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Husqvarna RXT 525 Strimmer £354 @ Red Band UK
Posted 10 h, 4 m agoPosted 10 h, 4 m ago
I've been scouring the internet for a good deal on this for a while - this is the best price (inc VAT), I've seen for some time. I can vouch for this strimmer very highly, have bee… Read more

Money is what you pay, value is what you get. Hot!


The fact this is on - 26° is astounding. Shows that unless its the 27th micro SD card of the day for 3p cheaper than it was last week, you really don't get people who have an idea of value here.


Been looking for a new strimmer but this one is a wee bit out of my price range , but thanks for information for research :)


I've been looking for a decent Brushcutter for a while myself but didn't want to spend a fortune. It won't get used all that much at our house but need it to tackle the mass of weeds at my parents house. Can't comment on the Husky although I'm sure it's a great machine as they're the elite of strimmers and chainsaws. I pulled the trigger on this yesterday (excuse the pun): The Scheppach has a 32.6cc 2-Stroke engine and it looks like it comes with blade and line spool. I thought it looked a decent deal for £90. It also has a 3 year warranty. I think the model is the Scheppach BCH3300-100PB from what I can work out and I suspect it's delivered direct from the manufacturer.

WORX WG914E 18V (20V MAX) Grass Trimmer & Hedge Trimmer Twin Pack - includes 2.0ah battery and charger, £119.99 ebay / positecworx
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Included in your purchase: x1 WG169E x1 WG259E x1 2.0Ah Battery x1 Charger
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So long as your mower batteries are the 20v ones and not the 40v ones you will be fine.


I have the lawnmower with 2x4Ah batteries. I assume I would be able to use the same batteries for grass and hedge trimmer?



Is there an Aldi link or HUKD posts I can maybe look at specs/pics?


I bought this yesterday. Already have the strimmer and lawnmower. Love both.

Black + Decker GL9035GB Electric Strimmer Grass Trimmer, 900 W, 35 cm £77.47 @ Amazon
82° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
About this item Designed to conquer areas you cannot reach with a lawnmower, this brilliant Black + Decker strimmer is amazingly simple to operate. Featuring a wheel edge guide wh… Read more

Good find OP, the price is a fair reduction. Much better and more powerful than the cordless type, where costly battery replacements are a high cost for the cordless convenience. If anyone is looking for info on how this model runs, here's the Which review, summarised on their site: "What's it great at? In our tests, this strimmer got through all the jobs we tried in good time. It tore through long grass and tough weeds, largely thanks to the heavy-duty line, which made short work of the vegetation. More impressively, we completed all the long grass and tough weeds tests, which we repeat three times, without having to replace the line. It's easy to clip this single-use line into place and to replace when the line eventually wears down. The ordinary line only broke twice in our line-break test and we didn't have any problems feeding out more line using the automatic line feed. This feeds out more line when you start the strimmer. We found the strimmer well-balanced and comfortable to use. The weight isn't all at the end of shaft so you can hold it without straining, unlike some strimmers. Is there anything I should watch out for? It isn't an ideal lawn edger. There's a large guide wheel to take the weight of the strimmer and help you steer the right course, but you can't easily see past the head to where you're cutting, making the job much slower and less neat. Is there anything else I should know? We've marked this strimmer as a general-purpose grass trimmer as we think most people will want to carry out a range of jobs with it, from edging the lawn to cutting down tough weeds. It achieved a good score for this, a few points off being a Best Buy. It also did well when judged as a heavy-duty strimmer with a score of 64%, although as a lawn edger it only managed 65%, well short of Best Buy status. In our tests this strimmer was good for a range of tasks, from edging the lawn, tidying areas the mower can't reach and for cutting long grass and weeds, so we've shown its score as a general-purpose grass trimmer."

DeWalt Cordless Brushless DCM561P1S-GB Strimmer w/ 1x 5Ah AND extra 1x 4Ah batteries £199.98 @ Toolstation
212° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
The tool with just the one 5.0Ah is normally £220ish, but the extra free 4.0Ah battery is normally £50ish on its own. Seems good

Back in stock


Out of stock for delivery. No stock in store around the Preston area. Shouldn't have taken two days to make up my mind!!


Seems like a bargain. Already have lots of the 18v tools, so having to fight the urge to buy another one :S


This is a great deal for that model. If you can't afford this and are after a more basic cordless then LIDL still has the Black and Decker 18V 25cm Strimmer in stores for £79


Heat for the Brand. Dewalt never let me down.... invest in things that lasts...

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Draper 230V corded Grass Trimmer - 250W £14.99 + £4.95 delivery @ Robert Dyas
224° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Make short work of overgrown lawns, untidy borders and unsightly clumps of weeds with this powerful grass trimmer from Draper. With an additional support handle, strain relief for … Read more

Anyone got free delivery codes


I would order this myself but for the P&P. Have a Robert Dyas walking distance which makes it feel even more extortionate. Assume they are closed at mo though. Had a quick look for free P&P codes, see they give 10% to students and NHS workers.


I think there were two +65's, one lashed it together with tape, the other was still puzzling over the unassembled parts. Shades of Kenneth Williams in the Test Pilot sketch. "All these knobs and switches, how do you know what they're all for? What does this one do?.....


The only bad review seems to be from a 65+ who couldn’t assemble it.....

ALDI Cordless 20v/40v garden tools bundle (Lawnmower, strimmer, hedge trimmer and extra battery) for £190
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Having just posted a deal for an Einhell bundle deal of cordless garden tools for £175 I’ve found out (credit to @mchilli for pointing it out) that Aldi have a bundle of cordle… Read more

(lol) (y)


It’s the HUKD team - they updated the link and picture to go to the lawnmower (confused)


this made me chuckle this morning :) classic combo


Never trimmed my hedge with a lawnmower. I'll give it a try later.


4 this price u can get 2 petrol lawn mowers

Ferrex Cordless Lawn Trimmer (need battery) 20v £20 @ Aldi
539° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Keep your lawn looking pristine with our Ferrex Cordless Lawn Trimmer. Battery operated, it's mobile and hassle free; no need to drag those extension leads around the garden. The t… Read more
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Anyone seen any in stock in Essex or Hertfordshire? Tried a couple of stores and all out of stock


To update, it is pretty good when battery is full but tails off in power as the battery level runs down. Waiting to see the effect of the 40V battery when it arrives. The grass cut in the photo is one charge worth.


Just to confirm following recent purchase of the £20 strimmer it does not have built-in charging like you suggested nor does it come with a power cable to plug into the strimmer as their is no power port on it. You do need the universal multi charger to charge the battery this is the case for all tools they sell using the one battery system none of them come with charging function built into the unit itself. Thankfully I didn't follow your advise and instead bought the battery and charger at the time of buying strimmer in store otherwise i'd have been left with a strimmer that I could not use.


It does have blades..


Definatley doesn't. That's the product category like 'Home and Garden'

Einhell GC-CT 18/24 Li P-Solo Power X-Change Cordless Grass Trimmer (No Battery) £26 delivered from Amazon
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Posted deal below for this strimmer from Wickes with 2 batteries for £49, however if you don’t need the batteries this one from Amazon is a good deal Wickes deal with batteries - … Read more

Careful when purchasing, Parkside Batteries are not compatible, even though their battery logos look virtually identical.


If you’re looking to get a bundle of Einhell tools & batteries I’ve created these threads DIY 18V cordless bundle which lists a Drill, impact driver, grinder, jigsaw and 3 batteries for £187 - it also has a couple of other tool options listed (ie circular saw) Garden 18V Cordless garden bundle listing Lawnmower, strimmer, hedge trimmer and batteries for £175


Ok thanks


Yes it should - as long as they are Power Xchange batteries


Thanks OP - does the Einhell lawnmower battery fit this?

Einhell cordless strimmer kit (with 2ah battery & charger) + free 3ah battery and charger Ozito compatible £49 + delivery @ Wickes
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Einhell cordless lightweight strimmer kit (includes battery & charger) with free extra battery and charger. Batteries on their own can be obtained for £39 so you’re effectively… Read more

Hi, any please care to give their thoughts on the performance of the strimmer?


Great just what I needed


Just what I was after. Very light use for me. As in; I hate gardening and won't be doing it very often.


No - only Einhell & Ozito Power Exchange batteries work in Einhell or Ozito Power Exchange tools


Are they the same batteries as are used in makita tools?

XCEED EX36CGT 36V 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer - £49.99 @ positecworx / eBay
180° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Hope it helps someone :D All XCEED power tools are built to last and come with a free 2 year assurance. Auto spool feed single line system In line edging wheels allows nea… Read more
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I've got mine yesterday, not fully tested yet, just trimmed some bits next to the fence which my flymo normally leaves untouched. Seems to be quite powerful(flying debris all-around) , the quality is ok ish , however telescopic shaft is just too short even at max and I'm 181cm height , an average male? But yeah is ok , nothing special , feels lightweight, well its just over 1kg I would say.


I asked the importer (PositecWORX) and they're not fully compatible


Or maybe something like this


EGO’s latest model has an auto refill spool... very expensive compared to these though


Iv got the worx version of this. Had it a year and its been superb. Battery last about 45-50 mins. These are great tools and the auto spool feeder is great.

WORX WG163E 18V (20V MAX) Cordless Grass Trimmer/Command Feed & 2 Batteries - £79.99 @ positecworx / eBay
238° Expired
Posted 19th AprPosted 19th Apr
Hope it helps someone :D Edging facility. Cutting width 30cm. Cordless with battery. Telescopic shaft - enables you to adjust the length of the shaft to suit your height. … Read more
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WORX WG779E. I really quite like it. Grass box isn’t massive but it does the job and it had no issues going over my uneven garden. I feel like I’m a Worx shill.


What was the model of the mower you got?


I’ve gone on a bit of a Worx kick since I’ve been stuck at home. Got this, the mower, the washer and an impact driver. Pretty impressed with their items. Looking at the mitre saw next but it looks to have been delayed. Also their multi purpose saw thing.


Yeah I've found the line particularly durable too compared to others - none of it broke despite hitting metal and timber objects


I’m really impressed with this. Got it due to having a few other Worx tools so sharing the battery is nice. This seems particularly well built though and I did my whole garden without having to faff around with the line once!

SGS Petrol Backpack Strimmer £95.99 at SGS Engineering UK
485° Expired
Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Was searching around for a decent price petrol strimmer and came across this. A bit too full on for my needs (Although would enjoy pretending to be in Aliens) but looks to be a go… Read more

Noooo I thought bargain, after little use on 1st year, couldn’t start for love nor money after winter storage, asked someone who uses strimmers regular, who said call in the guarantee, not worth the paper it was written on, and local tradesman took one look and said crap waste of money 😞


To me, this product just doesn't make sense. Having a strimmer in backpack form would surely be for these two things: You're using a heavy-duty (heavy) engine and for long periods. Usually, the heavy-duty strimmers / brush cutters are with cowhorn handles, not D (or "loop") handles. These are designed to be easy to use over large areas, where you use more of a sweeping action. And generally you have lighter d-handle strimmers for lawn edges etc. It wouldn't be unusual for a typical landscape gardener to have two strimmers in their van: a 25cc D-handle which usually has a line-head attached, and a 52cc cowhorn-handle brush cutter with a metal blade attached. Having a massive 52cc engine mounted on a backpack but with a D-handle just seems like a garden machinery contradiction. But, that's just my humble opinion.


From what I've seen, SGS sell generic Chinese made garden equipment. There are a few different brand names knocking round using the same stuff in different colour schemes, you can see them on a number of sites including eBay. In 2016, I bought a petrol chainsaw for under £70 and a straight shafted 52cc petrol strimmer / brushcutter from them for under £60. The strimmer was for a particular project and the chainsaw was an impulse buy. The chainsaw pull string unit broke on the first pull, but SGS replaced it quickly. I only used it for the first time this week after 4 years in storage... it worked well. As for the strimmer, I used it when I first bought it and it worked OK. I cleared out the fuel and stored it. The following year, I had difficulty using it (kept stopping when hot). I stored it again and tried it again last week. It started OK, but after about an hour, the engine seized and despite a lot of fiddling, I am sure it is now dead. I think with the cheaper petrol engine brands, you really have to be on the ball with your cleaning, maintenance, fuel mixing and storage to have any hope of longevity (I certainly wasn't careful enough). My next strimmer will probably be a respected brand name (I have my eye on a 4 stroke Honda), but I don't really regret trying out the SGS brushcutter. I did get a lot of work done in the first year I owned it... definietly £60's worth anyway.


Had the same strimmer for 35years (shock) used weekly in season.Only changed spark plug twice. Mineral 2 stroke oil,run it bone dry at end of season.


Battery is the way to go getting pretty good now a days 😁

Yard Force cordless lawn mower and strimmer - £111.15 @ Amazon
212° Expired
Posted 1st AprPosted 1st Apr
Yard Force cordless lawn mower and strimmer - £111.15 @ Amazon
£115.15£14018% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
In case you missed the groupon deal

Mine also came today.. Perfect for me, i have medium lawns back and front and cut at setting 3..managed to cut both lawns without recharge... Mind you i cut the lawn 9 days ago... So great for weekly cuts... Motor quite quiet.. If the lawn gets a bit too long because I've left it i will simply cut the head off first with the strimmer... Will need to charge again though... Overall delighted with this wee uksparky said, If your lawn is up to your knees and you have a football pitch of a garden... This is not the mower for you.. 🔥


Mine arrived today. I don't have anything to compare it to, so I can't tell if it is better or worse than Flymo/Worx, etc. But it cost about 60% of the others, if the build quality is similar, then it is a good bargain. Yard Force is not a premium brand, and the machine deosn't look premium at all. Assembly is easy, the lower handle is fixed to the machine using tapping screw, so philips screwdriver is needed, and it is not foldable after it is assembled. The top handle is attached using bolt and plastic wing nut (instead of quick release), so it is foldable but requires a few more turns. The machine is not powerful, so for the first mow of the year, I had to start with the highest height setting, and gradually go lower. The lowest I can go is level 3, and I can hear the motor struggling to stay up. Worry about the machine cutting out, I decided it is the point point to stop mowing. The strimmer is also easy to assemble, again, philips screwdriver required. This time it is used to attach the guard. The strimmer also doesn't look premium, but functional. It is the first time I use a strimmer, so some practice is required to master it. I have a very small lawn, probbably 20m2 at most. So I was reluctent to spend money to get something premium. Overall, I am happy with this mower combo. It is nothing fancy, but funtionally it is exactly what I needed and it doesn't cost a lot either, .


Mine’s arriving today. Some cutting to do this weekend. But the weather is meant to be nice so it’s good timing.


Mine arrived today says 75mins run time on the box and covers 300m2. Both look nice and very light. The grass bag seams small. It’s on charge now I’ll update when I get the chance to use it. Hopefully tomorrow (y)


Thats Pants (skeptical)

Spear & Jackson S4528ET Corded Grass Trimmer 450W at Argos for £33.33 (£3.95 delivery)
460° Expired
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Spear & Jackson S4528ET Corded Grass Trimmer 450W at Argos for £33.33 (£3.95 delivery)
With all this time to spare i've been looking to get some tools to get the garden in order and came across this one at Argos which seems decent for the price. I'm not expert but it… Read more

I had it. Auto line feed didn’t work at all. Returned for a full refund. Not worth having. My dads Bosch does the job brilliantly.


Price is now 55.


I am in this same situation


Worx do two cordless versions. The more basic one, with no battery, included, is £27-30 in Amazon Warehouse:


Does it actually work though? Seems you are very lucky if so given the comments on the thread!!!

Qualcast Cordless Strimmer + Lawnmower 20V £99.03 @ Homebase
246° Expired
Posted 12th FebPosted 12th Feb
Qualcast Cordless Strimmer + Lawnmower 20V £99.03 @ Homebase
On clearance at homebase click and collect. Plenty in stock. Might suit those with a small garden. If anyone known anything about battery compatibility or a source of cheap batteri… Read more
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Battery and charger included. I've just been in and it states this on the box along with cutting height--30cm - 100cm. Nice.


1 battery and 1 charger included as in previous expired deal…560


1 battery and 1 charger included as in previous expired deal


Includes mower and trimmer, doesn't mention batteries or charger. Says battery fits both but doesn't say included. Lots of power tools these days sold without as the presumption is you already have them.


got one of these does a prtty good job

Mac Allister MBCP42-2 Petrol Brushcutter & grass trimmer - £50 @ B&Q (Free Collection)
431° Expired
Posted 27th Oct 2019Posted 27th Oct 2019
Mac Allister MBCP42-2 Petrol Brushcutter & grass trimmer - £50 @ B&Q (Free Collection)
Petrol strimmer half price with plenty of stock,these go for this price second hand.

Managed to order this for click and collect. When I went to collect it, the MBCP32-2 model had been delivered. I managed to get them to take some more money off since it was the wrong model. In the end I paid £35 for the MBCP32-2 model...happy days!




Now iOS here


Doesn't allow you to pay (confused)


None in stock In St Helens, Warrington or Aintree. Website sucks as says in stock but when you try and buy says none in stoick and none available for delivery either :o(

WORX WG927E 36V Lawn Mower & 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer - now £135.99 @ Amazon
786° Expired
Posted 8th Sep 2019Posted 8th Sep 2019
WORX WG927E 36V Lawn Mower & 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer - now £135.99 @ Amazon
£135.99£17522%Amazon Deals
Mower - Intellicut - Technology keeps constant cutting power even in dense grass Mower - cut to edge Design reduces uncut grass around edges Grass trimmer - auto feed allows unin… Read more

no, read battery comments you didn't get a faulty one if that's what you are asking. read numerous comments about battery If you used it on a 300m2 lawn in one charge, that's pretty good already. You'll struggle alot with this when the grass is slightly wet and/or grass is longer than 4cm.


I got mine yesterday, it was to replace an excellent corded Qualcast that's given me 13 years good service (for £57). Here are my findings: Build quality and materials seem a bit flimsy - almost like a kid's toy Easy to put together First battery charge took around 2 hours First use on around 300m2 lawn took 20 minutes (much narrower blade than my old one so plenty of walking needed) The grass length was between 20mm and 40mm long so I took it all down to 20mm, and it was dry Battery was done by the end - and had dropped from 100% to 50% after around 5 minutes I don't find that very impressive, especially taking into account future battery degradation The cut was nice, but no stripes Summary - although cordless was much more convenient, and the unit was light and easy to manouvre, I'm not sure this is the one for me. I'll try it again in a week and make a decision, I know it's cheap and cheerful but I can't see it lasting more than 2 or 3 years and I hate putting things in landfill


Anyone been using this yet? I used mine today on quite tall grass but on the highest cut setting and the battery was dead in 10 mins..


Is this good for large lawns


bought thanks op, dont need the strimmer as i bought the worx one last week that was on here, will sell the bare unit on , not sure how much they are worth ? dont forget to register for 3 year warranty folks

Spear & Jackson S6030ET 30cm Corded Grass Trimmer - 600W £45 at Argos
-54° Expired
Posted 6th Sep 2019Posted 6th Sep 2019
Spear & Jackson S6030ET 30cm Corded Grass Trimmer - 600W £45 at Argos
I was looking for a decent grass trimmer and came across this deal. Very well reviewed, it appears that the only downside is weight. Features: 600 watts. Edging facility. Cutti… Read more

25 quid more gets you a Worx great spec cordless strimmer with 2 batteries )the batteries and charger supplied alone are worth more than you are paying for the lot) and you would probably get 25 quid for one of the batteries!. IMO buying corded these days when the price of cordless is so cheap is a backward step. Recent convert to cordless garden tools and would never go back to corded. Not voted either way.

255° Expired
Posted 2nd Sep 2019Posted 2nd Sep 2019
£0.99£5.9983%Screwfix Deals
A general purpose, quality nylon line designed for ultimate performance and durability. Fits all makes of heavy duty petrol grass trimmers. 2.0mm wire here: £0.79 https://www.scr… Read more

thanks . just ordered :)

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