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Mac Allister 1700W 210mm Sliding Compound Mitre Saw with Laser Guide - £50 with code @ B&Q (Free C&C / Possible £45 for B&Q Club Members)
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Found this sliding mitre saw whilst browsing at B&Q. Reviews look alright. It's been reduced from £90 to £60 but apparently you can get £10 off using the code 10BANDQ at ch… Read more
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Looking for a sliding mitre saw for doing decking. However the joists i am looking at are 43mm thick. Will this saw not cut that? I noticed a max cut depth of 35mm. It would just be straight cuts.


Code does't work . Cold..


Yes - You need a metal cutting blade. DON’T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE USE ANY OTHER TYPE OF BLADE. Go slow, clamp the material and do not hold it with your hands. Metal cutting blades are designed to nip in small increments at the workpiece with a negative rake angle on the blade tips. This pushes the workpiece down and back into the fence, minimising the likelihood of it biting into the material and promptly throwing that sharp, jagged piece of metal with 1500watts of power at your face. If anyone thinks they want to be holding it with their hand at this point, they won’t have any fingers to argue the case with as they get dragged into the blade. Most wood blades have a positive hook angle and larger teeth. This exponentially increases the likelihood of the saw “grabbing” it and throwing it within the blade revolution. Take note that metal cutting blades have slower RPM limits. This saw may not operate within that slower limit. This risk is a user beware one. For infrequent use on cutting metals, this might work. Anyone considering this should please do their research. No offence implied or intended, just trying to spread practical advise to anyone considering this.


yes , but you'd have to buy a new blade - lidl have them in sometimes £4 - ish or other brands around the £10-ish range. --- because the blade as bought is only for wood chopping.


Then cancelled oos

Einhell TC SM2131 210mm Double Bevel Sliding Crosscut Mitre Saw 230V - Toolstation - 25% off (down from £134.98) - £99.98 In-store & online
Found 2nd AprFound 2nd Apr
210mm, double bevel, sliding mitre saw Excellent reviews and price has dropped again to pre-Christmas level. Excellent customer service from Toolstation. Includes free express d… Read more
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Is this as good as it gets for £100 or less


Had one for a few months now and does a great job :)


Compound just means two angles delivered by the same cut in this case


If this has the laser on top, then this is the exact same model I bought off Amazon years back. Awesome bit of kit. Cuts very true.


I've ordered this. I didnt know what bevel (kinda guessed) was, what double bevel (again kinda guessed) was or what compound (still not sure tbh) was. However I understood the sliding bit and so that was good enough for me. The Screwfix Evolution one at a similar price didnt have all the same features (that I dont get fully) so this seems good value. Planning on using it to make some basic rectangular (but deep) box frames and maybe some door mouldings and skirting. This SHOULD be sufficient for my needs?

Makita DLS713RME 18 V Li-ion LXT Slide Compound Mitre Saw Complete with 2 x 4.0 Ah Li-ion Batteries and Charger - £445.74 @ Amazon
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Not the cheapest it's ever been but a good price for the time being. Good for chopping stuff.
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Wait a minute, where can I get a mains Makita slide compound mitre saw for £145?


The dewalt 54v also has an adapter which you can use to make it run off mains power so you get the best of both worlds, it doesn't come with the saw so you have to buy it separately


I used the DeWalt cordless with the new 54v battery. Brilliant. A must buy vs mains. Go anywhere. Light. No cables. Well impressed.. The 54v battery fits the lower voltage stuff to. Don't know anything about this makita but it's the way to go if you are in the trade.. Imo.. So I'm giving this some heat


Why would you spend 300 more than a mains powered one though. Its good for tradesman but not ya average diyer.


Perfect if you have a few logs you want to turn into firewood. This should be up to the job, as long as they are quite small logs.

Evolution Power Tools Rage 3-DB Double Bevel Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw, 255 mm (230 V) £199 @ Screwfix (Free C&C)
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
£249 on Amazon now and the lowest price ever is £225 so it seems like a great deal. It's my first ad, so I'm sorry if I forgot to add something ;)

Wish I'd have known this when I had mine. Terrible terrible wonky cuts well off square. Sold it


Ahhhhhhh double bevel!!!! Heat added. Single bevel almost always available for £149.


Word of warning - you need to calibrate these saws when you get them, their factory settings are not anywhere near as reliably consistent as say Dewalt is. You need the back fence to be 90 degrees to the blade. You need the blade to be 90 degrees to the table. Check with a good quality, accurate, machined set square. Once set with a set square, you need to then look at the degree scales for the mitre and compound and make a note - are they pin accurate to the position you just set? If not, adjust them. Ignore the laser - it’s just adding complexity and can only be set for cutting on one side of the blade. Pointless on a double bevel - just use your eye and bring the blade to the wood to check cut accuracy.


Good deal for a lot of saw

Workzone Mitre Saw Stand - Aldi for £39.99
Found 16th MarFound 16th Mar
Workzone Mitre Saw Stand Aldi Brilliant well made kit. Under £40 and solid as a rock. As good as ones 3 x the value. Free delivery. What’s not to like?? Unless you hate diy....… Read more

This is the same unit as the evolution branded saws stands too (that some b&q dropped to 20 notes from the standard 60... But mine wouldn't :()


Bosch you are more likely to see used by professionals, more down to build quality and it may take rough treatment longer out and about; and little details like unstable ground adjustment, end holders, and it also extends a considerably wider than the workzone. The workzone will be built to perform if possible as good as a mid range device but at value end price for a limited time at Lidl/ALD. Aldi give 3 or 5 year warranty on these types of tools so that should reassure buyers. Consumer/diy are more likely to have these kept in the shed/at home for the occasional project, compared to some brands that may be taken out on worksites all the time


Wondering how that compares to the Bosch GTA-2600 what is double the price.


Going to give this a shot and the mitre saw given the now 5 year warranty that think used to be 3.


This is the same as the 'titan' version in Screwfix which is £59.99...which I just spent ... Very solid and heavy, the side extensions are twin chromed tubes that I guess will rust quickly ( never seen Chinese chrome that lasts) if kept in damp shed. Use furniture polish when putting away. ( Grease would be better...but with all that saw dust....) . The clamping screws are plastic capped and quite vulnerable/ delicate. Can't see them lasting long if it is moved around lots Excellent for the money though.

Performance Power Mitre saw stand YH-MS029G-2 £35 @ B&Q
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Product Information Adjustable - Height adjustable arms with rollers and end-stops Foldable - Foldable Ease of application - Quick release mounting brackets for fast saw removal… Read more

I picked mine up today. It’s a good solid bit of tubular steel kit. Looks great for £35. V easy to assemble. I also spotted a performance power mitre saw in the store (Newhaven) for £50 - £10 less than I paid for one 3 weeks ago. So I bought it, walked out of the shop, walked back in with the £60 saw (ahem) and got a refund for it. So saved £10 there. Call me a Yorkshireman.


Nice nice.... I so need one. Thanks op (y)


Good price if you can find one locally - there's still three within a 30 mile radius of me, although past experience would suggest you "phone ahead", I've known the B&Q online stock availability to be a little optimistic for their "specials"!


I have the identical Screwfix 'titan' version at £59.99. Very good but heavy at 13.5 kg. Not stupid heavy but if I was lugging it up stairs into flats or similar it would get on my nerves. Now I know why DeWalt do it in far greater cost . Hot!


Sweet! One near me. Cheers OP.

Scheppach HM80DB 210mm sliding mitre saw £59 instore at B&Q Doncaster
LocalLocalFound 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Scheppach 210mm sliding mitre saw. Could be also available in different branches. THIS POWERFUL SLIDING MITRE SAW IS FANTASTIC VALUE FOR MONEY. THE SCHEPPACH HM80DB SLIDING MITR… Read more

Hmmm Scheppach as a brand seems to have gone down hill a lot since I bought my table saw and compound mitre saw from them nearly 20 years ago.


Mitre Saw for £50 doesn’t sound right for me to be honest.


on b&q website it is the scm80l model sliding saw, the hm80 model £50 is the non sliding. could be wrong . but we definitely bought the scm80l before returning it. if it is now the hm80db then that might be in a different league compared to the scm80l looking at the product promo videos.


had a look at this model because of its double bevel - but has poor reviews (everywhere you can find them) and isnt that well made. probably perfectly adequate but for us didnt feel safe. model was Scheppach SCM 80L - it has a slightly less cutting depth than the PP mentioned below 58mm vs 65mm at 0 degrees. opted for the £50 performance power saw, smaller cutting width and no laser but better built and has very good reviews. and will do everything for normal diy jobs.


I believe it’s the right model.

Titan TTB598MSW 210mm Single-Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw 240V for £74.99 @ Screwfix (+2 Years Guarantee)
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
First time seeing this on offer. Useful sliding mitre saw reduced by £20 with very good reviews. The Titan TTB598MSW sliding compound mitre saw is a high performance cutting … Read more
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Plunge saw needed


Did a whole downstairs cutting laminate flooring with one of these with no issues other than a blunt blade at the end. Blades are relatively cheap and of coarse the 3 year warranty make this a good saw for general diy.


gonna be best just using a decent circular saw, make sure you know what you are doing with one though, kickback can be nasty to say the least


Thanks for the explanation. Will look for right one.


no chance of cutting a worktop with one of these! only about 6inch of cut, great tools to have but in your case its the wrong tool for the job

Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Come across this whilst searching for a mitre saw. Seems to have very good reviews and the price is very reasonable. 1400W Max. Cross Cut: 120 x 50mm 40-Tooth TCT Blade Includ… Read more

the evolution / performance are not that much bigger. the scheppach is cumbersome though that is 320mm cutting width


The sliding one can be cumbersome. This one is more compact and lighter.


Got this exact one, been pretty impressed. I would agree to get a sliding one though, I often find I need to make a cut, turn it over, and cut from the other side to meet in the middle. I can see a scenario where that might not be possible.


I bought one of these from Screwfix 14 years ago, still going strong. I've replaced the bushes that's all, oh and treated it to a new blade. I'd buy again.


Get a sliding one for not much more. More versatile. You'll be glad you did! Here's one which has been posted already:

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Evolution Mitre Saw Stand - normally £60, now £20 instore @ B&Q (Friern Barnet)
LocalLocalFound 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Went into B&Q to pick up the performance mitre saw deal posted a few days ago and in the clearance section saw the Evolution Mitre Saw Stand for £20. Seems like a bargain given… Read more

Yeah it's a shame that these stores can't price match each other.. Considering all 20+ had been shipped within a week of posting at Friern Barnet it at least drives up sales lol. A lot of other stores have them scanned at £42 rather than £50, but suppose that might be the standard pricing.


Yeah..thanks..i realised the barcode was visible on the pallet pile boxes..but I wanted the POS card so that it was obviously deliberate, as my second attempt today at the normal Customer services I was told..wheres the proof they went through at that price..... How can you be sure that that it is b&q?.... (At which I said you're taking the 'kicks now...that's quite clearly a b&q clearance sticker) When asked do you price match your own stores?? I was told with a smug straight No, of course, not...we font even price match Screwfix! And they're the same company!! I looked aghast at the ridiculous statement but when I said "I mean your own can you sell at different prices at the same store in a different city...that's crazy!" I said I understand if a shop is closing down that different, but that's not what we are talking about here... But again they checked the computer and were adamant it was 50 ;( As has been noted though they also She said it could be they had a pallet load and we've only got that's why... Each store has their own clearance budget :(


Lol. I'm slipping this time round then :) Just got home and looked at my receipt. Doesn't actually have a barcode for the product on the receipt. I suppose they just scan the barcode in the picture above?


Fantastic service though (nerd) 2 minutes lol


Thanks but I was hoping for the barcode if possible?? That way they can't give me the wrong barcode/older product BS.... I just asked at the trade station and they were adamant that trade and normal price still 50 :(

Performance Power 1500W 240V 210mm Sliding mitre saw - £50 @ B&Q
Refreshed 14th MarRefreshed 14th Mar
Already been posted but price gone down to £50 now. Grab a bargain! This sliding mitre saw is ideal for cutting wood. No load speed - 4500 rpm Maximum cutting depth at 90° - 7… Read more

Got this for £46 through work discount today. Can be had for as low as £41 if you sign up for b&q club but my £5 voucher didn’t come through at the time so just paid £46


lidl do them - when in stock cost about £4, saxton, b&q, etc - ebay amazon etc etc have them .. in fact it is a 210mm x 30mm blade which is quite widely available . 30mm is the bore size.


Where did you source your replacement blade from? it's started smoking after doing laminate flooring, which means the blade it shipped with is clearly not very good.


I bought one of these when they were £60. Brilliant tool, worth every penny.


Thanks i just cracked it ..

VonHaus Mitre Saw Stand £34.99  domu-uk /  ebay seller
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
MAX LOAD 100KG – heavy duty steel build offers a high maximum load for supporting heavy workpieces ADJUSTABLE SIZE – features extendable support arms (94-195cm) to suit longer w… Read more

This stand is very robust and well made. It is fairly light in weight and folds away easily. It can accommodate my variety of saws and makes working with them so much safer. The purchase cost was far lower than all of the better known brands.


Bought this from amazon a few weeks back. For the price it’s very good. Packs away flat. Good buy


Should be compatible with most brands mate


will this works with evolution saw?

Evolution R255SMS sliding mitre saw £149.99 @ Screwfix
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
EVOLUTION R255SMS 255MM SINGLE-BEVEL SLIDING MITRE SAW 220-240V I was looking for a saw for my upcoming projects. Didnt want to spend £200+ and also wasnt sure if a non sliding sa… Read more

There’s a sliding mitre saw at wickes for £95 which is pretty good


Compound is the same thing, but this also has a sliding function, so more flexible. This is arguably better than a static compound saw.


This is a sliding compound mitre saw I believe? Not sure what do you think is difference between this and "compound" saw?


I'd be tempted to go for a compound over sliding.


Thanks I didnt realise there was also longer cable but before I build a workbench with it, i will use it in the garden so need extension anyways. Once workbench is built it will have it's own place with it's own plug close enough :)

Evolution RAGE3FP2551 255mm Single-Bevel Compound Mitre Saw 110V £79.99 @ Screwfix
Found 16th FebFound 16th Feb
Saw on screwfix site Might be available in some stores

Left one of these to the recycling centre yesterday. I got it for around 40 quid from their own side in 2017 iirc, grade b or c or something like that. Worked fine for a few DIY jobs and then the it started to smoke (and sparks and actual fire later) I took it all apart and I could see part of the winding had black mark, shot possibly. Anyway, took the 240AC to 3v transformer, switch and laser out of it for DIY stuff, and the blade of course. Chucked the rest into recycling. Shame, it was a good saw.


Da with great luck a couple of passing brass rubbers were able to give assistance.


Actually I don't like the taste of bare metal. So I make sure the dog has a go.


Anyone found any stock?


I have the 240v version and it's excellent. Definitely the best saw I have. Well worth £80 if you can use 110v.

Evolution Power Tools R210CMS Multi-Purpose Compound Mitre Saw, 210 mm (230 V)  £53.99 delivered @ Amazon
Found 12th FebFound 12th Feb
TCT 210mm blade 1200w Ideal for home use and small projects

Why didn't I think of that :/ . It's so obvious now. (flirt)


just done a new staircase with one of these, absolute piece of cake well worth the money.


The arbor is 25.4mm saxton blades supply all their blades with spacer rings. I've got a huge variety of blades for my evolution range of saws. And they are cheaper then the evolution blades also. Well worth buying this deal


yeah mine is a 210 sliding and even that i find myself wanting greater capacity regularly, waiting for a good deal on a sliding 255 one. wouldnt recommend a 210 fixed.


Yeah, get a slliding one. So much more useful for not a lot more money.

Performance Power 1500W 240V 210mm Sliding mitre saw - now £50 @ B&Q
Refreshed 18th FebRefreshed 18th Feb
Get's good reviews and decent enough spec to cover most needs. Great price for a sliding mitre saw.
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That's annoying that the instructions are incorrect. Thanks for the warning.


Thanks i just cracked the nut after a struggle down the way to loosen its a Left Hand Thread and its actually the opposite way that is pictured in the drawing looks like an Error in the drawing clock wise to loosen and anti clockwise to tighten. Cheers for posting


So its clockwise to loosen and anti clockwise for tightening?


Hi, Engineer Ian wrote this in the reviews: This is a great product and rips through wood like butter. I checked out other mitre saws and chose this one after checking the amount of “play” in the pivots and sliders and found this one to be very good. Warning!! Ironically I decided to change the blade so I could use it to cut metal but could not undo the bolt. I re-read the manual to check it wasn’t a left hand thread and there is no mention of that. Furthermore the diagram clearly shows a normal thread that needs to be rotated anticlockwise to remove it (see attached picture). ! I returned the product thinking it most likely the bolt had been cross threaded and B & Q changed it without a problem (after they too tried to remove the bolt!!). To cut a long story short I eventually found that it is a left hand thread! I recommend this product as a good buy. View less


Parkside Cross-Cut Mitre Saw - £49.99 @ Lidl from 3/2/18
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
For precisely cutting wood and plastic With tiltable saw head and laser for increased accuracy Continuous mitre or with fixed angles Clamp and side supports for securing your wo… Read more
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I'm not sure with this one specifically, but from memory I think mine has a 210mm blade. It can cut through a 75mm fence post in one go but can't manage a 100mm one, without removal of the safety guard and tipping the post up at the end of the cut (neither of which I advise or recommend, obviously) (y) .


These are fantastic even for chopping rough wood up for wood burner etc, but I echo what others have said to wait for the sliding mitre saw as you can do bigger cuts


Yeah no need to mount. I regularly use mine with it sat on a gravel drive.


Do you happen to know the maximum width that this can cut?


Bear in mind you might be better investing in a sliding mitre saw instead

Evolution Rage 3-S Mitre Saw - £90 (B&Q Reading - In Store Only - maybe others?)
LocalLocalFound 1st JanFound 1st Jan
Evolution Rage 3-S Mitre Saw - £90 (B&Q Reading - In Store Only - maybe others?)
£90£154.7642%B&Q Deals
Evolution RAGE3-S Sliding Mitre Saw as found here: Stacks of them on offer in B&Q Reading labelled up with pr… Read more
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B&Q Dartford had these at £25 earlier this week!! Not sure if any left now. I bought two so I could sell one on for a profit.


Evoltion have always done a fine tooth wood blade for this saw. Saxton blades also make blades that will fit this with a reducer ring included with the blade to fit the arbour which is 25.4mm


Alright for rough work, fences, shed building, firewood and stuff. Too much slop in the head and rails for finishing/trim work. Laughable when put side by side with a quality saw. Don't know if it's still the case but can't get decent fine tooth blades that will fit it either coz it's got an odd size bore so your stuck with the low tooth/rough work blades. Heat for price tho, be hard pushed to find a cheaper slider.


I put the model number in the first post, its the rage 3s. I can't recall 100% what the price was, but my local b&q had them on offer, I think it was around the £110 - £115 bracket


The green version is the same price now aswell. Think the orange has a 6mm depth on steel versus a deeper cut on the green on wood.

Sliding Cross Cut Mitre Saw PKZS 2000 A1 - £89.99 @ LIDL
LocalLocalFound 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Sliding Cross Cut Mitre Saw PKZS 2000 A1 Features Sliding Cross Cut Mitre Saw PKZS 2000 A1 For the precise sawing of wood and plastic Laser for improved cutting accuracy Tilta… Read more

I used it for DIY job. Worked perfect for me on plan floor in garden


Yes, a bench or whatever. Or you can buy specific stands for some of them (not sure about this one) but most of the stands are universal so will fit most. The stands have extension rails to keep the wood level & supported whilst cutting.


What do I need to mount this on while cutting? Just any flat surface?




Found this machine more accurate and easy to cut MDF skirting boards on my DIY project . Better cut and powerful feel then an expensive nice brand machine which I used previously. Hope it lasts for few years (as stated 3 years warranty the least). Not bad for DIY use I think.

Einhell TC SM2131 210mm Double Bevel Sliding Crosscut Mitre Saw 230V £99.98 @ toolstation instore
LocalLocalFound 16th Dec 2018Found 16th Dec 2018
Einhell TC SM2131 210mm Double Bevel Sliding Crosscut Mitre Saw 230V £99.98 @ toolstation instore
£99.98£134.9826%Toolstation Deals
Instore price is £99.98 • Power input: 1800W • No-load speed: 5,000 rpm • Blade/bore Ø: 210 x 30 mm • Bevel range: 45/45°(left/right) • Mitre range: 45/45°(left/right) • Capacity … Read more
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The website is showing the wrong price... If you ring the contact centre they will sell at the price above ;)


Good for picture frames.


Seems to have gone back up... Shame as was sold on this.


I have an older version of this (the blue one) and it's a decent saw and a bargain at this price. If I remember correctly all Einhell stuff has a 2yr guarantee as well?


Is that a sliding one? Do you have a link pls

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