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Asda Toilet bleach blocks 2pk - 10p instore at Asda (Barry)
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th JunLocalLocal
Priced at 70p on shelf label going through the till at 10p Barcode 5051413714317

Thanks for taking time to share your first deal @Welshy363 :)


i learnt something new today (confused)


ELI5 - explain like I'm 5




It eats the plastic that makes your flush work

Harpic Toilet Cleaner Bleach White & Shine, ORIGINAL, Multipack of 12 x 750 ml £12 @ Amazon (£4.49 p&p non prime) 15% voucher & 10 % s&s £9
Posted 7th JunPosted 7th Jun
Harpic White and shine original with baking soda deeply cleans killing all germs and viruses, leaving your loo sparkling white clean. The formula provides excellent hygiene, elimin… Read more

Genuine question. Isn’t bleach, bleach? Regardless of the manufacturer? i.e. is this the same as smart price / cheap bleach ?


Oh, so when it's Amazon selling twelve bottles of bleach it's fine...


At £1 a bottle for basic Harpic I don't think that's anything special. Their 10x range is better and had the most limescale removing of any brand. And that's usually £1 in the £1 store.


Thanks great price

Harpic BIO Toilet Cleaner Gel 750 ml - Ocean Fresh, Pack of 12 £8.58 + £4.49 NP / £7.72 S&S + 20% off First time S&S users @ Amazon
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
£8.72 - £6.11 with s&s Harpic BIO Toilet Cleaner Gel 750 ml - OCEAN FRESH Introducing new Harpic essential gel toilet cleaner! Discover the power of Harpic in an ecolabel-cert… Read more

bloody Hermes!!....mind I've had no email from Amazon telling me this yet




Expired now.




2033? 👀

Bloo Power Active Toilet Rim Block Lemon 50g £1 (£4.49 p&p non prime) 15% voucher and 10% subscribe & save 75p @ Amazon
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Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Bloo - A hygienically clean and fresh toilet with a boost of fragrance with every flush! Clean - A strong foaming action to prevent dirt and 100% anti-limescale to keep the loo hyg… Read more

Yeah i found mine went the same way.


These things are useless, dont last long or do the job effectively. Lidl and aldi ones are bigger sizes and cheaper if u want to purchase similar item.


Bought these recently and they are absolutely rubbish. Apart from not lasting very long, they’re rigid, long and don’t fit the curve of a toilet which means both the ends are washed away first and the middle two are left behind. Dumbest design ever. Never buying these again.

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Harpic Power Plus Active Tablets £1.60 @ Waitrose & Partners
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Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Pack of 8 tablets which are ideal for getting rid of limescale under the water line. For best results leave overnight. Power Plus Active Tablets. Deep clean without scrubbing. Rem… Read more

Now this is what I was worried about - people thinking that I may have a really bad brown toilet bowl (fierce) In my case it was a spare bathroom toilet in an empty flat that hadn’t been used for several months, no brown - but the bottom of the bowl didn’t look all sparkly white despite using different brands of toilet cleaner. I bought these yesterday to try, using one small tablet it turned the water blue with a small amount of effervescence. I left it for 3 hours, a good clean with the brush and flushed. The water was still blue, but after 3 more flushes the water was clear and any limescale had disappeared. In exceptional cases I’d say use 2 tablets over 2 consecutive nights.


If where you’re talking about is under the rim, I’d try (using rubber gloves) a spray of limescale cleaner and a piece of scrunched up silver foil (for abrasion) and then a flush and mad moment with the toilet brush to rinse off the area.


How do you lovely clean people remove limescale from the rim? During lockdown version 01, i did use bicarbonate soda along with a brand new toothbrush which worked well. I'm allowed out now so ain't doing that again and am looking for an alternative for the missus as it's her job


Cilit bang do 4 tablets in £1 shop too if anyone is interested. No much scrubbing required for the normal people but these stuff are for those people who don’t wash toilets and they have (poo) (poo) inside the rims . As seen on tv Yuk (zombie) (zombie) (zombie)


free cookies as well when you shop online :{

Harpic Platinum Pro Shield Toilet Cleaner 750ml Original Scent - 10p (Minimum basket / Delivery fee applies) @ Asda
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Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
If you are doing an online Asda shop soon you may like to add these quick ! 10p not sure if a glitch or misprice , get them while you can . Keeps clean for up to 100 flushes. Kill… Read more

You will get 10 ,I doubt them as well.


It says 10, so hopefully i get 10 and not 1


10 bottles.i put the photo above as well from my email I received. What your email says? 1 or 10


Did you get all the 10 ordered or just 1 substitute? I got my delivery scheduled for tonight and have received confirmation of substitution but am sure they will stitch me up with just 1!


Tell them you guys must inform before that you are not able to deliver it so that you could have go to shop and get advantage of the promotion.i am sure they will offer you so.ething.