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Google Home Max (refurbished) £169.99 @ Clearance Bargains Stanley (Argos)
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th JulLocalLocal
They had a few of these on the shelf. In my experience the refurbished stuff is pretty good from the Clearance Bargains stores, I got an as new fossil watch recently. You can alwa… Read more



It's okay, just get one of these to go with it... Smart speaker accessory

captainjack I dont know man...dont like this level of home invasion...



Who's Stanley?

Google Home Max chalk/anthracite £199 2yr warranty & free weekend delivery @ AO
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Free delivery or collect Inc weekend eBay link Key Features Voice-controlled WiFi speaker for your home Ask questions, set diary reminders or get news updates Play music from p… Read more
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They did an update last year which reduced latency to something like 39 milliseconds so theoretically should work just fine.


No 😥


Did you remember £3 extra TCB?


Must not buy... Dammit I bought it!


Would this work as a PC speaker or is there too much of a delay when viewing video?

Google Home Max Hands-Free Smart Speaker, Chalk / Charcoal - £199 @ John Lewis & Partners (+2 years guarantee / Google Home Mini - £24)
850° Expired
Refreshed 12th JulRefreshed 12th Jul
Good quality speakers. Available in Chalk or Charcoal. Reduced by £100 at John Lewis and comes with free delivery and 2 years guarantee. :) Awesome sound: Google Home … Read more
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I agree but at the end of the day they are both speakers and the quality of audio is set by the hardware. There is only so much they can do with software


I agree. I sold all my Google devices as I found Alexa on my Sonos Ones alot better at doing what I wanted. I'm patiently waiting for the rumoured high end speaker from Amazon as The verge reported.


Suppose worse case scenerio is you buy an echo dot and connect it to the google speaker? Plus you get best of both worlds in terms of voice support.


These are good speakers for sound, but if I had known what I know after 6 months, I would have got alexa. I have alexa upstairs and it understands me 90% of the time. Google understands me 25% of the time. maybe there’s still time to get some resell value and swi


Dunno about that, Sonos seem pretty quick to update there products and they want to keep competitive within this market so I don't see them falling behind

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Google Home Max Speaker - £199 @ Argos / Argos eBay
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Price should update once in checkout. Available in two colours. Chalk: Charcoal: Also available… Read more
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Got a further 6% off by purchasing a gift card through my staff rewards scheme. Thanks OP


Thanks reserved one, gives me a few days to decide if I need another home max so I can run in stereo......


Seem to be reserve only in a lot of places

Google Home Max Speaker - £199 @ BT Shop
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Back down to 199. Great price for a great speaker

My order is still showing as processing, has anyone received a delivery date yet?


Well i got one today after lots of thought , used it for an hour to test it and not that impressed really at all so its going back tomorrow XD


Thanks for that. Much appreciated.


Yes. Very difficult to compare. The Sky sound box is excellent value for money. It sounds great for films and TV and has optical in and HDMI in. It also sounds ok for music. The Max sounds great for music but doesn’t have same inputs. If it’s for TV get Sky. Music get max. I’d get Sky for mixture of both. One thing with Sky soundbox is it has to have open space left and right side to sound like it should so you kind of need it with a wall mounted TV or TV stand. I’ve got mine under a glass shelf (open either side) under my 4K monitor linked to a 4K HDR switch. I love it!


Last time these were on £200 i got one and was really impressed, so i brought another. In stereo pair the speakers change their 2x Mid speaker setup, so one handles Bass and the other handles Mid's. This gives the speaker a really good output in Stereo. If you are running a modern Wifi Router these work really well on 5G. I had the Sonos and had nothing but trouble due to only support 2.4G Wifi and using 90's Network architecture which is really stupid of them. I really don't know what Sonos is going to do with the new Wifi 6 standard that will go main stream in the next month and will properly just bring out a new range of products.

Google Home Max - AO eBay - £239.20
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Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
20% off, not quite £199.99, but cheapest it's been since

Great speaker, listening to Spotify out my back garden right now and blowing the shit out of the neighbours poor Bluetooth speaker lol.


Mains only


Is this mains only or rechargeable?


Very decent speaker but I've had none stop issues when using as a pair or even in a group with Google home recently. 3 different routers used and one is router and modem so not that as an issue. Putting me off Google home Vs my echo. Speaker is great as a product though and like has Bluetooth and a USB C and 3.5mm in too. Lots of options!


Same! I got mine in the Black Friday deal and even though expensive such a great speaker. Hoping the £200 offer is back this summer!

Google Home Max - Refurbished/Accessory (USB cable) Missing £219-£239 instore @ John Lewis & Partners
182° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th JunLocalLocal
Popped into John Lewis Nottingham on lunch and saw three Google Home Max reduced to £219 (one - missing accessory - a USB Cable) and £239(two - opened box). Absolute bargain. Would… Read more
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My 2 x Home and 3 x minis and Home Hub haven't had these issues either in nearly a year.


none of them did it until google pushed an update in feb that broke some functionality and it still hasn't fixed this is a google issue beta product 2 years in!


Forgive me, but I would say that either your wifi or your internet is problematic here. I have half a dozen assorted Homes and Home Minis and none of them have done this in 6 months of usage, but I've put some effort into making sure that I have no blackspots on my wifi coverage and that it's properly setup. What access points are you using to connect them? Which wifi standard?


Yeah I didn't get one with mine either...


I'm an Echo person personally. Have 1 Home Mini for things like "find my phone". But was pretty tempted by one of these at £50 as the Panasonic All speakers were pretty nice.

Google Home Max (Quality Smart Speaker - Google have dropped price £100) - £299 @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Google Home Max (Quality Smart Speaker - Google have dropped price £100) - £299 @ John Lewis & Partners
This is a quality, powerful, bass booming home speaker. Google have dropped the prices across their Home range on their website, with the retailers following. 2 years warranty fro… Read more
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Better to be late and right, than first and wrong...


Nearly as long ago as your reply to my original comment (lol)


Google acquired Nest in 2014.


Q Acoustics BT3 is my current contender.


Any examples?

Google Home Max at Google Store for £299
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Google Home Max at Google Store for £299
Sale on in Google store. £100 reduction. "Save £100 on Google Home Max. Promotion starts on 08/04/2019 at 8:00am BST, and ends 26/04/2019 at 7:59am BST (subject to availability). … Read more
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YouTube music is now free with adverts, so premium is no longer a necessity. That and a router 'adblock' via a VPN might even be possible.


I signed up for YouTube music premium for now as they are offering 6 months free and Google assistant is being "funny" not searching for songs if you're not premium.... (annoyed) I'm sure there must be a script or two out there to get around that....


Not sure about that. In Google home app, music settings, under the option of YT music, 'free service' comes up. If you do get vanced to work would be great to know. More like Spotify free I suppose.


I'm new to this. Can you can youtube vanced to work on this?


This is the best smart speaker you can buy and it's on sale, so it's a hot deal. Meanwhile there's deals going hot for 5p off yoghurts (embarrassed) This site is bizarre at times.

Google Home Max - Chalk or Anthracite - £359.10 @
-92° Expired
Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Google Home Max - Chalk or Anthracite - £359.10 @
£ Deals
Use code SPEAKER10 to save 10% codes works on other smart Speakers Meet Google Home Max. He helps you to hear every note as the artist intended and feel every beat with heart pound… Read more

I got this to replace my non-smart Sonos.............much it for £199 last time it was on offer


Yeah, I normally make time machine comments but I’m not paying £160 more for impatience. I’m gonna hold back til it gets close to £200.


Yes they are great, but I would hold out rather than buy at this price, it's like 75% more than it was then.


Time machines are great.... I did not expect them to go back up, wanted to buy one this month myself... But will wait for them to drop again, but if you need one now, that's a good price


This was like £199 from Google with 6 months YouTube Music about a month ago.

Google Home Max - Chalk, £199 at BTShop
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Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Google Home Max - Chalk, £199 at BTShop
£199£39950%BT Shop Deals
Product overview Type:Smart Speaker Compatible With:Google Assistant Stock Status:In Stock Specs Dimensions:Width: 336.6 mm (13.2 in) Height: 190.0 mm (7.4 in) Depth: 154… Read more

HOT..........only a few left at this price


Not sure why this is cold, most other online stores i.e. Google/Currys/Argos etc. have increased the price to the original RRP (£399)

Google Home Max in charcoal or chalk £199 smarthomeuk ebay
-47° Expired
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Google Home Max in charcoal or chalk £199 smarthomeuk ebay
Google Home Max charcoal £199 smarthomeuk ebay (10 left) at time of posting Chalk : Google Assistant built-in Play & control musi… Read more

Bt is £199


I think because it was already posted. But still, thanks for sharing! I really want one but, I'm sure the price will go down even more if they are announcing something new after summer. Probably worth the wait.


Not sure why this is geting cold votes? price has gone back up to £399 @ argos,currys,BT,john lewis,very etc etc today

Google home max, damaged box £189.50 @ Currys Ebay
Posted 5th MarPosted 5th Mar
Google home max, damaged box £189.50 @ Currys Ebay
£189.50eBay Deals
Google home max, damaged box from Currys.
Google Home Max for £199 @ Maplin! (+ potential 10% off - email offer)
80° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Google Home Max for £199 @ Maplin! (+ potential 10% off - email offer)
£199£40050%Maplin Deals
I got an email erler with a 10% discount from maplin. Yes, maplin are back and looks like they are selling the Google Home Max for £199, 50% off in both colours. Looks like a prett… Read more

Maplins in name only. The products on the website are the ones which caused the downfall of the old Maplins. The electronic components and excellent knowledgeable employees, which saw them return a small profit, are long gone.


Tried that, they will not offer discount on the following:


email them, sure they’d sort you out


I doubt you’d be able to get 10% off the google home offer - not many places let you stack codes!


Code doesn’t work tried yesterday

Google Home Max £179.10 @ Currys eBay (Using Australian code)
612° Expired
Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Google Home Max £179.10 @ Currys eBay (Using Australian code)
£179.10£199.9910%eBay Deals
Quick simple 3-5 minute method to save £20. 1) Create an Australian eBay account here . 2) You may need to use an Australian delivery address upon registration, as for me it did … Read more

Well, got a cancellation email from Currys:(


Looks like Curry’s removed it from their listings


Same here :D (highfive)


Misunderstanding. I have used it before, but for some reason, possibly as an Australian eBay item, it does not qualify. No deal breaker, I am possibly just looking for any reason NOT to buy it. HUKD has cost me a fortune this past wee while!


Welcome to club of reluctant (and excited) buyers

Google Home Max Speaker and Google Chromecast (2018) bundle £199 Free Delivery at BT Shop
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Posted 1st MarPosted 1st Mar
Google Home Max Speaker and Google Chromecast (2018) bundle £199 Free Delivery at BT Shop
£199£22913%BT Shop Deals
With Smart Sound, Google Home Max uses machine learning to automatically adjust the equaliser settings to match the acoustics of your room. This gives you the most balanced sound –… Read more
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I know that sucks


Cheers, will take a look


It should be somewhere in the settings menu, probably under audio I would guess.


I have absolutely no idea to be honest, do you know where I may be able to find that out?


Does your TV have any adjustment to sync any audio lag?, I used to use a blluetooth sound bar with my television and that worked fine.

Google Home Max £199 charcoal or chalk @ Very
60° Expired
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Google Home Max £199 charcoal or chalk @ Very
£199£39950%Very Deals
Google Home Max £199 @Very Charcoal or chalk available NO CODE REQUIRED -

Rumoured new version coming out! Every retailer has dropped these to this price! Well a fair few have!!


Same price on argos ebay too


Why are these so cheap suddenly?

Google Home Max Direct from Google with free YouTube premium + 2 Year Google Warranty - £199 delivered @ Google Store
718° Expired
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Google Home Max Direct from Google with free YouTube premium + 2 Year Google Warranty - £199 delivered @ Google Store
£199£39950%Google Store Deals
Buy a Google Home Max and try YouTube Music Premium for free until April 8, 2019. With Smart Sound, Google Home Max uses machine learning to automatically adjust the equaliser se… Read more

Expired! This price is not available anymore, anywhere!


This is the article pointing out where to subscribe to the offers And here are the terms and conditions for the Google Home offers. if you haven't got the offer check the terms (it excludes people who had a Google Play Music or YouTube trial before)


Where's it supposed to be? I've set up the device, tap 'Choose a music provider', on tapping YouTube Music it says premium is rewired and offers a link, tapping the link opens the YouTube app to a screen which doesn't mention the Max but offers a 3 month free trial. Which is much better than ending in April.


oh okay, thanks.


It will show when you connect and set up the device

Google Home max - Chalk or Charcoal £199 @ John Lewis & Partners + 2 years guarantee included
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Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Google Home max - Chalk or Charcoal £199 @ John Lewis & Partners + 2 years guarantee included
Google Home max - Chalk or Charcoal £199 @John Lewis + 2 years guarantee included Chalk Charcoal
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Oh that's what is said on the BT shop, and JL have taken it off their website


Discontinued? It's still selling on Google store, this is just out of stock. I'll be very surprised if Google released a new one before updating the Google home and Google minis.


Interesting how this product has now been discontinued :|


Wondering if someone could help, I have bought one of these but realised my TV doesn't have an AUX out (Samsung NU8000). It has HDMI and Optical out. I want to use the speaker primarily for music but TV would be great as well. I am guessing I need to convert the signal either by HDMI or Optical with a product like this: or this - Could anyone give any further guidance on this? Is it possible and which is the best/cheapest method. Thanks


That’s a good thing. They opened a credit account for me without my permission! (mad) And many other bad experiences with them. They are on my blacklist but then so is Argos on any item over £200.

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