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Rocket League £9.59 microsoft store
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Play this award winning game reduced saving over 1/3 of the price This game make driving meet football once again equip your car with huge rocket boosters to score amazing aeria… Read more
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It was a joke based on the fact it's on offer almost every week, that was all


Only Xbox sadly, won't work on PC.


I guarantee that more than one person did when it was first released on Xbox One... :/


Imagine being the one person who bought this at full price.......


Not the cheapest it’s been, but any reduction on this game is a bargain. Hot

Tesco Ireland has PS4 slims for 183, Xbox Ones + plus Kinect for 140.
LocalLocalFound 17th JanFound 17th Jan
Tesco Ireland is selling off some of its console stock same as the UK just not as good deals, they have PS4 slims for 183, older PS4's for 164, xbox one + Kinect for 140, dualshock… Read more
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This was a pricing error and has been corrected


Clarehall you say.....................they are marked as €199 for the ones with Kinect.


Not really, the land entity of Ireland covers both Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland together, simples


Controversial :o


Yes I'm from Belfast, which is in Ireland last time I looked

Xbox 1x 1TB console £429.99 @ Amazon
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Xbox 1x 1TB console
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Funny thing is your right it does come across as trolling. But im being deadly serious! I genuinely want to buy 1 but then i cant find any of those "must have" games to go with it - all i see is forza or gow?


Here's the only game you need, it's similar to the one you are trying to play here.


Got 1 thanks. Just cant see any must own games to play


Doesn’t mean there a bad website because they are banned on here just means they have broken HotUKDeals rules maybe they were self promoting and I wasn’t saying about buying from them only to use them to price match at ao!


I found a discount code online for gameseek ‘tenner’ and mentioned this when I asked ao to pricematch and they said no problem and reduced the price to £389.99 with free next day delivery. Mine arrived today. See my recent previous post

Xbox One controller + cable £35.48 delivered from Amazon France
Found 12th Dec 2017Found 12th Dec 2017
Seems like a reasonable price for this delivered.
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I believe the GameCollection one is the V1 without 3.5mm jack while this one is the new V3 with Bluetooth andnew design. Theres a post about on here somewhere.


its not Argos ebay by the way.,its The Game Collection


it looks the same. Is that the same as the controller from a new Xbox one X? Great deal if it is


Above Link is massive somehow


Let me try that again!

Pre-owned Kinect for Xbox One with Promo Code "POACC10%!" £16.19 @
Found 27th Oct 2017Found 27th Oct 2017
Or you can get the brand new one... £ 67.00 £ 60.3 Please note: Promo code is for All Pre-owned items Why Kinect? Microsoft killed the Kinect permanently yesterday T… Read more
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At this price it's worth to buy them to strip them just for the electronics :D


It doesn't work for me anymore, I thought it was single use, so I logged out and applied the code but it still said invalid, so I thought the code has expired. Especially because, after I ordered mine, I could use the code multiple times. Deal revived :)


Just ordered with that code for same price so unexpire?


Or a usb webcam. The latest update has enabled them! Not sure it would work without the tracking ability tho


Use a smartphone instead now apparently

Xbox One Kinect Sensor - £14.99 (Pre-owned) - Game
Found 15th Sep 2017Found 15th Sep 2017
Update 1
Back in stock - 18/09
Good price for this. Currently still £17.99 at Grainger, or £15 instore at CEX (£17.50) delivered. Kinect for Xbox One has a 1080p HD camera, advanced infrared technology … Read more
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Mind I can attest the games do look crisp and nicer on 4K and obviously you can play 4K blurays which is awesome so I'd recommend upgrade if they mean anything to you that is but I'm sad and love 4K stuff 😔


out of stock again


Not £14:99,£34:99 online.Cold as these are great dust collectors.


Not £14.99. Expired again?


according to website they are £34.99 pre-owned

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Pre-Owned Xbox one Kinect Sensor V2 £15 in store or £17.50 delivered at cex
Found 6th Aug 2017Found 6th Aug 2017
Cheapest I've seen a Kinect Sensor, £15 in store or £17.50 delivered. Includes a 24 month warranty too.
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I couldn't ever get the x360 one to work due to space. On the x1 version, I was having a nightmare with "legs" until I got it configured with the correct grid, I wasn't getting that one previously, tweaked, got correct grid never had a problem. I did have an issue with ambient, as I need to be very quiet (game late as work evenings / nights) turned up tv volume a little, moved an ornament, problem solved (only during config, put it back and turned it down once it was). Had an issue with my chandelier reflecting as it was in front of me for any climbing games but I've shifted myself a little. Touch wood haven't had an issue in over 6 months. Even had it set up in my bedroom and had it set as my bed as the floor at one point (I just used arm movements and voice at that stage. Did work for that fantasia game too!). It really is a great piece of kit, shame they removed the arm navigation controls, felt very minority report-esq. It can have issues if you have a French doors with bright sunlight spilling in. I never used the voice turn on command, did have it do it by accident when I walked in the room once (facial rec?), scared the life outa me. My friends use it though, they usually power cycle, and remove plug and brick from the wall to discharge seems to resolve any issues they have. I just hope you can get it working how I've experienced as it feels awesome. :(


The whole shebang. I even have a degree in this stuff. So sad to watch my daughter stood in exactly the right position saying 'xbox on' about eighteen times until it eventually responded. Positioning, configuration, ambient noise all standardised and set, but unfortunately just like pretty much everyone else just gave up on it.


Hot price still use mine a lot


Yes please. Is this the adapter and Kinect? if so let me know how much you want for it.


I use one on my PC for Windows Hello.

Preowned Xbox One 500GB Console (without Kinect) - £138.99 @ Music Magpie
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
Or £139.99 at Game . Includes... - 1 Used Controller - USB Cable - AV Cable - Power Cable FREE Tracked Delivery FREE 12 Month Warranty Grade: Refurbished Good Play over… Read more
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Looking for a xbox one s. Or maybe the elite model. CEX generally seems the cheapest price.


I remember paying £100 for my mega drive but also doesn’t matter as we don’t live in the olden days anymore (y)


From someone that knows the gaming sectors (prices etc).... £135 isn't a good deal. I'll happily flood HUKD with "deals" but they won't be


Again, agree to disagree. I'd consider your post a deal as I hadn't seen it at that price you mentioned. I'm new to gaming so perhaps why. My point was is that if it's available cheaper, why not shout about it.


We'll have to agree to disagree then. It would be good to see a link to a cheaper deal, that's all I'm saying.

Phillips Hue Kinect Tap Switch £35.99 at Selfridges (+ £5 del)
Found 1st Aug 2017Found 1st Aug 2017
4 buttons to activate 4 different scenes. You can preset your 4 favourite Philips Hue light settings in Philips Hue tap switch. Select a scene that you have created yourself, one o… Read more

You can do all of that for free, with an Iphone/Android phone.


exactly as above. these are really thick and require an effort to push (understandable), but it's a bit bulky and ugly too. Plus my mum would never assume this is a light switch and she'd be afraid to press it, thinking my house alarm would start going off or something. Stick with the dimmer switch


It's a good price for that product, but these days I don't think there's any benefit of this switch over the £20 dimmer switch.

[Xbox One] Microsoft Kinect Sensor 2.0 (Pre-owned) - £17.99 Delivered - Grainger Games
Found 20th Jul 2017Found 20th Jul 2017
I was wondering. Do I need a Kinect? The real answer is most probably - No. But I've just seen this, £17.99 delivered and had a little read about and found this on Reddit . Wor… Read more
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You mean it didn't show much :D


She put on a thermal app and it showed my area :(


What?! Do you logon using 'p***s recognition' or something?!


According to the stock check there is -1 new in Doncaster - Philadelphia Experiment eat your heart out


Put me off using this at a "mates" house as had a thin pair of shorts on and picked up my "area" and she went cold on me and asked me to leave. I am packing but not until the main event :(

Xbox One Kinect £18.00 at CEX 24 month warranty Preowned - £18 (instore) £20.50 (Delivered)
Found 7th Jul 2017Found 7th Jul 2017
Kinect: One of the many ways to interact with your Xbox One.Depending on the game or app, you can control your Xbox One using the Kinect via voice commands and gestures or your con… Read more
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I managed to get one for free using the upgrade program, came this week! But the console upgrade had to be within 30 days of purchase to qualify


Except it's not completely useless is it? All the functions it used to have... Guess what? It still has them... It might not have any NEW features or games, but everything that has ever been made for it, and all the functions (voice commands etc) all still work. Mine is still in use all the time. And Kinect Adventures is a blast of fun.


Yes it does, but it's not an effective way to chat on Xbox live at all. It's very sensitive to background noise, and not good at differentiating between you and your washing machine, cat dog, kids, girlfriend, friend's wife, and your TV volume - it's super annoying for others that have to listen to. Although a good price, unless you want to play the fitness or dance games it's pretty much useless in my experience. I disconnected mine out of paranoia I would accidentally end up broadcasting myself playing Tomb Raider in my underpants


A brilliant idea, sadly now completely useless due to a complete lack of support, not least from MS themselves. A real shame.


These used to be £22 each as I recently bought both the Kinect and adaptor. Already have Kinect at home but grabbed them for the One X

Zoo Tycoon (Xbox One) - Free for Gold members @ Microsoft JP
Found 16th Jun 2017Found 16th Jun 2017 EDIT: Redirecting is broken so use link above Extra game for this month. Available 6/16-07/15. Let your imaginati… Read more
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one thing do you get the DLC included? I'm selected a bear that was part of DLC but i got it anyhow.


Many thanks my kids and me loving it. The way I did it was. Open ie login at regular Xbox page. Then click the link on here opens up a new Xbox tab in JP all logged in and just click to buy as normal.


you can do this on your xbox too (I just did). Follow these steps: go to Settings > All Settings > System > Language & Location In 'Language and Location change your location to Japan (but keep everything else as 'English'...then restart your system Once the system has restarted go to the xbox store tab and search for Zoo Tycoon, here you'll be able to click on the download button and get it for free. Once you've done that it will begin to download it so just go and change your location settings back to your country and you'll find Zoo Tycoon downloading/downloaded in your games and apps section


Thanks OP this worked a treat!

Kinect + adapter for xbox one for 50 - £25 @ CeX
Found 5th Jun 2017Found 5th Jun 2017
With recent deals on xbox one s from Argos, Many would have bought it. and Like me if you are looking for having kinect setup for it. then this is the cheapest deal I have found so… Read more
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There is FRU


I have decided to buy a used Kinect sensor from elsewhere as they are quite cheap. Can anyone recommend any games apart from Kinect Sports Rivals?


Cold because you can't spell Kinect.


ffs ...I am not writing a novel here.. get a life.. pretty please..


​Not as bad as "adopter"

Xbox One Kinect Sensor - £21.99 (Preowned) at Game
Found 10th May 2017Found 10th May 2017
This appears to be the cheapest around at the moment for this and for the price it might be worth it if you have the original Xbox One just for the voice controls. (You can disable… Read more

Must be gearing up for the Kinect 3. Did I hear it comes bundled with the Scorpio? 3 cameras, better microphone, what the Kinect 2 was suppose to be? :)


.... and then wait for the request for one of the bedroom walls to be painted green!!!! :)


Hahaha... Kids these days eh! Thanks for the info, I'll check out the Elgato thingy-mi-bob.


Don't forget you can use it on windows 10 for windows hello if you have the adapter.


Always wanted a Kinect to play Dance Central and learn some sick new moves to woo the ladies. But I don't have the floorspace :(

XBOX ONE (Original) 500Gb + Kinect £129 instore @ Sainsbury's Wolverhampton
LocalLocalFound 21st Apr 2017Found 21st Apr 2017
1st ever post on here, so be gentle...I Just purchased an XBOX ONE (Original) 500Gb with Kinect from Sainsburys (Bentley Bridge, Wolverhampton) for £129.00, seems like a good deal?… Read more
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How depressing, pretty sure I paid about £400 for this when it came out.


Just picked up the last one in wantage sainsburys so there are some out there still!


​because of this I'm voting yours cold X)


Post should be deleted. Erased from history. :{


Hi Guys, sorry about this 'wild goose hunt', if i was to post again...... I will be more thorough. But lets look on the bright side if we may? My 10 year old nephew Will have a great surprise birthday present! :)

xbox one (classic) + kinect for £149 in sainsburys
LocalLocalFound 24th Feb 2017Found 24th Feb 2017
just walked into my local sainsburys and saw this on the shelf. asked if nationwide and the woman said they're getting rid of all classic models!!!! woop woop!! 500gb model
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still avilable


I meant by if it has 500GB storage or 1TB storage


Great price; well worth that. Also loving all the butthurt from people with the older model feeling outmoded. Classic model owner and proud! X)


Yeah. I'd go for a the S with additional controller and minecraft for £50 sheets more over this. I had the Kinect from day dot on the xbox One and loved it but they borked it about 12/18 months ago and its pretty much pointless now. I was one of the few who liked it for its UI interaction I think. Sell the Controller & minecraft game and im sure you'd end up with near enough an xbox one S for £150 too.


who the hell takes notice of a fan? what are people doing? playing with their ear against the console

Xbox one Kinect bundle £189 @ Currys - Newcastle upon Tyne
LocalLocalFound 23rd Jan 2017Found 23rd Jan 2017
Currys Kingston park retail park Newcastle upon Tyne. Popped in to price up Xbox one minecraft bundle at £259. Salesman was great, I asked about Kinect, (if it was still on the m… Read more
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Just picked up the last one, cheers op!!


Kinect is perfect for voice commands. Getting a video capture via voice is so much easier than bringing up the guide. Good deal also. Heat.


Cool cortana no good on xbox one gonna change back didn't know u could


You can change the voice activation back to xbox and speed it up again by disabling Cortana altogether:

Xbox One with Kinect Holiday Value Bundle £199 @ Tesco - Brockworth Gloucester
LocalLocalFound 3rd Jan 2017Found 3rd Jan 2017
It's this deal The deal is over and no longer valid on the website, HOWEVER you go… Read more

if anyone is thinking of buying this the camera is really bad


You could buy X Box One S that gives 4K Blu Ray to :O

Kinect Adapter for Xbox One S and Windows PC was £45 now £29.99 @ ms store online
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Microsoft Kinetic for Xbox one S adapter is now selling for the lowest ever price direct from Microsoft. Even Cex used price is £35 and Amazon is currently priced at £42 to £45. … Read more

It has always been this price and I don't know why they charge more than Microsoft. Only thing is that they changed the name and added 'Xbox One S'.


not really, Microsoft dropped the price recently. But all the other haven't. Why would for the likes of Amazon and game retailers are selling it for a higher price if your theory was right ?


I'm pretty sure it has always been this price, I bought it for the same price in April. (Using it for PC)


Almost forgot. Yes these should be free for those who have bought an Xbox One S and Kinect and it is definitely overpriced, but this is the cheapest price around considering it's new. Cheapest pre-owned I could find was £35.00 from CEX so for those who cant get one free this is a decent deal. Heat from me.


I'm new too. I begrudgingly ordered one of these yesterday and it should be here tomorrow or Friday. Pre-owned Kinects were back in stock today at Game for £24.99 so I finally ordered one too. Pity my controller has to get sent away due to a dodgy right thumb stick and I could be without it for up to 25 days. Got Battlefield 1 day one on my PS4 and it's crying out for me to play it more than the 2 hours I've put into it so far, so no biggie really ;)

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