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Mix & Match beer & cider 3 for £21 eg 36 bottles of Sol, 36 cans of Carling, 30 cans Amstel, 36 cans Strongbow, 36 bottles of Stella @ Asda
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Thought this was a decent offer for the Six Nations / St Patricks Day - just because its the weekend etc. On offer mix and match any 3 crates for £21 some are £10 each. Available … Read more

Hardly difficult to say, even if drunk. (skeptical) Can you say ”She sells seashells by the seashore”?


Been buying the Carling at 3 for £21 for years at Asda so nothing new there. Mind you for the last month, its been subbed as currently unavailable


Not until I've had about 5 cans (flirt)


Can you say "al-co-holic"?


Guinness on offer here - 12 for £10 for Original Stout >> HERE or 15 draught for £12 >> HERE

Beck's Lager Beer Bottle, 20 x 275 ml @ Asda £10
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
about as low as these go in terms of price. Golden in color, Beck's is a classic German-style pilsner with a robust, distinctive full-bodied taste, a fresh "hoppy" bouquet, distin… Read more
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Nope, like i said....months. However, Asda do seem to have more "local" deals than say Tesco.




Absolute junk now it's UK-brewed in sunny Luton.


XD :D One of fave beers ... love a nice cold bottle of Becks, but only when you can't get a nice pint of harp ;) But yes, the Germans do know how to brew a good beer and probs was a lot nicer back in the day. Thanks @amazoncrazy


i meant cheap price for the offer. But back in the day, becks was a premium beer which could command a premium price like stella artois "reassuringly expensive" and was a treat in a glass. Now it is brewed in the UK it has been ruined and its just tramp juice for chavs and offence and all.....

Beck's Blue Alcohol-Free Beer Bottles 15 x 275ml @ Morrisons £6
Found 31st JanFound 31st Jan
see these had a drop on amazon,but they were in pantry so found them here.Beck's Blue is a light, crisp and refreshing non-alcoholic alternative to beer, with no compromise on tast… Read more
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Am I the only one who thought the taste was disgusting, I have had some crap beers in my time ( carling, heineken) but this stuff was foul. Even though it was free I poured most of it down the drain.


Lol @ non alcoholic beer


great comments and totally agree <3


Really like this stuff and also erdinger, dry January been a breeze with this. And will carry on drinking it through the year, as need to cut the units down a fair bit. Honestly feels like you've had a few beers having this. Better than drinking diet coke all night!!



Free Beck's Blue Alcohol Free Beer in partnership with Mitchell and Butlers
LocalLocalFound 21st JanFound 21st Jan
AB InBev has introduced a new event called ‘Beck’s Blue Monday’, which offers Britons a free bottle of its Beck’s Blue alcohol-free beer brand. The campaign aims to offer Brits a … Read more
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Of all the non-alcoholic beers I've tried (including Beck's) Bavaria is by far the best


Becks Blue must be one of the worst, may the worst, non-alcoholic beers available! It's almost like Becks made it taste so bad on purpose! if you want a decent non-alcoholic beer try Brewdog's Nanny State or Big Drop's beers.


That's pretty much where I am. I'll have the occasional alcoholic drink, but I've never been keen on the feeling even after a couple. Stuff like this is liquid gold for me.




Good deal for those who can stand this stuff, for me the smell is much worse than the bad taste, for alcohol free beer try erdinger wheat beer

Beck's Blue Alcohol-Free Beer Bottles 15 x 275ml for £6 @ Morrisons
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Beck's Blue Alcohol-Free Beer Bottles 15 x 275ml for £6 @ Morrisons
£6£7.9024%Morrisons Deals
Well, someone is out there waiting for it. lol .... (party) Offer price £6 when you order by 05/02/2019 . Offer subject to availability. Maximum 20 promotional items per custome… Read more

Decent taste and it means you wake up the next day knowing you didn’t make a “do-da” of yourself


I mix 1 bottle of Clausthaler as its malty and 1 bottle of Becks blue and to me it tastes good , I was alcoholic dependent( 200/300 units a week) this may help you get off it before it's to late


Taste is quite unpleasant and it's zero alcohol, which makes this worse than drinking a glass of tap water. Cold.


Awful 'beer' and because of all the chemicals you end up with a hangover the next day.


What is the point ? Have a Coke

BECKS BIER 20 x 275ml bottles = £6.70 @ Co-op instore
LocalLocalFound 29th Nov 2018Found 29th Nov 2018
BECKS BIER 20 x 275ml bottles = £6.70 @ Co-op instore
£6.70£1033%Co-operative Deals
20 x 275ml bottles = £6.70 The closes price O can find elsewhere is 2 boxes (40 x 275ml bottles) = £40.00 I don’t know if this is misprice, nationwide or just local shop reducing … Read more

Also in Co op Swansea Quadrant along with San Miguel 10x440ml same price.


Is a bier what you stand a coughing on? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Special Edition "Art Labels" Collection, Becks Lager, 4.8%Vol, 20 x 275ml (£1.82 per litre) Co-Op - £10
LocalLocalFound 1st Nov 2018Found 1st Nov 2018
Special Edition "Art Labels" Collection, Becks Lager, 4.8%Vol, 20 x 275ml (£1.82 per litre) Co-Op - £10
Just went to my local tiny Co-Op (Clerkenwell, London) and they have a pile of crates with no pricing. I got the staff to check and its £10 per crate. Not only reasonably cheap b… Read more

Decent enough price, but 275ml or even 300ml bottles annoy me

PerfectDraft Becks Starter Bundle at Beer Hawk for £229
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
This is the Phillips Perfect Draft Keg Machine. It chills the beer and keeps it fresh for up to 30 days. It holds 6L kegs and comes with 2 in this deal. You can receive money off … Read more
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Just pulled the trigger on one of these. 229 with 2 kegs of stella and free delivery. Signing up to the news letter knocks another 10% off, so I took advantage of the multi buy and the 10% off. . So the machine and 6 kegs for £290...


But you cant get it for that price at the moment, they may drop it for black friday. At this particular moment in time, this is the best price out there.


They recently had an offer with £50 off. Last November some time the were £99 but only for a few days.


Not sure why this is getting voted cold, good deal at the moment. You can get an extra 10% off this price as well. Those saying it's just the novelty of pouring your own pint have obviously not tried a pint from one of these machines. Beer is brewed in germany/belgium e.t.c not brewed under licence in the UK so is a lot better than what you get in the pubs and far far better tasting than cans or bottles.


The Kwak is lovely! Who'd have thought it was 8.4%?!?! Works out about £2.30 a pint, with the 20% discount for 4 kegs and the £5 keg deposit. Well worth it.

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Any 2 for £20.00 Beer Cases -  Budweiser / Becks / Guinness Draught / Stella Artois / Coors Light / Heineken @ Tesco
Found 1st Oct 2018Found 1st Oct 2018
Any 2 for £20.00 Beer Cases - Budweiser / Becks / Guinness Draught / Stella Artois / Coors Light / Heineken @ Tesco
Offer available from 02/10 San Miguel 12 X 330Ml Stella Artois 20X284ml Guinness Draught 12 X 440Ml Becks 20X275ml Budweiser 15 X 440Ml Coors Light 15X440ml Heineken … Read more
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12 X 330ml San Miguel £7 in Morrisons


Heineken is £16:50 for 1 box of 15 cans in all Scotland stores, So this is a great deal


Either the UK use slightly different ingredients. Or just the UK are not good at making them. But beer imported from the continent is nicer than stuff made in the UK.


I quite like the aldi copy of becks, but this deal (party) takes some beating. Heat added.


remind me the benefits of a beer brand that's made overseas? the extra sprinkle of carbon footprint makes it taste better? only four ingredients in beer, not that difficult to match flavour profiles

Tesco (Perterfield) 20 Bottles of Becks Lager (20x275ml) now £7.70 instore
LocalLocalFound 20th Sep 2018Found 20th Sep 2018
Tesco (Perterfield) 20 Bottles of Becks Lager (20x275ml) now £7.70 instore
Special offer in my local Tesco, cannot confirm elsewhere but still £14 on the Tesco website.
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Petersfield Hampshire :)


Lots of random Tesco booze RTC, it's just luck of the draw really


Where is your local?

20 Bottles of Becks Lager (20x275ml) now £10 @ Asda (online & instore)
Refreshed 25th Sep 2018Refreshed 25th Sep 2018
20 Bottles of Becks Lager (20x275ml) now £10 @ Asda (online & instore)
Decent at 50p per bottle - might be worth stocking up for xmas - Online & instore. Unsure when offer ends German brewing heritage. Brewed under the German purity law of 1516 … Read more
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I checked the other day. It says brewed in the UK now :( Oh well.


Ended... 😯


£13.20 in Scotland, bloody minimum price per unit!


Assuming Staropramen is still in fact Czech, since it is "Brewed and bottled in the EU for Molson Coors Brewing Company (UK) Ltd".


German purity law of 1516 Which is slightly better than the German purity law of 1939.

Beck’s 20 pack 275ml £10.40 instore @ Tesco Extra Yardley
LocalLocalFound 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Beck’s 20 pack 275ml £10.40 instore @ Tesco Extra Yardley
Saw these in Tesco Extra Yardley, works out 52p per bottle.
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Cold, only £7.70 in my Tesco.


Also £10 in Asda Code&source=2925&promotype=Communities+&+UGC&cmpid=afc-_-GEOR-_-awin-_-294583-_ -generic&cm_mmc=GEOR-aff-_-awin-_-Latest Deals-_-294583&awin_aff=294583_Latest+Deals_LatestDeals+Ltd_Communities+&+UGC&cwc=afc&cwd=geo&cwf=pm&awc=2925_1536400293_33cb3b5a06bef66f291f03aa7a3f3c06&dclid=CLLt5Y2Rq90CFQnE3godQSUNHg

Beck’s lager 20x 275ml £10.00 @ Asda
Found 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
Beck’s lager 20x 275ml £10.00 @ Asda
Good price for Beck’s. Currently £14 @ Tesco and £13 @ Sainsbury’s. All other 20 packs (Stella, Budweiser etc) are around £14 everywhere at the moment

Surprisingly, I find that Staropramen is still quite good even though brewed here. If I want imported Becks I have to go to one local shop which somehow manages to get tins of the imported stuff while all the others have UK brewed. Just bought loads of Budvar which is reduced at Tesco if you can find it. PS, how can you have a "collection"? Never lasts long enough with me!


Thanks for the heads-up...just found I have a pack of both German & UK-brewed Becks in my beer collection, and surprise, surprise , the UK brew is the poor relation, it just doesn't have that satisfying lingering tartness of the German brew, in fact it has no real character whatsoever. Another decent lager bites the dust in AB InBev UK's quest to save a few pennies transporting the original brew across the channel, it's all very sad. UK-brewed lager is 99% sh*te & that's a fact.


You can get “BECKS” for lot less than a tenner any day you like. Just buy a newspaper.... (lol) (highfive)


Sorry mate, I've had to vote cold...Thought I was getting BECKS FOR a tenner (:I (:I (:I (highfive) . Heat added pal (y)


£7.70 Rtc at Tesco right now.

Becks 6 for £2.81 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Becks 6 for £2.81 instore @ Tesco
Not bad for less than 50p a bottle. Was £5.10. Found (and brought!) in Royston.
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great price if you can get it.Looks like local deal for local people not strangers


Vile nasty stuff


did have 4 cans of stella for two pounds something


4.08 in mine


@Itsbowtime why are you posting Beck's deals :/ Hot Deal ;)

Budweiser 20X300ml Bottles / Becks 20X275ml  / Stella Artois 20X284ml - £10 each @ Tesco from 21st August
Found 20th Aug 2018Found 20th Aug 2018
Budweiser 20X300ml Bottles / Becks 20X275ml / Stella Artois 20X284ml - £10 each @ Tesco from 21st August
£10£1217%Tesco Deals
A few reductions on 20 bottles of beer/lager from 21st August online and instore. £10 a case equivalent to 50p a bottle, good for the bank holiday etc. The 10p petrol promo is al… Read more
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I don't give a feck! My bottles o Bud aint contributing to the Alcoholics demise. The sooner those feckin snp gits get sent back to the holes they came from the better. Nicola Sturgeon my god don't get me started on that fishy waste o space.




It’s very cleaver deal. Says spend £30 get a voucher but the beer is buy 2 for £20 so you need to buy 4 also it’s not free delivery unless you buy 4 qualifying items . But end of day works out at £9 for 20 bottle which is a decent price especially in Scotland as we have min unit price . But amazon a breaking the law I’m happy with this loophole see how long it lasts .


Like the way that these are 50.1% each, so you cannot get 2 of them in one Pantry Box! Clever amazon!!!


They have always been 300ml you can get a 600ml bottle too

(BOGOF) Beckham Homme Aftershave Lotion 50ml £15.29 inc. del @Superdrug
Found 13th Aug 2018Found 13th Aug 2018
(BOGOF) Beckham Homme Aftershave Lotion 50ml £15.29 inc. del @Superdrug
Price is for 2 x 50ml bottles of David Beckham aftershave lotion. Good price for birthdays.... or Christmas Nothing to add
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Amazing amazon fresh offer Becks 15 bottles £3.25
Found 16th Jul 2018Found 16th Jul 2018
Amazing amazon fresh offer Becks 15 bottles £3.25
15 bottles of becks for an amazing price. need to have amazon prime to see primeday price

and its unavailable


maybe its for selected member:/



It is £3.25 you have to go to fresh not pantry. Should be noted this is BECKS BLUE!


It's Becks Blue alcohol free too......

Buy 6 get 25% off now includes no & low alcohol beers / cider / wine inc Skol, Kopparberg, Becks blue, Brew dog etc @ Sainsburys
Found 5th May 2018Found 5th May 2018
Buy 6 get 25% off now includes no & low alcohol beers / cider / wine inc Skol, Kopparberg, Becks blue, Brew dog etc @ Sainsburys
I don’t want to use the g word in the title and set everyone’s keyword search off but I think that it might be. Sainsburys have changed the rules for the buy 6 get 25% off now so t… Read more

Perhaps it's meant to make up for the lack of any fortified wine in the offer this time - something that only shows in very small print in store. In my local the ads were also well above head height. hopping in Sainsburys less and less now - and this puts us off even more.


You're right. They've just done an awful job of promoting its inclusion.


It's not a mistake.


I suspect this is a mistake to be honest. Get your orders in while you can.


Thanks, decent price for the Erdinger Weisbrau

Beck’s Blue in Tesco in store and online - £6.50
Found 21st Mar 2018Found 21st Mar 2018
Beck’s Blue in Tesco in store and online - £6.50
£6.50£7.5013%Tesco Deals
Beck’s Blue on offer .15 bottles reduced to £6.5

Nice find - don't mind Becks :) Heat added!

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