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With its Pixel 3a, Google has upped the stakes in the mid-range smartphone market. At half the price of upscale phones, this high-value phone offers top of the range photography capabilities, and holds its own in almost every other department. From social media fans to gamers, it could well be the perfect mobile option. Anyone who wants to discover what the phone can do so for less at the hotukdeals Google Pixel 3a listings. Read more
Pixel 3a £349 / 3aXL £419 @ Google Store
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
This has gone down again. Great price for a great phone.

Any point on upgrading from a OnePlus 5 (8GB RAM, 128GB ROM) to this?


No better camera on a phone at this price, and hard to beat at any price. Battery is monster on my 3a XL too, great phone for anyone outside maybe gamers.




Better camera ;( (lol) (lol) (lol) ;( (lol) (lol) (y) 🏼 (y) 🏼. Classic


Yep exactly. As I said in my original post you only get that benefit if you buy it directly from Google versus other retailers. Don't have to mess around without having a phone.

Google Pixel 3a 64GB (all colours) £349 at Currys
Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
On sale for 349 instead of usual 400 Android 9 (Pie) 5.6" Full HD+ AMOLED touchscreen 12.2 MP main camera 8 MP front camera Battery capacity: 3000 mAh

Thinking about what @Masteryates said above, I've revised my opinion regarding regular RAM for Pixel 3a line, I now think Google should have included 6GB. Changed my mind because I shuffled my SIM to my Motorola Z2 Force, a 2017 flagship that already came with 6GB. If 2-year old flagships sport that amount of memory, mid-rangers especially those nearer £400 should've caught up in 2019, as many Chinese have indeed, even last year (Pocophone etc) and Samsung's A series this year So Master Yates is indeed right, Google still has this Applesque instinct of being stingy with hardware, feeling bloated with the superiority their software gives them. Thankfully for the market, underdogs are making sure those attitudes are no longer valid.


Whether 4GB is enough depends. I have an S9 with 4GB which admittedly has a more bloated OS but yeah once I have a smartwatch and/or fitness tracker connected with its bits and bobs running, Pokemon Go running, playing some music, with FB Messenger for the Pogo raid group chat, maybe open the camera to take a quick picture and..... oh no, time to wait for Pokemon Go to load up again as it just got kicked out of memory by the camera. Add a second game like Ingress or a second Pogo account and yeah forget it. Need 6GB+ for this kind of usage, I'd say. Pixels are looking tempting as I know it's a lighter OS and more importantly not a downgrade in camera, but I've heard they're VERY aggressive at kicking apps out of memory so don't think it'd help my original problem. Otherwise I'm looking at Oneplus 7, but worried about the camera quality and whether installing the Gcam apk is enough to make it not suck.


And you can combine it with any corporate perks to buy gift cards at 8% off. bringing it down to £288.98, not bad I was looking for a replacement to my Essential Phone this might do the trick. Oh and 1% Topcashback.


First world issues :-(


Well I guess it depends on what kind of user you are, if productivity/performance is paramount then 1+ is great on a budget, if camera is your thing then Pixel; Huawei can juggle both at high end, or give 1+ a run for its money in upper midrange (Honor View 20 incredible value, 10/Play same thing but obviously a rung lower) Camera excellence doesn't come as standard in mid-range, until 3a made stellar appearance. Even premium models like (1st from brand) 1+7 pro struggle to deliver excellent pictures in some challenging scenarios. Same happens to Xperia 1 etc

Google Pixel 3a unlimited texts & mins / 10GB data - £34 month (Term = £816) + Choice of free gift at EE
02/09/2019Expires on 02/09/2019Posted 2nd AugPosted 2nd Aug
Buy Google Pixel 3a on EE at £34 per month for 24 months. £0 upfront cost. 10GB data allowance. CHOOSE BETWEEN FREE: XBOX ONE S SONOS ONE B&O HEADPHONES

I got a pixel 3 XL ,same contract upgrade for £29 in the ee shop. Well chuffed. With free Xbox.


Got this deal today....thought it a good deal.....saving me 6 quid a month, 5gb more a month and a nice sonos speaker.... Okay, I did some sums.....well I hope ;) Deal price = £816 inc vat (£34×24) Priced up separately see below.... Essential contract - 24 Month (10gb/unlimited minutes/unlimited txt) = roughly £11.125p per month. New Pixal 3a = £349.99 New Sonos Play (Gen2) = £199.00 Now, I can't see a 10gb EE sim only contract on their own website, and neither on uswitch's or carphone warehouse's from what I can see.....but going by whats available and the cost of a 3gb sim only deal and a 20gb sim only deal, you could speculate that a 10gb sim only essential contract would come in at 18quid a month ? So buying each component separately would cost you more based on 24 months of usage...... I really am trying very hard to justify my new contract!!! (y) :p :p :p :p


That plan you mentioned only had 4GB data this one has 10


So not exactly freebies then.


The same deal without Xbox was only £26 a month last week. So an extra £8 a month for the freebies. Not a bad bundle price in total, but nowt special

Google Pixel 3a XL - £400 @ Google Store
559° Expired
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th Jul
15% off Google Pixel 3a XL and Google Pixel 3a Android 9 (Pie) 6" Full HD+ AMOLED touchscreen 12.2 MP main camera 8 MP front camera Battery capacity: 3700 mAh

Literally just missed this, been watching it since, is it likely to come back soon?


I'm unsure to be honest, but I think the google pixel 3a has the best camera in its price range. I'll let you know what the cameras like when it get delivered.


Ah oh well my s8 is still going strong I suppose also I'd miss water resistant


No, sorry. I did have a look for one earlier with no luck. Looks like they're only doing it in the US at the moment.


My s8 is in super mint condition as well fingers crossed it stays like that

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Pixel 3a 12gb data + unlimited mins/texts = £22pm 24m (BT broadband customers) / £27pm (non BT) + £55 reward card + BT Sport
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
64gb Google Pixel 3a (black or white available) No upfront cost 12gb data per month Unlimited minutes and texts £55 BT reward card Includes BT sport on mobile 24 month contract Af… Read more
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I don't think so. Mine hasn't tracked even though I purchased two weeks ago :(


Would Top Cashback payout-£60?


I think it’s a good deal. Strange :/


Maybe, I only compared with other pixel 3a deals as I knew I wanted this phone Still I'm a bit confused why this is cold , the EE deal at £23pm is over 300 degrees with only 4gb of data and no BT Sport ?


I ordered the same last week and the phone is great. I have no idea why this has gone cold. Maybe because if you don't have BT broadband you can get a Galaxy S10 for only £3/month more.

5GB Data | Google Pixel 3A | £19.99pm - £19.99 Upfront With Code | Delivered / Total Cost £499.75 @ ID Via Uswitch
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Though this was another very good deal, this exact deal is £22.99 per month on the ID website, so making a good £3 saving oer month, if you're in the market for this phone. £349… Read more

Just the BT mobile site directly. Since it was a month back, not sure if it still exists


How did you find this ? cheers


If you have BT broadband, then this is a really good deal. 22 a month with no upfront for 12gb data and also get a 55 quid gift card


Yeah, will edit that, my mistake.


Didn't follow the Vodafone in the title was all

Google Pixel 3A 64GB | 1GB Data On ID Mobile | £9.99 Upfront & £15.99pm @ ID Via Uswitch
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
If you are a low user, and want one of the best cameras on a smartphone currently available, then this may be ideal for you! Getting the full package including the code for £393… Read more

This seems to be the best way of getting a new Pixel 3a if you don't use much data. If you would otherwise be on a £5 SIM only deal (reasonable for £1GB of data) the cost of this phone is effectively 393.75 − 5 × 24 = £273.75 - much cheaper than buying SIM free (so a great deal) but still arguably expensive for the specs. Personally I'm waiting for a decent price drop on the OG Pixel 3, hopefully when the Pixel 4 is released later this year.


Not voting on this ...Best camera is unfortunately where it stops with this phone... easily the worst screen I've ever used in need to ramp to full brightness to even see the screen....considering the Pixel 3A XL was £469, it's embarassing - it's the most over hyped phoned out there and don't even get me started on the bezel size, low ram and 64GB storage ...anyway rant over, off to collect my View 20 (y)

Google Pixel 3a £349 / Google Pixel 3a XL £399 @ Google Store
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
50 quid price drop, great deal if you ask me!
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Gone back up now :(


Any indication of when this price will go back up? I will most definitely be buying this week to replace my tired s7, battery is long gone ;(


Was debating on whether to go for this vs the pixel2 xl for the mrs and found out about Samsung A50 and went for it as it was: Cheaper - £309 on argos Bigger battery larger screen 128gb with memory card slot more cameras with android pie and live focus now with the new update also dual sim as a bonus for those who use it My two pence :)


Because most people don't have a TV or PC with them everywhere they go? (skeptical)


Many smartphones disappeared down the loo as a result...

Google Pixel 3a £349.99 and Pixel 3a XL £399.99 @ Argos
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Dropped by £50 and £70 respectively.
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Is Argos still doing the spend £100 get a £10 voucher deal?


Nothing is perfect in this world, however there's agreement between the experts that Google is leading the field in smartphone photography, alongside Huawei (and this on the strength of its software alone, with just one rear lens, that will be changing soon) Your words above can be right, nothing compares to a proper camera. As mobile photography is concerned, nothing shoots better than a Pixel under £400


3a's camera not perfect imo temperature of shots too cool compared to rest of flagship phones more appealing at warmer temps And the contrast can be too high and shadows too dark, people like brighter exposed photos in a pic obsessed world


Premium camera has a nice price tag in pic-obsessed world... Agree. $200 in the U.S. right now (Best Buy) so if visiting this summer, that'd be an unexpected treat to bring back home


300 and less come on!

Huawei P30 Lite £279 | Google Pixel 3A 64GB Smartphone £349 | 3A XL £399 | Pixel 3 £539 | 3XL £569 @ Carphone Warehouse
111° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Price drop of £50, still not cheap enough for me, some other decent prices there though, plus a tenner at topcashback I think? 5.6-inch FHD+ display 12.2MP rear camera + 8MP f… Read more

Cool 8)


Pulled the trigger. Even better is you get a 2 year warranty with CPW.


Best deal combo is CPW + top cashback + top cashback promo today. So 349.99 - 10 - 3 = 336.99. not bad for stock android device with the best camera on the market....


Need Pixel 3a to hit the £299 or lower before I bite


Thank you my good man, now carry on finding deals or you're fired (devil)

Google Pixel 3a 64GB Clearly White £26pm/24m (£19pm after cashback) 5GB data & unlimited calls @ e2save
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Get the latest Google pixel 3a for just £19 a month. No upfront fee. 5GB data & unlimited calls with Vodafone. £24 a month before cashback. Pretty easy to claim the cashback.… Read more

Sorry misunderstood your original post. It came across as if Voda won't let you rather than Voda won't supply them full stop


Really? They don't even list the 3a on their site.


Only Direct through Voda - they let me do that 5 months into a 12 month SIM only plan.


Heat Adam, 5Gb for under £500? Deal to me!


Wish Vodafone would let me upgrade my Sim Only plan to a contract plan on the 3A.

Google Pixel 3a White In Good Condition £269.99 @ 4Gadgets
73° Expired
Posted 16th JunPosted 16th Jun
Always worth a cheeky little post, 1 available, let me know who gets is. What's included? 12 Months Warranty Free Next Day Delivery 4Gadgets Branded Secure Box Brand new genuine… Read more

Geez this phone has been out 40 days, how can any of them be anything but perfect? Who can mess up a phone to just be "good" condition in a month!?


No, not from the shops LOL. Sell on value ...


My bags will be packed if any more 'discreet' packages appear... For the remainder of this month at least (lol)


Haha, some sneaky cheeky little chops has got it, and they aren't letting on :p


Not this time... Phew (lol) (lol)

Google Pixel 3a 64GB with Nintendo Switch (Vodafone) - £45/month / £36/month after £216 cashback x 24 = £864 total
-170° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
So this particular deal on Vodafone comes with the Red Entertainment package, including: * 25GB data * Unlimited mins and texts * Spotify/Now TV/Sky Sports Mobile/Amazon Prime Vid… Read more

I quite like the look of this, if I skew the maths to make it seem favourable at any rate. Can sell my 2xl to offset the cost as well 🥴


I think you'll struggle to convince some, when for the same price over 24 months you can get an S10, or s10 plus, albeit not with the switch.


I was hunting for a Switch as well as the Pixel 3a. They have the same plan but without the Switch for £27pm (after redemption) so for an extra £216 over the 2 years, it seemed like a good deal.


LOL good one MS.


I agree, I'm definitely worth more :{ And the only person keeping me is my wife, to her detriment

Pixel 3a 64GB - 2 deals - 1gb/250 mins - £15.99 + £19.99 upfront = £403.75 OR 5gb/600 mins - £19.99pm + £29.99 upfront = £509.75 - uswitch
171° Expired
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Two great deals on id mobile. If you're a low user then £15.99 + £19.99 upfront is a very decent deal considering the phone is £399 to buy. The 5gb is a bit more expensive but st… Read more
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Good to hear it Mr S ! (y)


Yeah, full recovery has completed (lol) Edinburgh is a very good place to drink imo.


If you're going to have a few too many, Edinburgh is probably the best city in the world to do it in! Hope your hangover has calmed down, I'm now at that age the hangovers live on for a couple of days.


Good YT review, me & chap would get on well


I've done redemption deals over the years, so I'd happily do another one where as my dad wouldn't, thanks for letting me know

Pixel 3a on Vodafone Red Entertainment 25GB unlimited date & texts - £648 at Mobiles Phones Direct
-105° Expired
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Red Entertainment package, including: * 25GB data * Unlimited mins and texts £27/month (after redemption) x 24 months = £648 Free handset Cashback from topcashback of £44.10 too… Read more

We've had two phones from MPD with cashback offer and never had any problems redeeming the cashback.


Redemption will put lots of people off. (Just sayin') And personally wouldn't trust MPD as far as I could throw them


If you pay £10 a month for Spotify this is a hot deal!

Google Pixel 3A 64GB Smartphone £343.45 | Pixel 3A XL £429.64 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Two excellent prices from amazon Germany, undercutting UK prices some £68 & £55 Respectively by paying with a starling card etc in euros at checkout. So using a fee free c… Read more

Interesting! What is better about the 2xl than the normal 3? Or just size? I've just ordered a 3, hope it was the right choice... My only priorities being price (£303 new on o2 refresh, top end of my budget) and a very good camera for pics of my son x


I would, I'd go for the 3 XL over the 2 xl though, I just like the size of the 2 xl.


Would you go for a Pixel 2 xl above a Pixel 3?


Yep my pixel 2 updated again 5/6 Will only change when I get sky sports mobile as you can't stream it and with my eyes I read need a bigger screen as I work away in a truck all week (y)


Na, can't blame you, 835 still plenty fast, camera still amazing, and still recieveing updates.

Google Pixel 3A XL 2GB Data | £15 Up Front | £20 Per Month [Plus £40 TCB] @
260° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Thought this was a great little deal if you are a low user first go through here for a possible £40 exclusive cashback taking theoretical total cost to £455. 2GB Data Unlimite… Read more

Cheers (y)


I'd imagine it will to be gone at, so you're probably beat just going through topcashback, or using the VC10OFF and going through voucher codes.


Good deal. Does anyone know if using the discount code will affect the TCB please? Cheers


Cheers master who yates


Good find Switchy. Hot, hot, hot.

Google Pixel 3A + Free Home Mini £399 @ Google Store
56° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Probably the best deal for this phone at the moment, for those who have missed out on the previous 'freebies': "Home Hub", "Phone Case" and "Chromebook". Operating system - The… Read more

The pros and cons posted by KITTYBOTS make no sense. Pro - Awesome camera Cons - Everyone else has 2 lenses on the back Who cares how many lenses are on the phone it's the quality that counts. Pros - great in hand feel Cons - back is slippery Jeez make your mind up.


Not gaming phone, photo/video storage free on Google cloud, sound yes pretty bad on all Pixel phones so far, even with 3.5mm jack, they're targeted at millennials who tend to use BT headphones. Samsung S8 with single-lens camera much better photography than most dual cameras out there, just like Pixel, even better than some triple arrays.


It has a headphone port, not a dongle. And 2 cameras are worthless when they can't even come close to the single camera on the Pixel. Even the zoom lense of the S10 isn't as good as Google's fake smart zoom.


The hardware specs on these phones is terrible for £400 - a midrange Snapdragon CPU instead of a 700 or 800. Only 4GB RAM,64GB of non-upgradeable storage which will fill up relatively quickly if you take pictures and videos,a single focal length lens,no waterproofing,USB2.0,a fully plastic body,etc. It has freebies as it is ovepriced at £400 to £500 - you can buy a Samsung Note 9 for £80 more than the Pixel 3A XL. Instead of freebies,they should drop the price by £50 to £100. This is the pros and cons list from GSMArena: Pros Compact, with great in-hand feel.Awesome camera all around.Solid display and good battery life, though neither is chart-topping. Cons The back is slippery (can confirm) and scratches easily (we've been told).Just the one cam on the back when everyone else has at least two.Severe throttling under sustained load, just 4GB of RAM, no storage options beyond 128GB, and no possibility for expansion.Disappointing audio quality through the dongle.No 4K/60fps video recording.Limited availability.The 3A thermally throttles,so they have not used enough cooling.


If they did a version costing £50 more with 6GB RAM, I'd vote hot. 4GB RAM these days kills it for me.

Get a Google Pixel 3a £399 and claim a free Acer Chromebook worth £149 at Google Shop
469° Expired
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
This offer originally included 15% off but that has now ended. The deal is still good as it allows you to claim a free Acer 11"Chromebook.
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24th May.


When did your claim validate? Just trying to understand timescales!


My Chromebook arrived today, although DX seem to have been throwing it around in their van as the outer packaging was all torn and bashed. Luckily it was well packaged inside. Can't complain, nice little freebie.




Does anyone know if this can be stacked with the free case offering. The phone case cost is automatically deducted from the total in the google store and the link to the laptop offer doesn't seem to distinguish between those who have and haven't taken the case offering.

Google Pixel 3a + Chromebook + id mobile contract (1gb + 500 mins) £481.75 total (24 x £17.99 + £49.99 upfront) - uswitch exlusive
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Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Considering the Pixel 3a is £399 on its own, this is a pretty good deal if you're not a big data user.
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Was searching for more info on the deal but all I could find was this bloke... Not sure what Dave Mustaine has to do with it? :D


Well, isn't this thread informative (confused)


(zombie) I think you're right


Probably XD she was so sexy, that voice and those brains.... (Oooooops we need to talk tech, otherwise they'll kick me out of forum - and I'll never chat to magic duo again)


Of course, gets me through the day, that and posting about 20 deals!

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