printers to phone parts. Also currency exchange. In time it might go back down , but i would say if someone want xbox obe x £259-£299 is price u should bite on.


yes, but just saying, only a week or so ago, Microsoft had this £30 cheaper. This is the best price now of course, but bargains still happen and there isn't a continual upward trend.

Xbox One X Gold Rush Limited Edition 1tb Console £299.95 @ The Game Collection
-165° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
The last console I can find anywhere under £300 - not as good as the deals earlier in the week!

Now out of stock


Because people compare to deals which no longer exist, I don't agree with it but that's how it is.


I posted a similar deal 2 days ago and that went down to -248 degrees or something like that.


That’s what I’m hoping for. Think they had a price drop in USA down to $299, so hoping for something similar here


Just buy it already!

6 Gold Keys For Borderlands 3 (PC, PS4 and Xbox One) Free at Gearbox Software
447° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
A nice little freebie here for Borderlands fans, the code expires on the 20 of April :) Go to the Extra menu of the game to enter the code (depending on the platform) to get 6 G… Read more

Log into the website and click rewards


5BKBB-KZ9SK-69R69-5F3TT-RK5RC Doesn’t work


how to do you actually get the code to be redeemed from shift account?


Walking guns - that was what I bought it for.


All good mate - just trying to keep my chin up in these difficult times :)

Xbox One X 1TB Black Console £289 - Shopplay
-278° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Xbox One X 1TB Black Console - No bundle, just the console & controller. Other bundles available but this is the only one in stock at time of posting under £300.

Ahh, we have a Sony insider here, can you let us know the full official feature list of the PS5 compared to the Series X?


Offer not available apparently.


Set a notification up on this website. That’s what I did. I got mine from AO but the offer was taken down after 2/3 hours so be quick (y)


As some sites, including Microsoft, are still selling them for around £450 then in my opinion, yes


You're right, I am waiting for one of them to come up again when I noticed this. I agree the price isn't as good but all of the other deals around £259 were out of stock.

Xbox One X 1TB with Forza Horizon 4 with Lego Speed Champions Add On, 1 Month Game pass and 1 Month Xbox Live Gold - Black £259
385° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Xbox One X 1TB with Forza Horizon 4 with Lego Speed Champions Add On, 1 Month Game pass and 1 Month Xbox Live Gold - Black
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Sold my Xbox one s and Forza for 185 not a bad upgrade for the price of a new controller


After you have set it up you will go on to the main screen. On there you will see a sign labelled 'MICROSOFT STORE' click on that sign and it will take you to the store. Here you will see a list of boxes one of them will be labelled 'REDEEM A CODE' click on that and it will ask you to enter the code, you will these codes on the backs of the cards that came with the xbox one, you should have a separate card for 1 months xbox live, another card for your forza game and Lego forza add on... Make sure that you take up the offer for the £1 game pass (y)


thanks OP for the deal! mine arrived today but how do you redeem the 1 month live and games? Cannot find the info anywhere...


mine was delivered today , £239 with referral code plus 2% quidco cashback :D


£20 off referral code

Xbox One X 1TB Hyperspace Special Edition Console £259.99 + £4.99 delivery at Game
237° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Yes, there have been cheaper/better bundles over Easter But it’s the cheapest stand alone deal I could find that actually has any stock. And I quite like that flecked vomitty pa… Read more
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Dragonyeuw New deal :) Edit: never mind I see someone above linked you already. There you go :)


Your a saint haha

LukeSpradbury Check your phone now


Lol good luck mate


I appreciate the sentiment but I've missed 3 deals and get a similar comment I'm always in the shower or walking the dog or cooking and check my phone alert and its expired haha no rush just cheap boredom stopper. Stay safe and I will probably see you on the next xbox deal haha

Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 Bundle £259 @ Game (£4.99 P&P)
236° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Purchase the Xbox One X Gears 5 Bundle and experience an epic campaign and brutal action across 5 thrilling modes. This bundle includes an Xbox One X; a full-game download of Gears… Read more
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Arrived today by RM, awesome sauce! (y) Note they never gave me a tracking code tho (skeptical)


Shipped arriving today just checked on DPD app


None yet. I ordered one from AO too as a fallback.


Any update on yours?


Ahh I see... I chose the worst time ever to take my dog out the back and play with her etc.. haha maybe next time.

MICROSOFT Xbox One S with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition & £15 Xbox Live Gift Card Bundle - 1 TB - £213.05 @ currys
228° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Take on a new adventure in a galaxy far, far away and kickstart your game collection with the Microsoft Xbox One S with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition & £15 Xbox … Read more

Xbox one x will still be worth money in six months?


From what I understand if your just messing about on Fifa the s will be more than fine won’t it ?


Out of stock , anywhere know where theirs some sock of the s or the x , argos is out and curry’s


Xbox one s compared to one x


The xbox one x is the best console on the market at the moment. The one x is not fully good enough for 4k. I have never owned a xbox one s.

GRID Ultimate Edition Xbox One for £21.99 or regular version for £15.99 at Microsoft Store
232° Expired
Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
I've been waiting for Grid on Xbox One to drop to this price in the Microsoft store to use my Xbox credit. £15.99 for the standard version

Heat for the price but it isn't a great game so download the free trial first.


If this was phyiscal yes so I could sell it on at a later date but Digital its a pass, have some heat. does this have the old demolision derby track on it?


For those on fence whether ultimate edition worth extra season 3 out in a few days which includes Suzuzka track with 6 variations


Haha no worries


Ok so weirdly when it asks for an invite code if you leave blank and click next it lets you carry on. Very odd. Thank you though.

Xbox One X Gears 5 Ltd Edition bundle - £329.99 @ Shopplay
-535° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Never fight alone on Xbox One X - Own the Xbox One X Gears 5 Limited Edition bundle and bring the Gears universe to life with a console featuring the Crimson Omen immersed in ice a… Read more
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ps to elaborate, you sounded like a fanboy in the notion of slamming the sales of Xbox... “Nobody wants an Xbox One X or Gears” - Some people do. If you exaggerate, you sound like a fanboy. Hence my comment. Also, the availability of this (“limited edition”) console doesn’t reflect the Xbox brand. Again, it just sounded fanboyish. Xbox is still very popular, just not this particular design lol. Anyway, glad to hear you’re not a fanboy.


I was being unbiased in my response. To re-iterate, I said: - Limited Edition is thrown around willy-nilly these days. It’s marketing BS. - Technology usually drops in price. - The Gears console probably hasn’t sold well. I don’t know why you think I’m ‘defending my favourite console’. Did you read what I said? I actually critiqued the Xbox One X more than I praised it (saying that it’s expensive, and hasn’t sold well). I wasn’t criticising you as much as it may have first come across. I was just saying you sounded like a fanboy XD


You're free to think what you want, but nowhere in any comment here have I claimed any console is better than the other. It just seems that people like you and that Space Gravity chap don't like seeing criticism of their favoured console. As for the fanboy claims, well you're more than welcome to check my Xbox gamertag which is exactly the same as my handle on HUKD. You'll find that the 360 was my favourite console last gen with a tonne of games played, including every single Gears of War game. My loyalty lies wherever the games and value are. I could not care less what box they're played on.


“Limited edition” is written on an abundance of products these days. I’ve seen limited edition KitKats. So it doesn’t “make no sense”. Also, isn’t the PS4 also now about half the launch price? Technology drops in price. I don’t know how you know the sales quantity of this particular Gears console, but I do believe that it won’t be selling all too well. ps you may not be, or you may be in denial, but you do sound like a massive fanboy. Not aiming this directly at you, but I love seeing arguments about console ABC being better than console XYZ. Same things happens with football teams. I’m glad you like what you’ve got, but what’s the end goal in broadcasting how good it is, and trash-talking others...?... “Yes, the Xbox One X is powerful, was expensive, and isn’t the best-selling. I agree. You win” Can we stop now?

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