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Villeroy & Boch Piemont Cutlery Set, 24 Pieces - £66.50 @ Amazon
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Villeroy & Boch Cutlery 18/10 stainless steel dishwasher safe 24pcs set
Get deal*Get deal*

Quite possibly, I paid RRP for this set from johnlewis on a wedding list Same quality steel as the amazon set... Discuss? :D


Well...I can work on that, but you...what can you do since there are no brain implants, yet?



Is that why all your hair left you? (lol) (lol) (lol) XD (lol) (lol) (lol) 👴🏽


My bad! I usually don't chat with inferior, not very intelligent "things".

Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Compact Cutlery Organiser - Grey | £9.59 (Prime) £14.18 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
88° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
This revolutionary design is such a simple idea, it leaves you wondering why it hasn't been thought of sooner. By angling and layering each compartment on top of each other, it ena… Read more

Seems to have increased within last hour. Have expired deal.


Any links


And showing £14.99 for me.


Comes up as 14.99 for me with prime.


Shows 14.99 for me...

Munchkin Love a Bowls, 10 Piece Bowl and Spoon Set £4.99 Prime / £9.48 non prime @ Amazon
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
0 Piece set includes 4 bowls with lids and 2 soft tip spoons 100% spill-proof 100% leak-proof Nest for easy storage Great for weaning, toddler feeding and snacking both at home … Read more

Hmmm where is the deal ?


Bought these for 4 pounds a couple of weeks ago and they are too small to be of any use to me. Very shallow so really only any use when starting weaning and the only eat little amounts


Always cheeky when they class the lid as one of the "pieces to make it sound like a lot more

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Genware NEV-2000-8 Millennium Tea Spoon (Pack of 12) - £1.67 Prime ( + £4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Millennium Tea Spoon (Dozen). 140mm long Stainless steel 18/0 - Provides good resistance to staining and maintains a very good finish Easy to use Good quality

Are you a police officer in the states?


Perfect for cooking brown


"Ok, guys, we need to get people to buy more spoons" "Let's call this set something fancy -let 's call them the Genware NEV-2000-8 Millennium" set. "Ok but it's 12 in a pack, shouldn't that be the Genware NEV-2000-12 Millennium set"?


Were you at the launch too. Wasn't it an amazing day. Beyoncé was booked for the post launch concert but at the last minute they managed to get Colin Maynard, so she was dropped. He gave a fantastic performance even though he was using NEV-2000-8s instead of his usual Techran 411-Y-Q4s. You could barely tell the difference from his album performances. No wonder he is considered to be a maestro of the spoons!


You know what spooning leads to ;)

M&W reusable bamboo cutlery set for £4.99 delivered using code @ Roov
31/10/2020Expires on 31/10/2020Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Nice looking bamboo cutlery set from Maison & White for £4.99 using code SHIP. Includes fork, knife, spoon and straw and cleaner, all within its own little roll. Eco-friendly… Read more

More ecofriendly to use the metal cutlery you already have rather than get some wooden stuff probably flown over from China and then driven to your house just so you can give it to someone who'll ignore it for years before finally composting it.


Me too Don't like reusable idea I use these got from ebay they are of great quality Ebay


I have a friend who takes her lunch into work, this will be an ideal present for her. I also take my lunch into work, please DO NOT buy me this, as although it's an easy present to buy, I don't want it as there is plenty of cutlery in my drawer. :)


Fine as single use chopsticks.


Not a fan of bamboo then?

Tommee Tippee Explora First Grown Up Cutlery Set £2.70 (+£4.49 non prime) @ Amazon
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Chunky, soft grip handles, ideal for toddlers Lightweight and easy to hold Children's cutlery set (Pack includes fork, knife and spoon) Helps your toddler to move from soft hand… Read more

Purchased. HEAT


Seen these on sale at an asda store for £2.00 in lincoln.


Bought these for the niblings - they definetely enjoy using them and the thicker handle helps their lack of finger dexterity!


Ordered, thanks OP really good to use for a 2 year old.

AmazonBasics 45-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set with Scalloped Edge £11.64 (Prime) / £16.12 (non Prime) at Amazon
344° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Searching around for a new cutlery set and although I don't need a 45 set, for some reason its cheaper than the 20 set? Could be a lot of big family get togethers post lock down s… Read more
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Got these today , looks ok for the price . Can't see these bending .


Damn looking for the gold version and that’s full price


Forks usually bend in cheap sets. Your're going to be using these several times a day so probably worth spending more on decent stuff.


Goes in the bin - or you have the wrong kind of guests!


Bought these when they were reduced to £3 before Christmas. They ARE basic - be warned!!

Tommee Tippee Explora First Grown Up Cutlery Set £2.70 @ Tesco (Min order £40 & Upto £4 Delivery)
225° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
Active First Grown Up Cutlery Set Chunky, soft grip handles, ideal for toddlers Dishwasher & steriliser safe Learning to feed themselves is a big adventure for little ones, and… Read more

My daughter is using this spoon everyday, much easier to use than the plastic one. She is not ready for the fork and knife yet though, so I cannot comment on that .


Couldn’t see them on Amazon - £7.99


I keep a set of children's cutlery in a small pencil case on my lunch bag for work. Mine are a set of viners with animals on each and I've used mine for years now Much better than the plastic disposable stuff so many others use. Heat added.


Same price on Amazon for Prime members

Three-piece Kids’ Character Cutlery Set @ Groupon 49p (£1.99 P&P)
177° Expired
Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Comprising a fork, knife and spoon, this stainless steel cutlery set with cute prints helps kids develop their hand-to-mouth coordination Approximate height: 16cm each Shaped hand… Read more

£2.43 with code so not really £0.49 as you mentioned


It’s only rusty rivets and nella the princess night that are 49p on closer inspection. Plus£1.99 postage per set


Same. Was gonna buy them for my niece!


Coming up as £2.99 a set for me plus £1.99 postage at checkout?

M&W 20 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set £9.99 Delivered @ Roov
30/09/2020Expires on 30/09/2020Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
Good price, and when you use the code SHIP you'll get free shipping too :) 20 Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Set | M&W This 20 piece Maison & White Cutlery Set is a must… Read more

Me either


Can’t use the voucher with this set (confused) :S


Yeah they are not bad..Quite large & heavy with the smaller forks being the ones I prefer to eat with.


Where these any good?


Even in their own description they couldn't decide what they are: Fish fork Fruit fork Salad fork?

Swantex Plastic Forks 25 Pack TESCO - instore and online for 19p
70° Expired
Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Swantex Plastic Forks 25 Pack TESCO - instore and online for 19p
As titled - bargain! Instore and online!

because stainless steel and hot soapy water is insufficient to kill covid-19 on cutlery (confused) but washing my hands in Hot soapy water is? (excited) you best go bin all your cutlery and buy plastic instead and all your best crockery #facepalm


Or just not be so lazy and do the washing up properly!


Less chance of cross contamination when using single use-plastics. In the current climate if you are putting cups, straws, forks, spoons etc into your mouth, it's far safer to use disposible single use items.


Probably old stock in the supply chain needing to be sold off


what happened to saving the environment and stopping the use of single use plastics?

Arthur Price - 'Ritz' Stainless Steel 58 Piece Boxed Cutlery £179 @ Debenhams
92° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Arthur Price - 'Ritz' Stainless Steel 58 Piece Boxed Cutlery £179 @ Debenhams
£179£80978%Debenhams Deals
Arthur Price - 'Ritz' Stainless Steel 58 Piece 6 Person Boxed Cutlery Set For Luxury Home Dining RRP £809, reduced to £179 Save £630, 78% off! 10 left in stock online at time of p… Read more

They is still 10 left! (y)


when you die your relatives still be using it


This is more realistic...😁😄



"10 left in stock at time of posting" There will be 10 left tomorrow night too!

U TOPIA Table Teaspoon, Stainless Steel, Silver, Pack of 12 ONLY £1.14 (Prime) / £5.63 (non Prime) at Amazon
241° Expired
Posted 27th FebPosted 27th Feb
U TOPIA Table Teaspoon, Stainless Steel, Silver, Pack of 12 ONLY £1.14 (Prime) / £5.63 (non Prime) at Amazon
£1.14£1.9542%Amazon Deals
Pack of 12 budget spoons for only £1.14

Awwww I was going to type that :-(


Dropped in expecting a decent assortment of Uri Geller, Matrix, etc., jokes to fill a couple of minutes. Leaving disappointed...


Ideal for budding crackheads


There is no spoon


Some reviews saying they're cheap no S#!* sherlock what do you expect for £1.14 lol

Tramontina Set of 4 Jumbo Steak Knives with Wooden Handles £20 Delivered @ Amazon
-24° Expired
Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
Tramontina Set of 4 Jumbo Steak Knives with Wooden Handles £20 Delivered @ Amazon
If you have ever eaten @ Miller & Carter Steakhouse Restaurant then these are the knives you would have likely used at the table Decent reviews & cheapest they have been o… Read more

Happy with my Ikea ones but they aren't dishwasher safe due to wooden handles, viciously sharp devils though!

Jamie Oliver 556898 Steak Knives, Acacia £12.85 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
82° Expired
Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Jamie Oliver 556898 Steak Knives, Acacia £12.85 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
This Jamie Oliver 4 piece set of vintage steak knives will ensure you appreciate that tender grill to its fullest. Offers smooth, even cutting that maintains an edge over… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

His restaurants are closing left right and centre


Agreed, generally "celebrity" endorsed products are rarely decent quality


He's got a net worth of around a quarter of a billion. Not exactly struggling.


£19.85 once in basket. Weird


I wouldn't trust anything with his name on. He literally puts his name on anything because he is struggling so much. The fact they only have 1 review aswell is quite concerning.

Premier Housewares 21 cm Sundae Spoons - Green, Set of 6 - 49p prime / £4.98 non prime @ Amazon
126° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Premier Housewares 21 cm Sundae Spoons - Green, Set of 6 - 49p prime / £4.98 non prime @ Amazon
I recently bought these spoons and they are great quality for the price. Considering the pink ones are £3.22 and clear are £8.51, it seems that this is the best price you're going … Read more

12 Stainless Steel Spoons £1.14 ( that’s 9.5p a spoon) Link Here


You think 50p plastic spoons is a “ hot deal “


Price increased to £2.62. I will Expire.


couldnt say. glad you sorted it though.


Shows as £2.62?

Beldray LA031051 Foldable Collapsible Dish Draining Board, Crockery and Cutlery Holder, Grey / White £6.88 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
367° Expired
Posted 15th FebPosted 15th Feb
Beldray LA031051 Foldable Collapsible Dish Draining Board, Crockery and Cutlery Holder, Grey / White £6.88 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
£6.88£19.9966%Amazon Deals
Seems like a good little product- good reviews and good saving!



I love mine, I stick it in the dishwasher as & when needed


Buy a caravan same colour as this, so it doesn't clash!


That would get gross and probably mouldy within a few months.


Equivalent product still £6 in Wilko: as it was the last time it was posted for this price

2 Tier Bento Lunch Box - Airtight & Leakproof with Reusable Cutlery £6.99 + Free Delivery Using Code @ Roov
444° Expired
Posted 13th FebPosted 13th Feb
2 Tier Bento Lunch Box - Airtight & Leakproof with Reusable Cutlery £6.99 + Free Delivery Using Code @ Roov
Great price for this Maison & White Bento Box - now £6.99 with free delivery using offer code SHIP It features 2 600ml compartments over 2 tiers, and reusable cutlery. Size… Read more

You can only enter one code at a time, in this case it's cheaper to use the free shipping code over the 20% off.




Thanks, have ordered!


Just what I didn’t need but bought anyway! Heat given ;)


Site says 20% off with code 'ROOV20', can't see where to enter codes to see if they stack - can anyone advise? Ta

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