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Super HeavyWeight Champion Tool Belt Makita P-71897 - £30.99 @ Amazon
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Great toolbelt. Quality product. Next best I could find from a reputable seller is £79.95 from FFX. Temporary out of stock but Amazon let you order it. Last time is was delivere… Read more

Got it Yeah


Nice one! got it! Thank you OP!


Back available to pre-order at £30.99


I noticed it was also this price over 2weeks ago so just keep an eye out


Now at £92 sad i missed this one

Wrangler Men's Authentic Straight Incl. Belt £22.64 at Amazon
62° Expired
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Wrangler jeans with leather belt.32w 34l It is my firs post so be gentle 8)

Well even one or two if get it that will helping someone, isn't?


Well it's probably not a good idea posting Amazon deals like that after purchasing. The price would have already gone up. Many of us have seen it before.... Buying something with varying prices per size. Then minutes after buying it's up to the usual price. It happened the other day with chinos I got for £3.10. within a minute or 2 of buying they were up to £18.99. Amazon price drops just aren't until stock is sold and rather until 1 or 2 are sold.


Sorry guys, when I ordered was that price. Was left 5 bits , and last I have checked at that price 2 was left :S


Expire the post they are £60.95


Gone. Expired. These aren't usually good deals to post because as soon as it's had 1 or 2 purchases, sometimes a few more, the price shoots up. So your deal will only last a few minutes.

Men's Chino Shorts with Belt + Polo Shirt for £20 / £21.99 delivered @ Tokyo Laundry
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Decent saving on this Men's Clothing Bundle, and some nice colour options available. Get the Shorts, Belt + Polo for £20 / £21.99 delivered Add 1 Shorts with Belt to Bag &am… Read more

did anyone order this? the navy shorts don't look navy on the list!


Yep, I have two of their t-shirts and although I really like the designs, in a very short couple of months they shrank and became discoloured. Ok, so I'm wearing one of them right now, but I also haven't left the house in a month, which is the only condition I'd now consider using them in.



I bought from them couple of times and I'd say quality is good enough. After two years colour hasn't faded and material hasn't shrunk.


Pretty much - i got 3 of their polo's to wear in the office and after 2 - 3 months they all just looked tatty and faded so they are now my general wash the car / DIY t-shirts.

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Coolerfire belt 100% genuine full grain leather in various sizes for £10.27 delivered using coupon @ AliExpress Deals / Coolerfire Store
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Cracking price for a full grain 100% leather belt from cowhide. Only £10.27 including delivery from China — admittedly it will take a month to arrive, but still a great price. Coo… Read more

These are high quality and are a steal at these prices: You want these styles of wider belts for jeans: Some can be adjusted/cut to length so you can order larger sizes at lower prices and make them fit. I don't think the first six styles on their website can be adjusted. I have these styles which I ordered in larger sizes and cut down to size. Just pull the pin all the way back to release and cut to length: You can also buy leather straps on ebay and fit them to these buckles. I believe these can too but have not purchased myself:


Yeah, I've ordered it thanks. I guess it was worth a punt for the price. I agree about the rough edges. Many of the belt photos that show smooth, shiny edges have a plastic coating. Many thanks. I'll keep it saved in my basket as a backup option. I'm wary of Amazon as that is where my previous attempts have been bought, but I accept your experience is very positive, and this counts for a lot. Cheers. I may have a look around the local markets once they reopen, but I haven't had any luck in local shops. It all seems to be badly labelled, bonded stuff. (annoyed)


The belt I posted above is full grain leather, not bonded. You can see it in the pictures that it is just a piece of leather. Rough edges and all.


I bought this for around £10 last year. Amazing product. I’d pay the current price. Totally happy. Amazing quality Hzhy Men's Leather Belt,100% Full Grain Leather with Anti-Scratch Pin Buckle,Great for Jeans,Casual,Cowboy & Work Wear


For upmarket quality you are likely better off going into a shop/market stall that sells leather goods after Mr Corona has buggered off (e.g. in London, Camden Market or Petticoat Lane Market). On the other hand you could message the owner of the Ebay store and ask them if they have anything that might fit the bill/cut and stitch one to your specifications, after all they do claim to have them made here in the UK.

Oxford Rider Pillion Grips Motorcycle Scooter Bike Grab Handles Belt System - £22.99 @ msgbikegear_ltd / eBay
145° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Ever feel insecure on the back of a bike as a pillion rider? Let that be a thing of the past with the Oxford Pillion rider grips. Designed to be comfortable for both the rider and … Read more
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You could always give it a try! 🤭


Cold, thought it was a face mask judging by the picture 😄


Suitable for indoor use...?


Great for Conga dancing when you don't want anybody actually touching you.


I have these or the previous version and they're good. Tad overpriced here perhaps.

Nerf Ultimate Battle Vest and Belt - £9.99 @ Argos / eBay
197° Expired
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
Be prepared for any mission with the Nerf n-Strike Elite Supreme Battle Combo! This essential gear pack provides maximum ammo and accessory storage with both the NERF Battle Waist … Read more
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Thank you I’ve now started my Christmas shopping 😜 The joys of isolation (lol)


That's a really good price. Thanks!

Amazon Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT Full Automatic Wireless Belt-Drive Turntable - £129
357° Expired
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
After seeing other hot dealers recommend theses over any other turntable over the moon to find it at this price. Also available in 5 monthly payments of £25.88.
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with an AT-LP60 or any of the common design Hanpin chinese turntables, like the Sony PS-LX300, and they will not "destroy your vinyl" like the "experts" would have you believe by any stretch. The integrated AT3600L cartridge won't provide audiophile-level sound quality but it's a night and day improvement on the ceramic cartridges in Crosley's and the like. I do think the bluetooth is a bit of a waste of time (since you're at that point digitising the audio for transport - so why not just listen to a digital source from the start), but I suppose if you had a particularly uncommon record without a digital alternative that might be a valid use case.


The AT LP60 and the Rega Planar 1 use exactly the same cartridge and stylus. I'd take a new, under warranty LP60 over a second hand / unknown use / unknown wear Planar 1.


The only reason I can see for Bluetooth on a deck is if someone didn't want to run a cable to the amp or I guess if you wanted to listen to your vinyl on your phone? Seems like a weird thing to want to do. At this price point I think any pretension to audiophilia is pointless (that doesn't mean the sound is terrible though) so an analogue to digital conversion for Bluetooth transmission is unlikely to be perceptible.


The talking about the decks scratching the records is just hearsay, but the whole idea of paying the heavy premium for music on records and then using a Bluetooth output is 100% crazy. The actual makers of records don't profess any benefits beyond the pure analogue recording and reproduction, so anyone who buys a Bluetooth record playing is literally just talking themselves into it....


I bought the £80 LP60X non Bluetooth version for my daughter before xmas to pair with Bluetooth Edifier speakers and I'm impressed with the quality of both. If you are looking for an entry level deck then you could do a lot worse than an Audio Technica and the suggestion that this deck will kill your vinyl is pure nonsense. Whether you need a deck with Bluetooth is debatable but only you can know whether you will use this function or not (I think it's only going to allow BT output). For me, BT on a deck is not worth paying the extra cost when I can hook up a cable and not have the hassle of pairing, dropping etc. and a turntable doesn't move around so unless you really don't want to run a cable then don't bother. This whole thread reminds me of Android phone deals where Apple fans come along and tell everyone how much better an Iphone is and how they should spend 5 times as much. Frankly the same levels of ignorance dressed up as expertise is comical.

Makita Special Edition Toolbelt 2 Pouch Holster Tool Belt Set and Hammer Holder £33.99 Delivered using code @ eBay / buyaparcel
152° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Is there really any point of getting some tools, and conquering that DIY you've been putting off the past 2 years, if you can't holster and store your tools on your utility belt … Read more

1 week .... (y)


Officially how long do you have to have a been dad for before you qualify for one of these bad boys. Asking for a friend


Actually had to buy one of these in a bit of emergency back when I was working construction doing some plasterboard work, barely lasted me two weeks with all the tools I needed but perfectly fine for DIY home jobs I imagine :D Do feel like a bit of a cowboy walking around with it on and tools hanging off the sides!


I thought these were a bit daft untill I got this one on offer from screwfix for £12 It's actually come in handy plaster boarding the ceiling in my porch and used it while building my shed in the garden :-) I wouldn't recommend pottering around the house in it though as have caught it on a few things and knocked things over :-p


I actually have this and it is very useful, especially up ladders (y)

Fly Fishing Waders. Profil Breathable Chest Waders, Wading belt included £10.99 delivered @ troutflies69 (ebay)
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Fly Fishing Waders. Profil Breathable Chest Waders, Wading belt included £10.99 delivered @ troutflies69 (ebay)
£10.99eBay Deals
£10.99 delivered is an unbelievable price for these chest waders. An entry level set of waders at a brilliant price. For the newby - you will need a pair of wading boots to go with… Read more
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J R Hartley would know


think your posting so many fishing deals that's the problem lol


Aye, my fault for not paying attention. Cheers.


Looks like it's just the repair thing at that price and not the waders. If you ever have an expensive pair of waders and want them repaired I highly recommend diver Dave (Google him) as he is awesome.


Yep, my bad... didn’t pay attention. Cheers.

Versace Couture Belt £79 Mainline Menswear
-178° Expired
Posted 15th MarPosted 15th Mar
Versace Couture Belt £79 Mainline Menswear
Sizes from 32”-42”
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Very subtle. I love it.


WTF (confused) COLD


Could be worse he could have posted this one, even Tyson Fury wouldn't wear this one.


It's not the price that's the problem here......... look at the state of it :(


I thought I’d contribute to this app because it seems to be all old people posting Dead trainers and commercial brands that no one has heard of

Boss Men's Connio Black Leather Belt from £30.39 @ Amazon
-151° Expired
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
Boss Men's Connio Black Leather Belt from £30.39 @ Amazon
£30.39£54.9945%Amazon Deals
Men's Black Leather belt from Boss. £30.39 on Amazon for most sizes, it seems to be £54.99 at all other stores, so not a bad deal.
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back up over £50 now :(


It's in 90=34waist 95=36waist and so on .just go up a size of your jeans or..if 34waist I would get the 95.


I don't understand the sizes


£25.39 if eligible for £5 off £25 spend.


Good spot I’m after a new belt cheers

High waist trousers with belt loops in Black or Khaki now £12.99 @ Bershka (Free Click & Collect)
68° Expired
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
High waist trousers with belt loops in Black or Khaki now £12.99 @ Bershka (Free Click & Collect)
Two colours available in these - black is my favourite! At just £12.99 I have ordered a pair myself to team with my trusty Converse. Click and collect is Free, or pay £3.95 for ho… Read more

Very 80s. Don't you also miss dungarees?


Sorry about that , hopefully that should be working now :)


The link doesnt seem to be working for me for some reason!

Men's Borg Lined Fleece, T shirt, Wallet & Belt Bundle Deal for £26.99 delivered @ Tokyo Laundry
72° Expired
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
Men's Borg Lined Fleece, T shirt, Wallet & Belt Bundle Deal for £26.99 delivered @ Tokyo Laundry
Get yourself a Borg Lined Fleece (4 colours available), a T-Shirt (10 styles to choose from) and a Belt & Wallet Gift Set for just £25, plus postage of £1.99. Delivery is Free… Read more

Trash brand


11.... Yes 11..... Grand slam titles


Resistance is futile

Han Solo Star Wars Fleece Robe no Hood Brown Belt Adult One Size - £8.50 Delivered @ 365games
79° Expired
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Han Solo Star Wars Fleece Robe no Hood Brown Belt Adult One Size - £8.50 Delivered @ 365games
£8.50£ Deals
Not a big fan of Star Wars myself, but thought this was a decent price. They go for around £30 on Amazon, not sure if it's cheaper anywhere else, but can't go wrong for under a ten… Read more
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Mine arrived this morning, I work from home so been wearing it all day LOL

dibz £8.60 at above store (y)


I've just ordered one


Sorry you missed out, didn't realise they had so little left in stock :/


How did I miss this

Amazon. Makita P-71819 Tool Belt, Black £19.50 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
186° Expired
Posted 27th JanPosted 27th Jan
Amazon. Makita P-71819 Tool Belt, Black £19.50 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Also this available.
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Can I use that for climbing?


Would be great for deadlifts in the gym!

Bondara Flirt Pink Bow Bra, Belt, G-String and Stockings Now £13.25 + £3.75 postage @ Bondara
922° Expired
Posted 19th JanPosted 19th Jan
Bondara Flirt Pink Bow Bra, Belt, G-String and Stockings Now £13.25 + £3.75 postage @ Bondara
Bondara Flirt Pink Bow Bra, Belt, G-String and Stockings was £27.99 now £13.25 with code VCBON22 fits size 6 up to 14 Though this was a nice set for Valentine’s p&p is £3.4… Read more

Maybe not old but the rest of it still applys


Glad my wife's not a member lol


Old.... I'm 21 (nerd)


Dirty old man


If you find something similar with a bit more material and longer elastic, then count me in. ;)

Levi's Footwear and Accessories Men's New Legend Belt £17.59 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
359° Expired
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
Levi's Footwear and Accessories Men's New Legend Belt £17.59 Prime / +£4.49 non Prime @ Amazon
£17.50£3651%Amazon Deals
Levis Leather Belt 219406-1-59 Legend! Iconic leather belt with nostalgia Buckle & nbsp; leather . Cowhide Width: 4cm Black 100% Leather Not Washable Fastening: buckle 219… Read more

It is 28


now minimum of £27,


You do know I was joking with the whole comment right? With the “Got ya! ;) x” at the end?

MisterNippy was 20 years ago and cow hide has not got better, its still cow hide and costs a lot less now than it did 20 years ago.


When you click through to Amazon... Next to the price of £17.50... On the same line as the price it says "& free returns"... Hope this helps (y)

1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Vinyl Turntable £36.54 Sold by Giant Jupiter and Fulfilled by Amazon
63° Expired
Posted 12th JanPosted 12th Jan
1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Vinyl Turntable £36.54 Sold by Giant Jupiter and Fulfilled by Amazon
£36.54£42.9915%Amazon Deals
Reviews look good, I’m not up on the technicalities but the price seems good. Non prime accounts need to add £4.49 for delivery. 1byone Belt-Drive 3-Speed Portable Vinyl Turntabl… Read more
Green Engraved Circle Belt £1 Dorothy Perkins - FREE Collect from Store
157° Expired
Posted 6th JanPosted 6th Jan
Green Engraved Circle Belt £1 Dorothy Perkins - FREE Collect from Store
£1.00 belt from £5.00 not bad in my opinion

Thanks, Op! Belter of a deal! No Dotty Perks near me, unfortunately! (y) Shame to watch a deal like this go to waist!! XD

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