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Huggies Pure Baby Wipes 56pk 69p @ B&M
Huggies Pure Baby Wipes. Huggies Pure Baby Wipes, made with skin loving natural* fibres, gently clean and protect baby’s delicate skin. With 99 percent pure water and no fragranc… Read more

Horrible wipes

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I HATE wet-wipes
The world's gone wet-wipe crazy. We have wet wipes, toilet cleaning wipes , wet toilet tissue wipes , leather wipes, stainless steel wipes, anti - bacterial wipes , face wipes, mak… Read more

Lol tell that to restaurant staff. The cloths they use to clean the tables with get a quick rinse and dry, if that!


(y) I clean mine, if they are beyond that I get rid of them.


I asked, "What is the difference between a reusable cloth and a wet wipe in spreading dirt around?" for OP's statement, "...once wiped they then just spread the dirt around." You said and ignored my question, "These get flushed away and generate fat bergs whereas cloths can be washed again and again. Despise the disposable mindset." Could you handle my question please, here it is again. "What is the difference between a reusable cloth and a wet wipe in spreading dirt around? Then, I shall ask you to answer about your fat bergs.


I use several wet wipes per surface to clean. Using cloths will only transfer the dirt back on to the surface. Unless you were to use several.


You can use this with old clothes. You will get the same protection.

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Natural wet wipes
Hi Guys, Does anyone know of any natural wet wipes to use after commuting on the cycle to work? Thank you in advance hukd family Ravi

Easily done


Brilliant (lol)


There is too much already. THEY are already poisoning us with chemtrails vaccines and GMOs


You mean to say that that's what's in our food!? (shock) (horror) Yeah, and if you can't pronounce an ingredient, don't eat it err I mean drink it. (nerd) :D


you forgot to mention dihydrogen monoxide

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Should wet wipes and items like "disposable" nappies be banned?
Should wet wipes and other non essential products such as so called "disposable" nappies be banned because of the harm they are doing to the environment? Imho its a no brainer. Th… Read more

We should all be thinking twice before having kids mate.


@Wongy110 I’m sure their benefits would cover the cost lol


The thing is if non biodegradables were banned then the biodegradables would cost a lot less and you know made people would think twice before having kids ?


I would actually be willing to pay more for biodegradable nappies. @RedLozzer I honestly don’t know how previous generations coped? Fair play to them & probably because they weren’t glued to their phones lol.


Yes it would and like you suggested I think more than 'nudging' is required.

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Win a Beach Towel, Beach Ball, Cooler Bag, Wipes and Portable Speaker @ We Love Wipes
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x <3






Thank You



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Win a years supply of Johnsons baby wipes
Just register on the link and tick the box at the bottom of the par to be entered into the draw..there's one more draw in January