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Silvercrest milk frother - £13.99 instore @ LIDL, Loughborough
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Posted 11th JulPosted 11th JulLocalLocal
Found in Loughborough store. Two more left on shelf. Normal price £19.99 when in stock.

Thank you so much! Very kind 😃 (highfive)


Hey @dole thanks for taking the time to share your first deal (y)


I have one at home.. great product! :)


Just saw it in the Loughborough store. As far as I'm aware if other stores still have stock, they will choose to reduce but others may choose not to. It's down to the store manager.


Is this nationwide guys?

Silvercrest milk frother - £19.99 instore @ LIDL (Leicester)
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th JunLocalLocal
Silvercrest Electric Milk Frother Purchased from Lidl yesterday and seems a bargain and quality product. Quality frothing Heats up and froths hot or cold milk in no time High-qu… Read more

Silvercrest make some really good reliable products imo


For warm forth you can only fill to the lower max level


Does anyones over flow when frothing but leaves watery milk under the froth? Really annoying cannot put 2 cups worth of milk in


I got one from Lidl St Georges Leicester yesterday. Was the last one and box was open.. But tried it out today on full froth and warm and it's brilliant


I bought mine on Sunday. There were still about 6 in stock and my friend bought one from Birmingham the same day. No idea how much stock there would be and where. I think Lidl has a 'when it's gone it's gone' model

Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible  - £219.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Breville All-in-One Coffee House, Espresso, Filter and Pods Coffee Machine with Milk Frother, Dolce Gusto Compatible  - £219.99 @ Amazon
£219.99 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
About this item All-in-one system for authentic espresso, filter coffee and capsules Easy to use: Auto-detect senses your chosen attachment and provides the appropriate brewing o… Read more

I purchased and can confirm build quality seems great for the price point and coffee of good quality. Tried various beans, pods, and methods etc and quite please with results. Iced coffees with syrup easily nicer than Costa / Starbucks (probably as perfected what I like). It will require an external bean grinder but this doesn't fuss me as quite satisfying grinding my own beans. The steamer works fine, not the fastest but it certainly does the job... I guess that's a good thing to not heat the milk too quickly though! Only complaint is pods... But that's the pods themselves... Machine recognises suggested size etc but for me they are either not strong enough or too watery which makes sense I guess! Also a bonus it can fit under a travel cup! Will save me a fortune from buying a 'decent' coffee every other day!


I'd also be concerned that this is jack of all trades, master of none. This might be a better option if you can stretch the extra cost. I recently got the ECAM23.420 which is great. Without comparing the specs in detail, I expect it's pretty much the same machine but with digital controls. These suit lazy sods too as they are bean to cup - no messing around with tampers and such like. Fill it with beans and water, turn it on, let it warm up, press a button and there's your drink. Has a steam wand on the side if you want steamed milk drinks.


Wonder why this didn't take the Sage badge?


For lazy sods like me? Seriously tho, I miss my proper espresso machine. Does anyone know if this is any good? I’m sort of concerned about the “versatility” really being complexity and code for, “will do everything mediocrely and probably break quickly” (:I (flirt)


I don't disagree, easily nicer! However, in my house not everyone is a coffee drinker but really enjoy the pods and milk frother for hot chocolate, mocha etc so ticks all the boxes for us. I agree though I prefer proper espresso over pods!

Delonghi EN500W Nespresso machine with Milk frother £119.99 delivered Delonghi direct @ Ebay
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Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Delonghi EN500W Nespresso machine with Milk frother £119.99 delivered Delonghi direct @ Ebay
£119.99£199.9940%eBay Deals
I just missed this by a week, bought the Innisia from Currys and the frother from Aldi. But hopefully helps someone else, good reviews and seems like a fantastic product for the p… Read more

I agree, I have this machine. Take the milk parts off immediately rinse through until clear with hot water tap. I’ve not had any clogging problems and makes epic flat white or cappuccinos


Have this machine along with a range of other capsule based and espresso machines and I rate it pretty highly. You need to get decent quality capsules. You can make big drinks but you'd have to run the milk device a couple of times and refill. Cleaning parts is literally seconds once you have the disassemble and assemble routine down. you can put it all in the dishwasher, the milk parts I mean if you prefer, or every day or two. I default to a flat white, so first capsulke in and run. Extracts for around 23 sconds and cuts off. Add the milk container and a second capsule and press. This runs the milk foamer and a second extraction. A 5oz cup and job done. Really pretty good. To avoid milk deposits you wash through the milk foamer each time. If you're lazy you'll get problems no doubt. It's less mission using this this machine than a pro espresso machine and milk wand. Just discipline needed. I paid £80 for mine delivered as an ex demo machine. so worth a shop around.


Doesn’t have the best reviews on Which


I agree though about the self cleaning, I use to rep for them and it was ALWAYS clogging because of milk deposits. Don’t even get me started on the amount of milk you get. For better temp control and a true barista taste buy separate nespresso and aerrocino. Better to buy a smaller nespresso


Wouldn't suggest this machine. Brought it just recently for the modern look but it's just not worth the hassle. The milk frother doesn't have a self clean function, And you have to clean about 5 parts after every use, Even then I just don't feel it's hygienic due to the amount of nooks and crannies that milk can hide in. Resorted to using my old Aerroccino for frothed Milk.

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Ambiano Milk Frother/Heater in 3 colours £19.99/ £22.94 Delivered (Free on Orders over £20) from Aldi
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Ambiano Milk Frother/Heater in 3 colours £19.99/ £22.94 Delivered (Free on Orders over £20) from Aldi
£22.94£29.9924%Aldi Deals
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsib… Read more

I just got this from Morrisons today and at 17£ it's a steal. I was considering splashing out on a proper brand one but I thought let me give it a chance. So far I only tried the cold milk froth and I was quite impressed. Yes for frothing the max is only 100ml but when I poured it into my latte cup it is enough to make one latte. Looking forward to trying the hot milk froth with a shot of espresso tomorrow morning. Thank you guys.


Sold out after waiting in a queue ...


I've bought mine nearly 3 years ago in-store for £20 and I've been using it 1-3 times a day (love my lattes). It still works perfectly and I haven't had a single issue with it.


This type of frother works well - it makes a much smoother and more liquid foam than the handheld little whisk types. It won't , and couldn't, compare to heating milk with a steam wand but it's not too far off. I would agree these are way overpriced for what they are, though. They are a bit of a pain to clean. There is a nub in the bottom of the container to which you fit the different attachments, and this nub makes it difficult to clean everywhere. If I was replacing the one I have, I'd pay the extra for one with a magnetic stirrer or removable container that can go in the dishwasher. When you clean this, it's a bit like cleaning a kettle - it has the exposed electrical connection on the bottom so you have to clean the inside without getting the rest too wet. I certainly wouldn't be comfortable dunking it in soapy water. For those having problems with burning - use whole milk. Not only is the texture of the foam far better (this is partly why coffee shop coffees taste nicer) but I've never had it burn. Lower fat milks like B.O.B I've found burn on after one use and are difficult to clean off. For the 100ml of milk you use per coffee in one of these, the difference between skimmed and whole is about 20 calories which is well worth it. Here's how I use this to approximate a flat white/ capuccino style drink at home: - Fill your mug/cup with hot boiled water to warm it through - Tip the hot water out of your cup, and make a strong shot of coffee into the cup. I use an Aeropress or Moka pot, but use whatever you have - espresso/ pod machine etc. - Add whole milk to your frother up to the lower line, switch on. (I will try someone's suggestion here to stop it early) - When it has finished, bang it against your work surface a couple of times to pop the big bubbles. Give it a quick swirl to stop the foam separating from the liquid milk underneath. - Hold your cup over the sink and pour the milk in one smooth motion, from a height. You want the milk to hit the coffee and mix with it. Sometimes this is easier if you pour the milk from the frother into a jug first, but be quick if you do. The result should look foamy, and lightly coffee coloured. I'd be impressed if you can achieve latte art! If it looks like white foam, you've not poured with enough impact. - Drink it. It will be ready almost straightaway. The longer you leave it, the more of a Guinness effect you'll get with a stiff foam floating on flat coffee. If this all sounds too much - get a takeaway drink from a local cafe - they've got better kit than you and they need the income right now!


I picked up one of these few months back when I spotted it in Aldi, sure I paid less than £10 but I don't really remember First milk frother so can't compare to others, it comes with two attachments/stirrers - one whips up a lot of froth, one is more subtle There are two fill lines, the heavy frother allows a much smaller max amount of milk It warms the milk enough pretty good, makes a good temp hot chocolate with just chocolate powder and milk in here without any other heating needed I do find the heavy frother gives me too much froth, and the gentler one doesn't give me quite as much as I'd like I'm going to try as someone mentioned above and turn it off before the timer ends to get a happy medium I wasn't overly impressed, but then again it has remained out of the work top and gets used still occasionally. Lots of things I've bought like this have used once or twice then given up, so thats something

Jura E60 15082 Automatic 15Bar Bean to Cup Coffee Machine & Milk Frother - Black + 2 Year Warranty - £479 (£469 New Customers) @ AO
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Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Jura E60 15082 Automatic 15Bar Bean to Cup Coffee Machine & Milk Frother - Black + 2 Year Warranty - £479 (£469 New Customers) @ AO
£479£54813% Free P&P Deals
Price reduced to £479 which is good for this Machine, but sign up with a 'New' email account here to receive the extra £10 off code via email (worked for me instantly). This se… Read more

You can get generic cleaning tablets which are much cheaper than the Jura-branded ones and which do the same job. I use them in my Jura S9.


£449 now


Awsome black one,nothing more comfortable than a hot cup of coffee in the morning


If you drink milky coffees daily, go for the Eletta. The milk caraffe has a clean option on it, whereas with the Jura you have to put a jug of water under it for cleaning. They recommend you buy new tubes every X months etc too. The Jura also requires expensive cleaning tablets, although doesn't require cleaning often, it's still an extra ongoing expense. On the delonghi you can remove the brew unit and clean. The water tank is easier to replenish on the delonghi too because it slides out. Neither will make a particularly hot milky drink, but the delonghi will make a hotter black coffee with the highest temperature setting. The Jura does make a slightly tastier coffee, but could be down to personal opinion.


We have this and its a great machine, so easy to use and maintain apart from the milk part which is a bit of a faff to maintain so we sometimes just head a shot of milk in the microwave instead to save cleaning. The wifi thing seems gimicky so don't bother. We have loads of coffee makers and machines at home now and this gets used the most by far. Sure a proper espresso machine is better but this is so much easier. I don't bother with my espresso machine anymore.

Ambiano Milk Frother £9.99 at Aldi Bootle, Merseyside
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Posted 8th MarPosted 8th MarLocalLocal
Ambiano Milk Frother £9.99 at Aldi Bootle, Merseyside
£9.99£19.9950%Aldi Deals
Likely to be national as a clearance item. Seen in Bootle, Merseyside (6 in the clearance basket). Contents 1 x Milk frother jug 1 x STRIX 360° base 1 x Transparent lid 1 x Attac… Read more

had ours for 2+ years now... used every day several times over and still works a charm - especially good with soya milk as that stuff froths even better than semi skimmed. Clean it thoroughly each and every time though, otherwise you'll get burned bits. Better than the much more expensive aerochino in my opinion. (and it lasted longer!) Oh, I lost the frother widget after a year - phoned up the company and they sent me two replacements free of charge which was excellent customer service - didn't need the receipt, just the model number. Would definitely buy one as a spare/gift if I saw it again.


Save your money. Put a third of a mug of heated skimmed, it must be skimmed, milk into a cafitiere and plunged up and down 4 or 5 times and, hey presto, perfectly frothed milk. Knock yourselves out.


I've got one. For the price it's fine but it does tend to burn the milk and leaves milk crusted to the bottom.

EDDINGTONS Aerolatte Milk Frother with Stand - Blue - Free C&C £4.91 at Currys PC World
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Posted 2nd FebPosted 2nd Feb
EDDINGTONS Aerolatte Milk Frother with Stand - Blue - Free C&C £4.91 at Currys PC World
£4.91£10.9955%Currys PC World Deals
Quickly create frothy milk using the handy Eddingtons Aerolatte Milk Frother with Stand . Make the perfect frothy milk for cappuccinos, cafe latte, milkshakes and hot chocolates … Read more
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I bought 2 of the ikea ones, first one broke first time I used it and the second one only lasted 2 weeks


I did buy mine some years ago, maybe 10 or so so might be newer models now.


Had mine for years and use it all the time.. Still going strong (the ikea one)


With the above price, it's better to buy 4 from IKEA which will last at least couple of years. Any one can disagree with me.


Mine seems ok for the little I use it

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Thermometer 97p Prime / £5.46 Non Prime @ Amazon
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Posted 1st FebPosted 1st Feb
Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Thermometer 97p Prime / £5.46 Non Prime @ Amazon
£0.97£1.9751%Amazon Deals
What can be better than hot coffee in the morning! Low price, Great reviews! Update: Just got it delivered. 12 hours after placing the order! Tried it straight away. Works like a … Read more

Shame it’s not this price now 🤭


I don't have a steamer posh machine thing. I will get this thermometer and watch through the window of the microwave till the milk hits the right temperature. For 97p it's worth a shot! 8)


Just make sure you're at sea level, the weather is average and you have pure water


thank you, boughty one (y)


Going to test it with boiling water like in this video:

Electric milk frother at Argos for £17.99
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Posted 25th JanPosted 25th Jan
Electric milk frother at Argos for £17.99
Electric milk frother. Just bought this to keep price of coffee treats down. It's great. Going to get one for work too. Plenty of stock in Birmingham


Is that before or after heating it? ;)


Morrisons were doing an induction one for only £17.99 last time I looked. The hub was not removable or immersible but it's non sink and with no spindle in the way for easy cleaning.


What I do is, I shake the milk bottle vigorously and then pour the resultant liquid it into the coffee. (flirt)


Depends if it's looked after. I've used shared kitchens where people don't bother cleaning the frother, they just top up the milk and turn it on. Then you quickly accumulate a layer of scorched milk on the bottom, and because of the join between steel and glass, and the spindle shaft in the centre, getting a good clean with a scourer is tough. Non-stick for me every time

Argos Milk Frother Jug 0.15 Litres £4.88 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Posted 8th JanPosted 8th Jan
Argos Milk Frother Jug 0.15 Litres £4.88 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Cheap as chips to enjoy your frothed milk coffee at a fraction of price. Great reviews and free C&C couldn't have asked for more! About this product:- Complete your hot drink… Read more
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Use any cafitiere for this but be sure to use heated skimmed milk. Amaze your friends, etc., Better than frothing at jugs

Melitta Cremio II Stainless Steel Milk Frother (Black version for £39.99) £42.99 @ Costco
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Posted 26th Dec 2019Posted 26th Dec 2019
Melitta Cremio II Stainless Steel Milk Frother (Black version for £39.99) £42.99 @ Costco
Black version: The Melitta Cremio II Stainless… Read more

I know, but it's a pain when you can't get these things cleaned properly because you can't immerse them. You can get the Lavazza version for £40, but the compromise is capacity and performance.


Severin is about twice this price.


Are these main wired I guess , how do they compare to bean to cup frothers


Very hot price for this model, but you can't beat the Severin milk frothers which have the flexibility of a completely immersible dishwasher safe jug and a decent capacity. Annoyingly these items are always much cheaper in Germany than they are in the UK.


These are superb. I have a Melitta TSP Bean to cup but it doesn't froth Oat milk very well. I got one of these and it froths oat perfectly. With the coffee from the machine, it tastes as good if not better than from a proper coffee shop. This heats and froths milks. I guess you could make hot chocolate with it possibly. It whisks it as well.

Lavazza a modo mio milk easy milk frother £19 + £2 c&c / £3.50 delivery at John Lewis & Partners + 2 year guarantee
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Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Lavazza a modo mio milk easy milk frother £19 + £2 c&c / £3.50 delivery at John Lewis & Partners + 2 year guarantee
This milk frother was £34 at John lewis and much more everywhere else. Since then amazon had it for £19 recently but delivery after 3rd-13th December. This is the cheapest for this… Read more

Yes anything, as long as you make the black coffee. I use it to make hot chocolate too. This machines heats milk only, froths milk hot and froths milk cold.


Bit of a daft question I think but what would coffee would I use this with? Don't use a coffee bean/pod machine and would normally just mix instant Kenco/Nescafe in, would that work with this?


Ordered, thanks OP.


Nothing beats john lewis customer service though. Seen this in store today too for £19


Ordered. Thanks OP. Heat!

Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Milk Frother £19 instore @ Tesco Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
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Posted 24th Nov 2019Posted 24th Nov 2019LocalLocal
Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Milk Frother £19 instore @ Tesco Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire
Lavazza A Modo Mio MilkEasy Milk Frother now down to 19.99. They are still showing at 35.00 on the shelf but scanning at 19.99. This is same price as Amazon and John Lewis.

Still in Tesco as I’ve just grabbed one today at Walsall Birmingham store.


£35 at Amazon/JL :(


Worth a try! They showed. 35.00 onnthe shelf but scanned at 19.00


Are these possibly still in Tesco? Seems amazon and JL have upped the price


Its amazing! I originally saw it online at JL for this price, but sadly we dont have one near us and me being impatient wanted it now. Popped to Tesco and saw it was £35 and wnet for it anyway. It was a nice suprise when it scanned for £19.

Milk Frother Electric, (New Version) VAVA Milk Steamer Amazon Fulfilled (Sunvalleytek-UK)
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Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Milk Frother Electric, (New Version) VAVA Milk Steamer Amazon Fulfilled (Sunvalleytek-UK)
Posted this a while ago but seeems to be a fair bit cheaper in a Black Friday Lightning Deal.

Thanks OP - good find, ordered.


Previous deal was £25.49:

Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £19.00 (Prime) £23.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 21st Nov 2019Posted 21st Nov 2019
Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £19.00 (Prime) £23.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Great price!
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I received mine today brilliant just like you get froth at proper coffee shops (y)


You could hand whisk you milk for outlay of all of a fiver Cold milk - fridge Hot milk - microwave ( With much better result )


Price is 32£ wtf? !?


Expired now £34


Back to £34 now everywhere.

Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Plus Coffee Machine with Milk Frother £64.50 @ John Lewis & Partners
74° Expired
Posted 12th Nov 2019Posted 12th Nov 2019
Lavazza A Modo Mio Jolie Plus Coffee Machine with Milk Frother £64.50 @ John Lewis & Partners
In a compact yet lively design, Lavazza's Jolie Plus has been developed with new features and an updated finish, for those who are passionate about good coffee. Now equipped with a… Read more
VonShef Milk Frother / Heater in Black £24.99 @ Vonshef
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Posted 30th Oct 2019Posted 30th Oct 2019
VonShef Milk Frother / Heater in Black £24.99 @ Vonshef
£24.99£34.9929%VonShef Deals
Heat and froth your milk to make a wide range of barista-style beverages, including cappuccinos, macchiatos, lattes and more 4 settings deliver either hot milk, frothy hot milk, e… Read more

Price changed :(


Thx, ordered, get cash back through top cash back too


Don't forget 3.03% Topcashback (y)


Seems like a somewhat small capacity unless you drink your coffee alone and make your wife and guests watch enviously.


No good for cappuccinos and the like, these machines only give you frothy milk that 'crackles' as you drink and the bubbles disappear very quickly, don't count on getting microfoam if that's what you're hoping.

Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £19.99 With Code @ Robert Dyas (Free click+collect)
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Posted 29th Oct 2019Posted 29th Oct 2019
Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £19.99 With Code @ Robert Dyas (Free click+collect)
Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - includes 2 years guarantee Click and Collect – Free Delivery to Robert Dyas and Ryman Stores Use discount code for £5 off

OOS again(mad)


These are very good, one option for cold frothy milk, one for steamed milk and one for hot frothy!


Pretty good. Has the magnetic stirrer like the Krups


Anyone know how these compare to the Krups version?


Ordered (y)

Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £21.24 @ Robert Dyas (Free click+collect)
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Posted 28th Oct 2019Posted 28th Oct 2019
Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £21.24 @ Robert Dyas (Free click+collect)
£21.24£3946%Robert Dyas Deals
Easy to use milk frother. Use code WHOKNOWS15 at checkout for discounted price :) Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - includes 2 years guarantee Click and Collect – Free Delivery… Read more
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Back in stock and used AL19MS to get £5 off to bring it down to £20


Are these easy to clean?


What's the froth like, could you do latte art with it?




Mine gets a bit too hot to drink comfortably, and works well for chai lattes. If you need it to boil I'm not sure how well it'll do but you can run it multiple times. Also never tried almond milk.

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