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Gino Toschi Balsamic Vinegar of Modena I.G.P. (500ml) Glass bottled from oak barrels in Savignano sul Panaro (Modena) Italy - £1.90 Add-on Item at Amazon
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Superior 2-Diamond quality with a high percentage of cooked grape must, this is a vinegar for connoisseurs. Particulary delicious on Parmigiano Reggiano, strawberries and with haut… Read more
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Price: £5.29 (£1.06 / 100 ml) & FREE Delivery with Amazon Prime when buying this Add-on Item. Available to ship in 1-2 days.







ktc sunflower and vegetable oil 5L only £3.50 at Asda
LocalLocalFound 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
ktc vegetable and sunflower oil 5L only £3.50 each at asda, cemetery road, bradford

These offers are popular with asian families as all recipes use oil and alot of them have three homemade meals a day. Also they’ll be buying on behalf of friends/family who can’t get to the supermarket.



Dated until July 2019


Asda barking had these on offer at same price yesterday


Avoid any KTC product its terrible, cheap and nasty Its what all the restaurants use to save money and poison customers!

Tesco Vegetable Oil 5 Litre £3.50 instore / online at Tesco
17/06/2018Expires on 17/06/2018Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Offer valid for delivery from 21/03/2018 until 17/06/2018 It says reduced to £3.80 but states £3.50. When you add it to your basket, it comes up as £3.50

How do you know the Veg oil is rapeseed oil?


Not always :)


'Vegetable oil' is always rapeseed oil. Some bright spark a few years ago realised it could be marketed as rapeseed to make more money and blam here we are today with a litre of vegetable oil sitting on the shelf at £1.20 and litre of rapeseed oil sitting next to it at £2/£3.


Hopefully, this is rapeseed oil like it usually is


It's a £1000 fine They don't take your vehicle u can save that in 6 months

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Crisp And Dry Vegetable Oil 2Ltr on offer at £2 @ Tesco
Found 18th JanFound 18th Jan
100% Rapeseed Oil , high in omega 3 2 Litre , was £3.50 now £2 (same price as the 1 litre bottle) other supermarkets selling at £3.50

Don't worry, I am just waiting for the car to give any problem that requires a expensive "ish" job to scrap it. It has served me well and is now too small for our family.


100% rapeseed


Is it vegetable or rapeseed oil please clarify thanks


Its not gonna be any worse if you use vegetable oil, it burns about the same as diesel. Check the turbo, air filter and egr vavle, are the most common causes of a smokey diesel engine...


Thanks for posting. Always buy when on offer. Went instore today, offer not marked up on shelf but scanned at £2. Would never have found it myself.

Community Sunflower Oil Refined 1 Litre (Pack of 5) - £3.94 (Prime) £8.69 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
not a massive discount here.however if like me you need to change the oil in your deep fat fryer i can add it to my s&s for 3.35 and have it delivered free.this is an add on it… Read more
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Thanks for posting. Onto the next deal (y)




Pff (fierce)


all gone sorry folks must have only been 2 grrrrrr

John West Tuna Chunks in Sunflower Oil 8 x 160g £6.00 @Iceland
Found 29th Dec 2017Found 29th Dec 2017
Hi, The best price I could find. 2-3 years ago this deal came on once and it was £5 back then. I don't think that price will ever come back. Enjoy!

Well i buy cous cous and tuna from iceland every month and ive been getting these for months so yes it has lol...


I agree on the taste of these with sunflower oil and disagree on the "been this price ages". When was that? I'm always on the lookout for these.


Been this price ages, john west is much better than princes tho, the sunflower oil just taste better

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Crisp 'n Dry Vegetable Oil (2L) £2 @ ASDA
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
100% Rapeseed Oil. Instore and online.
Avatardeleted458338Get dealGet deal

Thats next months car travel sorted, thanks OP


Been this price for a couple of weeks


I noticed in my local Asda someone had hidden some bottles right at the back behind other oils. I took them out & put one of them at the front in clear view & I know whoever hid them will have no chance of getting the last bottle. The rest I bought myself.


With diesel at £1.20 a litre are you surprised?!

John West Tuna Chunks in Sunflower Oil / Brine 4 x 160g £2.75 @ Farmfoods.
Found 3rd Oct 2017Found 3rd Oct 2017
John West Tuna Chunks in Sunflower Oil / Brine 4 x 160g @ Farmfoods.
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Supermarket own brand are always this price and are all dolphin friendly.


Not dolphin friendly (annoyed)


Definitely 160g? These were in the leaflet recently at that price and popped in only to discover they were ridiculously tiny 140g cans.

Princes 6x160g tuna in sunflower oil £1.25 @ Tesco - Tain
Found 9th Aug 2017Found 9th Aug 2017
Found in Tesco Tain. 6 pack of Tuna chunks in sunflower oil for £1.25, use by date July 2021. Lots of it in stock.
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No I'm saying you must not look at any tins over that amount, thought that was pretty clear, its not funny to take the piss out of someone for asking what kind of tuna it is, it could be yellow fin hence the whole point of a deal i have no idea what the original price is for Princes tuna, i dont buy Princes so I don't know what kind of tuna it is and seemingly neither does anyone else. Albacore starts at over £2 a tin I know but who knows if it may appear on here found for 25p a tin, thats the thing about deals isnt it.


I actually think you could be from another planet? Firstly, you don't appear to have any sign of a sense of humour and secondly, if it's a 70p tin of tuna, do you honestly think it will be Yellowfin or Albacore? If anyone needs to leave the twilight zone it's you. Stat


^He has a point.


(horror) Is this thread some strange Twilight zone or something, I just bought a tin of tuna today in morrisons, read the labels, they say if they don't tell you exactly what kind of tuna put it back and buy a different tin because if its pole and line caught it'll say what type it is, if its dredged up any old crap in the nets and tipped into a blender it will just say fish. I'm guessing none of you ever pay over 70p for a tin, you look at the price rather then the labels so you think tuna is just all tasteless over salted tiny flakes all compacted into a tin, your loss. What next you gonna say theres no such thing as tinned muscles. Never buy anything that doesn't specify what type of fish, preferredly with the Latin name too as theres two kinds of Cod for example that are very different.


Good luck getting tinned Yellowfin and Albacore. (lol) (lol)

KTC Sunflower Oil 5L - £4.00 @ Sainsbury's
Found 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Pure Sunflower Oil For all frying, baking & salads High in polyunsaturates and vitamin E Suitable for vegetarians Kosher - KLBD

Asda In sutton Its £3.80


​Depends on which one is closer. After all you save petrol if you are going to nearest one. only 20p difference.


£3.80 at Asda.


£3.5 at Asda in-store


Item unavailable from your link

Tuna Chunks 4 x 145g  In Sunflower Oil / Brine / Spring Water for just £2.69 @ Poundstretcher
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
In Sunflower Oil: In Brine: In Spring … Read more
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Same price in B&M I usually buy them from B&M. Good to know that home bargains is selling them for the same price. Heat !


Just smashed a tin, love this stuff! Have some heat


You can also find these for same price in B&M if that helps anyone. Heat added for this deal of course!


or £4 for a pack of 6 (equivalent to £2.67 for 4) in Asda but unfortunately in brine only.

John West 8 can pack tuna - sunflower oil/brine/spring water. £5 @ Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 7th Jun 2017Found 7th Jun 2017
Saw the ASDA deal on here, but for those who don't have a local ASDA or who can't get the deal there, Morrisons are offering the 8 can packs in three varieties - sunflower oil, bri… Read more
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I see it's £7.50 now


If I want tuna, I will just sniff my mother in-law! She reeks of it!


Yes - this is a good one alright. We buy this one now.


Morrisons offers officially start on a Sunday, it's just your luck if they roll them out before then


The offer is not in my local Morrison's in wakefield :(

Costco Ktc 5ltr sunflower oil £3.75 instore
LocalLocalFound 21st May 2017Found 21st May 2017
Costco Ktc 5ltr sunflower oil

ok thanks for the info


Depends what engine youve got. Bio diesel, used veg oil and straight veg oil is a very big subject in and of itself,with a huge amount of info online. But I can tell you that I ran my Skoda Fabia 1.9 SDi on fresh tesco veg oil and ktc soya veg oil a few years ago for quite a few miles. I topped up the bottles with white spirit and left them overnight then poured it in. Ran fine from Manchester to Endinburgh and for a month or two general use, but eventually it did become harder to start and white smoke on startup, so I changed the fuel filter, ran a liqui moly diesel cleaning additive through it and switched back to normal diesel as I couldn't be bothered damaging my car for the minimal savings. Basically if you do it in warmer weather on an older more simple diesel, preferably non turbo, 8 valve with a bosch pump/injectors that isnt worth much and you mix in abit of petrol/diesel/white spirit (non kerosene based for tax reasons) and you use an additive from time to time then you will probably get away with it for quite some time, if not for the life of the vehicle. VAG SDi, Pug XUD and Old Merc 300 D are favourites, Plus the old non turbo Renault/Iveco/Fiat/Citroen/Peugeot "Sofim" van engines would be also probs be ideal. If you want to do it properly then you should get an svo heater kit fitted or build a bio diesel refinery in your back garden.


any good for my diesel


Time to start filling up the van at Asda again


£3.80 in asda, if you are not a member of costco this post still hot

Vegetable oil morrisons 1 litre 72p in-store
LocalLocalFound 6th Apr 2017Found 6th Apr 2017
Only in store colindale, Edgware road. No online. Product Expire date on march 2018.

says "100% sunflower oil" 2 times on the label. But don't make sense if you sell as vegetable oil. They deliberately forget to include the seeds or another mix.


Excellent find op, heat added


Surely if you use cooking oil the tax shouldn't apply :{ lol


Is this rapeseed or soya? Does the label say?


Cheap to fill up my diesel car. Need to save some cash before the diesel tax comes in!

KTC Pure Sunflower Oil (5L) (RollBack Deal)  was £6.00 now £3.80 @ Asda
Found 29th Mar 2017Found 29th Mar 2017
KTC Pure Sunflower Oil (5L) (RollBack Deal) was £6.00 now £3.80 KTC Sunflower Oil. Listed online too - siddhant4u

Great price! Ordered a few between family members for free click and collect.


Thanks for the mention of olive oil too.


Great deal just bought some


£3.50 mate cheap fuel.


This was £3 last time they had it on offer.

Fry light 190ml £1.50 @ Morrison's online & in store.
Found 19th Feb 2017Found 19th Feb 2017
Cheapest I have seen it.

Sunflower oil is not good for health. Much better olive oil or rapeseed oil. But I use the butter flavour oil of this brand to spray lightly sometimes. I guess butter flavour will be same price as sunflower oil.


Think this product is on offer in many of the supermarket chains, being promoted ahead of pancake day. I prefer to use as little oil as possible so I like using this spray. Lasts for ages too so good value. Heat added.


​I can't tell the difference and it's 95% less fat.


This stuff is a comfort blanket for fat people. As long as they are happy!


​​yeah works a treat, if you put naan bread on the spokes as you cycle heats it up to a nice brown as well.

Crisp And Dry Vegetable Oil 2L £2 in Tesco Colchester
Found 24th Dec 2016Found 24th Dec 2016
Usually £3.50 reduced to £2 so good deal for cooking the veg xmas day. I know its pound for 975ml in Poundland so this deal is better, happy cooking
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You beat me to it I was just going to put that.


Yea noticed when I searched to make sure wasn't stepping on anyone's toes, when I posted it, though in holiday season more than useful ingredient, rest of year kebab is fav oil


been for 2 quid for a long time in asda aswell

Indian Pestle & Mortar Gift Set £7.50 (was 12) @ tesco  free c+c [Granite pestle & mortar  + Comes with 45ml cumin infused sunflower oil and 35g of black peppercorns]
Found 21st Dec 2016Found 21st Dec 2016
Great gift for the foodie in your life Granite pestle & mortar Comes with 45ml cumin infused sunflower oil and 35g of black peppercorns ran123ran http://www.… Read more
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still a tenner in handforth dean






Thank u! Ordered and heat added

John West Tuna Chunks In Spring Water / Sunflower Oil / Brine (4 x 160g = 4 x 112g drained weight) was £3.00 now 2 x 4 packs for £5.00 @ Asda
Found 10th Dec 2016Found 10th Dec 2016
These deals end on Tuesday 3rd January 2017 John West Tuna Chunks in Spring Water (4 x 160g = 4 x 112g drained weight) was £3.00 now 2 x 4 packs for £5.00 John West Tuna Chunks S… Read more
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Shard All sustainable: Top: Waitrose, Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s Good: Tescos, Aldi Middle: Asda, Morrisons and the Co-operative Worst: John West, Princes, Lidl


So what do you buy and where? Tinned that is


John West and Princes contain so much liquid, that you end up with little more than 50% in weight of tuna. Whereas Lidl's tuna contain a lot more tuna and a lot less liquid and they are often comparably i.e. weight for weight of tuna, cheaper than JW & Princes.


No matter how cheap I won't buy John West. Many supermarkets have accepted public pressure and no longer stock it. I believe that Sainsbury still do. Shame.


same price at Iceland

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