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SONOS MOVE Speaker £350.10 @ Peter Tyson / eBay
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Posted 15th JunPosted 15th Jun
If you’re not eligible for the 15% off UNiDAYS code for Sonos, this is probably the best price on this item so far.

Ahh, I didn't know that, thanks!


Lunar white colour coming later this month if people are interested.


Oh, so you are the culprit.


Thanks. Just grabbed the last one of eBay.


Great speaker sound is amazing and battery life is also good. It is a bit on the big and heavy side though wouldn't like to carry it for any length of time. It also can't tell you the battery life when on Bluetooth

Sonos Move for £351.12 using code @ Advanced MP3 Players
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Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
Sonos Move for £351.12 using code @ Advanced MP3 Players
Use the voucher AFF12AMP3 and get a Sonos Move for £351.12. Hot.. or not?...

Could I buy an old zp80 link it to my account and then use the trade up program to get 30% off this. Cause if so it’s bit of a hassle but could get this for a total of around £300.


Hi I’ve had a connect for years on my old hifi


That's a MUCH better offer! Assuming people have Perks at work!


What unit did you trade? I have a play 3 and play 1 and cant see the option to upgrade?


Perks at work has 15% off on Sonos store as well

Sonos Move Gray Multiroom Portable Speaker and Voice Control - £285.51 @ El Corte Ingles
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Sonos Move Gray Multiroom Portable Speaker and Voice Control - £285.51 @ El Corte Ingles
This deal seems to be back on at El Corte Ingles. If you can pay in Euros with a travel credit card like Halifax Clarity you should be able to get for around £285. As it is, the p… Read more

I got mine a few weeks ago, really good. Don’t know if I would pay full retail though. Shame for those that have been cancelled.


Yep! Originally due by July 4 then July 21 and cancelled today. Gutted. Cant bring myself to pay full whack for it though


Anyone had an email through today cancelling their order? :(


Sounds great - enjoy. It’s on the wish-list (y)


Hello :-) I received the Arc today tested it out on YouTube Dolby Atmos, and it sounded fantastic, my living room is smallish and is a square room, I sit directly in front of the Tv and I could here sound all around me.. am even thinking of not connecting my play ones.. and the bass is really good without a sub.. I've added a sub but could do without as its got good bass.. hearing the left and rights where very good.. looking forward to watching films on Netflix ect :-)

Sonos Move Portable Bluetooth Speaker - With Code £351.12 at Advanced MP3 Players
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Sonos Move Portable Bluetooth Speaker - With Code £351.12 at Advanced MP3 Players
£351.12£3797% Free P&P FreeAdvanced MP3 Players Deals
Save £47.88 using code: AFF12AMP3 on sonos move speaker. RRP £399

It's ~£285 from El Corte Ingles which might be why it went cold


Ordered 6:00 am yesterday morning, just received. Stunning service and mind blowing wireless speaker.


Just ordered. Worked out at £334 with Quidco. Best deal I could find so hot from me!!


I've ordered a headphone amp via there eBay page. They have good trust-pilot reviews you can checkout via paypal or credit card for protection.


Has anyone ordered from this company before? I’m thinking of buying one

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Sonos Move Gray Multiroom Portable Speaker and Voice Control - £290 Delivered @ El Corte Ingles
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Sonos Move Gray Multiroom Portable Speaker and Voice Control - £290 Delivered @ El Corte Ingles
Good price for the move, price is delivered The smart, rugged battery powered speaker for listening to music inside and outside the home: Enjoy brilliant sound everywhere with t… Read more

Is anyone having issues with their move? Mine hasn’t worked properly with voice assistant since purchase and has now thrown my whole Sonos system out, can’t use google assistant at all anymore


No problem. This one was perfect, ends up like the picture...


Brilliant, thanks. Bought a plug about six weeks ago and the weird shaped plug on the Sonos charger prevents it from closing completely.

km0508 This definitely works, been using it for a couple of months with no issues.


Can anyone who has bought a plug adapter point me in the direction of one that definitely works? Thanks in advance!

Sonos Move for £292.79 Delivered @ El Corte Ingles (Spain)
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Posted 6th FebPosted 6th FebShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Sonos Move for £292.79 Delivered @ El Corte Ingles (Spain)
£292.79£35918%El Corte Ingles Deals
Thought this was a decent discount. Much cheaper than Amazon UK has ever sold this for. Use a fee-free card such as Starling, Monzo, etc. for this price.

My old iPhone isn't supported anymore and that cost far more than any individual Sonos speaker. Did people genuinely expect these to be supported indefinitely?


Mine just arrived parcel delivered. Tom their sweet time, more than 4 weeks since ordering!


They also have the option of powering them using USB C. I’m planning on doing that as it will mostly be used in the house rather than out and about.


To anybody that ordered from here, are there any import duty/taxes to pay? Also I’ve opened a Revolut account but not used before, is it simply a case of topping up the card with the equivalent GBP then using it to make the purchase? I want 2 so I’m happy to live with EU to GB plug adapter for the £200 plus saving!


I mean... Most Sonos products are over 5 years old anyways! My playbar, sub and ones must be getting on 5 years and were released before that. As long as they can still play Spotify, radio and TV as they are saying i can't see the issue. To be honest most of the updates they send I have no idea what they are actually improving? The sound always stays consistently the same, they added Sonos radio the other week which was nice but I'd have thought that was an app feature not a speaker feature. As they say on the update nothing will really change to your experience, so it doesn't sound that bad ?

Sonos MOVE (Black) - Portable - Google Home / Alexa /AirPlay 2 - 6 Year Warranty £329 @ Richer Sounds
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Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Sonos MOVE (Black) - Portable - Google Home / Alexa /AirPlay 2 - 6 Year Warranty £329 @ Richer Sounds
Bought this last week for £349 and so far I think it's a really great piece of kit, not for everyone but awesome sound and you can Move (sorry) it anywhere you want like in the bac… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

I'm a Sonos fan. I've a play 1, a 5 and a connect. I was searching for something for the bathroom prior to release of the Move and bought a speaker an Echo dot clipped in to. When the Move was released i thought happy days until i saw the price. In my opinion it's way overpriced for what it is. Oh the portable speaker I bought sounds great even if waiting for it to boot up can be annoying sometimes.. Majority Hobson - Compatible with Echo Dot (Gen 1 and 2) - 360 Speaker


You could always use a computer.


Bought both at same time - sale & stupidity - deadly combination


So why buy the second setup if you already knew the first one wasn’t worth it?


Got 2 full 5.1 setups - that's 4 X play ones V2, 2 subs and 2 playbases V2 They're not worth the money compared to traditional setups period

Sonos move - £314.10 with code @ Currys PC World
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Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
Sonos move - £314.10 with code @ Currys PC World
SONOS Move Portable Wireless Multi-room Speaker with Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa - Black

Code does not work waste of my time.


Had to call Currys direct as the code doesn't work online anymore, also expires tomorrow.


Same price at Richer sounds with 6 year warranty


That’s the reason I asked as never owned any Sonos and wondered why they so expensive for what they are over other manufacturers


Not so little. Think it weighs about 3kg. Performs way beyond its size as with most Sonos stuff.

Sonos Move Wi-fi Bluetooth Smart Speaker 2 Year Warranty - £359 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
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Posted 4th Dec 2019Posted 4th Dec 2019
Sonos Move Wi-fi Bluetooth Smart Speaker 2 Year Warranty - £359 delivered @ John Lewis & Partners
Sonos Move at John Lewis, 10% off compared to the normal retail price. Not quite as good as the 6 year warranty you get with Richer Sound but a lot of people get 5% at JL through t… Read more

BOSE 300 sounds better than this!!


To expensive for what it is,Sonos really try it on with this one, I have lots of Sonos but it need to drop down by at least another £100.00 + to be good value 😁


£358 at Richer sounds with 6y warranty...


True, but the Move is way too expensive for what it is. Away from home it doesn't do any more than a good Bluetooth speaker (and seems a bit on the large size to be handy for travel anyway) and at home the times I need a battery powered Sonos zone are few and far between. If I frequently wanted sound outside I would either install outside speakers or a power socket for a Play One, 3 or 5.


Ye all the stuff released in 2019 wasn’t included in that offer

Sonos move £329 with 6y warranty at Richer Sounds
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Posted 30th Nov 2019Posted 30th Nov 2019
Sonos move £329 with 6y warranty at Richer Sounds
Was £369 yesterday when I ordered - I’ve just seen the £10 price drop today & have asked Richer Sounds to price match themselves! Costs £358 at Amazon but that’s with no exten… Read more

Now £329


Back up to £349


Yikes I’m sending mine back & repurchasing it then!


£314 now 😳


Now £349

Sonos MOVE Portable Smart Speaker £339 @ HughesDirect on eBay
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Posted 23rd Sep 2019Posted 23rd Sep 2019
Sonos MOVE Portable Smart Speaker £339 @ HughesDirect on eBay
£339£39915%eBay Deals
The new Sonos Move with £60 off! This unit was only released over the weekend and retails at £400 at John Lewis and elsewhere. Great discount for this new model. Sonos equipment… Read more

On its own it sounds fine. Actually compared side by side with competitors, I was disappointed by the quality to price ratio. I am glad you like it. But for me portable equates taking to it out of the house, not moving it within the house. Our home has smart speakers in every room, so moving it within the house is not a need at all. The garden/pool/travel use is fulfilled by an UE Megablast. My hope was for something from Sonos to better the Megablast. Unfortunately this is too expensive, bulky and not anywhere near waterproof enough for the garden/pool. Shame, as I think they missed a trick.


Each to their own, I’m not a blinded fan though! I am happy with the product and think the sound is absolutely fantastic, it is expensive yes but I don’t feel let down with my purchase otherwise it would have been sent back. I can say I haven’t heard the HomePod though but don’t feel it sounds anything like the one.As for being portable, I can move it around my house and into my garden so for me that’s good enough as for taking it on holiday, not in a million years would I want to take something so expensive with me in my luggage I’m more than happy though to take it on holiday within the same country. It’s not that big and bulky, and it’s easy to carry. As I said I’m happy ! :D


I so wanted to like this. But unfortunately side by side with the One and home pod, I wasn't convinced. Perhaps the demo unit I heard was a duff one? A bit more scale and volume, but not an actual improvement in quality over the One. It is not portable as it weighs 3+kg. That isn't the definition of portable to me. Plus it is so bloody bulky. Would I take it on holiday as I do with my UE blast? Nope! Just too big. Not as waterproof either as something much cheaper from UE. No aptX support either. Overall, for me, it is very expensive and really doesn't deliver what a lot of Sonos fans have been waiting for. I was truly disappointed and I went into the store to buy the bloody thing. It felt like Sonos wanted me to pay a premium price and give me a mediocre product. Thanks, but no thanks. Edit: I had a look online and I agree with this review. Good, but not enough to warrant the price increase over the One or even the home pod. Sorry, but I am not that blinded a fan that I was going to buy it despite being very disappointed with it.


Completely disagree! The sound is absolutely fantastic I absolutely love ours it blows all the others out of the water, it’s completely different to the One so don’t see why you would even compare them as they are not same. Plus how is it not portable ?. Yes it’s expensive but if you want premium then it comes with a price tag. (y)


I don't see or hear the benefit of this over the One at double the price of the One. Its pretty large, not really portable and costs too much at even £340. Trueplay is useful, but not worth the premium. I really think Sonos got this very wrong.

Sonos Move - The durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. £399 @ Sonos Shop
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Posted 5th Sep 2019Posted 5th Sep 2019
Sonos Move - The durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. £399 @ Sonos Shop
I have a Sonos One (which I got it on a deal from here) and I am more than impressed with the sound quality. This one looks even better as it is battery-powered I can literally use… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Can anyone comment on how these work with Airplay 2? It being listed as an Airplay 2 speaker to send music too is obvious, and I understand that Apple Music can be added as an Alexa skill, but I'm unclear if when playing music via airplay 2 at the same time as other speakers if it can control skip and change volume via voice?


Thanks for reinforcing my point, Oliver. If only you were as witty as you thought you were. Dreadful reply.


All hail Rocksta, patrolling the hallowed threads of Hotdeals, administering justice and admonishments in equal measure. Fighting for the rights of Sonos exorbitant pricing policy. Purveyor of expensive gadgets to occupy his lonely existence. Not all hero's wear capes - keep fighting the good fight sir 🙏🏻


We can all do that though “Oliver”. Your contribution to this thread is valued at 0. (highfive)


Not really, perhaps we have different conceptions of value "Rocksta".

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