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TP-link powerline AV600 starter kit £19.99 @ Sainsburys
LocalLocalFound 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Spotted these in Bitterne-Southampton Sainsbury's. There were about 8 still in stock. They had loads of discounted electricals also!

The constant posting of these geese is getting a bit annoying


I use mine exactly for that, my main phone socket is not near my front room so have these going into a switch in my front room and separate router with built in VPN (y)


Irrelevant to powerline adapters. These are not 'Wifi repeaters'. A Mesh system is very good, yes, for sorting out wifi, but if you want ethernet/cat5/5e/6 somewhere (even into the back of another router for a 2nd access point!) then powerlines are good. Just don't use them in extension blocks, and if you HAVE to, don't put them in heavily used ones. The interference isn't just the manual being pedantic - makes tons of difference.


Should you be wondering, I get just under 100mbps between the same two adaptors in an apartment.


Best thing to increase coverage is a mesh system. Expensive but works and doesn’t slow your connection down to ridiculously slow speeds like these repeaters do. And with a mesh system your phone automatically connects to the strongest connection wherever you are in the house instead of for example disconnecting from your downstairs router and connecting to this one.

on the amazon treasure truck TP-Link smart WiFi-enabled light bulb £16.79 guess they are trying to get rid of these
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
Why we picked it Lighting that fits your mood. Turn it on, turn it off, or dim it down for a more intimate atmosphere before you even get home. With the free Kasa app, your light s… Read more
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Got one from the tat truck and free popcorn :) They must be loosing money on this - surprised if they sold double figures of the bulb when I collected it.


Hallway lights with motion sensor (hue) most simple thing but awesome (after perusing the misses not to touch the switch) day and night they are the brightness I want :) The other lights are best for when I am on holiday or want a bit of light with Alexa's help... i Just ignore the money I spent as it added up slowly lol


It's like all conveniences, they don't sound so great until you have them and wouldn't want to go back. "Why would I need the air conditioning when I could open a window to get proper fresh air!" Personally smart bulbs (at 10 quid a pop, no hub, xiaomi yeelights) added timers so the lights now switch off at 11 without me thinking about it, they also come up slowly in the mornings to wake me up. They turn off when I leave for work. Nothing too amazing so far. It was when I added a Google Home to the mix that they became really useful. A hands-free interface for the lights so when you've just sat down to watch a movie with your other half and you've accidentally left the lights on you can turn off the lights without getting up.


I intend to revisit it in future but with smart-switches rather than smart-bulbs so it's backwards compatible with old-habits. I wouldn't go for these as they're not apple-homekit compatible afaik, I was just talking about smart-lights in general. :)


However, you're not being open minded, to the fact other people find them useful, at all. Most have attempted to explain their situation and you still persist and therefore come across as wanting to pick a fight (or trolling), whereas if you had accepted that some find benefit and then replied "thanks, but I still don't see a use for me", then fine. Your counter arguments about "surely any motion activated light does exactly the same" or "buy a cheap remote controlled light switch" still involve some expense and potential wiring that not everyone is comfortable with, plus this can combine those features for a start, along with the convenience of an app and syncing with existing IFTTT services etc. Likewise, where you questioned why you wanted a light on when you're not in, well plenty of people leave a light on when out for security, or use a lamp with a timer, so this is another pretty obvious benefit that further questioned your intentions. If you think I am being defensive, then fine, but I actually don't have this product myself, but am interested and thinking it could be potentially useful, at the right price.

Pepper Festival - Generic
TP link Powerline Wifi booster AV600 Powerline WiFi Kit £30 instore @ Sainsbury's Coventry
LocalLocalFound 12th AugFound 12th Aug
I think the price is cheaper than Currys and Argos. I got one from Coventry Sainsburys, last one on the shelf. No sticker or label, but scanned at 30 pounds. Model: TL-WPA4220 KIT

That is shame, it looks like it is not nationwide


Sainsbury's in Enfield has them for 45. Stickered and they ring up as that.


Been looking for this at a good price. Will have to check my local ones tomorrow. As I saw these the other day and they were 45 quid


Got two of these, excellent kit.


I've had one of these TP-Link sets for years. Rock solid. Wish I'd paid £30 for it!

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TP-Link TL-PA8010PKIT V2 1-Port Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit £46.99 @ Amazon
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Great price for a Twin Pack Power-line Adapters that have Pass Through from TP Link and are rated for 1300mbps. Been waiting for them to drop under £50 as they have been £60+ for s… Read more
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Yeah I had the same issue with TP-Link, seems to be a common problem with the chipset they use and the way some houses are wired. I ended up replacing them with some Zyxel ones, which doesn't have the same issue.


This is a good product, but is it really worth £46.99? I remember buying a 600Mbps Home Plug AV2 version for £25 (no pass-through). Are these really worth it then?


Yes, they work perfectly.


Will these work with virgin 200mbs or sky fibre max


Great bits of kit!

TP-Link 300Mbps WiFi extender. Model TL-WA855RE £13.33 Online & In-Store @ Sainsbury's
LocalLocalFound 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Just brought mine in-store but available online too. Found a few others round the same price at other retailers but I needed an Ethernet port which this has. Description Boosts yo… Read more
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I've just picked one up mainly to have the use of its ethernet socket, which my MiFi doesn't have, so I can plug in an IP camera.


I've been using a similar TP-link Wifi extender (though a different model) and eventually gave up on it. It does extend the range a little but constantly drops out and needs to be switched off and on again. The wireless connection around the house is far less reliable when using the extender with the most irritating thing being that when the extender drops out it seems to take all the wireless devices with it, even if they are in range of the router. Also my phone etc still appears to be connected to the wireless network, even though the extender has lost its connection to the router, so I'd miss emails and other notifications until I realised and reset the extender.


If you want better range in your house and more consistent speeds lookup mesh routers/kits....wired always better but if not an option, mesh are the way to go


I spent £50 on a ‘higher end’ model and in all fairness it does work. It can lose signal at times though and requires the occasional reboot. For this price, worth giving it a try.


Arrr I see. OK thanks darling (flirt)

Twin pack TP link HS100 smart plugs works with Google Home / Alexa / iOS / Android / IFTTT now £34.99 delivered @ BT Shop
Refreshed 4th AugRefreshed 4th Aug31/08/2018Expires on 31/08/2018
Really good price for these seeing as one is £24.99 in Argos and Amazon etc at the moment and this is a twin pack making them £17.49 each with free delivery as well. Control loads… Read more

Thanks OP! Purchased..incredible high prices..even on ebay:)))


Great response, thanks heardy21. Much appreciated. Think I'll take the plunge and give the extension a try, thanks.


Good points.


Yes Dave, I’ve got 6 plugs and one extension and they work a dream. Pros are they are a decent build quality for the price, and do exactly what I need. The app you can set routines and scenes. The only con which is small is that the plugs are a little bulkier, but no more than others. I have the mss210 and the adapter is mss425e. The sockets are placed at a decent distance so fairly hefty plugs can be used. The usbs are powered as a single group so it’s all on or off, which tbf doesn’t cause me any issues, as I only have iphone charger plugged in. I believe they’re 10amps per socket. Like u said, hard to gauge how long they’ll be going for, but if I get a few years then I’m happy. Plus if you buy a plug they will probably send u a 30% discount on your next product for writing and honest review on amazon, so bringing the extension price down to £16. I’d recommend them all day long and find the superior to same of the big brands.


Yes. I use one on the TV and HiFi to switch off before bedtime. It’s amazing how much power they can use on standby!

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TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug £18.99 @ Base
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, No Hub Required, Control Your Devices from Anywhere. Next best price is Currys @ £20.00

Gone up to £32.39 now, can this deal now be expired?


£32.39 ?


Very reliable plugs. Been using them for ages now with Google Home and mobile with very few issues at all.


Not bad plugs at all but believe the h110 are better than the h100 (energy monitoring and all that jazz) but nevertheless still a good deal! Voted hot!

TP-LINK WiFi Smart Plug £16.99 @ Amazon (Prime) £4.49 delivery non prime
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Reduced a bit more since yesterday
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sorry i've only just seen this. yes to both! in the winter i just switch my kettle on on my way home hehe.


Not really. I was after getting them to automatically turn off after a set time of them being manually turned on. I wanted a heater to automatically turn off 15 minutes after being turned on (at any time).


Lol keep the suggestions coming as I want to find an excuse to buy one, well the techy in me does!


you can use the kasa app to set a timer to turn them on or off after a set amount of time - is that what you're after?


ha, well that's your prerogative :) me, i'm intending to buy more because i keep thinking up new ways to use them, and they make my life just that little bit easier - or, in some cases, more fun. are they essential? for me, no, not really. but the little time savings here and there keep on adding up, and it's more a succession of small conveniences that make my home slightly more pleasant and easier to live in. ultimately, it just allows things to happen remotely or automatically that otherwise couldn't. i started with one alexa dot and a single tp-link smart plug - and now i've got four dots, three google home minis, a smart thermostat, a smart kettle, four smart plugs, and a whole raft of other smart controllers (with more on the way) because i find them both useful and fun.


now only £16.99, I paid more on Prime Day :( nice first post, dingbat50! @robodan918 wish the HS110 would drop too :(


It's now cheaper than it was on Prime Day by itself.


Guys why does it matter if its been cheaper on sodding prime day. Good for you.


Looks like they are struggling to sell them with all the price drops!


now £16.99

Tp link wa850re 300mbps wifi extender £6 Sainsburys instore
LocalLocalFound 20th JulFound 20th Jul
Went to local sainsburys and i saw this deal which i couldn't resist. Not sure if its national

It’s not pointless. We have one in an outdoor socket to cover the garden and garage. It’s just a relay transceiver for extending range.


Hmm not sure I agree with you on that. The PS4 (bedroom) connects at a low speed to the WiFi router, but I've plugged it into this instead and get a much faster connection speed.


Sorry for the late reply, it was in Stockton store.


Pointless device as they just halve bandwith so your internet gets even slower.


Cold. This was 4 in Asda..Almost national:)

TP-Link TL-PA4020PKIT 2-Port Passthrough Powerline Adapter Starter Kit, No Configuration Required, UK Plug @ Amazon - £34.99
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Extra Power Socket - Embedded power socket making power accessible to other devices HD Streaming - Up to 600Mbps powerline speed ensures smooth HD stream transmission Energy Saving… Read more

I've got plenty of TP-LINK Homeplug adaptors and they work really well. These are well worth the price since they have passthrough and two ethernet ports each. The passthrough ones are really good where you don't want to lose a socket. Also these ones have two Ethernet ports, so you can connect two devices at once


Scrap that. Found them easy enough. Isn’t netgear stuff fairly pants though, had a few crap routers and things of theirs in the past.


Imho the netgear powerline up to 1200Mbps are better for £40


Cue those who “had 18 times that bandwidth since 3 years ago, and they only cost me £95 then” in 3....2....1..... Good find, OP. Great product, good price! (highfive)

TP-Link TL-WA860RE N300 Universal Range Extender with Extra Power Outlet, Broadband/Wi-Fi Extender, Wi-Fi Booster/Hotspot with 1 Ethernet Port and 2 External Antennas, Plug and Play, UK Plug £16.98 @ Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
The TL-WA860RE extends your network's Wi-Fi and delivers reliable N300 wireless coverage to hard-to-reach areas in your home. You can also use the Ethernet port to connect smart TV… Read more



Are these any good, I have a dead zone in my lounge where my phone constantly switches from WiFi to 4g, my switch shows zero Internet but my alexa works fine

TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug £12.00 off £17.49 @ Argos
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Good price and have 3 which are great and have been connected now for over 6 months with no issues,currently matching Amazon prime deal. Remote access control from anywhere, schedu… Read more

No Operates over wi-fi.Requires wireless router for use. But maybe something like this:


Does this work over Bluetooth? I would like to reset my internet router when it has crashed as it is hard to (easily) physically access. So I would not be able to use the internet to communicate with this device. Can my phone send a message to this via bluetooth to reset the router? Thanks. Michael


Exactly. So many uses for this. I have a handful of HS110s as well for the energy monitoring. I use one on my Media PC downstairs, every so often it hard-locks, can't work out why but seems to be something to do with internet spiking/dropping briefly, with this I can remotely reboot it and let it power back up which keeps it running even when I'm not local. When you actually have them, the use cases are actually quite wide and as you noted they can switch up to 3kW of devices because they are properly built (not perfect but they can switch a lot of current on/off safely).


So if I plugged my Alexa into this could I get her to turn herself off lol ?


That's a rather ignorant and arrogant attitude, it may not be for you but that doesn't mean others don't have a use for them. I personally use one in the winter for a small electric heater in my room as a timer and voice override. I needed to buy a timer anyway so this was a better alternative as I can also remotely control it if necessary depending on what's happening e.g. remotely turn it on if I'm going to be home late and I can better position it in the room compared to when I needed to manually turn it on. I also know someone who used a repurposed CCTV camera as a video baby monitor which occasionally needed to be reset and this allowed them to do so remotely without having to go into the bedroom late at time potentially disturbing the person.

2x Echo Dots (1x black and 1x white) plus 2x TP Link Smart Plugs £69.98 Amazon prime
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
There is a deal on at the moment as most of us have seen (if you are an Amazon Prime member) of 1x Echo Dot and 1x TP Link Smart plug for £39.99, but if you buy two dots at the mom… Read more
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Anyone returned the smart plug? How much did they get refunded?


I did the same too - full echo with the plug for £59.29 - which worked out cheaper than the Echo alone at £59.99 :) I reckon they did it sorta deliberately to hook people on to the smart plug bandwagon and then you need/want/can't live without more ;)


Hmm maybe, thats a shame. How are you adding to the basket? I don't think it works if you select the dots on their own and then plugs on their own. Instead add the white dot with TP link bundle to your basket and then the black dot with TP link bundle to your basket. Bundles are: Black Dot + TPlink White Dot + TPlink


£84.96 for me for a white dot, black dot and 2x plugs, but I bought a full size Echo + plug yesterday, so may not be eligible for this today. #shrug


You are right, sorry, I've just noticed now the deal is with 2 smart plugs. Good deal, not as good as the one yesterday but that is gone, so hot from me.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) + Tp link smart plug £59.29 - Amazon Prime Day Deal
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Cheaper then the Amazon Echo on the prime deal, First, add the Amazon Echo to your basket: Then add the TP Link Smart Plug:… Read more

Can confirm refund has already hit my account so all good


That’s awesome! So on one of my orders I had them no rush the echo, and then cancelled the plug...but I don’t think they took the cost, they just charged me full for the echo :(


FYI, I can confirm that I have rreturnerd the Plug today and Amazon have refunded me £14.52 making the Spot I ordered around £75 which I am more than happy with


Yea I am sure that’s what it is...why don’t you go back to your day job of being a grammar professor elsewhere...this site is for voting in deals not peoples grammar...


In my case, it was because you don't know the difference between then and than. Others may have voted cold for the same reason.

Amazon Echo Show + TP Link Wifi Smart Plug HS100 - £109.99 @ Amazon Prime Day
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Simply add echo show and Smart Plug separately.
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No it works fine, not had an issue, just have to remember to switch it off when I don't want the audio routed through the hifi, if the hifi is off then I won't hear Alexa's replies.


It's cheaper to buy the bundle - that only costs £109.99.


Showing as £117.48 for me, sadly.


A bit worrying to see no Retailers even bothering to challenge Amazons prime day with their own deals. Now Tesco direct have gone will they concentrate on putting all the other big online retailers out of business, most likely and what happens when theres little or no real opposition.


Guess can't get them for 99 anymore?

2X Echo Dot and TP-LINK WiFi Smart Plug - £34.28 @ Amazon Prime Day (Students only)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
I know something similar like this has been posted earlier today but it's not the exact same deal that i redeem. I managed to get 2 Dots and the smart plug for less than the origi… Read more

The Smart Plug dropped to £16.99 after Prime Day, so Amazon have refunded a further 50p for me automatically, making this deal £33.78! Hello, We wanted to let you know that we have requested a refund of £0.50 for your order, which includes TP-LINK WiFi Smart Plug, Works with Amazon Alexa (Echo and Echo Dot), Google Home and IFTTT, No Hub Required, Control your Devices from Anywhere, as we further reduced the price of this item after you purchased it during our Prime Day promotion. We’ll send you an e-mail letting you know the date, amount and payment details. Completed refund information can be viewed in Your Account once you've received a confirmation e-mail from us. You can view completed refunds in Your Orders ( ) by selecting "Order Details". Once your refund has been completed by us, please allow your bank between 5-7 business days to process it. Regards, Customer Service Department


Got mine today, bargain at this price! Thanks OP :)


This does not go below £67.47 (before student discount code) for me. Expired?


How are you on hukd and not a student?? (lol) (lol)



TP Link AV500 was £30.00 now £19.99 in Sainsbury online
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Been looking for a cheapish deal on TP Link powerlines to connect a Virgin TIVO to my router wirelessly. These seem pretty cheep to me, so i thought id share :)
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Hyperoptic. Pretty bonkers when you see the numbers for the first time.


XD Thanks for explanation, i was thought the same...thought was wifi extender! what is your advise as i will be moving in to a town house and the wifi router will certainly in ground floor, what kind of wifi extender should i looking for 1st floor or 2nd floor, mainly 2nd floor as it will be my bedroom to relax and watch the movies!! XD




I'm intrigued. What ISP are you with?


No, a wifi extender will give you a stronger wireless signal - this will basically allow you to run a network cable across your house mains wiring, but you still need another device attached at each end. You can use it to attach another wifi access point at the other end, which will then extend your wifi, but on its own it is not a wifi extender.

Amazon Echo Dot Black / White + TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug HS100 £24.99 with STUDENT15 [£39.99 Non student Prime] @ Amazon
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Add both items separately to checkout TP-Link WiFi Smart Plug HS100

Same here (lol)




I just received a 50p REFUND (!!!) from Amazon for this deal, citing a billing error. I haven't stopped laughing yet! #hug


Got the big echo and smart plug for £54 with student code. Thanks op x. The big echo has amazing sound for the size of it compared to the dot,well worth the extra ££’s


Able to use the code twice ??

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