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OnePlus Nord N100 Midnight Frost 6.25" 4GB/64GB - £95.99 with code (UK Mainland) @ buyitdirectdiscounts / eBay
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Unlocked & SIM Free 4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds Ultra-sharp Triple 13, 2 and 2 Megapixel rear camera & 8 Megapixel selfie camera 6.52” HD+ Display Super fast… Read more

This phone is garbage, if you install oxygen is 11 and more than 20 apps prepare for poor performance save you more and get a Xiaomi redmi or ealme you money will be spent better. Bought it as a cheap phone and it couldnt perform daily tasks without stuttering or locking up.


I ordered this phone last time it was on sale (just under £90) from these be honest I was a bit worried about their feedback, but I got delivery/ebay update emails throughout and the phone was well packed, so a positive experience for me (y)


I have a Poco X3 Pro, is the Redmi an upgrade compared to it?


Me not understand why those cowboys with 97% feedback get promoted on hukd.


Redmi note 10 5g seems a bargain though

OnePlus Nord 2 5G Gray Sierra 6.43" 128GB 8GB 5G, £314 (UK mainland) @ buyitdirectdiscounts Ebay
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Cheapest price brand new for this, nearly £100 off MSRP Key Features: Unlocked & SIM Free 5G Ready for the fastest network speeds around Ultra-sharp Triple 50 + 8 + 2 M… Read more

More on OnePlus quality issues here I had heard of the issues with the 8t, Pro and 9 but wasn't aware this seeped into the Nord as well. At the time I got it, it was a reluctant purchase - I wanted an 8 Pro but was sent an empty box by Amazon so had to make do with a Nord. Then I checked on Reddit and it looked like a lucky escape - lots of complaints about the 8X and 9X but only sporadic complaints about the Nord. It seemed like the consensus was the Snapdragon processor in those models was insufficiently protected, but it looks like it's actually a combination of code, hardware and QC if it's a widely reported issue with the Nord series too... lucky I'm a very light user I guess.


Well it's been well reported since launch and I've seen it in video's,. I also read through the issues as I checked up on the OP8T before installing my last update. The usual clear the cache thing pops up everywhere, along with Color OS now spoiling peoples experience. If memory serves app stability featured in the last update with owners still complaining today issues had not been fixed.


I don't get any of the lag or anything like that... Just a pretty washed out picture on the front facing camera. On MIUI my camera was forever crashing and lagging, maybe it's just that I take less photos now I haven't noticed it yet.


With the sheer number of issues, I think you can give PUBG a pass on this one. Speculatively i would be looking to : . OP's optimisation of OPPO's camera app . OP's general optimisations on a platform the haven't used before. GCam breaking camera processes, as people rushed to install the hurriedly produced first installments. Personally I found the issues presented by GCam outweighed the occasional snap that was actually better all-round.


Delivered a short while ago. Next day instead of 2 day delivery 👌. I think the item was opened because the box's wrapping tear sticker was within the package and everything re-shrinkwrapped. Could have been at the factory, (there's a slim chance - as the shrink-wrap looked genuine and not bodge job), but all stickers were intact and no signs of being smudged or previously peeled off. Paperwork all there and the OnePlus invitation paperwork hadn't been perforated. Everything within the box seemed untouched by grubby hands and all present and correct. Came with UK WARP 65W charger that still has its factory shrink wrap intact and the plug's prongs or cables don't exhibit any marks to indicate previous use. Either a factory 'refurb' or returned to OnePlus and repackaged and sent out to 3rd party retailer. Date of manufacture is mid December 2020. For the price, I can overlook the minor packaging hiccup as everything looked factory fresh. Charge was at 0% and no credentials plumbed in. WARP charging is something else! 0 to 100 in a fraction over 30 minutes.

Oneplus Nord 2 5G 8GB/128GB + Stadia Premiere £389 or Nord 8GB/128GB + Stadia Premiere+Case+Bum Bag for £309 delivered with code @ OnePlus
30/09/2021Expires on 30/09/2021Made hot 17th SepMade hot 17th Sep
2 really nice offers from Oneplus including the Google Stadia Premiere for free :) Code you need to use to get to this price: OPSEP10OFF for Nord 2 OPSEP20OFF for Nord … Read more

These will be given away if you collect tokens from 3 boxes of cereal soon. They must be sat on a huge stockpile of these bundles


Also to add you forget that Google has a huge lineup of projects they have shut down. Well guess what? If Stadia were to shut down and let's be honest that could happen given how badly its doing in terms of users vs so called clunky consoles as you put it. You will lose all your games, gone for good. If my xbox one breaks I can just get it fixed or buy another one. The last time I checked when my xbox or pc breaks it doesn't cause all my game disks to spontaneously combust at the same time. The game selection is limited, you have to buy the same games you likely already own on better more stable platforms, you can't play anything without a Internet connection period, you can and will get lag, its over priced for what it is. Need I go on?


Your setup must suck I have no issues at all!


No it isn't. Go online or YouTube and read about how unstable it is. No matter what your Internet connection is a bottle neck. I've got 500mb broadband and tried it and it turns like crap. Laggy and huge frame rate drops and image quality drops. Ironically cyberpunk runs well on it compare to other systems but I'll happy lug my "bulky" console around if it means having stable gameplay


Probably some kind of lithium substance I'd imagine 🤭

OnePlus Nord CE - Smartphone 128GB, 8GB RAM, Dual Sim - £239.10 / £242.69 With Bum Bag @ OnePlus Education Store
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You need to add the bum bag at checkout, nice the code stacks with student discount for lowest price ever on the nord CE. Description The OnePlus Nord CE 5G is a new variant o… Read more

Is this expired I can't seem to get them to stack? I added the fanny pack but it's not accepting any codes just get 'Sorry, this voucher is not available for your order.'


Is the operating system fairly clean? It's the main reason I'm struggling to move away from trusty Motorola after an experience with Xiaomi.


I have both. Poco X3 Cheaper Bigger (too big IMO) Better front camera Fingerprint on the side 3.5mm jack OnePlus Nord Better build quality Better OS (Oxygen>MIUI) Better screen, although there's an annoying bug where adaptive brightness takes a few seconds to kick in Better overall performance Fingerprint on the front screen (although pretty accurate) Smoother gaming experience I upgraded my Poco X3 NFC for the Nord and paid about the same. Don't think it's that much better, but it definitely feels more premium.


He/she already does ;)


U should start a youtube channel, im sure the whole world will follow you

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OnePlus Nord CE - Smartphone 128GB, 8GB RAM, Dual Sim, Blue Void - £258.29 (UK Mainland Delivery) @ Amazon EU On Amazon
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£40 odd off new.

Would this be a worthy upgrade from an Galaxy S10E? Battery life isn't what it used to be, so looking for something to replace it.


She broke it. Insurance paid out.


My thoughts too. In fact I'm currently waiting for a price drop on the 4a 5g and then it'll be my phone for at least 2-3 years.


@MrSwitch .How would the Nokia X20 compare to either this OnePlus or Redmi please ? Might be slightly more price wise but I like the idea of guaranteed software and security updates . Currently have a Xiaomi mi A2 which is getting on for 3 years old . Thanks .


Mind if I ask why the need for a new phone? 4a 5G is still quite new.

OnePlus Nord N100 (2020) 64GB Midnight Frost Unlocked Grade Very Good Refurbished Condition - £79.99 Delivered @ Limetropic / Ebay
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Functionality 80%+ battery life No OEM or Carrier locks Non-OEM parts allowed Physical - scratches Some signs of use such as light body scratches LCD Display lens may … Read more

Unless you like lag and poor camera you should be looking at this even with a battery change. Or this These are usable.


Tempted. How well does the phone work with the Android 11 update?


Same as any Refurbished site, hit or miss, but returns are there if its not up to scratch.


I have used Limetropic before, I would not recommend them as their grading is very deceptive the phone I ordered had to be sent back