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Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth instalment in one of gaming’s most successful franchises. Created by BioWare and marketed by Electronic Arts, the new Mass Effect title is an exhilarating blend of RPG exploration and combat for PCs, Xbox One and PS4, and gamers can find it at huge discounts by shopping with HotUKDeals. Read more
Cheap Prime Now PS4 games plus an extra £10 x 2 off for new customers - e.g. Crash N'Sane Trilogy £16.59, Nioh £14.97, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 £14.91, Okami HD £11.33 WITHOUT discount
Found 6 h, 8 m agoFound 6 h, 8 m ago
This is the first actual deal I've put time into (second posted) so go easy! Noticed that several games are quite cheap on Prime Now only (at least in my area, Manchester), and ev… Read more

I'd guess July or August. They'll wait until sales slow down a bit, then drop it in the vault to make money off of the cosmetic microtransactions.


Completely forgot about EA Access! When do you reckon Battlefront 2 will be on there?


I bought Mass Effect and IT on Blu-Ray, then just groceries for the remaining £30.


How did we all get on? I'll take a free Geralt any day <3


That's HUKD for you! (popcorn)

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) £9.99 new instore @ Game
LocalLocalFound 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Just been into Game in Milton Keynes and spotted this seems like a good price to me. This seems to be in store only web site shows more. Thanks.
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Games still £20 in store locally


Sorry didn't look.


I'm a massive fan of the original trilogy, to the point where I'd say it's my favourite series, and yeah this game doesn't live up to that. But saying that I still find it to be an incredibly enjoyable game on it's own. The gameplay is rock solid, the story and exploration top notch and a bunch of fantastic characters. It's not the 10/10 it could have been, but it's a solid 9 for me.


Didn't realize people on this site were masochists.... (flirt) look at the heat.


How much was the PS4 version?

Mass effect andromeda nomad rc car edition at GAME instore for £59.99 (No game included)
LocalLocalFound 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Please note the game is not included

Yeah it is mate you download an app and use your phone


OP, also found out Amazon US is selling the Diecast version (not RC one) for £43. Might be a help to anyone looking to save a bit if they don't want the RC version (I want the RC :D )


I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the game. I'm hoping for a direct sequel. I enjoyed the first trilogy, but I think this has got room to grow into a decent second one.


The Goliath was laughable, tbf even in the link you provided the 'promo' it's just naff. To call it a ce because it has a rubbish rc car shaped like the nomad is no excuse. At 60 quid it's laughable.


I'd happily pay £20

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Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 NTSC Version Game @ 365games - £9.99
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
This is the NTSC version Mass Effect Andromeda PS4 Game (#) Please note: this is the NTSC version of the game which is compatible with PAL systems. Any future DLC … Read more

Yeah, I came here to comment on that as well. It's really outdated terminology, and in fact isn't really something that exists anymore now that everything uses digital video and HD standards. Saying that a game is the 'NTSC' version might just confuse people. So, to clarify - PAL and NTSC are analogue TV standards - different methods of encoding video for broadcasting television. They were different in terms of how many lines they used (analogue equivalent of resolution) and their frames per second. Different countries used different standards (e.g. UK used PAL, USA used NTSC), and obviously analogue TVs had to match the standard of the broadcast signal in the country they were sold in, so you got PAL TVs in the UK and NTSC TVs in the USA. When games consoles came along, they too used analogue signals, and so you would get PAL or NTSC consoles depending on which country you were in. But everything is digital these days and so the PAL and NTSC standards are no longer used. We don't have 625 lines and 25fps, or 525 lines and 29.97fps, anymore - we have 1920x1080 and 60fps (although other frame and refresh rates are part of the HDTV standard too). Digital TVs can have analogue tuners capable of receiving NTSC and PAL signals, but they will be converted to digital before they are displayed. Certainly as far as modern games consoles are concerned there is no such thing as PAL and NTSC anymore because they aren't capable of analogue output - the PS4 certainly isn't. So it used to be that a game sold in the USA would be an NTSC version because that's the TV standard they used. You could try playing a PAL game on an NTSC console or vice versa and either it wouldn't work at all due to region locking (which is a whole different thing done for different reasons) or it would work but the picture would be messed up somehow (I remember importing NTSC PSX games, using a cheat cartridge to bypass the region lock, but then they were stretched and in black and white if I used an RGB cable - buying a scart cable meant I could see them in colour, but still stretched). But now that we all use the same digital TV standards, that's not an issue - and region locking isn't as common either. So this isn't the NTSC version, it's just the American version. The only difference is the ratings board they use, so you get an ESRB age rating on there instead of PEGI.


Definitely not worth a tenner (annoyed) I wouldn’t pay any more than £5 for this and even then it isn’t a particularly exciting instalment of the ME series. Take that tenner, go to G2A or another site and see all the great games you can pick up for a smidgem of the price.


Well worth a tenner


Blimey, I haven't heard anyone call it an NTSC version in a very long time.


This game isn't as bad as everyone makes out! Everyone likes to jump on the bandwagon. Definitely worth it at this price.

PC All Digital Delivery  :- Mass Effect: Andromeda £7.20 / Fifa 18 £14.30 / BattleField 1 Revolution (Inc Season pass) £14.30 / Star Wars : Battlefront II £ 17.20
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
You will need a American delivery address on your Amazon account to be able to purchase these deals. Simply add a USA address to your amazon account , If you use a Alaska USA add… Read more
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Damn. Looks like this has finished.


Great stuff Ty :)


Thanks for the heads-up! My wife is a big Mass Effect fan but was on the fence about Andromeda. At just under £8 we went for it. The US code worked fine on the UK Origin store.


I just enjoyed the game, rather than over analysing the whole experience...


Bugs aren't the only thing wrong with ME: Andromeda. It's a continuation of where they were heading already with the dialogue in DA:Inquisition.

Mass Effect™: Andromeda – Standard Recruit Edition (XO) £8.25 @ Xbox (Deluxe Recruit Edition £14.85)
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Mass Effect™: Andromeda – Standard Recruit Edition takes players on a mission to find a new home for humanity, in the Andromeda galaxy. As the Pathfinder, you lead humanity’s fight… Read more
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Great bargain.I am thoroughly enjoying it.Much better and more open than the lacklustre ME3.


God dammit, another game to add to the pile! ;)


Heat. Paid twice this for it a couple of months ago and got 70+ hours out of it. Best £16 I've spent in a long time.


Great find! Got it cheers (y)


Heat Bob ..heat

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Mass Effect Andromeda (XB1/PS4) £15.99 @ Amazon Prime Members Only
Found 10th FebFound 10th Feb
Down to £15.99 for a NEW copy, sold by Link to PS4 Note it seems to be exclusively for Prime members only. But we all have Prime, right? (cheeky)

This is a good price. Don't understand the down-voting, so heat from me. Thanks!


Ah, well this was as good of a hill as any to die on as any I guess XD


Then in the next breath they are heating a costco deal which requires membership.


I have the US deluxe edition. You won't miss any of the extra content. Deluxe includes: Pathfinder Casual Outfit, Scavenger Armor, Pathfinder Elite Weapon Set (4), Pet Pyjak (Monkey), Digital Soundtrack, Multiplayer Deluxe Launch Pack.


I've seen several times the USA offer which includes some kind of digital content that can only be downloaded with a PSN USA account. Do you know what's exactly that? I assume it isn't include in this one.

Mass Effect Andromeda (Xbox One) £10.49 Delivered (As New) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
N ear Perfect disc with pristine box guaranteed, sold from our online game rental service. The item will contain the manual and unused, online codes if they originally came with th… Read more
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This game any good for anyone that has played it?


I don't wear pants.


Note to self, change pants.


I'm nervous now :o


Thanks for sharing... (shock)

[PS4] Mass Effect Andromeda - £9.99 - 365Games
Found 6th FebFound 6th Feb
Update 1
£3 price drop. Credit to @Chanchi32 for the nod
Seems cheap enough. Please note: this is the NTSC version of the game which is compatible with PAL systems. Any future DLC may require a US PSN account (I don't really think th… Read more
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Will we get the updates if this is the NTSC version?


The multiplayer is really good in this.


The studio indeed confirmed that further no single-player patches or in-game story content will be released; there may be some multiplayer story stuff and skins etc, though.

EDIT: Doesn't say no DLC, but does say the game was pretty much abandoned after initial patches


Bought this on a release. Enjoyed it but no replay value like mass effect 1/2 and even 3 dare I say (embarrassed) Regardless, definitely worth £10 for rpg fans.

Mass Effect Andromeda - Deluxe Edition (physical version) | Xbox One | (US) £11.31 delivered
Found 27th JanFound 27th Jan
Mass Effect Andromeda - Deluxe Edition comes back with good price for physical version which was released only in the USA. Of course without any regional locking. Cheapest one is… Read more

Thanks bought for the dlc


Region locking isn't the same as having different regions. Some games are still seen as 2 different games when using 2 different region versions of them. Like on PS4 for example if you wanted any add on content for GT Sport and you had the US version you'd need to log onto a US PSN account to get it, the UK page wouldn't see that you have the game as it has a different serial. It's not always like this, some games have the same ID and work the same regardless.


£11.31 to set fire to your own money. Hot in one way I guess.


I purchased this a few months ago when it was £13. On Thursday I decided to pull out all the dlc's on all the games I hadn't opened and start putting the codes in, I can confirm that this dlc was accepted on my uk account.


Why DLC codes would locked if Xbox One doesn't have regional blockade? ;)

[PC] Mass Effect Andromeda - £9.99/£9.49 - CDKeys
Found 4th Dec 2017Found 4th Dec 2017
Couple of quid dropped of the price a couple of days back. It's worth noting that it's also a part of the Origin Access subscription :) Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to th… Read more
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I'd get if I didn't have to use Origin (annoyed)


Back to 12 quid again


Huge fan of Mass Effect but this game is truly awful. I tried and tried hoping it would get less boring, but playing it became a chore. I don't think I could play it if I was paid to.


getting to my bite price now!!! thanks! shall I?


This is a fantastic game. Currently 45 hours through at around 60% complete.

Mass Effect Andromeda PC (extra 5% off with Facebook voucher code) - £11.99 @ CDKeys
Found 2nd Dec 2017Found 2nd Dec 2017
Apparently not as good as the first trilogy (especially the ending) but has had some good reviews and now they've had time to patch it. Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the And… Read more
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Wish the delux was available cheaper.


Picked this up last month, have been playing ever since, if you have enjoyed the others, you will enjoy this too.


Gets a lot of stick this game for not being as good as the other 3 but it still is a really good game wish they would add a 4k patch Xbox one x


You also get the Deluxe Edition now on EA Access ...


Very good game. I did not play the launch version but there isn't a whole lot wrong with version 1.10, it's Mass Effect through and through, it may not have evolved as much as other titles but this feels and plays like a Mass Effect game with some extra bells and whistles in the combat. RPG elements while not up there with ME1 are less streamlined than 2&3 too. It's just a shame there won't be ANY single player DLC :(

Mass Effect Andromeda + Dead Space 3 coming to EA Access/Origin!
Found 11th Oct 2017Found 11th Oct 2017
Update 1
Now live and available. Download [Link]
As per it is coming between October-December

Definitely, maybe skip 3. Mass Effect 1 will look fairly aged now but if you can concentrate on the story you'll have a great time. Mass Effect 2 is just incredible, the story, the characters you meet. It's a real spine tingler of a game. If you only have time for one, this is the one you play. Mass Effect 3 is great, but felt empty because of 2 being so good and set the bar, 3 falls short. You need none of them to play Andromeda, their stories don't meet, so you could just miss 3 altogether.


I find the first one is hard work... Could be cause I've played it too much in the past though as it does has the most complete RPG element and is probably needed to give context to the rest.... Second one is a masterpiece... Third one is great too.. but that ending... (you've been warned (shock) ) Currently £5 for all 3 (origin) via CDKeys from a deal on here!


I just finished the 10 hour trial on origin and was going to buy it, so I guess I'll wait. Wouldn't mind origin access for FIFA 17 & Titanfall 2 among others. Hopefully it's coming fairly soon.


I assume the original trilogy is worth checking out, yes? In related news, EA should do a DS and MS trilogy remaster.


27hrs in and every second has been better than the last hour of ME3. It hasn't topped ME2 but I don't get the hate for this game. I am playing 1.10 and most bugs have been ironed out though, including a lot of the facial animations.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe - Xbox One £14 - Amazon US
Found 5th Oct 2017Found 5th Oct 2017
I bought this the other day after seeing it for slightly more than it is now. Physical copy and region free so no troubles with it working on a UK XB1. Comes with $20 worth of extr… Read more

Thanks for sharing OP. Decided to buy a copy today, just over £13.


Recieve mine today. Sent within the UK too for anyone interested


What a drop. Must be on EA Access fairly soon then I'd bet.


Thank you for clarifying.


Promised myself no more games. Innocently check HUKD - Games. Buy game. Shut down computer, silently cursing HUKD. (y)

[PS4] Mass Effect Andromeda (As New) - £15.99 - eBay/Boomerang
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
Alternatively, if you don't mind waiting two weeks for a US copy from , you can get the Deluxe Edition (content to be redeemed to US account) for £14.56 Scratch f… Read more
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Same, even though I paid a bit extra for expedited shipping


My order took just over a week


I'm not sure on these Amazon delivery times Buzz... I once had some milk with a use by date of the 5th April, but by the 3rd April (and I remember cause it was my birthday and I was wearing an onion on my belt) it had soured... anyway where was I?


excellent!! cheers!!


He isn't doing it to be mean or to put you seem to be on quite a large defence over you deal...he is just posting one from the UK that might help people out...and he is stating the "estimated" delivery time of 2 weeks because that is what amazon says...if you get them all in 1 week it doesn't make it fact that it will arrive in that time for EVERYONE else does it? - its like royal mail first class delivery is 1-2 days...if I get everything sent to me and it arrives the next day, it doesn't mean everyone else in the UK will...its why royal mail states 1-2 days, sometimes hold ups happen...its the same with amazon USA.... You are sounding a bit like a child tbh and its a bit silly. its a deal site, somewhere to have fun and buy some deals and enjoy yourself - not everyone will like your deal and some people may put it down, but it doesn't mean you have to take it all to heart. Just relax and don't let it bother you.....even though buzz wasn't doing that in the first place and he also wasn't arguing you with just seemed to be making issues out of stuff that wasn't there to be honest. - Stating the delivery dates that amazon themselves put isn't putting the other deal down...its putting down the facts that amazon give.

[Origin] Mass Effect Andromeda - £11.99 (£11.39 With FB 5%) (CDKeys)
Found 1st Oct 2017Found 1st Oct 2017
Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way. There, you'll lead our fight for a new home in hostile territory - where WE are the aliens. Pla… Read more
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Really? Did you have definition at full whack? I'd agree that the vid may not be a great showcase of it, but the film grain effect added is so strong that you cant even read text when it's running(hence the hotkey to turn on and off), and the refocus is also quiet noticeable. Here's 2 frames apart, and the focus change is from back to front, even the map marker in the bottom capture is blurred. I think 3.27 in the vid shows the biggest switch, lighting completely changes. Either way, it's a free mod, and I don't think the games too bad, and it's nice to have options like this.


Just watched the video. I can't tell the difference...


Just this. Is it terrible? No, it's just boring. If you managed to sit through the transformers films without yawning then this might interest you, otherwise I could name you 50 other games that should be played well before this


Single player (19.5 hours) or multiplayer?


Dullest game ever. Grind marathon.

Mass Effect Andromeda PC £12.99 @ cdkeys (£12.34 with 5% facebook code)
Found 24th Sep 2017Found 24th Sep 2017
dropped another £2 .. lowest i seen it yet Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the Andromeda galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way. There, you'll lead our fight for a new home in hosti… Read more
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Suggestions for something/someone better then?


Ahh... Mass Effect Andromeda, the Katy Perry of video games, beautiful but no brains.


That's good to know, sounds like we've got similar machines, I'm not sure why but in my head I remember there being problems at launch, may have just made that up though! Will definitely pick it up but I'm sure it will have hit the £10 mark by the time I have the time to play it so I'm going to hold out! Dragons Dogma, after a shaky first 15hours I have actually really grown to love! Funny you should say about the steam controller as that is what I'm using! Using the 'xbox controller' settings in game (button layout 'c' and it's absolutely perfect, it's the first game I'm playing with the steam controller so it's a learning curve but I'm using that, playing through the Steam Link on my 42 inch TV and am loving it! Will check that HDR setting too cause while it's hell of a lot of fun, a looker it is not!


Awesome game and a bargain at this price. Heat added.


It runs a lot better than ME:A, that's for sure! Prey maintains 90-105+ fps on a 1070, no dips that I've noticed, and this system is overdue a CPU upgrade. While the graphics in ME:A sometimes look excellent (although not enough to justify its fairly poor performance IMO), the graphics in Prey sometimes look... clever. I don't want to say any more - and I recommend against reading anything about Prey, as its surprises have been great so far! ME:A is good as well, but I've been very lucky with the games I've played this year, and it's sadly in last place so far! :p And I still can't get over how much better Dragon's Dogma is on PC - I loved the 360 version, and just expected slightly better graphics and 60FPS, but it just plays so much better at 60FPS, too! If you have a Steam controller, it works so well with this game (which might sound odd, as it doesn't appear to make use of the Steam controller's special features, but it just... works really well!). Make sure you go into the graphics settings and set HDR to Low, though, as High just looks awful for some reason.

[PS4 games] Persona 5 £29.99 / Dark Rose Valkyrie £27.99 / Utawareumono: Mask of deception £19.99 / Mass Effect Andromeda £17.99 (all pre-owned) @ Grainger games
Found 24th Sep 2017Found 24th Sep 2017
I know people got P5 new at Amazon for £30.99 with code but all the same sub £30 may be biting point for some. Some other decent prices there I believe for some niché titles.
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Heat is heat. Have some.


Out of the two, I'd give my money to Boomerang for Andromeda. Not that I have anything against Grainger, but we know we're guaranteed an as new copy.


To be fair these are all pre-owned.


I wouldn’t waste 1p with this bunch of idiots! They NEVER send new sealed games out in my experience and I’ve given them the benefit of the doubt on a few occasions! Check out Trust pilot reviews I’m amazed they even scrape a 5! Avoid! I think they should list all their games as pre owned!


Sorry to hear that. It's completely understandable how you feel.

Mass Effect Andromeda Deluxe Edition (PS4/Xbox One) £15.19 Delivered @
Found 21st Sep 2017Found 21st Sep 2017
Decent price. I don't think EU got a physical version of Deluxe release. This will not have a resale value on high street shops for that reason and the codes need to be redeemed on… Read more

Think this killed the new franchise before it started tbh


Only 9.95 for uk deluxe version. Just bought it


I lost £3... :(


Xbox One down to £14.60 and PS4 is now sat at £15.19


Seems to drop a few cents every day :D Also check out For Honour's also around this price.

Mass Effect Andromeda PC  £14.99 @ cdkeys (£14.25 with 5% facebook code)
Found 14th Sep 2017Found 14th Sep 2017
dropped another pound since yesterday:) not sure if i should update old one or post it again :( posting it again as its dropped i guess. Mass Effect: Andromeda takes you to the … Read more
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Maxed it out with an RX 470, it uses the frostbite engine. Though the game itself is a disappointment.


Does this run well on pc for people?

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