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AMEX  - Spend £335+ on Avios via, and get 10,000 Bonus Avios
15/07/2019Expires on 15/07/2019Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
OFFER DETAILS Save to Card and receive 10,000 bonus Avios when you purchase 20,000 Avios for £335 online at by 15 July 2019. Terms & payment restrictions… Read more

Yes but works out better for BC and FC .. not cattle class


As mentioned above there are 5% of flights where it makes sense like summer holidays, xmas period, business class etc. Some value flexibility, some may use it to buy one way journey home if they missed their flight - there are good uses of it, but most people I know that don't spend too much time reading about it would end up buying that flight to New York :) and thats why BA is keen on selling them cheaper


In the USA they give the things away like candy with credit cards - we only have a benefit when using things like a 2-4-1 amex voucher which has to start from the UK, or as previously said, the reward saver for European flights...


Isn’t this something unethical to do ? Surely Avios points are earned the hard way. Why should customers be paying a higher fare when paying using Avios points? What’s the point of accumulating Avios points then?


Oh absolutely when it’s clear cut like that but during school holidays for example it can bounce the other way. It changes again for different classes before we get onto availability. That’s a great cash price for NYC!

Return flight to Salt Lake City £232 / Detroit £256 / Minneapolis £256 (Nov - Mar departures / British Airways) @ Skyscanner/TravelTrolley
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Awesome prices here if you are looking to go to these destinations. Flights to some of the less popular American destinations are normally costly (£400+) so these prices are a subs… Read more
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Minnesota is nice but less so Minneapolis (or St Paul). The hotels generally aren't that cheap either. OK I suppose if you like your big sprawling cities with no real centre to them. Surely Detroit would be a more interesting place to visit. Had some good value stays in Long Island City where you can the ferry direct to Downtown Manhattan if you want.


The resorts by Salt Lake City would be handy ;-)


If you travel 17 hours to get to Detroit, I think you will be very disappointed! XD


I've only heard good things about Salt Lake City Like, it's the most perfect place on Earth The flies don't bite your eyeballs And human life has worth Heat!


Agreed, Utah has some of the most amazing natural scenery, and you pretty much need a car to see any of it. However November-March dates mean some tricky weather, with chance of mountain roads being closed due to snow. April-June and September-October are probably the best time to visit Utah. Unless you want to go skiing off course.

10% off at all BrewDog UK locations
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th MayLocalLocal
As seen in the British Airways magazine, just show your BA Executive Club membership card when paying for a 10% discount (food and drink). The best thing is that the BA Exec Club -… Read more

Will still be ridiculously overpriced.

First Class return flight to San Francisco (Christmas & New Year dates / Departing LHR) £1,685 @ Skyscanner (British Airways)
Refreshed 19th MayRefreshed 19th May
This seemed like a decent price to me, you can often pay more for business class! There are various christmas and new year dates available which are outlined below. There may be mo… Read more
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BA First is nice - and I would leap on a fare this good all day long (so heat for the poster), but in general if First is significantly more expensive than Club World (i.e. more than a couple of hundred £) on a particular route, then it is rarely worth the price difference in my opinion. The Concorde room in Terminal 5 is a nice place to spend a couple of hours but it won't change your life. The main difference is a slightly more spacious seating area, slightly better food (and dine-on-demand) and some slightly nicer wines/champagne. And thats about it really. Yes, the A380 is arguably the best version of First class BA do, but it is nice on the 747 too. Its true the seats and cabins are a bit older but that aren't all that different really and there is actually something a bit special about being right in the nose of the good old Jumbo Jet, in my opinion. For club world - nothing beats the upper deck of the 747 for me, including the A380.


Where? Seriously though I've been a couple of times and highly recommend the place. (S.F. that is) lol.


Given up lol. I had Dec 24th to Jan 1st yesterday lunchtime for about £1750ish pp from Edi but thats gone now sadly. Just booked flights to Tokyo instead for next Easter in prem eco with Lufthansa for about £1k pp. It certainly isn't first class ;( Weird thing is, you can get it for £1798 with BA for one person but not for 2, which is then using different airlines which is a bit maddening. Great if you're travelling solo. (highfive)


What dates are you thinking of going? I’d rather a short connection and get on board to enjoy the service and movies



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British Airways/AA USA and Canada SALE, book by 21 May!! from £276
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Lots of flights starting in September at £278 with October 2019 to March 2020 being £276 for NY

Whilst I agree with the general sentiment of your post, their owner made a profit of €2.9bn last year


For info - if you are planning to hire a car book the cheapest option would be to book a flight only (do not add baggage), then further down the page add a car hire and choose the suitable vehicle for your needs. Once you have added the car hire to your flights you are then given 23kg luggage allowance per person for no additional charge. Your whole booking then becomes a holiday package. Also, hand baggage allowance weight is upto 23kg, you may say how will all my clothes fit in a small case! Well if you are planning to clothes shop you could buy a cheap bag or suitcase if you need a new one and pay just for return journey. Also remember if you plan to share a suitcase and don’t all want to pay for luggage you can choose this after you have booked and confirmed


I'm inclined to agree... 40 quid for luggage on the way there, 30 quid for luggage on the way back... wtf




A horrible airline (used to be much better) given the way they treat their customers not to mention their retired fleet of planes. If not killed by their own reputation they'll be destroyed by the competition just like jet airways. I can already see the signs.

7 Nights Bangkok May including Bank Holiday - 3* Hotel + Rtn Flights Heathrow 23kg luggage = £499.50pp (£999) @ British Airways
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
7 nights Bangkok Thailand in May including Bank holiday dates at the end of this month. Price includes direct BA flights from Heathrow, 23kg luggage per person and 3* hotel accommo… Read more
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Definately agree, I wouldn't go for less than 3 weeks. Especially if you'll travel once you land. Not sure if you'll miss the rainy season if you go now, I think it's just starting. I'd find that exciting anyway.


It's their rainy/stormy season at the moment


My advice... choose your hotel wisely. Location is key in Bangkok, and what looks like a short walk to the nearest station can turn into a mission, especially when it's that hot and humid (or pouring with rain). Silom is cheap for hotels because it's really a business district. So you might end up spending more on getting about than you save on the hotel vs another location. So do some research on what you'll be doing and where you'll be going. If you're just going to be taking escorted tours most days, then these will be fine, but personally I wouldn't choose them if I was planning on making my own way around Bangkok.


It is also crazy hot in Bangkok now - I've been in May and wouldn't go at this time again...


Brilliant price, but I have to warn you....all that way for 7 nights!'ll be jet lagged for alot of the time. When I go to SE Asia I go for a minimum of 21 days. However....still a very good deal!

7 Nights Las Vegas Feb 2020 - 3* Hotel (scores 4/5 Tripadvisor) + Rtn Flights Gatwick 23kg luggage = £399pp (£798) @ British Airways
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
7 nights Las Vegas for Feb 2020 including direct BA flights from Gatwick, 23kg luggage per person and 3* hotel accommodation at The D Las Vegas (scores 4/5 Tripadvisor). Works out… Read more
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I like the waitress service when u play the slots. Get drinks and just give a $1 tip each time!!


It’s a good deal as it is at the end of the strip. If you like walking then you are ok. Sometimes the bus can be full. You will have a great time


Enjoy! I got married in Vegas and it was the best ever!


Is this relatively nornal pricing for the time of year or just a good offer?


We went middle March this year and weather wasn’t great - locals did say this was unusual - I would recommend middle April to ensure hot weather

Valentines Feb 2020 New York - 3* Hotel + Flights Gatwick 23kg luggage - 3 nights £432pp (£863) / 5 nights £492pp (£984) @ British Airways
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Valentines in New York for Feb 2020 including direct BA flights from Gatwick, 23kg luggage per person and 3* hotel accommodation at Pod 51 hotel (other hotels available). Prices ba… Read more
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Subway is really easy, but if research before and you’ll know what to expect..


Can book mid march for only £20pp more over 7 nights... worth doing to get bit nicer weather? Same hotel


Pod 51 will be walkable to Central Park is about 20mins but the park is huge so depends where to wanted to go. Time square is further and probably with using the subway (if you’re brave) or a hop on hop off tourist bus. I found the subway fun but it’s a little complained with express trains and Very Dirty!!


I agree... so cold in Feb that the lake in Central Park was frozen solid! On a positive note, it does keep a lot of the seedier characters away from Times Square so it’s actually quite pleasant! Been Feb and April ... the difference is staggering!


Just fyi you cant name change on trips to USA. I have certainly been in groups trying to change names some years back and we wer told its an American security thing. I know u wer joking btw (lol)

Direct return flight to Denver (British Airways / Departing London Heathrow / February 2020 departures ) £245 @ Skyscanner (TravelTrolley)
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Very cheap price for a direct return flight to Denver for February next year. I can only see the 18th-27th Feb at this price at the moment, but more dates are likely to become avai… Read more
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Can’t do those dates but without doubt the deal of the day IMO. Heat


This looks like a good deal and is butttttttt.... the times and even dates might change between now and next year. I have used this route for sking and booked early or even in August and had quite big changes. Careful as once it messed up my onward flight to SLC.


Brilliant price, I’d travel light, just pick up some cheap t shirts and pants in k mart when you land


Is Denver airport the one with all the conspiracy theories ?

Las Vegas Package holiday- Excalibur- 7 Nights February 2020 £435.50 British Airways (+ £194 resort fee to hotel)
Refreshed 18th AprRefreshed 18th Apr
Booking direct with British Airways so is completely covered by ATOL 7 night holiday to Las Vegas Stopping at Excalibur Flying from Gatwick on the 3rd of February An unbelieva… Read more
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Rude hustle culture from bar staff to cab drivers. Remember to tip everyone for anything. Even a smile. Brits have a bad rep for not tipping. Understand we don’t have the same culture in the UK but LV is not UK.


Excalibur wasn't bad at all last September. Nice rooms, location and smell. They pump a fragrance into the hotel that smells really nice!


I went around the world in 3 weeks with just a backpack. You'd be surprised how much rubbish people take that they dont need. Just pack sensibly and you really dont need much luggage at all.


I stayed in circus circus. Was really nice. I'm not too fussy anyway but the room and lobbies were clean. This was about 7 years ago tho, has it got much worse since then??


Cracking price. In terms of luggage if there are two of you going then one checked bag should really be more than enough to hold plenty of clothes and a couple pairs of shoes and trainer's.

Package holiday to Las Vegas - Direct flights with BA - Excalibur Hotel -  7 nights March 2020 - £484 PP @
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
This is a flight and hotel package (therefore atol protected) through staying on a strip hotel in March 2020 for 7 nights. Flying From Gatwick with BA on 16th Mar… Read more

How is it that person thanks tointon


It’s not just Vegas hotels these days, hotels in New York have started adding this (ninja)


Well that kinda ruins it for me. :(


Can't see the wood for the trees


Resort fee... All las Vegas hotels now have these unfortunately.

Direct Return flight to Las Vegas (departing London Gatwick / February-March 2020 departures) £266 @ NetFlights (British Airways)
Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
Direct flights to Las Vegas are normally VERY expensive, but you can currently find some decent prices for early next year. You are booking the fare through Finnair (codeshare) al… Read more
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I’d steer clear of the February dates if you’re after anything approaching warm weather. We went that time this year and it was so cold I had to buy a winter coat out there. We drove out to Arizona and it snowed! (fierce) Also worth bearing in mind that it’s so cold a lot of hotels close their pools so check that in advance if it’s one of your reasons for going.




Sounds like a great trip in the making. We asked for a quiet room, as I'd heard a lot of rooms, even on the 30th floor, could hear the nightclub. Both times we got the 63rd floor, facing north one time and south the other. The room was split level, similar to the Venetian, and very comfortable and quiet. We were at the Wynn the day it first opened, which will be 14 years ago next Sunday (28th). Good luck with getting the fight tickets. I only started getting my show tickets together in the past week or 2. All I had bought before that was Raiding The Rock Vault. Didn't help that I couldn't book any MyVegas rewards till this week either. Was your Mum a Donny Osmond fan? Donny and Marie are ending their residency at Flamingo in November so may be the last chance to see them.


^^^^^ THIS The $20 trick was a thing moons ago, but inflation doesn't seem to have been applied to it apart from some people who say they use 50 or even $100. Yes I've been successful in getting an upgrade at the Bellagio (got a fountain view room), Paris, PH and some I can't remember. At the Palazzo we went from a standard room to a Fortuna suite, Cosmo and Vdara we got a fountain view. At Caesars we went from a standard Palace Tower to a suite (the name of which escapes me), but we were met with a 4 foot wide chandelier over the dining table. It had one and a half bathrooms and a lounge that could seat a dozen people, Was a bit perplexed when there were no wardrobes in the bedroom, but carried on walking through and there was a dressing room between the bedroom and main bathroom. No sandwich or trick involved. As fattyuk said above, just a bit of interaction with the front desk at checkin. If they were kind enough to upgrade us, then I tipped them. The $20 trick/sandwich isn't a tip if you are offering it before you have received any "service".. It's a bribe.


Actually I lie. Just looked and it was £4293 for the four of us, with thr Panoramic Room and Breakfast, plus the No1 Lounge entry in Heathrow. So £1075pp!

Return flight to Chicago £253 (November 2019 - March 2020 departures / Departing London Heathrow) @ British Airways
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Good price for a return flight to Chicago. Only hand luggage is included :) Check dates via Skyscanner and then book via BA. Chicago, on Lake Michigan in Illinois, is among t… Read more
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I had plans a couple of months ago to book flights to Chicago and drive to Sandusky to take my boys to the theme parks. I ended up abandoning the plan for lack of funds but at the time it was really easy to find flights via Skyscanner for less than £250. They were direct and with quite a few different airlines including United and BA.


I haven’t seen any below £300, without a checked bag, flights to August and I have been looking throughout the year. So either I have missed the incredibly obvious and am going to lose a lot of money on August flights or they have never been this cheap in August.


Good price but in all honesty these prices and thereabouts have been regularly available. A month or two ago you could have got these prices for flights during the school summer holidays.


Hot Hot Hot! Only £213ppr for the February Half Term dates 15th - 22nd based on 2 Adults & 2 Children! (party)


Great city , went two years ago would love to go again. Lovely friendly place

British Airways - Gatwick to Orlando - Depart 28th April - Return 5th May - £347.92pp
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
BA seem to have some very cheap flights on their website, just found Orlando for the above price. It doesn’t include a hold bag but BA do have a stupidly generous hand luggage all… Read more

When booking sufficiently ahead at least, similar routes come out cheaper with resellers. I was getting direct flights £320 from travelup (all still flying with BA). £280 direct if not caring about going from and returning to the same airports (obviously no good if taking your car to Gatwick and arriving back in Heathrow! I recommend checking out National Express coaches - avoid Megabus if you can). If you want to get faffy, it's actually best to book the flights direct with BA still: , they refund you the difference and if you join their rewards program (free to join) they double the difference! (within a limit) Albeit in the form of a voucher you can use with them, that I think has a year expiry, so not great if you seldom travel. It's one of those things you have to follow to the letter and if you miss out some of the information they ask for, you're stuck having paid more. It's still very atttactive for frequent travellers.


Just come back from flying with BA from Orlando and it was awful. Dirty outdated planes, rubbish seat back TVs, average food and salmon sandwiches! Fly cheaper and better with Norwegian


I too have a BA family member (lol) which is why I’ve flown above my wage grade ;)


They are this is very true and I have a BA pilot in my family


In fairness I’ve flown all 3 classes or 4 if your count premium economy with BA and it wouldn’t be my first choice. Club and First are very dated on a lot of routes. A350 Club looks nice and the 787 Frist is good but not worth the money IMO. I do however find most of the people working for BA are lovely

7 nights 5* all inclusive to Marmaris, Turkey inc BA flights travelling in May £355pp - £710 for 2 @ British Airways
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Total price per adult Flights + Hotel from £355 7 May 2019 - 14 May 2019 Based on 2 adults, 7 night(s). DOUBLE STANDARD room. All inclusive. Departing from London Gatwick Accommo… Read more
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Each way mate best getting a taxi otherwise you will be on the coach for an hour and a half


Is that each way or return? Cheers.


Just sat on beach in days with picnic!!! Drinks etc ..Just be discreet .After 7 not a problem .


Yeah definately true. I went to Dubai at Ramadan as well and it was horrendous! Lol. No drinky. X 😜🤪


Probably sums up Turkey then .Ramadan is a holy month for muslims .Went to Dubai during Ramadan and 95% of shops bars were closed .The ones open had large screens or curtains covering front windows to avoid offending those fasting till 7pm.Does not surprise me one jot if Turkey didn't respect Ramadan as money comes first there.

Heathrow to San Fransisco 4 people including car hire 2020 spring - £1525 @ British Airways
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Return flights with British airways with a car. Possible for half term time around £381per person. Seems like a pretty good price to me.
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tioga pass will be closed in feb


Looks a good route. Bit concened that Lake Tahoe is snow covered at the end of Feb. Route 395 seems to be the road to go on.


lake Tahoe will be a bit off your route how log you going for stupid google maps wont let you put a route in over the tioga pass at the moment as its a seasonal road Check out lake mono as well its a strange natural lake


have a look at route from SF - Yosemite - Tuolumne meadows (stop lee vining)- death valley - las vegas its an amazing roadtrip


err no it isn't

Direct return flight to Shanghai  (May departures / Departing London Heathrow) £337 @ TravelUp (British Airways)
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Direct return flight to Shanghai (May departures / Departing London Heathrow) £337 @ TravelUp (British Airways)
£337£44424%Travelup Deals
Price drop on return flights to Shanghai with British Airways. Only hand baggage is included. Example dates (Credit Holiday Pirates) - more dates will be available! 10th - 22nd Ma… Read more
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Always book directly with the airlines. Never use dodgy online travel agents. Google this company and read the horror stories. Look them up on TripAdvisor and read the very large number of complaints.


Direct flights = visa.


Heard its not a pleasant place to visit, I stil want to go, prices like this help :D

Direct return flight to Toronto (departing London Gatwick) £263 (May - July & September departures) @ Travel Trolley (British Airways)
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Direct return flight to Toronto (departing London Gatwick) £263 (May - July & September departures) @ Travel Trolley (British Airways)
Good price for a direct return flight to Canada, especially as it includes early summer dates (June, July) and is with a decent airline (British Airways). As per usual with these d… Read more
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Buyer beware. Travel Trolley are one of the most complained about online travel agent. Search TripAdvisor for that company name and read literally hundreds of posts from people who have suffered in some way due to the business practices of this dodgy online travel agent. Always book directly with airlines if you value your travel to be as protected as is possible. Dodgy online travel agents like this one do not have live prices so they will likely go up when you try to book, or else you may find your booking cancelled due to 'pricing errors', and God forbid there are any changes to your flight as this company will not want to help you. Again - always book directly with the airlines and always use a credit card. Using a third party travel agent is asking for trouble, and using A KNOWN DODGY travel agent like this one is just madness. Do your own research if you don't believe me. Do not use Travel Trolley.

The link Doesn't work as the fare comes out as £ 328


dont think it will include luggage and Travel Trolley is a bit tricky as they always increase their price. Once I searched a price, just putting in 3 people's details and bank details, no more than 10 mins. But once I hit pay, it said session timeout, reload the page, they put the price up by £50 a head. And it is not the first time they did that so I will try to pick another one. Generally, searching on search engine like skyscanner will cause the price to increase if you search too often as their program will think there is a high demand and a potential traveler need to travel on those dates. My advise is book it sooner with less searches, make up you mind about the dates and book quick if the price looks right. The other travel agency may increase the price if you keep searching but this one is the only one will do it while I am in their page and booking.


You do know they have washing machines outside the UK?


I wouldn’t bother paying for it

Direct return flight to Shanghai (departing London Heathrow) £362 (March departures) @ NetFlights (British Airways or Virgin Atlantic)
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Direct return flight to Shanghai (departing London Heathrow) £362 (March departures) @ NetFlights (British Airways or Virgin Atlantic)
I posted a flight deal to Shanghai for £345 recently, but this was with China Eastern Airlines, now cheap fares are also available with BA and Virgin Atlantic for just £15 - £20 mo… Read more
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Is this a joke? This is probably the most common and well known scam in China and you will definitely find it mentioned in every guide book and on TripAdvisor. .


Maybe I've still got the bearing having been one.


I like the idea you work with the police hahaha


Like any seasoned traveler I did countless hours on research, hotel review aren't very accurate as I found out. Do you always get what you expect from a hotel you book? No, thought not. I didn't know the place and I didn't know where to buy a sim card from or what number to call for an Uber - not sure if they had Uber then, it was a fair few years ago. I've never used Uber before so why do you assume I know the in and outs of booking one in a foreign country? I shouldn't have to, taxi's should be reliable and safe and honest. The tourist trap was a couple pretending to be local tourists and asking me to take a picture of them and then talking to me and getting me to come with them to a 'local tea house' - it was a set up and I got charged way more for Jasmine tea and the experience of learning about different teas than I should have been, it was very nice tea though. This isn't in Trip advisor... I spent a fair amount of time, as I always do, trying to learn enough of the local language to get by, I'm not English so I don't expect to talk slowly and then expect people will understand. Chinese isn't the easiest language to learn.


Accommodation - there are really amazing hotels, like any big city. And lots of hotels to choose from. You just picked badly. Getting ripped off by taxi - there's local versions of Uber (didi). No ripoff. Getting ripped off by tourist trap - I presume you mean attractions and food? There's TripAdvisor to avoid tourist traps and know how much to pay... Difficult to communicate - yeah, you're going to a foreign country. People will speak a different language. Again, shouldn't come as a surprise. Don't go to China if you want everyone to speak English.

Return flight to Las Vegas (departing London Gatwick) £286 (January 2020 departures) @ NetFlights (British Airways)
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
Direct flights to Las Vegas are normally VERY expensive, but you can currently find some decent prices for early next year. I know it is a long time in advance, but it gives you a… Read more
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Funnily enough, the deal pic is the view taken from Terrace rooms in the Cosmo... (Pic from my stay last year)


I went in July, 45 degrees was unbearable!! I still loved it, just a tad too hot for me.


The Cosmo is outstanding, easily the highest quality hotel on the strip (apart from the Wynn, but that’s not as central).


Ok thanks.


Its just a way to get more money out of people. Its a daily charge in addition to the advertised room rate, its often hidden in the small print, and many people only find out about it on check-in, when they are presented with a large additional bill, which can take quite a chunk out of their holiday spending money. The Hotel will claim that its a charge for the use of their facilities, pool, WiFi, etc but its not because you still have to pay it, even if you don't use any of the facilities.

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