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George Home Black Milk Frother £16 - Asda (+ delivery / minimum basket charges apply)
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th Mar
George Home Black Milk Frother £16 - Asda (+ delivery / minimum basket charges apply)£16Asda Deals
Want to create a fancy coffee for family and friends? Us too. It's now easier than ever with this black milk frother from George Home. Designed with easy to use two-button controls… Read more

I am a fan of electric frothers having owned one for two years and using it twice a day. To be specific, this one from Amazon originally purchased for £25. I remember Lidl selling something very similar for around £20. My only complaint is that the lid doesn't prevent milk for leaking out the top, so I am careful not to overfill it now. The reviews of the Asda George one don't look encouraging as it seems the temperature sensor is set too low or is often faulty. There is also mention of a black coating that wears off, so perhaps not the best quality. I would avoid the overpriced Bodum plunger frother. I have managed to break three Bodums already due to the ridiculously fragile glass (and I consider myself careful). The electric ones are brilliant as you don't have to heat the milk as a separate step. They are also great for reheating cold coffee to a comfortable drinking temperature without ruining the taste.


can it make hot chocolate?


You could give the milk a quick blast before you pour into the frother but we wanted a 2in1 frother/milk warmer hence the reason why we originally considered buying it. Our manual plunger frother is similar to the one in the link below (we consider it a good investment as ours is still going strong after a few years use). A quick blast in the microwave beforehand followed by pouring into the frother and plunge away (y) Short of investing in an expensive barista machine at home, i would say its the closest we have got to creating a coffee shop latte.


Use a Bodum; easy to clean and you can either heat before or after frothing depending if you want a sort or hard foam. You chose the temperature. I happened to find one at a local Lidl that had just opened (when I went to have a look at what the fuss was about) and it was £10, which is the lowest that I have seen. Amazon is good for the reviews


I have this. Im not sure why someone said it takes five mins as mine is much quicker than that. I like mine and for 16 quid I consider it a good buy.

VAVA Milk Frother, Electric Milk Steamer - £19.99 using voucher / +£4.49 non Prime Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
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Posted 20th JanPosted 20th Jan
VAVA Milk Frother, Electric Milk Steamer - £19.99 using voucher / +£4.49 non Prime Sold by Sunvalleytek-UK and Fulfilled by Amazon£19.99Amazon Deals
With the £17.99 Voucher It comes down to £19.99 all other milk frothers ive seen are around £30+. Seems like a good deal for Lattes and Cappuccinos at home.

Are you using it on option 3 i.e. heat only? If I do then I can get a decent mug full of warm very slight frothed milk. As I said above, if you follow this straight up with an “option 2”, it runs for a much reduced time allowing you to lightly froth a much larger volume of milk, perfect for a latte. I use a nespresso machine so my coffee fills about 1/3 of a normal sized mug, milk 2/3. Option one is super frothy hence you can’t put much milk in, not sure if ever use this option as it comes out so frothy you can almost eat it with a spoon !! (excited) So my technique - heat the milk first using option 3, then froth using option 2. If you do this the wrong way round it will overflow! I’m quite happy with mine.


Was impressed with mine I must admit. Really creamy foam.


What do you reckon with this ? Tried mine twice now in the last week and a bit rubbishy if you ask me ! 2nd attempt was an o reflow lol as I tried just above the bottom lune etc Seems of if you make a normal coffee with a half inch to spare from top of mug, pour some of this in instead out of a pint of milk ! maxmix


Mine only came with 2 Spring Whisks also but should be fine using them to warm milk also.


Probably worth checking in the larger stores if there's one local to you (y)

VAVA Milk Frother with double wall insulation and silent operation for £19.99 delivered using voucher @ Sunvalleytel-UK / Amazon
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Posted 11th JanPosted 11th Jan
VAVA Milk Frother with double wall insulation and silent operation for £19.99 delivered using voucher @ Sunvalleytel-UK / Amazon£19.99£36.9946% off Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Good for coffees, hot chocolates, maybe even cocktails (not sure how) this frother will have barista style milk waiting for you at the push of a button. Use the voucher on page u… Read more

the voucher was back for me this morning.


As a little tip, when mine broke I found it is still possible to make frothed milk without one of these... Fill a jar / Tupperware about 2/3 with milk and shake vigorously until the milk expands. Then heat in the microwave for a minute, stopping to stir if it’s on the brink of erupting. Stir then heat for approx another 30 secs until desired temperature reached then add to fresh coffee. (y)


Must of expired, as the voucher has disappeared


The LAvazza one is the only one I've found that can easily heat enough for a full mug, but they're pretty expensive.


I'm so glad someone already said what this looked like 😄

Jolie & Milk Coffee machine including Milk frother £64.50 at John Lewis
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Posted 9th JanPosted 9th Jan
Jolie & Milk Coffee machine including Milk frother £64.50 at John Lewis£64.50 Free P&P FreeJohn Lewis Deals
For those, like me, that's left it too late on the other half price deal, John Lewis now have in stock in both white and black, and all black. In a compact yet lively design, La… Read more

One of the hundred De'Longhi variants... I'm pleased with it.


Does this come with any caps?


Thanks for this. I needed a birthday gift for my Mrs and I managed to get the last one in black.




I’ve previously looked into reusable steel pods you fill with your own coffee but can’t find any with decent reviews and all seem verypoor (unless somebody can tell me different). Instead I now buy the compostable variety.

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Asda Gh Milk frother Instore & online reduced to £16
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Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Asda Gh Milk frother Instore & online reduced to £16£16Asda Deals
Reduced from £20 Designed with easy to use two-button controls, it automatically switches off after frothing or heating milk and is suitable for plant-based milk. - 150ml capacit… Read more

Got one for collection tomorrow. Just got a bean to cup machine without a frother for xmas (the Melitta Solo one that was in Costco) and this will come in handy.


Looks the same


Ours is brilliant. We use semi skimmed milk and does the job in great time. Small and one cup at a time but as said it's very quick to do a 2nd and 3rd. So easy to clean too. Just wait til it's cooler and wipe out with hot cloth as can't be cleaned in water or dishwasher. For the money it's great.


Is it good? (Bought one before from Amazon and was very dissapointed with the froth!) After frothing the milk also wasn't very warm...


Bought 1 for Xmas for £20 so great price. Heat.

Jolie & Milk Coffee machine including Milk frother £64.50 @ Lavazza
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Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020
Jolie & Milk Coffee machine including Milk frother £64.50 @ Lavazza£64.50£12950% offLavazza Coffee Deals
Elegant and quiet, it allows you to prepare original recipes using coffee and fresh milk. Authentic espresso and the real Italian cappuccino, in one simple gesture. Was actually l… Read more

It should do. I bought mine direct from Lavazza recently and it includes a small selection box of pods.


Just bought one from John Lewis, does this come with any caps included?


Thank you, appreciated.


I've given you some well deserved heat on that deal. I've got mine on order and, like you, need to decide on some good pods to get! I think there's some recommendations in this thread already so will check those out.


No worries, did post it as a deal, but just incase people miss it. (y)